Gangster No. 1 (2000) Script

♪ Oh, the good life...


♪ Full of fun seems to be the ideal

♪ Mm, the good life

♪ Lets you hide all the sadness you feel

♪ You won't really fall in love...

What, with Scotland Yard breathing down me neck? Fuck off!

♪ For you can't take the chance

♪ So please be honest With yourself...

Do me a favour.

♪ Don't try to fake romance...

Solomons. That was round the back, wasn't it?

(MAN #1) Yeah. Down that alley.

We went there to meet... What's his name? Er, Mickey? Mick? Er...

Mikey? (MAN #2) No.

Harry. Harry...

Harry... Oh, fuck.

Not Harry Michaels? That was it.

Harry Michaels. Harry fucking Michaels.

Course it was. Harry Michaels.

What was it about? Mmm.

Didn't he have some kind of problem?

What the fuck is he going on about?

(MAN #2) No, his brother had a record business. Er, funny sort of name.

I can see it spinning round. They usually do, Dodgy.

(MAN #1) Someone take him home.

Barry! That was it. Barry.

Deram Records. Barry... Barry... Barry...

Barry... Barry... What am I talking about?

(MAN #1) I'm fucked if I know.

(MAN #2) You wouldn't think he'd just got out of the clinic.

♪ It's the good life

♪ To be free and explore the unknown

♪ Like the heartaches

♪ When you learn you must face them alone

♪ Please remember I still want you

♪ And in case you wonder why...

(MAN #3) You'll never guess who I bumped into the other day.

(MAN #3) Larry Lord. (MAN #4) Ol' Lordy?!

(MAN #3) Yeah. He ain't half put on weight.

Fat as a pig!

♪ ..Goodbye ♪ Here. Here, here, here. Talking of golden oldies...

Freddie Mays is getting out next week.

Be good to see old Freddie again after... What is it?

30 years?

(MAN #4) That's a bit of a stretch.

(MAN #2) Lock up your daughters.

(MAN #3) Lock up your granny, more like.

Hello. Where's he gone?

You haven't invited that cunt, have you?

(BOTH) "Do me a favour"!

You done well for yourself, didn't you?

Come here, pops.

Here you are, grandad.

Go get yourself a nice bird.

What do you take me for?

A cunt?

(MAN) This is 1968.

I'm playing Jack The Lad at snooker When all of a sudden Fat Charlie's come in.

Not that he was fat. He was skinny.

He was called fat 'cause his mum Was fat.

It's how he Was distinguished from the other Charlie, Skinny Charlie.

He was fat, but it was too late to swap it around.

Anyway, he says to me...

Go and see Freddie Mays.

Fucking hell.

My heart was going mad. Freddie Mays.

Freddie Mays, "the Butcher of Mayfair".

The man was a legend.

He'd done a copper in Bethnal Green and got away with it, for fuck's sake.

That's how you get to the top - kill a bent cop.

After that, Freddie Was king.

What a place!

A fucking palace.

In he came.

There he Was, in those handmade, Italian leather shoes, silk socks.

The suit? Do me a favour.

The man was class. A class act.

Style. Im-fucking-peccable.

What a man!

I mean, a real man.

All right, how are you doing? Yeah, good.

Do you want a drink?


'Cause you look a bit scared, son. Are you scared?



I didn't need a drink. I was drunk enough on the smell of Italian leather.

Arseholed on the smell of success.

I hear you've been hanging around with Mad John.

Yeah. And this incident last week.

Apparently you handled yourself quite well.


Trevor heard that as well, didn't you? Yeah.

He thinks you're a bit of a laugh. (MAN #1) Does he?

(FREDDIE) He's a bit of a wide boy. An independent thinker.

Enjoys taking the piss. Things he gets up to.

When you work for me, you do things my way.

There's no going behind me back.

No going out on your own. And no independent fucking thinking.

Argh, fuck!

Ah, Freddie... Ah.

Because it irks me. I can't fucking see.


I can't...

Yeah. That's a word - "irks".

Argh. Fuck.

Anyway... it appears we have a vacancy.

You're in, son.

Straight off he gives me 500.

500 in me hands.

I mean, this is 1968.

And do me a favour. Take out the rubbish, eh?


Oh, and get yourself kitted out.

There we Were, suited up.

Wasted on these fucking toerags.

Come here, you cunts!

Come here!

No! No! No! No!

Give me till next Thursday, please! Thursday never fucking comes!

"Give me till next Thursday"? Slags.

It's pathetic.

Fucking excuses. All sorts.

From A to Z. The Whole alphabet. Jokers.

Two minutes later, they're in the Green Man giving it like you're Harry the Spastic.

Hold him. Hey. Away, now.

Hey, what's the problem? You are.

Nothing I can't fix with a few tools, eh?

Don't do anything stupid, Freddie. Why would I speak to you, arsehole?

Remember the last time we went through this?

That put a smile on your face, didn't it?

Leather seats, sir? You wanna open the windows in this weather.

Freddie, come on. It's not even my taxi.

It's not even my fucking taxi, you bastard!

Get off me. What are you fucking looking at?!

Freddie, don't fucking do it, you bastard.

You bastards. Fuck you.

What is it with you, you cockneys?

There you go.

I've got the name of a bloke who'll look at that.

Now let's see that money, eh?

By tomorrow.

Come on! Freddie!


Get back to work.

Let's get this car back on the road. Come on, Freddie.

Well, give us a hand. (SCREAMING)


Now, Giggler, you stay lucky, eh?

Get it off me! Argh! You all right?


Nice. Very nice.

Creative. I like that.

Deserves a drink. What you having?

(MAN) Put it on. Here we go.

Is it on?

Here we go.

Go on, Billy.

♪ I have a band of men and all they do...

My old woman loves this one. Pity she ain't here.

Nice bit of bubbly, darling?

Not right now.

It's good for the fucking carpet.

♪ ..Play a song for you

♪ And if you're With the one you love...

(ALL) ♪ This is what you do All together now!

♪ Dance, dance, dance, to my ten guitars...

If we had good day... Well, We always had a good day.

We'd end up at Fat Charlie's.

The whole gang of us.

There was Mad John.

Yeah, Well, he was really mad.

Billy not-so-smart.

Roland, always with two birds.

Derek, one Would do for him.

♪ Dance, dance, dance...

Eddie? Poor little Eddie.

And Tommy, Freddie's old house pet.

Happy as fucking monkeys in a cage.

Shag pile and Babycham.

No ambition. Not like Freddie.

- Not like me. (PHONE RINGS)

Yeah? Shut up a minute!

♪ Dance, dance, dance to my ten guitars ♪ Turn that fucking music off!


Turn it off!

What? Eddie? Turn the music up, Eddie.

(MAN #1) Turn the music on. (MAN #2) He's on the phone.


Turn the music on.

Boys, get in the car. What? What?

Club's on fire.

(MAN #3) See you later. Fucking hell. Come on, Derek.

Let's get a move on. Derek, come on! Derek, man.

How long you been here? Just got here.

Did you see anyone? No.

No one on the door?

Supposed to be Joe. Didn't turn up. Everyone get out all right?

Yeah, I think so.


I'm really, really sorry, Freddie.

What's Freddie gonna do? Take it out of your bleedin' wages, girl? Tell him.

There were two of them. Table six.

Ordered champagne. They didn't eat nothing.

Couple of minutes after they left... whoosh!

Lennie Taylor. Regulars, were they?

All right. It was an oversight. She's obviously paying for it.

All right, angel, try and describe 'em.

What the hell's he up to?

Lennie Taylor's goons?

Torching our club?

Lennie Taylor, you cunt.

Think you're better than Freddie Mays?

Lennie fucking Taylor.

You little piece of dead meat.

Pea-brained little fuck!

What did I say? What did I fucking say?!

Right out in the open.

What did I tell you? What do you go and do?

It was him. He was one of them. You shut your fucking mouth!

What was I supposed to do?

He started the fire.

He fucking shot at me.



Being flash and a Coon. Roland had to be different.

Goes in with the shaft. Bends the fucking thing.

I tell a lie. Breaks the fucking thing.

Bish-bosh. Mad John's doing his feet.

Meticulous attention to detail.

Billy's doing his ribs.

Stone Age xylophone.

He'll be all right. "All right"?

"All right"? The cunt's in traction for nine months.

Might need a fucking wheelchair! Plastic surgeon! "All right"?

It is not fucking all right. It is all fucking wrong, you morons!

Saw him a year later.

Some scarring, bit of a limp. Seemed all right.

He bought me a drink. What can I say? He misbehaved.

Got punished.



Should've seen the looks We got bringing the clubs back.

Remember what I said.

This is a delicate matter.

What do you do? You give the cunt a handicap.


Fucking grief you've caused me.

"Fuck what Freddie says", is that it, eh?

Is it?

There's the chair. Who wants it?

There it is. Come on, who wants it?!

Come on, who wants it?!


You ain't got the bollocks. None of you.

And you, you cunt.

Striding down the road like John Wayne, looking for a fucking bullet in your brain.




I've gotta go and speak to that piece of shit, Lennie Taylor. No, sit down.

You, you're coming with me.

Now? Yes, now.

Don't... use it.


What you having? Whisky.

That's it.

It's on the house. That's for you.

Fucking hell. Thanks.

Well, well, well.

This is nice.

Hello, Freddie. All right, Lennie?

Long time no see. Yeah.


Take a walk.

I went to see him today.



No. No thanks.

Yeah, I took him up some flowers, you know, some grapes.


I should have took him up some fucking Nesquik.

Cunt's got no teeth.

I thought me and you sorted out our problems long ago.

Oh, did you? Yes, I fucking did!

What's this about then, eh?

Why are you here? Why do you think I'm here?

You want to go to war with me, Freddie? That what this is about?

(MAN) Oi. Look at me. (LENNIE) Want a war?

(LENNIE) Don't give me all that. (MAN) Oi, camel cunt.

Look into my fucking eyes.

Coming in here poncing up like a fucking Fry's Turkish fucking Delight!

Me and you, outside on the fucking cobbles. We'll have a straightener.

We'll sort this out. Who's who and what's what!

What, are you scared? You scared?!


Why don't you just sit down?

Sit down?

Sit down? You fucking coming in my club and telling me to sit down?

You fucking long streak of piss! Lennie, don't fuck around.

My place was petrol-bombed.

Oh! Oh.

It's about that, is it? 4,000 it cost me.

Four fucking thousand. Yeah? Four fucking...

Oh, Freddie, Freddie, Freddie, Freddie, Freddie.

Listen, when I heard about that... Well, I...

I couldn't have been more surprised. I... I was...

I was gutted.

I hope you ain't insinuating that that had anything to do with me.

'Cause that'd be wrong.

My conscience is clear.

Look at me. Look into my fucking eyes.

I'm not an arsonist.

Don't let me come after you, Freddie.

I'll fucking come after you.

I'll fucking... Oi, Maxie, Maxie, Maxie Maxie, Maxie.

Oh dear, Maxie.

Just you wait, son.


But that's nothing compared to What happened to Lennie Taylor.

He's a good boy, though, ain't he?

He ain't scared, is he?

All right.

All right.

Now let's just say he did work for me.


That's not to say I gave the order, is it?

Let's just say for the sake of argument...

someone's come in your club with a lighted cigarette.

They dropped it in a bin and a subsequent fire's ensued.

And let's just say for the same sake of argument that my man slipped in the showers.

Or someone's dropped a fucking taxi on his head.

Well, these things happen.

How does that sound?

Sounds about right, doesn't it?

Yeah. "Sounds about right, doesn't it?"

Come here. Come here.

Eh? Eh?

Bobby, Bobby, bubbly.

Let's have a nice little drink, eh?

Fucking warm champagne.

What a fucking prick.

Listen. You wanna go and get a proper drink?

Yeah, go on then.


He had on that grey two-piece mohair.

That Was a great suit.

Immaculate cut. Italian.

Always with a White shirt.


His ruby cuff-links.

I loved them.

I fucking loved them.

Beautiful Watch. Wafer-thin. Solid gold.

Hardly know you'd got it on. Bond Street.

Two and a half grand.

You like this tie-pin, don't you?


Have it.

♪ I'm falling for you

♪ Going out of my mind

♪ Don't Wanna fall for you

♪ 'Cause you're the hurting kind

♪ Need you by my side

♪ To keep me satisfied

♪ I need your love

♪ That's all I'm thinking of

♪ But I don't Want you

♪ 'Cause you're the hurting kind...

Hiya. Sorry, I'm late. It's pissing down.

Fuck it. Don't worry about it. Mel went on for you.

I bet she's really pissed off with me. Livid.

Called you everything. "Fucking new girl. Comes in late.

"Second day. Bleedin' tart."

"I'm earning her fucking money for her."

I'm joking.

I'm not serious. I'm making it up.

She don't care.

What's your name again?


- ♪ Can't take it any more... We drinking wine?

Yeah, why? It's a bit suspect, ain't it?

Good for the blood.

♪ You're the hurting kind ♪

Freddie Mays is in. On his own?

Nah, with a mate.

Who's Freddie Mays?

Table two, but he's mine.

Only he don't know that yet.

Right. Let's see.

Chateaubriand, rare.

Asparagus. Potatoes gratin. Bollocks.

No dessert. Black coffee. Espresso.

It's called espresso.

Might order a cigar after. Cuban. See what you make of that.

Blow your fucking mind. You reckon?


I've organised some company. What do you mean?

Well, you know, couple of blokes on our own drinking wine.

Bit suspect, ain't it?

Mel and you... What's your name? Karen.

Right. I want the pair of you to keep Freddie Mays and his goon company.

You didn't mention that in the ad. I'm not asking you to suck him off.

Just keep him company. He's clean, he's well-mannered and he's rich.

If you like him, be my guest. Marry the cunt.

Count yourself lucky, girl. He's a nice guy. Not like most of them in here.

Mel, how many times have I told you? Don't bad-mouth the club.

This is a class emporium.

Where are you going? I'm going to the bog.

Table two, Karen. I'll be over in minute.

Mind if I sit down?

Suit yourself.

I was told you were well-mannered, Mr Freddie Mays.

What makes you think I'm Freddie Mays?

Women's intuition.

I heard you were quite a gentleman. Did you now?


And that you were rich.

So you're a fucking gold digger, then?

No. I'm not a fucking gold digger. I'm a normal working girl.

So you're a hooker.

Well, Freddie Mays don't pay for it.

And I don't sit around in clubs taking shit from gangsters.

So much for the gentleman crap.

I suppose they have to talk you up. You being important and that.

Karen. I want you to meet Freddie Mays.


Hello, Mr Mays.

You are?

Mel, why don't you treat my friend here to a dance?

Fuck off. You're having a laugh.

Sorry about the table manners. Come on.

Come on, he don't bite.

Please, sit down.

Sorry about that.

Who is he?

Just a... business associate.

Yeah. Here. Let me do that.

Thank you.

Sorry, do you want one? No, thank you.

I have to look after my voice.

Why's that, then? You an actress? No.

Could be an actress. Face like that.

Thank you. Appreciate it.

Don't mention it.

No, I sing. You sing?

What, here? No, I dance here.

Jane, June, Jackie, Jessica, Julie.

She got bumped pretty sharpish.

That's the J's. On to K.

K for Karen.

Freddie Mays and all his skinny birds.

Oh dear, Freddie.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Sing something now.

Get up and sing something.

"Get up and sing something"? At the table?

No. For you?

I mean, get up. Up on the stage.

Yeah, right.

Any requests, Mr Mays?

Freddie. Freddie. Go on, I'm serious.

I don't think the management would approve.

Oh, don't worry about the management.

I was talking to the girls backstage. Yeah?

Told me you was a bit of an animal. Oh, really? Oh, did they?

Did they say which bit?

Did they specify? No.

Anyway, don't change the subject.

Hang on. What?

Hang on. Move.

Just another bird.

Just another skinny, fucking bird.

Good evening, everyone.

This is for Mr Mays.


Freddie. Shut up.

You like her, then? I said, shut it.

♪ It seems life has played a game on me

♪ I'm lost in a sea of misery

♪ My love has turned his back on me

♪ Heartache, why won't you let me be?

♪ Baby, have some mercy

♪ Please don't make me

♪ Beg on bended knees

♪ Oh, please

♪ Have mercy on me...

And you, Mr Freddie Mays.

You had to go swimming in her eyes, dancing in her hair.

You had to slip into her mouth, slide over her tongue.

Fall down her throat, deep down into her belly.

Right into her blood.

You had to fall asleep Wrapped around her beautiful, beating heart.

♪ Have mercy on me ♪

Six months later, We're in the Zephyr.

Me and Roland.

Going past the Double Six.

Hold up. Park up along here.

Roland's pulled over.

Ain't that Lennie Taylor?

Yeah, but who that there with him? It ain't.

It can't be. It is.

It fucking well is. That's Eddie Miller.

Eddie? Eddie Miller?

That was Eddie Miller talking to Lennie Taylor.

What Would Lennie Taylor want With a little shit like Eddie Miller?

Poor little Eddie.

Run, rabbit, run.

I can't believe it. I just can't believe it.

That dirty little redneck. Judas.

I bet you he doing something. You know, Roland...

I've never understood one fucking word you've ever said to me.

So shut the fuck up. Let me deal with this.



Who is it?

It's the big, bad wolf.

Oh, it's you.

I was just... I was just making some sweet tea. Would you like a cup?

Fuck me. Hello, Roland.

Do you take sugar?

Sit down, Eddie.

What's that? That?

That's my favourite axe, Eddie.

Gentle Jesus, meek and mild, bless all babies.

Make children safe at night.

Eddie, look at me. I can't.

Eddie... look in my fucking eyes.

Look in my fucking eyes.


Get up!

Get up. Come on. Come on. It's all right.

Come on. Sit down.

All right? You all right?

Shh, shh, shh. Now listen. Listen.

Deep breaths.

What did Lennie Taylor want, Eddie?


What did Lennie Taylor want, Eddie?

I was having a light ale and minding my own fucking business.

You know me. No, I don't.

Look, Maxie picked me up.

I didn't know what they wanted. I'm just a fucking thief. For fuck's sake!

It's nothing to do with me! You couldn't rob your own arsehole.

Freddie, he's a lovely man. Yeah.

He's been good to me, but as for his business, that's none of my business.

I was in The Prussia, minding my own business, having a light ale.

The place goes quiet. I hear my name - "Eddie." Oh, fuck.

It's Maxie. It's Maxie King. Camel coat. Nutty.

You are so fucking boring. Are you bored?

I'm bored. What's he want?

You're being boring. Lennie Taylor wants to see me.

I've got to go see him. I can't not go. What am I gonna do? Not go?

And then what?

I'm squashed in beside Maxie and this big bloke in the back of this Rover.

No one's saying nothing. Dead quiet. Get on with it.

They take me to this club. The Double Six.

That's right. Oh, fuck.

Look, Lennie was there.

And he was asking questions about Freddie. But I told him to fuck off.

Did you? Yeah. I said, "I'll have...

"I'll have a drink, but don't go asking me questions about Freddie."

What sort of questions, Eddie?

What sort of questions?

What sort of questions, Eddie?

I can't... I can't fucking remember. You'd better try, son.

Lennie... he reckons Freddie's losing it.

Does he? Yeah, you know.

"Love makes you fat" sort of thing. "Love makes you fat."

Go on. Well, that's it.

It's a...

It's a lovely place, the Double Six. It's swanky.

Loads of crumpet.

Lennie seemed half-decent. Did he?

I can't remember what was said, but I do know that I didn't say nothing.

Look at me.

Look in my eyes.

I'm telling you the truth. Look, come on.


Look in my fucking eyes.

They're gonna do Freddie! Oh, fuck!

Friday. Outside the Candelabra.

God! God! God, oh.

Look. Listen, I've told you now. Listen, I've told you.

You've gotta warn Freddie.

You've gotta tell him, please!

Shall we go and tell him? We'll go tell him. We'll go and warn him, eh?

I love that smell. Do you like that smell?

That kiddie smell.

It's lovely.

Kids, eh?

Be the fucking death of you.

Eddie, come here. Shh, shh, shh, shh. Eddie?

I want you to look at me. I don't...

Eddie, look at me. I can't. I can't.

Look at me. I can't do it.

I can't do it. What have you gone and done, eh?

Look at what a mess you've made. Come on, eh?

I can't look. Look at that.

I can't. I can't.

I can't. Put your hands down.

Ow! Fuck! Just look at me.

That's all I'm asking. Look at me.

That's it.

Wasn't so difficult, was it?

All right.

It's all right. Shh, shh, shh.

Go on, Eddie.

No, no, I'm telling you. Lennie Taylor is nothing but a little...

Driving up the embankment, Roland's talking about going straight to tell Freddie.

Freddie Mays. Freddie Mays!

I know something you don't.

I can't wait to tell Freddie. 'Cause somebody must dead.

It's a war! He don't deal with them. Pull over. We've got a puncture.

Pull over, Roland. Puncture.

So where's this puncture?

It's not your side? Felt like it was your side.

Well, me no see nothing.

Hey, what you do?

I was stroking your frizzy hair.

Oh, fucking things!

Charlie, let me do that. You take the tea in. Come on.

Wrong knife.

Cheers, Charlie. Ta.

All right, girl? Yeah.

Are you putting on a bit of weight? Shut up.

I'll have one. Here.



Fucking headless, it said.

Fucking torso.

Imagine that, eh? John.

Karen, maybe you should go and wait in the car?


Maybe YOU should go and wait in the car.

Take the shortcut out the window. It's all right.

He's just a bit old-fashioned.

Don't think I wanna be here, anyway.

You wanna watch your mouth.

Right, what were we saying?

It's gotta be him. Let's take a look.

All we know is a black body's been found. One of ours is missing.

It's Roland. He's been missing for five days, Freddie.

Don't mean it's him.

What we're getting to is this. If it is him, it's them.

It's two and two. It adds up. Fucking right!

What the fuck are we waiting for, eh? Let's go now. Hit them now!

We gotta get uglier, Freddie. Take the initiative.

I'll show those bastards torsos.

I'll cut their fucking arms off!

He never deserved it.

Poor bastard.

Come on, Freddie. Say fucking something.

Let's just go. Let's hit 'em now!

Hold on! Hold on, John!

Think about it. Why Roland?

Eh? I mean, why not you?

Or Tommy? Me?

All of us in one go. Bang. Beautiful. Perfect.

Fucking happy.

Now that would be a takeover.

That'd be nice. That I can see. But this... don't make sense.

Something does not make sense.

Maybe it was meant for me. Or for you!

Shut it!

What if it ain't him? What if it's someone else?

Who the fuck else could it be?! Someone else!

I think we should... Sit down!

All right.


This is what we do.

We wait.

All right? You all got that?

We wait.

We give it a couple of days.

And if he don't turn up, all right.

So be it.

All hell breaks loose.


All right?

All right, Freddie?

What's going on, then? Fr...

He gone deaf or something?

He doesn't wanna be disturbed.

By anybody. I don't think that means me, does it?

That's what he said.

Cup of tea?

Bomb, was it?

No, we're redecorating.

Oh, are we? Well, that's nice, isn't it?

You let a bird into your life, next thing the walls are all poof-pink.

There's potpourri all over the bog and knickers in your cornflakes.

Who's he in there with, or is that a secret?

No. He's in with Tommy.

And Roland's sister.

Listen, Karen. I think we might have got off on the wrong foot.

If it's my fault, I'm sorry. Well, we can always start again.

You know, you're not bad-looking.

"Not bad-looking"?

"Not bad-looking"? I'm a prince, darling.

Yeah? Oh, yeah.

Why don't you find yourself a nice girl? I could help.

Do me a favour! I've got so many birds, they're coming out of me ears.

I can't even hear myself think.

So what's behind this, then?

Freddie's not allowed to see it yet. What do you think, then?

It's not a bad likeness of Freddie.

Nose a bit on the large side, eh? Very funny.

Freddie's mad about horses.

I thought it might make a nice engagement present.

You what?

An engagement present.

As in me and Freddie getting married. Didn't he tell you?

He fucking didn't. Are you up the duff? Can we hear the patter of tiny feet?

No, not yet. (MIMICS) "No, not yet."

Bet you're over the moon, ain't you?


That's a nasty way of putting it.

I've never been happier.

I'd have thought any mate of Freddie's would be happy for him too.

What's your problem?

Ain't me that's got a problem, darling, is it?

I'm not surprised he didn't tell you.

Not exactly over the moon, are you?

There's something really ugly eating away inside of you.

I see it in your eyes. I could see it a mile off. Well, I love Freddie.

I'd kill for him. I don't give a fuck whether you approve or not.

Keep your knickers on. I'll look after him, whatever it takes.

Do you understand me? Keep your fucking knickers on.

(WHISPERS) Do you understand?

Yeah. I'm sorry.


I wish the best for you.

Really hope you're happy together. Yeah?

Yeah, really.


Tell Freddie I'll catch up with him later.

Tell him, you know, I'm happy for him. For the both of you.

And er...


Take good care of him, eh?

Well, what was he gonna do?

Crack open the bubbly, smiling from ear to ear?

"I'm getting engaged!"

"Cor blimey, you ain't! Fuck me!

"Nice one! Congrats!

"You kept that under your hat. You romantic old so-and-so."

And I'm thinking, love makes you fat. Poof.



Run! Karen, run! Karen, run!

Help him!

Run, for fuck's sake! This is for you, you fucking cunt!

Get off him! Get off him!

Fucking gun that doesn't fuck work! Help!

Take that, you fucking cunt! Get off him! You bastard!

Want something done, you gotta do it yourself!

Where are you going?

You get back inside, you cunt! Get off him! Get off him!

Maxie, shut her up!

Get off him! No!

Get off him! Maxie, please.

Please! Let her go. Get off me!

Oh, no! Get off me!


Cut her. No!



Shoot me! Aren't you gonna shoot me?!


What a comedy. What a skirmish.

Look at his suit now. Tatters.

The bird's fucked, but Freddie's still twitching.

He starts to move.

He tries to get up. Falls back.

Ah, hopeless.

Tries again.

Go on, son.

No! He's pulling himself along the pavement.

Trail of blood like a bleedin' slug.

Come on, Freddie, two more yards.

Fucking lying there on your leather settee.


That's it, Romeo.

Go on, give her a kiss.

Work the old magic.

I've got a machete in the back, a chopper on the passenger seat and this old Beretta tucked in me trousers.

And I'm fucking happy.

Green light.

Green light.

Green light.

I pull up outside Where Lennie Taylor lives.

124 Jubilee Mansions.

Here's me outside Where Lennie Taylor lives.



I'm out of the car.


See a car.

Pick it up. MOT.

Throw it a million miles.





I'm Superman.

King fucking Kong.

I'm filling up.

I'm filling up.

Fifth floor.







Axe. Gun.




Fucking leather settee.


Fucking handmade shoes.


Draw back the hammer. 124.

Coming up to 124.

I'm electric. I'm frightening. I'm terrible.

We're in.

I don't mind if I do, Lennie.


Argh! You... bastard! You...


♪ I'll never let you go Why? Because I love you You cunt! You fucking cunt!

You better make a good job of this. Better make a fucking good job of me!

Here, have a clock.


Argh! You bastard!

♪ No broken hearts for us

♪ 'Cause We love each other Ow.

♪ And With our faith and trust

♪ There could be no other

♪ Why? 'Cause I love you

♪ Why? 'Cause you love me

♪ I think you're awfully sweet

♪ Why? Because I love you Argh!

♪ You say I'm your special treat Could you fucking finish me off?! ♪ Why? Because you love You lost your fucking bottle? Lost the taste for it?

♪ We found the perfect love Fucking get on with it!

(LENNIE LAUGHS) ♪ Yes, a love that's yours and mine

♪ I love you and you love me all the time I love you all the time.

♪ I'll never let you go

♪ Why? Because I love you Come on. Come on then. ♪ 'Cause I love you

♪ I'll always love you so

♪ Why? Because you love me

(LENNIE) Let's see what you've fucking got, eh?

♪ We found the perfect love Taking your fucking pretty clothes off? ♪ Yes, a love that's yours and mine

♪ I love you and you love me

♪ I love you and you love me

♪ We love each other, dear

♪ Forever ♪

You ready?




You... Arghhh!



Right, how do you fucking want it? Go on then! Fuck! Fuck!

Fuck you! Fuck you!

Fucking mother... Cunt!

Where do you fucking think you're going, eh?

Don't you fucking run away from me, eh? Eh?


(MUTED SOUND) You fucking...

You're a fucking...

Eh? Don't you... Don't you...

Don't you fucking die on me, Lennie.

Lennie, you're not making fucking sense, Lennie. I can't hear you.

You want it old style?

Look at me, Lennie.

Look in my eyes.

Lennie, look in my fucking eyes.

Who are you?

Who are you? You're nothing.

You're nothing.

Look at you lying there like a... piece of... meat. Meat.

You, you filthy cunt.

You filthy...

dead cunt. You cunt. Cunt.

You cunt. Dead cunt. Dead...

You're a cunt.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, fuck.


Who is it?


Get dressed. Why? What's wrong?

I'll be in the car.

You gonna tell me what this is all about?

Freddie and Karen were jumped outside the Candelabra.

You what?

They cut Karen's throat.

Fuck me.

And what about Freddie?

Right, it's like this.

He's not dead, but he's in a bad way.

He's been cut to ribbons. 300 and something stitches. Shot three times.

He's on the lot. Morphine, you name it.

They're gonna try and operate again in the morning. It's... touch and go. But he's strong.



Look, you fucker, I wanna see Freddie. I wanna see my mate.

Not possible. They won't let you see him.

There's a... a situation. What fucking situation?

A serious fucking situation, Tommy. Fuck off!

Listen. Listen to me closely, Tommy.

Lennie Taylor has been killed.

What? Tonight. Hacked to death at home.

Do you understand what that means?

Christmas has come early for my colleagues up there.

They're charging Freddie with murder.

It's perfect. They've been after him for a long time. It's a win double.

(TOMMY) Freddie didn't kill Lennie. But what it comes down to... is Freddie's finished.

Now piss off. Oh, yeah? I wanna see Freddie.

Tommy, for fuck... You are some cunt.

It's just money to you! All right, Tommy.

There an admission price for this fucking freak show?

Leave it. Tommy, calm down. Is that it?

Is that fucking it?! Fuck off.

Fuck off.


You all right, mate?

Oh, Jesus.

All right, son?

Put that in your hand, eh?

All right, mate?

Poor fella.


Come on.

Silence in court! (MAN) You show 'em, Freddie!

Old Judge Mumbling said, in all his however many fucking years, the murder of Leonard BertramTaylor...

We laughed.

"Silence in court!"

...was the most barbaric case he'd ever had the misfortune to try.

Judge told Freddie he was an animal and gave him 30 years, to serve a minimum of 25. Howzat!

Take him down.

(MAN #1) No! (MAN #2) Fucking arsehole!

(MAN #3) You cannot do that! - British justice, eh?

Poor old Freddie.

The king is dead.

(JOHN) I told you. I fucking told you.

Someone should listen to me for a fucking change.

None of this would have happened. John, you was right. So what?

It's no good to us now. Fucking right I was right!

Come on, Tommy. Maxie? What's his fucking fate?

That's what we're here for.

Rather than all this old fanny. Don't be stupid.

Don't you call me stupid. All right.

Right. We can't go near 'em. Anything happens to Maxie, we're fucked.

There's no way. There's no way on this fucking earth is that cunt, that fucking cunt, gonna do what he done to Freddie and get away with it.

There's no way he's gonna avoid me. John...

No fucking way. It's a difficult time.

I'm trying to deal with it as best I know. This ain't helping.

He's dead. He's fucking dead. All right, all right.

Just... just calm down. Everyone, just fucking calm down.

Act like men.

Use your fucking loaf.

You got something to say?

'Cause if you have, say it.

I wanna hear it. Fucking say it.

Are you sure? Fucking say it!

He's right. You're wrong.

Fucking right, I'm right.

Are you saying I'm not up to it? I don't fucking know. You tell me.

You cunt!

I'll fucking... You'll fucking... what?

What are you gonna do?

Start crying?

Sit down, Tommy.


Get Tommy a drink, eh?

The king is dead.

Long live the king.

1970. A new decade.

No more Double Six.

No more Freddie.

No more Lennie.

Bye-bye, Maxie.

Fucking monster.

♪ You better beware

♪ You better take care

♪ You better Watch out if you've got long black hair

♪ He'll come from behind

♪ You go out of your mind

♪ You'd better not go You never know What you'll find

♪ You look in his eyes

♪ Don't be surprised

♪ If you don't know what's going on behind his disguise... ♪

(MAN) 1972.

Nothing can touch us. We're moving. Raking it in.

Way out of Freddie's league.

Sort of thing he'd never have dreamed of.

I'm gonna fucking knock you out!

1st of January 1973.

Grand opening. The Casino.

Black tie.

Freddie always said gambling was for mugs.

It is. Took two million the first year.

Never understood that thing Freddie had for the horses till I bought one.

Brown Bomber.

Earned me a packet. Then disaster - it won!

'76, Tommy's wife dies.

So he retires.

Lost his bottle since Freddie got banged up.

Tommy, stop.

'77, '78, '79, '80, '81.

I've got 300 people working for me.

Top that, Mr Mays.

'82 to '86, cocaine.

Fucking fortunes.

You fucking wanker. Don't you fucking knock?

Look at this gear, eh?

'87, '88, Billy offends me.

The one good thing I learnt from Freddie, keep your own house in order.

'93, Maggie's children suffer the consequences of the '80s.

Don't We all? Do We, fuck!

Business is as good as ever. Poor little merchant bankers.

Still got enough for a little toot, though.


'94, not such a good year.

Mad John murders his wife in a domestic. Nothing I could do about it.

As it happens, in the supermarket.

Fucking sad Way to go down.

Taken out of the fucking place like a poxy junkie shoplifter.

Last of Freddie's boys.

End of an era.

'95, '96, '97, '98, '99...


Freddie Mays is back.

Lock up your daughters.


Well, Freddie, all those years.

How's it been, son?

Tough? Was it tough?

Tough on you? Hard to bear?

Still, for my part, I'd just like to say, Freddie... congratulations.

You're out, fit and Well, and I'm happy.

Oh, fuck off.

Look at me now, Freddie.

You want a job? Me and you, Freddie.

Just like the old days.

I can't live like that. Can't do it.

Hello, Eddie.


It's been a while, eh, Eddie?

We really should catch up. Be nice catching up. Let's catch up.

Old mum well?

Good. Great. Magic.

What the fuck is going on with Freddie Mays?

When'd he get out?


Do you mind if I get back to work? No, no.

Let's go somewhere more private.

I don't like it. Nobody told me he was getting out.

You don't know about the wedding? Wedding? What fucking wedding?

Freddie's wedding.

Everyone'll be there.

He's well, too, from what I hear.

He's got a BA.

Bachelor of Arts.

Who's he marrying, anyway?

Somebody he met in the nick? Karen.

You remember?

Singer. Lovely face.

Throat cut. Nearly died.


You ever kill somebody, Eddie?

How do you mean? Well, you know, like kill 'em.

What, like, dead?

Yeah. Dead.

I'd have to say no. Why not?

Well, I don't want to.

I think you could.

If it was somebody you really hated.

If he'd done something, like, to me and my family?

Yeah. Now, look, I wanna ask you a question.

No ifs or buts. I want a straight answer.

Who, if you had to choose, would you sooner kill?

Me or Freddie Mays?

Truth? Yeah. Truth.



Can I ask you a question? Yeah, yeah. Fire away.

Why haven't you killed me?

Who says I'm not going to?

(MAN #1) Come on. (MAN #2) Come on.

(MAN #3) Take it... Oh! (MAN #4) Come on.


♪ Heartache, why won't you let me be?

♪ Baby, have some mercy

♪ Please don't make me

♪ Beg on bended knees

♪ Oh, please

♪ Have mercy on me

♪ You know I love you... ♪



Imagine bumping into you after all this time.

It must be what? 25, 30 years? You know exactly how long it's been.

Well, I thought maybe you were dead.

Oh! Healed up nice.

I know why you're here. Stay away. Freddie don't want to see you.

He don't wanna hear from you.

He don't wanna smell your cheap aftershave.

Me and Freddie have waited too long for some evil ponce to fuck things up.

That's not very ladylike, is it?

You're a fucking freak.

You stay away.

I told you I'd kill for Freddie.

Oh, yeah. You told me a lot of things.

"You're not a bad-looking bloke.

"Why don't you find yourself a nice girl?"

What makes you think that you're so special?

You know, I wouldn't mind a wife. Someone to love.

I deserve some love.

I want a Valentine's card.

I don't care if she is a slag. I'll look after her all right. Spoil her.

Buy her stuff.

Maybe I'd like to settle down. Nobody ever thinks about that.

I mean, nobody ever thinks about me! Well, fuck you!

You tell Freddie I wanna see him or there'll be consequences.

Serious fucking consequences!

Get out of my fucking way, you cunt.

So, Freddie.

Heard you was getting hitched.

Getting yourself a ball and chain.

No, no, I didn't get no invitation. No, not to worry.

I couldn't have gone anyway. Business.

Still, hope it all goes well.

And for my part, Freddie, I'd just like to say congratulations.

You're out.

Fit and well.

And well, er...

Here's to you.

I like what you've done with the place.

Sit down, Freddie.

Been a long time.


Like a cup of tea?

Yeah, that'd be nice.


So, Freddie...

How are you doing?

All right. Yeah.

Yeah? Yeah.



Look, what do you want?

I hear you're getting married.

At some point, yeah.

A little something. Go on, take it.

Go on, take it.

It's for you. Take it.

Freddie, I want you to take it. Take the money. I took your money.

You take my money. It's for you.

Don't take it.

What do you want?

Oh, the flat? Is that it? You wanna move in? You and Karen, yeah?

Cosy Karen?

Well, take it. I'm out of here!


Why not, huh?

New carpet. Lick of paint.


Patter of tiny feet.

Yeah, well, you're probably past it.

Can't get it up.

And she's no spring chicken.

Probably come out all twisted and mental.

Baby Freddie. Spastic. Or she's barren. Probably all dried up.

But you could always adopt.

What do you want?

The shoes, is it?

The handmade fucking shoes?


They're yours. Have 'em. Here, take 'em!

They're yours.

The tie-pin? Oh, you like the tie-pin?

Oh, fuck me. It's even got your initials on it. Take it! Have it! Here, it's yours!

You're mad.

No, it's you.

You drive me fucking nuts, you do.

I don't want your flat, your shoes or your fucking tie-pin.

That Freddie's dead.

What... what is it with you? I mean...

Where are you coming from?

Explain it to me, because I'd like to know. Really, I wanna know.

What have you got that I haven't got?

I done better than you. I'm the better man.

Wasn't me who spent fuck knows how long inside.

Fucking professor.

What? You think I wouldn't kill you? Do you think that, do you?

Just 'cause it's you. Is that what you think, is it?

Well, I can kill somebody. It's easy.

It's easy to kill somebody. It's nothing.

I avenged you.


I didn't wanna kill Lennie Taylor.

I did not wanna kill Lennie Taylor.

I didn't enjoy it.

Had to be done. Somebody had to do it.


Karen spent the past 30 years telling me the whole thing stank of you.

That bitch.

Take it.

Take it.

Pick it up.

There it is. Pick it up.

Shoot me.

Shoot me! Shoot me, you cunt!

Who do you think you are?



Oh, yeah, I was.

I was vain. I was a prat.

"Handsome Freddie Mays. Butcher of Mayfair."

What a load of old cobblers.

Who'd wanna be Freddie Mays?

Fuck off. You're a nutter.

I ain't going away so you may as well kill me. Come on! Kill me! Come on!

For old times' sake. Down memory lane.


I was there.

(MOCKS) "Get your hands off her.


"Maxie, please, no. Not the girl! Not the girl! No!"

Sound familiar? Huh?

You crawling around in your own blood.

Pathetic. Hilarious.

Maxie's got his knife out.


Come on, Freddie. Come on.

Maxie with his blade digging at her flesh.

Ripping that lovely throat.

Karen! No!

And you going, "Shoot me, shoot me", like a sick cow.

(GUNSHOT) - Come on, Freddie.

Come on.

Come on, Freddie, two more yards.

What... What's that she's saying?

I... love you. Love you. (CRYING)

What's that?

(MOCKING) "I love you, Freddie.

"I love you. I love you."


Does she still love you?

With your pruney bollocks and your old bird's hair?

Handsome Freddie Mays.

How can she still love you, seeing what you are?

I mean, what are you? A cunt? What are you? Milky tea?


Come on, Romeo.

Give her a kiss. Yeah, work the old magic.

Come on, Freddie.

Come on, my son.

Shoot me.

Shoot me!

(YELLS) Kill me!

Shoot me!



I'm just an old man in a crap suit.

I like it that way.


One day I'll catch up With you.

You Want a war?

I'll give you a fucking war, one arm tied behind me back.

I'll shoot you.

Blow you to kingdom come.

They'll need a dustpan and brush to scrape you off the walls.

Make mincemeat out of you. Pie and mash.

Puddles of blood.

I'll leave you lying there, the rotten lot of you.

Calling me a cunt.

Calling me a cunt.

Calling me a cunt.

You cunt!

I'll fucking kick you.

I'll kick fuck out of you. I'll kick you to fuck, you...

Fuck you!

Rip your face off.

I'll fucking...

I'll, I'll fucking...

burn you.

Freddie Mays.

Freddie Mays!

I don't need you, Freddie.

Who am I?

(SHOUTS) I'm Superman!

(SHOUTS) King fucking Kong!

I can pick you up and throw you a million miles.

I'm number one.

Number fucking one.

I'm number one.

Number fucking one!

Number one! Number one! Number one!

Number one!

Number one! Number one!

One, one, one, one!

Number fucking one!

I'm number one!

Fuck you!

Yeah, go on!

Number one.

♪ Oh, the good life

♪ Full of fun seems to be the ideal

♪ Mm, the good life

♪ Lets you hide

♪ All the sadness you feel

♪ You won't really fall in love

♪ For you can't take the chance

♪ So please be honest with yourself

♪ Don't try to fake romance

♪ It's the good life

♪ To be free

♪ And explore the unknown

♪ Like the heartaches

♪ When you learn you must face them alone

♪ Please remember I still Want you

♪ And in case you Wonder Why

♪ Well, just Wake up

♪ Kiss the good life goodbye ♪