Gatta Cenerentola (2017) Script

2 00:01:06,830 --> 00:01:08,660 A luminous future awaits the city of Naples.

The Science and Memory Hub is soon to become a reality.

The 300-square-kilometer area of the current maritime station, is ready to host 1,200 businesses for approximately 100,000 newjobs.

Deus ex Machina of this project is the shipping magnate Vittorio Basile, father of the photosweep, the light-impulse technology that enables the recording and reproduction of reality itself.

Don Vittorio, in one of the thousand rooms of the 'Megaride' cruise ship, jewel in the crown of Italian naval engineering, shows the media the model of the holographic globe, that promises to bring to our home all the wonders of the world and safeguard them here for all eternity.

The Science and Memory Hub, a Neapolitan fable that will soon be discussed worldwide.


Mr. Basile. - Hi, Daddy!

Ah, it's you! You've found my little princess' slipper.

No, Mia doesn't remember where she lost it.

I don't know.

Don't despair, little Mia.

I'm sure Mr. Gemito will find it seeing as we can't take a step without finding him in our way.

It wasn't my decision to escort you.

Nor mine!

It's the technological hub...

The Science and Memory Hub.

Right, it's this project that puts you in a difficult position.

And yet I feel at ease here, I've worked here forever, I've obtained the port concession for 80 years and there are already many people at work.

That's precisely the point, sir.

I don't like the people you surround yourself with.

Fine, then get lost!

Seriously, you shouldn't take certain things so lightly.

You're always serious, Gemito, always troubled.

Can you spare me your grave tones at least on my wedding day?

You don't look so well, you know?

It's true, you're right.

But this ship... I don't understand...

It doesn't seem like a suitable place for a little girl, things happen that I can't explain.


No, all that is magnificent... amazing, sir.

I have no idea how it works, but I've come to terms with it.

And so?

I know it doesn't make sense, but sometimes I see things... that never happened.

The ship is watching us, recording us, processing us, it puts us back in the spotlight.


I mean, you think you're here now but you might be a faded hologram, an old memory floating into the future.

You're making fun of me, sir.

Have been from the moment you set foot on this ship, but at least I got a smile out of you.

All right, but now you've got to take me seriously.

It's 6:00, the ceremony is about to start and you're still here.

You didn't think to tell me sooner?

Bye, darling. Stay with Gemito, be a good girl till Daddy gets back?


Gemito, will you deactivate the communications with the outside?

Do you remember how to do it? - Yes, but...

Why did you reactivate them?

Your father's incorrigible, Mia! - Yep.

I love you so much...

Salvatore, isn't there any alternative?

To what?

I mean... he seems like a very good person to me.

Who? The old guy?

He's 50, he's not old.

He's a man of integrity with many wonderful projects for this city.

Yeah, right, the "Science and Idiocy Hub"!

What's so funny? - What's so funny, Angelica?

To put a Science hub in the port of Naples is like giving a silver fork to a starving man.

It means you want to mock them, to piss them off.

These are the people who ruined us.

They were born into wealth and think they know people's needs

'cause they've read two books.

Two books? He's got a library as big as this ship!

Anyway, I think he's a respectable man.


Look at me.

You're not in love with that moron, are you?

In love, absolutely not!

But he's sweet and I think he really loves me.

Why rub him out? A guy like him, I can wind him around my little finger.

How often have we done it? I'll turn him into a puppet.

Listen, Salvatore Lo Giusto warns first, then shoots second.

I don't know what you've got in mind, anyway, by noon, Don Vittorio Basile is a dead man and you, Angelica Carannante, his bride, though mine body and soul and that's a fact, will be his widow and that's a fact too.

Got it, baby?

Don't look at me like that, we decided this together.

I'm doing it for us, for me and you.

Come here...

Think of when we'll be rich, important, happy.

I'll be the king and you'll be my queen.

Salvatore... how much longer are you going to make me wait?

Mrs. Angelica Basile, remember that as of tonight you are a married lady.

Won't you mourn this loss at least for a while?

What will we do with the little girl?

We'll wait until she's old enough to sign.

Meanwhile who looks after her, me? - You've got six kids, Angelica.

One more, one less... What's the difference?

Bye, bye.

And make that thing shut up!

I love you so much...

Why is it that when you see me you get as mad as a cat?

Baby, whatever did I do to you that you don't want me around?

I have given you so much love You know that's true

I love you so much and you don't care for me I love you so much but you don't care for me

Calm down, calm down...

Tonight isn't about me.

The woman who can swindle me is yet to be born.

I've known Don Vittorio since we were kids, at 18 they already called him "the scientist".

Noble blood, an important family of developers, inventors and he is no less.

He's got slightly outlandish projects like this ship, the ship of ghosts.

But as Angelica says, he's a genius.

A great shipowner, rich, intelligent, optimist...

He only picked the wrong city.

And then Angelica...


Of course, she doesn't have blue blood, an important family only from a numerical point of view: third of seven daughters and with six kids depending on her.

But innate elegance, an exceptional beauty!

Yes sir!

That's how fairy tales begin.

Or is this already a happy ending?

All I know is that this is love, folks!

Do you remember love?

Here it is!

Let's hear it for the bride.

Mama looks so beautiful.

She looks like a princess.

I'm going to cry. - Luigi, are you wearing mascara?

Of course, it's Mama's wedding!

Is that lipstick mine?

Yes, l love this color.

Don't touch my makeup.

I've told you, it's gross! - Shut up!

What did Mama say? We can't make her look bad.

There are important people here.

What a handsome man the shipowner is. What elegance, what style.

Yes, absolutely, Anna.

He's too handsome.

And you're too queer.

Here's the best part.

I now declare you man and wife.

That's Daddy. - Yes, see?

Now they're husband and wife.

Yes, l'm with the kid.

Leo's on the west wing, I believe.

Yes, sir.

And now let the real party begin!

Someone's shot Don Vittorio!

It's a tragedy, it's a tragedy!

The little girl is under my care now, these incompetents must leave at once.




Neither in the crate, nor in the shoe, I'm going through it all.

Forget about it, bring the shoe here and we'll analyze it better.

But now close the crate. - Wait, it must be somewhere.

Maybe it's not in all the crates.

But you can't open them all.

Gemito, your mission ends here.

Inspector, what we're looking for must be here somewhere.

I'm not giving up, if I don't find it I'll go aboard and get it back.

Gemito, this is not advice, it's an order, got that?

The ship's communications are shielded, there's no contact.

Besides, you have some precedents in the ship, the cover wouldn't hold up.

You're behaving unreasonably!

With all due respect, I volunteered for this job and I'll see it through.

This guy's lost his mind!

This is insubordination, don't you realize? I'm calling you back to order for the last time!

Hey, Prince Charming! What the fuck are you up to?

Fuck off, James, you gave me a fright.

Get your hands off that! Damned all be the Chinamen!

Don't sweat it.

We'll just tell them it fell.

What's in that head of yours? Shit? You'll get us in trouble!

There are 100 more crates, they won't notice if we take a few grams.

Think again, Prince Charming!

You can't pull one over on the King!

He knows how to make shoes properly, he's no Chinaman!

He hides the stuff real good.


What time is the King arriving?

How thrilling that he's coming. - Let's hope he makes it on time.

So exciting!

Wow, my legs are trembling!

Boy, am I gorgeous tonight!

Listen to her!

When the King sees me, he'll change his mind and marry me.


Maybe he'll change sides and marry me instead!

Go ahead and laugh, you broomstick!

The King likes flesh, besides he's a man, not a faggot!

I lefuse to get shot because of you.

I'll speak to them and then you can deal with it.

First of all, Chinaman, you better see if they understand you when you talk.

Secondly... shut up!

I already told you that Chinamen don't have the lightto speak.

This pipsqueak thinks he gets a say!

Leave it, James.

He knows if he talks the three of us have had it.

We've had it anyway thanks to your lubbish .

"Your lubbish !" "Your lubbish !"

Chinaman, I'll see that you've damn well had it if you don't shut up!

You're pissing yourself, huh?

Fuck you, James!

To hell with all the Chinese... except Bruce Lee.

He was cool, unlike you!

Guys, look!

The King's shoes, fairytale shoes.

Perfect, refined, cut out for you.

They're almost here.

I didn't understand, I can't hear...

A clean job, got it.

Are you crazy? Not all three!

James is onboard too, he's cool, he's a friend.

All right then...

I won't make a big deal about it.

As you wish... Piece of shit!

What did he say, James too? - Yeah.

That's bullshit, he's cool, I can vouch for him.

That's what I told him. - And?

Couldn't give a shit. - Then we gotta do it.

I'm kinda sorry. - Me too.

Still better than where you live.

It's true, you're right.

And this would be the port of a big city?

What happened to this crate? You been messing with the crates?

It must have fallen, relax, we didn't lose anything.

If it fell, I didn't drop it. - Hey Scar!

How do I know it's all in order?

Scar, you have my word, the Chinaman is a butterfingers.

For pity's sake! - But it's all in order.

So, it's the Chinaman's fault? Why doesn't the asshole speak up?

Because I'm training him well.

I taught him Chinamen must keep their tlap shut.

Fuck you, James.

Nice work!

Chinaman, if there's anything missing in here...

Got it?

Enough of this bullshit, that fucking crate was opened by...

No two ways about it, these fucking Chinese don't wanna complehend.

And now what do we do with the Chinaman?

Hold on, I'm still getting over James...

Darn you!

Put him in an empty crate and bring him inside.

You two go to the Ace of Clubs, I got passes for the balconies in your names.

And the Chinaman's pass? - I've shot him now.

The Chinaman's pass... put it in his coffin, he earned it.

Do you two always need to make a racket?

Where's that tramp gone, anyway?

Cinderella the Cat?

Who else? The Cat! The Cat!

Who knows, she's always crawling through the air ducts.

Maybe she's spying on us, that nosy tramp!

Mama! - Anna, Sofia, Barbara...

While Luisa and Carmen are performing this evening, there's a little job for you in the balconies.

A dirty job?

No, this is serious, Sofia.

A clean job.

Don't make me worry, take precautions.

No, you can't do this to us, not tonight that the King's here!

It's to please the King that you must do this job.

Don't worry, we're always ready, we always do ourjob.

But Cinderella's got to clean up.

Of course! Now get ready.

Luigi, stick around, in case one of your sisters needs help.

I'll take care of it, don't worry.

Who's going to pay us now?

The money will be waiting in the balcony.

What are these balconies?

Where have you been living?

In La La Land?

The balconies are up on top.

That means they bring the show into your room.

You just have to hope you don't get the sixth sister.

Why, what's with the sixth sister? - She's got a surprise downstairs.

But what do I know, you might like it.

Gemito, do you copy?

What's wrong, you got a sore throat?

Don't go in there, find an excuse and come back.

Got a sore throat, Prince Charming?

I got a chill on the rubber boat.

So you wanna go home to your wife?

No, nobody's waiting for me.

He's walking into a death trap.

I shouldn't have given a delicate job like this to a madcap!

Gemito, you're a moron!


As if that cat's gonna answer...

You want me to believe you were already here?

Don't go wandering around, you're supposed to stay here.

You always say yes, but then you do as you please.

Help me do up this dress.

Are these your exercises?

Don't tell me you're pleased with them!

Your handwriting's shit.

You should practice more instead of traipsing around.

Are you done with my dress?

Listen up, little one.

You need to do what l say and do it well.

Tomorrow you turn 18 and it seems to me that you've become slightly full of yourself.

Am I right?

No? Do you take me for a fool?

The fact that you're coming of age doesn't mean a thing, because you're an ignorant child, you can't even sign your own name.

If I didn't look after you, you'd come to a bad end.

Because as I've already told you, you're a little girl with problems, right?

Now listen carefully to what I tell you to do.

After the six sisters' show, you must tidy things as you know how.

Is that clear, little one?

Now go and clean up my room.

And remember to wash your hands before you touch my things.

Give me a good reason to stay here in this squalor.

What do you want me to say, Gemito? You're not from here, I get it, but my family built its fortune in this city, in this port.

If I had your intelligence, I would have tried my luck elsewhere.

Maybe you're smarter, Gemito.

You won't let the past, history, memory screw you like it did me.

You'll weigh the anchor and go far away.

I hope I'll know you're somewhere else next year.

I hope so for your sake, truly.

You just need to be careful with your affections.

Mr. Lo Giusto, if you'll forgive my asking...

Could we put the window up a little bit?

As you've surely noticed, apart from the cold, it's also rather damp.

Mr. Lo Giusto?

My dear Cozza...

Can you smell this stench? - Y-Yes.

Do you know how long it is since I've been back?

At least two years.

I'm perfectly aware, but if you'll allow me...

If we wanted to keep the window open, we could have come back in summer.

But you know that would not have been possible.

Of course, because the girl needs to sign when the time comes.

But, in all truth, this marriage could have been brought forward.

How about we close the window? - Sure...

Good! - Sure, we could have done it then.

We could have gotten married after the mourning was over.

You'll agree, the sooner one attends to certain issues, the better.

Or else you pay the consequences. - What do you mean?

I mean that, say the lady puts her foot down because she feels neglected, the guardianship falls on her.

I do say! Such a beautiful woman! Why ever not marry her sooner?

Also to avoid certain risks? - What risks, Cozza?

I am the King!

When I desire a woman, that woman is mine forever.

The problem is that beauty fades and I'd end up married to an old hag.

Praise the Lord! - What do you mean?

I mean that marrying Lady Angelica is notjust necessary, but it's also a great fortune.

She's a sensationally beautiful, elegant woman.

Let us admit, between us men of a certain virility, she's also got a remarkable body, flesh... So voluptuous...

Settle down!

I had a mountain drenched in sun and many things still to learn I had five, six, seven children and so many beautiful things yet to come

I had a window over the sea The fishermen's lamps lit up the dark Stairways wound up through the alleys And colored flowers tumbled down the walls

And there's no way of knowing if you still love me False things are of no use

And there's no way of knowing anything since you've been gone These lies have frightened me

The day I lost everything You didn't admit even the slightest excuse

'Cause of that stuff you sniffed through your nose You tore away my wedding dress

A beautiful life on earth can't be found The evening falls itself inside and out And like a moth in the rain It dies as this heart of mine strikes midnight

And there's no way of knowing if you still love me

True things are never lost And there's no way of knowing anything since you've gone Lies have frightened you

Lies have frightened me

Lies have frightened us

Prince, were you getting impatient?

Did I make you wait too long?

Believe me, I'm worth the wait.

I give to you my gorgeous daughters' show.

Mr. Cozza... - May I?

Shall I go ahead... Shall I proceed?

I'm telling you to proceed. Go, go! Come on!


This is truly a marvel of chemistry!

What are you waiting for? Get comfortable and take your hat off.

It's late, I've got to go.

Where? - Have mercy!

That's it, you've offended me! - I really must...

You piece of shit!

Piece of shit!

Piece of sewage!


Get that asshole!

Luigi, are you okay?

Barbarella... let's kill that piece of shit.

Free coke!

What the fuck more can I say?

I love you so much...

I love you so much but you don't care for me...

What if we got married?

Don't make fun of me, Don Vittorio.

I'm a lonely woman, I'm more fragile than you imagine.

Think about it, Angelica, I could look after you and all your daughters.

And you could help me with Mia, you know better than me how to raise a girl.

Are you serious, Don Vittorio? Would you really marry me?

You're an enchanting woman, Angelica.

I should be the one begging you.

in this,my dear guests is the other reason why you are all here please herd my land and share my vision of the future Wonderland the biggest opening the money laundering bar covered me skyscrapers casino sapute amusement park,casa di tolleranza , everywhere waiting for you to entre the game

463 00:35:18,010 --> 00:35:18,760 impressive just a little question how do your team to get licences for all of this my dear Demeter look at this face then here now tell me what do you see maybe a fool or maybe someone will resurrect the planet,everything

I only need to arrange How can I say... a little thing get sure I shall see but believe me by tomorrow at midnight everything will be ready onset

and your license is too and then we can finally give the soul some piece and make a toast And that's the end of that!


What's going on? - Ship to base, do you copy?

Ship to base, do you copy?

Gemito, we receive you!

I don't know how the fuck you managed, but we receive you.

I've made it into the command room.

I can still remember a bit about how this stuff works.

Are you safe? Has your presence been noticed?

I've been stabbed.

Luckily I had my vest on underneath.

They knew there was an infiltrator, I don't think they knew it was me.

Can you hear me? Try to gather some pictures and get out straightaway!


Gemito, what's going on? - Just a moment.

What's going on? - Just a moment.


Just one moment.

Did you see that too, little one?


Anyone there?

Gemito, do you copy? Gemito?

There's the asshole!

No point running away, you're fucked!

Please, save your applause for tomorrow, that's the big day, my wedding day.

Secondly: remember that all these years, even whilst I was away.

I was working for you, to transform this port, this city into a wealthy place, where there are jobs for everyone!

He went that way!

Get that piece of shit!

Just as well...


You spared us the trouble of bringing your body here.

Wait, let me speak.

Bye-bye, baby!

But now I'm curious...

About what? - About what he was going to say?

What could that fag have to say?

Here, you can tell Mama that you did it.

I'd like to dedicate this number to my city, to my people.

To you!

Naples, Naples...

You need to be worthy of being a Neapolitan.

Smells like smoke They've set the trash cans alight Two sailors are pulling up a net They've caught a wheel at sea and two tires Whilst three boys further ahead are busy mugging people

Smell this air, it's practically toxic From Procida to Resina Smog in Mergellina

where no doubt you gotta hand over two euros to a junkie If to stop for a coffee your car you wish to park

Is there any place in the world more revolting than Naples tonight?

The common folk round here are not famous for their honesty They're a mass of ignorants thieves and felons So uncivilized! Completely rotten!

Without an ounce of dignity

And as the moon says:

If in the shit you live it means it's the shit you love!

We are the chorus of Naples

Potato peel

Naples Rotten potato peel


Is it really you?

You've got the same eyes.

Look how you've grown, you've become a real beauty.

Do you know who I am?

I'm Gemito.

I was one of the men in your father's escort, I was his friend.

Your father... do you remember him?

What happened to your voice, why aren't you speaking?

Listen to me, little one, we've got to get out of here.

We've got to escape from this nightmare.

Do you know if there's an exit anywhere in the hull?

Come on, I'm taking you away from here.


You're right, you don't even know me.

But for me it's different, I know so many things that you can't remember.

You had that smile and that light in your eyes...

Like your father, Mia.

The best people I have ever met in this life.

If he knew you were still here, he wouldn't rest.

Would you believe me if I said that I'm here for you?

To save you? Here, look at this.

I've kept it all these years, it belongs to you.

It seems like yesterday, searching the corridors for it hand in hand.

Your father was waiting for us and...

Everything was supposed to go very differently.

I found it in my pocket when I left this ship for the last time and I've often wondered if it was my memory or that little girl playing tricks on me.

Gemito, do you copy?

Yes, I'm here, Inspector! - Here where?

In the ship's hold. It's a cemetery down here.

They'll grant us a search warrant no doubt...

Take all the pictures you can... Do you know how to get out of there?

Yessir, there's an opening in the hull, come get me at the old pier.

Copy that. We'll be waiting for you.


I won't allow you to stay here, even if you can't understand why now.

I'll be back to get you, Mia. I'm taking you away from here.

I promise you. Got that, little one?


And so I have returned And nowjust like we used to Let us sing that ancient tune together Time goes by and the world changes But true love never goes astray

Is this how you clean my room, little bitch?

Is this what Mama told you?

Do you think we're all stupid like you?

Now clean everything up!

I'll take you to Mama, that way you can learn your lesson.

With you, my beauty, I fell in love Do you remember, in front of the fountain The water within never runs dry Like a love wound that never heals

It never heals Because had it healed my love I wouldn't be here to gaze at you amidst this scented air And to tell you, my sweetheart Sweetheart of mine Spring has returned and so too has love Do with me what you will

And here I was thinking you'd forgotten about me.

You mustn't ever think that.

You disappeared for two years.

Angelica, maybe you don't realize what we've set up.

Tomorrow at midnight, we, Salvatore Lo Giusto and Angelica Carannante, we'll be the richest couple in the land.

And then, anything you desire, my love, even if it's a stupid whim, we'll buy it anyway.

Money's not everything in life.

What kind of bullshit is that?

It's not bullshit, I know perfectly well what I'm saying, I've been making things run here for 15 years, keeping this ship up, looking after that tramp!

You've always sent me money, and gifts too.

But where were you when I wanted to sing with you?

Where was my man when I felt sad and lonely?

I was working, Angelica.

See that blackbird?

Remember how heartily it would welcome me?

Is that still him? Is he immortal?

It's him, yes, but he doesn't sing anymore.

He hasn't sung for 15 years.

He must have grown old too.

Come on, I know it hasn't been easy, for anyone, but now why are we talking about it?

We've won, it's time to be happy, it's time to celebrate.

Mama, this bitch hasn't cleaned a fucking thing.

You oughta...

Bow down, bitch!

Sorry, but I never imagined...

It's just that this little bitch does things, I swear...

Is this what I taught you, Anna?

No, Mama... - Silence!

Get that filthy tramp out of my room.

Who's this young thing?


The oldest of the six, don't you recognize her?

Of course, I do.

I meant this other little one.

Her? The trouble we got landed with 15 years ago.

This is Mia? - Yes, she's all yours.

Take this trouble for yourself.

And so, you're little Mia Basile?

What a pretty little mouth.

And what bright eyes!

Doesn't she have really bright eyes?

Who would have thought you'd grow up so well... given whose daughter you are.

How true...

How true.

Well? Why don't you speak?

You're not scared of me, are you?

I told you, the girl was traumatized.

Only natural, look how you're treating this little gem.

I'm surprised at you, this little girl is our treasure, the most precious thing on this ship.

And tomorrow's her birthday.

The little princess is about to become a woman, huh?

Angelica, give her the suite on the eastern side.

Fill the room with flowers, perfume, shoes and everything that ought to be in the room of a respectable woman.

And above all, give her a decent dress, actually, at least ten, so she can choose.

I've got to go now, I've got important international guests.

I don't want any surprises.

Mama! Has Don Salvatore gone mad? Is he serious?

Salvatore is always serious.

And what are you looking at, you little slut?

You want a new dress? Yes?

You want the latest fashion? - Anna!

The very latest trend? - Anna!

Do what the King said.

Go call the errand boy and tell him what he has to do.

Stop your crying.

You're grounded. Don't move from here until the blackbird sings.

I love you so much...

Are you done playing the hero? - No, sir.

Now they have to give us the warrant and we have to get back in there.

One step at a time, my boy.

First, let's get you to the infirmary.

Thank you.

The King's wedding!

Tonight at 10:00pm, on board the 'Megaride', the Ace of Clubs Hall. You're all invited.

Do you like how I've set you up?

Why did you turn away?

Do you want me to leave?

This dress looks so good on you, doesn't it?

Here, let me have your foot.

Don't worry if it's dirty, I don't care.

It doesn't take much for me to know a foot, to understand what it desires.

Do you like shoes, little one?

I'll prepare the most beautiful shoes for you that have ever been seen.

Your wedding gown will be the envy of every bride in the world, and then you'll live in a dream palace with a hundred people at your service, to grant your every wish.

You just have to say yes.

Not now, at a quarter to midnight my men will come get you and bring you on stage.

And you'll say it in front of everyone.

It's fine if you only nod yes.

Do you think you can do it?


You're a good girl.

I'll make you the happiest woman in the world.

It's notjust a game.

These holograms are our testament.

I know that many prefer to forget, you too say you want to leave what you were behind you, but you see, Angelica, we're only the first part of the story.

The best is yet to come.

Mama, the shoes have arrived!

The errand boy left them in the private room.

He said they're gorgeous! Come, quickly!

What you refuse to understand is we're not talking small stuff, there are huge interests at stake, pressure from above.

Did you ask yourself how they knew about the mole?

You mean they're not going to give us the warrant?

Who the fuck is he? How did he get out of the ship alive?

And when were you going to tell me about the warrant?

After the police take a photo with the cake and the bride?

The warrant will be here any minute, you mustn't be under any illusions.

Above all it's a police operation, there mustn't be any personal issues in the way, got it?

You better spill his name now, name and surname!

Confidential information, my ass!

If nobody took things personally, the world would go to the dogs!

The bastard boarded my ship!

As sure as my name's Lo Giusto if you don't tell me his name...

Primo Gemito! Go on, write it down:

Primo Gemito!

It took you long enough.

It's just a fucking name.

And what a stupid fucking name it is!

I don't know about his name, but his surname, if I may, sounds pretty important indeed.

I want to direct the operations in there.

Do you realize what they've done to that little girl?

Little girl? She's 17.

Actually... 18.


Cozza! - Yes?

I asked you if there weren't any other solutions.

To what, may I ask? - To Angelica.

If I really had to marry her.

Well? - I've found another solution.

I'll marry the little girl.

Tomorrow is her birthday, it's written in the file.

Now I get it!

Which little girl? - Basile's daughter.

I'll marry her and I don't need to ask Angelica anything, agreed?

He came back to marry the girl, not Mrs. Carannante.

The contract for the reconstruction of the port, Basile's will...

They waited until the child was able to sign it, they planned it all 15 years ago.

Those bastards had already thought of everything.

This is something new that I never would have thought of.

Well can we?

Technically, it's a brilliant move, like the great chess player and improviser, which you are, but...

But what?

I'm still rooting for Lady Angelica, if I were you, I'd think twice.

If I were you I'd think about getting the right paperwork ready.

I don't want any more surprises. - Of course.

The King's wedding!

This evening, at 10:00pm, on board the 'Megaride', in the Ace of Clubs Hall.

You're all invited!

Hello? - Primo Gemito?

Yes. - It's Salvatore.

-Salvatore Lo Giusto - Salvatore who? - Salvatore Lo Giusto.

But call me "sir", I prefer it.

Salvatore Lo Giusto, I'm on my way over, I'm going to ruin your party.

Indeed, they told me you did everything you could to attend, but if you'd told me sooner, I would have invited you myself.

But I've already got an invite.

And only I know the name and age of the bride.

What? - You heard me.

You're getting a bit too cocky.

Listen to me, Primo Gemito, Salvatore Lo Giusto warns once then shoots.

Know what your name means, Primo?

It means "first"

'cause you're the first asshole, and the first to board my ship with no ticket and to take a trip to hell!

My name's Primo because my parents wanted a numerous family but then they died young.

You're calling to threaten to kill me, to frighten me.

But I died 15 years ago, together with that ship and this city.

Now it's just a ghost story.

Listen to this asshole!

What are you two looking at? Have you emptied the hold yet?

Mama, they're gorgeous! - Just perfect!

They're too small for me. - No shit, you've got huge feet.

Hurry, hurry! Bring them to me.

I don't get it... - They're too small.

No way, there must be a mistake.

They're too small!

Maybe slightly.

Mama, maybe he didn't remember your size, we'll change them.

Put them back on the pedestal.

Miss, please excuse the intrusion, I'm Mr. Cozza and these magnificent Valkyries here present are our stylists.

God forbid, you're already beautiful as you are, but the King, as you will be aware, takes care of the slightest detail.

God, I'm so handsome.

Do we know what happened with the shoes?

What's to know? They got the wrong size, who knows if they'll change them in time.

It sure is strange. Doesn't something smell fishy?

Maybe go for a wash then, Barbara!

Look what the cat dragged in! You're lucky you got out alive, scumbag!

You're insulting a public official, dickhead.

Cuff him.

Scumbag! Cesspool! Piece of shit!

When my wife got to the altar, they had to convince me it was her, because, well, she's never been ugly, mercy me, no, but she's not exactly a model.

Angelica, what are you doing here?

I've been stuck here for 15 years and I don't even know why anymore.

What did you come back for?

What are you talking about? Get ready, it's nearly time.

I am ready, I have been for 20 years.

And you? What's going through your head?

A bit of brilliantine.

Salvatore wanted you to be alone when you opened his gift.

But bear in mind that in a few minutes the two gentlemen outside will accompany you on stage.

May I?

Get ready for the party and stop worrying, Salvatore Lo Giusto has never and will never let you want for anything.

Salvatore! You've only ever tasted my sweet side.

You can't even imagine what I'm capable of.

I'm in, I'm heading for the bridge.

We can finally go from safeguarding the inheritance, to transferring it.

Then we can only hope the girl doesn't play any tricks.

She's too busy with her new wardrobe, she doesn't have time for pranks.

In fact... Go give her a hand, you never know.

And when it's time, bring the little one to me on stage.

Three of us for a small girl? - She's not the problem, dickhead.


Mama, what's wrong?

The King wants to marry the Cat.

If you love your Mama, the Cat must die now.

Go back to your room, Mama.

I swear that I'll bring you the cat's head... and tail too!

You needn't put on a clean suit.

Salvatore, it's you.

You want to give me a heart attack on my wedding day?

I still haven't congratulated you on Angelica's shoes, a masterpiece, truly, I'll have to repay you somehow.

Our problem isn't repayments, but everything we've got in common: born in the same neighborhood with big plans for this port and we fuck the same woman.

Are you mad?

No, the mad scientist is you.

You'd have done better not to come back, this city's not for you.

Salvatore, put the gun down, I'm asking you like a father.

You're aiming it at the wrong man. - Oh, please, you'll make me cry.

I'm giving my soul to this city, I've got big plans for all of us, for you too.

The city is like a beautiful woman and a good plan is like a good pair of shoes.

It's not enough for it to be beautiful, it has to be custom-made, follow the shape of the foot, it has to be comfortable.

And if it fits properly, rest assured, you can control the woman even from a distance.

But don't worry yourself, Don Vittorio, you see, I'm the only one to pull the shoe strings around here.


Is everything all right, miss?

Miss, is everything all right?

What do we do?


Let's break the door down!

We're breaking the door down. - Stay clear, miss.

Where the fuck is she? Check the bedroom, I'll go this way.

No, he's not here yet, any minute now though, the room's almost full.

Calm down, gentlemen, there's room for everyone.

Primo Gemito, please, come in.

Would you like to come down with us?

I could never go so low.


And yet, you were seen splashing around the hold last night.

True, but there was a time when even the hold was an hospitable place.

Listen to me, Mr. Gemito, you're too attached to the past, if you go on like this, very soon, all that will be left of you will be a faded, old hologram.

There she is, the little bitch.

Where are you going, you bitch?

I'm gonna kill you.

We'll see if that teaches you.

The girl's coming with me.

My Barbarella!

One of the most important pages of my life is about to be written... but also about this ship, this port and this city.

You need to know that marriage is notjust an act of love.

No, no, no!

It's a contract, it's serious.

Of course... sometimes, it's like a bill of exchange.

But I figured this out some time back: marriage is the only true instrument of social revolution.

Mama, they had guns, they took us by surprise.

Kill the Cat, she's been nothing but a curse on us, she's brought us nothing but trouble.


You kill her.

Keep away.

I've waited 15 years for this day to come.



You were supposed to be here, in their place, that's what I'd decided.

And I was supposed to be in your shoes.

That's how it was supposed to be, it was all arranged.

I found a rich, cultured, intelligent man who loved me.

But I wanted the King!

And the King wanted me.

And so I did everything I was supposed to do.

I was impeccable, 15 years, 15, always impeccable.

But I got one thing wrong...

I made your father's same mistake.

I gave my trust.

And now it's all over, little one.

You're only guilty of one thing: you stayed here.

This ship has to disappear forever.

Now I'm going to go down to the fuel room and I'm going to blow everything up, because I've decided nobody here is to be saved.

But you need to do one last thing for me.

Do you feel up to it?

There's a blackbird in my room, your father gave it to me thinking I'd like it.

But how could the poor man know anything about me?

I kept the blackbird all these years only because it stopped singing, that's the only reason I didn't kill it.

But now...

Life's so strange... now I want it to be the only one to survive.

But it needs to fly far away, it mustn't set foot back in this shithole of a city.

Bye, little one.

Calm down, we'll see in midnight with a piece written by the Shaman, it's called "Bad Grass".

But I've made it mine because I'm the King.

Go, Shaman!

The Shaman is therapeutic.

I'm the foulest of weeds Rest assured, you can't kill me I was born clean, I swear it but you'd rather not listen.

I'm a filthy weed Good luck trying to kill me.

Mr. Basile...

Forever waiting for a falling leaf to drift by and visit me My ears are sewn shut I've no eyes, I've no mouth But the inner workings of people's minds are no secret to me My ears are sewn shut I don't see, I won't tell But I've grasped the thoughts of the people of the world I rely on myself I'm nothing but crabgrass I'm stuck to this wall, rigid with fear and I can't even scream I long for a storm to blow me away to blow me away to a far away place then I'll finally breathe My ears are sewn shut I've no eyes and no mouth But the inner workings of people's minds are no secret to me My ears are sewn shut I don't see, I won't tell But I've grasped the thoughts of the people of the world We're here but the hatch is stuck.

Let's try from the other side.

My ears are sewn shut I don't see, I won't tell But the inner workings of people's minds are no secret to me My ears are sewn shut I don't see, I won't tell But I've grasped the thoughts of the people of the world There aren't any bodies, down there they've cleaned everything up.

I'm the foulest of weeds, Can't be rid of me easy I was born clean, I swear but you'd rather not listen.

I've managed to activate it, I'm looking for the girl.

Can't be rid of me easy Forever waiting for a falling leaf to drift by and visit me It's all about to blow up, they're laying waste to the fuel area!

Evacuate the ship, immediately!

How the fuck does this thing turn on?

Red alert! All passengers are to leave the ship at once!

There's a fire in the fuel room.

Stay calm, stay calm!

It's just some cop who's got it into his head to ruin my party, but he's a nobody!

He's a guy who likes to play pranks.

Where the fuck are you going? Where the fuck are you going?

Sit down! Sit down! Sit down!

And if I pause for a beat and I can almost picture a way to reinvent the world that's more serene, more cheerful, more authentic though by no means free from harm.

What's "I can't find her" mean?

I don't give a fuck about the ship, you've got to find the girl!

I found her! I found the girl!

I'm going to get her from the east wing.

Where the fuck are those idiots who were supposed to bring her to me?

And now let the real party begin!

Inspector, I'm abandoning ship.

We're going down like the Titanic!

Someplace, somewhere, we'll say farewell Someplace, elsewhere, on me you'll dwell Without love, push forwards just the same but bring me back immediately but bring me immediately to where we left off Where were we, where?

I drift between the beginning and the end over the wharves at the edge of the world where we used to sit and gaze at our lives as they slipped by...

Mezzarecchia, if you leave before you find her, I swear by my own name...

Little one... where were you?

I was worried about you.

Everything's about to blow up thanks to that madman.

What are you doing with that gun?

And where are your shoes?

What's this supposed to mean?

You wanna play games with this shitstorm going on?

Without love, we push forward just the same and so, take me back now Bring me to where we were Where were you when all was black As I lit another candle to the Virgin Mary?

Without love, we push forwards just the same...

It's all over, we gotta go.

So tell me now, tell me where are we? We're onboard a ship, sailing faraway But without love, where can we go where can we go, where?