Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti (2017) Script

Is Hector here? No, Mrs Pastourelle.

Here, Mr. Gauguin shows samples on his powerful talent, right?

It's almost violent.

But at the same time charming.

Christ like a Papuans god ...

One could believe that it was cut into wood.

Yes, you have to distance yourself a bit.

Here we see a mixture between barbaric beauty-

Catholicism and Hindu Dreams.

Give me what you have. It will be fine.

Sorry, no one buys them, but I believe in you.

Take this in advance.

That is the same thing everywhere. It's all about money.

It takes half of our time and all our energy.

It may end.

We must take us from here.

How? We have no money and no support.

Degas has contact with Renan.

He can give us a mission in Polynesia.


We have talked about it for a long time.

"Polynesia is far away. "Polynesia is far away."

Paul, in such a mission is not included in the trip.

I invest all I have. The little I have been going for the trip.

In Tahiti no money is needed.

We can fish, pick fruit and chase.

We can paint. We can paint!

But it's complicated.

It's far away and dangerous. We can not just go.

I would love to go, but Madeleine wants us to marry.

Do you want that too?

I bring Mette and the children with me.

Growing up in the shadow of coconut palms do not suffer from any of these?

When I've saved money maybe, but why go now?

Because I choke here.

Because everything is rotten, Dirty and disgusting here.

Not a single face or landscape deserves to be painted here.

Who will join?

Here. What about me?

What are you doing here?

Look at this track. Come here.

How heavy he is! You weigh one hundred kilos.

I barely recognize you. You are so big.

You are so cute. So cute!

Give me a kiss.

My big guy.

Come in and feel at home.

Come in, honey.

Come with you. There you go.

It's a bit cold here, but ...

It's spartan.

Here you are.

It's stinking here. It's awful.

I do not want to sleep here.

Lucky I got mattresses to the kids I did not think that you should come already

It's stinking here.

What did he say?

Good night.

Goodnight, my darling.

You do not know how happy I am that you are here.

We are not following you, Paul.

Why do you say that?

I've been thinking and we can not expose the children to it or us.

Not a human being.

When I see how you live ...

I can not handle it.

All that only touches you.


Do what you need.

Do not hate me.

Is that your family? who have given you those ideas?

We have talked about it a hundred times. Do not give up now.

They worry about the future of the children.

Life is not only learned in books!

Do they feel better in Paris? or Copenhagen than there?

You see how it goes. You always start screaming.

You only think of yourself, not on the children In the world I live in and you too- is it important to study in order not to be poor.

Mette, you have to come with me.

I can not. Mette ...

I can not.

Come on, please.

I need you.

My friends! Attention!

Listen up! I have something to say.

Just a few words. We raise our glasses ...

... for our good friend paul

We are all here to support you, Paul.

We are proud of you.

We are all here your friends.

Our friendship follows you, I hope, to the end of the world.

That's where you've decided to go

You're a hero for all of us, Paul.

And yet ... anyway ...

You only do your duty.

You'll never be like the dozen artists - what to survive follow the stream.

The scared who have given up.

They have abdicated ...

... facing all sorts of morals.

Sexual morality.

The religious morality.

The patriotic morale.

The morals of soldiers and police.

You are a wild, my dear Gauguin, as we all here.

And you...

You have decided to remember it.

Gauguin, here.

Is there a money order?

If so, you must pay off your credit.

"Paul, I know you will preach me what I'm writing here. "

"You never understand my objections. "

"We think so different."

"We will not travel to you."

"I do not support what you do."

"Of all the works you sent is it only one that has been sold. "

"We are in pain for money."

"All I can send you is 100 francs. "

"Your children miss you."

"You are missing here in the house."

"Every day I can stand out my family's attack. "

"They want to care for us" -

"and I can not do anything else than to agree with. "

You have had a heart attack, Mr. Gauguin.

You need care and rest.

Drink this.


You have serious signs on diabetes

You have to eat better otherwise your health will deteriorate.

It's your neighbor who took you there.

I'd rather post you at the hospital.

Is that anything you need?

Rest is now.

Jotepha ...

My colors are you nice.

What are you doing here?

Where are you going to get in your state?

I'll just get fresh air.

I do not want to die without having seen Taravaoplatån.

I have applied for to move you to Papeete.

I do not go.

Do you hear them?

They have come right here with its cold fire.

I'll disappear in the woods.

What you do is not responsible.

Are you responsible?

Here you are.

I entrust you with this letter.

I just ask you to post it.

Be careful. There are spirits up in the mountains.

They are in the wind.

They are in the trees-

-in the water that flows in the valley- and in the rocks.

Be careful so you do not wake them up.



"Dear Mette,"

"I'm a child."

"I'm a wild one."

"They can not ridicule me because I'm two things they are not. "

"Those who blame me, especially your family. "

"They do not know what lies in an artist's nature. "

"Let me live this time for a while."

"I'm continuing along my path."

"I have a goal."

"I'll prove to you that I'm right. "

"I am a great artist, I know."

"That's why I feel so much suffering to follow my call. "

"Otherwise, I would feel like a bush. "

"It will be a day when our children may face anyone "

... "anywhere"...

... "with their father's name as protection and glory. "

Not ... Not the color!

Give back...

No! Give it to me!

No! Not the color!

Look so ...

Give me the color.

What's your name?

Paul Gauguin.

Koké? Gauguin.

Paul Gauguin. Paul Gauguin.

My name is Onati. Onati?


My wife Ruita.

Ruita. Eating.

Where are you from? Mataiea.

Where are you going?



Are you looking for a wife?

Are you looking for a wife?

Do you want Tehura?


Tehura, come here and put yourself.

Tehura, do you want him?

Yes, I want that.

Do you want to come and live with me in Mataiea?


Koke ...

Tell me, are you a good man?


About a moon cycle ...

... unless Tehura is happy she leaves you.


Matari'i. Matari'i.

We call them Plejades.

What does Matari'i mean?

The eyes? Little eyes?

Small eyes.

Tell me, you know who created heaven

... and the earth?

You know? Yes.

Taaroa, he was called.

He was in the void ...

... before the people, before the earth, before the sky.

The rocks are Taaroa.

The sand is Taaroa.

Taaroa slept with the woman which is the goddess of there ...

... or the goddess of the sea.

Of those, the black clouds were born ...

... the white clouds and the rain.

Then Taaroa slept with the woman which is the goddess of the inside ...

... or she of the earth.

Of them, the first seed was born.

Then Taaroa was sleeping with the woman who is ...

... Hina, the goddess of the air ...

... the goddess of the rainbow ...

... and the goddess of the moonlight.

You have the jaw line running like this.

You draw.

Otherwise, you can do this. You take this one.

Not bad!

Well ...

Try to find the position ...

So yes. Cross the legs as a tailor.

Hold your arm up a little ...

Just like that.

There you go.

Good. Keep it straight.

Stop. Tehura ...

Do not move.

Please, Tehura.

Tehura ...


The body in the same direction like your feet.

The hair here behind.

Do not move. That's fine.

Good day. Good day.

Good day.

Sorry to interrupt.

I heard you were back. Yes and?

Are you here to oversee us?

This is from the clinic. Maybe that's good.

How do you feel? I've never felt better.

I paint and draw all day long and live in rhythm with the surroundings.

I can probably say that I have never felt more ...

A Tahitian Venus.

They are very beautiful.

It's the first Eve.

She's crazy

... and chaste.

She is beautiful.

When she came here ... I feel alive again.

I understand. It's not just that.

That's not all.

When you want to start over can you go to the source.

To childhood humanity.

The Eve I have chosen, she is animal.

If you continue in this rhythm- there will soon be no cloths left on the whole island.

If you knew all i want to send by boat.

Do you know what the worst of misery is? Unable to work I have not received anything from Paris on ...

...several weeks.

But am I dead?

No. Not yet.

Botar you are not ending up at the clinic or in a chest.

I do not believe that.

Yes, maybe I have a bad heart but ...

... the brain works.

I have confidence ...

I have confidence.

Lucky is well, otherwise I would have put a bullet in the forehead for a long time.

He spreads with the tail springs like any other.

He releases his eagerness writing ...


There you go.

We agree on ...

It's my life I hand over to you.

Do not worry. They are on the boat tomorrow.

What are you doing? I need a cloth. Goodbye Stop stopping at me.


Test with both arms behind you. Like this?


Try to bend on the other leg.

Bend the other leg.

So? No.

You could think that you ...

It's almost like a bag, without being one.

That's something you do naturally.

And the leg.

Like this. Do you see?

Can you put your foot here? Like this.

Like a bird ... A bird on its branch.

You look at it.

With a glance that's completely ...

It's perfect that way.

There you go. Good. You look at it.

It's beautiful so.

It's a blackboard.

All in a row! All in a row!

In a row! Do not cheat!

One two Three!

Yes! It is he who won!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Miss Tehura Montélimar the Montesquieu!

An applause, thank you! How beautiful she is!

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Koké ... Yes?

I want a white dress.

Why? You're nice as you are.

I want a white dress to go to church I have no money.

Why do you want to go to church?

It does not concern you.

Do not you wait for a letter?


But I do not know when it comes. It may take time.

And when you get your letter, then?

You are getting on my nerves! Out.


Stop mimicking me! That's not how you do.

Dare to imagine something!

Do not do as others, but whatever you want.


Look at me, Tehura. Look at me.

I'm hungry, Koké.

I know. Take a look at me.

How much does the statue cost?

Thirty francs.

I give you ten.

Here, drink a little!

Do not go! Come here! Come on!



There were no candles left ...

... in the hut.

The spirits are back.

Do not move.

Do not move.

What? What is it?

Yes, but ...

Help me a little. My wife needs food.

I have already helped you a lot.

My wife and my children also needs food.

I work hard for the food.


Is it good?


I caught three.

All three ... The hook ...

It sat here in the lower jaw.

They laughed at me. They said it meant ...

... that my wife was cheating.

Koke ...

If you think it's true ...

... you have to hit me very hard.


Hit me.

Otherwise, anger hurts you.

It never leaves you alone.

And it...


It's really good.

Yes. It's good.

What is this?

What is this?

They are for the white ones.

They buy everyone.

Is that what I learned?

Is that what I've learned? You have not understood anything!

Is that all you understand? Give back my chisel!

Give it to me!

She has had a miscarriage.

She is recovering quickly. She is young.

Do not worry.

And you?

Look at you ...

What are you doing in this hut? on the other side...

Tehura ...

Tehura, that's me.

That's me. I'm here.

It will be alright.

Koké ... What?

I want home to me.


This state does not work. It's far and dangerous.

I have to meet my mom ...

... and my grandmother.

You can not go there.

I do not want you to give up.

Tehura ...

I will take care of you.



What are you doing here?

Is your son here?


Do you know where Tehura is?

No, I do not know.

Go your way.





Do you repatriate me as a blunder?

I worry about your health, Paul.

You must return to France.

If you are looking to get care there can you come back

I can not go.

I stay here.

You work as a loader.

It pays my rent. It is enough.

You cams are not even anymore.

Here you are.

Keep it. You do not need to sign on now.

And three sweet potatoes.

Where have you found them? They cost thirty francs.

Thirty francs.

I prefer that you do not go out today.



What are you doing here?

I was waiting for you.

I'm going home to France.

I know.

In 1893 Paul Gauguin was repatriated to Paris- by the Ministry of the Interior as an "distressed artist".

He exhibited 41 paintings, to mixed reception.

After a trip to Brittany and one to the family in Copenhagen- he returned to Tahiti and painted several masterpieces- before he died alone May 8, 1905.

He never recognized Tehura.