Gehrayee (1980) Script

Can I tell you something, Anna?

We need one more tube well, Anna. In the northern side.

I have spoken to the overseer. It will be done cheaply.

And Anna...

If this much is done, I swear... our crop will double.

What do you say? Anna, there is another thing.

We should do something to sell the crop too.

The previous broker has expired.

His sons have taken a job in Bangalore.

We have to fix some new trustworthy broker.

What do you say?

Our crops will be the best in the area.

I have even started fasting every Thursday.

The Goddess Yellama should give her blessings too.

Everything isn't done by our actions.

What do you say?

Are you going back tomorrow? Yes.

Our land is very good. We should look after it nicely.

What do you say?

Move... move... Snake... kill it...

No... no... Anna... don't kill it...

...It is guardian of this prosperity.

Hey stays here. He guards the land and the family.

He won't bite, he will go away himself.

Let it go. Let it go.

Shiva! Shiva! Shiva!

Tenni... Tenni... Tenni... bring some water.

Tell Bilkis that we will have food quickly.

And keep some water for me outside.

Father has told me to bring the food.

Go, take it away quickly.

I know, Anna. You don't believe in such things.

But I think that you should hold a prayer here.

Tenni, give Anna some more pulses.

We have made pulses just as you like it.

When will Nanduanna and Ummakka come here?

It is many days that they haven't...

...come here for a vacation. Yes, they should come too.

All this is theirs, isn't it? And current will come here too.

What do you say?

Tenni was just two years old when Majhi died.

Since that time, Tenti is everything for us.

She has brought up Tenni.

I know...

You never liked me keeping Tenti.

Because she is of a lower caste.

But she is a very big hearted woman.

And Anna...

The one who wishes support, doesn't see any religion.

What do you say? Oh!

Once the current comes, there will... light here just like any city. It won't take long now.

It will come any day now... It will come... - Come here.

Sit down. I want to tell you something.

Therefore, I have come here. I have sold this land and house.

Anna... - Yes. I will be retiring in some years.

And I wish to make a bungalow in Bangalore.

You don't know how much it takes...

...for a bungalow to be built nowadays.

The new owner of this place will have a soap factory here.

He will come here someday next week.

Show him this place. And give him the room's keys too.

And see, he shouldn't have any trouble.

Factory here? What will happen of the land, Anna?

Nothing is permanent, Vasu. This land is sold.

The villagers will get a job in the factory.

Other people will think of settling a factory here too.

And then slowly, the whole village will progress.

All this... all this... on this land?

Anna, what will happen of the crop?

Only the room will stay. Everything else will be destroyed.

All my trees... all my plantations...

How will the trees stay? Once the factory... settled here, all the trees will be cut down.

But... you don't have to be worried.

I will arrange for you to work in some bank in Bangalore.

You will have a quarter to stay too.

I have spoken to Mr. Shetty of Canara bank too.

If you want to stay here, that can be arranged too. Okay?

Why do you think so much? Please sleep now.

How can I sleep? How can I just sleep?

This... this is our mother. Is it nothing for Anna?

Can Anna sell his mother such guts? - Please... sleep. - No!

I will ask Anna. Why doesn't he sell his mother?

The trees won't stay. Nothing will stay.

Everything will be lost.

What will be left? The factory?

This whole land will go beneath bricks and mortar.

This is rape. This is rape. What do you say?

No... - These trees, these green trees.

Everything will be ruined. This is our fate.

What can anyone do? This isn't your land. - Yes.

This isn't my land. This is Anna's land.

He can do whatever he wants to.

So what? Am I nothing here? Do I not own anything here?

I have made all this with such hard work.

My whole youth has been invested on this.

This is my Lakshmi. This is what has fed me.

Who will save it now?

Anna has done wrong. He has sold his mother.

So you decide about yourself quickly and tell me.

And see, he shouldn't face any problems.

You start packing your luggage right now.

And make your laborers understand it.

They will get a job and the salary will be more too.

Okay? Come on. Gopal.

Those old photographs. Send them to Bangalore.

They shouldn't get spoilt.

Come, Gopal.

And tell me quickly about yourself.

What should I tell you? That girl whom I saw...

...on MG Road yesterday what a gait she had!

Wow! I felt that I should run after her and...

So someone's gait makes you crazy? - Of course.

Your taste is going so low now.

Oh! That is where the real fun is.

It must be for you. What? - I love Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh?

Why not? Below the blouse and over the sari.

Fantastic. - Nandu, which Pradesh do you like?

We are just talking in the air here for me and you.

Nandu's life is arranged properly.

120 pounds of Miss Neeladevi. Correct.

Wow! We should have a smoke on this one.

No. You know that I don't like cigarettes.

There is bitterness on the lips due to smoking.

I see, I see. I understand.

Here are my two rupees. I am going.

So quickly? Yes.

My daddy is coming back from the tour today...

...We have to have food together. - Okay, okay.

Don't make such a huge excuse. Go.

See, you.

He will go directly to Neela now.

Mummy, holidays and picnics, all are done with.

When are the factory people going?

They will go within a few weeks.

Daddy, we should have kept that place.

Oh! Come, come. That has been thought about earlier.

It is necessary for us to have a house in Bangalore, okay?

But what did Basua say?

He hasn't decided anything as yet...

...when he will, he will tell me.

Ramu, you have started applying chilly with closed eyes?

Take some care and apply it.

Mother, I am going on a trip on the eighteenth.

I will take curds and rice with me. - Okay. -

For eight to ten people.

Rama, don't forget it.

It should be ready at five in the morning.

The eighteenth is a Friday, isn't it? - Yes.

Where are you going, Anna?

You told Basua about the photos...

...isn't it? Yes, I had told him.

Nandi. To hunt rabbits.

We will go in the morning and come in the evening.

Madam... it is the new moon's night on the eighteenth.

Oh Nandu, can't you go on some other day.

Mother, everything has been decided previously.

And some boys and girls are coming from Mysore too.

But Nandu, there will be prayers in the house on that day.

It is a very bad day, son.

And then going out on that day is not good.

You go some other day. What nonsense!

Saroja, you believe in all these things even today?

Even I have to go to the board meeting that day.

Should I cancel that?

See, Nandu, this new moon night and all is hogwash.

When I die, don't do any rituals for me.

What are you saying? You shouldn't say like this?

All this should be stopped.

Nandu, you go.

Nobody listens to me.

Nandu, if you are going, go carefully.

The priory meeting is...

And that gentlemen... wraps up the matter.

Well good that is settled.

You know... I think that automatic...

...reams will make the workers restless.

I think he is right. He has got a point.

Why will that happen? We are giving them the necessary...

...compensation which is more according to the company.

We will see, even then I have my suspicions.

It is all right that we are giving them compensation.

But the matter isn't about the money.

Don't see it just according to the rules.

Look according to the mankind too.

It isn't so easy in actuality. People will be sacked.

There will be joblessness. There will be so much restlessness.

We have so many problems on our head.

True. It is quite true you know... - Possible.

No, Mr. Rao. You don't have to be so worried.

Whatever we have done has been done legally.

We don't have to worry about anything else.

Whatever the company is doing is for the greater good.

I will repeat, nothing like this will happen.

I hope you are right. - That's all gentlemen. - Thank you.

Did you hear that?

It is so late, Nandu hasn't come as yet.

I had told him not to go, why did he go?

It is so late...

Nobody listens here at all.

Daddy. It is Mr Shenoy's call!

Hello? - Did you...

Yes... I am Chennabass... - What?

I will hit you a lot, understood? - What?

Where, to Nandu?

How is Nandu? - Is Nandu all right?

Hello! - What happened? - Hello!

Hello! - This was about Nandu, isn't it?

I knew it. I knew something bad will happen today.

Come on fast. Please come.

Daddy, daddy what happened? Is brother hurt?

You go and give me Vyankojirao's phone number.

Why don't you tell me?

Please keep silent.



Mr. Vyankojirao... will you please...

I am sorry, I am Chennabassapa. Yes I am all right.

I need your help immediately.

My son has had an accident on Nandi road.

Now. I couldn't find out anything further.

The line was cut in between.

Yes. Please find it out quickly, as soon as it is possible.

Vyankojirao will call within five minutes.

At that time, we will come to know everything.

I am going to change my clothes. - We should go quickly.

I don't know in which state my Nandu will be. - Mummy...

Everything will be all right, don't worry, mummy.

See, who it is. Go and see.

Mother... who is it, mother... - Why?

Brother has come.

Are you all right? - Yes. - Are you hurt? - No, not at all.

But how did you people come to know?

Mr. Shenoy called up. - Shenoy? Who is Shenoy?

I don't know any Shenoy.

Nandu, how are you, son? I am all right, daddy.

Were you hurt or something?

Not at all, daddy.

I have told you so many times, not to ride the bike so fast.

I wasn't riding fast.

Then what happened after all?

We were going, a pup came in the middle all of a sudden.

I was stunned and I braked strongly. We lost balance and fell down.


What happened, Umi? - Uma!

What happened, Uma? Yes?

Nandu, get some water.

Get some water.

Here you are. - Drink this.

Mummy... I am... - What? I am choking...

I don't... feel like...


Nothing mother, all this is about the spices.

She is having them a lot nowadays.

Give her some Eno, she will be all right.

Something like this happened to my friend too in the hostel once.

I am scared, you please sleep with me.

Nandu, get my blanket and pillow. I will sleep with Uma.

I will sleep next to you, okay?

You sleep, okay?

God knows what is happening in this house today.

After so many days all of us have gone out together like this.

People meet the... minister quickly too.

But you are ahead than him too.

You should praise me mother. I took out such a pretext.

If Mr. Chennabassapa's Ione son...

...escapes unscathed from a accident... certainly calls for a celebration. Isn't it, daddy?

No. I don't want such a pretext now.

You won't ride a motor cycle at all now.

Mother, there is nothing wrong if I ride the motor cycle.

And the motor cycle is nothing wrong too.

It is too much now. Give it to some scrap dealer now.

Nandu riding the motorcycle is very important.

Nandu, you surely ride the motorcycle.

Tomorrow. As soon as it is all right.

Nobody listens to me at all.

You get worried without any reason, Saroja.

Yes. As if you aren't worried at all.

Who had taken sleeping pills for the two nights?

They were necessary for me.

As if I don't know.

Uma, why are you silent? You didn't eat anything too.

Is the food not good?

No mother, I don't feel like eating it.

Daddy... - Hello.

What is it? Report?

English twenty five out of hundred?

What is this? Such a bad report this time? What is the matter?

I don't know, daddy.

How can that be possible? There has to be some reason.

The girl who always comes first in the class... has she turned into such a dunce all of a sudden?

I didn't leave my studies at all, daddy.

But nowadays, I have a pain in my eyes.

And my head is always so heavy.

Saroja... Saroja...

Saroja... Saroja...

What is it? - Saroja, did you see this Umakka's report?

Uma... what is this?

Yes, that is what I asked her right now too.

She says that she has some problem in her eyes. And she has some headache too.

Before going to Madras tomorrow...

Before going to Madras tomorrow, I will tell Volga.

He should take Dr. Swami's appointment as soon as possible.

Her cure should start at the earliest.

Don't wait for me to return.

It seems that I will take many days.

But her cure should start tomorrow itself.

Umakka... you should have told all this earlier.

Your position in the class has been ruined uselessly now.

Okay, go now.

Here, sign it.

Uma... tell me what is the matter?

You seem too lazy since a couple of days.

What is the matter?

Are you angry with someone?

No mother, I am all right.

I just have a head ache.

You have a headache? Do you have a stomach ache?

You have your periods at proper intervals, isn't it?

Do you have any problems with that?

No mummy. I don't have anything like that.

I just feel lazy since last week.

And... and I don't remember anything properly.

Okay, we will go to the doctor Swami tomorrow.

We will show you to him. All the problems will go away, okay?

Go and sleep. Okay?

Yes... this way... - Give me a pass...

Hey, that side. Yes, that side.

Come on, come on quickly.

Pass here. Pass here.

Oh no!

Teacher... teacher... teacher...

Are you all right


Uma, . Give me the ball.

What happened?

What happened?

Uma... Uma...

It is Jaywanti's phone. Get up quickly.

I will bring it tomorrow.

The geography book, isn't it? Okay.

Surely. - Uma, has your foot been wounded?

Show me the other leg.

What is this? This seems like vermilion.

Shanta... Shanta...

What is it, mother?

Where is Shanta? - She has gone to bring the dough.

When she comes back, tell her to clean the place.

Uma, go and wash your feet.

What is it, mother? It is color. It was in her feet and slippers.

It is such an inauspicious thing. Color shouldn't be thrown down.

It is such a bad thing, Rama.

Mother, we should do something, mother.

Hey, what is going on, Rama?

He is taking out the inauspicious powers.

Nandu, you keep quiet. Not everyone thinks well in this world.

Uma has grown up now. None should have bad intentions on her.

Wow! This is very good. Rama, take a couple of brooms over me too.

Even I have someone's bad intentions on me.

Do it. Rama. Have it go through it too.

No mother, not right now.

Come on, eat it quickly. - Please mummy. - You are late for school.

Nandu? - Yes? - She will eat Medu Vada, isn't it?

She will eat anything.

But daddy will come by six o' clock, isn't it?

He will surely come by six in the evening.

Whose likes and dislikes are we speaking about?

Uma, Nandu is getting his girlfriend home today.

What? And you didn't even tell me?

What could I do, grandma? When I told mother yesterday.

You went to the dancing classes.

And I returned very late in the night, you had slept off.

You are arranging things hiding it from me.

But brother, this won't help you.

Till the time I don't say yes, nothing will be finalized.

Surely, I know it. Without my grandma's permission... can I take a step ahead in these matters?

See, brother, too much of this grandma.

Don't call me grandma in her presence, okay?

Otherwise, it will be very bad.

No. How can I make such a mistake?

I will just say, meet her. She is my great grand mother. - Brother!

Great grandma... Great grandma...

Brother... - great grandma... I will show you...

Brother... - great Grandma... I will show you.

Hey, what is this? - Brother... Great grandma...

He always stays back there... - Wait...

Oh... oh... What is this? Tell me now! - Umakka.

Hey, what is the need of eating so much now?

You will have to eat at home too.

If you don't eat it, it will be a problem.

Hey, don't do like this.

My God! Nandu, you are so nervous.

I haven't taken anyone before this to my house.

You are speaking as if I have gone.

See, when anything happens for the first time in anyone's life...

...the heart beats always become faster.

Daddy's flight should be on time, that's it.

But why is there such a tension?

We will go tomorrow, cancel it today, okay? - No!

We have to go today. Don't cancel.

Why? Is it something auspicious for you today?

No, what is the need of a auspicious time for something good?

Today is a very nice day. We have to go!

Really, Nandu. You are very nervous.

Think about this. If my hands tremble in your family's...

...presence if the tea or coffee falls down, or the cup falls...

...down or if something else happens...

...what will happen then, Nandu?

No... nothing like this will happen. You will be super hit!

I and your father used to play badminton when we were young.

Now, I do not play it.

Anyway, does your dad play it?

Yes. Every Sunday. All of us play it.

Very good. Our Nandu. I told him so much.

Take some interest in some sport.

He never took any interest.

Lazy fellow.

But daddy, brother plays very good carom.

I am surprised, how he is so slim without any games.

He was very fat in his childhood. - Fat.

Yes, he was very fat. Hey, when was I fat?

What else? You see his previous photographs.

He is rolly polly like a baton. - Really?

Come, I will show you the photos.


Nandu. Now I know why you bought the badminton racket last month.

You are right. We are tired of telling you.

At least you started playing on her pretext.

No, mother. Even I was thinking about it since many days.

Why not?

Yes, Saroja. What did the doctor say about Uma's eyes?

Nothing. The doctor said there is nothing wrong...

...with the eyes. They are perfect.

He has given some medicine for the pain, that's it.

Hey... did you see the fatso's photo?

Yes. I will leave now. So quickly?

Nandu, I have to go home quickly.

I will leave now. - Yes.

What happened, Neelam? - Nothing, Nandu, let me go.

But tell me what happened.

I will tell you later. Let me go now.

eep coming!

This is correct.

What do you say? - What can I say? What do you say?

Even I think that the door should be this side.

What happened?

I will leave. If you need something, call me. - Surely.

See, what has happened to Umakka.

What happened? - Please do something.

What happened, what is she saying?

What is she saying? Uma? Uma!

That pig wretch Raka, good for nothing.

He was ruined. You should seen when the village court sat.

The girl gave birth to a child within seven months.

All of the people spit on that wretch.

He had set fire.

I will see to it.

Four years later, his hands were rotten.

What? Rotten. What else could it be?

And that witch ariamma.

She took the Patil's son in the sugar cane fields that side of the river.

Patil removed his son from the house.

But he troubled that whore till she died.

Remove your hand, you wretch.

What has happened to Uma, doctor?


I have seen her for the first time now. Please have a seat.

How is your relation with Uma?

What do you mean?

Mr. Chenbassapa, how is your relation with your child?

Just like it is...

What do you mean by just like it is? It can be anything.

You are very strict, or you are very loving, or don't care.

Doctor, I love Uma very much. I am never strict with her.

But I do not like useless love.

All the parents have the same thoughts.

But what the children think about you, that is more important.

Why? Did Uma say anything like this?

No. And even if it is there, she won't say it so easily.

Does Uma have relations with any boy? - What?

Does Uma keep relations with any boy?

Does she have any boyfriend?

No. - Are you sure? - Yes.

How can you be so sure?

Well, I feel so.

You don't know, Mr. Chennbassapa... wrong you can be in this matter.

The matter which exists in the mind...

...and which seems to be has a lot of difference.

It is more important to know the viewpoint of the patient.


Does anyone else in your family have this mental disease?


In your family?

Till the time I know, nobody.

Mr. Chenbassapa, see. Don't try to hide anything from me.

Why will I hide, doctor.

Daddy... Come on, silent okay?

Daddy... what did you the doctor say?

He didn't say anything right now.

We will have to go a couple of times more. - But...

Uma... what happened... Uma... don't cry, Uma.!

Umi... what happened, mother?

Why are you crying, Umi?

What problems do you have, tell me.

Brother... I will not go to that doctor, brother.

Don't cry.

Tell me, why won't you go?

Brother... please don't take to me that doctor ever again.

Never again.

But Umi, that doctor is very good.

He will help you.

He is a very bad man.

I will not go to him again, brother.

But Umi, what has happened? Tell me.

What did the doctor do?

Tell us, Uma. - He...

Yes, Uma... she isn't saying anything.

Umi... Umi... tell us. What did he do?

Tell us?

He isn't a nice man. He was asking me.

He was asking me...

He was... - Yes? Yes? What was he asking?

He was asking everything. I was so embarrassed.

He was asking all bad things.

He was asking god knows what all about me.

He isn't a nice man, mummy.

Don't cry, Uma.

We will see what can be done, don't cry.

Mummy, I will tolerate anything. But I won't go to that doctor.


Please do something.

Okay. You keep silent. I will see. You won't go to that doctor.


Yes. I will ask daddy right away.

Daddy, can't we show Umi to some other doctor?

Some other doctor? - Yes. - Why?

This doctor has troubled her a lot.

And she doesn't wish to go to him again.

He has troubled her? - Yes.

His way is not correct. He has asked her things and made her cry.

Don't speak like mad people. There isn't anyone better than Dr. Dorai.

He has asked very strange things from Umi.

And she is crying a lot.

Oh! He has asked strange things from me too.

It is his way to understand people.

But daddy, if some patient hates his doctor, doesn't like him...

...then what is to be gained out of that?

Understanding this is the doctor's job. Not yours.

Dr. Dorai is a reputed doctor.

And he will be curing Uma. Okay?

Mummy, I will do whatever you say.

Give me any injection or any medicine.

But don't take me to that doctor, mummy.

Yes, Uma. This will be done.

Umi. You don't worry.

We will try our best, that you won't have to go to that doctor again.

Mother, I will look after Umi from today.

Why Umi? You me and this Bangalore.

We will move, play, and eat a lot.

Okay? You forget that anything has happened to you.

You have come again!

You killed me!

Go away!

Okay, Umi. Tell me, how do six elephants sit in a car?


What how? Tell me! You don't know? Three ahead, three behind.

Brother... - What did I do at that time? - When?

When I used to have those fits.

You... - Brother, please tell me.

You weren't yourself.

You used to shout in the nights.

You were in some strange state.

Do you not remember anything?

I remember very faintly.

It wasn't anything special. Think that it wasn't anything.

Anna, did I really speak like some crazy man?

No. That wasn't madness.

That wasn't anything. You don't think about it at all.

You are just okay. Smile.

Hi, Satya! - Hi!

Hi, how are you people?

Hi, Nandu. How are you? Didn't see you since many days.

Busy? - Yes.

Satya, this is my sister, Umi. Umi. Satya. - Hello.

Hey, did you leave the glasses?

No. I have kept it on the tray here.

That waiter took it away. Oh! Brother!

Sir... your glasses. - Thank you.

Is this an Austin? - Yes, it is a 1935 model, do you like it?

It's lovely. It is very good.

Yes, I will take you to a ride one day.

Really? - Of course. Definitely.

Did you get it? - Yes. I got it. Okay, Satya, we will leave.

Will you come for a movie tomorrow? - No...

Busy again? - Yes.

Don't forget the ride. No. I will call up.

See you. - See you. - Okay.

Bye! - Bye!

Nandu, you are so late. I saw a fantastic car.

Yes? - 1935 model. - Satya's car. - Wonderful. Really super.

You freshen up. We will have food.

I am very hungry. - No, I am not hungry.

Me too.

You have had your food outside again.

Not at all! Did we eat outside? - No.

Come on, you liars!

Come on. We will bathe first. If we like the food, we will eat it.

Hey, Nandya. Come. My body is yearning for you. - Umi!

What are you doing?


Come on! Lay down!

Lay down!

Come on!

You don't meddle. She will be more excited.

Come on! Don't go! Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Uma! - Why do you call him?

Get lost, you old hag!

Uma! Let him go!

My youth is finished now. Get lost, old man!

Silent... - Yours and mine account is done now.

I have given you so much happiness.

I want youth! Get aside! Shameless!

Let me go! - Let him go! - Sanju!

Let me go! - Uma...

Let me go!

You wretch, you hit me! - Come on!

Let me go! - Come inside, come inside.


This is very bad, Sarojamma. Very bad.

I have known everything about this child since her birth.

And you didn't even tell me?

I knew that you'd look towards him.

We thought it would be better that less people know about it.

So I am being counted among people.

I understood.

No... doctor...

Okay, it is embarrassing. The person who knew everything...

...about the child has come to know about it today.

Good night.

All this is okay, doctor, what can be done now?

Can't say anything right now, no reason has been found till now.

But there has to be some reason.

Why does she have these fits?

Like that, I can explain all the antics of your daughter psychologically.

But treatment... Mr. Chenbassapa, this isn't that easy.

This is a very slow process.

All right. But till when can someone stay like this?

Her state is worsening as the days pass.

After knowing some more, it is possible I can tell you something.

If Uma's condition worsens.

Then... there is another way for that.

Yes, tell me.

Shock. - Shock?

This reaction? See. Don't be scared of this word.

It's quite common.

Shock just raises a storm in the brain.

And all this doesn't make any loss.

You don't even know. I have cured thousands with this.

Mr. Chenbassappa...

You are educated.

Shock will be best for Uma's condition.


What happened? What did the doctor say?

The doctor thinks... if Uma will profit from any treatment... this time, that is a shock - Shock?

No... no... what will happen now?

What will happen now? If the doctor says, it will have to be done.

What will happen now? If the doctor says, it will be have to be done.

But Uma's condition is that bad.

See, the doctor knows this better than us.

We will have to leave this to the doctor.

Yes. We don't have to worry about anything.

I will come back from the meeting quickly.

Mother... should a Puri be made of the dough or a Chapati?

What is the matter, mother?

Mother... if you cry like this, what will happen to Umakka?

Mother... what happened? What happened?

Did you find out about the doctor?

Did daddy call up?

Daddy came here and left.

The doctor has told Uma for shock treatment.

But Umi's condition is not that bad.

Nandu, I cannot understand anything.

If you don't feel bad, can I tell you something?

Yes... yes... tell me... Rama.

Umakka doesn't have anything that can be cured by a doctor.

What do you mean? I remember, my aunty's...

...daughter also had this same thing.

The doctors couldn't do anything. A god man saved her then.

Mother, we should call a god man quickly.

Otherwise, it will be very late.

Otherwise, let me bring a tantric lime please.

What kind of a lemon?

A lemon, which is kept after reading hymns.

We will have to keep that lemon below Umakka's bed for a night.

And that's it. If Umakka has any bad...

...spirit on her the lemon will rot by morning.

And what if she doesn't have any bad spirit?

The lemon will remain like all right.

See. There is nothing to be worried about.

Umakka won't lose anything.

I feel... we should so something or the other.

I wanted to meet you since many days.

But I was busy in something or the other.

You had some work to do, isn't it?

Nobody has understood me as you have.

And you know this yourself, isn't it?

How is Uma? She is all right, isn't it?

What is the matter, Nandu?

Why are you asking this?

How did this matter come in your mind?

This means that surely, there is something.

Tell me Nandu. I am not that different from your family.

What has happened to Uma?

I know. There is surely something amiss.

Tell me. How do you know it?

What happened when you came to our house?

Nothing special. She was something strange.

Tell me. She told you something.

It won't be worse than what I have heard.

She even abused me.

I felt so bad that day that Nandu... I couldn't say anything.

If I can do something for Uma just tell me.

If I stop meeting you for some days...

...will your love for me decrease?

Nandu... I don't know the boundaries of love.

But whatever love I have within me, all that is for you.

Daddy... - Yes, Nandu?

I want to tell you something.

Okay, but please, quickly.

Is shock treatment decided for Umi?

See, Nandu. I have told you earlier too.

The doctors think that if Uma's condition...

...worsens this is better for her.

But isn't that dangerous for her?

Nandu... as much as you think for Uma's good...

...even I do think at least that much, isn't it?

The biggest doctor of the city is treating Uma.

And we have to listen to his decisions.

But daddy... with this treatment, some brain cells are useless for life.

Okay, is it so? Since when have you known all this?

Dr. Lyengar told this to me.

Okay, so you are taking people's suggestions about this.

I thought it necessary to find out about this.

With this, even the prowess to understand and think is affected.

The patient becomes almost lifeless.

I think that you are playing a drama without need.

The brain is affected, but not forever. As you say.

Daddy... why don't you accept it? You ask the doctor Dorai once again.

Even the doctors abroad have stopped this treatment.

Okay. If this treatment is so bad, what else should we do?

There has to be some way out or the other. - Like?

There are spiritual powers too, Even the T0antric and hymnal powers are very strong.

At least, it doesn't...

...make the patient lose anything.

I cannot believe that my son is speaking like this to me.

Surely, you are not in your sanity.

And you are telling me to listen to such rubbish?

What is this shock treatment? Even that is one kind of rubbish.

What does one know what the doctors do? Just because the foreigners...

...have accepted it we closed out eyes and accepted it.

How easily do you accept the atom and it's strength?

Did the people of your generation suspect this?

Just because these mantras and hymns were written about... cannot say that all these are just make believe.

Has Dr. Lyengar recommended this?

Daddy... please we will not give Umi shocks.

You think about it once again.

Nandu, you have wasted a lot of my time.

And my dear boy, this is not my decision, it is Dr. Dorai's.

Daddy, I still feel that this is not correct.

Why don't you think something else for Umi?

What will happen to her?

Nandu, what do you think, I don't care about Uma at all?

If I take her to the best doctor in Bangalore, is it not for her?

You are not a kid now. You should be smarter than this.


What is it?

God, please cure my Umi.

I will offer one apple and coconut, one golden necklace and a Pitamber.

Please take away the problems of my daughter.

If possible, give all her problems to me.

Take my life.

But save my Uma...

Rama... the lemon about which you were speaking...

...can you bring it? - Yes, I can bring it.


Whenever you say. If mother gives me a holiday, today itself.

You know that no harm will come to Umi?

No. I know it.

The only thing is. The god man whom I know...

...he stays very less in Bangalore.

It is possible, I will have to go to some other god man.

Bring it surely, we will keep it tonight. - Yes.

That Rupa from the school, she wishes to learn the Bharatanatyam dance.

That cobbler? - Excuse me.

As the teacher whether he will teach her.

I will ask him.

Vijaya was saying that Tarla Dalals' book is very good.

You should get it.

There are good preparations shown in it.

What is the need? You don't eat anything.

Brother... - Yes? - Does Neela know to cook food?

She is supposed to be a good cook.

Yes, you will say it.

Uma... what is this? You aren't eating anything.

No, mummy. I don't feel like eating.

Come on, mummy will make you eat it.

This is... open your mouth... mummy's food.

There is no loss in this, is it? - No. Quickly. Quickly.

Otherwise Umakka will come. We will see it in the morning now.

Oh! It is eight thirty.

Umi... - I am having a bath, brother... - Okay, nothing.


Did you see the lemon? - I was waiting for you.

Where is mother? - She is having the prayer.

Come on!

The lemon isn't here.

See it carefully. - No. -

It isn't here?

Where is it?

Did mother take it?

Mother... mother... - What is it?

Did you take the lemon? - No.

The lemon is not there.

Shanta has even cleaned the room.

She must have kept it somewhere. Come on, let us ask her.

Shanta... Shanta... did you clean Umakka's room?

Yes, mother. - Did you find something there?

No, mother. - Below baby's bed. It is all right, Rama.

Oh God! What is all this happening, Nandu?

What does this mean, Rama? - What can I tell you?

Either it rots, or just stays like that.


I've never heard anything like this. There is surely something.

Can you not bring another lemon?

It is very difficult. I have got this one with great difficulty.

The god man was going out of Bangalore yesterday night.

Oh! It is burnt!

God! What will be done now?

Oh! Take the queen! Where should I keep it?

It won't go. Should I keep it here?

Oh! You ruined everything!

Otherwise, two or three coins would have gone.

This is called a coin. See and play.

See. Like this.

It will go.

Didn't you see it? - It will go.

See, didn't I tell you?

Just one. - There is just one left for you.

I have kept three for Nandu.


It won't go. - We will win, Umi.

They will win.

So what?

If one has gone, the other is still left.

So what? - Two.

This one won't go. - This one is very difficult. - See.

No... it won't go! It won't go!

No... it won't go! It won't go!

Wow! You are a champion.

That's it you are a champion.

It is very deep.

This well is very deep.

I can see her rotten face.

So many people are dragging her out.

All of them are touching her.

Hey, Chenni is crying. Someone make her silent!

Yes, Mahadevamma has jumped into the well.

She was pregnant.

She was running away from herself.

She committed suicide. For whom? For you.

You forced her to run away.

She jumped into the well because of you.

You are the reason for her.

Umi... Umi... what are you saying?

I know it. I know everything.

The fishes have eaten up her fingers.

Take her away from here, someone!

Oh! What a stink!

Her body is sodden now.

Was it stinking when you touched her?

Her body was alive.

You put another small life into it.

And that became a pretext for her death.

Chenni is shouting for her mother!

Take care of her! Take her away from here, someone.

Tell me.

Wasn't her blood hot...

...when you were touching her?

Tell me, who played with Basua's wife's youth?

Who took advantage of Chenni's mother's helplessness?

Only you.

Tell me, where were you, when she jumped into the well?

Why didn't you come at that time?

When the people were removing her sodden body.

Why didn't you listen to that scary...

...shriek when she was dying?

See... see he has run away.

Umi... Umi... - See... Chennabasapa has run away.

I will hit you.

Hey, did everything actually happen like this?

Really mummy, everything happened like this.

Daddy has come. Daddy, you are late today?

Yes... I had...

So... Umakka...

Saroja... I want to tell you something.

I don't want to listen to anything.

Wait, Saroja. You will have to listen.


There is nothing left to be said or heard.

And so we are not in a position to...

We are not in a position to... tell me the previous line.

We have already negotiated with Ms Burma Steel company.

No, we will do it like this.

Ms Burma Steel Company has already...

...appointed by us as our suppliers...

...and therefore we regret, we cannot entertain your offer.

Thanks, etc. Complete all that.

Anything else, sir?

Anything else, sir. No. That's all. That's all.

Get me Dr. Dorai on line.

Saroja... I have told Dr. Dorai to give Uma the shocks.

Saroja... I want to tell you something.

No, Saroja. Why so far away?

You will have to listen to me today.

Sit down. See, Saroja.

Whatever Uma said that day... was nothing like that. It was a afternoon, a afternoon.

I was young at that time. When I couldn't understand it properly.

I had come home in the holidays.

I was go to go Germany the next day.

And I and her...

Mahadevamma. The two of us slipped.

It was just one afternoon.

I don't know what happened after that.

Nobody even told me anything.

Nobody knows this that she committed suicide because of this.

I didn't know it till date.

Believe me. Saroja.

Only one afternoon?

You thought this, isn't it? All men think the same.

Nobody understands what a great thing it can be for a woman.

A woman is just something to be played with, isn't it?

Whenever you wish, you had fun, and then went ahead.

What happened to her... never finds out. All men are alike.

I thought, you are different than others.

The greatness that you have, nobody must be having it.

Because of you, a woman committed suicide.

And you are saying, it was just a afternoon?

When will you understand that others must be having sadness and happiness.

Some others will have happiness, not only you.

God knows what exists in this stone heart for us!

Don't say like this, Saroja.

Om Shivay Namah... Om Shivay Namah... Oh Shivay Namah...

Om Shivay Namah... - Mother...

Daddy has told the doctor to give shocks to Munni.

How did you keep silent?

He understands better. - Oh God! I am done with listening to this!

I have been hearing this from you since the last twenty one years.

Daddy cannot be right all the time!

You are young now. You cannot understand it, Nandu.

I am not young. I can see that my sister is being termed insane.

How can you keep silent?

You have always done what daddy has wished.

Are you nothing except daddy?

Not even when your beloved daughter is being strangulated?

Why don't you stop him? He wishes to sacrifice Umi.

Because the problem is onto him now.

Which father can do like this? - Nandu!

You don't cross your limits.

I don't want to listen to a word against him.

He has always thought the best for us.

Whatever we are today, all of it is because of him.

And therefore you can forgive him.

May he do whatever he wants or whatever he has done.

Mind what you say.

You aren't as grown up as to speak on such matters.

And as it is, this matter isn't for you to speak about.

I don't want to listen to anything against him.

Nandu, none can be a better husband and father than him.

Mother please, don't be so blind.

I know, that you are in more pain than me.

But you take everyone's sorrow in your heart.

Even then, all I want to know is...

Will you stop father from doing this or not?

I should have known this previously.

I tried a lot to stop him.

But he doesn't want to move from his stance.

Okay, I will not tell anything to anyone.

I will think that Umi is dead for me... - No!

I thought that you'd face him for the apple of your eye.

Whatever is to happen, let it happen.

I have separated myself from all these matters.

Don't keep any hope from me, please.

Should I call them?


No, I will not go to the hospital. They are killing her.

I will not be able to see that.

Come on, Nandu. Don't be so dramatic.

This is a known cure for such patients.

Which kind of patients? The ones who are mad. Who lose their sanity!

Not for innocent people like Umi.

But the doctors too understand something, isn't it?

I know that all of us agree to it. Is it really like that?

Can there be something less in them too?

Are they not human beings? Can they not err?

Don't ask so many questions to yourself.

I think that I will go now.

I cannot do anything else.

I will not go.

They don't understand what the result of this will be.

All of them have been badly shocked for Umi.

Nandu, please, listen to me.

Without hope, then even Umi won't exist.

The brightness on her face will be wiped off.

The innocence in her eyes will die. There will be a walking...

...and moving body. There won't be any Umi.

Nandu, please don't drown in such depths from which you can't come out!

I am there for you.

I will go now. Shall I come too? - No.

'Relations... are just relations.'

'Relations... are just relations.'

'Some are for one moment and some for two moments.'

'Some are for one moment and some for two moments.'

'Relations... are just relations.'

'Relations... are just relations.'

'Some are as light as feathers.'

'Some are as light as feathers.'

'While they are kept with one since many years...

...they become very heavy in the end.'

'Because of undesired happenings.'

'For years they burn'

'And lose their significance.'

'Relations... are just relations.'

'Relations... are just relations.'

'Relations have names and relations are just for namesake.'

'Even if the relation dies off... '

'Even if the relation dies off... '

'People live with only it's name.'

'People live with only it's name.'

'Relations... are just relations.'

Yes, it is possible.

Why isn't he food laid out?

Rama! Quickly, Umakka is sitting here.

Where has Anna gone?

He will come late today.

He comes late almost everyday now.

I haven't seen him since a week.

Saroja, tell him to meet me.

He must have started learning for the examinations.

Yes, it is possible.

Why hasn't Rama come till now? Rama!


What is it, Rama?

The doctor has said that if you are all right, you will be able to go to school in a month.

Good. I am dying to go back.

I am missing school and my friends a lot.

Where did Saroja go?

Rama! Saroja!

Wait here, I will see what is going on.

What is happening? Why are you taking so much time? What is the matter?

The food has rotten.

The food has rotten? - Yes.

It has turned into dough.

What insolence is this, Rama? How did this happen?

What do you want to do?

I don't know anything. It rotted itself.

Surely, you have done something under intoxication.

You good for nothing!

No! No! Please believe me. Mother. It rotted itself.

Rama, I never thought that you'd do something like this.

You have become crazy.

No sir. I haven't done this.

I have been loyal to you since fifteen years.

Do you think that I am lying?

There is something inauspicious thing in this house.

If you don't do anything right now, it will be very late.

Silent. What do you want to do? You want to threaten me?

You want to scare me with such an action?

This nonsense will not work in my house.

Before anyone gets scared... get lost from here.

What all have I not done for you? And today I am getting to hear this?

I cannot stay here for even a minute now.

Rama, listen, Rama.

Mother, I am telling you. If anything is not done quickly...

...this house will be ruined.

Don't say like this, Rama. You cannot leave this house and go.

Silent, Saroja. If he wishes to go, let him go.

Yes. I am going, I have been rewarded...

...thusly for me fifteen years of loyalty.

Mother. I am going. I am very sorry for the children.

Do something and save this house, mother.

Rama... don't go... you stop him.

Why don't you understand?

It is too much, Saroja. Complete his account and let him go.

And get Uma ready quickly. We will eat outside.


Rama, give me the breakfast.

Wait, I will bring it.


What are you doing here?

Where did Rama go?

Rama has gone away. - What do you mean he had gone away?

Rama has gone away from this house. - What? Why?

Your daddy sacked him.

Daddy sacked him? Why?

The food was rotten.

The food was rotten?

It had turned into dung.

It had turned into dung? How is that possible?

What did Rama say?

He said there is something inauspicious in this house.

If something is not done quickly, this house will be ruined.

This is very bad, mother.

You shouldn't have let him go away.

I will search for him.

I know where someone from his village resides.

But Nandu... your daddy... I don't care about him.

Mother, you need Rama at this time.

Okay come on, have your breakfast.

What have you thought about the terrace?

If you like that better, it will be done like that.

Surely, why not? What do you say, Saroja?

Have you thought anything about the flooring?

That has to be decided too. Saroja, what do you say?

Whatever you think is correct.

That Ramana's house's floor...

I will come sometime later, I will move now.

Did you call the doctor?

Hello, is the doctor there? He has already left?

So, what should be done now?

You must know it.

You always know what is to be and what is not to be done.

Isn't it, mother?

Nandu, I don't like you talking like this at all.

If you have something in your mind, tell me.

Otherwise, keep quiet. - What else do I do in this house?

I always just keep quiet.


Till when will someone keep quiet, mother? - I don't like this at all!

Silent, Nandu. - No, Saroja. Let him speak.

Yes, tell me, what do you wish to say? Tell me.

We should call some god man quickly.

You think that god men are sitting for you in the roads.

That you will just bring them up from the roadside.

Mr. Murti knows some godman.

He had told me the last time.

Why don't you ask him?


Let's see.

Oh yes. Thank you.

Have you done the final plan?

I want to have this house made up very quickly. - Yes.

What can I do? With so many problems...

I will complete it in a couple of days and show you.

Tell the contractor to be ready to do the work by next week.

But please remember, all this should be done under your supervision.

Please don't worry at all. That will be done.

And yes... my wife was telling me...

You believe in supernatural things? Is this the truth?

It is nothing special, but I've seen many such incidents in my life...

...which if you really see, your hair stand at an end.

Can you get these people easily? - Which people, sir?

The same... who read mantras and hymns...

Why not? You should get them.

I know such a family, which had these problems.

Some god man was helping them.

I will find it out from them.

Is it for your daughter?

I don't believe in all these things, but my family is pressurizing me.

They want to experiment with this.

Will you please find it out for me?

Why not? I will go and find out right now.

Maheshwari! Mahakali!

Maheshwari! Mahakali!

Maheshwari! Mahakali!

Maheshwari! Mahakali!

Maheshwari! Mahakali!

Maheshwari! Mahakali!

Maheshwari! Mahakali!

Such a big prayer.

We spent two thousand five hundred.

But no difference in Uma's health.

What have you decided to do now?

What will happen if you call a wrong godman?

Rama knows a good god man.

Only he can help us now.

If only I get Rama somewhere.

I have told people to look for him everywhere.

I will surely find him.

He was so good for him.

We have so many problems without him.

Nandu, I don't like you searching for him at all.

If he cooks so well and if Saroja cannot work without him.

If he comes here and apologizes, then he can stay here.

I don't want you to follow him everywhere.

We should accept our mistake at this time. We need him. Only he can help us.

Mr. Subramanium was telling me about someone.

He is some who is very learned.

Many people regard him as a very great person.

Should I call up and ask?

This means that you speak to others about Uma? Okay.

If this is what everyone wishes, I don't mind too.

Call him.

Please don't be dejected, sir.

The knowledge to drive away ghosts and spirits is in my hands.

There is nothing in this that Puttachary cannot do.

But... I want to see that unfortunate girl first.

See, I want to remind you once again.

If you cannot help us, please let us be.

We will arrange for something else.

No. You won't need to do any other arrangement.

Your problem is very normal for Puttachary. Please don't worry.

Mother. I have come now.

You please forget that anything happened to your daughter, Come.

Please come to me.


This small girl has gone through grave injustice.

These bad spirits always trap innocent girls.

Please don't worry, come. Sit down.

Sit down.

She has been troubled a lot.

I will surely help her.

Mother, I want to ask you something in private.

If he agrees...

Mother, if you don't feel bad, can I ask you something?

Did you daughter ever see any man?

She is a virgin, isn't it?

There I a prayer only for virgin girls.

It has an effect quickly.

And there is another prayer for married girls.

That takes time to have an effect.

This is the prayer to the Goddess, mother.

We will have to do it carefully and with proper thought.

Your daughter is a virgin, isn't it?

Oh God! Uma is a virgin What is her age?

She is a kid!

Is it?

That is very good then.

You please don't worry now.

Leave everything to me.

I will tie a talisman on her neck for till tomorrow.

Then we will hold the big prayers tomorrow.

You please go inside now and bring an incense stick. - Okay.

This is very good.

You don't worry now, sir.

Your daughter will bloom just like before.

Don't worry now, child.

You will be as before.

Now, nobody will trouble you, child.

Rama, it was good that I found you.

I don't know where all I have searched for you.

It is too late in the night now. You go and sleep.

Meet mother in the morning tomorrow. Okay. - Hey, the door is open.


Rama, mother is not here, she is not in the bath too. See if she is outside.


Mother... get up.

Umi is not here. She is not in the bath too. The outside door is open.

Where did she go? Daddy! Daddy!

Daddy Daddy, get up!


Uma has disappeared, call the police quickly. - Police?

Yes! - No, we will search for her.

We will find her somewhere or the other.

Uma is nowhere to be found!

I'll go to Puttacharya's house. Maybe he can help us. Come on, Rama I don't know in which trouble she is!

I cannot understand anything.

Please do something quickly.

What can we do at this time? Let Nandu search.

If he doesn't get her, we will call the police. Wait!

You just sit here. Don't do anything.

Uma will come. Uma will come all by herself.

I am dying here, and you are just saying, wait! Wait!

What will I get to hear and what will I get to see.

What is it? - Is Puttachary at home? I want to meet him.

He has gone out. Where has he gone?

I have to meet him urgently. Why do you want to meet him?

How are you concerned with that? We've urgent work with him. Tell me quickly.

First you tell me what work you have with him. Then I will tell you.

Hey, will you tell me, or should I hit you? Tell me!

I don't know. Nobody knows it.

You don't know? Get up! - Hey, what are you doing?

Tell me, where has he gone? What are you doing?

Leave me! Leave me!

Tell me... tell me... Wait... wait.

See, even if we strangle you, nobody will find out.

I don't know. - Will you tell us or not? - I don't know... - I'll tell you.

He is in the cemetery. Cemetery?

Old Ardas Road. Old Ardas Road! Outside the city.

'Oh Master, give me your presence.'

'Oh Master, give me your presence.'

'Oh Master, give me your presence.'

'Oh Master, give me your presence.'

'Oh Master, give me your presence.'


'Oh Master, give me your presence.'

'Oh Master, give me your presence.'

'Oh Master, give me your presence.'

He is doing something voodoo.

It will be very bad. It will have to be broken right away.

Umi... Umi...

You wretch. How dare you?

I will kill you!

Stay back!

Stay back! You cannot break the worship of the goddess!

You will be ruined.

The goddess will never forgive you.

I tell you, go away from here.

If something happens to my sister, I will kill you!

Let her free!

She cannot be freed now. And you cannot take her away too.

She will stay here.

You have become blind.

You will be ruined.

Go away from here.

I have waited for fifteen years for this moment.

And you are breaking it within a moment!

Your sister has all the good talents...

...due to which the Goddess has accepted to come.

You have angered the Goddess.

You will be ruined! Go away from here!



The police is coming. Go away from here.

You have created a crime.

You will not be able to run away.

You will have to be in jail.

Let her go quickly. Go away from here!

Something has happened to her, she cannot be lifted.

She cannot be lifted now. The goddess has gone inside her.

She has become a goddess herself. She will ruin you.

Go away from here. Go away from here!

Wretches like you will never find nirvana.

You wretch, let my sister go!

You wretch! Umakka... Umakka...

Don't touch the talisman, you will be turned into ashes!

Go away from here!

Umakka... Umakka...

Mother, save my prayers from being broken!

You wretched sinner.

I tell you that will ruin you!

You have committed a big mistake.

You have ruined the goddess worship. You will be ruined.

No son will take birth in your house.

Your family line will be finished forever.

You have broken the last moments of the worship.

This light will extinguish forever.

It is a curse on you.

Mother... mother... Uma...

What happened to Uma? What happened, Nandu? Come!

Oh God! Oh God! What is this?

Oh my child! My child!

Uma... - Umakka...

Uma... Umakka... Umakka...


Do something for me.

I don't know what has happened to me.

I won't live now, mummy.

Uma... - This will never be cured.

I am choking, mother.

Let me die.

Tell the doctor. I cannot stand it anymore.

Brother, please do something for me.

How can see your Umi being tortured?

Will nobody listen to me?

Daddy... see what has happened to Mummy because of me.

But I know that I won't live much longer.

All of this will be all right.

Mummy, what do I do? I cannot understand it at all.

Uma, my child!

Daddy... please do something.

Please take some way out.

Sir... sir...

Sur... I have called the God man.

Rama, don't ever take this word in this house ever.

I don't even want to see his face. Tell him to go away from here.

But... but... how can I? I know him.

He is a very good god man.

He will surely cure Umakka.

You at least come and see.

I had told Nandu not to do this. All this is nonsense.

God knows what the result of all this will be!

I have seen it a lot.

I will take Uma to the foreign country, I will treat her there.

If she isn't cured, she is my problem and my liability.

But I won't let this wretch play with her life.

Tell him to go away from here immediately Please meet him once at least. He is a very big Shastri.

He will surely cure Umakka.


So you wish that I should remove him myself?

Okay. Come on.

See, Rama has called you by mistake.

We don't need any god man.

I am sorry that you have been troubled.

You can go now.

Rama has not done anything wrong. But you are about to commit a mistake.

I know. This house needs my services.

I am taking my daughter abroad for her cures.

I don't even believe in these things, you can go.

I can understand your mental condition nicely.

Rama has told me everything.

Why do you want to be so late, due to which something defeats you?

I have taken twenty five years to attain this knowledge.

Only to keep humans away from yearning spirits.

I know it very well now.

Your family is diseased.

You are the son of this house?

Son, listen. Go on your roof.

You will find something on the northern corner. Bring it.



Why son, did you get something?

Yes, this lime.

It is the grace of Lord Ganesha.


Look at all the trees in your house...

...there will be something in one of those trees.

Will you be able to search it? Yes, I will search it right away.

See, your house has the roots of this problem.

It should be burnt.

Having no knowledge and blind faith...

...both of these strengthen the roots of this problem.

Come on, we will go out too.

I will go to Uma.

I got it!

Did you get it? - Yes, I got it! - Got it! Come down quickly!

Yes, yes.

Lord Ganesha is very good.

Burning this will save the life of your daughter.

But only this will not be enough.

This spirit has been sent by someone's power... settle in the girl's body.

This spirit will be yearning, it won't be good for anything.

Take this.

I will have to free this.

With which, your daughter will be cured fully.

Ramkrishna, fire.

But all this here... - Let him do it, daddy.

Please don't be worried.

After Umakka's bath in the morning, all of come to my house.

I will have a prayer to have this spirit removed. - But all this...

Please daddy, listen to what he says. Don't refuse, I will wait for you.

As soon as this is turned into smoke... half of your problems will be cured.

Who are you?

Tell me, who are you?

I am the spirit of Mother Rudra.

Where do you stay?


Who has sent you here?

I asked you, who sent you here?

I cannot tell you that.

You will have to tell me. I won't tell you.

I order you.

Please don't worry. I can save you. I can give you freedom.

But I am not that strong.

I cannot do anything alone.

Tell me. Tell me his name.

No! - Tell me! - No! Don't force me!

Leave me! Let me go!

Till the time you don't tell me the name, I won't let you go.

Tell me. Who sent you here?

Tell me!

Go, you wretch! I won't tell you!

You good for nothing! Go and scare someone else!

You will have to tell.

And you will surely tell me. - No!

No... no... please don't do this. I beg you.

Then tell me quickly. Quickly.

Tell me. Who sent you here?

A god man sent me here, let me go.

But who told the god man to do that?

I don't know. Nobody.

You are lying. Tell me the truth.

Or else, I will punish you very badly. Tell me!

No! No!

Basua from my village had me sent.


He had sent you to stay in this virgin girl's body?

Yes. Let me go now.

You have troubled us a lot till now.

I will hang you in some deep well for a hundred years.

You will yearn a lot and you will shriek a lot.

But nobody will listen to you.

No! No! Please don't do like this.

I am very tired. Don't give me such a strict punishment.

Why didn't you think about this earlier?

Tell me!

I didn't know. He caught me all of a sudden.

Nobody understood me.

When I lived in the village, this was the same situation.

You'll have to repent for 100 years to trouble an innocent girl - No!

I will stay as your slave.

I will do whatever you tell me!

Let me remain in this body. I have found such peace in it.

I never got anything before this.

I will not trouble anyone. Let me stay here itself.

If you don't agree, you will have to remain hanging in a blind and dark well.

And this punishment will be worse than doing your master's work.

No! I am ready to go.

Let me go. Free me.

I don't want to go back to my God man.

I don't want to hang in a blind well too.

Save me. Free me!

Will you betray me? - No! -

I will help you.

I won't betray you.

How will we know that you have left?

Outside... outside... a coconut will fall outside from the tree.

Go... go for ever.

Don't come back ever.

Or else, you will yearn for a hundred years.

You will be cursed if you change.

Go. Nobody will be able to stop you now. Go.


It has fallen!

Your problem has been solved.

Some yearning spirits keep moving here and there.

People catch them with their black magic and use them selfishly.

This isn't any thing new. This is going on since ages.

No, please don't bow your head to me.

All this is the grace of Lord God Ganesha.

Bow to him.

I am a human just like you.

Your offerings...

No. You don't need to give me any charity or anything.

I don't do all this to earn wealth.

It is all the grace of Lord Ganesha.

He is the one who does all this. He is the father and he is the mother.

You pray to the Lord Ganesha everyday.

What is the matter, Nandu?

I am going to Tipur.

Tipur? Why? What is there?

The people of the factory have taken that place.

I know that.

Then, what are you going there for?

I want to meet Basua.

I want to know why he has done this with Umi.

Even I want to know that.

I have written a letter to him. I have called him here.

I cannot believe that he can do like this.

Why not? When you yourself have done so much with him.

What do you wish to say?

You know it very well. Shut up, Nandu.

Basua doesn't have any reason to do like this with me.

And if you want to relate Mahadevamma's suicide to this...

...then he was as much as at fault in that as I was.

Every man commits some mistake or the other.

And then, Basua doesn't even know this thing till today.

He must surely be knowing it.

Impossible. If he knew it, why would be stay silent for so many days?

I don't know all this. But whatever it is, you are the reason behind that.

This cannot be refused.

And Basua. I won't spare him.

He will have to be as troubled as he has troubled us.

You don't worry about that, Nandu.

If Basua has really done any thing like this, I will punish him.

You don't need to be trouble so much.

You are saying it so simply.

When we had to be in such trouble due to your antics.

God knows there are so many other things...

...which will be coming in the clear now.

God knows how many sins you have committed, which we'll have to answer.


Look at Umi. An innocent life. She is burning due to your sins.

Mother, who never had a frown on her face today...

...she is crying on every small matter.

And me... I don't have any peace.

Stop it, Nandu.

You can think about till the last day.

I have to take my peace from that wretch.

I will go right now. - Nandu...

What is it, son?

Saroja, tell him something.

He is saying that he is going to Tipur to take revenge from Basua.

No... no... Nandu. You can't leave me and go anywhere.

Son, you and Uma are my life.

If you both are all right. I will have a pretext to live.

I will go mother. I have sworn to teach Basua a lesson.

We will have to pay for his crimes.

Basua will have to pay for his crimes himself. - Nandu...

It is all right. Let him go. When he cools down...

Do you know Basua? No. I don't.

This Chennabasapa's estate, isn't it?

Yes. But the Patil company has taken it now.

Does Basua stay here? - Basua?

Yes. But one minute.

Hey, Mahadeva!

Do you know Basua?

Yes, yes, but he is dead.

He is dead? - Yes.

Do you know it very well that he is dead? - Yes! - When?

He died a few days back.

Where are his household members?

I don't know. They must be in the village.

Are you Nanduanna? - Yes.

Let my motorcycle be here. I will come right away.

It isn't me.

It isn't me.

All this is God's grace.

He does everything.

He is the one who does everything.

Whenever you need me, I will come.

Don't worry at all. - Yes sir.

I will come, okay? - Yes, sir. I will leave now.


Give me a packet of cigarettes. Which one?

That one.

Child, give a packet of cigarettes.

How much?

Eighty paise. - Give me matches too. - Give him matches too.

Greetings, sir.

Greetings. - With your help, Gangua has become all right.

Gangua. Take his blessings.

Take this.

Come on, Rachya, you take his blessings too.

Here... here...

Here, take this. Give it to them? Yes. I will give it to them surely.

Bachhu. You don't have any troubles in maths, do you?

No. I don't.

When are your examinations? Next month.

Study well, okay? - Okay.

You should come first. - Yes.

Come quickly. Come on. - What happened? - It has happened again!

Only you can save now. - It has happened again?

Okay, I will come right away. - She will die!

Come on quickly. - Don't worry, I will come right away.

Look after the shop, okay? - Yes. I will come right away. - Come on!

Yes, doctor. Yes she seems all right.

No, nothing since two days.

Okay, I will tell.

Okay. Okay.



Saroja... some people are coming from Calcutta day after tomorrow.

I have to call them over for dinner. I was thinking to skirt it.

But now I think that isn't the matter, isn't it?

Make something special.

How many people will come?

It will be some four or five people. - What has to be made?

Well, something typically south Indian... Just like...


Mummy, this lizard came upon me!

I was so scared.

Mummy, it was just a cockroach and nothing else.

What did I know...

...that all of you would be so scared.

Really daddy. I am all right.

I had almost stopped breathing.

God has listened to me. He has made everything all right.


Son... son...

Who are you, son?

Tell me son, who are you?

Son, what is your name? Tell me, son.

You are sitting here since afternoon?

Tell me, son, what is your name?

I am Nandesh. I have come from Bangalore.

Whose son are you?

I am Chennabassapa's son.

Oh! You are Siddhvirappa's grandson.

Your grandfather was a very big man.

He had a very big heart. He did many things for all of us in the village.

But... what are you doing here?

Come with me.

No, let me be here. - Son... son... what is your problem?

Come with me. Come to my house, don't sit here.

How can I let you sit here all alone?

No... - Come on. - No. - Come on.

No, you will have to come.

Come on, son. Come on.

Come, come on.

What happened? Is everything all right?

Yes, she is alive as yet. I have silenced her.

But God knows... till when she will remain like this.

I have put her under strict bindings.

Now we will see what happens.

Come on.

You please come. Please come. Come on, son.


Listen now.

Sir... sir...

No... no.

This is very difficult for me.

I cannot do it. Why can't you do it? At least try!

This is very important for me.

Please do it for my sake. - No... Or at least for my grandfather.

Please don't say like this.

If I could have done it, I would certainly have done it.

I have never done anything like this till today.

I don't believe that I can do like this.

If this isn't possible, I cannot go back to Bangalore.

I will have to search for a well somewhere here.

I have promised to speak to him.

If that promise is broken, you will be responsible for my death.

Please don't say like this son. Please don't say.

And at this time... life has no meaning for me.

What I was living, wasn't life.

It was a dream, which has broken now.

The ones whom I thought to be my own, seem to be strangers to me now.

No son... - Everything has changed.

A man cannot face another man!

He traps an innocent person because of him!

What is all this?

I have never known such principles!

See, if you won't help me, I'm leaving to search for a well for myself.

No... please don't say like this.

I will try.

To see, this matter is very difficult and dangerous too.

But... your grandfather has been so good to me.

At least... I will have to do this much for him.

Does anyone of Basua's family live in this village?

He has a daughter, Chenni.

She lives in this village, I don't know her house.

All right. All right.

If it is done, it is done. All else, it is your fate.

Come on. Come on son. Come with me. Come.

Don't be scared. This is some spirit.

Yes, these will guard you.

You will hear many voices like these.

But don't listen to them.

These will be real, or they will be your thoughts.

Don't listen to them. Don't worry.

Run away! - They are calling me.

Don't listen to them.

Do what I say.


Run! Hit him! Run!

Run! Hit him! Hit him!

Run! Run!

Run! Catch him!

Run! Hit him! Run!

Run! Hit him! Hit him!

Is there anyone in this cemetery, who can help us?

Listen to this carefully. This is what I want.

Take me to Basua's coffin. I want Basua!

Mahadevi's husband and Chenni's father!

Give it to me. Give it to me.

Give it to me!

Tie that cloth on your eyes.

Tie it!

Tie it!

Tie it!

Come on!

Hey, he has come! He has come!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Hit! Hit!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Bring it. Give it to me quickly.

This is a true binding. I have fulfilled all the desires too.

You cannot do anything now. You will have to come now, Basua.


Chenni is waiting for you.

Now, I will have to follow these two.

Chenni... Chenni...

Chenni. Open the door.

Who is it? - Is Chenni at home? - Who are you?

Go out, go away from here. - Chenni...

What are you doing? - Chenni...

Leave her, let her go.

Basua... Basua...


Leave me. Leave me. Let me go. Let me go.

Let me go! Leave me. Let me go!

Leave me! Let me go!

Are you that same Basua who sent a spirit for Chennabuappa's daughter?

Yes... yes I am that same Basua. Let me go. Let me go.

You won't be allowed to go like this.

Till the time you don't fulfill our whims.

Why have you called me? Let me go! Let me go!

You will have to answer what we ask you.

Tell me, what is it?

Tell me! I am tired of your life.

I am tired of this world too.

I am restless. I am very restless.

Leave me alone.

Do you know him? - Yes...

Yes, he is Chennabassapa's son. Why has he come here?

He has come to meet you. - Tell him to go away from here.

I don't want to see his face.

I am not their servant.

I am nobody now.

He wants to know. Why did you do like this to this these people?

Why? I won't answer anything.

I am nobody. Go away from here.

I am not related to you at all.

Go away. Go away.

Tell him to answer just one thing...

...why did he trouble a poor girl like this?

She didn't hurt him in anyway.

She... she didn't hurt me?

Who was the one who made me an orphan?

Who was the one who raped my mother's soil?

And... and she was sold!

Daddy had sold it. And that land wasn't your's too.

I had... I had worked on with my blood and sweat.

I... I loved it...

I loved it just like someone would love his mother.

It... it was everything for me. One day... one day...

...he came and he snatched it away.

To... to sell it.

My... my mother... my Lakshmi... the one who fed me.

But he was ready to take your responsibility.

You want to know further?

Then listen...

He soiled my wife.

I... I came to know about it.

After I died...

And I am very happy.

Whatever I did... I did it good! I did it good!

That was just a mistake. A mistake.

Just a mistake?

A big man can soil someone's wife.

He can make her fall into the well of death.

If he can ruin someone's hard work and work.

And... and he can sell that earth...

And... and a small man... he has to keep silent.

Why! Why! Why!

That was just a piece of land, that's it. And nothing was done willfully.

That was our land, you were just looking after it.

Tell him... tell him to go away from here.

Tell him to go away from here.

What does he know how someone can love his mother.

I... I loved my mother a lot.

I used to sleep in her lap.

I used to sleep...

I used to sleep in her lap.

Okay. That land was everything for you, and daddy sold it.

Then why did you take it's revenge from my sister?

Why did you make that young girl yearn?

Tell me, you wretch!

How... how could I make your father yearn?

This... this is the fact.

The real yearning is when someone close to us yearns.

Do I not know it?

I gave the god man whatever money he wanted.

I wanted his house to be ruined.

I wanted him to see his daughter die in yearn, And I... I am happy.

You rascal! - Hold him!

How did you dare to play with my sister's life?

Let me go!

How did you play with a innocent child's life.

You ruined the happiness of our house.

I won't spare you!

I won't spare you!

How could you do this?

How could you play with the innocent child's life?