Gekijoban Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry (2017) Script

How am I here?!

What's going on here?!


I have no strength!

There is it!

You dirt bird!

Do you ever know who you're up against?

I am... a wizard of...

Fairy Tail!

Who are you?!

This is temple under the protection of the Kingdom of Fiore!

Don't get any closer!

Do not you hear me?!

It can not be that, a small fish like her can protect the greatest mystery of the empire.

As expected... The pride of Fiore, the special unit of the "White Tiger".


Who is the strongest of you?

Do you?

You? You are not truly Zash which has betrayed Fiore?

The ancient story.

I have long forgotten.

Although, such fine soldiers...

Are stationed in such a remote area, Is really bad luck.

But an even greater misfortune.

Is that I face you?!

Commander, what are you doing?

Why... are we fighting so... needlessly!

If you could control people, So you don't have to let them suffer...

I hate you.

People who are with each other. "Comrades" or what they call them.

Lady Sonia, could you determine the position of the staff for me?

Lord Zash, could you hear the wailing of souls?

I have nothing of that.



A dog, Natsu!

He's looking here!

Thank you, Natsu!

There was nothing there!

I don't think so! How could you be so annoyed by this sweet doggy?!

How did he not annoy him?

I just stared at him.

Happy, you do not like dogs?

Plue is also a dog.

But look, he does not look like a dog.

What is he actually? An insect?

If he were a fish, he would leak... cute, right?

Plue is a Celestial Spirit!

Besides, you look like a dog.

Are your eyes okay?

W... What is it?

You are pretty close...

How do I look?

You look like Natsu. It is obvious...

Natsu! Lucy...!

Am I still looking straight?!

No! Don't get idea's Wendy!

Gray! There was an extremely terrifying dog just now!

Oh, yeah?



It will hold up to the royal capital.

That will be enough.

You are truly a great wizard, Gray.

We haven't been in the capital for a long time.



Learn so what if it's boring.

In our present time, knowledge is power.

How? Gajeel, you're learning?!

What are you talking about? You're reading a cat dictionary!

This is also a very important study!

What is my beloved Gray doing...


Aah! Aah!

That tastes really good, Lucy!

Can you scrub my back, please?

And also the front?

Please sing me a lullaby.

You spoilt child, you...

Do not make such a noise!

Hey, Gajeel!


Do you want to order something?

It is a little far but the fee is good.

That's a man! I'm in!

We're clearing up the loft today.

Bring me something!

Juvia is coming!

So I can make my beloved Gray jealous for my heart.

Gajeel, your hard and cold chest is just wonderful...

Well, it is made of iron...

Lily! You are as good as a stuffed animal.

Let go, or you burn your fingers.

Levy, you are so small and cute...

This is not possible, Juvia, anyway.


The grave of dragons.

I believe, that some have already seen it at the Great Magic Games, but below the Arena...

Is place where ancient dragonbones are resting.

It is the last resting place.

The dragon, which once stood against.

The black dragon Acnologia, fought and defeated it.

My ancestors have examined the retirement several times.

In the end, they built the arena to commemorate the dragons.

About 100 years ago, a staff was found in the tomb of the dragons.

A Staff?

Was it the walking stick of a dragon?

No, it is a subject of men.

This staff absorbed the anger and grief of the dragons.

And by the accumulated power deformed its original shape.

The name of this staff is...

Dragon Cry!

This staff has the power obliterate an entire empire.

A few days ago, this staff was replaced by Fiores former Foreign Minister.

Zash Caine stolen, Zash is follower of Black Magic.

In secret he planned to overthrow the royal family, but he failed.

Before the military could arrest him.

He fled abroad with the help of his comrades.

But when the exile in the kingdom of Stella was preserved, he died.

All his subordinates, as a gift for the Kingdom of Stella.

He killed his comrades?

After his emigration he has climbed up to Stella's state minister by his spying ability and a brutal ways.

A terrible man!

This dangerous man takes possession of a dangerous object.

Please get the staff back before doing something bad with it.


Tell me, where is the Kingdom Stella?

It is located in the southeast Ishgars.

Surrounded by a steep cliff wall, It is an island isolated by the foreign countries completely.

An island?!

Does that mean we're going by boat?

A support of Stella is mineral which is harder than diamond.

The Stellanium.

It means that it absorbs the sparkle of the stars and radiates brighter.

How romantic!

The most beautiful part of the continent is this.

The sea should also be very beautiful!

There should be plenty of good food.

Are we still not there?

Why do I have to do this?

Do not complain.

It suits you.

Zash allegedly preserves the various duety's.

In a tower in the castle.

The key to this camp is his ring.

No matter how evil he may be, he is the minister of a country.

If we take it by force, there is an international conflict.

So we're going to give him the ring.

In this bar, which he often visits!

Without being noticed!

Lucy, draw attention to you.

Roger that.

We begin our operation.


Make a copy of it.

One second is enough.

I bring him back.

Happy, Charles.

We will bring him to Natsu and Wendy.

Leave it to us!

Let's go!

I'm counting on you!

What's the matter, Lilly?

It felt like Carla and Happy were here.

Is it such a remote island?

Natsu, what are you doing?

How did you recognize me? Wendy is also quite obvious.

I told you we would get caught, Natsu.

Let's go once! Let's hide before we find!

There are two guards.

Leave it to me!

Hurry up! Sorry!

It's Okay - clear!

Quick, look!



From this direction I feel a huge magical force.

So this is...

Dragon Cry.

N... Natsu?

What's this?!

A Trap?

A magic circle that activates when the wand is removed!

Mist! Let's go!


Enemies spotted!

The thieves have invaded the treasury!

Into fighting, kill all of them!

Use magic-powered guns.


Next, the rifles up! Fire!

We can not stay in the air! Onto the ground!

Ahm... Dear Guest...

But you are a pretty thing.

Th-... They embarrass me...

Why is that?

I will make you my wife!


Dear Customer, could you please refrain from harassing the dancers this bar?

Lord Zash, the Staff!

The Staff has been stolen!

Natsu, this idiot, has been exposed far too early!

Who are you?

Smoking is prohibited in the bar.

This way. We're leaving.


Men from Fiore?


The nerves! I blow them all away!

You can not! The soldiers have not have done anything evil!


All who hurt my comrades, Are my enemies!

Wendy, take care of the staff!


Wendy, is you're injury Okay?

No, it's nothing.

Much important is the Staff.


The Staff!


Wendy, here!




Sorry guys!


Open, gate of the Scorpion!


Sand Buster!

Very good!


Be careful!


How did you enter the treasury?

The door should not be opened without my ring.

Give up, I've won.

Do you know why I was charged with the protection of this empire?

I am the strongest man of this kingdom!



What's up with them?

I'm going all at once!

Stop! These people are normal citizens and are forced to be soldiers!


They are being controlled!

Dirty trick!

Be a good boy, and give me the Staff!

It does not belong to you!

Fiore has no idea of its true power!

Hold on!

See you later!


What a bad luck that you have me as an enemy.

Zash, what an extraordinary disgrace.

No worries, Majesty, With the power of Lady Sonya we find their position...

Sonya is mine.

Because of such incompetent person like you, I will not expose them to danger.

But we do not have much time.

We must use Sonya's power.

The Three Stars will go with you!

I won!

Listen! When we make use of Sonya's power, She needs the perfect.

Sonya shall in no way be harmed.


King Animus...

You are already back without making a sound in my room...

I'm just a mage.

This empire running out of time.

I must get Dragon Cry into my possession at all costs.

We captured the Staff.

But the question is how we bring it back to Fiore.

That they discovered us is Natsu's fault.

That was not my fault! There was a trap!

I did not notice them.

I'm so sorry.

In any case...

This Staff seems to carry an incredible amount of power.

Show me, show me!

I do not feel magic at all.

Stop playing around with it!

But before that, Natsu...

What? Yeah...

I do not understand?!

In all cases, a Staff that can destroy a kingdom is dangerous.

We have to handle it cautiously.

You girls came from outside?


The guy there too?

Baby, oh Baby!

Dear guest, please stop!

What is the matter, Juvia?

So my Gray-Sensor is still striking in this city.

What's going on, Gray?

Nothing, just a shiver ran down my spine.

And you're scolding ice-cream?

You're not wearing any clothes!

Since when?!

Compared to Fiore, we are here higher above sea level.

This makes the Temperature cooler here.

By the way, the air is delicious!

Sorry. I just popped.

Since you can see the stars so well, the Kingdom of Stella is also called the "Land of the Stars".


If it is cloudy, you can not do anything.

As a Stellarmagier, I always wanted to see Stella's sparkling stars.


Someone's coming.


How did they find us here?

Get ready!

From above?!

Taste my beautiful legs!

Here, my wonderful Kick!


Get to work. Francis, Catherine!


All right, Francios, Catherine!

What are these guys?!

Too slow!

Fast! Fast!

Francis, well done!

Catherine, you're also wonderful.

And how do you like my pretty legs?

I have the Staff again.


Wait a moment Natsu whats going on?


What's the matter, Natsu?

You are really slow.

Excellent job, Three Stars!

Eliminate them.

H.. hold on.

We already have the Staff.

Killing them would be...

But Lady Sonya, they are rebelling against our empire.

If we do not punish them, we do not give our people a good example.

I do not want to lull the lamentation of the souls...

Hurt her Lady Sonya's feelings, his majesty will not furiously at you.

That's true.

Francis, Catherine, you're work is finished.

Then they will be locked the Bird's Nest!

Yes, Sir!

Except this woman. She belongs to me.

I remember now...

Its all my fault!

I have to save the others!

Crap! I'm so sorry!

Lucy is not here!

Not here either!

Why isn't Lucy here?



Natsu I know. We will definitely find her.

Wait for us, Lucy!

Sonya, King Animus!

What about the Staff?

Lord Zash, takes over until tomorrow ritual responsibility and secures it.

Why does he not bring it to me?!


We do not have time anymore. Bring me Dragon Cry.

Where am I?


Poor thing.

A new one...

Welcome to hell on earth...

W... What are those injuries?

You? What is the meaning of this?

Come with me.

Yes, Sir.

Stand there.


Lift your arms.


You know what is going to happen to you right now?

I will take blood every day.

There will remain scars, but no fear. I will not kill you.

For my Black Magic I need a lot of pure blood.

Delight me with your cries.

Y... Yes...

Lord Zash!

Give us Lucy back!


A... A Dragon Slayer?

Are you all right?


Natsu, hurry up!

It has become even more soldiers!

We probably exaggerated.

You escaped from the Bird's Nest?!

How did you get here?

I have a nose.

The smell of my comrades is special!

Stop it, Natsu!

You bastard!

Lord Zash, please stop! The...

All those who oppose me shall be gone.

I speak a protection magic!

Is everyone okay?



Thank you for hurrying to my aid.

In fact, this is Natsu's fault.


Who's that?

Now that you mention it!

Who are you?

I... I'm...

Where are you, you miserable thieves?!

Here there is a secret passage come with me.

We must recover the Staff!

We should withdraw for now.

If we can not find a weak spot in his magic, we can not win!

This way.

Do you know where others are?

This is my magic.

So that's why our whereabouts are unknown.

From here you should be safe.

Thank you.

Who are you?

I'm Sonya, a confidant of King Animus.

And why do you let us escape?

There must be a reason for this.

I do not want people to run into misery any longer.

I have been friends with King Animus since my childhood.

He used to be kind-hearted.

But since Lord Zash brought him Dragon Cry.

He is possessed by your Staff.

I have also participated in the robbery of the kingdom.

For correcting?

Do you know what Stellarium is?

A mineral from this area, right?

The more starlight Stellarium absorbs the brighter it radiates and becomes a precious gem.

However, the Stellarium has been crying out for several years now.


It is probable that the Stellarium, absorbing too much starlight, then the amount is sometimes unstable.

What does this mean?

Stellarium which has absorbed a certain set of starlight has magical strength.

When this force is released at once, this realm is completely extinguished.

To counter this catastrophe we need the power of Dragon Cry.

We want to use Dragon Cry, which says it can trigger any shine.

Tomorrow night we will be doing a ritual in the temple, northwest of the city.

To clear the light.

If this is done to him, this kingdom...

Even if the Stellanium disappears.

This is the only way to save our empire.

Therefore, we can not return the Staff!

But this Staff is originally in the possession of our kingdom.

Even if that is the case...

I can only rely on the power of the Staff who can save our empire...

This does not work with this Staff!

When I held it in my hands, I felt the anger, The pain and suffering of the dragons.

The magical power of this wand must not be unleashed!

Are you saying that this empire will perish?!

I will do get it if I have to!

I will tell the whole kingdom!

Give us back the Staff!

That's impossible...

I told you that you should not expose Sonya danger.

That you simply use the Staff and blow them away with the enemies...

I'm heartbroken...

I had lost my composure...

Tomorrow will be the important ceremony.

They will definitely come.

Then kill them.

And right this time.

Yes, Sir...

I will kill them.

And then you too.

It is beautiful here!

What is growing on the trees?

You must not eat them!

Today we will camp here.

Hopefully they do not attack us again.

Let us keep turns standing guard.

Yeah, that's a good idea.

First, it's my turn.


So they want to use Dragon Cry to get rid of all the shine of the Stellanium.

Is this really possible?

Even if they succeed, The economy of this empire goes down the drain.

Either way, they can not use the magic power of the Staff.


She said that they will hold a ritual tomorrow.

Before that, we must recover the Staff.

I will do my best.

Hey, what are you eating?!

What's the matter, Lucy? Can not you sleep?

Well, I'm off guard now.

But you're dreaming of it.

If you know our mission is to get the Staff back, But then this kingdom will probably disappear...

Come up here.

No, I'm wearing a skirt!

Come on!

What do you want?

Wait a moment! How much more to go?

Here, I'll lend you a hand.

Stella's stars!


You wanted to see them.

Then do not let your head hang!


What is this? Today there are many soldiers.


Oh, something happened?

The all look as venerable as Gray.

Hey, that emblem!

There they are, Fairy Tail!


Huh, what? What have we done?

What does this mean?

That means trouble.


Finish them!

Let me get into trouble.

Come here!

I will investigate the situation!

On the other hand seems something happened.

I'll take a look at it fast!

Please take care of yourself!

Seems like they were ready for us.

Leave it to me! Get to the temple!

Got it!

Let's go! Aye, Sir!

Happy, why are you red?!

Is this about of the fruit that I ate yesterday?

I've been waiting for you, Red-haired Brat.

The one with the legs!

Nope, with the pretty legs.

My dear Gray!


W... What are you doing here?!

My Gray-Sensor was not wrong!

Can it be that you have a Juvia sensor?

What do I know?

Francis, Catherine, There is work to be done!

What is the meaning of this uproar?

Well, a lot has happened.

Help me first.


Too slow!

I'll stop him.

Go ahead!

Carla, you too?!

I am stronger than you!

We leave you, Wendy, Carla!

But, I...

You can not escape!


That was close.

I will quickly free the girls from the cellar of the castle.

Can you manage this alone?

I'm not alone.

My celestial spirits are at my side!

Happy, we will stop the ritual!

Aye, Sir!

When I held it in my hands, I felt the anger, The pain suffering of the dragons.

The magical power of this Staff must not be unleashed!


King Animus...

Come on, give me Dragon Cry.

This force plunges people into misfortune.

I can not give you the Staff.

Everybody, run while there is still time!

Hurry up, before he comes!

Thank you... so much...

Hurry up!

Where is the Staff?!

Lord Zash is back!


What are you doing here?!

Quickly, go!

Do not play games!

Open, gate of Capricorn!


A goat? Are you kidding me?!

It seems like your magic does not work when you hide your eyes.

Excellent, Master Lucy.

I am impressed.

Now! To the exit!

I'll help you escape.

This is not the right time now.

Red Knife, let's go!

Since I was probably unlucky.

Where is he going?

Let us follow him.


Francis, Catherine.

Ice does not work against me!

He destroys his own city!

Watch out!


Hey, Onee-Chan!

Good work, Catherine.

Good shot.

And that even though we use a speed spell!

He's too fast for us.

Look! I can see you!

Wendy, I have a good idea.


Your life is over between that in the end!

Carla, he's catching up with us!

Let us coordinate our breathing!


One, two... three.

That's it!

That can not be!

An ice that is not melted by Francis and Catherine's heat?!

This is the ice of an exorcist.

That's perfect.

Your dolls also seem to be cursed.

You make fun of my children?

Francis, Catherine!

My d... dear Gray!

Female rivals!

Reach him! Wings of love!

My dear Gray, Max Love!


Francis, Catherine...

Juvia, are you all right?

Yes, my darling...


Grand Fouette!

Impossible! When did you do that?

When I saw your clever leg attacks, I thought, I could do that too.




But my kicks enchant all men!

I do not have to enchant all men!

Let the seven stars be your judgment.

Grand Chariot!

What's with your attitude?

Quickly give me Dragon Cry.


Give us the Staff back.






Where is the king?

Why are you holding the Staff, Sonya?

To give it to the king when he was here...

Give us the Staff!

No... that... well...

You can not give it him the Staff.


There is no time left for us. Bring me Dragon Cry...

Tomorrow will be the important ceremony.

Why does not he bring it to me?

They will definitely come.

You will be dead.

And right this time.

The king.

I am?

Did you recognize it now Sonya?


You and me... are one and the same person.


W... Who are you?

I am Animus.

I am in Sonya's body.

I'm a dragon.

A dragon?

What is your intention?

Did you not want to prevent the explosion of the Stellanium with this Staff?

Little Sonya... That she asked such silly words are believed.

What an obedient girl.

My intention is to get out of this disgusting human body.

Igneel had managed to get out by himself.

You know Igneel?

Igneel crawled into the interior of a Dragon Slayer.

He crawled into the ideal body.

However, I did not have time to make a selection.

I entered the almost dead Sonya, who happened to be close by.

And have been waiting so far, Therefore, I could not get out of my own free will.

But now, I hold Dragon Cry in my hands!

This Staff reinforces the power of a dragon.

I'll be free!

I will not allow that!

Surely you are not that of Igneel.

Natsu, take the Staff!


Hurry while there is time!

Leave it, Sonya!


I'll take Dragon Cry!

A... A dog!

Lord Zash!

Animus? No, now you are probably Sonya...

As king you have given me orders and when Sonya you were reporting to me.

I'm sick of your one-man-piece.

What... have you... with the Staff?

I will use it to avenge myself on Fiore!

Dragon Cry is a highly compressed of Ethernano condensate.

If I release it, I can unleash a magical power that is tens of times stronger than Etherion!

I will extinguish Fiore, who despised my magic as black magic and exiled me!

With my own hands!

Red Knife!

They are your food.


I will not allow you to hurt Natsu and Sonya.

I am, Red Happy!

I'm not afraid of you.

That was great, Happy!

Oh, Lucy!


Curse you Zash!


No, who are you?!


A dragon!

Take care of Happy and Sonya.

Not at all, your Majesty!

Be more careful with the historical buildings of our empire.

Give me the Staff, Zash!

You really wanted to take this shape or not!

You have accomplished your goal anyway?

This form is not perfect.

This is not the freedom, I wanted!

Then I'll give you freedom.

Your Majesty, you were really lucky.

Rage as much as you want...

Completely free.

There still seem to be a few fairies still hanging around.

Perhaps I should use them, developed in secret for a situation like today.

Come here, Quartum Army!

What kind of guys are they?


Th... These are really many!


What a force!

Quartum Army, keep Fairy Tail busy and give me time!

Who are they?!

The Quartum Army.

They are the fourth generation of the Dragon Slayer.

The fourth generation?!

They are artificial soldiers created with Dragon Slayer Lacrima.

Open, gate of the Shooter!



We aim at every one of them!

All right!

The Staff is above us?

Oh, Dragon Cry, show me your true power!

Mr. Father, that is...

Dragon Cry.

Hisu, evacuate all the people of the kingdom!

We must hurry, The wrath and the hatred of the dragons will rain on us!

What's going on?!

That looks bad!

It's time!

Oh, you deceased dragons, Make an iron hammer out of your rage... and strike down with it.

That bastard!


I'll fly you to the top of the tower!


Aye, Sir!

I can feel it!

The entire continent is a magic circle!

Disappearing, Fio...

What is it?

What is this?

Dragon Cry!

Natsu, it is definitely out of control!

We must stop him!

The Staff is mine!

Give it to me!

No way!


You are actually a Dragon Slayer!

Yeah, and?

Because of guys like you, the dragons have disappeared!

You have robbed us of our freedom!

This time I will give you people.

The wrath of the dragons taste!



Na... Natsu!

Dragon Cry, grant me my full power now!

The fight between the dragons and the Dragon Slayers has come to an end.

From now on, the age of dragons!

Please stop, Majesty!

Stop aside!

No, I can't!

I will not allow you to hurt these people even more!

Their souls are closely linked.

They shine like the stars of this world!

However, your souls has lost its luster.

And is in deep darkness.

You were a friendly person in the past...




Get up!


Stand up, Natsu!


Natsu! Natsu!

So your still alive, You creatures that exist only to destroy dragons?

I'm... not fighting to destroy dragons...

To my comrades.

To protect...

Only for that.

I fight!

Here and now!

Be quiet!

You rat!

You disgusting man...

You're also a dragon?!

I have recognized you, your true form!

You're not human!

You are the being who will destroy everything!

Me does not matter what I am!

I have devoted my existence completely to my comrades!

Blood meat or bone...

I need nothing of it!


The sky is normal again!

Did you manage, Fairy Tail?





Do I look?

Like Natsu. It is obvious.

My body.

Dissolves on...


I thank you for everything.

That you have raised me up...

Sonya, I saw it for the first time...



Where are you now?

The tear... of a Dragon.

Look, Dragon Cry!

A band?

Was this his original form?

It has disappeared somewhere.



The king... has deceived the people and me.

He lied to himself.

And to satisfy his self-interest, he has called this situation.

He has hurt many people.

He was a bad person.

Yet, He was something like family to me.

Even if, he used me, I was happy that he was by my side.

If possible, I would have given him other ways and...

On a mutually supportive basis.

I want to help.

Just like you.

The guild is our family, is not it?



Help! Help!

Perfect. This little girl will satisfied us.

I am the Dragon Slayer Acnologia.

I will destroy the dragons.

I'm sorry, I couldn't save you.

I will destroy all dragons.


I don't want to die yet...

Not yet...

This girl... is still alive...

Girl, tell me your name.

If you do it, we can probably both survive.



This is Acnologia.

Our enemy.

The battle has begun, Natsu.