Gekijouban Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (2010) Script

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Fuyuki Fire.

A memorial service is underway at the city's central park.

The cause of the disaster that claimed over 500 lives remains a mystery.

At the disaster site, the ground remains scarred.

About 400 of the bereaved offer prayers and flowers to the victims.

I can't eat another bite.

It's getting late.

I should be going.

I'll take you home. It's not safe out.

Don't forget to lock up.

That's a no-no, Kiritsugu.


Are you kidding? You were a great help.

Well, it's fun having dinner with a lot of people. Beats eating alone.

Your hand!

I must've cut it cleaning up.

Hear thee!

I command thee to my side.

And entrust my fate in thy sword.

Heeding to Holy Grail's refuge.

If thou surrender to this will and reason, answer my call.

Offer thine oath.

I embody Virtue in the Eternal World.

I chastise Evil in the Eternal World.

Thou art the Seven Heavens harboring the great spirit trinity.

Come forth O Keeper of Balance!

The Holy Grail Wars.

Seven Magi locked for centuries in an epic struggle... for a Holy Grail that can grant its owner every wish and absolute power.

In their battles, the Magi enlist the help of astral spirits called Servants.

Meanwhile, the Holy Grail awaits the emergence of a victor.

A single human Magi it deems most worthy of its stewardship.

The Servants are spirits of legendary heroes from history to whom the Grail has given flesh.

They exist on an astral plane and accompany the Magi.

But when necessary can be summoned as material beings and made to battle each other.

Such is the Grail's miraculous power.

And he who can obtain it... shall be master of the universe.

Who's there?

Oh no! Someone's still here.


Time to die.

I am Servant Saber. You summoned me.

I ask you.

Are you my Master?

Shiro Emiya.

You now inhabit a new world...

...where you must learn to kill or be killed.

For you are now a Master.

I will fight.

I'll end this senseless war.

Be happy, young man.

Your wish is at last fulfilled.

No posturing necessary.

As a human, your struggle is a just one.

Hey, you realize that we're supposed to be enemies.


I brought you to Kirei's church because you didn't know anything.

But you're a Magus now, right?

That leaves only one thing for us to do.

Oh, yeah.

What're you doing?

Don't give your enemy time to prepare.

I know that!

Then make a move.

Don't tell me you plan to show mercy.

'Course not!

It's just that...

I want to fight fair. That's all.

How tiresome.

Let's call it a day.

Starting tomorrow, though... we're enemies.


Hey, Tosaka... you're all right.

What? Stop that! Don't think I'll go easy on you.

I understand.

But I'd rather we didn't have to be enemies.

You're just the sort of person...

...I admire.

Look, just be careful, all right?

Saber may be good, but if you get yourself killed, it's all over.

Illyasviel! And Berserker!

Stand back, Shiro!

Crush him, Berserker.


An invisible sword.



No! You wanna die?!

I can't leave Saber.



Get out of the way? Of what?



Archer's weapon.

Like Berserker, he was aiming for me...

Unconcerned by you and Tosaka's presence nearby.

I'm impressed, Rin.

Your Archer is pretty good.

Let's go home, Berserker.

Bye-bye. See you soon, Big Brother.



Are you serious?

Berserker is stronger than I expected.

Fighting Saber and Shiro isn't wise right now.

I beg to differ. They're an encumbrance.

Reconsider, Rin.

Are you disobeying your Master?

I can't do that. As long as you're my Master.


You haven't yet told me what Epic Spirit you are.

Do you recall your real name?

No, not yet.

My memory betrays me.

Shall I tell you why?

Because you summoned me prematurely.

Why you conceited... Hey!

Get back here and help me move!


A dream?

May I have more?

Of course.

You're not a fussy eater?

No. If prepared well, I can eat anything.

How do you stay so slim eating so much? I'm jealous!


I'm starving! I need nourishment!

Hey! Since when are we running a guesthouse?

You'd better have a good answer.

My apologies.

I should've told you sooner, Miss Fujimura.

My home is being renovated and...

You don't say!

Then your sister arrived from overseas, huh?

Sounds hectic.

I planned to take off school and stay in a hotel.

But then Shiro offered to help.

I didn't want to impose but...

Don't be silly!

This house and Shiro...

...are yours to do as you please.

Thank you.


Me too, please.

Of course.

Sakura, you'll be late for training. Hurry!

Coming. Sorry.

Let's move!


Following me to school?

Servants protect their Magi.

The school's full of people.

I'll be fine. You wait here.

If you say so, Master, I've no choice but to believe you.

But promise me one thing.

If you sense any danger, call me.

If you feel you need my help, those thoughts will reach me.

But if there isn't enough time, use a Command Spell.

Okay. I promise.

Homurabara Academy Senior High School

What is this?

This sickeningly sweet sensation...

Yo Emiya!

Hurry or you'll be tardy.


What's wrong? You look a little pale.

Nothing. Just felt dizzy for a second.

Don't worry me, all right? You look like death.

A force field?

There's another Magus at this school. He's cast a force field around it.

So that's what I felt.

But for what aim?

Servants store up mana by consuming spiritual energy.

By feeding on the students, he strengthens his Servant.

How cowardly!

The force field is weak. I can keep it neutralized.

We'd better find this Magus.

Hear that?

A scream.

Emiya, wait!

She must've just fainted.

That's not it. Her vitality's been drained.

Wait, I think I can revive her.

See to her.


I didn't expect you'd wander over here alone.


Aren't you going to call your Servant?

Emiya's a bit slow. I'm sure he's forgotten how.

So you're the one responsible for this force field.

Correct. And I can kill anyone in it, if I so choose.

Stop it!

What? Who are you to give me orders?


You annoy me, Emiya.

Just die.

Let's go, Rider.

So he's our perpetrator.

Yeah, it's Shinji.

How's the girl?

She'll be okay.





They're all yours, Saber.

Understood, Master.

Ashes to ashes... dust to dust.

Let's get the force field's source!

Oh God.

Shinji! Why you...!

No! No, no, no, no!

No? How dare you!

Dissolve the force field now!

It wasn't me. I didn't kill them!

It was the Servant.

It wasn't me! Rider was obeying another!


I don't know!

It's my fault. I was careless.

They're breathing.

It's not too late!

They're all still alive.

Emiya, thank you.

No, really.

You stayed calm. I'm impressed.

We both lost ourselves a bit.

I'm used to seeing corpses. So I knew. That's all.

You are?

I'm surprised to see Saber here.

Yeah, where were you?

I came the moment I sensed my Master in danger.

But by then it was over.

You're damn right it was!

Would you like to hear all about it?

While you were goofing off, Shiro and I had our hands full!

Unwilling to fight, young man?

Without a Servant, how can I?

Rider was in it for herself!

So it's the Servant's fault?

Yeah. It wasn't my fault we lost.

And them... acting all high and mighty!

So you still desire to fight?

You're in luck.

There just happens to be a Servant available.











Let's have Saber destroy that eyesore, Berserker.

To do so...

I'll need that Command Spell.

Who are you?!

Protector of Ryudo Temple, the Servant Assassin.

You wish to pass?

Try if you dare.

You! Why'd you come?

Just passing through.

Archer! Assassin, where were you?

How curious. Two Servants in one place.

Caster, I see your Magus and Assassin's Magus are in league.

In league?

With that mere pawn of a man?

Then you've broken the rules.

Oh? I am a Magus who has summoned a Servant.

Is that a problem?

You're stealing human souls.

And using Assassin to fight for you.

Is that all?

Stop standing there!


What a nuisance.

Put me down!

Quiet! I feel stupid enough already.

Well? Can you move, Archer?

It looks like the end for you.

Saber's waiting outside. I can't spend any more time on you.

Fight me.

I beg your pardon?

You heard me! Take me on, Caster!

Bones of my sword... unleash thy rage.


Why did you miss?

I can take up my sword only when vowing a fatal blow.

To do so here is meaningless.

Then the two of you are much alike.


You don't like profitless killing.

And that boy won't stand to see innocent humans sacrificed.

You're the same.

Don't equate me to him!

Likewise. We are of vastly different nature.

It's a shame you're my enemy.

Join with me.


I can provide you with much better than your current partner.

Don't make me laugh!

I refuse. Your side lacks strength.

I've no reason to accept.

Then we've nothing more to discuss.

Correct. But since I'm the party-crasher here...

I've no reason to kill you, either.

You can go.

Say what?


Why let her escape?

She's responsible for all the havoc in town!

Why stop her?

Caster sucked up human vitality...

...for the mana to defeat Berserker.

Let her do that.

Then we'll defeat her.

Well, I don't operate that way!

I won't allow people to be sacrificed for those ends!

You can't save everybody.

Just accept it.

You can't save any life unless you're willing to kill for it.

I'm warning you.

So be it.

It ends here for you Shiro Emiya. The boy who wouldn't fight.



Why didn't you strike me?

It would be artless... pluck an ephemeral flower.


Another time, then.

Plan on interfering, samurai?

I was about to ask the same of you.

Release her!



Noble Phantasm Rule Breaker.

A host of contracts nullified. Betrayal and a wayward sword.

What did you do with Saber?!

Why, she's my familiar spirit now.

Start by killing that girl there.

No... stop.

Kill her.


You dare resist a Command Spell?

Run... Shiro.




I remember it.

Aren't you growing tired of resisting Command Spells?

Hmm. How unlucky for that girl to have found us here.

So you murdered Kirei?

He didn't seem the type to hand over the Grail willingly.

Is that...

...Mr. Kuzuki?

Did you check to see he was dead?

Why do you ask that?

Because I doubt he'd die so easily.

You're quite the pathetic woman.

Go rescue Saber. I'll handle the witch.

You understand that your sorcery's no match for Caster.

I will defeat her.

Nice sentiment.

But stopping Caster in this place won't be easy.

After all, she killed her own brother to save herself.

Why tell me this?

It is said the dragon's tooth resides in the King of Colchis' magic.

His daughter, Queen Medea, was considered a grand witch.


Hence my advantage in this place.

Saber will soon fall completely under my will.

You can't break Saber even with a Command Spell.

If only a heartbeat...

I'll have ample time to kill you.


I accept your earlier offer.

After declining once? How fickle you are.

Things have changed. With Saber, victory leans your way.

What're you saying, Archer?

Use the contract breaker.


Trace on!


I've one condition before joining you.

Condition? What now?

Allow them to escape this time.

They're hardly Magi now. Killing them holds no value.

Fine. Go quickly in defeat.

Let's go.

For what it's worth...

I made a mistake.

I should've defeated Caster earlier, regardless of the means.

I can't fully blame Archer for switching sides.

That's where I went wrong.

No you didn't.

You may have failed. But you weren't wrong.

So lift your head high.


You sure surprised me.

You projected the same swords as Archer.

It surprised me, too.

I'd never projected a weapon before. But his swords were different.

I skipped over all the thought processes, and saw a clear image.

As if it had been there all along.

We'll need a new game plan.

Oh yeah. I need to return this.

Yours, right?

I didn't realize until I saw one with the same shape in your home.

Maybe we can get Illyasviel to help us.

What, are you nuts?

The Master of Berserker would never ally with another.

We won't know until we try. There's a chance.

Forget it. You're way too trusting.

Archer might label clinging to a tiny hope as sheer stupidity.

But we're different.

We can find hope in death-defying odds.


What's going on here?


Chains of Heaven!

Once you're bound in these chains...

...not even the gods themselves could escape!


Come little doll.

No! I don't want to!



A spectator?

I know I'm quite a sight to watch.

But you should know your place!


How do you like my new Servant?

Beg for your life.

Maybe he'll spare you that at least.

No way!

You! Servant!

Move one finger and your Magus dies!


You realize killing my Magus won't stop me, don't you girl?

What're you doing?

Conditions have changed. She'd make a good vessel.

Good to see you, Tosaka.

Glad you're still alive.

I'm sure you know Caster's building strength.

Ryudo Temple is to be the next altar.

Can't afford to lose any territory.

Why not forget about Emiya... and join with us?

No thanks!

Join up to take orders from you? Don't be stupid.

For your information...

There's only one person who thinks you have the talent to be a Magus.

And that's you.

Time's up. Can't let this heart spoil.


Dammit! You'll be sorry!

Why'd you do it?

You knew you'd be killed appearing before him.

Why'd you run out?

No reason.

I wanted to save her.

You confirmed the suspicions I had of you.

Your ideas are warped.

You value other people's lives far above your own.

But you need to put yourself first.

You're always weighing down the scale with the welfare of others.

But you are the scale!

And you're willing to destroy it to save someone else.


It's fine if you were just an aimless person just simply living.

But you have a sense of self!

For one with so much conviction, you sure are careless.

Keep that up and you'll surely break apart.

I do what I do so that I won't break apart.

No. You're already broken.

I don't know what happened. But tell me.

What is it that made you so crazy?

Back at school... all those bodies didn't faze you. You even said so yourself.

You've seen as much before.

It's true.

It wasn't the first time for me.

But you're wrong.

That fire ten years ago saved me.

It's not to blame for whatever you think it did.

I was saved, and that's all.

How so?

I had accepted death.

I expected it.

In that condition, my body may have been saved.

But my spirit couldn't return.

In my emptiness...

I wondered if there was something noble to live for.

I was the only survivor, you see.

In exchange for all who had died...

I must spend my life helping people.

All the more reason to value your own life!

If fortune spared just you... you must respect that gift!

You have to heal all that pain with your happiness!

Thank you; you're right, Tosaka.

I know I've made mistakes. That's okay.

But wanting to live for others... I know that's not wrong.

There's not supposed to be an eighth Servant.

He's obviously not one of the chosen for this war.

And why partner with Shinji?

We must first focus on Caster. She builds mana as we wait.

You're right.

You two will never win alone!


Wait. I'm not here to fight.


You could use my help.

Help? ls this your idea or...

Orders from my Magus.

Caster grows stronger. My Magus seeks allies.

Consider it a temporary alliance to end once the job is done.

I'm in. How about you?

You expect us to trust you just like that?

I do. You have a fine woman as co-conspirator.

A fine woman helping you.

And you like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

I should tell you about the pendant you gave me.

There's only one.

What you found in my room is a pendant Archer returned to me.

I thought he had just picked it up somewhere.

I was sure you'd come back.

You'll have to fight me first.

Didn't take you long to find a new Servant.

Go on ahead.

Tell me... you really an archer?

You're good but...

But your swordsmanship.

It lacks pride.

Sorry to disappoint you. I don't have pride.

Gae Bolg!

Ro! Aias!


A spear that can pierce Aias.

What are you really?

Just an archer.


With a shield that can block a Noble Phantasm?

Notice anything?

Caster appears to be in trouble.

So this was your plan all along.

Trace on!

Dearest Soichiro.


Archer, I kind of suspected...

...but you didn't defect.




I missed.

What's that for?

I'm acting on my own now.

Still plan on killing Shiro?

Back off, Archer.

If you fight in your condition, Saber, you might vanish.

I vowed to serve as his sword. I'd protect him.

Then you will disappear!

Trace on.

That magic is too powerful for you.

The bill that has kept you alive thus far...

...gets paid in full now.

There's your limit.

Hear thee!

I command thee to my side. Entrust my fate in thy sword.

Heeding to Holy Grail's refuge If thou surrender to this will and reason... Answer my call.

I embody Virtue in the Eternal World.

I chastise Evil in the Eternal World.

Thou art the Seven Heavens harboring the great spirit trinity.

Come forth O Keeper of Balance!

Obey me!

And I will entrust this fate in your sword!

In the name of Saber, I accept the pledge.

I acknowledge you as my Magus... Rin!

Do you really think you can beat me now?

You used your Noble Phantasm. Your mana is depleted.

Without even a Magus, what can you do?

An archer can exist for two days without a master.

Plenty of time to kill him.

Why? Why pursue that conclusion?

What you seek is wrong. It is futile for you to persist.

You yourself cling to a mistaken goal.


We're in his mindscape...a world of his making.

A Reality Marble.

This is a world only I can possess.

Here, I can replicate weapons at will.

That is my talent as an Epic Spirit.

Your world, you say?

I'll show you by duplicating your holy sword.

You know not its true form.

I don't have to. But I can come real close.

Shiro, no!

Is that all you got?

What're you doing?

Unhand me, you fool!

Where you going?

Where we won't be bothered.

What about Rin?

An exchange.

That boy will have to pursue me.

What's more... Rin's your master.

Protect him if you will. But it won't replace your master's life.

He's going to Einzbern Castle.

No one will bother us there.


We'll hear your complaints.

But if you lay a finger on Tosaka...

I will kill you, Saber or no!

Is it finished, Boy?


Wait! He came to our aid.

Where's the girl?

Archer took her.

Say what?


You insist on killing Shiro?

The sooner the better for a softie like him.

A softie he may be...

But that's his strength.

He has to be that way.

By accepting him, I feel somehow saved.

Well, Tosaka!


What's wrong, Archer?

Trembling at my Gilgamesh?

You want Rin?

Why else would anyone visit this moldy castle?

Then wait till I dispose of Shiro Emiya.

After that, she's all yours.

If you don't like it, tough.

What a quaint little clown. Move.

Take it easy. Archer will vanish soon, anyway.

Hmph, the fake.

You're late.

Where's Tosaka?!

You took so long, I gave her away to Shinji.


My Master's ordered me not to let her die.

We had the exact same pendant.

But there was originally only one.

I believe you've carried it since your life was spared.

An heirloom of Tosaka's father.

So now I know your identity.

Epic Spirit Emiya.

That's your real name.

Shouldn't you embody Shiro's ideal of Man turned Hero?

Then why seek to kill yourself?

I did become the Epic Spirit you idealized.

I rescued people... even saved the world once.

But all I was left with afterwards was regret.

And ghosts of the dead.


To save as many humans as possible...

I killed, killed and killed again.

I slaughtered to fulfill my destiny.

And though I saved many times more people than I killed...

I can't even begin to count the dead.

I can never exit this circle.

But for one exception.

You regret everything?

Of course...

In fact, you weren't supposed to be an Epic Spirit.

That makes us different. I have no regrets!

I feel no sympathy for you!

By my own hand, I'll relieve you of your corrupted principles!

Then you know.

Fighting me means a battle for the blade works!

Trace on.



Keep still.

That's far enough, Lancer.


Kirei! You're alive!

You break your pledge by showing yourself, Master.

You disobeyed, too.

I told you to take care of Archer.

Don't worry. He'll self-destruct.

But that boy... is he your tool?

Don't second guess me.

To acquire the Grail, I formed an alliance with them.

Charlatan priest!

So you lied about wanting to save your pupil. What now?

No, she served a valuable purpose.

So I gave her protection. That was paternal enough. But I refuse to retire so easily.

Finish her.

If you wanted me to do it, you could've used a Command Spell.

Then I order you now. Kill thyself, Lancer.


Damn you, Kotomine!

Rin, you must go, too.

Lancer, you...!

If I knew I'd die like this...

I wouldn't have become a hero!

Fools! Kill each other for all I care!

The Grail is yours, my ass!

Now the Grail... all mine!

I'll share it with you if you're nice.


Start pleading, Tosaka.

Don't you touch her.

Why aren't you dead?

Buzz off!


We must treat that wound!

A heart burst by Gae Bolg won't heal.


Farewell, Lancer.

I didn't know you long. But I'd say you were my type.

Sorry, lassie.

Come back when you're older.

You think your swordsmanship is equal to mine?

You're still too green in the bones!


"I am...

"I am... the bone of my sword."

"Steel is my body."

"Steel is my body." "And fire is my blood."

"I fought over a thousand battles."

"I fought over a thousand battles." "Never knowing loss."

"I fought over a thousand battles." "Never knowing loss." "But never understood."

"Always fighting alone."

"Always fighting alone." "Poised atop a battlefield"

"Always fighting alone." "Poised atop a battlefield" "Drunk on victory."

"Ultimately, my life has no meaning."

"Ultimately, my life has no meaning." "My whole body was...

...Unlimited Blade Works."

So now you see the future that awaits you.

A lost creature imprisoned by futile ideals.

Do you now understand your true self?

Why you...!

Do you really seek to be a hero?

Not "seek to be." Will be!

Well of course!

That's all you have!


A longing!

The joy on the face of the man who saved you.

That's what you wish for!

Your ideals are not even your own!


You've been ruled by an obsession that you must help people!

It's become a pipe dream. You just haven't noticed!

You're living in a fairy tale.

If you can't live without that, then die dreaming!

My whole body was...

My whole body was unlimited blade works.

Still you persist.

I won't let you beat me.

I may lose to others...

...but I won't lose to myself!


I'm right!

You're too stupid to accept that you're outmatched.

I'm not mistaken! Justice is on my side!

That was my mistake, too!

Well, it won't be mine!


My victory, Archer.

Yeah... and my loss.

No matter what obstacles lie ahead, I'll have no regrets.

I'll overcome them!

That you must. Or it's all a lie.

Pretty entertaining.

Two like-minded imitations locked in a pathetic battle.

Now you see what real strength feels like.

Imitations belong in the trash.


You can beat him. I know you can.

How dare you take my Archer!

Stand back!

I'll get soiled by dust.

You got lucky, maggots.

Running away?

I must quickly complete the Grail.

If I lose my master and the Grail bubbles over, who knows what it may do?

He plans to complete the Grail at Ryudo Temple.

So we attack?

You hold Gilgamesh at the gate. Shiro and I will enter from the rear.

No, Saber's at a disadvantage against him.

How so?

His powers are too destructive.

He needs a foe with the same type of power.

Then who?

The same type of power?

His foe must be...

You, right?

Your only hope is to use Archer's Reality Marble.

That requires immense magic.

A good sorcerer knows how to borrow from elsewhere.

What I mean is...


Can't be helped. You'll have to do.

You wanted the Grail, right?

It's very, very valuable.

Don't let it go.

Transplant Rin's spell marks to me? Is that possible?

What other option is there?

If it works, I can feed you the power to form a Reality Marble.

Focus your energy and let's begin.

Hiyoku... rise. Control these marks.

No. 1, No. 16, stop.

Eng rave thy covenant.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... innumerable, smaller, larger, larger, smaller...

Hiyoku... form!

Did it work?

Now it's all up to you.

Okay. Thank you, Tosaka.

Tosaka? What's wrong?

My memories... you saw them.

I... well...

You jerk!

I waited for you, Saber.


Caster has disappeared.

How can you still retain that form?

She may be a sorceress...

But a Servant has no control over another Servant.

She summoned me and chose this place for my dwelling.

I must remain here to defend this gate.

I shall not see the daybreak.

But I am thankful for this final opportunity.

You mean, to fight me.

This body must fall like petals.

If I can greet this end with you, I'll have no better grave.

What is that?

Is that the Grail?

Not in its true form.

But it's about to burst.

Must I see your ugly faces again?


Can't be.

Who's Saber fighting, then?

That cocoon hatches.

I think the Grail would like a bigger audience for its birth.

Perhaps your lives will have meaning after all.

You can help bring it into the world.

Is that so? Well, I've got bad news!

We're spoiling this birthday party!

Woman, who gave you permission?

Trace on!


Come on! Try to keep up!

Divine Experience.

Blade work complete.

Full projection stand-by!

Oh? So you can replicate my Noble Phantasms on sight, huh?

Well, then allow me to...

Cease and melt!

...give you a grade!

Full Projection Sword Barrel!




A beautiful little bird... that fights like a lion.

I would've been better matched by Archer.

At least he didn't live by borrowed principles.

That's what he said about you, wasn't it?

Yes, he did.

Beyond the dream lies disillusionment, he said.

And yet he pursued it, anyway with relentless abandon.

As someone with unattainable ideals...

I admire that noble devotion!

Who cares if the dream is borrowed if I'm willing to fight for it?!

To the end!

You're pretty persistent. I thought you'd be dead by now.

Now disappear!

Get back, Shiro!

I'll take him.

No, I can handle him alone, Saber!


Help Tosaka stop the Grail.

Good luck.

Are you nuts?

Refusing the help of your Servant?

I realized my trade isn't actually sword-making.

It's harnessing the power of my mind!


What I make... are whole worlds... of swords... in limitless quantity.

I call it...

"Unlimited Blade Works!"

A magic circuit?

These are all imitations.

As you said, trivial to you.

But who says imitations can't cut like the real thing?

Come on, Hero King! I'm fully armed!

Don't get cocky, mongrel!


No! Don't touch that magma!


It's gonna burst. Shred it with a Noble Phantasm!

Get out of there quickly! Leave the rest to me!

Damn... we're trapped.

Sorry, Shinji.

Just go.

I don't want to hear your whimpering.

Saber! Do it now!




It can't be!

Disappeared, huh? Pathetic girl.

You bastard!

Give it your best shot, boy!


How can I...

...lose to an imposter!

Take that!

No you don't!

What the...?

I thought you needed to feed on a magician to complete yourself.

I'm a Servant! What are you taking me for?

Duck to your right.

You... bastard...




Be my Servant again.

I'm sorry. I don't have that right.

What's more... I'm done here.

My battle is finished.

But then... you'll forever be...

All right, look. I leave this world with no regrets.

But watch over "me," Rin. I mean, the guy's helpless, right?


Okay, I will. I'll do my best.

I'll help him learn to value himself.

So you do the same.

I've got my answer.

Don't worry, Tosaka. I won't let you down.

Darn it... he didn't give me a chance to complain.

Sometimes, I remember... the clunky clang of metal.

A blinding, obstinate duel in the distance.

A clash of deep convictions.

By forcing my aspirations, I only wound up confronting myself.

I don't have the answer yet.

That probably won't come for a very long time.

Kizutsuku koto bakari no hibi ni Omoi wa mukuwarenaimono nan datte Sonna fuu ni kanjite shimau yo Haruka na yume e no tabi no tochuu de Dakedo koko de tachi tomareba Jibun ni makesou na kigashite Kuchibiru wo gyutto Kami shimeta yoru kikoetekita dareka no koe ga Tsukiakari ni hibikidashi Sono koe ga watashi wo tsuki ugokasunda Furimukeba itsudatte anata ga soba ni ite Sotto yuuki kureta yo ne Miageta sora ni kagayaku ano hoshi no you ni Tadoritsuku basho Kaerubeki basho michibiiteku

Osanai hi no kioku Yobiokosu you na koe Yasashii kao ni mou nando mo tasukerareteiru kara Itsu no hi ni ka kanki no uta wo todoketai yo Kigatsukeba itsudatte anata ga soba ni ite Sotto yuuki kuretanda Tatta hitotsu futari wo terasu ano hoshi no you ni Tadoritsuku basho Kaerubeki basho michibiiteku

There is nothing left to say The boy remains, while He departs Leaving only the memory of clashing swords Along a distant path... a faint echo as a guide...

A young man heads toward the wilderness