Genius Party Beyond (2008) Script

What's going on?!

A meteorite? Thunder struck!

It's burning! It's on fire!

Have guys sent there!

What is this?

A huge rock or a mountain?

What kind of "kami" are you?



Answer me!

Keep us away from any troubles.

Wh-What's that?!

It's alive...

Co... oni?

Hagoromo! HAGOROMO!!

Co-oni! Over here!

Are you alright? What's the matter?

I got a message from Jii!

He said to gather before the Oomiyake when we hear the Sound!

Alright! See you there!

That's a good thing! That's a good expression!

With hospitality and ease, and comfort that comes, we have to make sure it comes into full bloom.

What is it?!

To those who feel the sound!

Look at this!

You people have now just become Gakujin!

I want you to go out into the world and comfort all the people that you meet!

Go right now! Right now!

This is rare! How strange!

This is fun! The random guests are tingling with excitement!

Be awakened!! Start dancing!!


I'm counting on you!


Mom! Mooom!!

They are sprouting!



What's the matter Yuki?

What's with that down and out look on your face?

That's because we are currently down and out, aren't we?!

I guess the BOTTOM fellas messed up this place too.

There's no place on this earth that isn't down and out right now.

Look. Even the ruins here have been dug up already.

I doubt there's any hidden treasure anywhere else.

Civilization sure is a frightening thing...

Enough with your philosophy. We don't have enough money!! Money!!

Yuki, you're gonna go to hell you know?

Geez, no matter how much we investigate and how far we look, it's just a waste of time.

Master! Any information on your side?

This shop practices customer preference doesn't it?

Yes, I guess it does.

Nothing here...

Ah, that reminds me...

What is it?

The old man at the Clock shop at the outskirts on the west was raving about...

... some old map that just came in.

When was that?!

I'd say about 2 to 3 days ago...

I heard it from one of the customers so I'm not too sure about the details either.

That old guy... collecting antiques is one of his hobbies...

I think it's worth finding out more...

Hey you... you ate it right? You ate my......

"Darts Bar 'Tropical Fish'" How many times do I have to tell you not to eat someone else's food?!

How many times do I have to tell you not to eat someone else's food?!

Wh-What's the matter, Yuki?!

Somebody stop her!!

Get up, Micchi! We have to stop Yuki!

"Watches and Cameras"

Please excuse me!!

Aah, you're talking about the island of giants.

The island of giants?

It seems there exists an island of giants who produce all the clouds in this world.

And I heard that a mountain load of treasures are buried on that island.

I've never heard of that......

This island of giants, which ocean is it in?

Which ocean... Well I think it's...

Hey old man... we can send you straight up to heaven right now if you want...

I got hold of a map recently...

Where exactly is the map?!

What's this?

You expect me to give you the map just like that?

The first generation Captain Zico had more brains than that.

I'll let you have her for an hour.

I have some very unique habits you know?!

Not a problem!!

Help me!!

What do you think of this! You female hog!!

It's hot? Is it hot?!


It's a good thing that we have the map now...

I'm honored to be of help...

I'm surprised that old man gave it up so easily.

I worked very hard. It was very hot indeed. I wonder if it's the real thing.

Th-This is...?

......I can't read this at all.

It looks like some ancient writing that's already extinct.

It's a pretty simple language.

That old man was in a pretty tight situation I must say...

There's a scholar somewhere on the outskirts of the southern district right?

Yes, that fella who looks like 'Pii' right?

He just might have the information that we need.

I see! After all, he is a 'Pii'!!


Wh-Who are you people?!

Good evening!!

Well, have some tea. Ah, thank you.

What did you say?!

You're saying you can read this writing?!

Yes. This writing is known as English...

...the most commonly used language in the mid-century.

It's a simple language made up of a combination and repetition of 24 alphabets.

Well, however, the only one who can read this in this country... probably just me.

You guys have come to the right person I must say...

We have no time to listen to your analysis! Hurry up and get on with the reading!!

I'm getting tired.

After all, I'm not providing language readings as a volunteer activity you know...

I'll let you have her for an hour.

I-I...... I-I-I-I have a slightly different hobby from others......

Not a problem!!

You spectacled monkey!!

You baldy!! Does this feel good?!

Please punish me more!! My master!!

Keep the insults coming!!

Are you sure about this? I'm gonna turn it off. - Yes!!

Let me get to the conclusion right away. This isn't a map to some treasure.

Hush hush... please be quiet... the best is yet to come.

This is your destination.

From the mouth of the Giant that spews out clouds, head for the horizon of earth. ...Fall far and deep in.

There you will find the sign that will point you to the treasure.

Is what's written here... I think. - I think?!

I think you can call this...

The map to the map of the treasure by the legendary Henry Morgan.

We have to gather all the stuff we need.

We can't get there by boat. We need a spaceship. We have to buy one!

But the money...... We don't have enough of that at all.

We need a one time showdown then. To the Fats Shop it is!!

Let's Go!!

"Pool Bar 'Tamaya 314'"

That's a very high rate bet you've got there.

You plan to put that on my tab again, little brat.

I'm sorry but I don't have the time for a long game with you.

I'd like a one time showdown.

What's the rules? We'll play the 9-ball, I'll do the break.

If I cut the whole round, I'm the winner. If I miss, you win the match.

Will you accept the challenge? Or will you not? Which is it?

I say, that's another disadvantageous rule on my side.

The rate's too low. I want a double on that.

That's all the money I have!! Not a single penny more!

Can't be helped I guess.

That's right... that cutie you have... put her on the betting table too.

No way!!

2 hours with that woman then!!

Alright, let's get started!

M-Master Zico! I can't do this anymore!! I'm gonna win this for sure!!

I'm sorry, Shot Gun Fats, but your legend is coming to an end today.

That's impossible!!

- Alright! Alright! Alright! Alright! - Oh no!!

Alright alright alright alright!!

- Alright alright alright alright!! - I'm gonna be crushed!!

Now we're absolutely penniless.

Hey. Do you hear me, Zico!? I'm thinking!!

Hey you really like your Anago Eels, don't you?

Uhm? But Anago Eels are super yummy!!

Hey you, that's really disgusting.

I know you can't seem to think straight and...

...all that chattering by the youngsters have gotten to you.

But you should stop beating the hell out of them just because of that.

I got it!! - What?!

That super hurts!

"Quality Airship Sales"

Here we go, Zico, Yuki, Pekepeke.

It's open!

Did I not say to break open the door?

"DOOR" "WALL" Did I not say to break open the door?

"DOOR" "WALL" I find it harder and harder to talk to her as time goes by.


"DOOR" "WALL" Well, nevermind. It's open anyway.

Come to think of it, we should've just stolen it in the first place.

We wouldn't need any money then.

That's right. Why didn't we think of that earlier?

Hey hey, don't say that.

Hey, there isn't any fuel in this thing.

We're totally out of ideas now.

We mustn't give up just like this.

Wanna rob a bank or something?


This planet is just not a blessed one...



What is it?! Will you guys be quiet?!

"Best Rates!" "Treasure Hunting on Giant Island!"

This seems to be traveling pretty fast, won't you say?

Don't say that!

Right now my heart feels like it's gonna burst from all the anxiety.

The ocean is huge...

Next stop, Island of the Cloud Spewing Giant.

Welcome Ashore!!

Welcome Ashore!

(It seems to be just a boring tourist place.) (You don't know yet.)

Hey mister, let me borrow this. Huh?

What happens if there's nothing but lava in there?!


Let's just decide after we've fallen inside!! How cool!!

It was pretty low. Yeah... it was.

Alright! We're here!

Hey mister! Can we exchange this for a new map?


"Giant Island Tourist Association"

"Giant Island Tourist Association"

Are you feeling better now?

Let's try the next one!!

Very positive attitude.

How cool!

I knew my master was the best!!


Mommy, it's an ogre! Mommy!

An ogre!


An ogre is here!

Daddy! Juice! Juice!

Juice! Juice...

Mo... mmy!!

Hold on!

Wait up!

An... orge...


Ohhhhhhhhh Noooooooo!!

That hurts... no don't!

That hurts!!

Over here! Over here! Over here!

Alright... alright... alright... alright...



Hold on!!

Hold on!!

Hold on! Hold on! Hold on!!!!!!!!!

It's a doggy!!

A one two! A one two! Oh oh oh!

Doggy, doggy, sleepy doggy.

It's time to wake up.

Let... us... play...

What's the matter?

Did you hurt your little feet?

Shall I rub rub on some cream for you?

Shall I pat pat you to sleep?

Pat pat...

Go away go away all your pains...

You can do it!




You're a big boy now... so you mustn't cry...


Your mother's had a hard time!

Uhm... That hurts!!

There he is!!

Daddy! It's a doggy!!

It's a doggy!

Hey! Don't rap on the windows!

It's a doggy!

It's a doggy!

That's all!! It's over!!

Wha... What!? Is it over already?

I wanted to show up in his dream! He was such a cutie.

Ah! Thank you.



We will be conducting a compulsory search of the administrative bureau.

You know why we're here, right?

Miss, there's a limit to the toys you can play with and those that you shouldn't play with.

If you're not careful, you could end up on the wrong side of things.

That does not belong to this side of the world.

These are just some rumors I heard from the people around these areas. It's dangerous.

So please stop what you're doing.

Indeed... It is Tou.

The Tou Bug has been raised inside dolls and are being sold secretly.

There's no mistake about that.

A big one has escaped outside The risk of a dimension destruction is very high.

Execute the necessary measures right now!

I got it.

Right now, the sanitary department has been dispatched and is now on standby at the South Exit of the Government corporation.

Please have the Search Department meet them at the location stated. Over!

Mr. Shimada... This is bad... It's much too big...!

Come with me.

That's why I love fried icecreams.


What is this...


Super Mysterious...

What I enjoy is very near... no?

No... no way...

It's isn't as simple as you think....

What's that? for example... say for example... shall we have a butterfly fluttering about in the fields.

for example... say for example... shall we have a butterfly fluttering about in the fields.

I want to capture the butterfly...

Oh! An alien!

I hate you!

Shin! Take this!

To the right...

Yes, right there.

I told you it's not that...

1... 2...





1 1...



sour and sweet

Shin! Take this!


If... if I disappeared from this world... would you be sad?

If it's me...

I don't like it!

I love winter... it's white and...snow, ice.'s cold!

Kotatsu... mikan...

I love cold season... and... cold and hot!

That's why I love fried icecreams!


So beautiful...

I love...!




That hurts!



GALA Directed by Mahiro Maeda

MOONDRIVE Directed by Kazuto Nakazawa

"WANWA" THE DOGGY Directed by Shinya Ohira

TOUJIN KIT Directed by Tatsuyuki Tanaka

DIMENSION BOMB Directed by Koji Morimoto