German Angst (2015) Script



My guinea pig Mucki lost fingers.

I don't know how it happened.

One morning, when I went to feed her, they were gone.

The wounds could not heal by themselves...

It is given that the bone was exposed.

There was not enough tissue to suture the wound, said the vet.

So they had to amputate the whole leg.

I asked that they only amputated to the knee, but the vet said it was not a good idea, because he would not be able to walk on the stump.

Many veterinarians avoid doing this kind of operation, because guinea pigs don't heal easily.

But the wound is healed...

And Mucki lives well even with only three legs.

Near Potsdamer Platz, a man killed and dismembered his wife in front of her six children.

Police found the body of a woman of about 30 years, on the 5th floor... of a building inhabited mostly by Turkish and Arab families.

The neighbors called the police at 13:15 when they heard a loud quarrel.

Angry, Hakan 32, attacked his wife, Zeynep, on the roof terrace, where they were arguing before decapitating her and throwing her head in the garden.

Then he cut her right breast, while shouting "Allahu Akbar", God is great.

According to a police spokesman, the man was immediately arrested although he resisted.

The police did not release information about his religion.

The man of Turkish origin was declared mentally ill... and he was interned in a psychiatric clinic

"I thought I was Jesus and she was the devil," he said in court.

Now his children, two girls and four boys, receive psychological care in an orphanage.

The children, aged between 1 and 13 years, were physically unharmed.

According to neighbors, the man met often with his mistress... who lived in the same house with her two children.

His wife threatened him with divorce which then it turned into quarrel and murder.

The man had been under investigation for tax evasion, and various traffic violations.

However it has a history of violent crimes, police said.

Now we change the subject...

The castration of a male guinea pig is the eradication of the testicles.

The surgery under anesthesia is practiced by a veterinarian.

This is very stressful for the animals, therefore it must be done very carefully.

After surgery, the wound can be sutured or left open.

Open wounds heal much faster, but there is a greater risk of infection.

The operation takes only 20 minutes, but then it must be supervised by a veterinarian...

Not all apply anesthesia, as some guinea pigs die from it, and they may even die after surgery.

It can also form an abscess... and it should be treated with antibiotics.

But they can weaken the animal.

After castration, the animal often loses it's appetite... and it undergoes some changes in behavior.

I am Jesus and you are the devil.

Many animals don't like to be touched.

When I stroke my guinea pig, he looks up... because he wants to be left alone. It's a warning.

Guinea pigs don't like the caresses.

Often we misunderstand this behavior.

Before, when I took her to bed with me, he wrapped himself around my neck.

I thought he liked to be hugged.

But it remained still only... to be disturbed as little as possible.

Actually only he wanted to get back in his cage.

My guinea pig is easy to take care of, now he realized that he can not escape.

He is resigned to his inevitable fate...

He knows that I don't care whether he is in pain or not.

Wait, you fool. Let me catch my breath.

You look like a savage. You don't need air, you have me!

Let's explore.

Let's go there.

MAKE A WISH It's huge!

It's beautiful... What is it?

It is an old story.

It's a magical amulet that can protect you.

Come on! Move! Faster!

Move your ass! Quickly! Quickly!


Leave me!

Come on, come on... Get moving.


Go up, come on! Faster!

Good. Come on, grandpa!

Good. Get back.

Shut up! Calm down!


Come! Come!

You are a criminal!

Shut your mouth, Polish whore!




Where are you going?

Where are you going?

Yes, it is beautiful.

What is that? Is it for us?

No... Quiet, it doesn't end there.

Look there!

There is nothing more moving than a pair of sweethearts.



They would like popcorn.

It seems a dream.

How about it, Hilda?

What does she know about it? Shut up, you idiot!

We have to speak English, remember?

We don't want to change before our friend.

What a wonderful day. Can I sit and rest a bit?

Can't you speak in english?

Don't you know how to?

You don't even know to say "hello", or "I'm sorry"? Say something, anything.

Otherwise, we will make you talk.

I got it?

We can not talk.

What the fuck!

They are both deaf mute. No.




You know how to read lips? My God!

Your guy can read my lips?

You're disgusting, fuck!

Read my lips.

You make me sick. Yes, right.

What did he say? "What did he say?"

They know how to write! They know how to write!

This is my first letter from a deaf-mute. Exciting.

No, not really. I'm leaving.

Go to hell, it's exciting.

"Please, we don't want trouble."

I decide who should and who does not have problems.

This is my territory.


You think you can come here and have fun?

And this? You think I'm kidding?

What is this? Who do you think you are?

Bitch... please.

Don't even think about moving. Don't be a hero!

What's the matter? There's a hero here!

Yup? A fucking hero?

Frisk them.

Let's see... What have we here?

Jacek Falecki. A Polish bastard.

And you, pussy?

Kasia Bi... Bi... Biedryczynka.

I can't even pronounce this shit name.

No wonder you're dumb.

It's an invasion of dirty Poles?

Well, I am Polish? Yes.

You fucking Polish? Yes. - No, shit! No!

I hate them!

I left England because of them! They are like an infection!

They take our jobs! Bastards!

Kill them, fuck. Calm down, man. Calm down.

We have not yet begun.

What are you doing here in our country?

This is Germany. Germany! Yes!

All right. Ok.

The tension is unbearable.

"We were born and raised here. We are Germans."

Do you understand? They are Germans. Very well.

Now I feel much better.

Now we will do a test.

It's not a joke.

It's to see if you are really Germans.

If you pass the test, we'll go and not give you any more trouble.

You simply need to sing the German national anthem.

I can not hear anything! Can you? No.

You must just be shy.

Are you ready?

Begin! I can't hear anything!

Sing! don't write.

It's really brave.

What did they write?

"Fuck you, Nazi motherfuckers."

"Fuck you, Nazi motherfuckers."

Does it seem funny?

Oh, fuck!

There's no hero, but we have a heroine!

Polish bastards! We already defeated you once before!

Keep the son of a bitch there, I want you to look.

Isn't she beautiful?



Hit it! Again!

Excuse me, I didn't understand you. Do you want some paper?

Yes! Yes! Yes!


Get up, Polish cunt!

Now comes the best part.

Did you have fun? Yes a lot.


Are you stupid or deaf?

What's happening to you?

It means something.

What's happening to you?

We have no time for your fucking letters.

No! No! Please, give him some paper.

Don't do that! You're scaring me!

Show him. "I'm Jens."

I don't understand. What the fuck does that mean? "I'm Jens!"

Brilliant, man! You could be an actor!

Hello, Jens. I am Joseph Goebbels!

And this is getting boring. What do we do with her?

We'll take you to the land of pain!

Hey, Jens.

Come on, wake the fuck up. Wake up.

Bring her.

What's wrong with Jens, Hilda?

I have no idea, he's always been strange.

What do you want? Come on! Walk!

Walk! Go! Move!

Sit down, now! Sit down!

Are you done spitting? Watch your little girlfriend.


How are you?

He's starting to like it. How about you?

You're never going to get out of here... Over my dead body.

Hallelujah! He speaks! Jens? Hey, you all right?


Are you...

Stop hitting him!

Your bitch likes it!

Give me the rag.

Darren... there is a game, we did as children.

It's called "The Hot Seat".

Hold him down on the ground.

Now I throw it over.

Three, two, one... Go!

I... I feel... so comfortable!

I don't think you'll be writing for a while, motherfucker.



Is this the English method? I don't know.

English, Russian, Chinese, whatever. Pain is international.

...his bones.

You want to try it too? Do you want more blood?

Hit him! Hit him! Do it or I'll kill you!

You have to bury him.

It has a fucking Polish eagle. Eagle?

He flew away from him.

Come, look at this.

This is art, man. Beautiful.

You can scream all you want here in Germany.

Well done. Bravo. The bitch is still alive. Good morning!


What are you doing? I?

You have a choice.

A choice? No, I haven't.

Polish dirty son of a bitch.

Look at him. His face.

I'm sure you would want to trade places with me.

But it's impossible.

Why we don't ask. We don't explain.

We just know... that you are the victim... and you will be executed.

You have nothing to complain about.

Today is your day.

I will not have mercy... compassion, comprehension... and martyrdom.

I'll be despised!

I'll be hated!

I am what I am... and I will drag this guilt with me!

Everywhere I go!

For him... everything will end with a happy silence.

And for me... my nightmare is only beginning.

For those who believe that it is easier?

Bye Bye.

Come on, baby!

Bye Bye!

We must finish what we started.

I will help you to turn it on. Yes! Yes!

Shit! Again!

How are you now, you fucking Polack?


Fuck you!

Now let's have a beer. Come on!

When I talk about these events, I am never sure if they are real... or sick dreams that go through my brain.


Have you heard? What?

That sound.

Love, You just imagined it. What's happening?

You don't believe me, Maya. It's OK.


He began... the day, when you left me.

Maya, you misunderstand.

What kind of artist would photograph the tits of a prostitute?

It's just work.

Come on, it's a model. It's my job.

Eden, we are ready. don't talk, Eden.

Maya, please.

You can discuss it later. There is a stain.

Think about it.

We can talk about this later? I have to work. Where do I put the bottle?

Wait a moment.

Don't worry. You have all the time you want.

Maya, dammit, listen. You won't miss me.

I've never been important.

Cornelson wants that bottle in the frame.

Sr. Helmut Newton, can your little assistant put it there?

I know a perfect place for the bottle.

"Photo Art" called me the magician of the camera.

But in those days I felt only a hollow man.

No more awards, only bottles.

And all because of you, love. I had to stop thinking about you.

I had to... Call the Samaritans.


I did a little research.

I ended up in a blog, where I met her.

"Snow White. The love and pleasure are incompatible?"

Love is in the program, the pleasure is the malware.


It was a very bad idea.

"How about escire tonight?"


Don't be shy.


You bet.

"Been to the club Mabuse? 23:00? It's a fun place." - Yes.

"I know where it is, but I've never been there. I haven't had time."

"How do I confess?"

Relaxed, and wearing good clothes.

"I'll recognize you".

The club was far from the tourist centers.


I felt like an old man, not to mention the clothes.

Okay, you can go. Have fun.

It would be, if it was possible to find her... or at least, I thought.

He caught my attention.

Hello, I'm Eden. Pleasure. I am Kira.

I like your accent. I like your looks.

Thank you.

Russian? Ukraine.

Have you danced with her? Yes sure.

Danced, talked, drank...

"Snow White"

You were right. I recognized you as soon as I saw her.

I knew that God would send someone to save my soul.

Bad girl.


Roll it up.

Do you want to save my soul?

You don't have to enter my world.

It's too late. They are already in your world.

Stop... Stop.

SNOW WHITE You only knew her for a few minutes, and you ran after her.

Something dragged us... like a magnet.


A latecomer invited.

Hi, this is Eden. A friend of Kira.

I saw you in the club, Eden. Saw?

Yes. You glowed in the darkness.

Yes, I had an appointment there tonight.

But unfortunately it was interrupted.

Yes. And now you want to finish it, don't you?


But I'm afraid you can't here.

This place is reserved for members.

No problem. I can become a member.

And what would you be willing to give in return?

I am the best photographer in Berlin. My photos are really striking.

Accept me as your teacher.

And be prepared to do things that may be considered crazy during the day.

Sometimes when you enter, you can not leave.

You are right. It would be madness to accept that.

I was just kidding.

Good night.

Kira greet your part.

The man was harmless. Do you understand?

It's OK. I Agree.

Then you have to kiss me.

You're telling me, the price is a kiss to be part of that secret club?

It sounds ridiculous, you don't believe a word of what I say.

You are right.


I should have been warned.

But it was as if I knew what was coming.

As if that place... I was waiting for it.

People my age prefer "Sunflowers" by Van Gogh.

But I confess that I prefer wet vaginas more.

Cleo. Who's your new friend?

My dear "Rose of Jericho", don't forget that tonight it's my turn.

Do you want to save it for another evening?

According to the script, I am a reasonable woman.

Cleo is a TV producer. The man beside him is a famous biologist.

Genetically modifies plants. It improves their nature.

He belongs to this place, Peter. I know.

Sorry, science calls.

I don't think they were Puritans. He could tell something was going to happen.

Kira? Be discreet.

If you want to go to Kira, follow me.

Or you can leave. The decision is yours

"Mandrake". In the Middle Ages people were convinced... she possessed magical powers.

They believed that would be collected under the scaffold, because burgeoned thanks to the sperm of the condemned.

So nowadays it should be easy to find.


In German it is called "Alraune" and comes from the term "raunen".

Which means to mumble or whisper.

Thanks to Mandrake, I can feel your desires... in your nerves, my friend.

She brought you here. Kira was just your sweet desire.

But tonight you'll get much more than a sweet desire.

You'll get used. Come on, again.

Now you have to trust me. You can do it?

I can not say that I like.

You can still get up and go away.

It's only the beginning, until you get used to this experience.

Now comes the most important part.

When it happens, you really want to peek, But don't you dare take off the blindfold.

Don't look. Got it? Yes.

What the hell was I doing? It was too late to leave.


Eden... Kira, Kira, Kira...

I can not handle it anymore. It's a vicious circle.

Please Peter... One last time.

I hope you will not disappoint me.

So did you get fucked? It was not how to do it with a woman.

It's was like... a dream.

Ah ok. Then no problem.

I've never experienced such a thing.

Every thought or wish that I could think of...

...had been satisfied by her.

Good morning.

The side effects will disappear soon.

I'm fine. I know.

Welcome, Eden.

When I got home I was exhausted.

I was lonely.

Ready? Kira, I am your admirer.


Hello, dancer. I...

I don't want you to call me here.

You should write it on your business card.


I just wanted to say thank you for the most beautiful experience of my life.

It's was really special.

Eden, stop calling. We can never go there again.

Kira, come on. I really hope to see you next Saturday.

Kira? When did you leave?

Do you know what the word "Alraune" means?

I think it means "whisper".

That is the second syllable.

The first comes from "alb," and the German word "nightmare".

Listen, Eden. You must relax your neck muscles...

When you are blindfolded.

It's all an illusion...

When they relax, the blindfold over your eyes becomes loose.

And you can glimpse through the bottom.


You have to look.

A strange body is born from the head of the dead ant...

Guess what I did on the following Saturday.

But this time something was different.

Yes. Once things quieted, they got twisted.




Hello! How are you?

Kira won't be returning. She finished with the group.

I thought that the members could not leave?

You came here to reflect or to have fun?

You must relax your neck muscles.

It's 's all an illusion.

Come on, sailor.

It begins again. But this time is different.

All my internal reflections were on alert.

You have to look.

Eden... From now on, you have to follow the rules.

I'm not kidding...

You put yourself in danger.

It was what my mother told me when she caught me masturbating.

You don't understand!


I apologize.

The dreams don't do these things. Of course, love.

I knew then I was in real trouble.

I had to speak with Kira, but she didn't answer the phone.

So, the next night...








Eden? Yes. Are you OK?


Excuse me, but the door was open.

Go away. I... I just wanted to talk to you.

Go away. Come on, Kira. Just a second.

Get out! Hey... Listen...


Go away!

Don't do it!

My God. Kira, stop! Stop!


I'll help you. Mom!

Mom! My mom!

Shit! Mom!

Someone answer, dammit!

What happened? Nothing.

Do you want to save my soul?

Peter, open up!

Open the door!

We need to talk.

Kira died. She killed herself.


I'm sorry. Perhaps she was too much of a child.

A butterfly with wings of dust.

Beautiful poetry... Ugly situation.

To be one of his servants, you need stronger wings.

Shut your mouth. Servant to whom?

After tasting their passion, you belong to them.

You are wrong. You're wrong, old man.

I belong to no one!

It might be hard to accept, but I don't regret a single thing.

Eden... this time we reinvented ourselves, our world.

But we remain slaves of our imperfections and relationships in which we are trapped.

And all our certainties pale in comparison to our imagination.

Alraune, deliver us from this.

She gives us a pleasure that no other lover can give.

Listen to me, you do what you want.

But I'm leaving.

You understand me? Sure.

And I will never return!

They will not let you go, my friend...

When I got home, Peter's words rang in my head.

I forgot the keys.

Oh god... It's not my blood.

This is my story. And you are my happy ending.


Maya, look at me.

Look at me.

Who... who...

Eden... What?


What are you doing?

I can not sleep.


Do you really want to go there...?


No, no, no, no. Don't.

Just one last time.

Give it to me... Please, Maya...


Give it back. No.

I have some things to sort out, ok? No, you don't go.

I feel like dying. I have to go. Give it to me!

I don't know what you hope to find there,

but I can give you more.


Maya, what is it?

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