Gervaise (1956) Script



Morning came and he still hadn't returned.

He'd been out all night.

It was the first time.

I was so proud to have the handsomest guy around, me, the gimp.

Already up, Gervaise?

Coming to the washhouse?

I 'll save you a spot.

Is Lantier still asleep?

Yes, he's a bit tired.

She's still there.

She's not afraid to catch cold.

She's patient.

It's yours if you promise to go home with it.

Dare me? Dare you.

I don't give a damn.

Bye, Virginie. Have a nice trip!

I salute you, Mr. Boche. I return the salute.

Like you turn out a coat.

Like you turn the ladies' heads.

Go ahead, she's gone.

Don't you think that's going too far?

Why? I like flowers. Go on, you rascal.

There you are!

Where'd you spend the night? What night?

You were with that whore next door!

Take that back.

You're picky! Who were you with?

Why don't you shut up? You dare come in with a flower!

Girls who sleep with the whole neighborhood!

Nice girls!


Shut them up or I'm leaving!

If it weren't for them... Poor babies!

And your reputation! Fine.

Listen, I'll tell you -

I'll kill her!

With my bare hands if I have to!

And me too?

Oh, no. Not you.


See? You're all worked up.

Why? You didn't sleep?

What did I do to you?

Keep scrubbing!

It's filthy! I do my best.

Got money for lunch? How could l?

By stealing?

Take this to the pawnshop. Again?


I can't, I'm going to the washhouse.

Why not say so? I'll hock it, then.

So... you'll bring back lunch?

Not at the cheese shop, we owe them for last week.

Buy bread and some chops.

Breaded chops?


And a bottle of wine.

Red? Of course.


It was all right, once again.

All he had to do was smile at me and I'd end up saying, "Fine".

They'll be clean, mutton chop.

Hey, Gervaise!

I saved you a spot!

That's kind of you!

You should've soaked those.

I swear, those kids with their sooty backsides!

Get some soapy water.

Don't worry, just hot water will do fine.

You know your stuff! You were a laundress back home, weren't you?

Yes, from the age of 10.

Been in Paris long?

Two months. Been married long?

We're not married.

No shame in that!

It's for the best.

He's not nice enough to want to be his wife.

What's his profession?

I'll get a bucket of hot water. Me too.


Hello, Gervaise.

It's his first birthday.

He's teething.

What's his profession?


Or it was.

Since we've been in Paris, he doesn't do much of anything.

So he's not nice?

Oh, not nice...

It's been eight years.

You can't ask much from a man.


Why do you say that? No reason.

Come on, why'd you say that?

I thought you had.

I was just repeating it.

What about those two girls at your house?

Adèle and Virginie?

Gervaise, what are you imagining?

No need to imagine. I know!

What do you know? It's either Adèle or Virginie!

Nonsense! He might pinch them on the stairs, but...

On the stairs? What's he doing on the stairs?

Nothing! I just said "on the stairs,"

Iike I'd say "on the street."

I said "on the stairs" because it's my job to wash them.

Looking for someone? My mommy.

Who is she? My name's Etienne Lantier.

Charles! What?

Two kids looking for their mother.

I'll announce it.

"Two kids are looking for their mother!"

Why'd you bring me the key? Daddy left.

Yes, to buy lunch.

He told you to get me? Daddy left.

He put all his things in a trunk and put it in the carriage and then he left.

Was there a lady in the carriage?

He packed all his things and he left.

Tell me who it was, now that he's gone.

Sure, now I will. With her sister.

Looks like she's here just to see your face.

What's your problem, ragamuffin?

And a gimp, too!

You don't scare me.

I don't want to scare you.

I want to hurt you! Tell me, what have I done to you?

You know quite well! My husband was seen -

"My husband!"

What husband? She's not married!

Attention! Lost husband! Without a collar, no reward!

Leave me alone.

I've got work to do!

It's your sister! I know it!

Yes, it is. Now you know! Happy?

I didn't say a word to that bitch.

The nerve...

Take that!

Another dress ruined!

Take that!

And that!

Not hot water!

Charles! Pull them apart!

No way, last time I almost lost an eye!

We should stop them!


No, l... Mommy!

Now you'll see!

This is for you!

This is for your sister! For your sister's sister!

For Lantier! For you!

For your sister!

Take that and that!

Come on, Virginie.

You haven't seen the last of me, bitch!

That'll be two cents.

If that's the way it is, I'll fight back.

Alone with my two children.

First of all, you say I don 't have a husband?

Yes, I do. I got married.

Yes, I got married.

Mr. Coupeau married me.

Even though, naturally, I couldn 't be married in white like her.

I borrowed a dress from Coupeau 's sister.

What misers they are!

They work with gold, making little chains.

Working with gold makes you nasty, it seems.

Hey, Lorilleux. What?

Doesn't she look like Thérèse?

You know, our neighbor who died of pneumonia?

There's a resemblance.

And you have two children?

I told my brother, why marry a woman with two children?

Don't be offended, I'm just looking out for his best interests!

What's more, you don't look very healthy.

Doesn't look healthy, does she? Not really.

That's enough! The wedding is tomorrow. You don't have to come.

Of course we're coming! You're so touchy!

Want the money for our two dinners?

Don't bother. Everyone will pay their share afterwards. Good night.

Wait! Here comes the ceremony...

We're careful because bits of gold might stick to the soles and get carried off.

Don't get mad! She'll show her soles like everyone else!

Of course he wasn't as classy as...

But he was so nice!

And roofing is a fine profession.

You're so handsome!

What about me?

It looks great on you!

But that's not all...

That slob Mes Bottes stole one of my patent-leather shoes!

So we can't get married?

I'll hop down the aisle!

Perfect. Thank you, madam.

Your turn, sir.

Second thoughts?

It's not that...

That counts, right? Naturally!

BLlND Spare some change, ladies and gents?

Blasted holy water! You're too late.

That's quick work!

It's like at the dentist's: over before you can say "ouch!"

Completely painless.

The pain comes later.


What are you doing here? We came to get you.

I said I'd come to dinner. I don't have time now.

No protests! We need you to have fun!

Have fun without me.

Gervaise, ask him. He won't come.

Careful with my dress!

Ask him to come.

Please come, it'd make us so happy!

In that case, I'll come.

Come on.

See those two kids? My brother has a lot on his hands.

Stop it. But it's true.

I've got hands too, I work.

She's my best worker.

She'll have her own shop within 10 years.

If only it'd let up. It will never let up.

We could take the avenue up past the cemetery.

You fetch me from the forge to take me to a cemetery!

That's a good one!

I've got an idea.

How about going to the museum?

What for? To have a look.

Ever been to the Louvre?

You should see it at least once.


Etienne, Claude!


We're leaving. Sure, we're not going to rot here!

It'll do everyone good.

This one's really worth a look!

It's all on the table, what a spread!

I hope it'll whet your appetites for later.

Look at that one puke!

And that guy's watering the dandelions!


Over here! Some real marvels!

Now that's something!

Look at the bride!

She's blushing!

My word, getting married made her a virgin!

This isn't for kids! Come on, there's some battles over here.

Look over here, it's even better!

With a swan! Can you believe it?

It was in ancient times, but still...

Like it?

Yes, I prefer that. It's about something.

I'm glad I wasn't there.

I wish I had been.

Who is that lady? Liberty.

No, he wasn't like everyone else.

I wondered, "Why did he insist that he come to the wedding?"

He 's not cheerful, he doesn 't make people laugh, his mind seems elsewhere.

Then I thought, "lt must be because Coupeau respects him."

Watch out!

My poor feet!

Paris is so big!

Please, you needn't bother.

Must you be so formal?

Don't bother, dear.


Walking in the streets wasn't bad, but the museum...

That's enough.

That's enough, dear. Fine.

Know how much we have to set up housekeeping?

Seven cents.

Seven cents, seven cents To set up a home for two

Seven cents, seven cents, Wife...

What shall we do

Time passed.

The children grew.

And then, I had Nana.

We worked hard,

he on the roofs, I at the laundry, because I was determined to rent a shop and be my own boss.

It's nice to bring me flowers. Thanks.

The shop is still for rent, you know.

But it's too expensive.

It's not that. Do you want to be the boss?

Why not?

You'll be good at it, I know you.

Then what?

No one likes the boss.

I don't like people not liking you.

You're so silly!

SHOP FOR RENT You don't understand.

But I have the money! He has to sign. That's the law.

I'll go get him.

I'll be right back. We'll save it for you.

There's Gervaise!

Put the iron on the fire.

Well? Did you rent the shop?

No! You have to come!


To sign!

I don't know how.

Make a cross. It's the law. Well, if it's the law...

I'll be down in five minutes.

Look at me, I have to sign!

Cover the irons, lazybones!

Damn it!


Not the hospital! Bring him home!

You're all the same!

We build hospitals and you won't use them.

The hospital is free.

I have money!

I'd go if I could, but they don't want me.

Be sensible. Save your money for when he's out.

It might be a long time before he's on a roof again.

I have all that's needed!

Step aside.

Rue Polonceau!

The hospital is free.

I want to care for him. He's my husband.

So, no shop?

No shop. You can't have everything.

I'll work it out with the landlord.

Six months later, he was healed.

But after paying the doctor's fees, we had nothing left.

Know what time it is? Bedtime.

We're up to our ears in work.

I have to go back right after dinner.


How was work? I worked the bellows.

He's doing well.

In a bad mood?

I don't have the time.

You should've put me in the hospital. I'd be healed, and you'd have your shop.

Oh, be quiet.

You need 500 francs to rent it?

Yes, 500.


I'll lend them to you.

My mother left me 500 francs. I'm not doing anything with them.

I won't take your money.

Why not?

There's no reason to.

Yes, there is.

Having a shop would make you happy and making you happy makes me happy.

No better reason than that.


What are you doing in there?


And you? Me? Nothing.

I came to have a look.

To look at the shop?


Me too!


No, all that money to pay back, I wouldn't sleep a wink.

I got my shop.

And two weeks ago, what did I see?


I'd forgotten all about her.

Are they fresh? Check the eyes. Fresh from Dieppe.

That's what they say.

My word! It's Gervaise!

Yes, it is.

An old friend.

How funny!


My husband, Mr. Fish.

Married? Congratulations.

A policeman, as you see. I was so glad when he was offered a job here, all the memories and friends I'd left behind!

And you, dear? Working around here?

I'm a laundress. It's not too heavy?

Heavier it is, happier I am. I'm my own boss.



That's great. She's her own boss.

Married, too!

My dear, you've come a long way!

Drafty here, isn't it?

Yes, it certainly is. It's from downstairs.

Won't you come in? You live there?

What's funny about that?

I lived there for three years.

How funny...


Please, come in.

I have laundry to deliver. My neighbor's out shopping.

You know how it is when you first move in...

It's changed.

The bed used to be this way.

I had my daughter there.

You have a daughter, too? Yes, Nana.

A year after I married Coupeau.

You might remember him, he's the roofer who lived in my building.

Sorry to interrupt, but I'm back on duty at 2:00 and you won't have time to cook my mackerel.

Sorry, it's my fault.

Clean it, it'll keep you busy.

He likes it. He enjoys popping the bladder with this foot!

Well, see you soon, Mrs. Fish.

See you soon, Mrs. Coupeau.

I'm glad to see you. It's been so long.

Shall we talk about it or not?

It's up to you.

Then we'll never mention the washhouse again.


You had a good reason.

You did! She might be my sister, but she's a nasty bitch.

Let's not discuss that. And you know Lantier.


This might make you happy.

They're not together anymore.

They're not? No.

What if he came back to you?


Why do you say that? No reason.

Men are so funny.

He'd be wasting his time.

All that's over.

Dead and buried.

See you soon, Mrs. Coupeau.


That was a nice one!

Hello, Gervaise. Hello.



Bye, mother. Bye.

Have a nice day. Thanks.



I'd never have recognized Coupeau.


That's not him. That's Goujet, the blacksmith.

He's our best friend.

He took my son as an apprentice.


Why not a roofer like his - like Coupeau?

A roofer?

Coupeau refused after he hurt his leg.

Accident? Yes.

Let me help you.

No, thanks.

He fell off a roof, poor dear.

He's better now.

You've got a fine shop!

Not bad, is it?

How about a coffee?

I don't want to bother you.

It's no bother. It's ready.

What's the blacksmith's name? Goujet?

Yes, Goujet.

Between a blacksmith and a roofer, you chose the roofer!

I didn't choose.

I only met Goujet the day I married Coupeau.

Too late. I didn't say that.

For me, Coupeau is the best.


It looks good.

I didn't really want to get married, as I had two children already.

This is Nana. Say hello.


All the more reason! No. It's like I told him, it's no gift to give a man.

Why did I tell her all that?

I even told her that Goujet lent us the money for the shop.

I told her, "l didn 't really want to, but Coupeau accepted. "

Coupeau did the right thing!

Yes, he did.

At first, I was afraid, but each month we've repaid him.

Already 200 francs -

No, 200 francs as of tomorrow.

Hello, Gervaise. Hello.

I'll be off. Stay a while.

I can't, and you're busy.

Besides, with a husband like mine...

He can't survive without milk in his coffee!

See you soon. Good-bye.

Sorry! Don't worry about it.


Mrs. Boche! In person!

What are you doing here?

I take care of the building.

Didn't Gervaise tell you?

How about that?

We helped her get that pretty shop. It seems to be doing well.

Depends on the day.


Got time for a coffee?

Come on. Of course.

One... two... three... four.

Mine's rounder.

Mine looks like a heart!

There! Now we'll be cooler.

I must have caught cold last night.

When you sleep with men, they're always uncovering you!

Don't talk that way in front of the child!

Put that on!

Naughty, naughty! Need help?

Here's Coupeau!

What an entrance!

Don't touch anything! We're busy.

I haven't been drinking, it's the sun.

Sure, it's the sun!

Yes, the sun. Finally, a woman who understands me.

You mixed them up! Oh, you.


My wife writes so well!

Especially the numbers!

They're so pretty, like little critters.

I must kiss you. You're too good of a wife!

Leave me alone! We're working.

So what if I want to kiss you in front of everyone?

Let him, he's allowed!

Give him a kiss already!

Those are mine, too!

Be good now.

I'll be good.

"The farmer takes a wife.

Heigh-ho, the derry-o."

Just wine, never moonshine!

Any moonshine in there?

Oh, yes!

Nice boobies.

What? I'm not touching. Just looking.

Tell him to be good.

Leave her alone. You're being a pain.

Look how she handles men's shirts!

She knows what she's doing.

She knows them well.

She's handled a lot of shirts without men in them!

And men without shirts!

Now that's a collar!

Madam, if he keeps this up, I'm leaving!

That's enough, go to bed. Easy...

Nice and easy.

Oh, no. Come on.

I brought you our washing. It's a pleasure.

It's only normal.

It's nice of you.

Don't you recognize Virginie?

I told you I saw her.

Now I get it. I heard you're Mrs. Fish now?

A policeman?

Coupeau is very well, I see.

This is one of my good days.

Did you invite Mrs. Fish to your name-day party?

I haven't had time, silly!

Then I will. Please come to dinner.

That way, we'll have Fish!

Have a seat, Mrs. Fish. It seems occupied.

Don't sit, then. I'd better run.

He's never like this, I swear.

This time, you've gone too far. Come on.

I'll go to bed, but Clemence has to come warm my feet.


Whoever wants a roof on their house can go up there themselves.

I'm not moving.

Forget about roofs. No one's talking about roofs.

I've realized that roofs aren't for climbing on.

I'll tell you about roofs.

I know about climbing on roofs.

Clemence! I'm waiting for you, honey!

You had no money this morning. No.

I'll explain.

Oh, no!

That money was for Goujet!

Think that's honest?

Drinking away his money while he slaves 12 hours a day?

How can I pay him back?

We'll cancel the party, that's how!

I'll repay him.

That would be best.

You don't care?

You said there'd be no dinner, I just repeated it.

Me, I'd rather have the dinner.

With what money? Exactly.

With what money?

So, no dinner.

What'll they think of me? We've been talking about it for a week.

We talked about it too soon.

I don't know, work it out with him.

You think it's easy?

Easy with him? For you, yes.

Do you think I like it? I'm not saying you do.

I'm saying you could.

Go to sleep.

I'll work it out.

I'll work it out.

What's wrong?

It's Coupeau. I'm worried about him.

I thought as much.

What can you expect after falling off a roof?

I know, but that was a long time ago.

Sure, but don't hold it against him.

He's healed now, but he's afraid.

That's what I told him, but he said he wasn't.

Of course he wouldn't tell you that.

That must be it.

Change professions, maybe. Maybe.


He's not strong enough, is he? No, it's too hard.

Now is not a good time, they just refused to give us a raise.

I heard about that.

All the money you lent me -

I lent you money?

Besides, about the money, I wanted to tell you -

All you think about is money!

I wanted to ask you - Do you want me to shush you?

That day, two good things happened:

First, he wanted to kiss me, and second, he left me enough to pay for my dinner.

Isn't it gorgeous!

I can't wait to see the Lorilleux's faces.


Nice work.

Mrs. Gervaise!

You're doing well. Mother! It's Virginie.

Show her the beast!

Happy name day!

Here it is!

It's gorgeous! Did you see the thighs?

We'll eat it as is!

Twelve and a half pounds! Same as a pair of fat twins!

Got a minute?


What is it? Guess who I saw on the corner?

Lantier, my dear.

Come in.

What's he doing here?

Did you talk to him? We're not on speaking terms.

I came to warn you, of course.



If he starts sniffing around, I'll rip him to shreds!

Good God, I have the worst luck!

Just when I'm getting ready for my party.

Will I never have peace?

I thought I'd forgotten Lantier.

A man who took you at 15, who made you so unhappy, can 't be forgotten.

Not those napkins for the Lorilleux.

Use the two beautiful damask ones! They'll choke!

Sad, isn't it?

Being mean to them is so much fun!

Why did they start it?

It's the Lorilleux. If it isn't the Boches.


Isn't that lovely?

What is it?

And mine? Yes, it's very pretty.

Yours is pretty too.

Quit it. Anyway, it smells good.


You carry it.

You're here.

It's over, isn't it? We'll both be nice.

That's all I ever wanted.

Hope it lasts... All's well that ends well.

You invited your employees?

They're been hearing about it for over a month.

I'm not criticizing.

Thank you.

Let's get started. But Coupeau isn't here.

We can't start without your husband.

I'm sorry. He's probably nearby.

Let's look for him.

Okay. I'll come with you.

What is it?

Nothing, I slipped.

Your wife is here.

Of course.

Don't touch me. Come home, everyone's waiting.

This is my home.

Be sensible, everyone's there.

You sure it's me you're looking for?

Who else?

I'm coming, this could get ugly.

I saw your Lantier. Lantier?

My wife's old tomcat.

He's at The Two-Headed Calf.

Want me to point him out? You bet! Let's go.

Don't do that to her on her name-day.

You're so sweet.

Hello everybody. You shouldn't have waited.

It's about time. Sit. Everybody's here?

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine...

10, 11, 12...

Thirteen? That takes the cake. No way!

Sit down.

One, two, three...

How'd this happen? My husband's sick. I told you.

Go take care of him, then we'll be twelve!

Don't talk nonsense.

Then I'll go. You're staying.

I'll find a fourteenth.


Whoever I want.

Mrs. Gervaise!

It's burning.

It's not burning! You scared me.


Old Bru!

Are you hungry?

Me? I haven't eaten.

Come on, then!

You did well to invite him.

Glad you're here, Old Bru. I don't mind.

Here, honey, I didn't forget about you!

A day like today, we still get along!

Mommy, Augustine wants to kiss the boys!

Liar! She put food in my glass!

What nerve! That's a lie!

Stop bothering me! Get busy eating.

Go ahead kids, that's fine gravy!


Let's get down to business!

That's what I call a lady!

Look at those thighs!

She didn't get that fat by eating stones!

Who'll carve? It's not hard, you grab a piece and pull.

The pieces are still good.

Don't ruin it! You don't know how.

Then who? Mr. Fish. He's had weapons training!

Imagine that were a Cossack...

You fought the Cossacks? There's none left.

The parson's nose!

Where were you? Guess!

You don't ask about such things!

If only she'd pee in my mouth like that! Don't be disgusting!


He's still there, pretending to read the paper.

Is he drunk? Not at all.

Good. Sober, he's not mean.

I want the parson's nose!

You deserve it.

Looks good.

Once every 12 years.

Another nice morsel for connoisseurs!

You shouldn't have.

It's good.

I don't know. My two sons died in the Crimean War.

Enough about war!

Don't be so sad.

If they hadn't died in Crimea, I'd eat every day.

So enjoy it now.

I ask for work and they say, "Too old."

They're right.

If you can't work anymore, you might as well die.

Don't talk that way, Old Bru.

If you do, how can things ever change?

Change what?

Lots of things.

Soldiers get pensions. Why not workers?

Excuse me!

My apologies, soldier.

Some goose. "Some goose."

She's so funny!

They only left us the carcass!

Soldiers are soldiers and workers are workers.

They shouldn't ask for much.

We won't ask, we'll take it!

If we weren't both guests here...

Enough! Drop it!

No politics!

Let's drink to the boss!

That's better!

Give me some!

The salad!

I'm wild about salad!


There's always room for salad!

Missed the plate!

I'd eat it on all fours in a field!

Mrs. Boche!

Some water, please!

Water? You're not that dirty!

At my house, we only drink wine. Workers need wine, believe me!

No water in my house!

Because, here's an example: The Emperor -

Show some respect!

Maybe the Emperor is drunk right now too!

That makes us the same, us and the Emperor.

Come on.

Because he couldn't be drunker than us!

How about a song?

Your turn!

Of all the things we plant one never grows tall Of all the things we plant one never grows at all Those under the dirt ain 't got no need to worry But to go down and join them, we ain 't in no hurry!

Of war we 'd had enough We 've been to hell and back Of dirt we 've had enough Once under, you don 't come back

Gervaise, sing us something.

No, I can't sing. Sure you can!

What? He's outside.

Let's hear the boss sing!

Sing "Let Me Sleep." You know it well.

Come on, Gervaise! Go on, boss!

I'll sing "Let Me Sleep."

Trying to give your guests a hint?

What's the use of dreaming of birds and nests If the bird flies away and abandons the nest If the pigeon dies so does his mate What's the use of dreaming of birds and nests What's the use of sleeping if the night disappears If I must wake and face the day If I only wake to shed more tears What's the use of sleeping If the night disappears Days and nights whirl through my head Days and nights fill me with dread

What's the use of dreaming -

Let me sleep Let me -

I can 't remember! You did fine.

Bravo! Good job!

Well, imagine that! It's Mr. -



Now you, Mrs. Putois.

You don't have to ask twice!

What are you doing?

Prepare to attack!

On the frigate La Jolie we were 36 to be hung

If the king catches us we 'll all be hung

If the king catches us we 'll all be hung

A friend!

Good evening.

Good evening.

Care for a coffee?

Get moving! Make some coffee!


If you think so.

Who's that guy?

What's it matter to you?

It's Lantier, right?

Yes, it's him.

Bravo. Good night.

Don't go yet.

Seeing him means that much to you?

No, I swear. It's nothing.

It doesn't look like nothing. I was afraid, just afraid.

He only makes me afraid.

Kiss me.

You've had too much to drink.

You too.

Let's take advantage of it.

I see I'm the last. I'd better go.

What's the rush?

I have a long road home to Glacière.

You didn't even say hello to the kids.

That's true.

I'll say good-bye while I'm at it. This way.

He won't wake up, he's drunk as a lord, but look.

Has his mother's eyes, right?

Yes, I remember. I raised him well.

He's a good worker!

This means a lot to me.

It's a pleasure I've long denied myself.

I thought "She's moved on, just drop it.

Don't be selfish."

Well, that's that.

Thanks for fulfilling my wish.

I've seen my kid.

Come see him whenever you like!

Want to hear about Claude?

That's right! How's little Claude? Fine.

He's living with an aunt.


He's at the aunt's?

He's happy, then.


He's happy.


Wake up, Lalie.

Time to go home.

Thank you. For your children.

Good-bye, Mr. Coupeau.

Good-bye, Miss.

Go home quickly!

Damn it!


What are you doing? You won't beat me!


It's too far. Help me.

Grab that side.

What's going on? We're stopping work.

I'm with you. It's not up to you.

Go inside, I'll ask your father.

Which one? I've got too many fathers!

Want me to get mad? Stop grumbling and go to work.

Yes, Daddy.

Lazy dogs, coming in or not?

First, we'll talk to the boss. First, go to work.

First, our five-cent raise. You refuse to work?

No, but we want our five cents.

Never! Those five cents will cost you!

That's when Terrasse told me, "Mr. Tom, we want a five-cent raise."

I said, "Dear boy, you're better off working than asking me for such things."

He answered, "We know what we have to do."

That night, a policeman urged me to inform the police chief, and several workers were arrested.

What did Goujet do? They say he's one of the leaders.

I've been told he threatened those who continued working, but I didn't hear him and I'd be surprised if he had.

Goujet has worked for me for a long time and has always behaved well.

It seems Goujet said, "lf anybody tries to return to work, I'll make sure they don't."

I never heard anything like that.

Bretonnière, didn't you report this threat of Goujet's?

Yes, Your Honor. Liar!

What do you have to say? Stand up!

I say Bretonnière is a liar.

We thought we were acting lawfully.

Sit down.

It's not against the law to ask for a raise, but stopping work is.

I pass sentence as follows: Terrasse, two years imprisonment.

Goujet, one year imprisonment.

Lapeyre, repeat offender, 16 months and a 16-franc fine.

You've got a nice place. Yes, it is.

Could you find me a room like this in the area?

Come with me.

A room like this?

It's yours.

Go on!

I'll make you a deal.

I couldn't, buddy.

It'd be no fun for you.

I'd have to cross your room every night.

We'll make this a door. It'll only take a few hours.

What about your mother? She'll sleep with Nana.

Come on.

You can't understand. Friendship between men, nothing's better.

I don't know, what will people say?

I don't give a damn.

I'm ashamed.

Someone had you before me, and I'm glad it was him.

I get a kick out of that guy.

Not through here.

That way.

What class! More that that!

Coming from you - I say what I think.

All he has to do is ask.

Oh, Clemence! Perhaps he's already asked?

Coupeau? Gervaise?

Who is it?

I'm Lantier. Of course.

Are the Coupeaus out?

They'll be back soon.

It hasn't been a year.

Not quite.

They released you for the Emperor's celebration.

They owe you that.

I'm taking apart the old lady's bed.

She's in the hospital.

Since it's Sunday, they're visiting her.

Between us, I think she's done for.

It'll free up some space.

It's better than mine, so it'll go in my room.

Mr. Goujet!

Leave some for me!

Honestly, Lantier, get dressed!

You'll stay for lunch, of course.

No thanks. Please stay!

Don't push him.

Let Goujet do as he wishes. Stay. He has lots to tell.

Lots of things?

Nothing of interest. Good-bye.

Wait, I'll walk with you.

He looked funny, the prisoner.

Staying in your nightshirt all day?

Think that's what shocked him?

It shocks me too.

Not me.

Let people think what they want!

I'm above that! Oh, you!

What about me?



Let her pout, it's good for her.

Get dressed. We'll have lunch, just us men.

With what?

Where'd you get that?

Someone must've "kindly" told him what I did while he was in jail.


I wouldn 't put it past her.

She 's behind everything that happened.


Stop, I ' ll never drink all that!

It's nothing. I 'm not used to it!


You're not interested in my soul My body is all you want How can she be naked like that in front of everyone?

It's part of the job!

Instead of the treasure within All you want is my skin She does have gorgeous skin.


I weep, I weep, I weep, for after all It's just skin-deep

I want romance, love unique But all you ever desire Is to caress my physique Can 't you aim any higher Why regard breadth and girth As if they were my only worth But I have heart Feelings too And ideals under what's in view

I weep when gentlemen come to call I weep, I weep, I weep, for after all It's just skin-deep Poets say women are Flowers, roses and dears What we want is their hearts But they think only of our rears They may call us heavenly Or name us as goddesses triumphant Still they return obstinately To our little firmament What's so funny?

"Her little firmament." Don't you get it?

Didn't you teach her anything?

Mes Bottes!

What did you do with Coupeau?

Come here! I didn't eat him!

Where is he? Hey! What's your problem?

He didn't come home last night, you know.

I know, neither did l!

We were together. Where's he now?

He mentioned going to Les Halles for some snails.

Thanks, Virginie. I had a great time.

Good night. Be good!

She's so silly, Virginie.

There you are!

About time. What is it? Is he hurt?

In his state, I should have put him in jail, but since we're friends -

Did you see? Even though he puked on me.

Did you see my sidewalk? It really stinks.

He'll be in so much trouble!

Go to bed. It's none of our business.

The slob.

He didn't.

Come, my little Gervaise.

No, I'm staying here.

What are you afraid of?

He can't hear us.

I promise I won't touch you.

You're hurting me.


Oh, God!

He threw me out of bed.

I don't even have a bed.

Awake already? It's time.

I slept on a chair.

I'd have given you my bed.

My poor child, what could I tell him?


He no longer loves his mother, that's all.

And the only one who loved me, the only one who could've stopped it, had to be in prison.

And now that he 's back, how can I tell him?

He 'd never understand.

It seems I 'm too late, from what I 've seen. What did you see?

I told you, nothing's going on!

Don't you believe me?

I believe you.

You see?

Because it's the truth.

Come on.

Dance with me.

I was wrong to go to jail.

That's for sure!

But I went, and in the meantime, Lantier moved in.

It was Coupeau who wanted it!

Sure it was.

Why'd you let him?

I was wrong, I know.

Gervaise always wants to please everyone.

If I had slept with him, you know I'd tell you.


Why would you?

I tell you everything.

You wouldn't tell me.

You'd be ashamed. Good God, yes.

I would be ashamed.

Do you believe me?

I believe you.

I knew it.

Not finished? No.

I'm in no mood to laugh.

And you, what do you think?

Of what? Etienne.

Should we let him go with Goujet?

A worker should travel!

I thought you'd come to help raise him.

He's already been raised. I already said no.

He's just starting out, it's crazy. I said no.

I say yes. Who asked you?

I'm his father.

That's true. You're right. Sorry.

Got any tobacco? Who knows? Look around.

Why are mornings so rough?

It's simple: You drink too much.

It's not too much, it does me good!

If you say so. I'm healthier than you!

Look at that! Tight as a drum!

You should get one.

Unhealthy fat.

You're jealous because you don't have any.

Typical, no matches.

Lantier was right.

Drink was killing Coupeau.

There were days I thought, "Good riddance."

What are you looking for? My suitcase.

Is Etienne leaving tomorrow?

You know he is. Go to sleep.

Daddy took your suitcase.


For the pawnshop.

He put sheets in it, your customers' sheets.



Shut the door!

The sheets. Tell me!

Where are my sheets? Your sheets.

Did you pawn them?

They weren't your sheets!


That's enough, I said!

Give me the pawn slip!

That tickles!

It's a pawn slip.

Here's what I think of your pawn slip!

I ate your sheets!


Leaving so soon? I'll be back!


This can't go on. I'm not leaving.

You must leave.

"You must leave."

He must leave. Obey your father.

You must leave.

They were the only good things in my life.

Maybe that's why they left.

Virginie's pillowcase. So what?

Smell it.


Remind you of anything?

What's your problem?

Gervaise, this is the last straw!

You call this clean?

It's still greasy.

Maybe if Mr. Boche didn't put that dirty pomade in his hair!

Mr. Boche?

He does his hair as he likes!

Fine, I'll do it again.

And you, my dear, are losing your touch!

I'm not losing my touch, I'm working alone and I've only got one set of hands!

One last thing, the owner comes tomorrow.

I know.

I'm only 10 days late. Only 10?

First, it's 13.

And second, he's thrown people out for less!

More respectable people!

That's one less client.

One less source of disgust.

And 10 francs less every month.

Don't bug me!

Mind your own business!

It is my business when you owe me two weeks pay!

I never said I didn't.

They don't deprive themselves.

Where's my glass?

Come and get it, lazybones.

Is that how you speak to your father?

It wasn't me.

Stew, again!

Drat! I've had it!


Who did that? We're sick of potatoes.

Give me money and we'll have meat.

Give me that! Bye! I'm going to eat.

You're lucky, I'm sick of potatoes!

It might not be your fault, but lately, you must admit -

And you, do you pay my alimony?

Come on.

"Come on," what's that mean? Come on, come on.

You'll drive me crazy.

I don't like potatoes either!

If that's how you feel, I'll leave.

Great! Go away.

And don't come back.

We can't go on like this. No.

To say such things...

When the trough is empty, we fight like beasts.

What if I found someone to take over the shop?

Right away! I'll close up shop and good riddance!

Are you crazy?

We'll find someone.

I don't know.

Think about it.

I can't believe it.

Why did you say that?

Your shop, don't you remember?

Your shop.

Yes, I wanted my shop.

Lord, how I wanted it!

And I got it.

And now, where's my shop?

You two ate it.

It's in your belly and his.

My God, we were better off as employees.

I don't want it anymore. I can't stand it. They can have it.

Get your crocks and china fixed here!

May I join you?

Not having lunch at home?

Give him a bag, too.

You're right, it's gone too far.

You won't see me around there much longer!

What a pity.

As if you care.

That's not a nice thing to say!

Isn't it beautiful? Care to join me?

Are you alone? If I were, I wouldn't invite you.

In that case, thanks.

Good-bye, Clemence.

I'll bring my fries.

If you want.

My regards to Mr. Fish!

Actually, no.

I have no desire to give up my shop.


Make up your mind. Didn't you say you did?

Give up my shop?

On the contrary!

I'll hire new workers, I'll pay my debts, I'll begin afresh!

You'll see, don't you worry!

I wanted to help you, out of friendship.

Oh, yes!

Out of friendship.

Friendship is a fine thing, and fine friends you are!

Or you simply changed your mind? I changed my mind as soon as I saw her nasty puss behind you!

You haven't changed!

You're still the same trash I spanked at the wash house.

Come on. You shouldn't have said that.

I get it now.

Ever since then, this is what you wanted, with those big innocent eyes!

You won't get my shop!

Don't be so proud.

We know how you bought it, with money from a jailbird.

He's worth more than your cop, slut! Slut?

And you? How can you talk, with what goes on here?

Everyone knows.

What about you two? You're nuts!

Except everyone doesn't know about you!

Madam, let's go. Don't call her "Madam" for my sake!

Heliotrope seller!

Get out of my sight!

I'm not scared of you. You should be!

You'll end up in prison too!

Send Fish to arrest me, because I've got something to tell him!

Don't you dare! If one spanking wasn't enough, I've got another one!

Piping hot and ready to go!

Get your backside ready!

Mind your manners!

It's normal you don't want Virginie to get your shop.

Not that. It doesn't matter.

I don't give a damn about my shop anymore.

Your shop?

Nothing. Don't tire yourself. You're quitting?

Of course not. lt'll work out. You'll see. Sure. lt'll work out. Careful!

Smells like roast pig. That's the name for it.

What a Balthazar's feast.

Red balls. It jumps. It flies.

It jumps.

All fine.

Lanterns in the trees.

What? Bastard! Bastard!

What is it? Calm down!

Leave me alone!

Calm down.



It's the fever. Leave me alone!

Close your skirts!

It's you he's after!

He wants to screw you, this guy!

Stupid lout! He's dancing.

He's laughing.

Look out!

Tell Boche to warn the hospital. Fetch an ambulance.

That's brandy! It burns!

I want water!

And that's acid!

Clemence, take that!

Clemence, you piece of dirt!

Shirts everywhere!

Come to bed.

Your shop!

I'll take care of your shop, Goujet!

The shop!

Look at Goujet's shop!

Look out!


No, not those.

Those are better.

What is it, Nana dear?

Let me see your hands.


Doesn't your mother clean you? Mommy is even dirtier than me.

Put your hand out. Here.


I'd like a ribbon. You would?

Remember when Coupeau died, you said they'd be better off?

Take a look.


Six of Cups. The Hermit.

The Hermit, The Strength.

The Emperor.

My turn.

Knight of Cups. Ace!

Your turn. The Death.

The Devil.

I cut with Coins.

Four of Coins.

Mommy, some candy.

The Justice.

Hello, Nana!

Look at Nana!