Gespensterjager (2015) Script

Before the creator divided the world into water and land, our planet was merged into vast sheet of endless ice.

All life under the sun remain hostage to a demon.

An ancient ice ghost which cover the earth with deadly wave of frost.

He really supreme, otley invincible.

Mankind survived but only to drag.


I didn't touch him. That really a penalty.


Now then off you go. No way, that place is harlot.

Oh, let's get out of here.

Come on fast.







Too late, I'm going. But.. But, why?

Don't know science stuff.

Oh, yeah the science stuff. It'll still be there after lunch Lola.

No, way. Yes, way. It's a holiday.

That mean for lunch together, as a family.

Can't believe you doing this to me. I hate you.

I know it's so dramatic. We're monsters.

Phil? Hm?

Is there any of Rennivet Rose left? Oh, Lola, be a babe. Go check the cellar, okay.

No, no way, it's psycho boy's turn. Hey, don't call your brother that.

What should I call him? Creepazoid?

Mozza de Vaugh?

Just my brother a freak. Well, he just has a..

Highly develop imagination, so sometimes he get a little nervy.

It's normal at his age. He's a bitty individual, so what?

He is a late developer. I was a late developer.

And look what you develop into.

Oh, you so disgusting. I know.

You know, you closing irreversible psychological damage.

Just look at what you've done to psycho boy.

You want me to turn into that? My name is Tom not that.

And I'm not odd or nervy.

I'm right here, and I can hear you all.

Look, it's okay for a man to be scare some other time.

There's plenty around you to be scare of.

It's okay dad. I'll go check.

What? What?

I mean that's.. That's great. That's really great.

No problem. Okay.

Left off to the palace of skull and straight on to the spider land, if you get lost, I'll call zombie.

Oh, ridiculous Smith.

One step away from shouting ''Hey, ghost it's the ghost hunter last chance to make it''.

We'd insist core to heading development.

Instead of crawling to a sewer with dirty hairy.

We shouldn't be here. I know, it seems to be right, uncompetent, arrogant sniggling


I'm getting a strong willing on the spectrum meter.

It seems to be extremely highly clear spectral activity down here.

Okay, start the to mode single fire.



And that mean I coming into?

Your MAPDI-212, is ready for deployment.

Please enter your idenftification code for activation.

What you haven't added the pin, Cuminseed? Smith, I'm sure pin unhold the power of darkness I'm not getting money from the ATM.

Why is it so cold down here?

Four. No. You entered the wrong code.

Please try again. That's not cool.

Something coming toward us.

Fast. It's coming straight for us.

Any idea to shoot a fire?

That must it. Fire now. Yes. That must be it.



That was close.

Smith I'm..


Oh, great. I hate when writing accident post Oh.


I'm coming down now.






Lola is that you? I will tell, I mean it.


I know this sound like really cliche, but..



Oh, baby. Still got it. Hash round the marshmallow cause this ghost is on fire.


I do a lesson too, here is my, got them from some dungeon howl ghost face.

No. No!

Want to go? What's wrong? Don't wanna play with me?





You stupid cow!

Lot of particles spread in underway, at Little Angel nursery school.

It was unknown identified spook attack. An NFL?

You just said it was a Howl ghost. The Howl ghost was running from something.

Somewhere to city, something very powerful has nested, something so powerful.

That it make so the other spook squarmen skadatel. - Cuminseed.

We here to talk interpersonal differences between you and your partner.

Right, differences.

In size. Very amusing.

Big Glass. Big glass all around.

Well, it's alright, Smith. You growing.

Today you're about the size of your IQ.

This is a list that I complaint from to my partner. - Yes.

You never wait reinforcement. You're egocentric, insulting. and you adamantly refuse to learn how to handle modern reference system.

I am trying to build a team to international standard here.

Ghost allergy.

Excuse me, I don't have a ghost allergy.


It's imperative that all CGI operative are team players.

Responsible, ready, professional. [PHONE RINGING]


Listen, I can't speak loud.

Yeah, my allergy is fine, mommy.

Mommy listen, I have to go.

Cumminseed, what am I to do with you.

Your solo effort are reckless and inefficient.

Inefficient, how many ghost I caught last year, compare to Gollum here?

I'm sorry, Cumminseed. Sorry?

We're going to have to let you go.

You can't do that.

This job is my live.

You have until mid day to clear your desk for your personal possesion, okay.

Personal possesion? Cuminseed?


Respect Hopkins, you can be really bad ass.

Smith, shut it!

Or I show you how bad as I cat can be.


I really am sorry Mrs. Kubicheck. Don't worry love.

They sell that stuff in the bargain booth.

Two for one.

Mrs. Kubicheck. Hm?

Have you ever noticed, anything unusual, down in the cellar?

You mean like a ghost? Heh, no.

Off course not.

You don't think ghost exist, do you Mrs. Kubicheck?

No! I don't.

I know they exist.

The green slime, down there, could only come from a ghost.

So it really was a ghost.

But you scare of it?

Why should I be?

That ghost didn't try to punch a hole in my ears.


That's what my Eric trying to do.

Your husband Eric, the engine driver?


Always on duty, even after death.

He kept running after me, with his ticket puch.

But she put a stop to that. Who? Put a stop for that?

The Ghosthunter, off course. Miss, oh, what was her name.. some kind of spice. Cinnamon, uh, Fort, no..

Cummin. No, Cumminseed. That was it.

I don't suppose you still have her address by any chance?


Hi, hello.




Miss Cumminseed? My name is Tom Thompson.

Good for you. Now go away.

Oh, okay. When should I come back?

Give it ten to fifteen years.

I'm sorry? Which part of ''go away'' did you not understand?



[GROANS] Sorry, but, uh, my house is haunted.

I see. Tom Thompson, how old are you?

Five? Six?

I'm eleven.

Look. Every eleven years sees monster and ghost all over the place.

It's normal. Now go away.

But you help our neighbour. Elvy Kubicheck.


Kubicheck? Old lady with the engine driver.


Yeah, I remember. That was a Desprov. A desmond?

Departed spouse back for revenge. His spent his afterlife.. getting even for dozens of years of marriage. Classic Desprov.

When I saw the ghost in the cellar, filling the place with a green slime, is it another Desbough?

Sond more like ASG.

AS what?

Averagely Spooky Ghost, harmless, my advice stay out of the cellar.

What happens, when it comes out from the cellar, and nap into my house?

I mean it never use to be in the cellar before, but..

Just drive away it for your self.

It's all in there. I don't need it anymore.

Now, have a nice live.

The Gosthunters Compendium. By Olgen Fjorsen.

[DOOR OPEN] This collection of encounter ghostly apparation is intended to serve all Ghosthunters.. as guidence and invaluable tool in a ghost hunting activities. [THUNDER]


With a setting of the sun comes the ghost true power.. for during the day most of rival impossibly sleepy or utterly invisible.

However the hunters greatest nemesis comes from neither demons or monster.. but fear alone.

[SCREAMING] Oh my God, oh my God.

Mom! The shower gone cold.


Sorry, I should've knock.

I do nothing. It's fine, it's fine. Yes.

I'm doing nothing is totally normal.

When I was your age, I used to read comic under the sheet all the time.. it's totally normal.

If you ever want to talk, we'll always here for you. - Okay.

We're off to salsa class. Bye.


You leaving me here?

By my self?.

No! Your sister. Is going out!

Can't spend my whole day minding a little freaks.

You promised me yesterday, you'd stay in.

Yesterday was yesterday. God!

That's weird, sound exactly like she sing, please ground me for the rest of the summer month.

Oh no! Bye.

You see? All sorted.



[DOOR CLOSE] I'm sure it will be delightful evening.


Hi, guys! Hi, Lola.

Hey, Lola what's up?

Are you ready? Yeah, I'll just saw psycho boy.

Psycho boy.

Okay, don't wait up. What?

But I thought.. You shouldn't think freak.

It's bad for your health. You don't want that tiny little brain of yours draws out through of your ears.. down onto the floor, do you?

But what if mom and dad find out?

And it's all be all your fault. What?

Look, it's simple. This is me..

Hi, I've got a social life and friends. And this is you.

Oh, no. I have to spent of few hours of my own.

I might go potty my big boy pants, boo hoo.

That's not me. Yeah? Prove it.

I'm crazy.



Oh, George, we together at last..

Pottying my big boy pants. Huh.

Real grown up, Lola.


Even the moon is coming out from the clouds, so our love can be bath in silverly light.

Oh God! Not the moon. Not the moon, Glenda!

Run! For the love of God, Run!



Can we switch back on, please? I love scary movies.


Oh the hated burden of true talent. Always on. I'm just to good.

ASG's Weak points..

ASG hate of the colour red.

Can't stand of the music of Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Copper provide a protections against all mana of spectrum.

As a scent violet.

And most importantly, all action act as an acid against the ASG, Orange Juice.

Say hello to my citrucy friend.

Yay, you've pick the fight with the wrong guys.

Uh, who are we talking to by the way?


Oh my ears, no! Beethoven?


My IPod. Marvelous IPod, I would say [LAUGHS]

If you want aim me, you better come to me.

Eat it, considerate, original.

Oh, nevermind.



Right, shall we move out to the living room? For sums you up?

Spoiler alert, I'm really good.


That was from behind.

I'm melting.

Ooh, what a world. What a world.

I only wanted to be your friend..




Oh, man.. this is so go in on YouTube.

I don't believe it.

You actually have come that far?

No, I have been no.. Making jelly?

In my tutu? Yeah, I see that.

Will somebody please tell me what the hell is going on here?

Look at the stage of this place. I don't believe you, too.

We have one notifiable week off, one.

And you turn the place into an absolute heap.

It's all psycho boys fault.

Oh, and you no?

You aren't even here! Shut it!

Hey, leave him alone.

What do you care?

All you do is just run off and leave me by myself.


What's the point?

None of you believe my anyway.

Straight jacket time. Grounded time.

I didn't mean this to happen.




Are you.. all right?

Ghost? Yes, I do.

I completely lose the red place.

So not your color.

Oh, sorry.

Here is the book that would help ASG ASG? what's an ASG?

Well.. an.. Average Spooky Ghost?



Who is average spooky around here?

Is this just average?

Wait a minute.

Ssh. I get it.

You're really, really scary, okay?

All right, oh no, what's in your shelf?. I'm feeling broken.

I've come from a healthy snot green to a pasty baby goo in a week.

How could I look so, wow?

I don't know you've been down there?

Well, my little hope.. is abusely from the manner house.

But something moved within, whatever it is.. is big.

I'm not staying.

I'm big.

This is something evil.

They froze everything, I had to get out.

When I ask thee separate from it's ancestor haunting location.. and can't return by the next full moon.

He is driven into.. the beyond.

Oh no.



Hi, dad.

Listen.. about last night.

Oh, don't worry, it was my fault.

Not really listening. She's right. I've a screw loose.

Ah, that's rubbish.

Come on, you're my little man.

And if you want to wear your sister clothes.. well, when I was your age, it's pretty normal.

Hmm? Little man?

We are always here for you.

They have slime?

Yeah, yeah. We used to play with these back in the 80's.

It's the swarm thing.

I'll catch you a new tub.

This one a bit.. off.

So? What now?


We go to see someone.

And off to the news, we'll try to find an answer to the question.. where they ask at this radio.

An AIG. Absolutely Impossible.

But it's the same age as Ice Ghost described in here though.

Sure, if he wasn't faced an AIG, according to the book but, two things.

One, that was 200 years ago. Two, you know when I see nonsense.

Hugo ask?

Now, who's Hugo?

The um..

Averagely Spooky Ghost?

Oh, that's cute TomTom, you name your jellys gee?

You go describe it just like Philson.

Look, um.. here!

Spreads up underground.

Freeze anything that comes too close and causes.. other ghost to retreat.

And causes other ghosts to retreat?


Right, I don't think kids are allowed to drink coffee.

Because of the caffein More or without sugar?

So, this..

Hugo claims that the AIG froze everything in his home and that's why he had to run?

Yes. And now it's spreading out.

Have you not realized how cold it is in the city even though it's July?

Do you mind?

Oh, I.. You didn't read the part.. when he's speak about ASG being cronic liars and fantasy, did you?

Excuse me?

Let go.



You'd burn that bag If I were you.

What have you done?

Don't worry, it's a lovely place to fade away.

The sewers.

But he hasn't done anything to, and he won't.

And they has to go on for the next full moon.

Do you know how ASG are generated, Tom Thomson?

They are the manifestation of mumbling idiots.

Half with stinky poops, down by their own stupidity. Useless in life.

And even more useless in death.


Hugo's my friend.

Well then, you should be thanking me.

You get to keep all the good memories.

Or.. skip the problem that puts you down.


What I've just seen can never be unseen.


The things you people flush.


Fine, can I get you anything?

Orange juice maybe?

Funny, she's really funny.

I don't like her.

So, um.. what are we gonna do about AIG?

You are going to tell me where it is.

You know the abandoned warehouse, south of the city?

No worries.

I'll go and take a look while there's still light.

Oh, can I go, can I go? Please, please, please?

No way snot rag.

You're staying here.

I'm the qualified Ghosthunter.

Yeah, but I'm the qualified... ghost.

Meteorologists continue to be bothered by the sudden cold snort.

Police have issued an urgent warnings to all driver this summer, to use their Winter tires.

David Wright of CFN Radio.




A reminder that places are limited for ''Exorcisms for Beginners''

A siginificant number of disoriented are frightened spectral entities have been sighted...



And here.

So, something spoking the spokes.

Could Cuminseed have been right all along?

Some sort of Boss Ghost?

No, no, they're afraid of us, of C.G.I.!

What's with the sudden drop in temperature?

Climate change.

The FCS, SUV's... red wine flown from Chile, it's melt on the polar ice caps.

Like I always said, we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrowed it from our children.

Then it would be getting warmer... not colder, Smith.

You better be taking this seriously, it's my ass on the line.

Oh, I'd gladly take personal responsibility for your ass.

I mean... I mean your ass in good hands...


Kindly stop talking about my ass, Smith.

I have everything under control.



It's only us!

Have you two completely lost it?

What are you doing here? It's too dangerous.

We thought you might uh... need our help.



Oh, I can feel my power coming back already.

Was this um... always your home?

Hmm, sure, for over 150 years!

Before and after my untimely demise.

And... um... how did you die?

While I was testing my bestest invention.

The revolutionary revolving helicopter helmet.


Hugo ready for takeoff!



[LAUGHING] That roof was surprisingly high.

Shh! Enough. You hear that?

The rumbling it stopped.

Of course, it has. We're here.

His pants are probably filling with ice cubes.


Hang on... why are we whispering?



It's already too powerful! Quick, into the car!

Hugo! Go! Get in!

Hugo! Hugo!

I'm fine!

EAIG. It's impossible! It is absolutely impossible!

Hugo... I... I have to tell you something. It's about your home.

My home!

[LAUGHING] You're professional Ghostbusters friend has turn it into a Winter wonderland!


Are you two out of your minds?

Now, what's the matter with you? We just saved your life back there.

A little thanks might be in order.

That's the swivel cherry on the cake made of snort.

[GASPS] - Your behavior back there just unleashed the EAIG.

Come on... And now it's spreading!

Sorry. What?

You're apologizing to her, because she can't do her job properly.

Tom Thompson... your ghost is getting right up my nose.


No, you... cut it out... cut it out!

What are you doing?

I'm doing my job properly.

He's our free pass into the C.G.I.

Crisby Burgers welcomes the summer holidays...

By one Super Summer menu and your cold drinks and wool socks for free.

All that reading up on ghost and you haven't heard of the C.G.I, the head for ghost hunting institute?

The world authority in the battle against the supernatural and extrasensory?

Oh... Is it like a um... a special organization?

Exactly. Top Secret. Like Hogwarts.

Or union of Happily and Satisfied School Teachers.

Welcome to Crispy Burgers. Can I take your order?

A mini-Big Bacon, a fishburger with chicken, two half portions of french fries and let's have a coke.

No cheese.

Thank you for your order. Counter 25 and a half.

25 and a half?.

Hold on. Why?


What was that?


Ugh... I think I'm gonna throw up. Ah, don't be such a wimp!

And a Kids menu, pink ghost to waste 12.99, Counter 2.

Oh... Oh, Miss Cuminseed, what a surprise!

Haven't you've been let go?

I just need to hand in this ASG's on my way home.

Or could you do that, Emily?

I've had it to heal that gross slime.


Go through, Cuminseed. Thank you.

Oh! Wait! The boy?

Possessed. I'll hand in him, too.

Do your talk...


Your mother... iron shirts... really badly.


Hello, welcome to Crispy Burgers, can I take your order, please?


Welcome to the C.G.I.

Please make your way to level 4.

Due to a renown sin ASG escaped the toilets on level 1 are out of order.

The annual C.G.I. picnic has been cancelled due to bad weather.

Come on... come on...

Come on...

Come on...

Don't stop! Don't stop!

Tonight class has been cancelled.

Afterlife class will proceed as normal at 2100 hours in Meeting Room 4.



Is all of this C.G.I.?

Yes. But we submit one room to the lost socks in the washing machine institute!

Yes, of course... Oh...

He's a ghost too?

Oh no, that's Paulsen from Human Resources.

He's uh... got issues.

There will be a small...

Listen, we're going to see my boss. You stay quiet, speaks only when you spoken to. And what about Hugo?


I've never been so humiliated in my whole afterlife!

Ssh! We're in Ghosthunters headquarters.

What? Oh, marvelous! Oh, let me guess...

Captain Fantastic idea? Ooh, good move carry under.

Thompson, stop talking to your idiot school bag!

Blah blah blah...

I can't explain why your koi pond has frozen over.

What do you want me to do about it?

Send over a team from this highly lead organization I'm trying to run?

Mommy, I'm a parapsychologist, not a meteorologist.

I know what's freezing her fish.

I just had a run in with an EAIG.

With a what?


European Ancient Ice Ghost, subterranian.

Spreads underground. Paranormal Category: A.

Highly dangerous. Yup...

Date of extinction around 1830.

According to our exceptionally high-tech computer, it's defunct, extinct, no more.

Server overload. Please try again. Server overload.


Bless you. Summer cold?

Probably. I mean it could hard to be a ghost intolerance, could it?


The reason why this city weather frenzy is this EAIG.

It is a howling blizzard of malevolence. And guess what?

Your Power Point, and play charts and Jeff from the council are useless against it.

I see. So...

What you're saying is... that you should lead this mission?

Um... Yeah, well... Yes, why not?

Just one thing, a tingling detail...

I vaguely remember the last time we met, I'm suspending for incompetence.

There's no time to lose. It's okay.

If Hugo can't return to his house for the next 3 days...

New partners, Cuminseed?

You really have a thing for short man, haven't you?


You're fired. After 23 years.

How are you gonna catch a level with one of those e-mail things?

We need to do something about the ASG.

Thompson, that thing almost turned us into a snow cone.

Then we just need a best of plan.

And we have to start working together better... as a real team.

A team, great. An ASG and 11 year old kid and a ghost hunter.

All we need is a lying guy a hamster in a plastic bowl and a 1000 year old lady with a zimmer frame.

Cheers, no offense. I'll deal with that by myself.

Nobody knows around that house better than Hugo.

And he can do it from the nearest ASG.

Okay, smart ass.

Snow ball could be useful, I might borrow him for a bit, But you...

Oh, come on. A haunted house is no place for a 11 year old kid.

Either he comes, or I don't. Not without my... my agent.

And even if I were prepared to take the midget with us, His parents wouldn't allow him to stay out that late.

I think I've got a way around that.

Thompslupe, is that a professional term?

Oh, yes. Thomas is completely... nuts.

I'm sorry, but do you honestly think that...

Unless we tackle his fears head on, he could develop into a full blown looper.

His psych is riddled with phobias.

It's a mess.

Do you see Thomas fears, as a product of effective, schizo effective or bipolar efective disorders?

Oh, I'm so glad you ask that question.

In depth post modern analysis based on Frankman Stein, points toward a melting pot of panic manifestations... that copulate and reproduce in a very...

In a sort of way and become very stubborn and very very dangerous.

This case on human has a very high success rate in our history.

Even with difficult cases. Yeah...

Indeed. Several psychotic bullies were transformed into talky overness.

That's a medical term.

Is there anything we can do to help?

I want a special summer program for the... sensitive sorts.

And if you really want your son to be healed...

I've just have a couple of questions. Oh, who has not?

But why don't we let Thomas progress answer them?

Watch the hand.

Is that good?

Oh, alright. I keep forgetting I'm speaking with non professionals.

It's remarkable.

Kid... if anyone around here has a screw lose, it's your parents.

You drive.

You seriously want a 11 year old boy to... drive your car?

In every boy's life there comes a day when a ghosthunter feast her keys into his hands... and demands that he drives, for whatever reason.

Maybe she's tired, maybe she wants to check her other boots that she accidentally bought one size to small... on e-bay. Or maybe... just maybe.

She's seeing what he's made of.

So I want you to take a deep breath and ask yourself this question.

Do I look like the type of lady that would buy small shoes?


Goodbye, Thomas. Goodbye.


No. Nothing.

Hey, what's up?

Hello. Hi.


We need Fjorsen's original edition.

By the way the car has a second gear too.

The end is here!

The end is nigh! Judgment day is upon us!

Repent your sins! For judgment day is coming!

Do you think they'll give us such an old book just like that?

Of course not, but a ghost hunter always finds a way.

Mom! What's the matter, young man?

Here, use this.

Agent Fjorsen. Top Secret.


Excuse me.

That was smart, kid. Real smart.

By the way that scene you made in front of the librarian, what was that about?

Your driving skills.

Wait, listen to this.

In the middle of August in the year of 1823, the season is over and the corn frozen the fields.

I have been summoned as the last hope against this, the most dreaded of all demons.

That monster from the AIG.

Did he really can do that with it?

But how?



I'm here...

Follow my voice...

[HONKING] What's wrong, kid? Realized you left something?

You look like you've just seen a ghost.

More like heard one.

Hey, read this.

I have experimented succesfully with the warmth of the earth blessed with vivi animadon...

Anima Domini.

What's that? That's not here for any days.

Living ectoplasmic disease, those tiny ghost growing like... little worms.

Here it said that if you surround it with earth contain these AIG, you can banish the AIG.

A motion trap, nice.


AEG between midnight and the morning.

So? So we're off to the cemetery.

Absolutely not!

I am not allowed to go out that late.

I can't because cemeteries are haunted!

Vampires, zombies, monsters! That's how it looks like.

Yeah, I hear what you're saying.

But it sounds a bit like... baby cannot go to the graveyard, cause baby fearful.

And baby afraid of getting involved in some proper ghost hunting.

Is that what you two are saying?

Maybe. Maybe.

Well, sanctified soils are dangerous for ASG, so you can go.

But you, Thompson, you're with me.

I am calling your parents and I will tell them that we had a real... breakthrough.

Trust me.

There's no such thing as zombies.

I don't know.

Everybody always told me there was no such thing as ghosts.

Why you're so sure there's no zombies?

Got the last one in 96.

Look for grave stones with only 1 name on it.

We're looking for people who died all alone.

Here lies Nathaniel Amundson.

Died alone in the perishing cold.

Miss, I think I found something.

What is it?

Wait outside she says.

I'm not allowed to come in to the graveyard, she says.

And I'll take a 11 year old kid with me, she says!

Yeah, why I bother living here where it's nice and peaceful... and... safe?

AEG are the most caring of all souls.

They look for the graves of the lonely.

Come on!

Mrs Cuminseed, wait!

Come on, instead of running us for centuries and today is the day you friends is having a arrival.


You little..

No good.


Good job, Thompson.

We'll make a real ghost time to out of you yet.

Eh, Mrs Cuminseed.

Em.. Are you..

Are you ever afraid? Truthfully?


Hey, where is Hugo? Oh, he's probably hiding in the car.

Peeing in Exectorplasmic parts.

We got what we came for.

Now, let's go introduce frozty of our little friends. - Yeah.

I'm afraid, I can't let that happen.


Smith.. At your old self.

A big pile of a few consecutive little one.

Cuminseed.. Cuminseed..

Disobeying direct orders, disturbing the peace death, illegal possesion of Exectorplasmic material and the list goes on and on.

And there goes your pension.


We need to use those to get the AIG up.

Hugo is gonna die.

Oh, he's dead already. And I wouldn't be worry. You'll be joining him soon.

When your parents find out what you've been up to.

You are relieved from duty.



Don't touch me!

Hugo's has done nothing to you.

He only want to help. I guess he is right.

The CGI is useless.

We are useless?

Look at Cuminseed.

She is nothing but an old bitter relic.


Oh, Tom.. What the hell is going on with you?

Now we're getting visit from jews venice services.

It's not from jews venice services.

It's from the CGI.

From the what?

The Central Ghosthunting Institute.


I'm not playing anything.

Tom.. That woman is on henched.

She could've done anything to you.

And that's the best you come up with? A ghost story?

I think, we all tired.

We should go to bed.

Huh? Talk about it in the morning?


I don't want to talk to you about it in the morning.

I don't want to talk to any of you ever again!

You just don't get it!

What I have been doing, it's..


Soon it would been for nothing.


Mom, dad..

If there is something seriously wrong with Tom..

Can we turn his room into a walking waterbath?


Okay, ASG, let me explain how this works.

Tell me every detail of your little plan with Cuminseed.

And in return..

I will siege you infact you get absolutly zilch.

This is abridge violence of geneva ghost convention and I want to see my lawyer!

Do you know what that is over your head?

Ah! Oh! We're at the spa right now?

Oh, I can tow with the massage, I've been so tense lately.

It's probably old pressure, well, with sand in wall to destroy the antlion.

All the ghost contained and a little water.



Still not hungry?

Tom, when I was in your age, I..


Give them hell, Tom.

My friends are coming for me!

We are a team!

All for one and one for..

You know the rest.. Oh..

The three of you can tears.

Being such good friends, they must have told you what happen after tonight.

Bahaha, sure, of course I have.

Just remind me a little hint?

You get dragged into the beyond.

Oh, they.. They would've told me..

Great friend you got there. Oh, whatever.

They probably at my house right now, turning a AIG into a pile of swoosh and then they'll get me. You'll see.

Where is that exactly? Yeah. My house?

Well, the Cobosian 50, heading west bound to exit 38 to turn left course, take second margin and then left after the garage, then get the number 27 Boss, now basically drop shop flag are my..


Thanks, blubber mouth.

Oh, for chesticles.

Hopkins, mobiles the swat team. I just reevaluated all their data.

I think we maybe dealing with AIG.

Don't worry, I know how to deal with it.

There would be someone to will.


I'll just..


What are they can do to Hugo?

They're ghost hunter, what do you think?

Hugos are on of our team. What team?

Listen, Thompson..

The ASG..

Hugo, would be disposed off.

And even if the CGI dump toss him, it's still a full moon tonight.

His time's up, kid.

And you are just running away?

The AIG can't be stopped.

This city is doomed and I'm not the big fan of doomed.

It's easy for you to say that.

This city doesn't matter to you.

But it matters to me.

This is my home. My family is here.

And family matters to me. Yeah..

You don't have family. You don't even have any friends!

But if Hugo is my friend. And you don't just pack your friend up into boxes.

Smith is right.

You are just an old bitter relic.


Buck up, kid. We've job to do.


That is alot of burgers.

That would be.. 297,80.

Available to collected in the day after tomorrow at counter two.

Oh, only if they put the grip down on the road.

Emily.. A bit of a emargency here.

You're having a emargency?

The entire city is gone into melt down and everybody set on the field and I have queue of panic burger of size...

Hello, Crispy Burger, please hold.

Okay, so if you just.. No, no, no!

The last time I let you in, I got into a trouble!

Great, so I'll just leave this grunt ghost to you with you.

Thanks, Emily.

Have a nice apocalypse. What?

You.. Shhh.. Sttt..

Hopkins is still here.

Don't let her see you!



Hello, Crispy Burger, please hold.

Come on, old buddy, old pal..

We made it this far..

It would be a real shame to left off our friendship just..

Fade away..

I have so many questions.

If this is a live after death, It's the beyond live after live after death..

Or is it death after live after death?

And what's beyond the beyond?

Hello! Can somebody call me a doctor?

[GROANS] Hugo!

Hold tight and sit, we get you out of there.

Hugo.. I'm so sorry.

I.. It's okay.

You here now, mate.


We taking you home now, Hugo.

Tom, why did you tell me I'm going to die?

Because you're not gonna die.

But, here I.. It's going to get one hell of kicking.

To the house.

That maybe, maybe we have tiny problem. What?

Um, I may or may not have accidentally plug to ghost anti bodies.

They're on the way to the house now.

Um, apparently scary but depend on it, yes..

What an absolute idiot.

Okay, okay, he flup but that's no reason to insult him like that.

I did not mean now is right, I mean Smith.

That fool will get the whole planet frozen solid if he try to take on AIG.

I.. I don't think we're not have to worried about that.

Why not? Because..


Run! Run!

The person you're called is temporary unavailable.

Please try again later.

That's no worry Hopkins, it's probably nothing.

All your best agents have that field, this risking life and leave, goddamn it.


CGI is under attack.. [ALARM BUZZING]

That'll hold this, but not for long.

If it broken to the CGI, it will be no story and no time.

Warning, CGI is under attack. Let's go.

Please keep calm and follow the evacuation..

So froggy. Warning, CGI is under attack..

Miss Cuminseed.

Where are you?

Miss Cuminseed. Hugo?

Where are you? I'm here. To your right.

Walk with my voice.

We're here, Tom. Come on, Tom.

We're here.




Miss Cuminseed? Hugo?

Tom. Tom! We're here. Wait a second.

Listen, Tom, I know that it is tough but I need you to be brave.

Get to the level 3 and grab VEAD from the store room.

We need some ammo here, we taking the visit to the armory.

We meet at control room on level 4.

Do you think you can do that?

I don't know.

Mate, your basement ten thousand times more scary than this.

You can do it.

I can do it.

It's empty, Chief.

Someone been telling you this.


Back to the HQ.

And let's pick up some more orange juice on the way.

That cup ball must be affraid.

Very affraid.

Access denied. Access denied. Oh, brilliant.

Hmm, if only there was some way..

We kick in there.

I don't know, just some though of the mate..

If one of us have to be..

What's the word again?

And if ethereal back ability to change have inside.


Could you..

Could you..


Slip upon the door and let me in.

We make such a good team.


You're not the rescue team, are you?

I don't want to freak you out, but..

I think this place is haunted.

Don't worry, I've seen far was myself, but this AIG getting out of control.

We need to out fast. AIG?

Wait a minute..

You're Cuminseed new patner.

Where is she?

Now listen AIG, just open the door from inside.

And whatever you do, don't touch anything.

I would never do that, darling.


It's alright. I'm fine. Yup.

How do you know all this?

It's some Fjorsen's book.

Fjorsen? Who's Fjorsen?

You are the head of the CGI.

And you never heard Fjorsen?

The last ghost hunter to ever take on AIG?

Is he new? He must be new.


Oh my God. Cuminseed.

I hate to say this but you my last hope.

You mean, we are your last hope, sweet chick.

Don't worry, it's alright, that some.. Hugo.

He's on our side.

I have VEAD, miss Cuminseed, what we do now?

Oh, look, kid, um..

Hugo and I are need you to stay here in this operation sometime.


But we're team, aren't we? Of course. Of course we're team.

But, um.. I can't leave Hopkins alone.

She just freak out at the sight of Hugo.

The surveillance room is the safest place in the building.

Completely ghost proof.


You think I'm a coward too?

No... No, Tom, honestly.

I.. I just feel better knowing that you back here.

As reinforcement. But..

But nothing, Thompson.

I tried nice, but you couldn't rip between the line.

So let me break it down for you nice and simple.

You want to help? Stay out of the way.

Are you a coward? Almost certainly.

Kid? Definitely.

This is not a game, So you have two choices.

Stay out of the way and let's the adults do it, Or you go home. Have you got that?

Have you got that?

You know, I always wanted to be out in the field, But then I got far track to management And so much politics.

You know, in the adults world you get.. distracted.

Warning! CGI It is under attack.

Lock down command. Please keep calm..

You know, I have plans so much.

A bit of hunting, a bit of swiming, It's gonna take conversation course in Spanish..

Oh, whatever.

Give me some ammo. It's not right.

A bullet of ghost baby coming out for you!



You know, Hetty, it feel like this is coldness between us.

Don't... just stop. Okay.

Oh, Damn it! So this is the guy, how did he defeated?

It doesn't say.

Maybe that because he never did.

That thing inside there.. may be the same AIG?

We'll be right back.

Have you tried our Spicy Summer high gray pulpy no hot full Triple Hamburger?




Must been something.

And asking more too it.

The ice demon has made this house, it's home.

I hope I'm not arrive too late.

Pretty Danish still be time to vanquish the abomanation.

The secret chamber and the cellar suit my plan well.

All going accordingly, the Levata shall be vanish from the mortal realm for all eternity.

However, as I'm alone. I can nearly imprison the demon, not up litterated in time.

As I right. I feel it penerated my soul.

Confounding my spirit. I consider my life as small sacrified.

But it will not get rid the world his dreadful manice for all time.

For only one can drain his power.

A warm, I'm no longer be able to generated.

A warm, I'm no longer be able to generated.

What is that mean?

Fire? Don't even think about it!

Young man! Do you have any idea how much this place cost?


[LAUGHS] It's working.

Keep fire it, Cuminseed. Fire, fire, fire, fire!

Ms Cuminseed. Ms Cuminseed.

Olgen? Is that you?

Help me. Please.

Damn it, Tom. I told you to stay in the operation room, what are you doing here?

Something wrong with her.

I've been saying that for years.

Ms Cuminseed? It's me. I'm in the operation room. I'm fine.

Did you hear that? Cuminseed? I'm in here. It's caught me.

Cuminseed? Help me.

Help me. No.

You're not the boy! What are you talking about, Cuminseed?

There is no boy! I'm responsible for him!

If anything happened to him. Help, it's so cold.

Don't listen to it. It's messing with you.

Hetty, help me.

Help me.

See, AJ.

It's in her head. It tries that with me too.

I'm safe. The IAJ trying to trick you.

Please, Ms Cuminseed.


Ms Cuminseed?

Oh, great. That's that. Goodbye, SJA, goodbye career.


She must be really like you. Just walking in that like that.

Ms Cuminseed, come in. Please. Please!

Well, it's been nice knowing you kid. It's over. End of the line. Final cutton.

The last to ride.

Wait it the minute. Said that again.

The last to ride.

No, what you said about Ms Cuminseed.

Oh, that she really like you. She must have.

Hetty Cuminseed wouldn't do that for just to anyone.

That's it. And I can't find it why.

But you must have like her too. That's the reason it's trying to separate us.

It afraid to us.

Afraid of what we are.

Filson doesn't have stand a chance againts it because he was there by himself.

He didn't have anyone there with him. He doesn't have any friends.

I know we're dead and everything. But can you please not touch anything?

It's really expensive.

Yugo, no!

Don't get out while you still can.

Thanks for everything.

You've been the best one I ever had. Well, honestly.

You're the only one. No, Yugo, you can't give up!

I'm so cold.



Ms Cuminseed.


Thompson? Did you just slap me across the face?

Where are we?

We're inside the IAJ.

We're inside the IAJ?

Well, it's definetely vast.

I know the secret.

The IAJ is terrifed the warm, affection, and love.

Oh, Tom Thompson, now you're getting sentimental.

Ms Cuminseed. Do you feel anything for me?

You're eleven.

And you're really not my type.

Oh, I don't mean that.

I love my parents, even I know they are so annoying.

I even love my stockup sister. I love Yugo.

What do you love, Hetty?

Well, I.. I.. I appreciated some solid ghost hunting.

Alright, it's not enough. You can do better. Please.

You walk straight to the mouth of IAJ.

Why? Why? Said it! If you said it. We're going home.

Got that? Have you got that?


Tom Thompson.

You're the bravest boy I have ever known.

Because you stand up for what you believing.

Even to me.

Most at all can't do that.

And if anything ever happened to you..

I'll not forgiving myself.

I'm gotta like you.

Very-very much.

I kinda like you.

I like you. And I even like that ghost to yours.

Although he still way pin a butt.

But I like him. I like him.

I like you too, Ms Cuminseed.

You hear that? You stupid IAJ.

She likes me and I like her. We're friend.

We're friend. We're friend.

Yeah! Good job!

We did it.

Yeah! Yeah!

You picakye! Ice sucker!


See that, Cuminseed?

No big deal, just save the world.

Top notch ghosthunting, slime ball?

Okay, everything is under control.

We'll take it from here. Ups. Look like we got here in the time.

Cuminseed, you really done it this time.

Hopkins ain't gonna like this.

Take her away. Ah, no need to thank me, chief. Just a minute, Somit.

Had it under control the whole time.

May I..

Oh, come on, not again.

Ah, I wanted to do that for so long.


You did it.

Obviously I was knew you would.

But how about we starting to what left in my office.

I want you back on my team.

Sorry, Hopkins. I got a new team. One is on my style.

Although you know where to find us. Next time we're the last hope.

If you'll excuse me now, I've gotta save a live after death of a friend of mine.

Come on, Hugo.

I brought you home, your home.


Don't leave me.

You're my friend.

Home.. sweet creepy home! Yihaa!

He's alive. Yes, he's alive.

Not bad. Eleven years old smartass destroys an AIG and saves the world.


Good boy had start all of this.

Ms. Cuminseed.

Yes partner?

Back there, were you even.. a little bit scared?

You mean when I was swallowed half frozen by primeval ice Monster and almost perished along with the entire human race?


Let's just say I absolutely totally 100 percent... very nearly wet myself.

Oh oh oh oh!


Oy, Flacker boy, are you coming to this party or not?

Oh that's like so embarassing. Is that the best you could come up with?


What do you mean?

I think it's cool. What do you think Hugo??