Gesu no ai (2015) Script

I'm going.

Get off. I have a shoot today.

No dialogue, right? Leave it.

Then give me a better role.

Here, my CV.

Bye then.

I told you to keep whores out of the house.

Don't just barge in!

I told ya million times, this isn't a motel!

Mom's furious downstairs.

Knock on the door first.

Masturbating first thing in the morning? Animal.

Get out.

Oh what about the 5,000 yen you owe me?

Noisy bitch. I'll give it back soon.

You're fuckin' annoying. My money, now.

I got nothing on me.

Useless moron, get a job!

You pig!

Nothing but sex at 39, getta job. Asshole.

Piss off. Lowlife!


Lowlife! Pig!

Kiyohiko Shibukawa Shûgo Oshinari Maya Okano

Chika Uchida Yoshihiko Hosoda Kanji Furutachi Kanji Tsuda Hôka Kinoshita

Denden Cinematography by Kenji Noguchi Produced by Adam Torel Written & Directed by Eiji Uchida


Early Spring Please don't go... Don't go?

Don't leave me. Hmm... dump me?

Wait... Damn.

Thank you very much.

It's okay. Sorry.

I guess you're writing a novel?

Well no, it's a film script.

So you are here for the interview? Me too.

Oh really?


My name is Minami.

I'm Ken Iori, nice to meet you.

So you are a screenwriter?

Not really. Aspiring to be one at the moment.

Two iced coffees, yeah? Certainly.

Hi, you applied on our website, right?

Yes. Yes.

I'm Mamoru from the Cinema Club. He's the founder, Tetsuo.


Uh, director Mr. Aoki. Call him director from now on.

You are making them feel forced.

I'm so honored. I'm a big fan of your work.


I love The Sow. Won the Grand prize at the Motosu Festival in 99'.

No introduction needed then. What should we do?

You do the actor. I can't spare my time interviewing every actor.

Got it. Okay then.

Take a seat. Thank you.

Any acting experience?

I did a little in high school.

I've read it. You don't get to see handwritten scripts these days.

The dialogue reflects my soul this way.

Oh yeah?

You lived abroad, right?


Well, we only make independent films, if you know what I mean?


Forget about multiplexes.

I understand.

We won't compromise for the masses.

Admission fee is 10,000 yen, monthly. Membership is 10,000 yen. Got it?


In advance, so 20,000 yen altogether.


I said in advance.

Right now?

Your drinks.

Oops, an extra 1,000 yen...

No problem.

I'll take it for expenses.

Oh well.

Yeah, I got through, it's fine. You worry too much Mom.

Speak soon.

Wow, you speak English?

I lived overseas.

See you. Bye.

Tell me what you want me to do, madam.

Umm... I'm shy.

C'mon, hurry up.

Nearly there.

What's that?

Getta move on, man. Hey!

Don't point the camera at me! Watch it!

Watch your cigarette!

You're gonna drop the ash!

What the hell! You burnt me!

Are you okay? Sorry, sorry.

Fuckin' amateurs.

Amateur? I make proper films, unlike you.

Fucking slut.

What did you call me? Get up shithead!

All right, calm down.

Who the hell smokes on set? Idiot!

You tell him!

I love yours more honey.

Excuse me. Hello.

All right, Mamoru?

I brought this month's stuff.

How many?

Twelve altogether.

Whoa! Great job!

Don't you fuckin' mess with me!

Scary, eh? He's like that.

Oh I see.

Which is bigger? Mine or your husband's?

I love yours more honey.

Thank you.

Keep it up Mamoru. Your POV-porn is a best seller.

That's great!

Hey Mamoru. Yes?

Here, a bonus.

Thank you very much!

Well done. Keep it up.

I will. Excuse me.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Look, I got a bonus!

Wow! Can I see it?

I'll just borrow this...

A B C D E F J H I J...


Okay ready, action!

Huh? I can't believe it! I just got these!


Eh, oh. It's shit!

Thank you.

I feel no empathy for you guys, do you understand?

You all act in the same way.

It's all about expression. Happy, sad, right?

Okay, your turn Kyoko.


Hey Chihiro. You touched shit. She did, didn't she?

Of course you can touch it, but you weren't angry enough.

Yeah yeah. Just do it.

Okay, I will.

Ready, action.

Um. Can I ask one thing?


Is this human shit? Or dog shit?

Do you normally see humans shitting on the road?

Ah, dog shit. I see.

I thought it was someone's shit.


I can't get in the mood.

I wonder why?

Would this be shit or poo?

Who cares? It's shit then.

It's shit, yeah. Did you all know that?

You should have said it at first.

Alright, out of the way Kyoko. It's the new girl's turn.

Just watch.

Totally different from what I'd imagined.

Okay, ready, action.

Jesus christ! What the fuck!

Who the fuck dumped shit here!

You don't fuckin' toss shit away! Damn it!

Disgusting! Who did it? You, eh?

Son of a bitch! What're you lookin' at!


I'm not wasting my time, you know.

I'll jot it down.

When will you next film start?

Tell us!

I'm in the middle of writing it. It's nearly ready.

Can I ask what it's about?

It's a zombie story.

I love zombies!

I wanna be in it!

Me too!

Listen. There are so many varieties in the zombie genre.

I've seen loads of zombie films.

Really? Wanna try?


Okay, try to be zombies.

Yes, thank you!

Try it there right now.

Now? Now? Yes please!

Ok, try.

Okay. Ready, action!

Cut! Geez, that's Jiangshi.

Zombies are rotten so their bodies wiggle. Try again.

Yea please.

No no, that's not a zombie!

Nice to meet you.

Crap zombies.

Can I join you?

May I sit next to you?

What the hell?

You told me to bring new actresses.

I don't mind whichever.

Actresses? Did you find them in a cheap hostess bar?

As you're always sleeping with actresses the pretty ones are scared.

I won't with these ones.

You will.

Thank you so much for today.

You got much better towards the end.

Thank you. I'll try harder.

I bet you will. Excuse me.

Uh! What are you..

Never mind, don't worry.

Excuse me...

It's fine, it's fine.

What? It's fine.

No, please don't.

Leave it to me, eh?

No, please!



Leave it to me, I'll make you a big star, all right?


It's okay, baby.


I'm sorry.

Don't you wanna be a star?

It's not about becoming a star. I love acting. I love people...

Huh? Are you a zen poet?

Don't be so naive.

Come on Kyoko.


What're you doing?

Just a second, okay?

Bite me now, Kyoko!

Hold on. I'm coming.

Come on...

That's more like it!

Bite me! Turn me into a zombie.

Oh, you love zombie play, do you?

Where shall I bite first.

There? That's a great new take!

It's a new type.

A new zombie...

Never seen this type before. Really?

Come on baby.

Shall I bite it? Or lick it?

What could it be?

Let's see.

Sorry, just a sec please. Sorry.

Quickly then. Okay!

Hello. Well then?

No luck.

He hasn't made a film for 8 years.

Are you sure?

Yes. Nothing at all.

No zombie film?

All lies. He's hanging on his post glory.

Shit. I thought I was getting somewhere.

Directors and producers.They're all..


Okay, thanks. See ya.

Uh sorry, it's that time of the month. just started this second.

Can you go now?


Stop it, really. Got an early day tomorrow.


I'm disappointed too. Damn period. Can you just go?

What the hell?

Well, it's funny...being naked Fucking menstrual!

That's funny. Goodbye, for ever!

What a waste of time.

What was I thinking?

What's this? I want this.

That's my showpiece.

Acting is all about reaction, right?

Uh-huh, director.

Well, I'll be going.

What? Wait, I haven't finished with you.

You haven't?

Okay, I'm gonna get going.

Hold it, wait. How about a threesome?

Huh? Us three?

Oh yeah, why not.

That's new.

It's kinda research, yeah? For my next film.

I'll leave it to you then.

What did I just say? Oi, wait!

Hey! I can see your panties!

Yes please! Whoa!

Which one of you? This one?

Wha...what the fuck, Mom!

I'm gonna kill you, then kill myself!

Woah, woah, watch it!

You stole dad's pension from my wardrobe, didn't you?

I just borrowed it!

I'll kill you! You unemployed sex addict!

You always bring your sluts here!

I'm not unemployed! I'm a film director!


You're worthless, you should be dead!

Madam, calm down. Please!

This is great. Well structured and good dialogue.

Thank you very much.

Who wrote this?

Well I...

I wrote it and he helped a bit.

This'll be a hit.

Just right for film festivals.

You know what you need though, a nude scene.

Well, I can't see nudity in this... Sure, no problem.

I was thinking that it needs some.

So the rest is money, no one has any these days.

I'll think about what I can do, you give it a go too, okay?


The future of this industry is in our hands, right?

Filmmaking is a battle. We can't lose.

We must do our best.

Or our film culture will die.


This might turn into BIG money.

I'm off then.

I've got no change, do you mind?

Of course not.


Thanks for coming.

All that talk and he left the script. Big money, huh?

I've never even seen his wallet.

Excuse me.


I've been waiting, Mamoru.

Look at you, all dressed up!

Only because you're coming.

Oh I'm flattered.

Hello, nice to meet you.

Tetsuo and Ken.

Nice to meet you.

I'm so glad you all are interested in faith.

We have a weekly meeting and some volunteering works.

God is always watching us.

Does God really exist?

Of course.

God bears all our sins upon himself.

Our sins?

Leave it, Ken. Back off, yeah?


Eh... Yes?

God is good and all, but how many members do you have?


There are so many people who come to our church.

Would they all come to see my film if I become a member then?

Your film? Yes.

Well, it's very hard to bring in audiences, right?


I thought God would take care of that.

Oh! How about funding?

Let's get to the point. This is a religious body, right?

You got loads of money, yeah?


I'll add a pack-shot of that cross, so you can invest in us?

Is this some kind of a joke?

Alright...two pack-shots, that's it.

Otherwise it'll seem too obvious about the advertising, right?

No need to get that mad.


Love you! Hate you! Love you!

Not deep enough. You must think this is your lover.


I hate you. Love you! Hate you.


I'm sorry.

Hate you.

Love you! Hate you.

Stop being superficial!

Love you! Hate you, hate you, hate you.

Love you! Hate you, hate you.

Hate you.

Stop it.

Please, don't!


Remember that emotion. Hate as if you want to kill. Take a break.

What I'm saying is, that filmmaking primarily... is poles apart from the establishment, which is this.

I see what you mean.

That's the core of you Mr. Producer.

You see film is a cause-and-effect theory of perception.

Beyond me, that is.

I don't get it.

Let me think... okay. Imagine there is a single flower here.

A flower?

Yeah. There must be an inevitable cause-and-effect hypothesis within the percept of the flower.

That's filmmaking. Understand?

Not at all.

Still not?

I thought I had explained it well, didn't I?

Well, I'll head to the toilet. Off you go.

Just started, I'm still a baby.

You know, acting is about showing reality in your eyes.

Express life in the eyes, see?


I see the potential of such an actress in you.

Really? Oh yeah.

Hey, I'm the director of an agency. Ditch the old git and join me?

Sorry, I won't sleep with anyone for nothing.

Really? Having fun?


How's the girl? She's great, isn't she?

Not bad.

I'm counting on you for the next role.


Damn idiot!

Keep it down.

You quit the band to find a job, huh?

I'm the one in the band, not you.

I liked you 'cos your guitar made me wet.

I thought you wanted to become the Japanese Pixies.

If you've quit the band we're finished!

Well done.

Fucking disappointed!

So cool!


Screwing in the toilet, that's what film directors do? Wow!

Hey. What?

Wanna live with me? Eh?

I just broke up so I'm gonna live with you.

You're crazy, aren't you?

A film director called me crazy. I'm so happy!

What the fuck?

I think I fancy you.


I'm in love with you!

You're crazy.


He only does semi-porn and direct-to-video yakuza films.

But he produces films regularly.

Cause-and-effect, my ass.


Nothing. Semi-porn, huh?

Difficult to judge-

Maybe good as a backup. Thanks.


Wow, you're so flexible! Can I touch you?

Of course, as you like.

Wow, pure muscle! So firm. So ripped!

So hard! Brilliant!

I love you!


Uh...What are you doing here?

I've been going to church since I was young.

This is my nearest now.

I see.

Even being an extra was fine with me.


Coming to Tokyo and being just an extra was enough I thought.

Tetsuo told me off for being naive.

I don't know why, but I think you'll make it.

Why japan? Why didn't you work in the country you grew up?

Only a limited number of people could make a film where I lived.

I see.

Can you write a great script for me when you become a screenwriter?

I promise.

May I borrow your script?

I'd like to read it again.

You can keep this. It's a copy.


Gather around everyone. Tetsuo has an announcement.

The next film we're gonna make...


is Love's End, the one Ken wrote.

Well done, Ken.

Thank you so much!

Funding isn't sorted yet, but we'll get this going.

All right!

The main role will be Minami.


Back in 10, alright?

Wait director... I can't do it.

I'm mad about you. Both as a woman and an actress.


Take the role or quit.





Are you serious? Minami just started.


But what about the other members...

You read the script, right? Minami is the one.

I know she can barely act, but that presence. You know it, right?

Kyoko has no chance against her.

I'll give my body and soul into the film and Minami.

This is my last chance.

I understand.

You promised me the main role for the next film.

I lost count how many times we fucked.

I might give you the 4th supporting role.

My sector was falling apart then, and an in-gewa started.


Internal feud. Our film team ended up hating each other.

I started making porn, occupied the shooting studio and got fired.

You're always fighting.

Rebel against the power is what I call filmmaking.

I might start a fight against producers.

Oh come on.

Let me think...

This is torture.

Give me the main role in Tetsuo's film then.

You know that's impossible.


Can't do it.

I'm begging you.

No way.

Tell me then, what will I gain from you?

Gain? Is that why you're with me?

Filmmaking isn't about.

Cut the crap. I'm an actress.

All I care about is loss or gain. Get the fuck out.


Can't I at least touch your tits?

Honestly...drop dead.

Through a corridor, then a door. His place is this side.

He's in the room.

But he won't answer.

Yes. Mobile is off, you have no keys.

Alright, ready? Action.

Bang the door harder!

Takuya! He's behind it!

I know you're in!


He's screwing your best friend!

Takuya! More emotion!

Is that it? Is that how you react to losing your lover?

Show me your passion!

Now look up! Look to the sky!

Yeah, tears twinkling.


Not bad at all. You alright?

Yes, I'm OK.

Thank you. That's it for today.

Tetsuo, when do you start the other member's rehearsal?

I'm thinking of not casting them.


They're unknown. We gotta have more known actors.

You're kidding, right? They've worked hard to get their roles.

Don't pity them, Mamoru.

You're a director. Have you lost your mind. She's nobody!


What d'you know about film? You're just a nerd, prick.

My apologies, sir.



I meant what I said.

Let go!

I'm in love with Ken.

Director...I love Ken.

Who is it?

It's me.


Wha, what's up?


What're you doing here, Kyoko?

Sorry to disturb you.

It's okay, I'm not busy.

Fancy coming for a drink tonight?

I have work and rehearsal tonight.

Not just a drink, y'know?

Kano will be there.

Takumi Kano, the director?

My god! I'm a big fan.

You might have a chance to get a role.

Give me a second, I'll talk to the manager.

Excuse me. Yeah?

Can I leave early today, please?

Umm...alright, just this once.

Thank you very much.

I used to drink in cheap bars like this.

I don't believe it!

Have another drink.

I was an indie director, don't you know?

No way.

I was mega poor.

I don't believe you!

I swear it. I was the poorest of all!

You couldn't be!

Aren't you gonna have a go, Kyoko?

He's out of my depth, no chance.

Then I will. I wanna be in his film.

Hey, give me another glass, will you?

This ain't the time for orange juice!

It's rude not to talk to the director. Down this first.

Right, come over!

Director, she's a budding actress.


Nice to meet you, sir.

What's your name?

Minami. Minami .

Drink up.

What's this?

Mamoru, why is everyone gathered here behind my back?

Kane's here.


Well, we ended up having a drink with the director.

And how come I didn't know that is what I'm asking.

Stop shouting Tetsuo, it's a bit rude.

DIRECTOR Aoki to you!

Sorry about this.

No need to get mad, have a drink with us.

I don't agree with you.


I've no intention of selling out like you.

Apologize to the director.

Never mind. I just want my film seen by as many people as possible.

I'm just doing my best to contribute to the industry.

Bullshit! You sold your soul. Nothing more, nothing less.

That's enough, shut your mouth.

Don't embarrass yourself.

You've disappointed me.

To be honest, I like your earlier works better.

I like his recent ones too.

The Breeze of Smile.

That was an amazing film.

Don't you like shabby actresses like me?

Well, uh...Are you okay? You have a bright future, huh?

Come closer, I've gotta tell you...

Minami, right?

Your eyes remind me of a beautiful lake.

Are you chatting me up?

Sorry? Is this what all directors do?

Everybody in this industry is crafty, filthy and bitter.

Annoying as well. You too.

But once you're in, you can't get out.

It's more addictive than crack, that's filmmaking for you.

I've just gonna pop out.


Oi Yamada. Hey!

Ken, where is Minami? Where are all the actresses?

You all right?

They left with Kano.

And you didn't stop them?

Huh? He's a famous director, how could a film nerd like me stop them?


Piss off. Let go.

What the... Get off me!

Please, just once! Kiss me.


Piss off.

No! Ugh, tong..


No fucking tongue!

I'm in love with you.

Kyoko! Open the door!

Wow, Mr. Director. What's up?


Want more, baby?

More, give me more...

This girl's gonna be a fuckin' star.

C'mon, more.

Goddammit! Fuck! Fuck!

Summer Watch out for him, he's a slimy one.

Don't worry. Directors like him are untrustworthy.

Don't trust him. Never.


Hello, good afternoon. I'm Kano.

Such an honour to meet you director. I'm Kida.

Thank you so much for coming. Please.

Take a seat.

What would you like to drink? Coffee or tea?

Orange juice please. Of course.

Me too. Two orange juice. Sure thing.

Two orange juice, okay?

I contacted Mr. Aoki because she let me read this script.

You're working on this, is that right?

Yeah, so?

I reckon this is suited for a big studio over an independent film.

No one directs this but me.

Do you have the right to say that? You didn't write it.

I've no intention of snatching it off you.

You and Ken can be co-writers.

Your name will be credited as a writer.

The producer won't agree if I don't direct it.

Is that so?

Of course not! You're more than welcome to it. Right, Tetsuo?

I ain't selling this script. This is mine.

Director, here's the shooting schedule for tomorrow.

The car is waiting as well. Thanks.

Well, that's a shame...

See you then.

How much for the drinks?

Don't worry, I'll take care of it.

Very kind of you.

Thank you for coming.

Thank you.

Lowlife shit.

Did you say something? Nothing.


What's wrong?

Kaede, you've got some savings, right? How much?

But they're for my Mom's hospital fee.

Fuck that. I'm gonna make the film.

I gotta start now or he'll steal it.



This is all? It's not even close.

I'm so sorry, I'm useless.

Get the fuck out of my face!

I wish I was dead.

Love? Hate? Love?

Are you joking? You think acting is easy, eh?


Why me? C'mon, you go.

Um... well, we want to be on TV dramas and adverts.

Huh? Yes.

What? I do too.

We wonder if this is really preparing us for TV.

We're paying for this.


Pricey, isn't it?

I don't get it.

Calm down, Tetsuo!

Talentless shitheads, piss off!


Director Takumi Kano's new film! Starring newcomer MINAMI


Oh hello. What brings you here?

I saw the paper.

Ah! I was having a meeting with Minami.

It's a rip-off!

Not true. It's a simple narrative, so there are similarities.

You dirty bastard. I'll sue you!

Go ahead.

Son of a bitch!

I was bullied badly when I first started in the industry.

So I learnt boxing so I could take them all down.

That's filmmaking, right? Don't be so fuckin' naive, loser.


Leave him.

I can't just leave him.

Are you okay, Tetsuo?

I'll leave now, thank you.

Burning passion.

Like fire.

It's beautiful.

The woman in the car?

Not that idiot. The light.

The light?

When I was little, my father took no interest in me, but one thing he did was take me to the cinema.

The projector lit up and I'd hear the sound of the reels rolling.

I always loved that moment.

I'd always think that one day it would be my film rolling.


Can I still do it?

Just about, I guess.

Just once, yeah?


What would you do, John? Tell me.

He makes movies? Awesome. I know, right?


What's he like? My brother?

He's really handsome, intelligent and kind.

Is he really?

I love my brother.

Shit! This is the same crap as before.

Who is hotter? Me or your brother? What?

Who is hotter?


What the...

I'm so horny, look at me.

Akina! Akina!

You scared the life out of me!

Shut up and look at this!


This is you, isn't it?

Huh? No.

Bullshit! It's obviously fucking you!

So what?

So what? Why the fuck are you in it? You're underage!

You're a porn actress? Let me see...

Shut the fuck up!

Cos we're poor. Anyway, you should fuckin' talk!

Mom and Dad will be devastated!

They won't find out.

You shithead! Drop dead!

That hurt, bastard!

Old pervert!

Got the good stuff, right?


How many?

Thirty I guess...Yes.

Thirty fucks after fucks.

Oh yeah!

Your dick must be sore.

Oh yeah, it hurts like hell!

Much appreciated though.

Here's the money.

Thank you.

Keep that pecker strong.

I'll do my best!

Bye. Yes, excuse me.

Yeah, okay.

Here's some coffee.


Hey, Mamoru.

What's this?

Let's make the film!

It's not enough, but I'll find more.

So Seki, this scene should be shot in a dark light, so you can barely see her face. We'll focus on her action.

No close-up then?

Long takes. Not many cuts.

What's up with you?

You're full of energy.

My creativity is bursting right now.

It's almost visible in your face.

I see it, yeah.

Leave it to me. What kind of light do you want,Tetsuo.

I want a strong contrast.

Contrast? Yeah.

Please elaborate. Elaborate?

Like The Godfather. When Marlon appears.

Marlon Brando?

Yeah, do you see what I mean?

Sort of, yeah.

No peeking, right?

Look Ken, here come some lovebirds.

Keep it down, they'll hear you.

Steaming fresh from the motel. Stop it.

What's she like? Ugly cow?

I can't see her face. Now?

Okay, don't say anything though.

Okay okay, I bet she's ugly.

I shed a gallon of beer, what a waste.

Let's grab a bite to eat.

Get out of my way!

Kaede, what're you doing here?

Noriko, are you in trouble?

Who the fuck is Noriko?

And who's this?

Keep me out of this, I know nothing.

Hey hey, Tetsuo!

Come back, you motherfucker!

It's not what you think!

What then, eh?

A customer...

Huh? Customer?

Look! I've already saved this much! I know it's not enough, but..

I will do anything for you and your film!

Keep your filthy hands off me!

Anything for you.

Let go I said.

You're disgusting.

I just wanted him to make the film.

Autumn This doesn't sound right...

Okay, so from 7 o'clock.

Director, I'm going now.

Wait, have you found the hospital location?

Oh not yet.

Damn it!

I'm going now.

I'm off.

You're kidding, right? Yes.

Have you sorted tomorrow?

Well, I'll let people know there's been a time delay.


Excuse me, thank you for today.

I'm off.

Minami, take a seat here.

This is your first TV drama, right?


You acted like a veteran, great job.

Thank you so much!

No no! You have a wife and children.

But I love you.

I don't know if I should believe you..

Too close.. NO!

What's my line? Get off!

Hey, my contract states no kissing.


Okay, stop.

Make-up in.

No kissing? This is a kissing scene.

I'm exhausted. I wanna have a break.

Remember your lines at least!

I'm tired. Without a break I can't do it.

This isn't a porn shoot, it's a real film and takes time. Got it?

But I AM a porn actresses. Never thought film was this hard.

Stop screwing with me, bitch!

He's lost it.


Kida, you promised me you'd find a quality cast.

Tetsuo...She's not bad.

Better to cast a porn actress than someone who is reluctant to strip.

She can't even learn her lines.

And the's no different than a straight-to-video porn.

Straight-to-video porn is...

...still a film.

I really enjoy working with you.

I speak too directly, so I know I'm not so popular.

That's not true, say like yesterday, after you told me off, I could bring my inner emotion out.

Really? Yes.

I really appreciate your talent.

Yeah, but you're Kano's muse.

Recently he's not been making anything good.

I see the age of Shinjo is just around the corner.



Why not? I really like you.

As an actress or a woman?

Both, of course.

Can you.. give me a big role in your film?

Sure, I want you to be the star.



That hurt!

Promise me. In writing.


Can you sign a statement?

A statement?

I hereby pledge to make MINAMI the star of my film. Director Shinjo.

Please accept this.

What do you want then?

Well, uh...

Say it!

Can I please lick your feet?




I'm so sorry, forgive me.

Forgive me please.

I'm sorry.

Getting a hard-on, eh? You dirty dog.

Die! Lowlife shit!

Fuck you! Scum!



Drop dead!

Die you scum!

What the...

Hey, what?

You've got some nerve coming back to an actress you abandoned.

Stop it, get off!

How can you be so heartless?

Shit that hurts.

Get off I said!

C'mon, stop it!

Stop! Dickhead.

Stop it!

You an idiot or what?

You've been ok recently?


Got a role in a TV drama.

What, person A?


Maybe corpse B?

I said no!

Shut up and listen.

It's the second supporting role.

No shit.

Great, huh?

Gotta be a mistake.

Even you wanna shine, eh?

Why not?

Fuckin' great chick you are.

With no talent.

Thank you.


What's wrong?

Will you...hold me.



I can't.

Bye, bye.

I'm going to actress. please! Let me go! I'm sorry!


I'm so sorry, Tetsuo.

He ripped me off, resold me old stuff.

Amateurs have no fear.

Please forgive him.

No fuckin' way. You gotta pay 5 million yen first.

We ain't got that much.

Then I'll make you kill him.


Give me a minute. I got an idea.

I'm so sorry Kida.

You guys are crazy.

Got the money, yeah?

Money? No.

Then getta fuck out.

Shut your big mouth, little punk.

Son of a bitch.

Are you for real, old fart?

I've been fighting against the power since before you were born.

This is like a cat fight compared to my struggles.


Yes, I'll pass you to him now.

Have a chat.

Huh? Take it!

Why should I? Talk, you little shit.

Huh? Who the fuck are you?




Thank you very much, you surprised me.

You go through all sorts of shit after forty years in the industry.

Maybe we're stuck at the bottom of stinking sewage, and we gotta even eat shit in order to survive.


Just carry on filming, that's all that matters.


Goddam heavy, man. Get off.

I can't walk. I can't.

It's been a while.

I'm sorry about last time.

Forget it.

This is...

The film I made a long time ago, called The Sow.

The only proper film I made.

I'd like you to watch it.

I see.

If you liked this even the slightest, would you let me work for you?

I'd be an AD or even a cook. You name it, I'd do it.

To be honest, I'm really inspired by your work.

Okay, that's all.


Filmmaking is like falling for a no good slut, huh?


But we can't leave that slut alone, can we, right?

So you might as well keep fucking. Don't stop shooting.

Sorry to disturb you.

Thanks for coming.

Not at all.

Always chaotic when shooting starts.

I don't read unsolicited ones, but I'll make an exception for a church member.

Thank you very much.

Minami's on set!

Minami, the last scene was brilliant!

Thank you very much.

Minami, can I get an autograph?

Thank you so much!

Let's get started. All clear please.

Out of the way please.

Only one scene left.


Sorry, no autographs.

It's okay.

Jeez! You've got a manager, huh?

You got a cigarette?


You smoke now too? You really have changed.

Have I?

What do you want then?

I've got something to tell you.

I need you in my film.

Sorry... but you can't afford me.


Don't embarrass yourself.

No one can play the role but you.

Have you lost your pride?

What the fuck is that? Is it edible?

Minami, come on.

Back to set.



I'm gonna write a script, Tetsuo will direct.

I promise to write the best dialogue ever just for you.

Quiet man, we're rolling.

I'm sorry, let's go.

Scene 5,Take 2, ready?

This is good, did Ken write it?

I did, for the first time...

Since his debut film.

Loads of nudity too.

Nudity is out of demand now, over saturated. Dogs or cats are good.

Dogs or cats, huh?

Yeah, and die in the end. The audience loves that.

I can't think of one scene with animals.

No problem. I'll borrow cats from my neighbour, they have lots.

Great! Dogs are expensive.

Filmmaking is a battle, you see?

Shall we get going?

I'll get it.

You gotta save for the film, right?


1,480 yen please.

We can aim for the Oscars.

Not sure about that, but maybe Cannes?

Hey, Je T'aime.

Yes please.

What's JeT'aime?

Hello I guess?

Did you mean what you said?

Dogs, cats, nudity. Might as well put them all in.

Holy cow! A guaranteed hit!

After all, who doesn't wanna win awards?

Exactly. What should I spend my money on?