Get Lucky (2013) Script


MAN 1: They call him Lucky.

MAN 2: Ls he?

MAN 1: Depends who you ask.

Tragic circumstances with his parents' murder.

He skipped the county.

MAN 2: So this guy just wants us to grab him? No bruises?

MAN 1: Yeah. He's got something special planned for Lucky.



-Can I help you, mate? No.



Come on, stop it!

LUCKY: That's it? No kiss goodbye?

RAPHAEL: Welcome back to London.

(SARCASTICALLY) Great to be back.

What brings you home?

That voice you've got, does it hurt when you talk?

Whoever you think I am, whatever you think I've done, you're wrong.

We know who you are.

Lucky, tell us about your brother.

What's he got to do with this?

Tell us about Raphael.

We need to know if he's trustworthy.

The most honest guy I know.

We've heard that he's the best in the business.

That he's a tactical genius.

We've also heard that he's incredibly handsome.

The funniest guy in the world.

The only person who could truly throw you a welcome home party.




I wanna kiss that man. Come here!


-Good to see ya. How are you, sir?

How's the motor business?

Yeah, well, I've only just finished repairing all those cars that you smashed up.

-Well, I made a pink slip trade. (CHUCKLES)

-Where's Kirby? You mean, is he still not in prison?

-Come on. (LAUGHING) lt's not as if you were going to get the first round.

Kirby. I'm stunned by your generosity. Thanks, mate.

-How you been keeping? Out of trouble. Just.



Put those on ice. I'm working.

George. Hey! How are you?

-Oh, that's the old Shirley Bunion, isn't it? (LAUGHS)

-Shirley Bunion, isn't it? No.

-Yeah. We were in school together. I sincerely doubt it.

There you go, mate. Welcome home present.

That's vey thoughtful. Good to see you, Kirby.

-Cheers, lads. ALL: Cheers.

I need to go and talk to someone.

I need to go and get more champagne.

I need to go for a piss.

-Vodka or gin? Vodka. Always vodka.

-You always drink alone? I'm actually waiting for someone.

Ah. Me, too.

You haven't seen her, have you?

She's got the most beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair.

Beautiful smile, red dress, drinks martinis, loves magic.


Well, if I see her, I'll let her know you're looking for her.

You do that.

She's a vey lucky girl.


Mate. Mate, mate, mate. A word in your ear-hole.

-Not now, mate. Yes, now. Come on. l've just met a beautiful girl, and you want a word?

Okay. Heads, I follow her, tails, I...

(SIGHS) it's always heads. I gave you that coin.

-(SIGHS) Come on.

How's employment with Mr Zigic?

Ah, you know, some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue.

We're supposed to be on our collection rounds, so if you could cut to the chase.

My inside man has come good.

We're on for Tuesday.

Can you clear your diaries? l'm sure we can find the time.

No more being a collection goon for your uncle after this.

Let's hope so.

l've just landed, just got back into the county and you want me to do a job with you tomorrow? lt's not a "job" job.

Like I say, the guy I do deliveries for owes me a bit of money. That's all.

So why do you need a driver?

Well, if you don't want to help your best mate out, fine.

Your world travels have changed you, haven't they?

And not for the better, may I point out.

Why do you need me to drive?

You're the best driver. Eveybody knows that.


Heads, you do it.


You still got the old Merc?

Yes, dad left it to me.

And, no, I'm not bringing it on some getaway job. lt's not some getaway job.

Just wanna go cruising with my best mate in a flash car.

Catch the eye of the ladies.

Yeah, well, you need all the help you can get.

-I'll think about it. All right.

Show me a trick.

Look, useless poker hand.

Royal flush.

That is good.

No, I'm sory, but I can't and I won't pay that kind of money.

I like a man who stands up for what he believes in.

Do you like photography?

I love photography.

Captures memories in such a poetic way, don't you think?

My boss, therefore your boss, Mr Zigic, he likes to keep things simple.

Black and white, you might say.

You don't have to pay in cash.

They didn't.

Good boy.

lf you see a girl you like the look of, you come and talk to me.

I will arrange a table for you, so you and the girl can get to know each other.

Thank you.

-Hi, Niko. Hello, Foxy.

All right, Foxy?


-Done deal, Mr Zigic. I'll take that.

Mmm. We'll speak to the organ grinder, not the monkeys.

Yourjob's done. Now run along, boys.


Ladies, please. Now come on.

Let's have a little bit of professionalism in here.

We're just messing about, right?


You gonna be all right with that? It's vey heavy.

Yeah, I'll be fine.

l've heard a little whisper about you two.

Yeah? What about?

SEBASTIAN: No, nothing. Just that someone who knows someone said that you're into playing little games.


I was just saying what we heard about these two.

Yeah. We were wondering if you fancied a poker night one night?

Is this what I'm paying you for? Hmm? lt's just a little bit of downtime, Mr Zigic.

One day this week? Poker or blackjack?

Don't touch anything!

-I'm not! I was just... Don't just.


You nearly done?


Just gonna check the safe, then we can go.

-Please don't touch anything. I won't.

Mmm. l'm serious. I've got a huge night on Tuesday. lf I don't get everything perfect, my boss will kill me.

Ooh, Mr Zigic!

Raph, seriously, you're not even supposed to know his name.

I know, but no one even knows I'm here, right?

No, you're fine.

Why don't I come and help you instead?


-Turn around. (CHUCKLES)



(SHOUTING) Goodbye, ladies, see you tonight!

-Shirley Bunion, isn't it? Fuck off.

Oh, my mistake. I thought we went to school together.

Forget about it, mate.

l've missed you.

Yeah, I've missed you, too.

-So how long's this going to take? Oh, five minutes, tops.

Just gonna go in around the back. I'll be back before you know it.

Why aren't you going in the front door?

Keep the engine running.

-You told me this wasn't a job. (CAR DOOR SLAMS)


You just can't keep away from me.

You gonna do more magic on me? lf you like.

Be careful. lf I wasn't so innocent, I'd say you were hitting on me.


-What brings you here? What brings you here?


(CHUCKLES) Look, you may think you like me, but I'm a whole world of trouble.


But if it makes you happy, I'll take your number and maybe call you.


SEBASTIAN: It's too noisy. What do you want me to say?

-KRAMER: I can't find my keys. What do you mean, you can't find the keys?

I can't find my keys.

Well, think, where was the last place you had them?

-Uh... Come on, think.

They're in the safe, you plum.


My pleasure.

We gotta go! Come on!


-l hope to see you again. Yeah.

Lucky! Come on!


Let's go.


KIRBY: Can you drive faster?

LUCKY: Just admit this was a job. KIRBY: All right, all right! It was a job!


Closer, closer.

Come on, come on, come on, closer. What are you doing?

KRAMER: This thing's handling like a bloody blancmange.

SEBASTIAN: Have you got your foot right down?

-Yes, I've got my foot right down. What, right down?

KRAMER: Right down! SEBASTIAN: This is ridiculous.

I gave you money to get a proper motor, not this piece of shit.

There they are. l'll lose him through here.

SEBASTIAN: He's going on the race ground, follow him.

-Let me out. What?

I have the cash. They'll follow me.

-No. I'll lose them in the old sewers.



No, no. Leave him.

We follow the money.

Kirby, it's me, again. Let me know you're okay.


About bloody time.


Don't even ty that shit with me.

Where's the money?

Not until I know he's okay.

Your mate's hanging in there.

Now where's the money? lt's not here. You can search the place if you don't believe me.

Where's the money?

Where's Kirby?

Shall we call him?



SEBASTIAN: Well, about time.

I thought you went for a romantic dinner, or he shot you.

KRAMER: What? This runt?

He couldn't even pick up a gun, let alone use it. lf you want a romantic dinner, you're going about it the wrong way.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

What have I told you about them anger issues?

-Count to ten. Exactly. Count to ten.

And then if you still want to smash his skull in, you can.

-One, two, three, four, five, six... Kirby!, eight, nine, 10. Kirby!


Right. l'll leave you to it. l'm gonna go and sort that mug out who sold me that BMW.

Whoa, hang on a minute.

We still need to sort out the business that we're dealing with now.

I ain't counting to ten with that guy. He's fucking dead.

First things first, Kramer.

lf you let him go, he'll give you the money back, okay?

-Please, you don't have to do this. KRAMER: Sebastian.

He isn't breathing.

He hasn't got a pulse.

And I think he's quit smoking. (LAUGHING)

You are seriously not well.

You've killed him?

Well, not intentionally, but, yeah. Yeah, that seems to be the case.

KRAMER: You'll be a dead man walking.

So let's get down to brass tacks, shall we?

You pay us 200 grand, or we kill you.

End of negotiations.


I thought you said he was dead?

Not actually a doctor, am I?

Don't touch me!

-Don't touch me! Help me! (CHUCKLES)



What the hell is going on here?

None of your business.

Not yet.

Just be careful, Niko, yeah?



I heard about you losing the money of my uncle.


(MOCKINGLY) "Oh, I heard about you losing my uncle's money."


How come he got to shoot him?

I wanted to shoot him!

8:00, but only if you were being serious.

NIKO: Planning your night out?


Run me a bath.


Show me how much you love me.






Meet me at Kami's Bar tonight at 8:00, but...

lt's me. l'm in trouble. I need to see you.

LUCKY: They tortured him and shot him.

Car's gone, money's gone. I'm fucked, Raph.

I need 200 grand, or I'm dead.

Two hundred grand?

I don't have that kind of cash.

There's no one else I can ask.

Now, look, you're gonna have to disappear. l'm not running away again.

You're my brother, Raph.


Look, I didn't want to tell you this.

I didn't want to get you involved. l've been planning a job. lt's not some backstreet, sleight-of-hand scam or a con.


ZIGIC: Ln my county, if a man has nothing, he has no honour.

He is nothing.

Yesterday, I had two hundred thousand in the safe.

Today, I have nothing.

Does that make me a man without honour?

We're getting your money back, Mr Zigic, you have our word. lf you don't,

l'll have your heads.

-(GIRLS GIGGLING) Hello, Sebastian. And, uh...

(SNAPPING FINGERS) l'm sory, I keep forgetting your name.

-Mr Kramer. Missed a brain, more like.

Hey, hey.

Keep your dog on a leash, Sebastian.

Otherwise, someone's going to put it down.

ELl: Ooh! See you later, girls.

You should have let me smash that little prick up.

Yeah, listen to me.

We're already on the blacklist.

Do you think having a fight in his club is going to help us?

-l don't care. Yeah, well, I do, and so should you.

'Cause slippey Niko is looking to take our place.

So we gotta use that.

You are having no problem?

-One or two are a little resistant. But nothing we can't handle.

Mmm. lt troubles me when our clients forget the protection insurance we offer.

That may happen to some of your other men, like Sebastian, but we will always deliver.

Yeah, even if it means burning down a restaurant.


No more fires.

That stupid stunt of yours caused me a lot of stress with the authorities.

These people are not cheap to pay off.

Understood, Uncle.

lf you want to rise through the family business, you must be patient.

Work hard.

Respect me financially.


Earn your place.

Hey! Audition time.


"Earn your place"? He sits there doing fuck all, while we're out and about...

-Ty not to let eveyone hear! (ALL LAUGHING)

(EXHALES) Once we do Raphael's job and give my uncle a slice of the take, then he'll see that I have earned my place.

You mean we?

Of course.


Come to Daddy! (LAUGHING)

And they're professionals, that's what the important thing is.

We can't take any chances with this.

There you are. Been looking for you.

Well, this is romantic.

Eli, Niko, meet my little brother.


By name or nature?

Until recently, both.

Oh, well, that fills me with confidence.

Let's hope your luck changes then, eh?

Here's the plan. lt's a secret casino.

Doesn't officially exist. Invitation only.

Who owns it?

The Stocks Brothers. Yorkshire men.

NIKO: I am worried about who is inside. They are the assholes we'll be dealing with.

RAPHAEL: There'll be a collection of people who shouldn't be in the county.

GEORGE: Like traffic wardens?


Warlords, gun-runners, international drug dealers.

ELl: Sure. Any naughty people?

Maybe some bankers.

The exterior of the casino will be heavily guarded. l'm talking about trigger-happy lumps with machine guns.

Bring it.

How do we get inside the building?

-RAPHAEL: That's where BG comes in. Ram-raid. l've got the truck, I'm just waiting on the rod.

You haven't built it yet?

No, Niko, I haven't built it yet.

Do you want to come and help me?

Maybe get that shiny suit of yours a little bit dirty?

Why not?

Look, I trust him, so you trust him.

-Once we're inside, there will be some... We'll take care of them.

No witnesses.

This is a heist, not a killing spree.

We're just supposed to get in and out alive. That's it.

That is easier if people are dead.

No one gets killed.

Sure, sure.

RAPHAEL: Eli, once we're in, you're on the bar girl.

She might look angelic, and I'm sure she can make a mean martini, but she also has a revolver strapped to her thigh. You take her out quick.

Wild West shit. I like it.

Niko, you're on the cloakroom girl.

-Be my pleasure. Don't be fooled.

She's got a trench-gun under the counter and dead men will assure you she knows how to use it.

What are we packing?

Nothing that can be traced back to us. l've gone old-school.

"Old-school"? More like ancient-school.


Untouchable, more like.

They do work, right?

-Oh, yeah, they work. (COCKS GUN)

LUCKY: What about their backup?

We're going in hard and fast.

There won't be time for anyone on the outside to get to us.

-How do we get into the safe room? RAPHAEL: I'll take care of that.

Oh, you take care of that?

Whilst we're crowd control, you go and get the money?

There's one way in and one way out. I can't leave without you.

And you can't do this without us.

We all play a part, we all take an equal cut.

(SHOUTING) if anyone has got a problem with that, walk away.

Does anyone have a problem?

-What am I driving? (BROWN GEORGE SCOFFS)

Come on, Luck. What's the easiest way to get lost in London traffic?


He's the one.

Now that's a driver.

You have done this before.

Brakes are spongy, she's got a left bias, she could use a tune-up. l'll give her a bit of BG love and she'll be purring in no time, all right?

-You happy now? Time me again.

I tell you what, if I wasn't talking right now, I'd be lost for words. You look...

Be nice. It's our first date.

Gorgeous, but those shoes are slutty.

(CHUCKLES) You think these are slutty?


Never put shoes on the table.


You don't actually believe in all that stuff, do you?

I do, yeah.

What is it, cracks in pavement, hats on beds?

I never want to see a hat on a bed.

I always have a hat on my bed.

Well, maybe on your bed it might be okay.


Here's to us.

So who taught you all these magic tricks?

My best mate taught me.

So you can make things appear? Anything else?

-l can hypnotise people. Ooh.

I can hypnotise you now, if you want.

-Okay. Give me your hands.

Go on, then.

Stare into my eyes.

Give in to my eyes. Feel yourself tumbling.


And deeper.

Now stand up and give me a lap dance.



-I'm losing my touch. (CHUCKLES)

So who gave you this ridiculous name, Lucky?

-You don't think I was born Lucky? (LAUGHS) l, uh... l was a kid, six years old.

Gas explosion blew a hole in the side of my orphanage.

I was the only survivor.

This family read about it in the papers, adopted me.

They've called me Lucky ever since.


I was kind of hoping for a more upbeat stoy.

(CHUCKLES) Well, l'm alive. l'm good at what I do. l'm with a beautiful girl.

So what do you do?


RAPHAEL: Two, three, seven...

(INHALES) lt's either a four or another seven.


-Hi, babe. Hi, darling.

You're early.

Yeah, managed to get everything finished, but I'm absolutely shattered.


-How was your day? Fine. Uh, pretty uneventful, really.

Oh! You wanted to go out for dinner, didn't you? l'll just go and get changed, and then we can go.

I was thinking we could go to that little ltalian. You know the... lt's okay. Change of plan.

Why don't I run you a nice hot bath, make you a lovely dinner and we stay in tonight.

That sounds perfect.

Okay, so I really do need to tell you something.

You're not a natural blonde.

(SOFT MUSIC PLAYING) l'm actually with someone. l'm so sory.

No, um...

-l shouldn't have... I like you.

I really, really like you.

And now the "But."

But Nikila...

Nikila? lt's spelt with a "K".


-Do you love him? No.

Does he love you?

He loves himself. I'm just...


-Why don't you leave him? It's not that simple.

He's vey jealous.

I can't think why, girl's out having drinks in town.

God. L... I've got to go. lf he finds out I'm here, I...

Let me protect you. lt's not me who'll need protecting.

Wait. lf you ever need somewhere to go. lf you ever need somewhere to live.

And if you're not there?

-Use the key to get in. I don't have a key.



My brother's got us involved with psychopaths, the girl of my dreams is otherwise engaged and my best mate...

I thought I was your best mate?


Look, Lucky, in our line of work, you just never know what's going to happen next, and we just have to accept that that's a part of it.

Otherwise, we ain't never gonna work again.

Yeah, well, maybe I need a new line of work.

A new life, maybe.

Wow. She really has got you good, this girl, hasn't she?

Look, I don't know this Bridgett girl, but what I do know is that black beauty here is worth it.

And I'm not talking about this black beauty over here.


And the van?

Yeah. We are almost there. l'll pick this one up tomorrow. Make sure everything's all right.

Come on, you know me.

You know my guarantee!

KRAMER: Could we go fishing tonight? I've always wanted to go night fishing.

Fresh air, nature, all that bollocks.

SEBASTIAN: So where'd you get the new motor from?

The Merc? I stole it off Lucky.

Listen to me, I'm being serious.

We've got a lot of important things to stay on top of. This is just a little errand.

Yes. Brian George.

What a stupid name. lt's like two first names put together. Like George Michael.

What are you talking about, you doughnut? His name's Brown George.


But I've been calling him Brian, and he's never said anything.

Brown George.

GEORGE: Jesus.

You frightened the life out of me. (CHUCKLES)

Well, if that gave you a fright, you'll be a lot quicker than I thought.

-That BMW you sold me. Yeah. lt's a wrong-un, so I want my money back.

(CHUCKLES) You serious?

Man, come on. What do you think this is, eh? Harrods?

You got your receipt, have ya?


Who do you think you're talking to?

Well, a man who clearly doesn't have a clue about cars.

Now, listen, mate. I've got a lot of work to do.


What happened to count to ten?

Now we gotta wait for him to wake up. We could be here all day.

-What is it with you and that temper? Sory.

-Find the kettle and put it on. Okay.




Stop it!

ELl: Well, that felt good.

What are you doing?

We just wanted to know they worked.

-They do. Yes.

George has disappeared.


-What about the ram-van? LUCKY: It's not ready.

He's bottled it.

-That's not George. (SCOFFS)

That's not George.

Well, how are we getting in then?

All right, let's hear it.

The plan has always been to go in through the front door.

Well done, because the back door is the River Thames.

You've not heard of boats?

We don't have the van to break in through the front door any more, so the only option is to come in from the river.

We wait for George to turn up with the ram-van.

No. No, this casino is a one-night offer. We have to do it tonight. l'll get back to George's, get the cab.

Meet us at this point here, this quay, 5:30 a.m. sharp.

I don't want to be hanging around with all that cash.

-Okay. Nice one.

Gentlemen, we've got one more thing to do before tonight.

A bit more gun practise?

No. We're gonna steal a boat.



HENCHMAN: What are you doing here?

Just waiting for my friends.

Yeah? Where are they?

They're behind you.





Victor? Victor?

Ho, ho, ho!

RAPHAEL: Eveybody on this side of the room right now!

-You're robbing the wrong people. This side of the room, -get down on your knees! ELl: Go on, move!


RAPHAEL: You want to test me? I will shoot you where you stand.

ELl: Come on, move. Stop messing about. Move!

NIKO: Move your ass! You two, get over there now!

RAPHAEL: Don't even test me, man!

Do not look at me. Look at the ground!

Put the gun down.

RAPHAEL: Move your ass! Now!

ELl: This way, sweetheart.

-You're going to pay for this. We're getting paid for this. Now move!

NIKO: You shut up and get down. RAPHAEL: Move your ass, or we'll blow your faces off!

ELl: On the floor. On the floor.

WOMAN: Please, sir, if you could just...

NIKO: Over there, I said. Get down on your knees.

RAPHAEL: Do not test me. Look down. Look at the ground.

You, on your feet. Get up.

-Move it. Move your ass. ELl: Move. Move.

RAPHAEL: Faces down. Do it.

-Gun in there! RAPHAEL: Let's go!


RAPHAEL: Move. Come on. Let's go.

-Open it. No. lf I do that, I'm dead. lf you don't do that, you're dead.

Put the number in, or your number is up.

Get out of the way.


Got it!

Get in there! Move!

ELl: Move. Move.



Move! Move your ass!

-Get back! ELl: Yeah, we're not messing about.

RAPHAEL: Do it now. Put the cash in the bag, or somebody gets shot. Do not test me.

Drop that radio.

-It's the casino. I've got a bite. I've got a bite!

We got trouble.

Warn him, get these two out of here now. Go!

You heard the man. Move. Move!

Come on. We're not going for a stroll.


l'll buy you a soppy fish if it's that important to you. lt's not the same, catching something with your own hands.

No witnesses, right?

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

I don't remember asking for your opinion.

No, you didn't. You're right. I'm sory.

Maybe I should teach you a lesson.

Get away from her! What the hell are you doing?

Get your fucking hands off me!


-ELl: Gun! (COCKS GUN)



NIKO: Fuck.

ELl: Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. RAPHAEL: Get in. Get in.

Come on. Go, go, go, go, go. Come on.

Look, do you want to catch fish or do you want to kill people?

-Do I have to count to 10? Not tonight.

They're already leaving. They're getting away on a boat.

KRAMER: Get closer.

RAPHAEL: Go, go, go, go! l'll cover you. Get out. Get out. Grab the bags.


Right, lads, let's do it. Move, move, move!


ELl: (LAUGHS) How's that for timing?

Go! Go! Go!


Hey, what was with the American accent?

I said no one gets killed.

What was I supposed to do, huh?


You know, Zigic is going to give Niko my job over this.

-l can't work with that guy. Yeah, well, you ain't gonna have to, are you?

He's going to have both of us killed.

Hey, Lucky? Do you have a girl?

-Do you have a girl? Yeah, kind of.

Oh, boy. One of those, huh?


-Do you like her? I do, yeah.

How about you, Raph?

Ooh. That's the way you need to play it.

Girls need to be desired.

They'll chase you forever if you don't give yourself to them.

And we all know who you'll be celebrating with tonight, huh?


Yeah. That'll be your mum.

My mum?

She's dead. You like fucking dead people?


Cab's stored.

Still can't get hold of George.

Nor me.

Still managed to pull it off.

-You did well. Lt was your plan.

Couldn't have done it without you.

-What are these? Bearer bonds. They are a bonus.

-They worth anything? A lot more than the cash.

-How much cash is there? Around 70 grand each.

-Come again? Seventy?

You said we'd get three times that!

You know I need 200 grand.

I thought there was going to be a lot more cash, too.

There wasn't. But we still managed to pull it off.

These aren't sheets of toilet paper.

All right, split them up.

Do you know how to sell bearer bonds without them being traced back to you?

I do.

Once I've done that, we'll be looking at 400 grand each.

-(WHISTLES) We need to sit on them for a while until the dust settles.

-Eli, count out four piles. Five piles.

Keep the bonds separate.

Raphael, you know I like you.

-We split it equally. George isn't a part of this any more.

-Four ways. Five ways. He engineered the getaway car.

NIKO: So we'll give him a mechanic's wage.


Four ways.

NIKO: All good?



Come on. I'll drop you and lover boy off.

Raph? l'm fine, man. I'm just... I'm just tired. I'll see you later.


What a shithole.

-Where can I... Through there.


lf I'd known you were coming, I'd have...

-Got here sooner? Yeah.

Been out all night.

Who's the lucky girl?

Come here.


Let me just get rid of him.

Who is it? lt's a colleague from work.



I didn't shit everywhere, if that's what you're thinking.

No, I've got someone...

Oh! You slag!

Or is she a slag? Huh?

-Thanks for the lift. What is she like?

-Nice funbags? Go home.

Come on, just a quick peek.

-What would Eli say? Um...

"I'll take the end that eats." He's got a vey dirty mind.

Have you flipped her yet? (LAUGHING)

-Good night. Lucky Lucky...

Who was that?

No one, no one. Just someone I work with.



Uh, listen, Marilyn, can you, um...

Make some noise?

I mean, I am paying for this.

-MARILYN: Come on. Yeah.

Come on.

-Come on. Yes.

-Yeah. That's it.

-Oh, yeah. Call me "the president".

Call me "the president".

Fuck, yeah. Here we go.



What the fuck is going on?




Now, I'm going to need my money back.

I can go all night, JF.

-Okay! (GASPS)

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.


I am going to need a discount, though.

So, you've decided to leave your fella, then?

How did you work that one out?


-Seriously though. Yes.

Hmm. Good.

You know...

You were honest with me about that. I've got something I need to tell you, too.

Cheap bastard.



Where the fuck are you?

Fuck are you?

-My God, this is crazy. Yeah. lt's not even enough.

My brother's going to sort some things out.

Everything's going to be okay.

-And you trust your brother? With my life.

Hi, Annabella, it's me again.

You didn't come home last night and there are no messages.

Please call.

Just call home.

Sebastian. And, uh...


What's going on here?

Something vey, vey serious.

Your uncle's casino was ripped off last night.

Yeah, we'll see about that.

-He's got a casino? Where were you last night?

Fucking your wife. Where were you?

-Fucking your wife. Me, too.

She was great! (LAUGHING)




Someone had the balls and the stupidity to rip me off.

I will leave them with the stupidity, but I will cut their balls off.

We did get sight of them, but they... They got away.

KRAMER: The security cameras were all covered up.

They knew where everything was.

Look, it's an inside job. It has to be.


My casino is ruined.

None of my clients ever trust me again.

You, round up all the casino staff, bring them to the warehouse.

MAN: All of them?

Yeah! All of them, you fucking pig!


All of them!


Vey kind of you to join us, Eli.

Sory, some bitch...

-Someone stole me car. A car?

You! You find my bearer bonds!


Funny, he's lost some bearer bonds as well.

Calm down? We've just robbed our boss, your uncle.

We didn't know it was his casino.

All we have to do is to get those bonds back.

That's all he cares about.

No, bollocks.

We get out of Egypt while Moses has still got a few miracles left.


We get those bonds back, silence the brothers, my uncle will reward us.

And I'm a step closer to running the family business.

So, what? We get Raphael?

KRAMER: Do you reckon Lucky's going to have the cash? lf he don't, he's dead.

What do you reckon would be the worst way to go, burning, drowning or starving?

That acid didn't look too clever.

(SCOFFS) What I got to say for me, it's going to be being bored to death by you.

(LAUGHS) Like that would ever happen.

Nah. It's got to be drowning, I reckon.

Is that because you can't swim? lf my life depended on it, Sebastian, I could.

-Yeah? Yeah.

Oh, trust me, if you're in deep, dark water, of course your life is going to depend on whether you can swim or not.

-l mean, how are you going to... (BANGING)


What was that for?

This is becoming quite a habit, innit?

I mean, what is this? Two in one week?

I thought you said you let him go?

No. I thought you said you let him go.

No, I said, "Let him go."

"Let him go"?

Is it bleeding?

No, but it will be in a minute.


Why can't it still be dark outside?


You're not going to see my face this time.

I want to see your face all the time.

I want you to come and surprise me more often.

-Really? Really.

(WHISPERS) I'm wearing naughty underwear.


What are you thinking?

l'm thinking.

I need to leave home.

I have to get away from Nikila, start a new life.

Can't be near him any more.

What are you thinking?

I was thinking my bed looks a lot better with you in it.


Can you wait just a couple of days?

These people, they know where I live.

I don't want you being here if they come back.


Okay. l'll wait.


Can't we just wait till he gets here?

He'll just hand them over, huh?

Go to the boxing gym.

Why? Where you going?

Private business.

Search evey locker, underneath the ring, everywhere!


I need to start going to the gym.


You knew there might not be enough cash to pay me what I need, didn't you?

You knew about the bonds.

Still can't kid my kid brother.

We've got 140 in cash between us, and we need to find 60 grand pretty fucking sharpish.

Time's running out, Raph, okay?


What's that?

Open it.

That's Dragan Zigic.

He deals with money laundering, protection rackets, gambling, prostitution.

Sounds lovely. Let's have him round for some tea and cake sometime.

Can we go and sort the bonds first?

He also owns the casino.

Right. So, not the Stocks Brothers?

No. I lied.


RAPHAEL: They did it.

They did what?

Niko and Eli, they killed Mum and Dad. They burnt them alive.

lt's true.

They're collectors for Zigic.

You know what Dad was like. He didn't pay.

They burnt their restaurant down.

LUCKY: Why didn't you tell me?

Because you would have tried to stop me. l've spent the last year of my life and everything I have planning this.

They have to pay.

-These two work for him as well? Right-hand men. lf you've been tracking Zigic, you knew he owned the club that Kirby robbed.

-Why didn't you warn him? - I didn't know he was going to rob the place.

Of course you did. He couldn't keep a secret.

-He's dead because of you. Really?

You were his hotshot getaway driver!

Nice work!

Look at you.

George has disappeared, Kirby's been murdered, I'll be next.

You're down the fucking gym.

What's done is done. ln a couple of days, I'll let Zigic know where he can find his bearer bonds. lt'll all be on Niko and Eli, and they'll be minced meat.

I stole Eli's car and planted the bonds in the boot.

They're in a safe place, so don't wory about it.

-Where are the bonds? - Ln a container where you did the test drive.

Which container?


My lovely Annabella. Back with us?


Where were we?

Oh, yeah.

You were explaining to me how you, my manager, allowed someone to rip me off!





-(GASPS) Going away?

Without telling me?

I just need some time.

We've got all the time in the world.

-Niko, please. Shh.

Don't say anything.


Just to hear your voice, your lies, it makes me sick.


-Show me how much you love me. Please! No!

No, please. No!



BRIDGETT: Lucky, it's me.

Are you okay? You sound... lt's Nikila. We had a fight.

Did he hurt you?

-l think I might have killed him. Calm down. Calm down.

Is he breathing?

-Yeah. Tie him up, just in case. Where are you?


Hello, handsome.

I can see you're in a hury, so we'll make this quick.


We've got some "body" waiting in the car.

-It's in the bag. (LAUGHING)


-Maybe a third here. I can get you the rest.

-l just need... Quiet.

We're not the collectors.

We're a little bit higher up in the food chain than that.

Just give me two days... (GROANS)

The librarian said, "Quiet."

Kids these days, eh?

-They just don't get it. (LUCKY GROANS)

That's it. ln through the nose, out through the mouth.

Nice, deep breaths. ln and out.


Now, you told us you'd give us 200 grand.

We had a deal.

And what's that?

What is it, 70?

Now listen to me, I'm no mathematician, but even by my calculations, that's an insult.

Things don't look too good for you, Lucky Charm.

Do you know what the Romans said about debt?


Nor me.

But I'm guessing they'd want even more money if someone never paid them back.

I can get you more.

-A lot more. How much more?

Bearer bonds more.

Say that again.

-Where are they? I'll take you there.

-KRAMER: Where? Fenton's Container Yard, -out east. Which container? lf you kill me, you'll never know. l'll show you. l'm going to call Mr Zigic.

You teach him a lesson.

A final lesson.

-Do you like magic? Who doesn't?

(LAUGHS) How'd you do that?


Are you okay?

-What happened to you? It's nothing. Where is he?

I tied him up in the bedroom.

He went mad, put a gun in my face.

ls now really the time?

Sory, the luck I've been having...

You should've killed me, darling.

Niko? What are you doing here?

I live here. What are you doing here?

You two know each other?

You know Niko?

She's my wife.


You, I'll deal with in a minute.





RAPHAEL: Talking again, are we?

LUCKY: I'll need my cut tonight.

RAPHAEL: No, I haven't had the chance to shift the bonds yet.

Kramer and Sebastian, they know about the container yard and the bonds.

What? lf they find Eli's car, we're done. lt's got everything in it, the bonds, the cash, everything.

Well, let's go there and pick them up.

I can't just leave town tonight. I can't do that.

We can't stay here.

None of us, it's not safe.

Do you love her?

I know I can't bear the thought of not being with her.

All right. There's one thing I have to do. lf you love her, you'll understand.

You're going to take care of him, right?

And her.

Something else you should know.

I found these in Raph's locker.

So? He's got some pictures of us?

How hard did she hit you? lt's the restaurant we torched.

The one with the old geezer and his missus inside.


KRAMER: Which one is it? SEBASTIAN: How do I know?

There's hundreds of them.

Just look for one with, well, a new padlock.

Look, we'll just tell Zigic we know who did the robbey, round up the boys, find Raphael and sort it.

-You hearing me? Sure.

I just need to think about things.

Yeah. You stay here, all right? l'll go and see Zigic.

Take it easy.

When I come back, you let me drive.


Goodbye, Eli.


Mr Zigic, good news.

We know who robbed the casino.

So do I.

You do?

Why did you steal from me, Eli?

What? No. lt was these two brothers, right?

Was I not good to you?

-Mr Zigic, I would never... (INHALER PUMPING)


I believe this is yours.

But this...

This is definitely mine.

Mr Zigic, I can explain, all right? It was these...

Take him to the warehouse.

No, no, no. Get off me. Get the...

Mr Zigic, you're making a mistake.


Please, don't!

After this is all finished, can we go fishing again?


Is that heating all the way up? (CLEARS THROAT)


Is that the button for the roof?



Must be broken.

(KRAMER SIGHS) l'm getting really hungy.

SEBASTIAN: Oh, please. Please, I'm begging you. Please.

ls Raphael leaving London with us?

I don't know.


Three is a crowd.

You okay?

Let's just get this over with.

LUCKY: Which container is it?

RAPHAEL: It's just a little bit further up.

Am I going to get the silent treatment all night?


You're just too moody sometimes, do you know that?

LUCKY: Let's get it open.

RAPHAEL: (SIGHS) There's a problem.

-l forgot the keys. What?

Look, my head's all over the place at the moment, all right?


Sebastian, get out of the car.


Sebastian, get out of the car. I hear something.



Trust you to buy the world's hardest lock.

There is 1 .6 million quid in there. What do you want me to do?


Better get it open then.

Do you hear that? A shotgun.

Where is it? lt's in the boot.

Open it.

The time for sharing is over.

I ain't sharing any more.



I told you, you should have killed me.


SEBASTIAN: Bonds. Now.

-Come on. RAPHAEL: Run!


Go! Go, go, go!





Drop it.


Do it.



Any last requests, doll? lf you let me live...


Come on.

-You've been shot. I'm all right. It's okay.

-NIKO: L wouldn't wory about that. (BOTH GUNS CLICKING)

Oh, dear.

Seems you boys are not good at counting.


Shut the boot.

LUCKY: Of course.

-We need to get out of here. BRIDGETT: No, no. There's no "we". l'm taking the 1 .6.

And I'm starting my life again. Thanks.


You know, you really should have trusted your superstitions.

You're joking? l'm a bad girl, Lucky.

You would have found that out sooner or later.


That happened.

My car.

Oh, you got your car back. Well, that's fantastic.

No, look.


-That's something, I suppose. (SIGHS)

Niko is dead.

Eli, too, I imagine.

I killed Sebastian.

I got Kramer.

What should we do now, then?

Get Zigic.