Get Up! (2003) Script

Produced by CINE QUA NON

NISHIDA Toshiyuki TOKIWA Takako YAMAMOTO Taro KISHIBE Ittoku Written by: HABARA Daisuke IZUTSU Kazuyuki Cinematographer: YAMAMOTO Hideo, J.S.C.

Film Editor: TOMITA Nobuko

Producer:. ISHIHARA Hitomi Executive Producer:. LEE Bong-Ou

Directed by: IZUTSU Kazuyuki

Take it off, sweetie Don't be shy Where'd you play today?

The park Oh, yeah?

Do you want coffee milk or juice water?

Kaori. coffee milk is the best, Say banzai, and up we go...


Gimme that!

Learn how to use a gun!


Honey, where's Kaori?


Come back here!

Honey! Honey!

Kaori, don't go out there!

You little punk! Get up, you piece of shit!

I'll plug you right here!

You asked for it!

Who sent you?

C'mon, spit it out!

You serious?

Oops, inside-out!

Oh, great..

OK, time for work now Yeah, me too Got a show to appear in

You're home! Wait one sec..

This way?

She's home already!

Go ahead You're joking I'll call you

Wanna break up?


I'm not ready yet I'm not surprised Let's go out for pizza again I don't really like pizza Not afraid of jumping, are you?

See ya

It's broken!

Sorry! So how was the potato-digging field trip?

Wow, look at all these!

Pathetic What is?

They're all the same!

Of course, you went digging for potatoes They're all the same!

Sure, okay..

What's going on?

All clean...

See, Ayumi, the stain's gone

Don't worry, I won't miss your recital the day after tomorrow Yeah, right Has Mommy ever lied to you?

Yeah, you flaked on all those invitations in that box That was last year wanna eat some bread, Ayumi?

-It's a bit cold -Sure is

Listen to Ms. Sato and be a good girl, OK?

You forgot this Oh, thanks That watch... It's so uncool Then buy me a new one Practice that song for your recital Well, she's all yours

-Good morning, boss -Morning Morning, Ayumi Did you shower?

Of course I did Okabe, let's go Nah, can't be you Oh, um, here...

That was odd

Must be snowing up ahead at this rate

Just two more days 'til they lock me up, huh?

Remember the Asakura boss? After all those appeals, he ends up in a prison hospital Dumbass lawyer decides to claim his client's got pneumonia Should've claimed he had the Ebola virus instead Ebola, huh?

Freak out the entire prison Well, I've already said my farewells to everyone I've got no regrets Thanks for everything Too bad we can't go to this concert together one last time

Man, one last JB show!

When was our first one?

30 years ago, with that special invitation That's right! God, I feel old

What I wouldn't give to see JB one last time

Brother, it's not a twist here, it's a thrust Not a twist?

-Thrust -A thrust, huh?

Don't hit me

Whoa, a ses machine... Thrust!

-Again -Thrust!

Excuse us Can you let us through?

Hey, I got it Here..

Pretty thing, eh?

Excuse me Hey, a Hibari impersonator!

You must be Mori... Who're you?

Sorry about this procession

Jimmy., that was a fine woman, huh?

Prime minister it's lunchtime , Be quiet, it's close...

Still trying?

The thing about the three antinuclear principles is, it's OK to possess them as long as the intent is self-defense You can't use them, but you can keep them

Yes, hello?

Smuggled in by...?

A foreign actor?

I'm on it A foreign.. actor?

Retrieve the goods at any cost, is that correct?

Needless to say If that thing gets into the open, we're in big trouble Let's eat pork cutlet

Let me repeat your order

-What the hell for? -Haru!

It'll be just a moment Don't forget extra grated radish on his meal Extra!

Don't repeat me Hurry, now

-Hey -Sir?

When's his pickup?

In 2 days, 8 AM Pretty damn early, sir We'll see you off to the prison gate, sir Awfully cold up there We'll send some warm stuff Man, 5 years...

By the time I get out, you'll probably be married with children I don't like kids, sir Man's gotta live and die alone We're disbanding Huh?

I Want you all to leave this life and go straight

Please reconsider!

I beg you, please reconsider!

Don't look at them!

Get outta here. brat! , Idiot! We should be leaving instead!

Sorry, kid Here, take this... oops Buy yourself a toy No thank you!

Please, don't apologize!

I'm going to my dance lesson after this

Quit crying, you're a boy

You're going straight so parents don't tell kids to stay away Haru, sit down Taro., your family owns a cannery, right?

Go home and help your dad But...

I don't want to hear it!

Haru, your folks run a noodle joint?

Go make noodles Kenji, didn't you dream of opening a karate school?

The plant's been shut down for a while, sir We didn't have earthquake insurance And Dad ran away last year Then get on a fishing boat and go earn some money!

Um, my old man's noodles are horrible, sir Wouldn't dare touch 'em It's no joke Your mouth would rot!

We'd be lost if you abandon us!

We'd rather die than go straight!

It's final I beg you, too

We're strangers now I'll kill you if you even dare say hi to me

Oh, I'll do it myself Brother, I'll Watch over the Habara clan Boss! At least have your meal, please!

Taro, you can have it Radish contains dlastase It's good for you

Actually, help me with this

Boss, can I go home after tonight?

Sure thing

Postcard from the tourism center Really?

It's my old friend who was good to me at the childcare center Wants everyone to come, right?

Including that one Boss, please...

Let's do it


Sorry, the mayor wouldn't let me go How's our food?

It was delicious Beats that meal from last year, right?

Kaori, you definitely have taste I brought this chei from Cannes Wow!

It's all about authenticity Sorry about our impersonators By the way, the chef's been my life-saver No meal at home You're still separated?

Of course Don't give up Boss, where's the hotel?

Oh. this is Okabe, Okabe, meet "Mr. Laguna Jr.'

He graduated from a U.S. university and was invited for opening of Euro Disney The hotel? It's over there, opening next year by the La Mercasa Next year..?

We're defining a vision of the Orient and zoning for guest needs, get it?

Which school?

Nippon University, drama major went there 6 years

Let's go finish the contract Sure We're staying over there See you later

Mr. Habara, may I come in?

Sure, come in Here already!

Hey there, Daisuke Oh, you cute little thing!

Premium chicken from Kagoshima

Daddy went and splurged for you Sorry I can't take you to prison with me Been a while

I hate to bring this up,

but it's business Well, of course Sit on that My fault for not paying

Let's just clear it all off here, shall we?

Hey, Daisuke, what is it?

You like this man, huh?

Well, of course I'd like to pay, but...

I'll be straight Your debt's going to expire while you're in prison Since you know that, you're playing dumb Isn't that right?

Jesus, he scared me Daisuke, weren't you scared, too?

I don't know why he has to yell Hey, go away...

Go away!

Mr. Ogata, did you hit your head?

Sounded painful Ow...


When are you going to learn?

You won't listen to Daddy? Fine, come here What the...?


I told you not to move!

Sorry, can you wait a moment?

I'll make him shut up Just stay right there!

You made Mr. Ogata hit his head He's in a lot of pain now You let me down, understand?

It's for pissing me off Sorry I have to do this Good bye., now!

Wait a sec!

So how much did I owe you?

10 million yen But forget it, it's fine...

Forget it?

You hit it again You OK?

It's fine Didn't I owe you 12 million? You round down?

Just forget about it...

What in hell does that mean? You crazy or something?

There he goes Go home

Daisuke! Daisuke!

Are you happy? You happy?

Daddy's happy, too Good job, the debt collector's gone Thanks so much!

Ooh, cold... Wait, I don't have time for this

OK, stop it there Let's take a look I'll show you Not so much the hip, but your arm extension here Extend, then pull back Extend, then pull back

-Try that -OK Jimmy, I'm tired Let's take a break Wanna break? Let's break OK, 5 minutes

-Takao -Sir?

Give my regards to the Fujimoto brothers Is it true you're breaking up the clan?

Ma'am, working up a sweat, huh?

I'll get my husband

I want you to keep these

February 4, '86, the gown from the Osaka concert!

You'd just been paroled That's right

Hey, you were living with that Keiko gal then

-You remember that? -Sure Had a fling with her Bastard, with my woman!

Forgive me

Brother, I can't take that one from you Treat it like my child You're the only one I can trust Brother...

If you're strapped for cash, make a gold bar out of it Then send me a gift at my prison villa, will ya?

Brother, with a day and a half left, anything you haven't settled?

For you., Brother, I'll do anything Fool

Leave it to me

Wow, amazing

But I'm the only one in a suite?

It can get lonely in such a big room, huh?

About my wife, my father's been pressuring me to divorce her Gosh, I could really use some comforting right now

What's Wrong?

Are we supposed to eat this? Right now?

A coconut crab from Okinawa This crab's mustard is the best

Mmmm, delicious!

Here Looks great...

Room service, I brought your tea

"Remember, back when we were young, "Always chasin' after somethin"

Put that on tight, you idiot

-Precision! -Yes, sir Get outta here

Bro, are we really disbanding?

"Somethin' changed on the other side of the glass...

"Whiskey coke..." Dammit!

-Good day, sir -Good day, sir

Should this look like it'll cure cancer?

Hair-loss, not cancer Leave the complaining to the dumb bald men Did the delivery come in?

Yes, over here Hey, bring it here, hurry

Now where in hell are we going to sell this off?

You'd rather die than go straight, right?

But Uncle...

There's someone boss really wants to see before going in the can If he sees him, he just might change his mind We won't disband?

Well, who is it?

Someone hard to get We'll do anything!

Who? Who is this?

-Wait, there's no hole -Hey Bo kidding Those damn idiots

Bring me this person now

Oh, this way



Bo mistake, James Brown's party has the top floor here to themselves

-Big star., eh? Hey Kenji -Sir?

Is he bigger than Yazawa?

About the same, sir

-You serious? -Yes

"At six, he shined shoes, "picked cotton in the fields..." Quite a life!

So he had a tough life, kinda like you and me Went to reform school, but I didn't pick cotton The man's got grit Looks like a Japanese folk singer

He starts serving time the day after tomorrow?

Right That concert in Nagoya...

Thank you, come again!

I wanted to go with him!

Look at this Isn't it great?

He was born May 3, same as boss This guy...

Know where he'll stay?

Well, usually at the Westin. I think, Tell us what you know!

All I know is that his hair's a big deal His hair?

What, is he gay like you?

Oh, be quiet! I'm talking about... one of those Mitsu,

so what's the deal?

The thing about this dryer is,

someone will be...

Bringing it in!

Just like Mitsu said

Your salary's pretty good, huh, Mr. Numata?

I rarely even get a bonus

Almost a million yen, no?

I can't even get a home loan Can anyone with a license do this?

I reckon so Reckon?

Yes, it's possible Ever gone overseas?

Hawaii, just once

-Let's go -Yes, sir

Wow, dumpling ears

Whoa. tall ,

Gosh, he's tall

Hey, that was easy Tenth floor Where you at?

Wait up, Kenji What floor?

Fifth. sir Stay there

Whiskey coke!

Who were they?

No one, probably They looked like losers The one with glasses?

Outta the way, please Quick work, bro Hurry and take him

Open it, Numata!


Help out, mister!

Hurry, close it!

Can we go home now?


Look, James Brown

Let me do it Here, have some meat Eat meat while you can OK, just a second Takao., you're done Thank you Help out with Brother's water plant tomorrow Yes, sir Excuse me Take care Liz, who is it?

Taro Yazawa

Hello, Uncle?

That James Brown guy... We got him! it was easy Seriously?

I'm serious What?

Shut up., loser!

Just ran into him!

Hold on

Dramatic, huh? I love it

Hey., Tatsu!


I'll head over right now

Liz, I just realized what a fine woman you are

Still doing it at night?

Crazy man I'll be waiting, then! Brother, where you going?

Just heading out

-Going home already? -Yeah We just ordered sushi I'm too full Say Takao, can you bring me my coat and bag?

What did Taro say?

He got him Got who? What?

What about a cot?

We didn't say cot You did No we didn't ,

You're so lucky

Jimmy, what's going on?

He got him!

Brother's going to cry from joy

Stop drinking these! They're not yours And no more ham, either!


We had some problems in the Diet last year, but it'll work out We have a good relationship with the ambassador..

Excuse me OK, wait...

Abducted? By whom? Well, find out immediately Get the police on it if you have to A third party can make this complicated

The consulate's concerned Hurry before it leaks!

Right away, sir They've entered Osaka Yes. we'll call back, within two hours, sir Cabinet Internal Affairs...?

What did my guys get themselves into?

Perhaps the yakuza's involved Those buffoons? More like the Three Stooges The Three... Stooges?

Never heard of them? The Three Stooges?

Should we call the Unit?

Numata's served us for 20 years He's as straightedge as they come!

It's top secret., so keep it confidential Top secret! They Won't get killed, will they?

Well done! Well done!

Haru, cut the engine Uncle, it's this way

Hey., the truck's disappeared!

Who's this?

James Brown... right?

Good evening

Say that again?

Idiot! Is this some joke?

You boneheads! You imbeciles!

What're you thinking?

Get outta my face!

Gama what?

Um, can we go home now?

Sing Sing and dance for me Jimmy!

Jimmy, this might work! I doubt Brother would cry, but I'll bet he'd laugh It's the thought that counts, right?

That's what I was thinking Now sing Just play anything?

Here it goes

Jimmy, this'll work! Brother would laugh for sure I thought the same thing But thanks, it was fun

Get rid of him A fake is a fake I'll take care of this

See you later, Tatsu

You got the address?

A patron at Mitsu's salon got the info?

This guy from the ward office who's been hitting on my brother Mitsu Osaka's full of gays The age of gays, huh?

Very impressive, these databases All you needed was the name Kaori?

He searched for a Kaori with a yakuza parent, and it didn't even take 30 minutes How convenient!

Check, please

-Thank you! Bill at counter! -Right up!

She's near Fuchu?

Near the Fuchu Forest Art Theater, I think Art, eh? She's surrounded by a forest?

If you see Kaori tomorrow., how long will it have been?

25... No, 26 years., I think Took her to the station in Boss's Cadillac on a damn hot day There was a small TV in that car, and those gals were singing Not the Candies, but...

Pink Ladies?

That's the one She looked so happy watching them, singing and dancing...

Singing "Pepper!" and "Chameleon!"

Looks like Willy missed the last train today Why didn't you fly him to Tokyo with the others?

You know not to listen to petty requests He wanted to go to Kyoto So he's eating dumplings now?

He said he wanted to try yatsuhashi Like an American can understand that taste?

The first bite's good Oh, man! Where did he go?

You know, you always fail in crunch time, when it counts Seeing the manager?

He's waiting, I better go Good luck, it's crunch time

What should we do about 'em?

That alarm again!

Parking brake, OK Damn bitch Please set the parking brake Let's sock 'em a bit

Let's see your driver's license Inspection, all three of you

Video rental card OK?

Where you headed?

Well, we rarely get bonuses, can't get a home loan.. It's tough Home loan my ass

You have the goods?

The goods?

Give it up Give what?

Who're you selling it to? How much?

I'm confused It's about money, right?

How much do you want?

Step out., please Get out

We're going to frisk you Wait! Want me to make octopus cake out of you and feed you to the dogs?

He's an octopus connoisseur Let's see your badges

It was upside down

How'd you learn about him?

Who do you work for?

I don't understand What do you want from us?

Let us out too! , Shut up!

No, you shut up!

How much can you pay?

Let's see it first See what?

You be quiet Who the hell are you guys, anyway?

Hey, come back!

Kaori A Dior! Gold, too!

It's perfect on you You think so?

Just my personal taste It's late, I need to make a call Know why frogs croak?

Female toads lay their eggs near the males with the best croaks The male then straddles the female. then.. squirts sperm on the eggs You see, the females judge the males with the best genes based on their voices How romantic!

I'll take notes later well, big day tomorrow, good night


Need some antacid?


I'll take this Croak, croak..

Frogs, whatever!

Any relatives?

Well, they're sort of... She was a single mother, it seems


Your mother, she fought hard It'll be tough for her, being alone It will

Wake up

Can you let us go now?

Hey, let's go, we're really late Where are we?

What is this place?

Some impersonator show Wanna check it out?

Let's wait for the Stooges' fingerprints Say, who're the Three Stooges, anyway?

Hey, where did that come from?

He gave it to me It's his taste Nothing costs more than free Why don't I hang it from your nose instead?

Hey, where've you been, man?

Miss Kaori, I missed you

You give impersonators a bad rap!

Don't mess with this woman!

Okabe, interpret for me Hello, is this Westin Hotel? My name is Kanayama James Brown's party, please Just tell them it's Kanayama, they'll know Here, Haru

May I help you?

Please listen to me, my daddy's got cancer...

Give it to 'em He hasn't got much to live

Even now, in his delirium, he's calling out "JB, JB!!'

Before he dies, I want him to meet James Brown once!

By the way, how much would he..

Huh? Who am I? I'm Haru's uncle My brother's about to die

You can't answer right now?

I know Whitney Houston's available for 10 million!

So tell me What's it take for him to appear?

You listening?

You listening, dammit?

Hey, gimme a discount, asshole!

Answer me!

What's your answer? Say something!

Sir, it's broken!

I know that, fool Laguna Gama...

Gamagori... Laguna Gamagori! Oh!

That dude might be worth some money The cabinet guys kept asking how much we wanted, huh?


His business card, it said "Cabinet Internal..." something or other Fool took my video rental card!

We can milk 'em They were freaking out If we go to Gamagori and and snag this dude again, we can turn it into cash We can take that cash and entice the real JB Let's go to Gamagori!

You're listening to "Dance, Dance, Dance" it's the coldest day of winter yet...

Tough job for a woman?

I like driving Got it from my father He was a cab driver. too, Is that right?

-Hey, miss, your name's Kaori? -Yes Same as my daughter Spelled with different characters, though About to see her A gift? Expensive melon there Yeah, it is No one will buy me that unless I'm hospitalized Don't be silly Want one?

Oh, I couldn't No, really How old is your daughter?

By now... 31, I think

-Me, too -Huh She came out here to get married?

Wouldn't be out oi question

I haven't seen her in 25 years Hope she grew into a fine woman like you

Look at this A picture of me she drew when she was five Not bad, huh?

Maybe she had artistic talent What if she's another Picasso?

Don't matter what her job is Be it a cab driver, a florist..

All I want is to see that she's doing well Oh. didn't mean to knock, being a cab driver All I'm saying is, you know, as long as she's healthy and...

My father who raised me all by himself just died last year I put in his coffin a picture I drew of him when I was small before burying him

So when I saw that picture, I...

I'm so sorry for bring that up! Oh god, I, I...

Oh, shut up!

On his last day, he got a melon..

Like these?

He gave it to me, saying he won't need it I shouldn't have bought this! I'm so sorry, please forgive me What a good daddy he was!

We're having a moment here!

Daddy, why'd you have to go!

It's a long story! Have some patience, asshole

Move over. now,

Kaori, cheer up, OK?

I'll take it from here Right here? Left?

Fine, I overreacted


Excuse us

I'm Kanayama from the Kanayama clan I'd like to borrow that fellow there With compensation, of course I hope that's OK I'm afraid not No?

What is this?

Don't mess with us!

I'm sorry but we're busy Hey hey!

Open up, faggot! You want some?

She's your type., right? Go get her I'll pull a smooth one

Interpret: What kind of girls were you with last night?

I thought you're an artist! Hey!


Well, I'm sorry It's the melon's fault

Kaori, hold on Must be some kind of fate Here, take this

-I can't -C'mon, it's not much Thank you very much Kaori, good luck, OK?

Good luck to you, too!

Thanks, thanks

Guess I'll take my luck to prison tomorrow

5 years ain't short

Oh, hi sweetie, mind if I ask you some directions?

This place by Forest... Fuchu...

What the...? What kind of parent raises a kid like that? Sheesh!

Apartment 203...

There Kaori Uehara Man, I'm here!

What do I do? Oh god, there's no turning back now

Mr. Konishi? Just a moment Konishi? Who's Konishi? I don't know any Konishi

How much was it, again?


God I missed you!

Do I know you?

Do you know me!

And you've aged so much!

Wait, what's going on here?

Of course you're surprised I'm your father!

Wait, let me go, let me go!

I'm not letting you go anymore!

Please let go!

Just one thing What kind of kid are you raising?

What on earth is this!

What do you think!

Calm down. Ms. Sato, Ms. Sato?

-Right, this is Ms. Sato -Ms Sato...

-Ms. Sato... I mean, Sato -Ms. Sato Yes, Sato

-You're Ms. Sato? -Yes. Sato.

Oh, you're Sato!

-Not Kaori? -No, no What about Mommy?

So you are Kaori's daughter, then!

Stay out of this, Sato There's a long story behind this Sweetie, it's Grandpa!

What's your name? Who're you calling?

Be quiet Oh, sorry Just loan us your James Brown It's your fault he took off You're stacked, aren't you?

Never in my life!

"That moment we met, Something was watching over us.. "

Your head OK?



There's a strange man here Is it Mommy?

What kind of man?

Funny face, saying funny things Here, let me talk to her Who is it?


I told you not to open the door!

With strangers, you always assume women are thieves, men are pervs!

Are you listening? Ayumi?

Call the police now!


Let me talk to that man Who're you?

Wanna mess with me? I'll come pop you right now!

Punk, if you even touch that woman I'll make you scream like a girl!

You wanna do it, huh?

Then come here right now!

You with a Family, huh? Which clan? Who's your boss?

You a thug, too?

It's Hitomi...

Give it up, geezer!

Or I'll come over and bust your entire clan!

Nothing for you to bust, we've already disbanded!

Huh? You disbanded?

Worthless shit! Which clan?

You first!

Heard of Habara the Emperor?

I'm with the Habara Enterprise!

I am Habara the Emperor!

I'm Taro "the Mongoose," dammit!

Hello, Ayumi?

What do I do with this Tempura?

-Emperor -OK, Emperor Mommy's going to call the police! Is Ms. Sato there?

Oh, well Go away, you "Mongoose"

Um, Kaori?


Ms. Sato? Call the police immediately, thanks Is everything OK? Right...

Kaori, I heard you still can't find your James Brown What the hell?

You're seeing this guy?

As if!

As if?

You heard her Now scram!

Your face makes me sick You look like a frog!

What is it?

I told you to keep lunch open! The kids are waiting in the car Pardon the intrusion Forgot this again Kids...?

We invite kids from a center every month Dear, they're both looking forward to eating frog for the first time Frogs, too?

Oh, wow! A family of frogs!

Kaori, you have 5 minutes If anyone's missing., the contract's void

Let's go Are you serious?

But... manager!

He's headed for the ferry terminal!

You a frog, too?

Huh? Who're you?

The Mongoose! I'll eat you alive!

Even if we get him., what if the cabinet guys don't come?

They'll come In fact, they're here Same outfits again

Masao Kanayama, yes?

You left fingerprints Your clan isn't even being tracked Say, where's the third Stooge?

So how much?

We've got that black man under our custody

Don't look

If that thing... gets out... it's big trouble, isn't it?

How's one "stack"?

Come back with good news Oh, and give Taro back his video rental card, will ya?

He's been addicted to gangster films

Catch him no matter what

Say, a "stack" is a mil?

Idiot! It's 10 million!

100 million?

OK, so did you confirm the goods?

No? But that's priority!

What we need is the film

An American...


Star spangled banner...

Hey, Ayumi Listen to me before you buy the tickets Eat everything in this lunchbox, OK?

It's OK to dislike things Why's that?

You need likes and dislikes to develop your individuality, or else you'll get bossed around and lead a boring life You listening to me, mister?

That's what Mom says Say, do I look like Mommy?

Not even close

Besides, look at these Mom would never wear such big, tacky foreign shades Are you hurt?

A little

Jesus Christ!

Wait up! Just wait a sec!

Don't touch our talents!

That's negotiable In exchange, go out with me, for real I... I've got a kid Kids are like gems I really hate yakuza Don't judge on appearance I bet your life's a mess, too Very perceptive True, my life's been a mess I don't want to be in a mess! Bye!

Don't gimme that! Ow, ow!

Good bye!

Man, that's a handful! Here I come!

Kaori's here

But mister...

Mister? Say Grandpa!

Then why did Mom say that you're already dead?

Dead? Who, me?

I wonder what she'll do when she sees you Let me ask you something Did your Daddy, um, already pass on?

No, when Mom fell in love with Dad, he was already married to someone, so she couldn't marry him Not in this world, anyway


First half's almost over, but no sign of him Why call me, then?

May I?

Kaori? See, my wife's going through some psychological...

I'll find him no matter what Now I'm hell-bent, too There!

The Pearl Ocean departs in 10 minutes

Tell him the packaged tour from Japan cost 500,000 yen Who cares about that?

A little lower Say whiskey!

Say kimchee!

Willy, let's go!

You OK? Your heel came off

What's this?

Listen, I'm into you!

You OK?

It's wet!

Hey, I said I'm into you Will you be quiet?


What, empty-handed?

Good guess What?

Shut up Mommy!

Ayumi? Why are you...?

How'd you get here? With who?


Good day, sir!

See, that man in the big sunglasses...

You have to be kidding me You, from that train..

How did you know we're here?

That man says he's your Daddy

Hello, Emperor

Mongoose., right?

Stay quiet for a moment


It can't be!

So pretty Glad you take after your mom

You really know her?

She died, you know

I wanted to see you so bad!

Her father?

-Oh, I see! -For real?

Sorry, I can't just call you Dad You abandoned Mom and me Kaori...

Quit saying my name

Why now! What do you want from me?

I've been alone all this time Now I have a daughter, my own family

It's not a grudge or anything It's just that I have my own life, while you seem to be doing well in Osaka Let's leave it at that


Tell me, please Just tell me what you want

Just leave me alone

We'll go home after the second half., so be a good girl We're going home?

You have a show to sing in And mister?

He has his own life First half went well!

You didn't even see it They're just cheap imitations Cheap?

James Brown and all, they're all impersonators!

Just a bunch of buffoons Buffoons, right Be quiet, super senfor We'll find him by dusk and have a full team Want to see the real deal in Vegas?

Go with your wife Well, our buffoons have pride You're a cheap imitation of your dad, anyway

Doesn't match my cheap suit It's not my style

If you're missing even one, you won't get paid

You finally said it Not finally

I remember now, in that bathhouse incident, a stray bullet almost hit Kaori That war cost the Juzo boss his woman, the Tennoji boss lost his sister, one after another...

It was non-stop funerals When did your wife pass away, sir?

When he was doing time for the second skirmish No contact with Kaori since?

Just drop it She doesn't know why you did it, sir Talk to her. she'll understand Brother

Getting all mushy on me now!

I'm just here killing some time We'll go tell her, sir I told you we've disbanded!

You fools can't understand Sir, we may be fools, but we know how a parent feels What son wouldn't understand it?


We need to talk

Me. too, You're after this, right?

In return, find Willy McFarlane for me He has a show to perform If I bring him, will you talk to your father?

I'm here to work Today's his last day before he goes behind bars Well, he brought that on himself, right?

Hurry and go find Willy

No, not OK I'm not drunk yet Forget New York, let's dance!

we'll never win a war!

New York... Hey, who're you?

Hey, where's the heel?

Can I help you?

Um, James Brown...

What about him?

I want his autograph Autograph?

These are both Mori, right?

This one looks closer, huh?

This one Looking for this?

Who're you?

I'm with James Brown It's OK?

Sure, I was expecting you

That one looks closer, that one Wish I could see the show What was it? Drugs?


Ms Kaori Uehara?

You Went to the ferry terminal?

I believe you have a shoe heel for us You better I just handed it To whom?

See the short little guy who just left?

You government folks take so long to decide, I sold it off

You really let it go?

Think I'm stupid?

Damn, he got me Who the hell was he?

Mister, do you know James Brown?

James Brown?

I guess you wouldn't Do I know him! I'll show you

The hip goes like this! That's James Brown See, Mom's looking for James Brown Looking for James Brown? What?

That's what I said Huh? What?

She's in a pinch! It's serious Mr. Okabe Just a sec. sweetie,

Is it true you're not paying us?

Read the contract Are you too dumb to understand it?

Please, give us at least half

2 mil, 4 mil, it doesn't matter to me, but what can I do? It's in the contract We'd be ruined After 6 years studying drama, why don't you go up?

What, you didn't study?

He studied Then who didn't?

This one! He bullies Mom, and he doesn't even study I'm not a bully.. I'm the manager

-The manager? -Yes You better pay my daughter

-Daughter? -Yeah

Hold this for me

4 million., right? Let's do it

Look, he's about to do something!

Let's put that track in

Hurry, put it in!

Listen up, fellas

Where's your heel, man?

Who're you?

Good evenin'

That wasn't bad, man

Hey, don't flatter me

I guess he's a James Brown or something, too Well, thank you very much!

Well, how was it? Say something It was great Pay her, got it?

Yes I can't hear you Yes sir. I will!

I heard that, thanks

Are you going home now, mister?

Well, I was able to see you and Mommy, and I sang JB., too, so I've got no more regrets Listen to Mommy and be a good girl, you hear?

Oh, let me give you this Thanks for holding my bag Take care Grandpa!

-Thank you so much -Sure Grandpa!



Isn't this your crunch time?

He's going to prison tomorrow!

Please, talk to him!

You're his daughter! Go to him!

None of your business You're his real daughter!

We're not even related to him, but we love him like a true father We're tighter than real families, but you wouldn't know!

Just get out of here!

Don't ever show up again!

What would you know!

Boss went to every one of your Mom's relatives and begged to find you, but they wouldn't tell him Did you even know that?






I'm so sorry... for leaving you alone so long

I'm sorry... I'm truly sorry

Oh, stop it

Remember this?

Of course... your mommy's watch Right

That watch...

You gave it to her when I was born, right?

It's been on time for 26 years!

It's a Swiss watch It's Seiko, actually Oh, you're right, I remember now

Like this Used to dance with Mommy

Forgive me

Very good!

It's like the Russian Cossack dance Wow, good job! Way to go!

Ayumi, you studying English?

Yeah, in school Are you really?

Ayumi, we're going to be late for our train Daddy, I'll come visit you., OK?

I'll go with you!

Don't be foolish If only we had one more day...

Wish I could've seen you sing today

well, I'm already late anyway, so I'll see you to the station Who's here?

The hell do you want!

Trying to flee, Mr. Habara?

We weren't fleeing!

We have a warrant here A warrant? I see...

Sorry to waste tax dollars Ow, be gentle Be quiet Ow, ow!

We were about to report!

Trying to be Colombo? Cheap suit Fuck off! Arrest these guys, too!

Don't touch me!

Let me wear my shoes at least! Don't yank me!

Grandpa! Grandpa!

Say, since I pay your salary, let me see my daughter off, will ya?

Is that too much to ask?

Whatever., take 'em away!

I can walk by myself C'mon, my feet aren't even touching This ain't rehab Don't carry me

100 million, correct?

That's right Enough for this much of road Now hand it over Hand what?

Don't fuck with us!

Let's go! I'll take this

Stop the car! We have a special school function to be at!

We have to go to Tokyo!

It's for school! You hear?

That's right! Stop it!

Jesus! Not like that!

Let's go!

-Help me up -Boss!

-Let's get off -Ayumi

-Jimmy! -Uncle!

That "diamond" shined bright Here, a "stack"

Superlegal action!

What's that?

Thanks to the fake JB, you're a free man!

Did he write a petition for me?

You've been acquitted of all charges I don't get it Thanks to these!

What the...?

He looks familiar It's the prime minister Nice fetish Diapers, eh?

Now I get it What is it?

Means you can't judge people on appearance Oh, the train! We'll be late!

What? But I practiced so hard!

We met your demands Hand over the film Not so fast Say, that superlegal.. action thing, any chance we can try one more of that?

Why not?

And this hurts

Better be on time, or else!

Use your propellers!

Brother, just one question...

I decided that as of today, I'm retiring from yakuza Don't give me that!

You want to stay in this life, it's up to you But we're done


Big change in attitude!

-Because -Because what?

Still interested?

In what?

In going out with me Well, of course!

Get on a fishing boat Fishing boat?

Hit the sea for 6 months and think about it

-Can you really be a Daddy? -Daddy?

You have to rebuild the cannery, too That's funny, in our last meeting, I told Taro the same thing, get on a fishing boat, right?

-Sure did, sir -Right?

I'll run a pizza shop, then Well, pizza is fine, but gee...

You won't get on a fishing boat for me? That's too bad

Haru, so what're you gonna do?

I'll take over the noodle shop, sir And you, Kenji?

I'll start a karate school What about you, Taro?

I'll get on the boat!

Good boy!

Keep following us I've got miracle water to sell Pump up the volume!

You're hopeless C'mon, Brother!

Why did he have to get these taken?

Can I see one?

That's the worst... Just watch the road!

Should we be doing this?

Gotta help good citizens at some point

Oh, darn!

Sorry, sorry

Sorry we're late I'm sorry, ma'am

-You're the principal? -Yes You waited for us!

Thank you!

Who are these people?

No shoes allowed!

It's my father and his.. group Yup, that's us Excuse me, sir!

You see, basically, they're all family

Should we take our socks off, too?

Are we treading barley?

What's this event about, anyway?

Sorry for my tardiness

What's going on!

Oops, I messed that up

Are you Ms. Sato?

This is fun!

Yes, sir

Presented by:. Cine Qua Non, Dentsu, Happinet Pictures, Good New, Memory-Tech, Artist Film English subtitles by:. Taro Goto