Ghajini (2008) Script

????????????? ???????????? ????????? ?????????????????????...

The most vital component in the human system.

It's the brain that controls every body part.

Brain is the king of all human body parts.

Patient Name: Sanjay Singhania Symptom: Anti retrograde Amnesia Short term memory loss Hey, look at this one.

This one's my project.


Sir, but why?

Forget this case.

But it's such an interesting case.

Interesting yes, but it's also a police case.


Sunita, you want me to call your parents?

Fine, I won't take it up.

But as medical students, we want to know.


That is Sanjay Singhania.

Hit on the head with an iron rod.

After the incident, he lost his memory.

He is unable to remember anything now. We call it short term memory loss.

He remembers events for only about 15 minutes.

Afterwards... he forgets everything.

For example, he'd ask your name... and in 15 minutes he will have forgotten it.

He recalls only fragments of the incident. But we can't say how much of it he remembers.

Regular tasks like eating, drinking, driving, also his feelings... lie embedded in his sub-conscious mind.

How does he go about his everyday routine?

How does a child perform instructed tasks?

By committing to memory, learning by rote.

Or, by jotting things down in writing.

Likewise, he remembers tasks by writing.

What was that incident? Who assaulted him?

This, no one knows.

Unfortunately, he doesn't even recall a face.

How can someone live on like this... I wonder, what he's doing this moment...


Killed, just like Mangesh.

The second, this week.

Even if I've to search every street, I'm going to get this one in 48 hours.

Find out who...

I must find him before the police gets to him.

Where to?


Orchard Avenue. Pin 400076. My street

We're in Orchard Avenue.

Take the next right.

Odyssey. It's a building on your right. I want to go there.

My building

73 Rupees.

Whose address is it?


Kill him Find Ghajini Find him Kill him

Photos House Keys

Wallet Cell phone

Camera Gun

Remove T shirt


Kalpana was killed Who is Ghajini?


Check notes, Photos

Find Ghajini

Kill him

Day before yesterday. 10 am. From Hiranandani to Andheri Station.

Yes, I sold that ticket.

What's written behind it?

He paid me with a five hundred note.

I didn't have change. So I wrote it on the back.

He forgot to take the change... hey, it must be him.


This one always forgets.

Sometimes he forgets to buy a ticket, sometimes it's the change.

At times, he'll go on buying tickets.

He keeps on asking the names of bus stops.

Can you recognise him? Why not... looks a strange sort, keeps his head shaven, has a long scar on the head.

Every morning at ten, he takes the bus from Hiranandani.

It's nine.

We got an hour to get him. Come on.

Take camera Bus 392

There he goes.


Damn it.

See you in the canteen after the lecture.

Excuse me... excuse me, sir...

Hi sir! I'm Sunita.

Sunita. Final year medical student.

You don't know me. But I know you.

Can I talk to you for two minutes... please?

As a medical student, I want to know how...

Camera beeps What's that?

My camera.

Why is it beeping?

It buzzes every 15 minutes.

So that I can take photos... of important things, people... to inscribe on them, to remember.

On photos?


What are you doing?

Making notes...

Tear it out, throw it away. Do it.

Can I see a photo?

My watchman My doctor My manager My building Hiranandani? Do you live there?


Can I ask... how you got injured in the head.

My professor told me about some accident.

Do you remember anything about the incident?

Yes What happened? Who hit you?

We aren't friends enough for me to confide in you.

Sorry sir... sorry.

I'd like to meet you again.

Take my photograph...

I'll use it to remind you when we meet again.

One more... one for you and one for me.

I hope I'm a friend now? Please write on it "My Friend".


The next time we meet, I'll show this to you.

You think the police is incompetent?

My name is Sanjay.

Sanjay Singhania.

Business is my passion, it's also my job.

My dad dreamt of turning the enterprise into India's largest cellphone company.

His dream is now my purpose.

And I'll leave nothing undone in order to achieve it.

I live in Mumbai. My mother was born in this city.

I share a bond with this city.

Here we are, in Air Voice.

In my office.

And they are my most trusted employees.

Dad said, put all your emotions into work, don't get emotional about it.

Across India, we're targeting a 500 million subscriber base.

Are you shocked?

I can achieve it.

And I'm not being vain, I'm just confident.

It's a fine line between vanity and confidence.

That I can achieve, speaks my confidence.

Only I can achieve, would speak of my vanity.

We need confidence, let's build on it.

Kindly leave vanity outside office.

Thank you.

Swing in the rhythm "Jhoom jhamak jhoom"

Tap out the beat "Tum tamaak tum"

Hey kiddo!

Hey kiddo, you better hear Right from my heart, here's the order Just live it up, there are no limits, no borders There's a heady cocktail, in wines of merriness If you got a taste for life, toe the line of happiness Listen, here's the secret There's no life in EMls, take a deep breath

Don't you hold back, just give it away Why hide in hearts, what you can say Sing and smile, it's what life teaches Swing it, beat it, we aren't hostages Swing in the rhythm of "Jhoom jhamak jhoom"

Tap out the beat "Tum tamaak tum"

Ride the rhythm of waves, abreast all tides and ebbs Swing it, give it a shake



The call sheet said nine o'clock.

You're in at ten thirty!

Everyone's waiting.

So much traffic today...

Don't make excuses. Go and change.

Okay, sir

Hi... am I too late?

What life... filling in for a crowd... and she... preens like a superstar.

Can I go for lights? And roll?


Roll camera. Rolling.


Rub and scrub... till my hands tire The yellow just, will never wear Camera pan.

Action, ma'am...?

That's why you must get Kite! Then you'll discover white Sparkling white in One Rupee.

Gleaming, glistening whites


It'll be our eighth display site on this road.

Are all six hoardings available? Three, sir.

Next choice? Over here.

This one... a hoarding on the terrace... will be visible from the fly-over.

Looks okay to me.

Who lives here? A girl. Kalpana. We can approach her.

Do that.

Now what? Battery problem.

What's going on? Now it's the battery...

Excuse me, can we talk to Kalpana-madam? Kalpana isn't "madam". Plain Kalpana.

And you are...? We're from Air Voice.

I'm Mr Sanjay Singhania's executive assistant.

Air Voice?

Myself, Satveer Kohli. I run this ad film company.

We've done a range of ads... soaps, oils, toothbrushes, digestive pills.

Our latest was Monkey Brand toothpowder. You want an ad film?

We just want to see Kalpana madam. Mr Singhania has sent me here.

Kalpana... is in the green room. Go ahead.

Excuse me, ma'am...


I'm Shroff. From Air Voice.

Open the door, go in.

Serve them tea and come out.

Sorry, don't try to convince me.

Your boss is enchanted? But so what?

The proposition ought to be acceptable to me.

It's a matter of love... matter of love.

Please madam, on behalf of my boss, I request.

Please think it over.

What's there to think over? You have heard my decision.

Now leave, please.

They're going.

Madam, please... Tell your boss, Kalpana is displeased.

If you change your mind, here's my card.

Do call.


Sorry... I'll get ready in two minutes.

Madam, one minute...


Kalpana ji...


I apologise for intruding upon your personal affairs.

But all of us heard whatever went on inside.

Spot boy, find a chair for madam.

Let me surmise what might've happened.

Sanjay Singhania saw you somewhere.

And when he saw you, it was love at first sight. Thereby hangs a question.

He pins his hopes on a yes from you, it's why he sent his men to you.

And you for one, are putting him away? Am I correct, madam? Correct?

Yes, correct.

Why are you spurning a fine proposition?

Today, it's a man who owns Air Voice. Tomorrow, it'll be a Bill Gates.

Am I to just to capitulate? After all, my choice matters!

Think, what a wonderful opportunity it is!

On a nod from you, our company will be transported to such heights!

You must've done a deed of great virtue. Just say a prayer and take the plunge!

Allow me... I'll call. Sir... oh, but no...

Ringing... talk. Talk.

Air Voice. Can I help you?


This is Kalpana.

Kalpana... who...?

Oh, Kalpana of the terrace-hoarding?

We found out about you. The house isn't yours.

You haven't paid rent in two months.

And you're playing hard to get? Get lost.

That office is all shook-up!

Keep talking.

Go to your boss and tell him, Kalpana said yes.

So what if it isn't gold? It still shines.

Nathumal Gendamal Jewellers. 42 Link Road, Malad West.

We have no branches.

Mom, in whom do we trust?

In mother first, you must trust. Only another thing, everyone trusts.

It's our soap. Hamam.

Sir... why must you...?

It doesn't matter, my child.

Kalpana, I want to tell you about something.

An ad film agent is coming here.

He's into the big agencies.

What if he gets to know that...

Sanjay Singhania is romancing our lead model?


It'll be a great boost for us.

How long will we keep making small films?

Our company needs national clients.

Sir, consider it done.

Kalpana is like a magic wand! One flourish and yesterday's gone.

Don't worry.

Excuse me... I'm doing an article on struggling models for Mayapuri.

Can I interview some models? In the green room.

Excuse me...? Oh, welcome.

Be seated. Thank you.

My director said you'd be coming.


Setting up these sets takes so much time.

And I got to get to the airport. Sanjay is flying in.

Sanjay who?

Sanjay Singhania.

Of Air Voice.

My lover.

Sanjay Singhania? Your lover?

Yes, you know... actually, we met at Delhi airport.

I never knew he's Sanjay Singhania. In the airport lobby, he kept staring at me.

On the flight, he was on the seat beside me. Hi, I'm Sanjay Singhania... and I said hi.

That's when I discovered who he is.

One minute... can I write it down?

Yes, why not? You won't believe this...

From Delhi to Bombay, he talked non-stop.

Plain chatter. I could only listen on.

Then all of a sudden, I love you.

Will you marry me?

I say, are you silly. Are marriages made in thin air?

Back in Bombay, I'm inundated with phone calls and smses.

I never gave him much of a lift.

In the end, I took pity on him.

So I decided to say yes.

This week's breaking news, right inside Mayapuri.

Business tycoon Sanjay Singhania in an affair with an aspiring model.

Read about it in Kalpana's own words.

Two packs of "MDH Masala" free with this week's edition


I don't know who she is, I haven't even seen her face.

Please don't disturb me.


It's all lies.

How do I know why she's saying all this?

No, please talk to me later.

No more calls.

Does it have her photos?

Neither yours, nor hers.

I want to meet her. Find out.

What do we do now? It's impossible. Do we return?

Wait, let's see how we can go inside.

Something happened...? The children are here to see the museum.

What are we to do?

One second.

Careful while you get your feet into it.

So sweet.

Bye. Bye.

Sir, should I go in?

Wait here.

Excuse me, who's Kalpana? Up on the terrace.

My name's Sachin. Like, Sachin Tendulkar. Recommend me, please.

Congratulations for the good news. Thank you.

Excuse me... I'll see what I can do.

Hello... thanks.

Did you send the photographs?

Excuse me.

One second.

Yes... I'll talk to you later.



Yes, I am... go on.

I... read the news in Mayapuri.

Not Mayapuri again... what a day of calls, autographs, photographs, bouquets, smses.

I didn't tell my story for all this... Sanjay must be so annoyed.


Sanjay Singhania.

Actually, we met at Delhi airport.

I never knew he's Sanjay Singhania.

In the airport lobby, he kept staring at me.

On the flight, he was on the seat beside me.

Hi, I'm Sanjay Singhania... and I said hi.

That's when I discovered who he is. From Delhi to Bombay, he talked non-stop.

Plain chatter. I could only listen on.

Then all of a sudden, "I love you. "

Will you marry me?

I say, are you silly. Are marriages made in thin air?

I said, no.

He said, please.

I said no, he kept on... please...

I said, okay.

How can you say no to such persistence?

That was the long and short of it.

This magazine had to print this and now everyone's after me, for recommendations, advertisements.

Are you here for the ad shoot?

Well I...

Everyone wears suits for the auditions.

Have you been selected for the ad?

Do you want me to recommend you?

But it's the talent that you need.

Don't set your sights on Van Heusen Suitings.

Do what comes your way, papads, mosquito coils.

Catch this.

Now let's hear you say, here's one for men.

For the bounce in the hair for alpha males... a comb. Let's hear you say that.

Never did it before?

Very poor... got to put in hard work.

Leave your number. If anything comes up, I'll call.

What's your number?

Air Voice?

Same as mine.


You don't find a network anywhere.

I keep telling Sanjay, to try turning the antenna or something.

It may be his pocket borough, but it ought to meet some standard.

Hi Anjali... one second...

What did you say your name was?



Sachin, I'm a bit busy. If something comes up, I'll call. Bye.

Yes Anjali...

you know what happened? Mayapuri just splashed my love story.

And now all day, I've been inundated with calls, smses, oh, I'm drained.

No! Actually, we only met at Delhi airport.

On the flight, he was on the seat beside me.

Hi, I'm Sanjay Singhania... and I said hi.

From Delhi to Bombay, he talked non-stop.

After completing law, I went to USA and I took my MBA at Harvard.

I've been looking after this business since my father passed away.

I strongly feel that technology has to reach people beyond social and economic barriers.

And that's the goal of our company.

I'm so sorry... cellphones, I tell you...

Excuse me.


Hello, I'm Kalpana.

Kalpana... which Kalpana?

Kalpana... Sanjay Singhania's girlfriend.

Oh I see... how have you been?

I'm good.

Will you do an underwear ad?


Along with you?

It's a men's only.

Come over quickly. Take down the address.

One minute.

Mark... make a note of this address, please.

Go on.

Building 3. Chinchpokli Bunder. Khau Galli.

Building 3. Chinchpokli Bunder. Khau Galli. I beg your pardon, sir...?

Chinchpokli Bunder. Khau Galli.

Chi...? Chinchpokli.

Chinchbokli? ... Pokli Bunder. Khau Galli.

Khau... Galli. Galli.

Got it. Thanks.

Arrive in an autorickshaw, you'll make a nice impression.

D'you have the money for it? I'll manage.


I'll be waiting for you. Bye.

It's just too hot today... Are you new to Mumbai?

Come in the rains, here rivers flow.

Moron! Can't you drive properly?


Why are you saying sorry?

Pedestrians are taking up roads, are we meant to fly?

Drive carefully.

Get out of my way.

How much? Forty Rupees.


You're gawking like a country bumpkin.

The manager wants a new model. I thought of you.

What's this ad about?

Zorro elastic underwear.

If you make it to this ad, you've made it.

Just imagine yourself in your underwear... at every traffic junction in town, on sixty feet-by-forty feet banners!

Your luck is going to change.

Don't worry, you're getting selected.

Can't I get any other ad?

Yes... how about one on skin allergies?


Salves, for ringworm infections.

Then the first choice is better. Okay.

Hello ma'am! Hi...

You said you'd recommend me for the underwear ad...?

The underwear is taken, how about ringworm? I'll take anything, I want a break.

That's the spirit.


Come to the studio tomorrow morning.

Thank you, ma'am! You're welcome.

Wait a minute.

Uncle, where are you headed? To the bus stop ahead.

I'll take you there.

I'll describe to you whatever's on the way.


Four schoolgirls playing tic tac toe.

A wife thrashing her husband.

He has lost his shirt.

That's a radio at the tea shop.

We're crossing Sai Baba's temple.

Now we're on the main road.

You've reached your bus stop.

I'm swayed She flew in... like a swirl of wind With that first look, she held my eyes So unlikely, she's so different, so unique, so unpretentious, and just no attitude So, I'm swayed And a freshness fills my heart You're swayed when she flies in on a swirl of wind And with that first look, oh how she holds your eyes

The heart went aflutter, dancing to a new rhythm My feet faltered I swooned in ecstasy I stood each day, staring her way In endless wake, moments stretch Twisting, turning, tossing, thinking Thinking, thinking of you

Her images criss-cross my mind, awash in colours Like a gushing stream she flows, drenching me Her murmurs make music Her trivia are priceless Some innocence, sweet mischief Somewhat gossamer, some odd gloss At times bashful, then carefree There are seas in her, but how deep?

Her words could make Spring blossom

Her charm could make seasons spring

Even her lies... are so endearing, she could make me believe illusions in all things Upon her many paths, praying, hoping, eager-eyed, musing fragrant shades of memories, I stand still and...

Time stands stilled


Good morning, sir! Good morning.

Sit down, my child. Guess what, our company is going to be famous.

Thanks only to you... Why are you thanking me?

I've done something without asking you.

Our company is throwing a big party on New Year's Eve.

Oh, wow!

Guess, who's the chief guest?


Your boyfriend.

The man who owns Air Voice.

Sanjay Singhania.


And come what may, you must get him to come.

I'm sure you can, so I went ahead and printed his name in the invitations.

The biggest of agencies are coming, top ad film makers, producers, directors.

On whose say-so have you printed his name?

Where's the need to ask...?

It's the New Years Eve party. You're coming.

He'll accompany you. But I can't invite him!


We've... had a fight!

You don't say! All invitations have been distributed.

You've got to make up with him ... got to get him to the party.

But how...? Otherwise, I'll lose face.

On whose say-so did you print this?

I would've told you, but it slipped my mind.

What you've done is so wrong, hundred percent wrong!

Please, or you'll break everyone's heart. Where will I get Sanjay Singhania?

Everyone's dying to see him, not one of us has ever met him.


What about what?

Not one of us has ever met him?

How could we? He has just returned from America.

Then I just... must get him.

Consider it done Kalpana is like a magic wand! One flourish and you've got your wish.

Thank you very much

Dialogue... dialogue!

Hi, I'm Sanjay. Sanjay Singhania.


Very good.

Mind it.

At tonight's party, you're Sanjay Singhania.

One second...

Listen, that's a friend of mine. You'll pretend to be Sanjay Singhania.

If he's convinced, then you pass muster. Okay?




What happened?

Sanjay is here.


Sanjay Singhania, my boyfriend.

Where... is he? Where are you looking...?


Sachin, meet Mr Sanjay.

Hi, I'm Sanjay. Sanjay Singhania.

What... who...?

He is... Sanjay Singhania.


Are you joking? Sanjay Singhania, and him?

Stupid amateur, duffer, idiot!

What did I do...?

The big fish never put out their hands first. Why did you hold out your hand?

So when do I shake hands? You just don't do it!

Go to hell, go do ads! You've ruined it all.


What happened?

Sachin, shall I tell you something?


You're going to be stunned...

Try me.

I'm not in love with Sanjay Singhania.


Actually, everyone at my workplace thought... he's my boyfriend.

So, everyone began to respect me.

I played along.

I don't even know what he looks like!

So... what's next?

My boss is hosting a party tonight.

Without even asking me, they sent out invites naming Sanjay as the chief guest.

So I was preparing this mule for tonight, but you caught him out in a second!

What am I going to do now?

Relax... I'm right here for you.

I'll train him.

Listen... what's your name?

Hi, I'm Sanjay. Sanjay Singhania. No... your real name?

Sampat. Look Sampat... cut that extra swagger.

Be relaxed and easy... confident.

Let me show how... Hi, I'm Sanjay... Sanjay Singhania.

Stop. Don't teach me acting. I belong in theatre, I've done four plays.

I was putting out a first class act, then he walked in and things went awry.

Hey... take off that coat.

Take it off, get out of that coat! I have a shoot tomorrow. It's my only coat.

I just canceled your shoot. You're good only for rubber slippers, snap out of it!

Who, me...? Wear it.

Oh yes! You are... looking smart.

Put on the goggles.

Oh wow!



Sachin! Come for tonight's party. Be Sanjay.


Please say yes!


Please say yes...?



Welcome to our chief guest, Mr Sanjay Singhania

Oh hi... Hello.

Having a nice time? Yes, thank you.

Kalpana Did you invite him properly? Yes, sir!

If he turns up for real, everyone'll go mad.

If he doesn't turn up, then I'll go mad.


The coat is ready. Just give me the go and I'll give you a grand entry.

I've rehearsed it thoroughly.

I'm Sanjay Singhania... oh hello Sanjay.

Get out of my face.

You fool!

Hi Kalpana... Hi!

Mr Singhania has arrived.

Who told him to get a car like that? I'm not footing this bill.

Oh... thank you.

How wonderful!

He hasn't begun acting and all these fools have already taken him for Sanjay Singhania?

Oh yes, yes...

Will you hold this, please?

Hi darling!

Sorry, I'm late... my God! You're looking gorgeous... come.

Welcome to this party. Thank you.

Hello... hello...

Hello sir!


Welcome, sir. Thank you.

Myself, Satveer Kohli. I'm Kalpana's director and I run this ad film company.

Hello sir, how are you? Thank you sir, I'm very good.

I happen to be the one who insisted that Kalpana must say yes to you.

I see...?

You never told him! Of course I told him...

I told you...? Oh... yes...

Autograph, please?

I read your article in Economic Times. I fully agree with your policy suggestions.

Please leave him alone... don't disturb him.

Please come, dinner is ready.

That was too close an embrace.

And that was a kiss in public.

I've done a hundred ads.

Ninety in groups. Ten, solo.

You learn how to respect your seniors or, you're getting nowhere in life.

I don't believe this.


I just can't believe...

Why not...?

Can't believe that I'm sitting in such august presence...

Still, he's right amongst us.

Excuse me...

Some ice, please?

So much cold is good enough for you.

Over-acting. He'll get caught.

Please get lost.

Excuse me...

We're from the Dinanath Charitable Trust.

It's an orphanage for girls.


If you may make a contribution, we'll be grateful.

Who goes around with cash nowadays?

Your cheque will do.


Who goes to parties with chequebooks?

What are you upto?

Whose chequebook is that?

Even for over-acting, this is too loud!

Five hundred thousand? Have you gone mad?

Thank you, sir. All the best.

I'm finished.

I could kill you.

Our leading model, Sonal.

How do you do? I'm very good.

Kalpana has told us so much about you... We all know that... there're others...

That article of yours in Economic Times. Not again, sir. Please...

You... for Sanjay Singhania!

And they fell for you?

Am I'm too clever, or it's a world of fools?

I love you.


I love you. I want to marry you.

What... so all of a sudden...?

Not so... all of a sudden.

I never thought...

Give me time, to think.

Shall I tell you tomorrow?

If I say no, you won't take it badly?


Happy new year.

Happy new year.

To her, I'm just an ordinary guy.

I wish to remain this unexceptional man... who wins her love.

So I haven't told her the truth about me.

If she accepts me, then I'll confess to being Sanjay Singhania.

If she refuses, then I remain Sachin... and I fade out of her life.

All I await now, is tomorrow.

End of the diary. December 31st.

Next day, next year... 2006.

Hey... hey...

The next day, what happened...?

What did she say... what happened to her?

How did you end up like this?

Speak up!

Hello, sir.

I'm your manager.

Pankaj Shroff.

Hello Sanjay.

I'm your doctor. Dr Peston Wadia.

Not enough sleep.

Are up keeping up till late?

Sir, I'm telling you again, it's fine if you won't go to the office, it's okay, no problem.

But live in your mansion, why this tiny flat?

We can get a nurse, a chauffeur here...?

I need no one.

Thank you.

Kill Ghajini. Check invitation on Calendar.

Ghajini Dharmatma

Chief Guest: Mr Ghajini Dharmatma

Sir... you're... here... for our college culture fest?

Oh, I'm sorry.

You won't know me... I mean, you know me.

I've met you.

Sanjay Singhania... short term memory loss.

Come on, it's nearly time.

One minute...

We're getting late. Sunita, let's go.

Don't leave before my performance ... second song.

Girls and boys... please ... calm down.

Our chief guest for the evening has arrived.

He has patronised our college for long.

I'd like you to give him a hearty welcome.

Boys and girls, please welcome Mr. Ghajini Dharmatma.

Crazy, crazy!

I'm crazy about him

Why's my body going crazy?

Why's my heart beating crazy?

I want to dance, uninhibited Who's come into my heart today? What's this scent of love?

Dancing bells are on my feet, it's my season of youth


Crazy, I'm crazy for him!

He's my love

His coming has filled the emptinesses in my heart He only has to make a sign and I'll become his slave

Go outside, find out who's calling.


Get down to the basement car park.


Who's that?

What are you doing there?

Damn you!



Who was that?

Who tried to kill you?

Not me...

he came to kill you.


Came to kill me? Who was he?

Who was it... who?

Two years ago...

Two years ago... what...?

What was it two years ago?


Give me his name.

The name!

His name, who was he?

Who wants to kill me?

He's dead.


Two years ago? What did I do two years ago?

Which jobs did I get done two years ago?

Which ones are after my life?

A list... make a list of them all.

I must have the list tomorrow. You get it?

Excuse me Where is Mr Sanjay Singhania's flat?

Fourth floor. 401.





Kill him Revenge Ghajini?

She was murdered

Find him Kill him


Over Ghajini 10 June 2008

Doctor... restaurant... theatre...

Don't open

I'm a police officer.

Untie me. I'm a police officer.

Get out of here! Fast! He's a murderer.

Don't you hear?

Just get the hell out of here!

Who are you?

What are you doing here?

The other shade.


Shall we...?

You've forgotten so quickly?

I was buying nail polish.


My friend... you wrote that out.

Now, come on.

Have I been I chasing you? Why should you...? I'm your friend.

No! I'm chasing you.

I'm breathing hard, you're out of breath.

I'm sweating. Even you are...

Hey! You're smoking in a public place!

Have you no sense of decency? Idiots.

You're right!

You ought to thrash some sense into them.

Go on, teach them such a lesson that they'll quit smoking.

Go... hit them.

You'll teach us lessons?

You're going to hit us?

Come on.

You'll take on all of us? Come on.

Hit us. Come on.

Ghajini... listen... don't do it.

In four years, we haven't had any quarrels.

Why do you want to kill me?

Who told you?

I don't care if you want to kill me or not.

I only want to finish off all my enemies.


Everyone's dead.

Why are you still anxious?

No... he's still alive.

He wasn't anyone of them.

These men were afraid of me.

But this is someone else... someone I'm missing.

A girl is here, asking for you.

What girl?

My name is Sunita. I am a medical student.

I visited a patient at his home, recently.

He is planning to kill you.

He has already killed two others. I have seen photos of the dead men.

He is an extremely dangerous man. I saw him trying to kill a policeman.

The policeman got killed in an accident. After that he came after me, to kill me.

Look... your photo.

A date is inscribed underneath.

I was about to go to the police. But if my college gets to know, I'm in a mess.

I just couldn't sit on it, so I came to you.

To warn you.

His photo... the man who wants to kill you.

Mr Sanjay Singhania. 31 years. Short term memory loss

Short term memory loss.

A man who forgets everything in fifteen minutes is planning to kill me.

He even named a day for my death?

I got to fix a time for him to die.

12 hours. This man will be on earth no more.

The boss?

Watch out.

He's away from home.

If he goes your way, you kill him. If he comes this way, I'll kill the bastard.


I'm into this problem...


He has my photo.

Who has...? That Sanjay Singhania... he has it.

Isn't it the one?

He has another one. He had taken two photos.

You're the problem.

If it ends up with the police, I'm in a fix.

Ask Mr Ghajini. He's looking for that guy, he'll get the photo for you.

Hello, Mr Ghajini...?


Mr Ghajini...?

Yes I'm Sunita...

I met you about Sanjay Singhania.


Sanjay Singhania, the man who wants to kill you.

The one with the 15-minute memory...

He has a problem remembering, but best to be cautious.

He's an extremely dangerous man.

You see, he has a photo of mine.

Do what you will to him, but get me my photo, please.

He took my photo in the college canteen.

What are you wearing in the photo?

Blue top and blue jeans.

Let me find it, I'll send it to you.

What's your address?



Help me, please! Help me!

Excuse me.

Stay away.

Where's the lift?

Between second and third floors.

Put on the main switch.

His diaries.

If she accepts me, then I'll confess to being Sanjay Singhania.

If she refuses, then I remain Sachin... and I fade out of her life.

All I await now, is tomorrow.

This wait for a yes will keep me up tonight.

This suspense is haunting, how can I sleep tonight?

To what news my morning light will dawn, to melodies of love like rain?

Or, is this thirst to go unquenched?

Like a passion, unfulfilled You hold me in an ecstasy, thrilled And now,

the consummation, of that ecstasy, in your arms, is all I wish from you In my heart of hearts, how I pine To splash you with my colours of life In every mood, to match my rhythm It's all I wish from you If only you say yes, then life... can spring forth from the fountainhead... to spew my pearls of life upon your path

Consummation... of that ecstasy... in your arms... is all I wish

My gossamer dreams are cast in glass As I ford my nights in dark Fearful, lest my fantasies shatter My hopes are inflamed Yet I fear, lest some tempest... puts out my flame I wait for a lone yes To turn on the springs of joy... in a culmination... of my dreams... in the ecstasy of your embrace It's all I wish

I have my Moon, over me my skies Where dense dark clouds also hover I wish this Moon is never overcast A searing loneliness, a pacing heart, and not a moment's peace... make up a wonderful story of mine;

I've only a restless yearning... for a passion unfulfilled, for an ecstasy, the thrill... of your embrace It's all I wish from you In my heart of hearts, how I pine To splash you with my colours of life In every mood, to match my rhythm It's all I wish from you If only you say yes, then life... can spring forth from the fountainhead... to spew my pearls of life upon your path For you, I thirst

All night, I kept thinking.

Until one o'clock it was, why you?

By two o'clock, it was why not?

At three am, am I rushing into this?

At four, if not now then how will I ever...?

By the time it got to five o'c lock, I had decided.

I do.

I love you.

Now's my turn to tell her who I am.

But you don't know who I am.

What...! When you get to know about my dad... it'll blow your brains.

Is she talking my lines?

Take this.

In 1992, my dad had three Ambassador cars.

Oh wow... Oh yes.

He had a travel agency. Shetty Travels.

Shitty Travels? Hey! Shetty... Travels.

Yes... I see... Shetty Travels. So.

It was my uncle who cheated him.


He stole all three cars.

Brokenhearted, my dad died.

That day, I swore... until I buy three Ambassador cars, I won't marry.


Can't it climb down by a couple or so?

No way.

If you can wait, then wait.

Otherwise, marry a girl of your class.

I'll wait.

Don't worry. Even after I'm rich, I'll still be the same to you, like I'm now.

Promise? Promise.

Good morning, sir. Good morning.

A very happy new year to you. Thank you.

Mr Goenka has canceled for the day.

The board meeting is at eleven thirty.

The marketing presentation is post-lunch.


Sir... what did she say when she got to know about you?

I haven't told her.

Why, sir?

Because, in 1992... her dad had three Ambassador cars.

Her uncle tricked her dad out of the cars.

Now she wants to be richer than her uncle.

Until then, she won't marry.

What if you just told her...?

She'd want to be richer than me... that'd be the end of my wedding.

Truth is, I prefer to keep up this facade.

I had bought this flat... as my gift to her... after telling her about me. It's not to be, but I got to give her the flat, somehow.

That's your responsibility.

It'll be done, sir.


May no one ever wish you ill.

And your tank forever be petrol-ful.

For me too... please. Quiet! There's enough for everyone.

For me, too? Late, even today?

You bought it?

Yes... surprise.

One in. Two more to go. Great!

I sold the jewellery meant for my wedding.

Dear husband to-be, I don't think, you care for a dowry.

So, I bought a car.

Sure... it moves?

Are you joking? Take a test drive.

Come on, kids.

Smooth drive, isn't it?

Smooth roads.


Smooth as butter.

The radio, there's one in there. It works!

Hey, this car is mine! I just bought it.

Nice, isn't it? What a pretty car!

Good news, sir.

The fax is in from London.

We've got the licence.

All calls to UK will be routed through us.

That's wonderful!

Give the good news to the staff.

Sure. You must go to London immediately.


Hi, how are you?

There's good news!


She always pips me to the talking post?

Even I have something to tell you.

No. Me first.

Tell me.

I won a brand new flat in an Air Voice lucky contest.

Air Voice lucky contest...?

Sir... that flat you wanted to give her... I fixed a contest to do it.

Wow, that's great! Congratulations.

Not just congratulations.

Get over here in five minutes.

Kalpana, I'm a bit busy. I can't come.

I'll hit you for pretending to be busy.

I'm giving you the address. Come right away.


Hi... congratulations.

Thank you One second!

What's this?

You're taking your first step into this home.

I want to capture it for posterity.

You too, come over.

Nice, isn't it?


This is how it'll stay forever, to remind us of the first step we took.

So! How is this home?


New home, second hand car... lucky strike?

I'm feeling so happy!

Weren't you saying something on the phone?

Yes... I got to go out of town for ten days.

Where to...?

My village.

Why, so suddenly?

My mother is sick.

Then, bring her here.

I got to go, I have some property there... two acres of land.

I got to sell it... for my mother's medical treatment.

Ten days? You'll come sooner, if you can...?

I will.

You will come, won't you?

What's it, why are you nervous?

I don't know, it's just an odd feeling.


Silly you.

All the rest are standard clauses.

I think we've covered everything, right?

Yes, we've clarified all the points.

I'll need a hard copy on the flight.

Will be done.

Make sure, all changes are incorporated. Right.

Yes...? Sir, we're getting late.

It's one o'clock! All right, let's pack.

Thank you, gentlemen.


Hello Sachin... Kalpana. Yes Kalpana?

I got to see you right away.

Come over to my old place.

It's one am. Say, what's the matter?

I got to see you before you leave. Please.

All right. I'm coming.

Why are you standing on the street?

Just waiting, for you.

So... why did you call me?

What's this?

One hundred and thirty five thousand.

For your mother's treatment.

Where did you get so much money?

I sold my car.

What... why?

You would've sold the land.

Don't sell it. It's an inheritance.

A car... I can buy again.


you wanted the car so much!

Forget it.

Show your mother my soap ad.

I'm looking nice in that one.

Come back quickly.

Next week, I'm in Goa for an ad shoot.

I'll be back in two or three days.

You're getting late... now go.

Go on.


How was it that you came to me How blessed I am, but it's hard to believe You descended upon life's placid lake... like a rare Moon, slowly, gently

Under a winter's Sun, like a warm melody... you have caressed me, I am enthralled In you, my peace. You are my passion Why didn't I find you before?

How was it that you came to me... how blessed I am, but it's hard to believe That day, I swore... until I buy three Ambassador cars, I won't marry.

Don't sell it. It's an inheritance.

A car... I can buy again.

And once I believed, that the Creator finds...

His urge no more And then...

He created you And now He is revealed to me... in all His glory

Chords of a music touch my life, I can feel new tunes coming into life But I still can't believe... how blessed I am, how you came to me...

I love you.

Come back quickly.

That's upto 21st June 2006.

Afterwards, Sanjay went to London and Kalpana went to Goa.

What happened after that?

Anything more on the man we arrested at the girls' hostel?

No, it's turning out to be a strange case. How come?

Bring him.

It was tough keeping him under control, so he was given a sedative.

He has several names and numbers tattooed.

Also, several strange remarks.

On the head... he has a deep scar.

Found on him... a gun, a camera, photographs.

We haven't been able to find out who he is.

Call up those numbers. Find out who they are.


Constable Dhuri from D.N.Nagar Police station.

Do you recognise this man?


He is Sanjay Singhania, chairman of Air Voice.

The chairman of Air Voice? Yes.

He suffers from short term memory loss, doesn't remember anything beyond 15 minutes.

A friend of mine, he has tattooed in my name and number, for remembering me.

That's all.

Where did you find him?

Medical college girl's hostel. In a lift.

Sir, his manager and his secretary are here.

Have you written a complaint about him? Not yet, sir.

Wait a while.

He's only a patient.

And do you know who he is?

He was found in a girls' hostel with a gun.

How is one to take him for a medical patient?

The gun is for his safety.

Here's the gun licence.

He didn't shoot at anyone, did he?

No complaint has been registered.

You can take him away.

But from now on, be careful.

Please take their contact details.

Thank you. Thank you very much.


Sorry, you aren't allowed... Who are you?

Move over. Whom do you want?


Why are you locking us?

171, Cheetah Camp. Deonar

13.06.2008 Whose address is it?


The date is tomorrow's. One day on, you'd be gone.

Don't shoot him!

My name and number are on his body.

In police records, he's a friend of mine.

A murder enquiry can become big trouble.

You mean, we leave him alive? Yes, alive.

But like the living dead.

He's got memory tags everywhere.

We've got to erase what he has written, we got to turn him into blank paper.

Now, he's just like any other furniture Just like a vegetable.

Newspaper archives? First floor.

Why are you hiding?

Come out.

Come... careful.


What happened to you?

I'm from Latur village.

Ramesh brought me to Mumbai, saying he'd find a job for me.

But he sold me to someone.

Now... he's forcing me to go to Goa.

And... there are more girls like me in a bogey up ahead.

At one of the stations, I managed to get away and I'm hiding here.

Don't cry. Nothing is going to happen. I'm here with you.

She must be around.

Hurry up.

Move in.

Look behind.

Did you see a girl, wearing a frock?

Give me ten Rupees.


Open the door. Open up!

Give that girl to me!

I paid 2000 Rupees to buy her!

Come on, open up!

Open the door!

Open it!

It's gold!

Should be worth 3,000.

Forget the girl. Let's go.

It's all right.

Don't be afraid.

We'll get down at the next station and we'll go to Bombay.

We've been after chickens.

Will we spare a hen if we find one?

Let go... leave her!


Help me!

Leave me!

How far can she run?

Sister, do something!

Look at her... there.

Sister! Help me!

Hi, how are you?

I'm okay. Are you in Goa?

No, I'm returning to Mumbai.


It's a long story.

In my train, there were some goons. They were taking 25 kidnapped girls to Goa.

Somehow, I managed to save them.

I'm on my way back to Mumbai with them.

What! Are you all right?

Tell me about it, what happened?

Don't worry, nothing's happened to me.

Are you sure?

I'm perfectly all right, really.

You're too much, Kalpana.

But it's also what I like the most about you.


This habit of helping others.

The first time I saw you, you were helping some disabled girls across a ditch.

How do you know that?

There's so much I haven't told you.

Stuff you'll be amazed to hear.

Drop the melodrama and tell me.

Not like this... when I'm saying it, I got to see the look on your face.

So, I'll tell it to you once I'm back.

See you.

Take care, bye.


The biggest news is about kidnapped girls, trafficking in human organs and flesh trade.

Last night's revelation has stunned everyone.

25 girls from villages in North India lured to the city on the pretext of giving jobs... were being taken from Mumbai to Goa. With the help of some soldiers, Kalpana rescued them.

Investigations reveal that organs have already been harvested from these girls.

Several girls have been operated surgically and their kidneys have been removed.

Now they were en route to Goa, to be pressed into the flesh trade.

It's apparently a full-fledged racket, flourishing right across the country.

Investigations indicate the possible involvement of influential people.

Information given by the rescued girls has led to a country-wide crackdown.

Several suspects are being questioned.

Most of them are women and young girls, more than half of whom are children.

Hello I'm Constable Vyjayanti. From Bombay Municipal Hospital.

Yes, go on.

Look, you sent 25 girls...? Yes?

Two are missing, without a trace.

Please come over here and check them out.

Please do not mention that I've tipped you.

Some very influential people are behind it.

Madam... here...? At this hour?

Please come in the morning.

The girls will be let off tomorrow morning.

I had brought 25 girls.

There are only 23 here.

Where are the two girls?

You are mistaken.

You brought 23.

Don't you lie!

I have a list, of names.

Good evening, sir.


You brought in 25 girls.

Who are you?


Ghajini Dharmatma.

23 out of 25 named my men. I'd let it pass.

But these two, pointed fingers at me.

Where are the two girls?

Dead and dumped in the sea.

Are you asking to know more?

Because of beasts like you, girls are afraid to step out of their homes.

Of how many apparitions of men, should women beware?

Of keepers of faith and religion?

Of doctors?

At work places, in schools, colleges?


Dead and dumped in the sea.


Vyjayanti speaking...

Go on.

They're planning to kill you.

Please do not go home.

Go elsewhere.

They're hiding inside your house.

What happened? A power failure... hold it.

The door is locked from inside. She's in here.

Find her.




Don't go away... don't!




What's it?

She must've gone that way.



Hello Kalpana... Kalpana...




Go away, Sachin.

Get out.

Kalpana... what...?

What happened...?







I'm Sunita. I'm a medical student.

Forgive me.

Even I'm responsible for the state you're in.

I'll take you to Ghajini.

I'll bring back your memories.

I got to talk to him! Now!

Hello... hello?

My name is Sanjay.


Sanjay Singhania.

Your name is Ghajini.

Do you remember the first of July, 2006?

You may forget, but I cannot forget.

It's the only thing I remember.

Leaving you alive was a mistake.

But now, I'll finish you off.

This time, no sparing you.

Wait for your death. I'm coming.

Damn you!

Damn... a short-term memory-loss patient is reminding me?

Get the cars. We're going into my den.

Let him come to my area.

After I'm through, they won't find even a fingernail on him.

They're going somewhere.

Follow them.

They're stopping here.

Which one is Ghajini?

The man in white.

This looks like a dangerous area.

I think we shouldn't wait here.

Where are you going?

You can't kill him so easily.

There are too many of them in there.

Stop! We'll get him when he's alone.

This is a very dangerous area.

Have you gone mad?

Oh God!

Hey stop... Where are you going? Entry is barred

He's here! Tell the boss.

He's coming!

Move it... let's get him!

Don't let him get away! Get the irons...

He won't get away! Don't let him in.


Now you're gone... finished!

Brother... help me... save me!

Ghajini is coming... that way!

Please, help me!

I'm Prakash!

Have you forgotten?

We came for Ghajini!

Look at how badly he has bruised me!

I'm Prakash... Ghajini did this to me.

He hit me so badly.

He's a very dangerous man!

Very dangerous!

He's coming that way.

Keep an eye out for him.

Keep an eye on him.

Watch out Cunning man... very cunning man.

Got you!

Got you!

Short term memory loss...

Look at my face.


I am Ghajini.

I am.

I am the one you wanted to kill.

Do you remember why?

Your memory is too weak, lasts you for just 15 minutes.

But have no regrets.

In these final 15 minutes of your life, I'll give the action replay, over again.

Remember the rod...?

The one that I used to kill your fiancee?

Somewhat like this one... it comes to your mind?

I killed her right in front of your eyes.

Before I kill you, I'll show you exactly how I killed your Kalpana.

Watch this.

Kalpana Home for Orphans

Let's go cut the cake. Yes... let's all go.

Time to cut your cake.


Sanjay, what's her name?

Rahul... no.


You read it here!

Cheater... cheater...

Happy birthday to you.


Pathways, streams and rivers all change Glimmering lamps cast lights of change When the change strikes life's rhythm The rhythm of the rain will also change And the nature of seasons will change But I shall forever be... the same to you as I've been Arm in arm, with you my mate, every moment, always

How was it that you came to me How blessed I was, but it's hard to believe You descended upon life's placid lake... like a rare Moon, slowly, gently

Under winter's Suns, like a warm melody... you caressed me, now you're gone But I still live, enthralled In you, my peace. You are my passion Why didn't I find you before?

How was it that you came to me... how blessed I was, but it's hard to believe

And once I believed, that the Creator finds His urge no more And then He created you... for me to sing... eulogies to His glory I'm Thaw Gyi