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[TONY] -Hands in your pockets.

Lethal weapon?

[CONOR] -What’s this?

Growing a grey beard?

Stress and strain, innit...

Stress and strain.

I’m heading off this way.

You wanna come?



I used to knock about here all the time when I was a kid.

Used to bring me here as well.

So what was it like?

[TONY] -Different world, mate.

[TONY] -It's not something I'd recommend.

[TONY] -I didn't want you stepping in a place like that and seeing your old man, you know.

How’s your mom?

She’s alright.

She retrained in accountancy while you were away.

Fucking hell.

Working for this wanker.

Oh really?

He doesn't pay her enough and he works her too hard.

But she's OK.

You know I moved out the house?

You have?

Where are you living now?

I got a little flat.

It's small, but it’s perfect.

Check you out!

[TONY] -Oi, oi!

[TONY] -Eddie Dawson!

[EDDIE] -Bloody hell!

How’s it going mate?

Lovely to see you boy, lovely to see you.

Oh man!

When did you get out?

This morning.

Conor - Nice Guy Eddie.

Nice to see you.

Last time I saw you...

About that high.

So, we got young Con and the old con now then.

Oh, funny!

Still got them old jokes, mate, they are still flying through.

So what you've been doing since yougot out then?

Have you been back home?

Not yet, mate, just thought I’d come up and see what the lay of the land was innit.

Where’s Benji, is he about?

Yeah, Benji is always about.

Come down here, we'll have a quick nose around.

See if he's about.

I know he was downstairs a while ago, so I presume he'll be back up again.

You're looking good man.

Cheers mate... A bit quiet innit?

Tell me about it. Boxing isn’t what it used to be, mate.

Let’s just flick this away, won’t be a second.

[TONY] -Oi, oi! There he is!

[BENJI] -Oh my God!

[BENJI] -When did you get out?

[TONY] -This morning.

[EDDIE] -They’ll be chatting away there now.

Your old man used to do a little bit with the gloves.


Not since I was a kid.

Let’s see how much you remember.

Yeah? You sure?

Yeah, go on.

Let’s see what you’re about.

Show the old man what you've got.

Can’t even pay the bills now, mate.


Yeah, since you know, Dom and that, coming around...

Harassing everyone.

He's in that plush little office, mate.

Yeah, well, you can see what’s happening here.

So, you’ve moved out of your mum’s, is that right?

Yeah, I got my own place. It’s cool.

How does she feel about that?

She’s just pleased to get rid of me.

I don’t think so, son. I don't think so...

So what do you do for money?

I work in the place that I live in...



[ROB] -Alright, mate?

You had a good night?

[ARTUR] Fucking crazy night, mate.

You got back to her's?


You, dog.

Tired myself, both, man.

She was tasty, man.

She was, yeah.

Tits, ass...

Proper fucking exhibit.

I saw...

Who’s that mug?

I don’t know, but he’s been here since I got here.

Alright, mate?

[ROB] -Yeah you, Gandalf look-alike.

Alright, guys!

We don't need any trouble here.

There’s no trouble, Benji, but he’s coming to my gym, watching me train, so I wanna know who he is?

[BENJI] -My gym.

[ARTUR] -Your gym?

Go clean toilets, Benji.

Your gym...

You alright, fella? Yeah?

[ROB] -Still not gonna say anything?

He’s an old pal of mine.

He looks fucking old, mate, he does.

Comedian that one.

[ROB] -Have you got a name, mate?

Can you speak?

Hey, what are you looking at, top boy?

I thought I could hear a bit of an accent there. What is it, Russian?

[SARCASTICALLY] -Fuck me, you’re smart.

[CONOR] -Because it sounds like fucking moron.

[ROB] -Moron? That’s a big word. You still at school, son?

And your whole 'hard man' act...

You get each other going, do you?

[ROB] -I can get you going if you want, son.

Go on then, I’m not afraid of you, fucking prick.

I don’t want you to be afraid of me.

I want you to suck my fucking cock.

[EDDIE] -Careful...


Full of surprises you are today, aren’t you, Sunshine?

Yeah? Well someone had to do something.

I see you’ve got a way with words.

Just be careful, kid.

[Gentle melody playing]


[CONOR] -I just gotta take this.


Yeah, I’m good, I’m good... How are you?


Nah no, not an awful lot.

Missed you.


Yeah, of course I do - I’d love to see you.

Yeah, in an hour sounds good.

Alright, take care.

I got to see someone. Don’t suppose you want to come along?

[TONY] -Alright, mate.

[TONY] -Let's get going then.


[CONOR] -Right...

I’m going that way.


Do you remember where Gabriel’s Wharf is?

Of course I do.

See you then in an hour.


All the best!




[Gentle music playing]

[CONOR] -Kat!

[KAT] -Hey. [CONOR] - Hey.

How are you doing?

I’m good. How are you?

Yeah good.

You look well.


You look okay yourself.

How’s it going at the school?

Yeah, good.

Really good actually.

They’ve given me some new classes to assist in, so I’ve got year 3 now as well.

Yeah, I’ve got more hours and stuff, I think it’s going really well.


What about you?

Same old.

Still at the same place?

Yep, still at the same place.

Mrs. Wildman at number 5 is still giving me shit.


Do you... Have you sort of looked for anything else?

Like what?

Don't know...


I saw these short courses at my uni...

Oh come on, just listen.

We’ve had this conversation a hundred times before.

Short courses, and university, and education... That’s your thing.

It’s for you, it’s not for me.

Yeah, but, I just thought that...

I’m a man, Kat. I have to work.

I’m not a little boy, and you’re not my mum.


I went to the doctors yesterday.

You... You OK?


I’m good, but...


I’m pregnant.



Is it mine?

Of course!

[CONOR] -How do you know? How can you be sure?

[KAT] -How can I be sure?

Cause I haven’t been with anyone else.

[CONOR] -I’ve seen the pictures, Kat.

[KAT] -What pictures?

[KAT] -What are you talking about?

All the people you’ve been hanging around with, all the guys.

[KAT] -Hanging around but not doing anything.

[CONOR] -Yeah, but, how do I know that, Kat?

[KAT] -I can’t believe it...

Are you joking? That’s nothing!

Yeah well, how am I supposed to know?

I haven’t seen you for a month.

Yeah, but...

It’s me.

[KAT] -You know what?

Don’t worry about it.

[CONOR] -Kat...

Kat, wait!


[TONY] -Anything interesting?

[CHENG] -Tony?

Tony - that’s right. Remember me?

You... You inside?

No, not anymore, mate.

I’m out, I’m free!

[CHENG] -Long time... [TONY] -Long time, yeah.

How’s your wife? Kids?

Yeah kids alright, kids gone.

You got a cold, mate? Not very well?

Not good.

You owe me three grand, mate.

Three grand.

Cheng, come on, mate, please.

Long time.


You gonna do that to me?


Three grand mate... That’s all it was.

Just a little bit?

Little bit?

Thank you!

Twenty fucking quid?

Are you having a laugh?





[TONY] -Tony Ward to see Dominic Clarke.

[SECURITY GUARD] -Tony Ward to see Dominic Clarke.


Please take a seat.

[DOMINIC, OFF SCREEN] -Well I think you’ve made yourself pretty clear there David.

Thanks for your time.

So there’s no other solution you could think of?

Not at this moment, no.

If you don’t wanna be a part of it then that’s your prerogative, you know what I'm saying.

You know I’m really dedicated to you, but...

I can’t continue like this.

I’m putting myself at risk. I’m not gonna continue like this.

There’s the door David.

[DOMINIC] -It's been good... [DAVID] -OK, it was good having a chat.

[DOMINIC] -I wish you all the best, take care.

[DAVID] -Thank you, bye.

[DOMINIC] -Yeah...


[WOMAN] -Where should we go for lunch?


[TONY] -Hello!

[CONOR0 -Jesus!

[TONY] -Sorry, did I keep you waiting?

[CONOR] -What’s the matter with you?

[TONY] -You've been here long?

[CONOR] -No.

I've been to a charity shop.

What did you get?

I didn’t get you anything.

What do you think of them?

Yeah, good.

What about them?

Yeah, fine.

Suited and booted!


Are you sulking?


Are you hungry?


Looks like you’ve got a lot on your plate though.


Wanna talk about it?




Should get things off your chest, you know what I mean?

Dad, just leave it out, alright?


Don’t cry about it though.

I’m just not in the mood.

You know, you shouldn’t keep secrets from your father.

Dad, would you just drop it.

Tell you what, change of subject.

You couldn’t do us a favour, could you?


I need a shower.

I need to get changed.

Can I do it at your place?

You got anywhere else to go?

Fucking hell...

As a matter of fact, sunshine, no, I don’t.

Short memory you have, haven’t you.

Your mum didn’t open the door did she so...

I’m a bit homeless to be honest with you.


Are you sure?




Not gonna sulk about it, are you?

You might wanna tuck that bottom lip, mate.

Shall we go?

Go one then, lead the way.

[CONOR] -Welcome.

[TONY] -Not much bigger than my cell.

You pay for this?

Well yeah, it comes with the job.

I take care of the building.


You want a drink?

I’ll just have a water please.

You left home for this?


Is your mum alright?


Is she OK?

She's fine.

Just thought you’d be looking after her, you know what I mean?

Look who’s talking.


Well, it’s a bit rich coming from you, isn’t it?

Have a word with yourself.

You fuck off to prison for 10 years...

[TONY] -I fuck off to prison?

[CONOR] -I’m left to deal with everything and then suddenly you’re coming back and giving me a hard time.

[TONY] -You think I just fucking walked there?

[CONOR] -Well, you didn’t exactly make it easy for the rest of us, did you?


[NEIGHBOUR] -Can you check the boiler please?

[CONOR] -I'll be with you in just a minute.

[CONOR] -Make yourself at home.

[TONY] -Fixing things?

[CONOR] -Yeah.

Listen, you wanted a shower, right?

Is that alright?

Yeah, go ahead. It’s just around the corner.

[TONY] -Have you got a spare towel?

[CONOR] -Ah yeah, third drawer.

No, the next one.



[CONOR] -Listen, I’ve gotta go sort something out.


What are you doing today?

[TONY] -Not up to much.

Just gotta be somewhere end of day, that’s all.


If you could join me that would be great. Wouldn’t take long.

Yeah? Happy to.

[ARTUR] -How’s Jess mate?

[ROB] -She’s alright.

Moans a bit and that.

I think she wants kids.

Fucking headache those kids... I think.

Yeah, too young for that shit mate.

Ah fuck it, I’m bored of this.

Should we go?

Come on, he can catch up.

[TONY] -Don’t you drive, Connor?

[CONOR] -No.

[TONY] -Has your mum never given you driving lessons?

[CONOR] -No.

[TONY] -She used to have a right old banger.

Escort it was.

Bright red.

I think I remember that.

Ah you were only a little lad.

Do you know where you’re going?

Yeah, we need to cross here.

[ALEX, OFF SCREEN] -I liked it before, when you did it a little bit quicker.

It was a little bit more rocky, you know?

[GUITARIST] -Should I just go up?

[ALEX] -Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Just a bit faster.

Then you can come in a little bit later... with the beat underneath.

Not yet though.

[GUITARIST] -After the first verse you go a little bit slower and then we go again.

[ALEX] -Yeah, that's right.

[ALEX] -Hey, you alright?

[CONOR] -Hey.

[CONOR] - You’re Alex Chamberlain?

[ALEX] - Yeah, I am... Yeah.

[CONOR] - We need to step outside and have a chat.


[ALEX] -What?

Are you alright?

[CONOR] -Yeah.

Just step outside.

[ALEX] -Erm... No.

I’m in the middle of a rehearsal at the moment, mate.

What’s the matter?

[CONOR] -I’ll take up two minutes of your time.

[ALEX] -Yeah OK, well let’s do it here, I mean...

[CONOR] -It’s better if we go outside.

[ALEX] -Who’s your friend?

[CONOR] -Don’t worry about him.

[ALEX] -Right, cool.

Nice suit.

No, listen mate, I’m not going outside, it’s quite chilly at the moment so let’s just do it in here.

You know, feel free to take up my band practice why not.

What's up?

[CONOR] -Fine.

You know Kat Hansen?

I know Kat Hansen yeah, why?

I need you to tell me what’s going on between you two.

Oh shit...

Fuck... Are you, like, her boyfriend?

Or an ex-boyfriend? [CONOR] -Doesn’t matter who I am.

Just tell me.

[ALEX] -Oh fuck... Erm...

Oh, buddy...

[ALEX] - Listen, I didn’t get your name. What was it?

[CONOR] -Conor.

[ALEX] -Conor...


Definitely an ex-boyfriend.

[ALEX] -Me and Kat do know each other.

Yeah, we got to know each other quite well actually a couple of weeks ago after a gig. Yeah.

Cut the cocky bollocks, and just tell me what’s going on.

What’s going on?

Well, you don’t need to know about that, do you?

Well maybe I fucking do.

Well, do you want to know about it?

Just give me the straight answer, and I’ll go.

A gentleman never tells.

What definitely didn’t happen, was any mention of a boyfriend.


No, she asked a lot about me, about the band, and...

Yeah... Judging by the state of you, mate...

...and the way that she was looking at me that night...

I’d say she was up for a good little 'tune-up', if you know what I mean...

[CONOR] -I'll show you 'a little tune-up'!

[ALEX] -Nothing happened!

[CONOR] -I'll rip your head off, you son-of-a-bitch!

[TONY] -Don't get up.

[TONY] -What the fuck was that?

Oi! I’m talking to you!

Fuck off.

You're playing 'the big I am'?

Why didn’t you tell me what you were doing?

You should’ve fucking guessed!

Well fucking played - some fucking convict you are! Prick...

There I am, getting in the middle of it, what do you do?

You stick up for him!

I'm our own fucking son!

That smarmy little cunt? You’re asking me to fight him over a bit of fucking skirt?

Fuck off! As if you know what you’re talking about...

[TONY] -Eh! You fucking what?

[CONOR] -Go on then! Be a fucking convict now!

[TONY] -You gonna send me back, eh?

[CONOR] -Yeah, maybe I should.

[TONY] -Use your fucking head!

[CONOR] -Get your fucking hands off me!

Who the fuck are you to start giving me fatherly advice 10 years after you fucking go away!

You haven’t been there!

You’re a fucking joke!

Go back to prison!

[TONY] -Low fucking blow...

[CONOR} -Just fucking die!



[Gentle music playing]

[BECKY] -I'll get that.

Hey Conor, come on in.

[CONOR] -Hey Becky.

[BECKY] -I’m gonna go to the shop guys, so I’ll see you later.

[CONOR] -Hey.

[KAT] -Hey...

[CONOR] -Listen, I...

I came over to say I’m sorry.

I didn’t respond well to what you told me...

and I know it must be pretty scary for you too.

It’s been a really fucking weird day.

I know that you’re going through enough too...

and you don’t need me adding to your problems and the things that scare you, but...

Kat, my dad came out of prison this morning...

...and I don’t know what to do.

I don’t know how to talk to him, I don’t know how to be with him...

I’m confused...

I’m sorry.

[KAT] -It’s gonna be OK.

[CONOR] -It’s all getting on top of me...

...and I took that out on you, but I didn't mean to.

[KAT] -Hey, it's OK.

[DOMINIC] -Come in.

Fucking hell!

You alright fella?

[TONY] -I’m alright, you?

[DOMINIC] -Good to see you. Come here!

Look at yo!u! Yyou’ve been fucking working out in there?

Fucking hell, will you look at that! That is a view.

[DOMINIC] -Innit? Who would’ve thought, eh?

That shitty little lock up around the back of our house.

Come on, sit yourself down.

Got you a little coming out present to start off with.

You’ll have a drink?

No, I’ve got to keep my nose clean.

What are you fucking talking about?

'Keep your nose clean'?

Mate, I don’t mean to offend you or anything like that, but I don’t even drink anymore.

I’ve got to keep control.

You haven’t joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses, have you?

No, no...

Don’t mind if I do, do you?

Help yourself.

Cheers! Here’s to you on the out.

All the best to you, mate.

You know how it is, probation and all that.

I’m glad you’re back out...

Will sort a few little problems out.

Yeah, but I’m out the game as well.


What the fuck are talking about ,Tony?

'Out of the game'...

Someone whacked you on the head in there?

[TONY] -Ten years of thinking, mate.

Can’t believe you’re still putting that shit up your nose.

[DOMINIC] -Says fucking Henry the Hoover there.

Tony, I need you now.


We’re having a tough time.

You coming out - it’s ideal, in so many ways.

[TONY] -Mate, I’ve got a big fucking beacon above my head.

If I get caught one more time...

I might as well just call it a day.

[DOMINC] -Tony, you don’t know anything else. You know that, I know that.

Listen, you can manage the lads. You can manage them.

You don’t have to go around in person, you can manage them.

You know the score, you know how to run it.

One wrong move, Dom... and I might as well just say goodbye to the rest of my fucking life.

I want to see Connor. I want to see him...

grow up a bit more.

I missed too much.

It’s been a long time, Dom.

It’s about forgiving and forgetting, all that stuff.

It was never about forgiving you, Tony.

You shouldn’t have taken him.

I didn’t mean to kick off, mate.

Just to kid myself really.

A bit of a show-off.

That’s what I mean.

But you’re good at it. That’s what you know.

Which is why I’m glad to have you back.

[DOMINIC] -So cut the fucking misery stuff, Tony, come on.

[TONY] -You know all that violence...

It just got too familiar, too comfortable, Dom.

So let me get this right, Tony.

You got so comfortable with it... you took my son out one night... decided to pick a fight, outnumbered... and now suddenly bosh - that’s it.

You don’t wanna do it anymore?

Yeah, well.

Just depends what stage your life’s at innit , Dom?

Whether you’re a dog, whether you’re a lion, or whether you’re a wise old wolf.

[DOMINIC] -Or whether you’re a boy, or whether you grow to be a man.

[TONY] -I can’t go back to that, mate.

[DOMINC] -So you keep saying.

[TONY]-Yeah. I’m just hoping you get it into your head.

[DOMINC] -I tell you what...

You want a job?

You want to work in an office?

[TONY] -Legit though.

[DOMINIC] -Legit, something clean?


Up the corridor...

Fourth door on the right.

Go and have a look.

[TONY] -Good to see you, mate.

[DOMINIC] -It’s not as good a view... but plenty of opportunities and prospects.

[Gloomy music playing]

Thought I might find you here.

Listen, about what I said earlier...

Don’t worry about it.

There’s this place that I sometimes go to.

I kind of wanted to show you it.


Come on then.

[TONY] -Not a bad view, sunshine.

Nice spot.


You know, when you and mum had me...

How old were you?

I was younger than you.

How did you manage?

You do it, don’t you.

Opportunities arise, you take them.

Keep your head about the water.


What actually happened to Charlie that night?

My fault, really.

Kicked off 'big style'.

Few fellas giving it all mouth.

He thought I’d shut them up, didn’t he.

One of them had a knife...

You’ll get this when you have kids of your own.

You’d fucking do anything for them.

And that’s the thing about Charlie, innit.

He was Dom’s son.

You were best mates.

I tried to make up for it.

Took some shit from Dom.

That’s why I went away for so long.

Don’t think your mum knew about it.

She does now...

I think your mum’s a bit scared of me.

Don’t blame her.

She’s not scared of you, dad.

It’s been a long time.

How’d you feel about seeing her?


If I can sneak you in there?

Like a fucking ambush?

Yeah why not? She’s not gonna let you in is she?

It’s probably not the right time, mate.

Oh come on, dad.

I’d like to see her, yeah, but...

Well, that’s that then.

We’ll have a family dinner tonight.

You’ll get me in trouble, you will.

I’ll get myself in trouble too.

Check us out eh, the pair of us.

Come on.

You're alright.

Let’s get out of here.

[Ominous music playing]

[CONOR] -Mum?

[VAL] -Conor?


[CONOR] -Hello, how are you?

[VAL] -Alright, this is a nice surprise.

[CONOR] -Brought you some pizza.

Look who I found.

[VAL] -Really, Conor?

Really, you’re gonna do this?

[CONOR] -Oh, come on. Don’t be like that, mum.

[VAL] -Conor, we’ve talked about this.

[CONOR] -Just listen to what he’s got to say. Give him five minutes.

[VAL] -No!

[TONY] -Val.

[VAL] -I’ve heard it all before, Conor.

[CONOR] -Mum...

[TONY] -Don’t take it out on him.

[VAL] -Did he find you? Did he put you up to this?

[CONOR] -Listen, I’m just gonna leave you to it, alright?

[VAL] -Don’t go using our son to get to me.

It won’t work and I don’t want you around him.

I don’t want you around him, Tony.

[TONY] -I didn’t use him, Val.

[TONY] -He was the one dragging me back.

Telling me: 'it will be alright, dad, it will be OK.'

Because he’s a good boy, he’s a decent boy, he’s a decent person.

Because I’ve worked really hard at that.

[TONY] -You’ve done a good job.

Can I come in?

Nice place.

You look good.

[VAL] -I don’t know who you are.

[TONY] -I wasn’t quite truthful...

...with all the facts.

What you don’t know don’t hurt you and all that.

Just trying to protect you...

...and Conor.

I can’t trust you around him, Tony, I can’t...

Not straight away.

I’ve got to earn that back.

And that’s gonna make it all alright, is it?

That’s gonna make it all alright?

I’m trying Val.

Can’t you see that?

[VAL] -You were his hero and...

[TONY] -I still want to be his hero.

[VAL] -Tony, I saw the photographs.

I saw them in court, I saw what you did to those people.

Can’t get it out of my head.

[VAL] -What you’re capable of.

[TONY] - I’m not an animal, Val.

You know me.

I broke my own heart.

I need some help to fix it.

[VAL] -You ever hurt me again, I’ll kill you.

[VAL, OFF-SCREEN] -How many slices of pizza have you eaten?

Almost finished of the box.

You guys want some?

No, I’m good thanks. I’ve had two.

Do you want some more?

I’m OK.

You actually look white, Conor. You OK?

Is there any dessert?

Do you remember when he, when he ate that, what was it?

Two litre tub of ice cream.

Oh come on, I was about seven years old.

Yeah, the doctor said so, because you had the mumps or something.


You were not well.



Yeah, not bad.

I’m just having pizza with mum and dad.

In the living room.

Yeah, I know.

It is a bit weird.

But it’s nice.

Well it’s the first time in like ten years.

Yeah. Anyway how are you doing?

I miss you too.

I know, I was saying to my dad...

Hold on.

No, there’s someone at the door, give me a minute...

[ROB] -Knock knock.

[VAL] -That was a good holiday, wasn’t it.

[CONOR] -Dad... Dad!

[ROB] -Evening, Tony.

[KAIDEN] -Take a seat.

[TONY] -Just sit down.

[ARTUR] -Nice flat, Tony.

Nothing like a prison cell, is it?

Oh, you don’t mind, do you?

Help yourself.

I’m sorry, I’m being so rude.



[ARTUR] -Oh, Valerie?

[TONY] -What do you want, fellas?

Get your jacket on, Tony.

[ARTUR] -That’s a beautiful name.

Must have been hard for you.

[TONY] -Oi! I told you to back off!

[KAIDEN] -You wanted your jacket, didn't you?

[TONY, WHISPERS] -Stay with your mum.

[ARTUR] -You should have told me, Tony. I would have taking care of Val.

[CONOR] -Dad, don’t go.

[KAIDEN] -Oh, what? Do you want to come, boy?

[VAL] -Conor, sit down.

[CONOR] -I'm coming with you, dad.

[KAIDEN] -Oh, are you?

[CONOR] -I’m coming with you. You’re not going by yourself.

[TONY] -Stay with your mum.

[VAL] -Conor, sit down.

[ARTUR] -We won't keep them long.

[VAL] -Conor, sit down!

[CONOR] -I'll be alright, mum.

[ARTUR] -I’ll see you later.


[Ominous music playing]

[KAIDEN] -Come on!


After you.

[DOMINIC] -Conor!

That’s a surprise.

Take a seat.

Want one?

You putting in some overtime?

What’s that you say, Tony?

Taxi service.

Nice little touch.

How have you been?




That’s good to hear.

Nice of you to pop round.


Thank you for the invitation.

My pleasure.

Almost akin to the invitation that you had to come around...

...a long time ago.

Not his fault.

Oh I know that, Tony.

Val’s choice.


Val’s choice, his mum's.

How’s your mum?

This is going well, isn’t it. How’s your mum?

Do you have to ask daddy for permission for everything, do you?

Don’t take after you, does he, Tony?

How’s your mum?

She’s fine.


So come on, tell me...

What you been doing for the past however many years.


Working. What you been working as?

I look after the building I live in.

You look after the building you live in?

Tell me more.

I do the maintenance work, fix things if they go wrong.

Good job. Nice job.


Don’t need any. Job pays.

I always thought you’d turn out to be a lawyer or something like that.

Always remember that it was you that got yourself and Charlie out of the little fixes you used to get into.

Can you remember them?

Do you remember them?

What’s his problem, Tony?

He's just a kid.


Just a kid.

My Charlie was just, just a kid, eh?

Did your daddy tell you what happened... my Charlie and how it happened?

Jeepers... This is painful, Tony.

It was a long time ago, mate.

No need to bring up the past, is there?

Gotta keep looking forward.

That’s right.

You can look forward, can’t you?

Your son.

Proud, eh?

You see, Conor, I can’t look forward... see my son grow up, turn into a man.

Do you know why that is?

Do you know why that is?

I’m sorry.

No need to be sorry.

I don’t mean to be rude.

It’s just, I can’t really focus on you.

You see that light?

It’s reflecting off that big, bald head of yours, so I can’t really look in your direction.

He’s got some balls, hasn’t he Tony, eh?

Like your fucking dad, eh?


Did your dad tell you what he used to do?

For me?

Why are you shivering?

Shaking like a shitting dog. You haven't pooped yourself, have you?


...he didn’t do anything in the car, did he?


Good doggie.

Have you ever told him?

He doesn’t need to know does he.

Protect him.

Protect him? Protect Conor?

That’s ironic, innit?

Tell him what you used to do, Tony.

Go on we’re all friends here, aren’t we.

The lads could learn a trick or two, go on.

[ROB] -What? This fucking dinosaur?

Younglings nowadays, eh Dom?

Full of spunk.

Well, you’d know, wouldn’t you, Tony?

All that time spent in prison.

Why don’t you tell him now.

I’m sure he’d like to know...

[DOMINIC] -How good your dad was at what he did.

I ain’t proud of this... but me and Dom were a bit naughty.

A bit naughty...

A little bit way!

A bit fucking naughty. Tell him what you used to do.

Why don’t you tell him.

Look whatever it is dad...

I don’t care.

[MOCKINGLY] Whatever it is, dad, I don’t care.

Your dad was one evil motherfucker.

And you know what?


[DOMINIC] -I've got a better idea.

I’ll show him.


I'm more of a showing kind.

[DOMINIC] -Two of your dad’s best friends these.

Eenie meenie miney moe...

[DOMINIC] -Which finger is going to go?

-Come on, mate!

It wasn't my fault!

I’m only messing with you.

Fucking hell, do you think I’d hurt him?

You fucking wanker!

Fucking talk now, you cunt!


For fucking Charlie!

[TONY] -I am sorry...

[DOMINIC] -Say that again?

[TONY] -I'm sorry for Charlie...

[DOMINIC] -You’re sorry? He’s sorry, did you hear that gents?

Oh, it’s all alright, isn’t it.

[DOMINIC] -Oh, nevermind.

[TONY] -No, please!

[DOMINIC] -Do you know what, Conor?

[DOMINIC] -This is what your daddy used to use...

...when people...

...didn’t give him what he wanted.


[Somber music playing]



[Intense music playing]




[ROB] -No, no, no!