Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004) Script

If our gods and our hopes are nothing but scientific phenomena, then it must be said that our love is scientific as well - "L'Eve Future"

Repo 202 calling air traffic control.

We've arrived over the site.

Now starting data-relay.

what's the situation?

52 Minutes ago, the suspect killed the owner of an apartment.

That's the first murder site. Then, the suspect ran away.

The suspect then killed two cops in this unregistered alley, which is the second murder site, and is now hiding there.

We've sealed all exits and we're planning on going in in two minutes.

That's a cyborg from Section 9.

Nothing good ever comes from messing with those guys.

Seems like Denkei wants to get involved. They're asking for a data link.

First the police, then the Denkei...

Politely ask them to leave.

Help me.

So far there have been eight murders by robots.

In each case, after killing their owners, the robots erased their own brains and destroyed themselves.

The body in question is made by Locus Solus Company. Type 2050 Hadaly.

It's a beta mass production model for an evaluation test.

It seems it was loaned to the beta testers under contract for free.

But now all the machines have been recalled.

According to the latest report submitted to us, There is no problem in the hardware, nor in the software.

You got all that?

The new robots go out of control without any known reason, and attack their owners. The manufacturer recalled these machines in a panic.

What's left is: the usual lawsuit from the victim's families;

Long civil suits over how much of the responsibility is actually theirs.

And how much compensation they might have to fork out.

I think I understand everything, except why Section 9 is getting involved in this.

What do you mean, 'understand'?

People can't ever know they understand something.

They can only hope that they understand.

Now there are 2 reasons for Section 9's intervention:

First, none of the victims' families have taken any legal action thus far.

They've always opted to settle out of court.

Second, one of the victims is a politician,...

...and one a retired police officer.

As long as there's a possibility that this is a terrorist act, it's our job to investigate whether Section 9 should get involved.

Ishikawa and Azuma are in charge of investigating the victims.

You two investigate the robots.

No questions, just go.

I want to tell you, I did not volunteer for this job.

I know that I'm not as good as the Major.

It's not like that.

They've still got her listed as Missing In Action.

All she ever possessed were her brains and her ghost anyway.

Even if she doubted either one ever existed.

Her body and brain just belonged to the government.

Even the classified information in her memory belonged to the government.

All they want is to reclaim her memory, regardless of whether she's dead or not.

So, where shall we start?

Locus Solus is located to the far north, But let's start our investigation in the precinct, since it's nearby.

3014, we have a code 208.

Please provide back up for 2033...

It's you...

About the robot this guy destroyed yesterday...

Two of our young men got killed, Don't tell me you're taking over this case.

We're here to decide whether or not Section 9 will take over.

Forensics is on the right side at the end of the 19th floor hallway.

Need me to show you the way?

No, thanks. It's not like I'm a tourist here.

An unripe fruit attracts no birds... they only come when it becomes sweet.

When you were a cop, didn't you also talk back to guys Who came out of nowhere and tried to take over this case?

That's why I lost it. It was like looking back at a younger me.

"What's the point of blaming the mirror if you don't like what you see?"

"The mirror is not a tool for realizing the truth, but for obscuring it."

Both our faces aren't meant for mirrors.

Why do you keep coming back? I'm not going to cooperate.

I'll have you detained if you persist.

I am Togusa from Section 9 of the police. This scary looking man here is...

The guy who blasted this girl with a double-nought buck.

If only you had used a .50 caliber hollow point, we could have recovered the robot easily.

Two of the three victims were police officers.

She tried to commit suicide before getting shot...

...didn't she?

What was that about suicide, uh...?

Halloway Miss Halloway, what was that about a suicide?

The robots somehow gained permission to hurt people.

Therefore, they must end their lives as a result of conflicts with the third law.

Protect your own existence, as long as such protection does not harm humans.

Technically, I think you should call it self-destruction.

If you wish to underline the difference between human and machines.

Is the self-destruction phenomena particular to a specific model?

I can't say that's completely correct.

These last few years, the number of robot-related incidents has been rising sharply.

Most noticeably in PetBot models.

What's the cause?

Viral or micro organism infection in the nervous system, man-made mistakes during production, ageing parts...

It could be many reasons, but...

But what?

People throw robots away when they don't need them anymore.

They keep buying new products every time a new model comes out.

Some of the scrapped ones become vagrant and they deteriorate without maintenance.

The only thing a robot desires is not to be disposed of.

No way...

When people think, 'Humans are different from robots', it is no more profound than thinking 'white is not black'.

While this may not be the case for industry robots,

the androids and gynoids as PetBots, at least, were built free from utilitarianism and pragmatism.

Why are they human-shaped?

Why did they need to be made in the image of the ideal human body?

I wonder why humans devote so much effort into making something similar to themselves.

Have you got any kids?

One daughter Children stray from the human norms.

That is, if you call 'human' the thing that has established a self, and that acts according to its conscience.

What is a child? An initial phase of human being who loves without any concept of human norms?

Obviously the content of a child is different from that of a human, and yet children are human shaped.

The doll a girl uses to play house with is not a substitute for an actual baby, nor is it a tool for practicing parenting.

Playing with dolls and parenting might just be similar.

What are you talking about?

In other words, parenting is a quick method to realize the ancient human dream: to create an android.

Mind you, that's just my opinion.

Kids are... not dolls!

Descartes didn't distinguish between humans and machines or the organic world and the inorganic world. when his daughter died at the age of five, he found a doll that looked just like her.

He named her Francine, and he doted on her.

That's the way the story goes.

Why don't we talk about something more concrete?

What can you tell me about that robot from Locus Solus, the Type 2052 'Hadaly'?


It's a high quality product.

I hear that the body is a mass produced beta version, but it seems to have received a special configuration.

Special configuration?

It's equipped with organs that are not necessary for the maid functions.

What do you mean?

It's a sexdroid.

It's not an option most people want to publicize, but it's not illegal.

No wonder the families settled out of court.

The memory is reformatted when the robot stops functioning.

This is a normal procedure by the manufacturer to protect the technical information of the software.


But what?

A file was left in the sound buffer. Do you want me to play it?

Help me...

Thanks a lot.


I hesitate to ask such a thing, but...

I have never given birth, nor raised a child...

...and I'm not registered with an ovum bank.

Thank you very much, Miss...

Halloway. You don't need to add 'Miss' or 'Mrs'.

That woman didn't seem like the technical type.

She's the type who would add her opinions in the 'Extra Info' fields.

I used to do that often too.

That's why you didn't get promoted.

Anyway, we'll get that robot's brain at Section 9's laboratory.

We're not going to see her again?

Is she your type?

To tell you the truth, I happen to like older women. What's next?

Let's just stick to the routine.

Starting with the shipment inspector?

09 calling 907. We have a 602 at the boathouse in area 201.

The victim is a Locus shipment inspector.

The site was secured 2 minutes after the precinctís arrival.

907 roger.

What good timing. "Spring Day. Taking the carriage back and forth, Between this world and hereafter."

What? Just you?

Koga brought the stiff to the coroner after 're-encountering' his tuna-sandwich dinner.

That wuss...

That's the situation 22 minutes ago.

You made the new guys clean this up?

They've got to learn one day.

Letís go over the situation.

We've identified the victim's brain.

Head of shipment inspection for Locus. Jack Walkerson. 54 years old.

He disappeared after applying for leave five days ago.

He rented this boathouse three days ago, for one week.

The used weapons are kitchen equipment.

We've investigated vehicles around the site. There was a parking record for a car whose owner has a criminal record.

We're looking into the possibility of mafia involvement.

We've found seven cards in the victim's jacket.

We're trying to pull up the records for each one.

Well, well...

A .38 caliber pistol, model 2602.

Seems like he didn't have the chance to use it.

It wouldn't have made a big difference with this type of gun.

Looks like a 'cyborg with illegally high output'...

Perhaps a professional impersonating a psycho.

969 calling 906. We will arrive in 20 seconds.

Hey, what are you doing with the...

I'm not messing it up.

Let's leave the rest to Forensics.

907 calling 09. We're leaving the site to 969.

09 Roger.

Today is my daughter's birthday.

Do you have any family?

I'll drive you back.

I'm going in the opposite direction. Ishikawa?

Me too.

A daughter's birthday has priority, huh?

Looks like fun in here.

It's rare for you to come in person.

I came because parts of the stiff are missing.

I'll leave it up to you then. Have fun.

Why don't you leave it up to the local precinct?

The old man is really into this case.

We found it. They're in different containers in the fridge.

Heart, liver, kidney and pancreas.

What a meticulous bastard.

The fresh type by Inumara foods? It'll last half a year if you dry it.

You call this food?

I hear you're teaming up with Togusa.

I think it's better than teaming up with a rookie, fresh out of training.

He's good, for a former cop. I don't have any complaints about him.

Well, only the Major could compare to you.

Hey... Ishikawa, you talk too much these days.

See you. Batou.


Just dry it.

It's a wise choice, considering the nutrition balance.

The cause of death is rupture of the cervical vertebrae.

The kitchen knives were not the murder weapon, but the suspect used them to dissect the body.

You mean the suspect deliberately cut him up after killing him?

Seems like it.

The organs stored in the fridge are confirmed to be the victim's.

There are early symptoms of gastritis and cirrhosis.

He seems to have been an alcoholic.

Why did the killer dissect the body?

Could be a sadistic killer, or someone trying to impersonate one.

He was emphasizing the intent to punish or extract revenge.

Then it's highly unlikely that he's a professional impersonating a psycho.

What about the twisted doorknob?

According to the analysis, the suspect has an artificial limb, like the NR26 model from China.

AKA 'Crab Pinchers'.

That's military grade, isn't it?

You can find inferior copies on the black market.

It matched with the lacerations on the neck, by the way.

What about the car owner with a criminal record?

It was hard to investigate, because the owner had it modified at several different shops, so...

Just give us the bottom line.

After cross-referencing with the nearby parking record, we've found that the car belongs to a violent organization, Koujinkai.

Bullet proof...Chassis and rear dampeners were reinforced...

It was seen at the scene of the crime several times earlier.

This model is popular amongst cyborgs.

In other words, amongst thugs with illegal output ratings.

Maybe it's the Mafia's revenge?

The question is their motive. What do we know about this 'Koujinkai'?

They're a longstanding faction of the Japanese Mafia.

They deal in drugs, prostitution, gambling, slave trafficking, real estate extortion, and just about everything else.

Their boss, Inoue, was killed by the Halady robot three days ago, and now this Wakabayashi guy is taking over.

It's obvious then.

The successor always revenges the death of the predecessor.

There's just one problem...

If the victim was expecting the revenge, Then why did he hide precisely where the Koujinkai lurk?

The data in the brain was erased, so I guess we have no choice but to investigate the victim further.

Could it be terrorists impersonating out-of-control robots?

At this point, there is no political connection between the victims.

The possibility of terrorism is low.

We will transfer full jurisdiction of the Halady case. to Batou and Togusa.

The rest of you, return to your regular duties. Dismissed.


Come see me before you leave.

What do you think?

For now, we can investigate the connection between Koujinkai and Locus.

I mean about Batou.

It's a standard procedure for one to check up on the psychological tendencies of his partner.

But I am neither a cyborg, nor a computer-neurologist.

"One need not to have been Caesar in order to understand Caesar."

You have a family, right? Are you happy these days?

Yes...I guess...

Most people are neither as happy nor as unhappy as they imagine.

What's important is not to get fed up with living and lose hope.

What do you mean?

Looking at him these days reminds me of the Major before she disappeared.

"Let one live alone, committing no evil, being carefree, like a Matanga elephant, roaming at will in the forest."

Director, why did you choose me?

Because the Major recommended you from the precinct.

What was that about?

"One need not to have been Caesar to understand Caesar", he said.

That's true.

The world can't afford to live up to the standard of heroes.

Are you trying to start a war or something?

You don't have to be a Mafioso to enter the Mafia's den, but... have to carry a weapon.

Hey, I want to make sure, before we leave...

Make sure what?

We're just going to listen to their story, right?

Don't you like the Mafia?

I hate them.

Me too.

Just listen to them, nothing more, okay?

I told you, to enter the Mafia's den... don't have to be a Mafioso. But you also said you need a weapon.

I have a family!

I could go alone.

I'm going with you. I'm your partner. Just promise me.

We will just listen to them, we will try our best not to do any shooting. Satisfied?


Then let's go, partner.

What do you want?

I need to talk to Wakabayashi. Bring him here.

You said you'd try not to shoot.

I did try my best.

Point man, go. New ones are coming.

An image?

He hacked our eyes?

Blame your second grade brains.

What's up?

Narrow and dark stairs. How should we do this?

Wait for my signal. I'll go first.

I'll go. You're too big to back up quickly.

Your little gift exploded right above my head.

Even if they had exploded with the maximum effect, there's no way you can kill an armored cyborg with just 2 grenades.

Are you mocking me?

Tell me. Not just about the murder of the head shipment inspector, but also about the connection with Locus Solus.

I was hoping for a good fight.

Come on, crab shit. You don't look that tasty, but I'll give you a shot.

There's no way you could have hit me with a power move like that, idiot.

They said they would tell where the head of shipping inspection was, so we made a deal.

I just came out of prison after three years!

I have no idea what my predecessor was doing with that company.

Still alive, partner?

I had a vision of my wife and daughter's face filling my mind...

That's not your wife or daughter.

That's 'Death'.

I said that you had full jurisdiction, not that you could enforce the law without following proper procedures, let alone raid the Mafia's den.

This city is not a jungle.

And you are not Special Force hit men either.

Are you still angry?

I'm not angry.

It's just...I hesitated to say this after you've saved my life...

but when I team up with you...

No matter how many lives I have, it won't be enough, I'm sure.

We've got full responsibility for this investigation.

We'll go nowhere unless we take the initiative.

If there's evidence against Locus Solus, it's up to us to find it.

But did you have to do it guns blazing?

If the old man were really mad, we would have been fired by now.

Stop here.

See you.

You stepped into a kill zone.

Don't modify that right arm by yourself or anything.

There have been reports of newer versions of the control software conflicting with your shooting software and causing malfunction.

In that case, I'll reformat it.

Hey, where's the rest of my original?

Don't do it.

The organic material of that arm is matched with your DNA.

If I use it, it'll be just like my original, huh?

Ouch! Hold on, dammit!

You brought me my dog. That means...

We broke into your love nest.

When I imagined it crying, or hungry, covered in shit, waiting for the master who doesn't come back, I feel bad for the little fella.

I might not look like it, but I like this dog.

I kept it in my home for one night.

My daughter was happy, but my wife was pissed, because the carpet got dirty.

How long were you watching me?

That doesn't really matter.

It does matter! You freaking used me as a screen!

You're the sucker who didn't realize it.

If you blame it on someone, blame it on the old man.

Is it a clone?

Buying an original is expensive, right?

This clone comes from the first dog to be hybridized by artificial insemination.

It's not like you to be ghost hacked so easily.

You let your guard down, because your life became routine.

That's why I told you to dry it.

That's her favorite.

In this neighborhood, I can get it only in that store.

You were like a puppet, completely under control.

After shooting yourself in the arm five times, you were about to kill the old man in the store.

Even with your guard down, there aren't many guys out there who can hack a brain like yours.

Besides the Major, that is.

Why didn't he just blow my head off right away?

Because he doesn't want to kill you, but to cause a scandal.

You made a raid upon the Mafia's den and you ended up sending about 10 men to either heaven or the hospital.

The same day, you started shooting in a grocery store.

People can't help but think that you went nuts, or your AI went mad.

Wait, do you mean this attack was not just an accident?

If we get out of this now...

The meaning of Section 9 will be in question.

If she was here, she would have said that.

A message from the old man: "Keep investigating".

However, from now on, unless we find some concrete evidence... there's not going to be any official support from the team.

We have no choice but to hit Locus Solus.

There's no better way to keep the plan top secret than to act swiftly.

He tells you to fly to the far north immediately.

Just the two of us?

You two are not enough?

No, but...what about the dog?

Precisely! It's out of the question to have a dog with this profession.

Even worse, you're single.

Who's going to take care of her if you die?

You guys take care of that damn mutt.

This used to be the biggest information integration city in the east.

It was in full flourish. That's Etorofu Economic Special Division.

This huge group of towers is all that remains of the ruins.

They took advantage of weak national supremacy... and now it's a nest of multinational corporations and the criminal organizations they employ.

It has become a lawless zone, outside of UN Netpolice and ASEAN Telecom jurisdiction.

"What the individual creates is an expression of the individual, just as the individual is an expression of its genes."

You mean like a beaver's dam or a spider's nest?

More like a coral reef created by zoanthariae.

Well, it's not that beautiful, I guess.

The essence of life is the information that spreads through genes.

Society and culture are also nothing but huge memory systems.

The city is a huge external memory device after all.

"How great is the sum of them!

If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand."

Old Testament, Psalms, Chapter 139, huh?

If you can recall words like that in an instant, the expression form of your memory is probably a bit biased.

You're one to talk.

Sorry for the interruption, but we are nearing the Locus Solus HQ.

We took a detour just for you, so take a good look at it.

The sight-seeing tour is over. Now preparing to land.

"Thick as autumnal leaves that strow the brooks... in Vallombrosa, where the Eutrain shades high over-arched embower."

Now it's Milton, huh? But we are not Satan.


You talk big now, huh? Where did you learn to talk big enough to address me without the proper respect?

I haven't forgotten the favor you did for me!

"I don't have to remember because I never forget", huh?

Forgive me, Mister Batou!

I'm too good to be addressed with just 'Mister' by you.

Please forgive me! I promise I'll remember this favor forever!

You know this Kim, right?

I don't know anyone like that.

No, many people have that name.

There's only one Kim I'm looking for.

We need trust in this line of business.

"There are two kinds of trust: Keeping secrets, and keeping promises".

You can't do both. Which kind is your trust?

They also say: "Without secrets, there is no promise"!

I'll ask it again You know the Kim guy, right?

No, I don't know anyone with such a name.

"Life and Death come and go, like puppets on a stage.

When the string breaks, the puppet falls apart."


He used to be a long distance scout for the Army.

"If you can't go on top of people, or go below people, you deserve to fall on the roadside." That's him in a nutshell.

He drifted from Special Forces to electronic Forces and so on.

He got a bad reputation, because he smuggled weapons and contraband.

In the end, he settled down as hacker, like most of these types.

Amazing background, isn't it?

"No matter how far a jackass travels, it won't come back a horse."

He ruined himself, as I expected because of his personality.

He's just an idiot.

Let's go.

Batou, he's in the study on the top floor.

We are too late.

He probably tried to hide underground somewhere.

He got his brain burnt out by an offensive firewall.

In any case, he wouldn't have been much help like this.

"As a testament, I rigidly ask you not to donate living flowers, artificial flowers, or 'White Dove Releases', it says.


"When you sleep alone, you should never look miserable like a corpse".

Confucius says you should not sleep like a corpse.

I don't have time to deal with your trashy joke.

Long time no see. Last time we met was the landing operation in Nemuro.

I'm here on business.

Locus Solus, huh?

They started as a robot manufacturer pretty late, but they expanded the business rapidly after concentrating on developing and producing high-class robots.

Rumor is, they have close ties with politicians, high level government officials, and even criminal organizations.

They placed their production line on their multinational-registered plant ship, anchored off-shore, because they were fearful of the local authorities.

Their robots are supposed to be pretty good.

Good enough to murder and commit suicide in the end, huh?

If that's true, it's a tactless story.

I can't understand people that try to put a soul into a doll and imitate a human.

If there were such a thing as a truly beautiful doll, it would be flesh and blood, but without a soul.

A corpse, close to collapsing, yet standing precariously at its precipice.

Is that the reason for you to transform yourself into a pure AI?

Humans are inferior to robots in their appearance and movement.

Even in their existence.

The inomniscient nature of Human's perception, causes the incompletion of reality... how complete this species is; Either they don't have a consciousness, or they acquire the infinite consciousness.

In other words, it can be realized only by robots and by God.

Why don't we talk business now?


There's one other existence that can compare to robot and God.


Shelley's Lark is...

...full of deep unconscious joy.

Joy that creatures with strong self-consciousness, like us, can never feel.

For the offsprings of those who devour the fruit of perception, it's more difficult than becoming God.

They have no choice but to pretend to be dead by becoming dolls.

Is that why?

"While you do not know life, how can you know about death?"

So says Confucius.

Humans that understand death are rare.

"We usually do not suffer death by choice, but rather by stupidity and custom".

In other words, humans die because they can't help dying.

But dolls of flesh and blood live knowing death is a given.

That's why Kim chose to turn himself into a robot completely.


He drifted from Special Forces to electronic Forces and so on.

He got a bad reputation, because he smuggled weapons and contraband.

In the end, he settled down as hacker, like most of these types.

Amazing background, isn't it?

"No matter how far a jackass travels, it won't come back a ..."

What's wrong? Let's go.


"In this month, today, I have passed away happily.

Please advertise this publicly."


You feel really disgusted, don't you?

I can understand that.

The doubt whether that what looks alive is actually alive...

Contrarily, the doubt whether things without life might be alive...

The reason why dolls are creepy is that dolls are models of humans, and it means they are nothing but humans themselves.

The fear that humans might merely be the sum of simple clockwork tricks and substances... in other words, the fear of the phenomenon called 'human'... essentially belongs to vanity. come on, let's talk business.

The science that tried to explain the phenomenon called 'life'... played a role in producing this fear.

The belief that nature could be calculated leads to the conclusion that humans can be resolved into simple machinery.

"The human body is a machine which winds it own springs.

It is the living image of perpetual movement."

The human-machinery theory of the 18th century has been revived by the technology of implanting artificial brains.

Since the time when computers made it possible to externalize the memory, in order to extend the limits of their functions, humans kept actively mechanicalizing themselves.

It is a sign of the intention to get over Darwin's natural selection and to try to win for themeselves the contest for evolutionary supremacy.

And they also want to conquer the nature that created them.

The illusion that life is equipped with hardware is the source of this nightmare.

"God ever geometrizes".

Let's go!


How do you feel?

What happened to me?

That was a virtual experience maze. You got hacked by the AI.

Just as good luck happens three times, bad luck also gives three signs.

You don't see because you don't want to. Even if you realize, you won't admit it. If someone tells you, you won't listen.

And it will end with a catastrophe.

However, in our world, you don't even get three signs;

If you overlook the first sign, that's the end.

I told you, I don't have time for your nonsense.

When did you figure it out?

The one who is trying to deceive, gets easily deceived.

You might have been a professional ghosthacker, but too bad for you, I'm also a professional of counter-espionage.

And also, I have a guardian angel.

Search the record of the hall in that huge amount of data in the external memory device.

In Jacob Grimm's stories, the golem was imbued with life by the word 'Aemaeth', written on its forehead;

In other words, the word 'Truth'.

But then the prefix 'ae' was removed, leaving 'Meath'.

The golem now had 'Death' written on his, and it became lifeless.

That was the angel's voice, saying there is no truth in this mansion.

You're saying you hacked through the firewall I built?

No way! No one can do such a thing!

I told you, it's my guardian angel.

Game over, Kim. You've got a lot of explaining to do.

That's just a doll.

You're a bad loser, Kim. You think you can deceive me like that?

Batou, how can you be sure that this is not still the virtual reality I created?

I hear a whisper... In my ghost...

Humans are merely the material from which the dream called 'life' is weaved;

Dreams, cognition, and even Ghosts...

If they were cracks or distortions in the matrix of reality...

...then I'd be useless like an empty shell, just like you.

But the boot I'm wearing is different from yours.

For a bastard who doesn't believe in Ghosts, there is no such thing as insanity or nervous breakdowns.

Your so-called shell will continue to function physically until an unworthy death comes to you.

Are you sure we are back in the physical reality?

Artificial and experienced memories are undistinguishable.

Whichever one this is, you'll only realize it later on.

It's impossible to know that you're dreaming. Sucks, huh?

As long as you allow external input to write to your memory, that's the price you have to pay.

How can you be sure that your wife and daughter are real?

Maybe you're just a single guy... dreaming of having a family.

Would you want to wake up from that dream?

If you knew, why didn't you stop it?

I needed to make sure Locus had hired Kim.

They expected us to come here, so they set up a trap.

They tried to drive me off by putting me through a nightmarish virtual experience. something like that.

When they made me shoot my own right arm off, they might have put a branch in my AI.

Like Ishikawa said, there aren't many guys who can do something like that.

Locus Solus knew that too.

So you expected this from the beginning?

I was going to pretend to be trapped, to get to Kim's AI. but that Kim bastard has got some skills.

If there was no sign, I would have certainly never escaped.

What about the 'guardian angel' you were talking about?

She is gone.

Over the crack of the uniform matrix.

Somewhere in the vast net growing together with its domain.

There are as many ways to make sure you exit as there are ghosts.

For example, you have a daughter.

When we were in the jungle, Kim would have known this too.

There's only one thing I'm sure of.


I'm not good enough to be your partner.

So, you want to give up now.

I know I've said this many times, but...

I want to stay alive, and go back to my daughter.

You've got to earn that pay check, though.

What more is there to do?

With the data in Kim's AI, we can prove Locus's connection to crime...

We've only got evidence about obstructing police investigation, ...and violation of AI ethics.

Even worse, our investigation is unofficial.

We need material evidence to charge them with the liability for the robots serial murder case.

You say that, yet you broke the line from Kim's head!

It's not broken.

His AI is still connected to Locus Solus.

We have to act quickly, before they destroy all the evidence.

People used to say something like this: "He is my disciple no more.

Beat the drum, my little ones, and attack him with my permission."

It's time to ditch the negotiation and start the violence.

Hey, this is different from our raid on the Mafia.

I'm not expecting too much from your revolver.

"Birds hide up high in the sky, and fishes hide deep in the water."

I've made contact with the escort.


I'm surprised you decided to dive with that body.

It's very deep here, so if you sink, we won't be able to find you.

I used to know a cyborg who dived as a hobby.

And? I didn't understand here.

I'm only doing this for you because Lin introduced you.

I heard no-one has ever come back alive from that ship.

So, I don't understand you either.

I know. Keep going.

Hang on tight.

I'll be in contact with the radius of the sensor in 12 seconds.

I'll run the virtual signal on the line for just two seconds.


This guy is directly connected to the Security Chief's AI.

Initializing synchronization.

I'm in. Give me the ship schematics.

Load completed. Are you watching with me?

Of course! My great senior is going in. I've started recording.

Watch and learn, little boy.


Security system restarted on level two.

Probing the whole facility for AI activity.

Searching for the terminal with memory activity matching the size of the virus.

Searching for incubating virii at the same time.

Linking to Security Chief impossible.

Performing system reboot.

System reboot completed. Security level two initialized.

Setting up detour into the invader.

Rebuilding the firewall.

Loading antivirus definitions.

Virus scan in progress.

Tracing. Equip decoys Active incubating virus pattern found in the firewall.

Firewall 104 breached.

Firewall 032 error number 280 occurred.

Quarantining infected areas.

Surrounding firewall. Rebuilding at level one.

Enemy attacking firewall. Movement pattern identified.

Starting virus transfer.

Evacuate! It's too dangerous! Your brain will burn out!

Not yet, I can do a little more.

Idiot! Don't be unreasonable!

There was irregular output at the last process of the Halady type.

Presumed to be unidentified incubating pattern virus.

Deploy all antiviral tools and inhibit it.


The whole fuselage operation cannot link to the system.

Combat mode program is loading.

Warning. Line TH07 is malfunctioning.

Security team, move to the line in question. Repeat...

The holy spirit has arrived.

Long time no see, Major.

Or how should I call you now?

Technically, only part of me was loaded through the satellite.

This robot's AI's memory capacity is a little cramped.

I can only load my combat mode system into it.

So please forgive me the quality of my facial expression and voice.

Past this corridor, 50 meters ahead, there should be an emergency terminal.

I'll connect from there, and overtake the whole system.

You haven't changed at all.

Go ahead, point man. I will back you up.

Just like old times.

"Some look into a mirror and don't look evil.

The mirror doesn't reflect evil, but creates evil."

Hey, this is not time to get all emotional.

There's not much ammo left.

"You should look down on mirrors instead of looking into them."

Hey, are you okay?

I just have to hold this ship's control system.

Connect this to the side terminal on the floor.

I'll have to shut down this body's movement while I'm hacking.

It's entirely up to you .30 caliber.

I can handle the shooting, but there's only one ammo clip left.

I don't know if I can stop them with hand-to-hand combat.

I'm going to start.

Irregular connection to the main system from within the ship.

Within the ship?

Searching for the connection point. Deploying offensive firewall.

There are multiple signals from multiple terminals.

There's no sign of AI activity at any of the terminals.

Searching for all the exterior linking points.

Closing all external connections, including the company's line.

Input device outside the ship physically separated.

No response from emergency control system.

Remote initializing impossible.

Virus is spreading and integrating in each section.

Core system firewall breached.

Preparing for system reboot.

Data quarantine started at level one.

Many irregular connection found in the core system.

Response speed can not keep up.

I've overwhelmed them, and closed all external connections.

The ship is in stand-alone mode.

It's moving?

The ship is heading towards the nearest country where we'll have the jurisdiction to prosecute.

This ship is the evidence we need to prove Locus Solus' crimes.

What if Locus Solus tries to recapture the ship?

A convoy will show up to escort it.

I've already contacted naval support.

Meanwhile, why don't we go find out how Locus could imbue their dolls with a soul?

You already know the secret, don't you?

You have some idea too, don't you?

There's no noise. Are they shielding from electromagnetic radiation?

Ghost dubbing.

They discovered how to create a mass-copy of poor quality, but the original brain gets destroyed in the process.

So this technology was banned.

They brainwash the children smuggled in by the Koujinkai, and dub their ghosts into the gynoids' bodies.

No wonder Locus Solus' gynoids were so lifelike.

Help me.

Help me.

You came to help me. Mr. Walkerson said so.

He said that the police would come. That they would help me.

I'm on my 4th dubbing, but Sowana, who came with me, is on her fifth.

She doesn't hear or say anything anymore.

The murdered head of inspection changed the ethics code programming for these kids.

When Locus found out, they had him killed, under the pretence of predecessor's revenge. That's my theory.

He said that if the robots created some accidents, somebody would notice.

That someone will come help us.

Don't you realize the chaos you have caused?

I'm not just talking about the humans...

What about the robots that were forced to carry evil ghosts?

But... But...

I didn't want to become a doll!

You cried for the bird's blood, but not for the fish's.

It is fortunate for the ones with a voice.

If the dolls also had voices, they would have screamed: 'I didn't want to become human!'

Let me ask you something. do you think you're happy now?

Well... I'm feeling nostalgic...

At least I'm at peace now.

"Let one be alone, committing no evil, being carefree, like a Matanga elephant, roaming at will in the forest.

Remember, Batou.

When you access the net, I will always be besides you.

I'm going to go now.

She showed up in that ship, right?

Your guardian angel.

Silence again, huh? Do you think I'll write that in the report?

I'll come pick you up tomorrow at 0820 hours.

I have to thank you for taking care of her.

Why don't you come inside?

I don't want to intrude in other people's family occasions.


Hey, a gift! For me?

I didn't forget.