Ghost in the Shell (2017) Script

Oxygen levels are dropping.

Brain function normal.

Cerebral salvage ready to proceed.

Robotic skeleton prepared and waiting for brain insertion.

Initiate Project 2571.

Now your eyes are gonna open.


You're safe.

It's okay, just breathe.

Just breathe.



That's good.

Hello, Mira.

I'm Dr. Ouelet.

Do you remember anything about the attack?

What happened?

I was drowning.

There's water!

That's right. You were on a boat.

A refugee boat.

It was sunk by terrorists.

Why can't I feel my body?

Mira, your body was damaged.

We couldn't save it.

Only your brain survived.

We made you a new body.

A synthetic shell.

But your mind, your soul, your "ghost," it's still in there.


Sedate her.

Will it work?


She's a miracle.

A machine can't lead, it can only follow orders.

A machine can't imagine or care or intuit.

But as a human mind in a cybernetic frame, Mira can do all those things, and more.

The first of her kind.

She will join Section 9 as soon as she is operational.

Please, don't do that.

You're reducing a complex human to a machine.

I don't think of her as a machine.

She's a weapon.

And the future of my company.

The first artificially created memory enhancement.

Sirenum's training protocol is the fastest and most efficient way to develop the abilities you've always wanted.

Stronger than ever.

Experience your power with Pneuma Glove.

Stronger than ever. Experience your power.

Cyber-crime is a type-one offense.

Minimum punishment, 15 years in prison.

Hanka Robotics guarantees personal safety and integrity against outside threats.

All patrolling air units be advised.

Possible cyber-crime activity in the vicinity.

Airspace in all adjoining areas to be locked down.

Section 9 is currently on site.

Repeat: All patrolling air units be advised.

Possible cyber-crime activity in the vicinity.

This is Major. I'm on site.

Awaiting instructions.

I'm human. I'm flawed.

But I embrace change and enhancement.

Now there's nothing I can't do.

Nothing I can't know. Nothing I can't be.

I want you to listen to something.

That's my four-year-old daughter.

In the time it took her to sing that lullaby, she learned to speak fluent French.

Did you know that song...

There's an echo box up here.

Someone's scanning data traffic.

Let's see who's worth this kind of surveillance.

Accessing hotel security network.

What are you seeing, sir?

I've got a lot of hotel to scan.

Got it. 43rd floor.

Someone contact the President's staff. Someone's watching him.

Dr. Osmond, what is it you want from us?

I think it's more about what Hanka Robotics can do for you.

73% of this world has woken up to the age of cyber-enhancement.

You really want to be left behind?

My people embrace cyber-enhancement, as do I.

But there's no one who really understands the risk to individuality, identity, messing with the human soul.

Gentlemen. Excuse me. I think you have the wrong...

Hallway. Six men. Shots fired.

Section 9 ETA?

Two minutes out, Major. Too long.

I'm going in.

I've heard this speech before from your competitors.

And now Hanka Robotics serves it with milky sake.

What are you doing?

Look. This is what I'm talking about.

Initiate the hack.

Help me. Please. Don't let me die.

Who sent you?

Help me. Please.

Answer me!

Collaborate with Hanka Robotics and be destroyed.

You Okay?

You're injured.

You're not the same.

It's just a robot!

Your skin deserves the best, and so do you.

Try our hand cream.

So, what do we have on Osmond?

So far, very little.

He was the head of Hanka's robotics division.

Human, but of course cyber-enhanced.

So how did they hack him?

Somehow this geisha bot got past his encryption.

Something's different.

What'd you get?

Why do you always think he's out there enhancing?

Because he is.

Cyber-mech liver.

Been saving up for a while.

Now it's last call every night.

You got enhanced so you can drink more?

Embrace the enhancements, Togusa.

We wouldn't be here without it.

I'm all human and happy, thanks.

Any more information about the ceased geisha bot?

Hanka's running scans.

Dr. Dahlin will have the reports ready by...

Following last night's attack, three more Hanka scientists were murdered at the company's central laboratory.

The first two were shot, and the third was beaten to death by his own service robot.

All showed signs of cerebral hacking.

The same as the geisha did to Osmond.

And all were senior figures at Hanka, just like Osmond.

A message was left at each of the crime scenes by someone identifying himself

as Kuze.

Collaborate with Hanka Robotics and be destroyed.

Collaborate with Hanka Robotics and be destroyed.


I had to or more would have died.

I will find him and I will kill him.

It's what I am built for, isn't it?

Locus Solus, safely reconfiguring your child's genetic structure.

Families built better.

What was going on with you at the hotel last night?

Nothing. I'm fine.

You sure?

Hey, sweetheart, you want an upgrade? Move. Move.

I have anything you want. Back off!

Hey, Ming! Hey, Batou!

I got your bones. Thanks, man.

For the dogs.

For someone who doesn't like people, how come you care about dogs so much?

Don't know. I just like strays, and they like me.

They like you because you feed them.

You got no heart.

Hey. Girls!

Hey, Gabriel.

Meet Major.

Major, Gabriel.

We used to have a dog.


I had you down as more of a cat person.

You don't talk about that stuff, huh?


Your past. I don't remember much.

Just fragments. Bits and pieces.

What about family?

My parents, they died bringing us to this country.

Our boat sank in the harbor.

I almost drowned.

It feels like there's always this thick fog over my memory and I can't see through it.

You're lucky.

Every single day I get screwed by my memories.

It's better to be pure.

Like you.

Welcome to Hanka Robotics.

All visitors must display appropriate credentials at all times.

Open and close, please.

You have damaged internal systems.

Maybe next time, you can design me better.

How are you?

I'm fine. I can't feel anything.

No, you. In there.

I've been having glitches.

But they'll pass.

You've been taking your medication?


But these ones are still cycling.

I had two this morning.

Sound or image? Both.

I see it.

Have you made any unencrypted downloads?

No. Just delete them for me. Consent?

My name is Major Mira Killian, and I give my consent to delete this data.

It's done.

No big deal. What are they?

Sensory echoes from your mind. Shadows.

Can't be sure.

How do you know what's a glitch and what's me?

The glitches have a different texture to the rest of your code.

I can see everything.

All of your thoughts, your decisions.

I guess privacy is just for humans.

You are human.

People see you as human.

Everyone around me seems to fit.

They seem connected to something, something I am not.

It's like I have no past. Of course you have a past.

And with time you'll feel more and more connected to it, and to them.

Open and close, please.

We cling to memories as if they define us, but they really don't.

What we do is what defines us.

You are entering a Hanka secure area.

Authorized personnel only.

Please disable communication enhancements.

I'm busy.

Dr. Dahlin! Are you finished yet?

If you hadn't riddled the geisha with bullets, this would be much easier.

I didn't shoot her. I did.

This is gonna take days.

I need to run hundreds of potential simulations.

We don't have the time.

She was a Hanka companion bot.

But she was reprogrammed for cerebral hacking.

What was on her drives?


The data was destroyed as it was transmitted.

No sign what she was after.

The hardware was vandalized.

They ripped her up!

Then I have to do a Deep Dive.

You can't encrypt during a Deep Dive.

I know.

They could have left traps in her.

Mag pulses. Viruses.

She's right.

You'll be exposing your mind to whoever hacked her.

You'll be wide open.

I have to get inside her memory.

It's the fastest way to find Kuze.

It's too dangerous.

And highly irresponsible.

Are you sure?

You see any bad code headed my way, pull me out.

How come you're the one sweating?

Run it.

Cyber-mind connection to the Major now active and unencrypted.

Consent required for data download.

My name is Major Mira Killian, and I give my consent.

Thank you.

Disconnect. Get her out.

Get her out!

I'm trying, but she's being hacked.

Get her out now!


Are you okay?

I know where he is.

I know this place.

They run black market mech.

You tooled up? Yep.

Target's the basement. I'll lead.

Switching to mind-comms.

Hope you've been practicing. That's unfair.

It just takes me a moment to get the hang of it.

Two mercs at the doors. Armed and enhanced.

Copy that. We've got it covered.

There's a lot of heat in here for a nightclub.

It's a Yakuza club. What did you expect?

I quite like the place.

Why doesn't that surprise me?

I'm gonna have to draw some attention, see if I can access the basement that way.

You're not here looking for any trouble, are you?

I'm just here for the girls and the beer.

Can I help you? I'm looking for someone.

You been here before?

My friend had some mech work done here. Industry stuff.

We don't do mech work here.

My mistake.

Why don't you come have fun with us?

We'll have some privacy.

I'm in.

I'll be here when you need me.

You say your friend worked here?

I said my friend had work done here.

She's human?

Your friend.

Now what's that supposed to mean?


Can you hear me?

Who did this stunning work on you?

It's divine.

Ladriya. Guns.


Batou, I'm losing signal.

Don't worry, sweetie.

We have privacy.


No signals going in or out.

Major, I'm in position. Do you copy?


If you don't answer, you're gonna hurt my feelings.

Ladriya, do you have Major on comms?

Got nothing. Signal's still blocked.

I'm afraid I get bored rather easily, so, if you don't want to talk, maybe you want to dance!

Major, come on. Answer me.

I thought you said no trouble.


No! Enough!

The truth is, I wasn't built to dance.

Back on comms. I'm heading to the back room.

I missed you. I'll meet you there.

Collaborate with Hanka Robotics and be destroyed.


Where's Batou?

In Enhancement next door. He's doing well.

You took most of the blast.

I saw him down there.

It was like he waited to see me.

We synaptic-scanned you.

Everything you witnessed went to Section 9 to evaluate.

You know, the scan also turned up a number of glitches.

They've been getting worse.

Since when?

Since the Deep Dive.

Do any of the glitches mean something to you?


They don't.

You've been inside the same shell as he has.

That could have very serious consequences.

You were not authorized to Deep Dive the geisha.

You're disappointed.

No, I'm worried.

You're not invulnerable.

I can repair your body, but I can't protect your mind.

Why not?

You can see all my thoughts, so you should be able to secure them.

Try and understand your importance, Mira.

You're what everyone will become one day.

You don't know how alone that makes me feel.

I can see you out there, you know.

How many fingers am I holding up?


Say something nice.

You chose those?

They're tactical.

Always for the job. What else I got?

They suit you. Yeah?

I got night-vision, mile-zoom, and X-ray.

I guess I see like you now.

Don't worry. You'll get used to it.

Thanks for saving my ass.

Glad to see you're okay.


Could you feed the dogs for me?

I don't want to scare them.


Are you insufficiently funded, Mr. Aramaki?

Is Section 9 missing some critical operational resource?

Major is our most sophisticated weapon only if she's intact.

And Dr. Ouelet informed me that you let her dive a corrupted geisha.

You realize the supreme importance that Hanka represents to this government.

Major is the future of my company.

If you compromise her systems again, I will burn this section.

Come here. With me.

Create your own beauty. Beauty enhanced.

You human?


Can you take that off so I can see your face?

What does that feel like?

It feels different.

What are you?

Look at me.

Tell me what they took from me.

I'm sorry. They never told us.

It feels weird driving with these eyes.

Why do you take that?

It keeps my brain from rejecting this body.

Major, Batou, you need to get here.

What have you got?

Another Hanka scientist has been found dead.

It's Dahlin.

Got it.

Major, this way.

What is that?

She found what Kuze stole from Osmond.

It's a list of everyone who worked on a project called 2571.

That's who he's targeting.

Is anyone else on the list?

Find Ouelet. Now!

She's in transit. Her comms are down.

I'm looking at her and I'm thinking, "You want me to pay for violin, too."

Don't get me wrong.

I love that kid to pieces.

I do. She's amazing.

But when she practices that thing, it is painful, right?

Why not piano?

I mean, it's the same price, you know?

And doesn't sound so bad.

At least, if you can't play that proper, it sounds...

2571. Tell me everything!

Are you prepared to die for 257...



Where's Kuze?

Why does he want to kill Ouelet?

I don't know anything.

Enough! Enough!

We need him alive.

Please, I've been through this.

You have the wrong guy.

So tell us who we do have.

My name is Lee Cunningham.

Where'd you get the weapons? I don't know.

Who loaded them onto the truck?

I don't know anything about weapons, all right? I told you!

I was picking up my daughter. She takes violin lessons.

What's her name?

Is this her? Yeah.

Isn't she a little angel?

This is your daughter? Right.

Do you have kids?

Where do you live?

I can't remember.

I think it's a tall place. Is it a tall building?

It's a tall place, right?

You don't have a child.

You don't have a wife. You live alone.

It's just you. What? No.

We've been to your apartment. There's nobody there.

No. You've lived there for 10 years by yourself. No!

So you're just lying.

I'm not lying!

I didn't kill anyone!

Why do you keep doing this to me? Holo cube disconnect.


I didn't do anything!

Why do you keep saying this to me?

I don't understand. How can he not know?

The hack must have created a vacuum. Kuze's wiped his memory and somehow installed a new reality.

At least, he got to believe he had a kid.

What's the difference?

Fantasy, reality.

Dreams, memories.

It's all the same.

Just noise.

It's him.

He's in there.

This cube is secure. He can't be, Major.

Lie detector.

He must've hacked in that way.

We should uplink to the machine, trace the code, get a lock on his location.

Do it.

Don't go in there. It's too dangerous!

The signal's unstable. Can you get a lock on it?

Think so.

We gotta move fast. We're losing it.


Who are you?

Come here.

I am shy.

I'm not beautiful like you.

Tell me who you are.

I have been born more than once.

So I have more than one name.

I'll find you.

Not yet.

I'm not done.

The machine is tracing his location.

We got a fix!

I need to see her.

No, please. I know...

We got him.

Let's go.

Weapons up.

Go. On me.

Stay down! Stay down!

Put it down. Put it down.



Come in.

I know why we couldn't find him.

He's using human minds to create a network of his own.

We're coming to your position.

Tell me who you are.

I am that which you seek to destroy.

In this life my name is Kuze.

What are you doing to me?

I have connected you to a network of my own creation.

When I am finished in this world, my ghost can survive there and regenerate.

What do you want from me?

I became fascinated with you, reading your code while you were inside that geisha.

Like nothing I had felt before and yet so familiar.

We are the same.

We are not the same.

You kill innocent people.

"Innocent," is that what you call them?

I am as they made me.

Who made you?

What have they told you?

That you were the first?

The first cerebral salvage?

You were born of lessons took from my failure.

What are you talking about?

I was conscious while they dismembered my body and discarded me like garbage.

I was lying on a table, listening to doctors talk about how my mind had not meshed with the shell that they had built.

How Project 2571 had failed, and they had to move on

to you.

What a beauty you are.

They have improved us so much since they made me.

They thought that we would be a part of their evolution, but they have created us to evolve alone,

beyond them.

"Evolution," that's what you call killing everyone who made you?

You're not listening to me.

You're a murderer.

They tried to kill me first.

It is self-defense.

Defense of self!

More will die

until they tell me what they took!

I won't let that happen.

You want to kill me?

Like everyone else.

Do it then.

Do what you were programed to do.

What is that?

What is that?

I can't remember, but I am haunted by it.

Do you see it?


Don't take the medication that they give you.

They use it to suppress your memories.

Your shell belongs to them, but not your ghost.

Your ghost is yours.

Remember that, and maybe you can remember it all.

Get away from her! Get down on the ground, now!




My God, you're safe!

You've been gone for hours!

No one knew where you were.


You're scaring me.

Calm down.

How many were there before me?

The intricacies of shelling your mind, it had never been done before.

It was inevitable there would be failures.

How many?


How many?

Ninety-eight unsuccessful attempts before you.

You killed 98 innocent people.

No, I didn't kill anyone.

You wouldn't be here. You wouldn't exist if it weren't for those experiments.


Is that what I am to you? No!

No, Mira!

Sacrifices were made.

Where did the bodies come from?

Where did I come from?

Mr. Cutter brought them to us.

I didn't ask questions.

The harbor!

My parents.

The way they died.

Did that happen?


We gave you false memories.

Cutter wanted to motivate you to fight terrorists.

I didn't approve.

It was cruel, but my work, it was important, and you were born.

You were so beautiful.

Nothing I have is real.

I found him.

I told you to be careful.

You knew who he was the whole time.

You built him.

He had a violent, unstable mind.

His cerebral connections wouldn't hold!

I tried to save him! No.

You left him to die.

Nothing on Kuze yet, sir.

Checking upper zones next.

Is there any word on Major?

Copy that, sir.

I know where to find her.

I didn't ask you to come here.

You never ask.

But I always do.

Did they send you to bring me in?

I'm just here to fish. Did you see any?

You're a company man. You follow orders, so if they ordered you to kill me...

Stop saying shit like that. You're gonna piss me off.

What's it like down there?

It's cold and dark.

Just a million miles away.

No voices.

No data streaming.



It scares me. Then why do you do it?

It feels real.

Why didn't you stop him?

I don't know who to trust anymore.

You trust me, right?

Yeah, I do.

I just don't like it.

I need you to take me back.

There's more I need to find out.


Dr. Ouelet, what have you told her?

She knows.

I'm bringing her in.

Hanka Security to headquarters.

We have the Major.

Why is she sedated?

She's been turned by a terrorist.

But you know that already.

You should've called the first time she came to see you.

Instead, you gave her information.

What makes you think you have the right to tell me what to do and what... 2571 took us close.

It's time to move on to the next iteration.

2571 is not a failure.

I'll delete all the data and reprogram her.

She won't remember him at all!

No. No, no, no.

You download all the data on the terrorist, and then I order you to terminate.


You'll build one that's better.

I'll delete everything. You've deleted before.

She's mine. No.

She's a contract. With me.

We succeeded.

She's more than human and more than A.l.

We changed her entire identity.

But her ghost survived!

Her ghost is what failed us.

We cannot control her.

She's no longer a viable asset.

You should be the one to do it.

What are you doing to me?

I'll run the standard synaptic, upload your data on the raid, find out exactly what Kuze told you.

You know what he told me.

The truth.

You're deleting everything, aren't you?


Make it so I don't remember.


My name is Major Mira Killian, and I do not consent to the deletion of this data.

I do not consent.

I do not consent.

We never needed your consent.

Yours or anyone's.

You're killing me, aren't you?


You hear me?


This is your past, your real past. Take it.

Guards! Come on, come on!

Come on, go!



Please relocate to your designated safe room.

Security alert on level 25.

Initiating lockdown procedure.

Please relocate to your designated safe room.

Thank you for your cooperation.

That's the problem with the human heart.

She killed Dr. Ouelet!

You're to have no further contact with her.

Hanka Security will hunt her from here.

What are their orders? To terminate on sight.

You want to kill her? You built her!

Have your sergeant stand down.

The Major would never harm Dr. Ouelet!

She's not the Major anymore!

We have a Section 9 operative under terrorist programing.

This goes public, your unit goes down.

I'll take that under advisement.

So what now?


You surprised me.

She likes you.

I was looking for...

Come in.

Yeah, come, come.

Can I offer you some tea?


That's Motoko's room.

My daughter died a year ago.

I'm sorry.

She ran away.

She was difficult.

And we fought.

But I guess we all fight with our parents, right?

Please come and sit, yeah?

What happened to her?

I don't know.

The ministry sent me her ashes, and they told me she took her own life.

But Motoko... No, no, no.

I never believed them.

She was happy, living in the lawless zone with her friends.

She'd write her manifestos about how technology was destroying the world.

Then, one day, the police came, and they ran.

It's strange.

I see her in so many young women.

On the street, in my dreams.

As if she's still here.

She was fearless!

And Wild.

You remind me of her.


How do I remind you of her?

The way you look at me.

Who are you?

I don't know.

Wait, wait, wait!

Will you come again to visit me?

I will.


Listen to me.

I was never in a terrorist bombing.

My parents, everything was data they installed in my mind.

And there were others.

Runaways like me considered disposable.

Kuze was one of them. That's why he's coming.

For Hanka.

Dr. Ouelet can.

Put me on the grid.

I need Kuze to find me.

I know. But I need to do this.

The virus has spread.

We've located Major on the grid.

She's in the lawless zone.

Air support five minutes out.

Is the spider tank within range?

Yes, sir. Awaiting your orders, sir.



It is real.

This place.

I remember what they did to us.

Cutter and his men.

This is where they took us from.

We used to sleep right here.

We were like a family, all of us runaways.

We had nothing,

except each other.

They took that from us.

Your name was Hideo.


That was your name.


Come with me into my network.

We will evolve beyond them.

And together, we can avenge what they have done to us.

Come with me.

I'll take control from here.

Weapons system manual command.

Spider tank now active.

It's Cutter! He found us!

Target acquired.


Target eliminated.

You came close, you freak.

Motor center compromised.

Sniper team on site?

We're approaching the targets now, sir.

Come with me.

There is no place for us here.


I'm not ready to leave.

I belong here.

I will always be there with you in your ghost.

Target is in view.

What are you waiting for?

DO it!


Keep firing.

Say something nice.

What's your name?

Aramaki told me you had a name from before.


Major is still in there, right?

I am.

I thought that it might be you.


Tell him this is justice.

It's what I was built for.

My name is Major, and I give my consent.

You don't have to come here anymore.

I know.

My mind is human.

My body is manufactured.

I'm the first of my kind, but I won't be the last.

We cling to memories as if they define us.

But what we do defines us.

My ghost survived to remind the next of us that humanity is our virtue.

I know who I am and what I'm here to do.