Ghost Shark (2013) Script


Man, this has gotta be the one. It's kicking my ass.

Twenty minutes till midnight.

Doesn't matter how big this thing is if we don't get it in before deadline.

No one's gonna notice if I'm a few minutes over.

I would. You know the rules, Brubaker.

The rodeo ends at midnight. You don't land it before then, it don't count.

Yeah, well, I'm gonna land it all right, and then I'm gonna turn around and change it in for that check with my name on it back at the Marina.

We are gonna catch the biggest Amberjack that this town has ever seen.

How do you know it's not a Grouper or a Marlin, or a tire?

If I want any lip from you, I'd pull down your panties.

Ooh! Daddy. [Laughing] Yeah.

Hey, honey can you put that damn camera down and wet my reel here for me?


Yeah, that's better. Thank you. Yeah.

What are we gonna do with that $30,000, pop?

We're gonna buy a boat.

Oh, yes. No more charters.

I'm tired of Captain Crunch up there breathing down my neck.


Look, look, look. Oh, daddy.

Getting closer. Get the gaff, honey. Get the gaff.

Oh! [Laughing]

No, no, no switch!

Come on now. You gotta hold on to this. It's a fighter. Hold on.

I got it! Yeah! Keep reeling now.

This ain't no Girl Scout picnic. Come on. I know. I know.

Reel it in. It's getting closer. You got it?

Oh, don't screw this up now.

Come on. Yeah.

I can see it! Yeah!

I can see it! Argh! Hey. Whoa. Whoa!

My fish!

Oh! That fish ate my fish!

You cost me $30,000, you son of a bitch!

Sorry, folks. Guess you'll have to wait till next year to win one of these.

Just hope your friend isn't waiting for you too.

Oh, I'll make sure he isn't.

Oh-ho-ho-ho, yeah.

Uh-huh. [Laughs]

Yeah! You eat this, you mother!


No guns on my boat, damn it!

You're done, Brubaker!



Don't just stand there. We got us a Great White to kill.

[Guns shots]

Whoa! Be careful. Be careful. Ouch!

You okay? All right. Yes.

Look, I'm gonna give this shark $30,000 worth of pain now, okay?

Okay. Give me that. You take this.

And go get me my damn hot sauce.



Come on, Sally tuna.


Hot sauce, daddy!

Here you go, you son of a bitch!

I hope that hurts!

You cost me $30,000!

Smile you son of a bitch!


Yes siree! Ah!

[Both yell]


Have you lost your damn mind?

This ain't fishing! It's barbaric! It's criminal!

I should have both of you arrested! That fish ate...

One more word out of you, and you'll be swimming back to shore!

You killed him good, pop. It was almost worth losing the money.


You want me to try... Shut up!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Great White Shark, nature's perfect killing machine...

Until me and my daddy...

Whipped his ass!



Grab my hand! Grab my hand! [Grunting]

Help me! Help me! God! Don't let go!

Help! No! No! [Yelling]



You got six feet.

Almost. Almost. All right. All right. That's it. That's it.

Would you look at that water!

Hey, dude, you gonna let me bust the cherry on your jet ski?

Hell, no. Nobody's riding it but me.

Come on, man. I'm not gonna scratch it.

You'll never get the chance. Come on!

Unless you hook me up with your little sister.

That's not gonna happen dude, she thinks you're a total jackass.

Then I guess you're out of luck.

I don't think anyone's gonna be looking at your eyes, Taylor.

Ava, honey, I told you, it's all about the total package.

You're never gonna get anywhere with your prude mood or that hideous swimsuit.

Where'd you get that thing anyway, your grandmother's closet?

What's wrong with it?

Nothing, if you're trying to stay a virgin.

Blaise, what do you think of Ava's suit?

I think it's really nice.

Don't listen to him, horny boys will say anything.

What about mine? Maxim material?

[Blaise] Maxim-um jail bait.

Jail bait? What does that mean?

It means he's not interested in little girls with criminal records.

Ava! Breaking and entering. We're all so proud.

It's called curiosity. I wasn't going to steal anything.

Hey, just think. One day, your curiosity can be tried as an adult.

Whoops. You little...

I'm gonna get you. You better run.

Kid should be arrested.




I got you something.





[Man on tv] Ladies and gentlemen, this state-of-the-art hotel is the first step to bolstering our economy in our new Smallport initiative.

As Mayor, it is my personal mission to ensure that Smallport becomes the state's number one...

[Man] Woo!

This is the greatest day of my life! Woo!

Come on. Let me get on the jet ski. Come on.

They make such a cute couple. How come you're not out there?

I don't swim. Don't or can't?

There's a big difference. I don't swim.

What's your sister's excuse? Why?

You have a crush on her, don't you?

So what if I do?

She's only the most boring person who ever lived.

[Woman] Cicely. What up?

Check it out.

It's Dad's boat.

Oh, yeah. That's cool.

Did he have a charter today?

Why don't you call him?

[Blaise] What's wrong? [Cicely] She's always tripping.

Can you hand me my phone? Please?

I'm telling you.

Thank you.

[Female voice] You have reached 850-99...

Straight to voice mail. Where the hell is he?

He's probably just down in the cabin.

No. He never leaves the wheel.

Looks like it's drifting into that dock a little bit.

[Man] Let me up on the jet ski now. Come on. Let me up there.

Wanna check it out? I'll race you. No, no, just chill okay?

We'll wait till Cameron gets back from the jet ski.


Seriously? I just bought those.

Well, that's too bad. [Laughs]

[Man] Yes! This is absolutely awesome!

Aah! [Laughs]

Woo! Yes!


Where are they going?


Just once it would be nice if you would listen to me.

You just hate that I beat you.



Oh my God.


Is that Dad's?

I don't think so.

But this is.

Cut it out, dumb ass.

Seriously? What the hell?


You son of a bitch! Cameron!

Woo! I'm on a jet ski! Whoa!

Oh, my God! [Whimpering]

Why is Taylor freaking out? Maybe she lost her bikini.

I'll rescue her.

Not cool, man! Not cool!

It is what it is!


[Taylor] Oh, my God! Shark!


Need a lift? Shark!

Please. You really think I was gonna fall for that?

Come on, baby.

Get us out of here! Well, what are you gonna give me?


Damn it, Taylor! Nobody rides that thing but me!

So much for being the only one that gets to use the jet ski!

Can I have a shot now? Shark!



What the hell was that?

[Both yell]

Oh, my God! Mick, get your ass outta there!

Move! Move! Come on! Go!

[Yelling] Come on! Get outta there!

[Cicely] Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Mick, get up here.

Ava, get him out. Hurry! Oh, my God.

Catch! Hurry!

[Panting] Mick!

Oh, my gosh. Hurry. Pull him up.


[Woman] Didn't somebody see her? [Man] Please calm down.

We're doing everything we can. Where's my daughter?

We're doing all we can. Where is she? Is this all...

Something got her in the water.

We don't know that. Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! Not our little girl! Let us do our job.

Please, not our little girl!

Well, where was Taylor? We don't know.

Hey Ava, hey!

Help me out here. You seem like you got your head on straight.

He doesn't believe us.

I can believe your friend may have been eaten by a shark.

It's the description of that shark that I am having a hard time with.

I told you, it was translucent.

"Translucent". The word of the day.

When you say "translucent," you mean like a jellyfish?

Meaning we could see right through it. I know what the damn word means.

It was like something I've never seen before.

I got a missing teenage girl, presumed dead, and a boat... no occupants.

I was really hoping you could help me out here.

Dad's dead too. You don't know that for sure.

No reason to lose hope yet. He's dead, Taylor's dead...

There was blood all over the transom.

Aw, hell. I caught a Marlin once. Bled all over the deck.

Left a mess not unlike your Dad's boat.

Amberjack rodeo was last night. Maybe reeled in a big one.

But the difference is you're still here.

[Man] You think ghosts are logical, Sheriff?

Who said anything about ghosts, Finch?

I did.

You know, that's the trouble with people like you, Sheriff.

Never wanna deal with the truth till it's too late.

Ghosts are real.

As real as the lies this town was built on.

As real as the price we're gonna pay for those sins.

You mark my words. You mark my words.

Well, maybe if you dried out occasionally, your words might actually mean something.

What's he talking about? I don't know, Ava.

Look, I'm putting a missing person's report out on your father, and your friend.

In the meantime, I'm calling your Aunt Marge to come get you.

We'll be fine on our own.

[Man] Cameron! Dad!

One more time. You were on the jet ski. I was on a jet ski...

You okay, son? What happened?

I don't know. Taylor was screaming about a shark, and the next minute she was gone.

There hasn't been a shark attack in Smallport in over 20 years.

Are you sure? You should've seen it.

Good Lord, Cameron. It looked like...

A shark scare will put this town welfare by winter.

Are you absolutely sure, son? Uh...

Hold on. Sheriff! Come here please.

Put a $1,000 bounty on all sharks in the bay. Keep it quiet.

Last thing we need is a media-feeding frenzy around here.

Draw up some signs. It should say "beaches are closed for 24 hours".

Got it.

If I have to do a press conference about a shark attack.

I'd better be standing next to a dead one.

All right, all right. You understand?

Got it. Come on, son.


Hiring a bunch of shark bounty hunters isn't gonna do anything.

Just let us handle this. Try and get some sleep.

Sheriff can I get with you for a minute please?

Think about what you actually saw.

We'll pick this up again tomorrow.


Let me bring you home.

No. Please?

Really, it's okay. We'll walk.

You sure? Yeah. Come on.

[Tires on gravel]

[Man screaming]

[Screaming continues]

[Screaming stops]

That's where it cuts off. Play it again.


How do I play the damn thing back?

Here. [Mutters]

My daddy whipped his ass!


That's definitely the shark I saw.

One eye, and a hole in it's fin.

That's definitely the shark that tried to eat me.

So the shark that we saw... you could see through.

Are we on this again?

Ever heard of an optical illusion?

The shark was dead. They killed it.

Or temporarily dazed. Or playing possum, maybe.

And you can't explain how a shark killed three people on the deck of a boat.

In police work, the simplest explanation is usually the right one.

A couple of yahoos got a Great White riled up.

Your father paid the price for it.

Let's give it a few more days.

Ava, if nothing turns up I'll reach out ot the community give your daddy the kind of service he deserves.

I really appreciate that, Sheriff, but the shark that killed Taylor and my Dad was not your average shark.

[Sheriff] I understand how upset you are, but you are really gonna have to let us do our job.

Maybe he's right, Ava. I mean, the way that the shark looked, it could've been a reflection of the sun.

Is your Dad paying you to say that?

Sheriff Martin, line 1. [Cameron] That's not fair.

We were pretty far away. Martin.

I know I didn't get a very good look. At the Marina?

[Door closes]

You check the bars?

Nah, nah. I'll be right down.

Ava, listen to your friends.

You don't wanna wind up like Finch.

Can we get something to eat? Damn it! The pool party!

People are gonna start showing up to my house any minute now.


I told everybody to invite anybody.

Do you know who's gonna be showing up to this thing?

Man this is stupid.

The only way this thing is gonna get canceled is with a SWAT team.

My sister's sorority friends are driving in from Houston.

What are you talking about? The pool party.

What if we turned it into a memorial?


You're seriously talking about a party?


Let's get out of here.

Come on.

Don't worry about those guys, all right? They're just being jerks.

Look, what do you wanna do right now?

Go home.

I don't think y'all should be alone.

Why don't you let me take you and Cicely, and we'll go do something?

We'll get something to eat. Please.

I know you mean well, but no way.

Will you at least just promise me that you'll text me or call me if you need anything?

Anything. I'm serious.

I'll call you later. [Sighs]


That guy really creeps me out. He's a freak.

Shh! What are you doing?

Mr. Finch. Ava!

Do you got a moment to talk? What do you want?

Sheriff send you out here to spy on me or something?

No. Why would he wanna do that?

I didn't see nothing.

But you're the lighthouse keeper, right?

What's that supposed to mean?

You think everything that happens off the coast is my responsibility?

Of course not. But yesterday, you were talking like...

You knew something about ghosts.


Leave me alone!

I told you that guy was creepy.

He's also hiding something.


[Grunts] Hand me those beers.

Hey, Chad. Oh, what's up, Catherine, baby?

Give me some sugar. [Laughs]

This is gonna be awesome!

[Cameron] That thing had to be at least 30 feet long, and it swallowed Taylor whole.

Oh, my God. You must've been so scared. What did you do?

Well, I had my diving knife, and I started stabbing that thing!

Gash, gash, gash! Went all Michael Myers on that bitch.

But then it was too late to save Taylor.

You're so brave. Salut, ladies.

Hey, ass clown!

I didn't think you were gonna make it here tonight.

Come here. Talk to me.


Belly bomb!

[Both grunt]

What the hell are you doing, man?

Worried about your phone getting wet?

Get off of me! Don't have the warranty?

Yo man, get off! Get off!

You need to cool down, man.

What are you doing? Have some fun here.

Emily. This is gonna help cheer you up, okay?

Feast your eyes. [Squeals, chuckles]


[Cameron] Enjoy yourself!


[Dog barking, yelps]

[Cell phone chimes]

[Brubaker] Son of a bitch!

Man, this has gotta be the one.

[Audio cuts in, out]

[Door bell]

Will you get that?

You get it! I'm busy.

[Knocking on door, door bell]

Hi. Hi.

I tried calling you... before.

Oh. I was...

Hey, Blaise. Hey.

You were right about the party. It was stupid I... I shouldn't...

I um...

It was a dumb idea to try to have fun right now.

This is not the right time for that.

I'm sorry.

Well, I'm glad you came. I wanna show you something.

Daddy whipped his ass! How did you get this?

I stole it from the Sheriff's computer while he was talking.



Pretty ballsy.

[Brubaker] Take my hand! Doesn't bother you to be watching this?

There. That's not a solid figure, is it?

You're seeing this, aren't you?

Yeah, I'm seeing it.

But I'm not the one you gotta convince.

Yeah! [Shouting]


Those two ass-clowns... we're ass-clowns?

You're a ass clown. He's a ass clown.

[All arguing]

Man, get that crap on out of here! [Party goers exclaiming]

[Shouts] [Party goers exclaiming]

Don't do it over here and be messing up my party like that, man!

What? Get that crap outta my house!

Now I'm doing a gainer in your house.

[Woman gasps]

[Women screaming]

[Screaming continues]

[Mick] Oh, my God! Did you guys just see that?

Mick! I'm coming, bro!

You gotta get me outta here!

Come on! Look! I'm right here!

Come on, buddy! Mick, I got you!

Come on, come on! I can't! Can you pull me up?

You pull yourself! I can't!

Yes, you can! Don't tell me you can't!

I got you, but you gotta help! Mick! Mick!

Mick, please! Mick! [Shouting]

Mick, no! Mick!

[Cell phone ringing]


[Cameron] Ava, Mick's dead. Who is it?

We were all having fun at the party, and all of a sudden Mick was in the pool, and he was reaching for me I'm trying to get him out, but he's gone.

Look, get over here quick. Bye.

What? [Mutters]

What is it?

[Mayor] I don't know what happened here, but the stories you and the others are saying makes no sense.

You gotta start telling me the truth right now.

What type of drugs was y'all on?

Bath salts? P.C.P.?

Did y'all take a bad trip and start gnawing on each other?

You gotta tell me. That's the only way I can protect you.

It was the shark, Dad.

That one from the beach. Stop saying it was the shark.

It's the truth! Why won't you believe me? It's not that I don't believe you.

But if you keep spouting off with that nonsense, not even I can stop them from putting you in the loony bin.

Really, you worried about me or the next election?


You worried about me or the next election?

Look, don't put this back on me.

We got a bunch of mutilated bodies in our yard, and the authorities want answers now son, now!

You wait right there, don't you move.


Don't you move.

You got a second?

Excuse me.


Bring Cameron down, put him in an isolated cell.

Till he starts talking, sober up, or both.

It's for his own safety. But do it quietly.

Last thing I need around here is rumors going around saying that he's responsible for this hell of a mess.

Okay. Thank you, Sheriff.

Cameron, Cameron, what happened?

It got Mick's man.

It got him and tore him to pieces.

Where did it come from?

Cameron, why don't you take a ride with me?

What for? He just wanna take a ride with you, son.

Just want to ask you some questions.

I didn't do anything.

We know you didn't. Maybe you can help us figure out who did.

Why don't you ask the other witnesses who were here what they saw?

I don't have time to listen to this nonsense anymore, Ava.

It's not nonsense! It's fact!

A fact that's gonna swim up and bite you in the ass if you don't wake up!

Shut up! We appreciate your concern.

With that being said, you better get outta my sight before I have you locked up.

You hear me, missy? I didn't stutter.

But you don't... Shut up! Stay outta my way, and stay...

Dad... Shut up, son!

Stay away from Cameron, and stay outta my way!

Let's go. Get outta my way!

Sheriff! Sheriff!

You're gonna wanna see this. Oh, God.

I, uh, found this little number over in the bushes there.


Here's something you're not gonna see on Discovery Channel.

My house! Now I'm doing a gainer in your house.

What is... mmm.

That can't be real. [Sheriff] Oh, it's real.

Are you sure?

Goodness gracious!

I don't know how that guy got elected. He's a total ass.

Tell me about it. You all right?

I'm fine. And you?

[Door alarm dinging]

Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Go! Go! [Blaise] Yes, this is happening now.

[Ava] Hurry up. Cameron! Cameron!

I'm gonna beat you like you stole something!

[Woman laughs, squeals]

Don't spray me. [Laughing]

[Squeals, laughs]

Stop it!

Do you want a car wash?

[Laughter continues]



Hey, sexy.


Come on.

Aw, hell.


My turn.


Mom, help!

[Laughter continues]



[Screaming continues]


This is only the latest in a string of mysterious killings that have terrorized Smallport over the last 48 hours.

Thirteen people are reported dead.

Meanwhile, there are swarms of rumors about an unidentified animal that may have attacked in these cases.

Police say they are trying to find three crucial victims who could be vital in solving this case...

Ava Reid, Blaise Parker, and Cameron Stahl, who's the son of Mayor Frank Stahl.

Were witnesses to the fatal shark attack in an area ironically nicknamed Dead Man's Point.

Which began this bizarre cycle of violence two days ago.

[Children laughing outside]


No trespassing!

Damn it.


Can't you read?

This area's off-limits!

You in here?


You come out now, I won't call the cops!

Judas priest.

What is this dude possibly gonna do for us?

We need proof that we're not nuts.

So we go see the nuttiest guy in town?

Might as well strap me to the electric chair now.

You didn't have to come.

I'm starting to wish I didn't.

Why do y'all wanna go to that lighthouse?

There's probably snakes and stuff out here.

[Blaise] Ava, wait up.

You guys really think this is cool? Just keep an eye out.

What? For what? For snakes, man.

Look at my shoes.

Ugh! Come on.

Ava. Ava, wait, wait, wait, wait. For what?

He's not home. We should bounce. This is breaking and entering.

It's just entering. The door's already open.

Dude, that's a felony, and I don't do felonies.

It's a misdemeanor, baby.

Grow a pair. Yeah.

You grow a pair.



Yo, Ave, check it out.

It's a basement.

Oh, hell.

[Cameron] What are we coming down here to accomplish?

[Blaise] Be careful before the stone breaks this place is old.


You complain too much, man. What's the whole point?

What's your friggin' reason?

Come on.

Ava, come on.

Man, just shut up. You shut up.

This is one creepy ass dude.

I think this guy might have more problems than we do.

Whoa! Don't touch that!

Mr. Finch!

I'm sorry but your door was open.

[Slurred speech] It's still breaking and entering.

Hey. Watch it, man.

[Drink pouring]

[Bottle clatters on table]

You're here about the shark, aren't you?

So you do know what's going on, don't you?

Maybe. Well, good.

Maybe you can help us stop it.

Stop it?

The cave brings things back it don't take them away.

Cave? Yes! The cave!

Damn it! The cave!



It's all connected.

They wanna keep it a secret.

But I know.


Is that you?


Mr. Finch?

Why'd he call you Alison?

All right. Help me lift him. Come on.

What are we gonna do with this guy? Let's get him onto the bed.


[All grunting]

Let's get him a little further up.

Hold on. There.



Dude, that was productive. [Snoring]

[Water running]

Hey, this is Ava. Leave a message.

Where the hell are you? The cops were here.

They say you're interfering with their investigation.

They practically water-boarded me.

Just call me or text me or something before I have a total freak-out, okay?



[Screaming stops]

[Eerie music]


Cicely? Cicely!

Oh, no. Cicely!


Come here! Come here! Come here!

Are you okay? Come on! Come on!

Ow. Ow! Ow! What happened?

Come on! Come on! Go, go, go, go!

What is it? What happened? Ow! Ow! Ow!

It's so deep. Cameron, get in here!

What happened? Ow!

Get something to wrap it! This!

Grab that! Put that on her leg! [Yells]

[Male reporter] Mr. Mayor! Mr. Mayor! Calm down, ladies and gentlemen.

Calm down. [Woman] What is going on?

Okay, Sheriff Martin and Mayor Stahl will be confirming...

No sign of Cameron yet. Y'all should've found him by now.

[Woman on radio] Paging Sheriff Martin.

Finding your son is the least of my concerns right now.

We're getting more 911 calls than the dispatcher can handle, not that I have the deputies respond to them all anyway.

Maybe it's time we let people know what we saw on that video.

What, and incite a mass panic?

Frank, a car was hot-waxed with the entrails of the woman washing it.

I'd say the town's already panicked.

Henry, prepare a press release for me.

It should read, "Public safety is my primary concern".

Everything that can be done is being done".

Release the video. No comment speculating on what we think it is.

Let them see it for themselves. Yes, Sir.

And get Ava Reid on the phone.

Tell her to bring Cameron here right now, or this is gonna be the worst day of her life.

[Woman] Sheriff Martin, line one. The worst.

Today can get worse? Yes.

Hello. Martin here.

Hello? Hello?


She needs help. Oh ah, no!

She needs to see a paramedic!

I'm fine. You see? She's fine.

No, she's not. Ow.

Don't be a baby. Seriously, it looks way worse than it is.

Oh, yeah? Well get up and let's see you try and walk.

See? I'm fine.

Hey, look at this.

It's a news article from nine years ago.

Finch might not be as crazy as we thought he was.

So that's Alison. That's Finch's wife.

It says she drowned in a cave near the lighthouse when the high tide came in.

I remember that.

Lot of people thought that he killed her.

So that must be the cave that he's talking about.

Guess so.

Where did we find my Dads boat?

And where did that thing first show up?

Practically on Finch's doorstep.

We saw Finch yesterday leaving the Maritime Museum.

They have all kinds of stuff about that lighthouse there.

Stuff that's not online.

It's better than nothing. I got it!

What? It appears in water.

Any water, right?

So maybe it can't manifest itself unless there's water around.

Maybe all we gotta do is stay dry and it'll leave us alone.


Oh, no. Please no.


Come on. We gotta go. Come on.

Wait up.

Wait up. I'm coming with you.

No. No, no, no. I need you to stay here.


Just do this for us. Please.

[Knocking on door] Come on.

Are you okay? Yes.

All right, good, good. Wait till we're gone and then answer the door, okay?

And we were not here.

Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff's Department. Open up.

Come on. Nice and easy.


Go. Go. Go. Go.

Let's go.

Go, go. Go. Go.

Stop the vehicle.

Turn off the engine.

Back so soon?

Told you they're not here.

You're welcome to take another look around if you want. Door's unlocked.

Aren't you a little young to be driving?

Not according to the D.M.V.


You wait right here.


It's all connected.

It's all connected. It's the cave.

It's the cave. It's the cave!


It brings things back.

You have to help us stop it.

My God.

They're going after it.

[Cameron] I say we make a run for it.

I got the keys to my Dad's cabin in Ridgeway right here.

You guys ever been to Ridgeway?

Running away isn't gonna do anything except get more people killed.

We have to destroy it.

How no one's going to listen to us? We're running out of options here.

[Explosion ]

What the hell was that?

Building demolitions.

Part of my Dad's new Smallport initiative.

Oh, yeah? How's that going?

Just drive.

[Tires screech]

Thought you quit.

I did. You guys go ahead. I'll catch up.

I'm gonna look over here, all right?

Ava. Come look at this.

Wow. Listen to this. Look at what it says here.

"Built in 1897 after hundreds of ships crashed in it's shallow reef".

Huh. I guess that's why they call it Dead Man's Point.

You guessed wrong.

Hi. Do you know anything about the cave by the lighthouse?

Ah, you think what's going on in town has something to do with the old legends and ghost stories?

More or less.

Have either of you heard of the legend of the lost Roanoke colony?

Yeah, those colonists in the Carolinas.

Who all just vanished without a trace a couple hundred years ago.

Very good.

What if I told you that a similar thing happened right here?

I would ask you why I never heard of it before.

Because the town elders did their best to keep it a secret.

Before 1803, Smallport was the Spanish province of Ensenada Cabo.


This diary...

Happens to be the most detailed documentation, of the history in this area at the time.

And just like Roanoke...

The entire population vanished.

Into thin air.

Maria, who wrote this...

Was convinced that spiritual forces were responsible.

Wait. What do you mean "spiritual"?



Do you believe it?

No. No, it was more likely a plague of some kind.

And Maria herself was most likely infected by the disease too.

I'm betting that the stories in here were just fevered hallucinations.

So where does the cave come in?

Ah, Maria's journal begins after some of the infected were rounded up, brought to the cave, and executed.

Maria writes that soon after the murders, the angry dead Rose up and ravaged the town.

The journal cuts off in the middle of the last entry.

"Anyone who dies in the cave violently will rise again".



What I'm about to show you is the companion piece to the Memoir.

A Grimoire, which is a book of spells that gives very detailed instructions on how to send vengeful spirits into hell.

It's gone.

What was supposed to be here?

The Grimoire, the book that was in this display case.

He was acting even stranger than usual but I never thought he would do something like this.

Who was it? The lighthouse keeper. Darnell Finch.

He was the only other person who was in here today.


[Fire alarm]

The exhibits.

The floor.

Help me with this tarp.

What happened?

Hey, Cameron.

What did you do, man? I didn't do anything!

It wasn't my fault!

Knock it off!

I should punch you in the face right now. Leave it. Leave it.

[Cameron] Then do it, tough guy.

You guys, behind you!

Whoa. Aah!

Not the lighthouse. Don't do it!

Cameron, run!

Come on, man! Come on!

Come on!

Cam! Cam, get up!

Come on! Get up!

Oh, my God. He's coming, man!


Cam! Come on!


The city's in a mass panic. That's fine. I totally understand all that.

But election is coming up.

Okay, Sheriff?

If I loose my job, you loose your job too.

That's what you're worried about? Yes. Yes.







[Woman] 911. What's your emergency?

Hi. Um, we have two people dead here at the Maritime Museum.

The Maritime Museum? Yes.

Stay put. We're sending an officer to your location.

Tell them to turn off the sprinklers before they go in.

You've got to be kidding me.

What are you doing? You can't drive.

I can drive. I just don't have my license yet.

You need to go home.

Where's Cameron?

It's none of your business.

Now just please... just get your ass back home.

Why? It's not any safer there?

It's a lot safer there than where we're going.

Let me help.

You can help me by laying low and staying dry, okay?

Will you take her home, please?

Yeah. Where you going?

We're about to ride into a hell storm, and I don't want her riding shotgun.

What happened to Cameron?

Meet me at the lighthouse, okay?

Are you sure it's a good idea?

No, but Finch has the book, and I think it's time for an intervention.


Oh, dear God.

Are you sure?


Right. I'll tell him.

Cameron Stahl. Leave a message.


We found Cameron. Well, it's about damn time.

No, Frank. We've got two people dead at the Maritime Museum.

Cameron's one of 'em.

I'm sorry.

Is that charter boat still down at the docks?

Ray's boat? Yeah, I think so. Why?

Get your gear. We're going fishing.


Arlene, try and hold off Armageddon till I get back.

Officer, we're not getting any answers.

The Mayor's not talking to anybody...

The Mayor! Frank!

Frank, hold on a second. Hold on a second!

Frank! You are not thinking straight.

No, I get it now. It's the curse.

I'm gonna hunt that son of a bitch down on it's own turf.

Me and you, Sheriff. This is crazy.

You'll get your revenge, Frank, but right now...

Revenge? You think I'm worried about revenge?

I don't want revenge.

I want justice.


Finch! Finch!

I know you have it!

We need to talk!

Ah, you gotta be kidding me.

Guess the Fire Department didn't get the memo.

Hey! Get out of the water!


They don't look very nice.

I got this. Kids listen to me. You're in a lot of danger, all right?

You gotta get out of the water now. What's your problem, punk?

I'm trying to help you, all right? There's a shark and...

I know it sounds crazy, all right? You gotta go!

I want some of what y'all smoking.

Listen to me, kid, you gotta get your friends and you gotta leave, now!

Y'all need to leave.


[Tires screech, horn honks]



You all right?

Come here. Come here. Come on.

We got a little problem. We got a bigger one.

Come on.


I wanna see this damn thing for myself.

Me too. But I don't know what we're expecting to find out here.

Well, it started here, so we're gonna finish it here.

What if it doesn't show?

Just keep looking.


Damn it.

I knew you'd come. You got a real stubborn streak.

You found it.

Mm, the solid portion of him anyway.

Hey, that's the book from the museum.

Hey! What's it to you?

I need it. To stop the shark.

Well, why do you think I stole it?

I wasn't sure.

To find a way to kill the shark without hurting Alison.

Your wife's dead.


Well, then where is she?

Why is she here?

Shut up.



[Reading foreign language]

That means, uh...

That means, "a spirit can be sent back to the netherworld by using a talisman".

Made from the object that killed it.

[Reading foreign language]

[Speaking foreign language]


So we have to use this?

Better hope that was the kill shot.


Your daddy brought this horror into our world.

You get to send it back.

Seen anything yet?

He knows we're coming.


I said he's scared. He knows we got his number.

The number of the beast.

Frank, that doesn't even make sense. Shut up and start chumming.

I knew I shouldn't have come out here with you. You've lost your damn mind!

I said start chumming.

We don't need to chum, we are the chum.

All we need is a will to live and that thing is coming after us.

That's the point. In order to kill it, you gotta be willing to die.

It's over, Frank.

I'm turning this boat around right now.

You wanna run that by me again?

Get back to chumming before I blow off your head.



Hey, pee-wee!

Maybe you ought to call it.

What, like hey fishy, fishy?

Oh, please.

Just give me the damn thing.

Like this, here check this out.


Whoa. Easy, psycho.

Why did you bring her here?

We didn't have a choice, all right, what the hell are you doing in the water?

We know how to kill it.


With this, buddy.

You're going to stab a ghost to death?

Yeah. Something like that.

Whoa! There it is! There it is.

Get out there.

Ava! Ava, get out of the water!

No, no, you stray right there, sweetheart.

What are you doing? You're doing just fine.


Ava! What are you... get out of the water!

Whoa! It worked!




You all right?

Come on, sis. How do you feel?

So it's not as easy as I thought. Must have missed something.

Maybe we're looking at this the wrong way.

What do you mean? The settlers.

The ones that died in the 18th century.

All of that bad energy is still in the cave.

Maybe it's the cave we need to blow up.

That's gonna take some serious ammunition.

You don't know what you're talking about.

Don't talk like that.

We passed a construction site on the way over here.

They were blasting. They have dynamite.

No! Nobody's blowing up nothing!

Forget that.

Look, Finch...

I'm really sorry about your wife, but she's been dead for a long time.

We need to save the people in this town that are still alive.

She's still alive, damn it.

In this world.

Hey! Give me that.


Stay where you are. I can't lose her again!

Don't you understand that! I won't do it! I can't do it!

It wasn't your fault. She drowned.

I killed her!

I killed her. I killed her.


She was always looking for a little treasure.

She thought they were treasures.

Whenever there was a high tide, the trinkets and the objects from the sunken ships would show up.

Drift into that little cave.

Like those.

[Finch] We gonna be out here all day? Come on. I'm sick of this...

I loved my wife, but we fought all the time.

Especially if we were both drinking.

Things could get ugly between the two of us.

And Alison, she would tend to get violent when I made her mad.

[Breathing heavily]

I lost control.

By the time I realized what I was doing, it was too late.

I ran back to the lighthouse.

Told the Sheriff Alison was in the cave when the high tide rolled in.

They ruled it a drowning, but they always suspected I'd done it.

Worse, I had to live knowing I'd done it.

Only solace I've had is knowing she must have forgiven.

She must have known she wasn't in my right mind.

Or else she could have come back for revenge like...

Like those settlers, like that shark.

You're worried about Alison's spirit if we blow up the cave?

What do you mean? What do you mean?

Check it out.

Look. Look.

I'm not gonna lose her again.

Look, Finch, I understand your pain.

I do. But I'm not gonna let innocent people die just to soothe your guilty conscience.

So you can help me or not, but I'm gonna do this with or without you.

I cannot let you do that. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Give me that book!

You're making a mistake. Give me that book, kid.

There's gotta be another way.

And I'm gonna... I'm gonna find it.

We can help.


Step aside.

Where'd you learn how to pick a lock?


Almost got it.


You want me to drive? No.

Can I drive? No.




Anybody on board?


Son of a bitch.


This is it. It's locked.

I mean, we could probably jump it, but that's barbed wire.

Can you get us in?

No way. That trick doesn't work on padlocks.

Then we have to ram it.

Destruction of property, theft of highly-explosive material.

Breaking, entering...

Tell that to the Judge if he's still alive.

Punch it.

My turn.

[Glass shatters]

Get in.

All right.

That was cool.




Let's see.

The cave.

Watch out for snakes, all right? Okay.

Come on.

We have to do this.

I know you do.

And I'm here to help you.

Let's get 'er done!


Last one.

Okay. All good.


Okay. Is one fuse enough?

Yeah, it'll chain-reaction. This whole place is toast. Lighter?

Stay here!

Where are you going?

God forgive me.


Look, just hurry up! The lighter's wet.



I'm okay. Get the hell out of here!

In front of you!

Hey! Hey!


Oh, damn.

Bit me, you bitch.



It's gonna blow!

No! Ava!


No! No!


She's gonna die.

She's dead.

She's gone.



Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Hey, you all right? What happened to your hand?

It'll be okay.


Hey, what happened to "I don't swim"?

I said, "I don't swim," not "I can't swim".

Who's winning now?


Sucks about Mick and, uh, Taylor, and your Dad, and...

Oh, Cameron.

What day is it today?