G.I. Joe: The Movie (1987) Script

G.I. Joe

Crashing through the sky, comes the fearful cry:

Cobra! -Cobra! -Cobra! -Cobra!

Armies of the night, evil taking flight!

Cobra! -Cobra! -Cobra! -Cobra!

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide Panic spreading, far and wide!

Who can turn the tide?

G.I. Joe! -a real American hero

"Yo Joe!"

G.I. Joe is there!

G.I. Joe! -a real American hero G.I. Joe is there! fighting for freedom, wherever there's trouble over land and sea and air!

G.I. Joe is there!

Can the world oppose The deadliest of foes?

Cobra! -Cobra! -Cobra! -Cobra!

Joe will risk it all to end the evil call of Cobra! -Cobra! -Cobra! -Cobra!

Never give up, never say die!

Walking tall with banners high, they sound the battle cry:

Yo Joe! -Yo Joe!

G.I. Joe! -a real American hero G.I. Joe is there!

G.I. Joe! -a real American hero G.I. Joe is there!

Fighting for freedom Wherever there's trouble over land and sea and air!

G.I.Joe is there!

G.I.Joe is the code name for America's daring, highly trained special mission force. its purpose: to defend human freedom against Cobra. a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

G.I. Joe! -a real American hero G.I. Joe is there!

G.I. Joe! -a real American hero G.I. Joe is there! fighting for freedom wherever there's trouble over land and sea and air, G.I. Joe is there! "Cobra! Retreat! Retreat!"

G.I. Joe! -a real American hero G.I. Joe is there! G.I. Joe!

"G.I. Joe The Movie" Chapter 96 The Broadcast Energy Transmitter.


Don Johnson as Lt. Falcon

Burgess Meredith as Golobulus

Sgt. Slaughter as Sgt. Slaughter

CASTING Reuben Cannon Associates Cheryl Miller


WRITTEN BY: Ron Friedman

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Margaret Loesche, Lee Gunther


PRODUCED BY: Joe Bacal, Tom Griffin

CO-PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY: Don Jurwich Subtitle: Moti K. Oren K.

Blunderers! Fools! We possess power greater than any on earth yet our conquests are stripped from us on every front!

Our most dangerous enemy is not G.I. Joe but your collective incompetence!


What do you dare say?

The fault, most imperial Serpentor, lies not within us, but within you!

Your leadership has been pompous, pusillanimous, and pathetic!

What did he say?

He's gone batty!

That's treason!

I don't believe it!

Yes, leadership is at the very heart of this matter.

But it is not mine that is inadequate, Cobra Commander, it is yours. Your ego-driven stupidity had converted victory to catastrophe for the last time!

Go ahead. Make me the scapegoat.

My loyal subordinates could testify to my superb stewardship of Cobra ,but you don't have the courage to let them speak.

Wrong again! Defend him, if you can.

Indeed they shall. You first, noble Destro.

Militarily speaking, it is only fair to say that Cobra Commander is a world class... buffoon.

What? Baroness!

Doctor Mindbender! Brave Xamot and Tomax!

You won't let this treacherous assassination of my character go unchallenged, will you?

Certainly not. Destro forgot to mention your frequent displays of cowardice. ash! Hogw!

And you botched our desert campaign!

We had won, but you countermanded my order!

Your meddling brought us defeat, again and again and again!

You're not just a fool you're Cobra's curse!

Inept! Insufficient! Inexcusable!

Unsubstantiated fantasy! Lies! Lies! LIES!

Intruder alert, sector 45A. Battle stations!

There! Stop him!

Look! Security has been breached!

This may be an assassination attempt.

Serpentor must stay here. We will intercept the intruder.

I will meet this intruder at arms!

No! We must protect you!

Without you, there is no Cobra!

Yes. Yes, if something happened to Serpentor, it would be tragic, wouldn't it?

We shall stop this assassin. Come, follow me. Cobra!

come on men lets move on

No, not this way, that way!

Intruder approaching Serpentor's war room. Seal all sectors!

None may challenge Serpentor.

This I command!

That won't be necessary.

I, I have seen...

I have seen you before, in a dream, a vision.

In a memory, O great Serpentor. I am part of your destiny.

When you were created, my face was etched into your soul.

I am Pythona, and now it is time to fulfill your destiny.

Behold, the Broadcast Energy Transmitter.

So I say to the guy, "I don't care if I have to drive all night, we're gonna be there by morning!"

That's funny!

Catchy tune, isn't it guys? One more time!

He can't hear you, Mainframe.

Well, Dial-Tone, they're gonna here about the Broadcast Energy Transmitter all over the world. Pure energy, pumped through the air.

Yeah, unlimited power, anywhere, anytime we want.

If it works.

The B.E.T.'ll work perfectly, Duke. I can practically feel its little semiconductors singing under my fingertips.

Hey, hey, be careful.

Well, let's find out if we've wasted a billion taxpayer dollars.

Here we go. If this thing works, it could be the key to the world's energy crisis.

It's working!

All right!


The B.E.T. started Cross-Country's HAVOC!

I'll shut down and see if it stops.

Whoa, mule! Stop! Stop! STOP!

Go, go, go! It's...


Destroy everything, except the Broadcast Energy Transmitter!

This I command!

Snow Job, need a lift?

Maybe walking's better for my health!

Since when are you the nervous type? Yo Joe!

They're after the B.E.T.

Fall back and regroup for counterattack.

Press forward! I must possess the Broadcast Energy Transmitter! This I command!

This operation is costing us dearly!

I hope your contraption is worth it.

That is not your concern. Do as you're told like an obedient lackey.

Lackey? You dare call me a... Auggh!

Mindbender, look out, you dolt!

What the hell is that?

Cover me! The B.E.T.'s our only shot!

Yo Joe!

Dreadnoks, cut him down!

Man with a problem, Quick Kick!

What are friends for?

Tomax! The B.E.T. is activating the Joe's weapons!

Treachery! We're being attacked from behind!

Stand your ground! Not there, here! No, over there!

The emperor needs us, Commander.

When I so order, Baroness.

Farewell, worm!

Serpentor is hurt! We must save him! Cobr...

No! retreat! Cobra, retreat!

What coward called retreat?

Serpentor needs us! We can't...

We have a counter-attack to deal with. Retreat to the mountains!

I know where we can find sanctuary.

Cobra's through what do we do?

Ah, I hate it, but we've gotta split the force.

Roadblock, form a unit to run down Cobra.

The rest of us will take care of Serpentor and the B.E.T.

You heard the man. Let's wreck us some reptile.

Yo Joe! etc.

This is madness! Our men are half frozen! You'll kill us all!

Head for that pass up ahead. We'll find sanctuary on the other side.

There they are! Yeah! Yo Joe! etc.

Blast! The Joes have caught up!

'Ey! We didn't sign up for nothin' fatal!

Caw, mates, me eyes are playin' tricks!

'Ey, gov'nor, what's this all mean?

We are safe, safe!

Yo Joe!

Take refuge in the grove!

Knock 'em out!

What is this, the Twilight Zone?

Forget them redwood toadstools! It's battle time! Yo Joe!


Back off, fast!

Gotcha now, you slippery creep!

Bravo, bravo, dear friends!

He knows these people?

You were as impressive as ever!

You struck me? Golobulus will have your head for this!

It is not his head you should be worried about, Cobra Commander.


You will all come with me now.

No! NO!

Nemesis Enforcer, fetch Cobra Commander.

No! Release me!

I order you to let me go!

Where are you takin' the others?

You will find out soon enough, Dreadnok Ripper.

You know us?

We know everything. We know that Serpentor has been captured by G. I. Joe, and you must rescue him.

Ride the Joes? Are you balmy?

We don't know who you are or where you come from or even what side you're on.

Why should we risk our necks on your behalf?

Does this answer your question?

A gem of that size answers... all my questions.

Twenty-four hours, and zip from Roadblock and his unit!

They're smart and tough. No reason to write 'em off yet.

Agreed, but who's gonna take their place if Cobra hits us now?

We've got the B.E.T. and Serpentor, General Hawk.

The Fang Gang's bound to take a whack at 'em.

And we'll need all the Joes we can get to whack back.

What if I lead a search party after Roadblock's unit?

Okay. Find 'em and bring 'em back. I'll have the B.E.T. transferred to a maximum security station while you're away.

Yo Joe!

Sir, I've already ordered Beach Head to fast-forward the training of our new recruits.

The sooner they graduate, the sooner they can fight.

That's easier said than done.

First they've got to survive Beach Head.

Attention! I want a stone-cold, righteous attention!

Your chin is down!

Your chest out!

Your gut in!

Your face mean!

'Cause you are rough, tough, fightin' machines!

Thank you. It's a real pleasure to see that one o' you's a real trooper.

De nada, man. Let's look sharp, eh, compadres?

That better, sweetheart?

Don't you call me sweetheart.

You six Rawhides, you're gonna learn soldierin', and... hey, there's only five of you.

Where is that gold-plated goof-off, Lieutenant Falcon?

Terrific question.

Man said he had some errands to do.

Go to the tailor, wallpaper his footlocker, weird stuff.

I think he had a date or somethin'

Atten-hut! Now, I'm gonna see what you Rawhides are really made of!

You two Rawhides'll love this little training exercise.

All you gotta do is get from here to there and ring that bell. But watch out for surprises.

Big deal. I got kicked outta kindergartens with tougher playgrounds than this.

Cut the macho, Tunnel Rat! Now do it!

All right!

Big Lob makes his move!

Big Lob goes for the gold!


He cuts cross-court, sidestepping the opposition.

He executes a perfect ten dive!

The goal line is in sight!

He breaks free near the end zone!

Takes out the defense and lays down the long bomb!

It's lookin' good! Rim shot!

Will it drop in? Yes!

The Big Lob scores, and the crowd goes bananas!

The crowd ain't the only thing that's goin' bananas!

Front and center, Law!

Somewhere in this village is a time bomb set to go off in five minutes.

Find it and dispose of it.

No problem, Beach Head.

What's that bow-wow doin' here?

This is my dog, Order.

He's trained to sniff out explosives. Order, seek.

This is supposed to be your test, Law!

Eh, Law & Order is a team, man.

He finds the bombs, I drive the car.

We tried it the other way, but it didn't work.

C'mere, boy!

But he's bringin' the bomb back!

Get outta here! Gimme that!

Ahh! Let go, ya dumb dog!

Order, give it to me. Good fella.

Get rid o' that thing!

He thought you were playing, Beach Head.

He's usually quite obedient.

I hope you BOTH get fleas!

All right, Chuckles, the object o' this exercise is simple.

Draw a bead on that HISS and blow it to kingdom come.

Chuckles, wake up! You gotta get it before it gets you!


What are you doin'?

Next time, Chuckles, use the rocket launcher.

Jinx, why aren't you dueling Lieutenant Falcon?

He didn't show. Guess he was too chicken to take me on.

Either that or he heard you're one bad-luck lady.

Who says so?

Everybody. The word is when you're around, things go wrong.

Yeah, well, they usually turn out right in the end.

What in blue blazes are you doin'?

Sparring. Any problem with that?

Yeah. Your eyes. Keep 'em open!

But I...

Mouth closed, eyes open!

Yes, sir!

And don't call me sir!

Hmph. Pathetic. Don't bother to unpack. You ain't stayin' here long.

Care to try it again, my way?

As my blind ninja master used to say,

the keenest eye is that which looks inward.

See what I mean?

Are you sure it's safe? Why, just thinkin' about Serpentor bein' locked up in here gives me goosebumps all over my body.

Don't worry about it, Heather.

When you're lucky enough to have Lieutenant Falcon for a guide, you have nothing to fear but... Falcon himself.

Don't try spookin' me, Falcon I'm scared enough as it is.

C'mon. You can relax with me.

Now, you see those tech manuals over there?

Now just suppose those were Cobra creeps.

Look out!

Ooh, do it again Falcon, please.

Watch this: over my shoulder.

Duke! What are you doing here?

My duty, which is more than you seem able to do.

Didn't it occur to you that a military prison was no place for a date?

I thought you said you were in charge.

A camera? You let her bring a camera in here?

I'm taking that film.

I, I didn't know.

Mellow out. She didn't take any pictures.

Film AND visitors are forbidden here, Lieutenant Falcon.

You're supposed to be aware of those regulations!

I'll take the lady elsewhere, SIR!

C'mon, babe, this is starting to get BORING.

I'll show you boring, mister!

Jinx, escort this young lady off the base,.on the double!

Right, Duke. Let's go, Goldilocks.

I had a wonderful time, Falcon!

That Falcon is such a hunk! I'm talkin' major league gorgeous.

But I'm not tellin' you anything you don't already know, am I?

As a matter of fact, I did have kind of a date with Falcon, but I doubt he's gonna have much time for socializing with either of us from here on.

Now make like an amoeba and split.


You're dangerously close to insubordination, mister!

And you're over the line on military protocol!

I'm an officer and I'm pullin' rank!


The only thing you're pulling is guard duty until I say otherwise!

Takin' a dip, love?

Zarana! I didn't know it was you!

Neatly done, sister. I trust your mission was equally well executed?

Duke took the film in my camera, but not in my earrings.

We'll soon know everything we need to penetrate the Joes' stockade.

Blimey! It's a bloomin' sea monster!

Excellent, Zarana. You have done well.

We shall use your information to free my lord Serpentor, tonight.

I'm gettin' a nasty little feelin' like a train's comin' in and I'm gonna be under it. Know what I mean, GUNG-HO.

Yeah, we're all antsy tonight, Alpine, but don't sweat it.

That new kid, Lieutenant Falcon, is guardin' our outer perimeter.

If anyone's dumb enough to try anything, they've got to get past him first. I figure he'll give us all the warning we need.

Nice legs for a grease monkey, soldier.


Want me to kiss it and make it better?

Consider this motor pool enemy territory.

You're supposed to be happy to see me, Jinx.

And you're supposed to be on guard duty.

Oh, it's Heather isn't it.

When I explain about her, you're gonna feel so silly, you...

Stow it, Falcon. I'm allergic to baloney.

You should be guarding Serpentor.

Don't sweat it. Nobody could even get close to the stockade without an I.D. bracelet.

And even if they faked the bracelet, the pene-plastic shield would stop 'em cold.

But, for the sake of argument, suppose our mythical intruders did make it all the way to Serpentor's cell block.


They'd still have to blast through a couple o' yards of super-hard concrete.


Then they'd have to get past three of our best guys.

It's not just unlikely, it's impossible.

The alarm circuit's been cut! How are you at splicing!

Nothin' like a little on-the-job trainin'!

He must not reconnect that alarm!

Gung-Ho, watch out!

Keep slicing.

No, it can't be! Oh, brother, you are bad luck!

Hey, you're not exactly a rabbit's foot yourself.

After them! Deploy the Recon Sleds!

Falcon! Take a good look at what your irresponsibility cost us!

Because YOU deserted your post, the enemy force was able to penetrate security, free Serpentor, and injure three good men!

You're confined to quarters until court martial!

Get him out of my sight!

Even their Air Force is ugly!

Prepare the path of the steem.

I, Serpentor, emperor of Cobra, salute you, most noble one.

Pythona tells me I owe you my freedom.

Your freedom and your life.

Know that I am Golobulus, supreme ruler of this kingdom of Cobra-La.

It was I who created you, Serpentor.

You are mine!

No! Serpentor is the product of my genetic engineering!

Silence, Doctor.

But we combed the tombs of history's most powerful leaders for DNA!

Didn't it ever occur to you that such a brilliant plan was beyond the capacity of even your fine intelligence?

But it...

You perceive the facts correctly, Destro.

I implanted the idea and skill in Doctor Mindbender's rather pedestrian brain with this, a psychic motivator.

I offer you my most enthusiastic obedience.

And we too!

Then, so say we all.

It is our greater destiny that concerns me now.

Where is the Broadcast Energy Transmitter?

I was unable to capture it, but I shall not fail you again, my lord.

Let's hope not, Serpentor.

I would hate to lose you.

However, you will have other opportunities to serve me.

First, a graver matter lies before us...

The trial of Cobra Commander!

Lieutenant Falcon, I can't understand how an arrogant misfit like you got into this outfit in the first place!

They gonna shoot Falcon?

Not now. This is just a preliminary hearing.

Three good men injured, Serpentor freed by some bizarre, new enemy, all because you can't obey orders!

Your record is a shameful parade of insubordination and gross dereliction of duty.

We searched your file, in the hope of finding some act of merit to offset the maximum penalty. We found... none.

If it please the court, I ask that the defendant be spared.

On what grounds?

Duke, don't.

I just know underneath it all there's a Joe worth saving.

Falcon is my half-brother.

We should confer on this. Duke, remove the defendant.

Don't do me any more favors, Duke.

You've done more than enough already. big brother.

Falcon, Duke's trying to help.

How? By bustin' my chops every chance he gets?

I promised our mother I'd keep an eye on him.

Maybe I shouldn't have taken the job.

He did the crime, he oughta do the time!

Yeah. Now you might get penalized for his screw-ups.

Hey! Nobody's gonna take the rap for me!

I don't need your help anymore, Duke!

Get outta my life!

Show time.

Lieutenant Falcon, it is the judgment of this tribunal that you not be boundover for court martial.

But you still must answer for the serious charges against you.

Falcon, you're gonna learn what it means to be a Joe even if it kills you.

I'm sending you to the Slaughterhouse.

You have no jurisdiction over me!

Release me at once or face my wrath!

I promise I'll...

Be silent... or be silenced!

I'll... I am always prepared to listen to reason, most honored sire.

'Ey, Zartan, why all this legal-fegal palaver?

Yeah, if they wanna trash old Chrome Dome, why don't they just get on with it?

Because, Dreadnoks, we are civilized, and a great wrong has been by inflicted upon Cobra-La by Cobra Commander.

That wrong must be avenged in accordance with our ancient tradition.

Let the web of remembrance tell the tale!

Forty thousand years ago, the glory of Cobra-La dominated this planet.

But an age of ice destroyed much of what we had built, and with it began the time of the barbarians.

Surprisingly, they evolved.

If you ask me, some of them did not evolve.

Gradually, they mastered a technology based on inorganic, lifeless substances.

Their culture was a travesty of our own noble ways, and a threat to our very existence.

We retreated to preserve our ways and await an opportunity to reclaim the earth.

Generations passed...

And then, a brilliant young nobleman came to my attention.

Even though disfigured by a laboratory accident... he was my choice... to go into the world and raise a mighty army, and to destroy the so-called human civilization which had driven us into exile.

You were my hope, Cobra Commander, and you failed me... miserably!

I was betrayed!

My troops lack courage!

It was not my fault!

You failed!


Your precious creation Serpentor defiled your dreams of conquest!

Destroy him I say! Destroy him!

Behold, the culmination of centuries!

The ultimate fruit of hypergenetic manipulation, a weapon no enemy can withstand!

In several hours, these magnificent fungusoids will mature and launch hundreds of giant pods into orbit.

The pods will contain spores, and the spores will degenerate all organisms they touch, mutating them into primitive, incompetent life forms.

When the pods ripen, they will burst... and shower the earth with enough spores to reduce the entire human race into mindless beasts.

Only those beneath Cobra-La's ice dome will be spared.

But the pods will not ripen in freezing space, without energy... and that is why I must have...

The Broadcast Energy Transmitter! Of course!

Fool! You haven't got the B.E.T.!

You don't even know where it is!

Your plan is laughable!

But your punishment will not be.

Punishment? What about my trial?

It's over, and the verdict is guilty-guilty of the one unforgiveable crime: failure!

No! No! Not the spores!

I'm a citizen of Cobra-La!


No! Nooo... ooo... ooo...

Ooh, how bizarre!

Nemesis Enforcer, throw this worthless sewage into the Abyss of Oblivion.

No, put him in with the Joe prisoners, so they can see the fate which awaits them.

I like that.

It's poetic in its simplicity.

A trifle melodramatic, but...

Nemesis Enforcer, take him away.


There it is, Lift-Ticket!

Sure don't look cozy down there!

I dont' think Falcon is supposed to enjoy himself, Wild Bill.

Gung-Ho, Alpine, and Bazooka aren't exactly enjoyin' their hospital stay.

Put it on, smart guy!

What for? We're in the middle o' nowhere. whooo!

Which is right where you belong!


Look what dropped in on us, brothers: a hundred and seventy pounds of air pollution!

I've seen putty with more backbone!

I do not like his face. Let us remove it, yes?

At ease, disease!

I've been expecting you.

My name is Sergeant Slaughter, special drill instructor for GI Joe.

That's terrific, Sarge, but I'm tryin' to cut down on the chicken sweat just now, so if you'll excuse me...

You're goin' nowhere, space case.

You're here because you're an industrial-strength foul-up!

My job is to whip you into shape, and I'm talkin' whip!

There's only two ways outta my command: on your feet like a man, or in a ditty bag--an itty, bitty ditty bag! Got it?

Yes, Sir! thats better!

Now straighten up and meet the Renegades.

They're not real dependable yet, but when I get through with 'em, what're you gonna be?


That's right, per-fect!

Say hello to Mercer, ex-Cobra Viper who's seen the light.

Red Dog, booted out of pro football for unnecessary roughness.

And Taurus, a circus acrobat with a few loose bats in his big top.

Uh, hi, guys.

Okay, now that we're all close friends , let's head for the Slaughterhouse.

Grab your gear and start hot-footin' it.

If you're gonna be there in time for breakfast, it's a long haul.

You expect me to walk?

No, you can run! Yo Joe!

Save my bones for Davy Jones!

He gives me chills.

What'd they do to him?

He looks... inhuman!

Forget that, man, remember the plan!

When the guards open the gates, we're gone.

now... Yo Joe! Let's go!

Wait for me!

The world will soon be ours, great Golobulus!

May your deeds match your words, Serpentor.

The Joes are escaping!

We must destroy them!

You will find Cobra-La is prepared to handle all contingencies, my impetuous friend.

This way out! Yo Joe!

Stop! It's a trap!

Get outta my face!

No! Look!

You see, Serpentor, there is no escape from Cobra-La.

My buddies!

There's nothing you can do to save them!

Wait! I know another way out of Cobra-La.

You can save yourself and fight again.

So what's your fee? Snakes don't give for free.

Take me with you!

We got a bargain.

But play it straight, or there's no doubt I'll turn your eyeballs inside-out.

This way.

Nemesis Enforcer, dispose of them.

Don't look! my eyes

I can't see!

I'll be your eyes! Run!

Not that way! To the left!

Now turn! No, straight ahead!


So begins the dawn of our invincibility.

Forward! Our mission is not complete until we return with the Broadcast Energy Transmitter!

Useless! All useless!

C'mon! Snap out of it!

Neither of us'll make it if you don't hang together!

I was once a man! A man!

I can't see, but I can still... hey, this is your faceplate.

Was my mask, just as I was once a man!

I don't like that crazy sound. Tell me, dude, what's goin' down?

The beginning of the end of human civilization, unless you warn G. I. Joe in time.

Then let's move it!

Straight ahead, a mountain path!

That's it! Faster! Faster!

Sorry you missed breakfast, Falcon (burp), but that's what happens when you're outta shape.

Maybe a little K.P.'ll help you get the lead out.

Jump, yardbird!

You're going to work till you wish you were dead, and then keep goin', 'cause you're afraid if you don't, I won't let you die!

I can't believe Flint hasn't found a trace of Roadblock's unit.

The Himalayas are a big hunk of geography, Sergeant, but we can't wait any longer.

I want you to infiltrate the Terror Drome and see if Cobra knows what happened to Roadblock's men.

Uh, how's Falcon doing?

I'm lookin' at him.

It's too soon to tell yet, but I think the kid's got potential.

And by the way, I won't tell him you asked.

Dinner already?

Unless you like snakeburgers.

We're gonna infiltrate the Terror Drome no Cobra Island.

That's suicide!

Yes. Horoscope say is bad day to travel.

Think of it as an extra-rough training exercise.

Training, huh? Then why don't we leave our weapons behind and make it really educational?

Now that's what I call a challenge.

No weapons! Let's move out!

Cobra will never think of looking for the B.E.T. in a civilian security lab.

Let's hope not.

Anyway, it'll be safer here until our missing buddies return.

Mercer, you know the layout.

How do we get in?

In this stinking swamp, even big, bad Cobras need air conditioning.

That's our ticket in.

The real men can go in.

The cowards can stay out here.

Central control is that way.

The Baroness has located the Broadcast Energy Transmitter.

The Joes can't stop us from capturing it now.

They're off balance and undermanned.

Strato-Vipers, when the battle is won, to you shall go the honor of flying the transmitter back to Cobra-La!

Hail, Serpentor! Hail, Cobra! Hail, victory!

You're not fillin' your brothers in, Mercer.

What's Cobra-La?

I never heard of it.

That answer gives me no comfort.

Pipe down.

I believe him.

Right now we gotta warn headquarters.

Falcon, can you get the word out?

No sweat.

Then do it. We'll blow up their armory, and rattle reptile from here to Cobra-La.

Yo Joe! Yo Joe!

Come on!

Come in, G. I. Joe. Acknowledge.

If they keep shootin', we all blow up!

Come in, G. I. Joe! Acknowledge!

come on, lets go'in. Yo Joe!

It's time to go bye-bye, or boom-boom! Where's Falcon?

Who cares?

We don't need!

It's time you learned we're a team, Red Dog.

We all go home or nobody goes home!

Yo Joe!

How many in your force?

What is the purpose of your mission?

You can't resist forever!

You're right.

All I gotta do is hold out for five... more... minutes.

Insolent fool!

If you won't answer me, you can answer Nemesis Enforcer!

Yo Joe!

When I'm through with you, scuz-bucket, they're gonna scrape you off the walls with a squeegee.

Nemesis Enforcer! Finish him off, we have work to do!

Ahh! Nemesis Enforcer! Help me!

You, you came back for me.

Don't get sloppy.

Just point me at that overgrown bat.

No time for rematch! Remember bomb!

Must hurry!

Let's get outta here!

Cobra is finished, yes?

Don't bet your beard on it.

I want their heads!

This I command!

Perimeters are secured, sir!

Secure the B.E.T.!

Cobra's after the Broadcast Energy Transmitter!

You rally the ground troops. I'll call out the airborne assault team.

Yo Joe!

Hey, wait up!

There goes our ride.

That ain't necessarily so!

I'll hotwire this baby and we're outta here.

Fly it, Jinx!

Yo Joe!

Ay, carumba! Oh no! Aw, nuts! etc.

First one to say anything about my being bad luck gets a knuckle massage.

I can see the whites of their beedy little eyes!

Yo J...

What the...

Shoot 'em down, whatever they are!

Okay, Chuckles, let's give this whirlybird a twirl!

All right, let's go!

Okay, guys, prove us Rawhides aren't raw!

Man, who ever heard of being shot down by salad?

Pour it on, Joes! We can't let 'em get their hands on the B.E.T..

Bandits at 12 o'clock high! Regroup!

Cobra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la- la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!

Maintain air attack, and deploy the Marauders!


Open it!


Inform Serpentor the prize is ours.

Go for the underbelly!

These things aren't invulnerable after all!

At last!


Yo Joe! Concentrate firepower! etc.

Evacuate the B.E.T. at once!

Yo Joe!

Cobra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la- la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!


You, young one.

You nearly thwarted my destiny!


Die, arrogant earth scum!



He took the snake meant for your heart, but his sacrifice will be in vain! This I command!

General Hawk! Bad news!

Serpentor got the B.E.T., and Duke is seriously injured!

See to him! I'm coming in!

How is he, Scarlett?

Not good.

Looks like I can't look out for you any more, kid.

Don't say that, Duke!

Doc'll fix you up!

This isn't Doc's day for miracles.

It's my own fault I'm too slow.

No, No, you did it to save me!

Promise me you'll try to get your act together, be a credit... to your country.

I, I'll make you proud! You'll see!

Yo... Joe...

He's gone into a coma.


Falcon, don't worry.

We'll do everything we can for Duke.

Yo Joe.

Hail, Golobulus! Behold, the proof of our victory.

When this timeworm completes its journey, the pods will ripen, the spores will burst forth, and this pitiful planet will be ours.

General Hawk, I've identified that energy source!

It's definitely coming from the B.E.T. cobra's got it somewhere in the Himalayas.

Prepare to move out.

All I want is Serpentor.

Just give me one clear shot.

Not so fast, Rawhide, you're not goin' anyplace.

Problem, Beach Head?

Affirmative. I'm not sure the Rawhides are ready yet, and I'm 'specially not sure about him.

But, Serpentor...

Beach Head is right. The six of you still lack experience.

I have a right!

What you have is an order, G. I. Joe!

Besides, we need someone to guard the base and try to contact Flint.

Yes, sir!

Useless! All useless!

I was a man! Yessssss... Oh, yesss...

I wassssss a man... I was a man, yessss...

Stop sayin' that, you hear? You're makin' me crazy!

Was a man! Men may rule, but serpents never! Was a...

You're goin' snakehouse, man! You gotta resist!


Stop stranglin' me!

There he is! Hey, it's Roadblock! etc.

Some rescue party we turned out to be!

Roadblock found us!

Who is it? I don't need to see clear to fracture your rear!

Easy, Roadblock. You're with friends.

Lifeline? Lifeline!

Flint! Roadblock! Hawk's leading a strike force to Serpentor's home base, a place called Cobra-La.

Patch me through! We've gotta warn him!

Warn him? About what?

Plants, man. The kind that gobble you up.

Yo Joe!

Yo Joe!

Sound the alarm! The Joes are attacking!

I'm aware of that, Serpentor! I am aware of everything.

All shall be accomplished in the fullness of time.

Yo Joe!

Hawk, don't send 'em in! Cobra-La is booby-trapped!

How, Roadblock?

Some kinda weird tree, man.

Where those leaves grow, you can't survive.

That giant plant eats Joes alive!

Get back! Halt! Watch out men!

Get back! Get back!

Hey, que pasa, Jinx?

Hawk and the others were ambushed entering Cobra-La.

Look at Cobra Commander!

Those orbiting pods contain degenerative spores, and if the B.E.T. isn't shut down, the pods will open and release enough spores to mutate every man, woman, and child on Earth!

That's not gonna happen! Right?


Let's win this game!

I think your vision can be restored, but there's nothing I can do for the snake.

The mutation process is irreversible.

Wassss... a man!

I hear somethin'... and now I can see it comin' in!

I never thought I'd be glad to see you show up, Falcon.

Thanks, Flint. Now Roadblock, how are we gonna get in to save Hawk and the others?

Cobra Commander is the only one who can tell us.

Which way now, man?

You hear me, man?

Forget it. He's completely turned into a snake.

Now how do we know which way to go?

Hey, wait! Listen... I think I just found a back door!

How come we gotta seal this tunnel?

If we don't, those spores will filter in and mutate us, you bug-brain.

You wonna wait a claim or something

'Allo, 'allo, allo!

Adios, adios, adios!

Those fool Dreadnoks! They fly too close to the carnal trees!

Wait, those aren't Dreadnoks. They're... G.I. Joes!

And Big Lob makes his move!

Uh-oh! Aggressive defense! He takes a hit, but keeps comin'!

Will the clock run out before his mission is complete? No!

He shoots...

Is it good?


Forward! Shoot'em plants.

Oh, brother.

Yo Joe!

General Hawk! We've gotta shut down the B.E.T.!

Then let's do it, soldier! Yo Joe!

They're advancing on the palace!

They are too late.

But, to assuage your fears, I shall take precautions.

Organisms of Cobra-La, detach, and defend to the death!


Yeah! Let's go! etc.

Yo Joe! Head for the palace!

Not bad for a first date, huh?

Yeah, but next time let's watch a horror flick instead of living one!

Shut down the B.E.T.! I'll keep this party going!


Obliterate them!

Vengeance is ours!

The big sleaze-bat belongs to me!

you're terrific

Your brother fell before my wrath, and so shall you!

Hold still, witch!

Prepare for eternity!

Your life has ended!

Okay, lady, it's time for lights out!

Your breath sears your lungs. Your eyes dim. Your...

Wasss a man... Yesss...

Cobra Commander! No!

I always knew I wasn't unlucky.

This is for Gung-Ho, Alpine, and Bazooka! (grunts) This is for Falcon!

(grunts) This is for me! (grunts) This is for Duke! (grunts)

And this is for the U.S. of A.! (grunts) You make me sick!

Enough! This game is over!


You're next, whatever you are.

I will stain my hands with your blood!

No one, no one defies Golobulus and lives! No one!

Don't give up!

The last thing you will hear is the cracking of your vertebrae, one by one!

He did it! He shut off the B.E.T.

Heroic, and utterly futile. Behold, the pods have matured!

There is no way to stop the spores!

You have lost, G. I. Joe! Lost!

We failed.

No. not yet!

What are you doing?

If I can rev up enough juice...

You can fry those spores in space!

It's gonna blow!

Warn the others!

Get outta here!

And leave you? No way!

Forget me! Save yourselves!

Falcon, we all go home or nobody goes home!

Jump, Falcon! Grab my ankles!

General Hawk, do you read me?

This is Doc at headquarters.

Great news! Duke's come out of his coma!

Looks like we've made it.

Men, Doc says Duke's gonna be A-OK!

Yo Joe!

Look at the sky!

The last of the mutation spores are burning up in orbit.

Thanks, big brother. Let's go.