Gimmick (2019) Script

'Famous mountains like Brahma Mountain, Pushpa Mountain and Kodachadri Mountain of Karnataka, Aadi Kaleshwar Mountain is one of them.'

'Though the mountain is surrounded by the five elements, it is hardly visited by people.'

Thakome, the king of Mongolia from Ulaanbaatar who came to South of India in 1940 for business, since he had good relationship with the Britishers, the British government presented a huge bungalow to him as a token of friendship.'

'A sorcerer of the region who had an eye on the king's wealth married the king by luring him.'

'Whenever the king went to Ulaanbaatar for business she'd send for his ex-lover to her place.' Getting engrossed into his arms, she gives birth to a baby boy.'

'This secret which was kept away from the king for seven years, when he learnt about it, he not only burnt the illegitimate child alive and got her lover killed, he also ordered to beat the sorcerer to death as a punishment and goes to his native.'

Pained about losing her child and parting from her lover, on a full moon day, she gave up her soul to an evil and died.'

'On the other side, pained about the incident, he commits suicide.'

'When the king's dynasty was coming to end gradually, the monks believed the curse of the sorcerer to be the reason behind it and sent Monk Mojimur to Aadi Kaleshwar Mountain.'

Monk, I was terrified as soon as you asked me about the bungalow.

Whichever animal goes towards the bungalow, the ghost kills it for sure.

The villagers have never been to the bungalow for the past 40 years.

Look there, that's the bungalow.

It is not so easy to confine the evil force which gave up its soul to an evil.'

It is very important to confine it only on a particular period.

I will definitely come on that particular day and bring peace to that soul.

I taught stunts to great actors like Dr. Rajkumar, Vishnuwadhan, Ambrish and the karate king.

Do you know how I won these trophies? He got them from the scrap dealer.

Shut up! I don't stoop so low.

Have you ever done somersault?

What's the big deal, Brother-in-law?

I have failed in all the exams.

Have you ever kicked anyone?

If you don't water or soda to your drink you will definitely go high, Brother-in-law.

You must have guts to become a stunt master like me.

Do you have it? I do have a cigarette.

Do you have matchbox on you? You stole my cigarette!

Give it back! Dad!

We know you're former stunt man. Why do you throw your weight on uncle?

Nephew, don't call me 'Mama' (uncle), call me 'Maava' (uncle).

Gani! Yes.

Bring Pratap here.

Come, Uncle. I am going as he's calling me.

Don't try to act smart with me. Here he is.

Pratap, we got you an auto rickshaw to do business, how you make me do this work?

Look, I have to go to collect the interest money for chit fund.

What do you think you're doing?

Your husband is not allowing me to go. Uncle, go to Hotel Deepak and deliver four diamonds, six gold and three silver.

Do it. Okay.

The brand names for the products are gold and silver, but we could never buy real gold and silver selling them.

Hey, I am the golden star. Gani!

Which star? The golden star.

You're not a star, you're like the tar on the road. - Dad, go away, else she will throw chilli powder on your face. - My God!

Brother-in-law, don't turn around, get going.

Thank you.


Rani, you're getting call from an unknown number.

Hello. It's me Nimmi.

When did you purchase a new number?

I will tell you later.

Is there a lake or a well in your locality?

To bid farewell to Lord Ganesha's idol. No, to kill myself.

What's the wrong with you? I was dating a guy.

'You were dating a guy?' Yes. - 'You didn't tell me about it.'

I wanted to surprise you.

It's all over.

'What happened?'

His father learnt about our relationship and looking for an alliance.

I already slept with him.

Darn it. He has now decided to marry another girl as he doesn't want to hurt his father.

Do this.

Tell your boyfriend you want to meet him for the last time, ask him to come to Vaishnavi Sapphire Mall in blue t-shirt.

Where did uncle go? He said there's a sale.

Hi. Nimmi, will he come?

Rani. - Yes. He has come.

Is it? Is he downstairs?

'He's so handsome.'

How does he look?

Is it him? - Yeah. He's very handsome.

Oh, he's leaving. Let's go. Come.

Hey, here you are. I was looking for you.

My friends were waiting for you.

Were your friends... I am in a fix. Let's go.

Just a minute. They... Forget them.

Don't talk.

Where is he going? Where did he go?

Fourth floor.

Hello, sir. Hello.

Which perfume do you use?

Perfume? No, I don't use perfumes.

Sir, it's a special perfume, please try. It's a sample, sir.

Is it? It's a very special perfume.

Let me try.

Very nice. It's very nice.

Yes! It's very nice.

Give me more.


Where am I?

Where am I?

Where am I?

Hello, you're such a cheat.

Times have changed now.

What are you watching?

I am wondering if you girls kidnapped me to beat me or romance with me.

Did the spray work on him or not? He regained consciousness so soon.

I don't fall unconscious for Bangalore's pollution, you think I will fall unconscious for the spray?

What a joke!

Hey, don't laugh. Do you think your heart is ladies paying guest?

For how many girls will you rent your heart?

You fell in love with our friend Nimmi, made her pregnant and now you're getting married to another girl.

I didn't make Nimmi pregnant.

First of all, I don't even know who Nimmi is.

Really? You don't know who Nimmi is? No, I don't.

You don't know how dangerous I am.

Do that again. What?

Look, young ladies should cook food and not lock horns with young men.

By the way, what is your name? Don't tell him your name, Rani.

Rani, what is your name?

Rani, Nimmi is calling.

Hello, Nimmi, where did you go away suddenly?

My boyfriend came and picked me.

We're going to Daramasthala to get married.

Hey, hold on, I'll put Rani on the line. Rani, Nimmi wants to talk to you.

Tell me. 'My boyfriend patched up with me, we're going to Daramasthala to get married. Bye.'


I have kidnapped your boyfriend.

You have no patience. You must've kidnapped somebody else.

Hang up the phone. 'Okay.'

Rani, did you goof up?

We got confused and made a mistake.

You may go. Hello.

You kidnapped an innocent guy and now, you say it was a blunder and ask me to leave.

I won't be quiet.

If I get angry...

Are you threatening me?

Nothing wrong happened.

What do you mean, 'nothing wrong happened'?

What if someone filmed you girls kidnapping an young man like me in broad daylight and post the video on social network and it becomes viral, who will marry me?

When engineers have a tough time finding brides, who will marry a man who was kidnapped?

I don't mind jumping off the mountain with my girlfriend to commit suicide, but I won't die as a bachelor.

Soon after I grew up, my parents desired to have a beautiful daughter-in-law.

Now, who will agree to become daughter-in-law to my parents?

Who? I will become their daughter-in-law.

Sister. Idiot!

You're laughing? I have become a mockery.

You ruined my life trying to help your friend.

Isn't there anyone to raise voice against the injustice?

I want to cry, but I am unable to do so.

Will you stop this nonsense? Just shut up!

If you were kidnapped, you would've created ruckus before the media and my life would've got ruined.

Don't you think men and women are equal?

My God!

I am sorry about what happened.

Please go from here.

I won't allow you to go.

I told you I am sorry. That's not enough.

You have to apologise to me by falling at my feet.

Sister. Do what he says.

No, don't.

I was kidding.

The place of a girl is not at the feet, but in the heart.

Hey girl, we have seen boys kidnap girls, for the first time I am seeing girls kidnap boys.

Look, you must give a share from the ransom to our boss.

Which ransom?

Seeing your attire and the location, you're no less than James Bond.

You're mistaken.


Catch them!



Rani, he has taken risk for us, thank him.

That's alright. I didn't exercise this morning, it was like a warm-up.

Thanks, ma'am.

At times, even strangers help you when you're in trouble, they alert you when the vehicle stand is not closed or the car door is not closed properly.

So what's the need to thank him for such a little thing?

Come, let's go.

You can't get away.

Gani, it's as big as a truck.

Sir, are you very tired? Yes.

Ask for a ride on his back. What?

Spoilt brats.

Look at him, he is jogging wearing a suit.

He's straight here from the last night party.

Pull his leg.

Hey! Who's that?

My girlfriend. Hello, sweetheart. Morning!

Even I am in the park.

Is it? I am coming!

Bye, Gani.

Let me know when you get her.

He's pimp. Let's borrow his number.

Excuse me!

Hello. Buddy, you were worried because traffic police seized your bike, but my situation was worse, I was kidnapped by some girls yesterday.

Be careful, don't move around alone.

If something goes wrong, call me, I will come for your rescue.

Hello, don't get scared of boys.

We girls are usually polite, but if someone messes with us, they are finished.

No man has the courage to confront us. Hey!

It is men who represent courage.

If girls are queen of wars, boys are king of the jungle.


What will the boys do if we girls refuse to marry them?

If boys make up their mind, we are able to even drag a lion with a rope, won't we be able to drag girls with just a string?

Don't worry at all.

Hello, mister, what's your problem?

What, Rani? Nothing.

You've been degrading girls.

You'll pay a price for it.

Hello, I'm talking over the phone. What's your problem?

Don't make me angry, if I get angry, I'll become like Goddess Kali.

Not Goddess Kali, but a hen.

No matter how much the hen flies, it won't become a king, it will only turn into a dish. Just shut up!

Why should I shut up?

You're a girl who's good for nothing.

Mind your language!

First language is Kannada. Kannada is the best.

Speak in Kannada.

Oh! Just go to hell! What's going on?

Ma'am, this is public place.

That's what even I am telling her.

I'm telling her not to quarrel in public and sort things at home, but she isn't paying heed to me.

What? At home?

What nonsense!

I don't know who you are.

This is the problem, sir.

We're married for three years now, she refuses to wear nuptial chain.

She says I am not her husband.

I have become miserable after marriage.

What are you saying? Does one face so many problems in married life?

That's right, sir.

We can impress anyone in this world except two people.

Your boss in the office and your wife back at home.

Whatever we do, they try to prove it wrong.

Is it? Yes.

What is opposite word to Google? What is it?

Wife. How?

Google provides answers to all our question and a wife poses questions to all our answers.

Well said! Stop it!

Men fear to clap hands or knock the door or to go inside the room and...

Look, lives of men is miserable.

Hey, this is too much! I will call the police!

Call the police, I will tell them you kidnapped me yesterday.

Call the police!

Call the police!

Let's not land ourselves into trouble, let's go.

Did you see?

When there's entertainment, there's everybody, but when there's trouble, everyone is gone.

May there be joy or sorrow, I will always be with you.

Your father might have raised you as a princess in the house, but I will treat you like a queen in my palace called heart.

Stop pretending.

At least now, tell me you love me.

I am doing so ever since I first saw you.

Love at first sight.

'The no moon day is when the sun and the moon come to the same position.'

'Moreover, it's new moon day today.'

'Today is the right day to confine the evil power with my powers.'

Priest, I am getting very scared.


Rani, come with me. One second. - Okay.

Nothing should stop me from enjoying myself.

What are you seeing?

No one can see all the beauties of the world at a time.

My God! - But when I see you, I felt as though all the beauties at a time.

Thank you. What is he doing with Rani?

Your beautiful cheeks.

But there's one ornament missing.

What's that?

The pearl necklace.

I don't have one.

I will give you one.

Hey, someone will see us. Who is he?

Ma'am. Yes.

Do you know him?

That boy? - Yes. He's the only son of Mr. Kapoor.

He's the heir of the wealth worth billions.

Hello. Buddy, what about Mr. Shetty's order?

'What was the order?'

Gold, 18 boxes, four diamonds and silver as per the demand.

And for the orphanage annual function, four boxes of gold, two diamonds.

'Okay.' Deliver them within half hour.

'Okay.' Don't forget.

'Okay.' Okay.

'Okay.' What?

He's donating four boxes of gold and two diamonds to the orphanage?

He is a big shot.

He made a deal worth billions over the phone in just two minutes.

He is a big shot.

You think I will let you go if you invite me for an unknown wedding?

So what?

I will introduce Nimmi to you.

Our love story started when we tried to help them.

Is it going to be just a love story?

Won't there be romance?

Rani! What's happening here?

Father-in-law, who do you think he is? Who is he?

He's the only heir of Kapoor family.

Mr. Kapoor? Yes.

The little boy? Yeah.

Is he your father?

He's the heir of the wealth worth billions.

He's a perfect match for Rani, you idiot!

Hey! - Sorry! When a fool like me can realize, why can't you?

Don't wait. Don't miss the opportunity. Okay.

Boy, are you in love with my daughter?

Yes, sir.

Yes, Dad.

Anyways, bring your parents home, we'll discuss about marriage.

Thanks, Dad. Oh, my darling.


What's the matter? I was in the bathroom!

Father-in-law, shall I cover all our cars with tarpaulin?

Have you lost our mind? I will tell you why.

They are rich people. Who? - Those who we're expecting.

They carry millions of rupees in their coats.

The expensive cars we own, their security guards own such cars.

They use Ferrari.

Manik, Rani is very lucky. You're right.


Manik, is this the sound of Ferrari?

Maybe a new model.

This vehicle is a junk.

What's the hurry?

What's this? Do we have to setup a traditional dais for the ceremony?

They are not from the decoration team. Then?

The groom's family.

The groom's family?

Be careful.

You said they will arrive in Ferrari, but they have arrived in carriage.

Well, they have come in a carriage as they don't want people to know they are rich. Yes.

Hey, where are you going? I want to pee, I am finding a place.

Don't go looking for a place, pee in the pot. No!

If you don't pee in the pot, you will pee in your pant.

What if someone asked?

Is it filter water to ask for it? I mean, what if someone swears me?

Hey, tell them you're the groom's relative.

You're right. Go.

I will pee in the pot. Hey!

You idiot!

Have you lost your mind? Actually...

You fool.

"The music..."

Brother-in-law! Sister! Let's take a selfie!

Ready? Come. I will join you, too. - Pose.

Take one more picture.

Stop posing. Hold it.

Apple is worth Rs. 150 a kilo. Take more pictures.

Mom, it's fallen in the water, why are you picking it?

They won't have to wash it again.

My God! Give it to me. Let's go.

Hurry up, I am famished, let's eat something.

They are rich people, even the breakfast would be rich.

The bat has bitten it.

Not bat, brother-in-law bit it.

We're very happy as you gave your approval for the alliance.

My name is Sumadevi, I run a finance business, he's my only son Gani.

He's my younger brother Pratap and he's my husband Sundar.

They are my younger sisters, she is my mother.

Mom, greet him. Greetings.

My name is Seenappa, I am a DC. DC?

Dog catcher.

He's a dog catcher. He is famously known as Nayi Sinappa.

Some call him 'Dog, my son'.

When I entered your gate, I heard a dog bark.

If you permit me, I will bring the van and take it away tomorrow itself.

It is our pet.

No problem. I will take it away if you pay me Rs. 100 extra.

Do it for free.

What's your profession?

What do you do? I am a stunt man in films.

Ravi Verma, Thriller Manju, Different Danny, Mass Mada, they are my students.

He's famously known as Palti Sundar.

Shall I do a somersault?

Sit quietly, you got your back treated just last week.

Mr. Ganesh, let's get to the point.

What's your qualification?

Actually, I successfully completed pre-university two years in Bangalore university.

You can say PUC.

I said it to make it sound more sophisticated.

You didn't study further?

I was very much interested, sir.

I wanted to become like Visvesvaraya, so I removed the fuse and studied sitting under the streetlight.

Did you score good marks in the exams? No, sir.

I developed several marks on my body after being bitten by mosquitoes.

He's so funny.

What's so funny about it?

I was the owner of automobile company in your son's age.

Even he owns an auto rickshaw and a mobile phone.

Even he's the owner of automobile, but I drive the auto rickshaw.


She's so beautiful.

That's alright.

Gani, she's very beautiful.

Get married and come to our house soon, I will look after you like my child.

I am really lucky. I have not seen my mother, I consider you one. Sumadevi, time is passing by, perform the rituals fast. Okay.

Come. Hold this.


Ask him to clear the garbage immediately, it's an order.

Father-in-law. Why did leave getting upset?

I have no idea.

Sorry, Gani.

I never thought dad would insult you.

It's okay.

Mr. Rathanlal, you've come from America because I asked you to.

I don't know how to thank you.

Mr. Chandulal, how can we reject the marriage proposal?

Mr. Rathanlal, which is your native?

Our native is Arasinakunte. Arasinakunte?

Yes. Even I hail from Arasinakunte.

What's your father's name? Gobi Manchuri.

Gobi Manchuri?

My father's name is Gopi and my mother's name is Manjali.

I am Gopi Manjali's son.

What a stupid fellow. I fooled you.

Did you like the girl?

That's fantastic!

What do you have to say?

Excuse me.

She accepts the proposal, but she's a little shy.

Hello, Gani.

'Yes, Rani.' My father has fixed my engagement in Hotel Royal.

What do I do?

Please do something, Gani.

You're worrying unnecessarily.

Thousands of people visit Taj Mahal daily, but they can't own it, right?


'I am not as brave as you.'

'The boy's name is Dheeraj.'

Just a minute.

Who is Dheeraj? I am Dheeraj. - Go on.

My father has agreed to get me married to him. - Okay.

'Please, Gani, I want you.'

I won't live without you.

I won't ditch you, don't worry.

If you say yes, I will get you married before these people.

What do you say?

My father will surely get me married to that useless guy.

Forget him. Let's elope today itself.

Elope? Why?

Come to the place where your father is, your father Mr. Chandulal Bawarchi will get us married conventionally.

Gani... Don't worry.

Come to the place where your father is.

You're so beautiful.

Look, I stalled the engagement.

So, won't you kiss me now?

Okay. Are you feeling shy?

Don't worry, I will ask everyone to close their eyes. Come on, kiss me.

Hello, mister. Have you lost your mind?

Kannada should be the first language. My name is Gani. I am Rani's boyfriend.

Gani! Please don't scream, stay calm.

I will make everything alright.

Let's talk. Take it.

Get off.

Thank you. You idiot!

Shall we sit there and talk?

Don't you have manners? Can't you see the reserved board there?

You're right.

You don't want to share sweets, you don't want to share someone's seat, but you want someone else's girlfriend.

What kind of manners is that?

Hey, what the hell is going on?

Your daughter is in love with a ruffian and you want to get her married to my son?

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Stop it!

Kannada should be the first language.

How dare you yell at him!

I have great respect for my father-in-law to be and you are yelling at him?

How dare you?

Hey, you met them, you saw the girl, you ate snacks, now, go home and sleep.

Junior, let me tell you something.

Hey, take your hand off.

Do you have the status to talk to my son placing your hand on his shoulder?

There's not much difference.

He studied in boarding school and I studied in a government school, he eats junk food and I eat organic food, he speaks English and I speak Kannada.

You idiot! Enough!

You studied in a local Kannada medium school and you're showing so much arrogance.

Hey! Listen, if you want to achieve something, learn English.

Those who studied in Kannada medium school have no become successful.

Junior, people who studied in English medium school only construct buildings, the one who studied in Kannada medium school has Kannambadi.

I will tell you something, remember it.

The power of the sun may reduce, but the one who studied in Kannada medium school will always live with attitude.

We will live with our heads held high.

Look, mister...

Sunny, I don't want to waste anymore time here. Mr. Rathan. - Let's go.

Mr. Rathan, please. No more talks.

Get going. Go.

Mr. Rathan! Yes.

Father-in-law. It's all because of you.

Don't beat the wife before her husband. Whose wife?

Look, do you have the capacity to take care of my daughter?

Forget the clothes and ornaments she wears, do you have the capacity to even give her two square meal with the petty money you earn?

Why are you talking like the heroines' fathers in the movies?

It's a very common dialogue.

Why do you gauge a boy based on his earnings?

Mostly importantly, value the heart. There are several emotions in it.

Value them.

If you get your daughter married to me rather than getting her married to a stranger I will treat her like a queen.

You can't manipulate me like you manipulated my daughter.

There was once income raid in my house, I lost billions of rupees, I didn't care.

Because I was confident I will earn money again.

But I didn't lose money this time, but my reputation.

How will I regain it? I feel scared when I think about it.

You've done a mistake.

You have tarnished my image, you will definitely repent for this.

Why do you stress unnecessarily?

Don't waste your time calling someone.

We can never change our destiny.

Try to understand.


Bye, Rani.


why are you seeing over there?

See here.

What's all this?

I fix different location to every client, this is the perfect location for you.

Sir, what can I do for you? You need to teach a lesson.

What do you mean?

You're middle-aged man, you want me to teach you? Hey!

Boss himself has many things to learn. Correct.

Will you shut up?

I mean, this is the first time you're getting such a deal.

My little daughter, I took best care of her.

A boy has made her fall in love with him by manipulating her. Oh.

It's about a girl.

It will cost you lot of money. I will do what you say.

Look, the owner of this talkies had given me a contract to cut off someone's leg. - Okay.

After I cut off his leg, the owner escaped without paying me money. - Oh.

So, I beheaded the owner of the talkies and acquired the talkies. See if he got scared.

He is terrified.

Now, what do you say?

But I will pay you the money sincerely.


If I deal with the boy in the right manner, your daughter will forget him. Okay?

I tried to do the same, but he thrashed my men in return.

But in vain.

Let's kill him. We can't kill him.

If we do that, my daughter will get me jailed herself.

He has manipulated her completely.

So plan C will work well on them.

What's plan C?

Tell the boy you've given your approval for their marriage.

Hey, are you mad? Hey!

Hey! Hey!

Plan C means betrayal.

What do you mean? We must remove the thorn with a thorn.

What if even that thorn pricks you?

You will die.

Why do you interfere in between us?

Just be quiet. Okay, boss.

Look, meet his family and give them your approval for the marriage.

What difference will it make?

Thank you so much.

You've given your approval for the marriage by coming here in person.

Thank you, Goddess.

His family will believe you saying you're such a good man.

Look, children fall in love and elders like you should get them married.

Now that both the families have given their approval, let's get them married.

Sir, tell them that both the families should come together in a place and get the couple married in a traditional manner.

Lovers usually elope and get married secretly, but there's something in this love cum arranged marriage.

What if that smart boy asks you such a question?

You have a point.

You will...

Even I wish to organize the wedding at a five star hotel.

You know my friends, my close associates and my relatives will raise questions.

How will I face them? Oh.

I can somehow manage that.

What if they create ruckus at the wedding?

My daughter's life will be ruined.

I had raised her like a princess.

I want her to be happy.

Sir, don't get upset, don't get emotional.

Your wish will come true.

Please don't stress.

Thank you. - Let us know where you want the wedding to take place.

Find out if the bungalow in Kollegal is vacant.

Shooting for the film 'Aptamitra 3' is underway in that bungalow.

'Aptamitra 3'?

The hero of the film is Vishnuwardhan.

No. Any other bungalow?

The bungalow in Thirthahalli.

Kutappa! Yes, boss.

Find out if the bungalow in Thirthahalli is vacant.

The bungalow is too scary. I will slap you!

Shooting for television show is underway in that bungalow.


Darn it.

Shooting for horror film and television show is underway in both the bungalows.

There is no place for us to commit murder.

Is it easy to commit murder?

The state government should felicitate us for our work.

Why are you laughing when we're talking seriously?

By the way, how does he look? Just a minute.

He looks like actor Ganesh, the hero of the film 'Mungaru Male'.

How can I kill such a handsome guy? Boss, you have said it yourself, 'Work is worship'.

If we don't kill him, we won't be able to make money.

Which bungalow is vacant?

Don't stress, boss.

To kill the one who looks like actor Ganesh easily, we have found a luxurious palace.

Which palace? Aadi Kaleshwar Mountain.

Aadi Kaleshwar Mountain.

Sir, it's a perfect place to kill Gani, the one who's romancing with your daughter.

God, make sure we don't face any problem.

Protect all of us.


Take this.


Protect us.

Hey, step aside.

Let's go!

It's very cold out here.

Please be quiet.

Uncle, take a right.

How far is the place?

How far is the place?

Let's go.

The name of the hotel is 'Cemetery Hotel'. I won't come here.

Uncle, one letter in it has got erased.

It is a guesthouse. Come on. Is it?

There's no customer here. What did you think? - Come quietly.

I wonder what he will serve us in dinner.

Hello, is anyone here? Hello?

I am here. Come out. I am famished.

I am the owner of the hotel. My name is Lambu Kumar.

Where are you? I can't see anyone.

I am standing before you.

Are you owner or horror?

Hey, come on.

What is happening?

Hi. Hey!

Instead of being in a hotel, what are you doing in the drum?

When customer would eat here, flies would sit on the food.

That is the reason I am spraying a repellent.

If you do that, the flies won't die, but people will die. Come out!


You got scared seeing him.

I got scared.

Sir, your name is Lambu, but you're short in stature.

If you name yourself Ganesha, will you befriend a mouse?

Aren't their people named Ganesha who befriend men. - He is right?

It's not necessary to be as per name.

You go sit there.

Darling, the customer is here. Go and attend them.

Hello. You go sit there.

Okay. Oh.

He is peeping inside.

Come soon.

Take this.

Give me water.

Uncle, he's asking for water.

Hey, what do you have for dinner?

Sir, do you want sea food or mutton?

What do you mean? I mean, do you want fish or goat meat. Oh.

Do you have mutton chops?


I have curd rice.

What is he saying? Hey! Do you at least have minced meat?

No, sir.

I have rotis.

What kind of a hotel is this? You don't have anything.

You were asking us if we wanted sea food or mutton?

Sir, it is a gimmick.

If I don't give a gimmick, one can't do business.

You idiot!

Your business will prosper if you serve non-vegetarian dishes.

People travelling on the highway will come and eat here, your business will flourish.

Am I right?

Sir, people travelling on highway don't come here, people who have died in an accident come here.

What do you mean? Sir, I mean ghosts.

Wandering spirits haunt this place in disguise of travelers.

You're short in stature, somebody may eat you up thinking you're a biscuit. Be careful.

Gani, don't joke in this matter.

Do you get booze here? You won't find it here, you'll get in the bar at a village after you cross the highway.

Oh, thank God. I will find it. Dad, if you get drunk and fall somewhere, where will I find you?

Why should you find me?

I will jump from here and reach the bar, I will drink alcohol and jump back to this location.

Will you come along? I quit drinking two months ago.

Go. I am leaving.

Shall I serve you hot dosa?

Okay, get me something to eat.

I am famished. Darling, serve chutney to them.

Excuse me. Where are you going?

To pee.

What do you want?

I want you.

I want a mug to wash my hands.

Not just mug, I can give you a child.


Where do I go looking for the bar in the forest?

Had God created animals who would give liquor, like the cows give milk, drunkards like me would keep them with us and go around everywhere.


Miracle in the midnight.


What is this? There's snack too.

They've even kept pickle with booze.

This is a graveyard.

I don't want it.

I think someone has offered liquor to the dead body.

I don't want it.

I think the deceased is my friend.

Let it be.

Cheers, my dear oil friend. This is for you.

Gani, why are they taking so long to make dosa?

Just check where your dad and Pratap is. Where did they go?

He's left his phone here.

Mom, I will go and check.

Gani, come soon. You're leaving me alone here.

I will be back soon.

Come soon. Okay.

"Take me with you."

"Come to me."


I had heard that women are fast, but you're very fast.

I didn't know you'd be here so soon.

It is for you.

For me?

What is your name?

'Garbhini' (Pregnant). Garbhini?

Is that a name? Yes.

We are four sisters.

One is Dharini, the other is Harini, the third one is Bharini, and my parents didn't find any rhyming name, so, they named me as Garbhini.

Oh, I can't fall in love with you. Why?

What else can I do?

Can I say anyone that I am in love with a pregnant woman?

People will thrash me. So, you don't love me?


I love you. Me too.

Don't say 'Me too'. I am scared of it.

Will you swing me?

Should I? Yes.

What are you looking for at such late hour?

Ghosts wander here at 12 midnight.

It is at 12 midnight.

It's 11:45 p.m. now. I have 15 minutes more.

If I meet ghosts, I will say hello to them.

Don't joke. This is not West of chord road.

This is a dangerous forest.

Restless souls of girls wander in this place.

If they see a handsome boy like you, they'll possess you.

Those are not restless souls of girls, but the souls of the girls who couldn't conceive.

They can possess anyone.

You be careful.

Hey! Stop talking rubbish. Go away!

Where's the bar? Who told you there's a bar here?

The short guy in the hotel. Hotel?

Yes, hotel. Hotel?

Why are you surprised?

Did I get surprised? Look at your face. Go away.

They didn't serve me dosa till now.



There's no one here.





Oh. I am feeling so relaxed.

What is your name?

Whiskey? Oh.

He has named himself as Whiskey.

I drank raw.

If I had soda, it would've been nice.

Oh no!

Should I push you harder?

Should I?

She disappeared with the swing?

Where did she go?

Garbhini? Oh no!

I am sure she was not a woman, but a witch.


Ghost! Gani!

Ghost! Gani, where are you?





What is it?

Is this the hotel you were talking about?

There was a hotel here, I had left my mom. I don't see her here now.

Your mom? Yes.

Mom? Yes.




Gani, stop!

I saw a ghost. Come here.

Oh God.

There's a ghost there. Uncle, what happened?

I swear, I saw a ghost. What are you saying?


Gani. Mom?

Gani, that was a haunted hotel.

There was no hotel. Your father is missing.

Where is father? I don't know.

Gani! Brother-in-law!

Dear. Brother-in-law is here.

Oh. Dad.

Dad? Are you alright?

Dear, what happened to you? How far is that bungalow?

Aadi Kaleshwar mountain is...

Look there.




Brother-in-law, wake up.

Why? - Brother-in-law, I can hear some sound from behind.

If you eat more potatoes, you get sound from behind.

Brother-in-law! Go.

Go to sleep.

Don't disturb me. Go!

He is waking me up.

Pratap, why are you shouting?

What happened to you? Sister, there's a ghost.

Brother-in-law, there's a ghost here. Where?

Where is it? - I saw a white cloth. Where is the ghost?

What are you saying? You saw ghost in white clothes.

Sir, what happened to you?

You got scared seeing the cloth?

The TV turned on, on its own.

There was no current, it came just now. Oh.

Who are you?

Ma'am, my name is Vayyari Naga. I am the supervisor of this house.

The bald man you see here, his name is Bikkalige Babu.

He's a servant.

His name is Solle Batti Somanna. Greetings, sir.

He will make sure that no mosquito bites you.

Her name is Serial Seethamma.

She is a cook, but she is crazy about serials.

She even watches the repeat telecast. Women think seriously only about two things, one is sari, the other is serial.

You're absolutely right. The serials these days are very good.

Hey, what are you doing? I was checking if you're Seeta or ghost.

Your toes are in the front. Thank you very much. Oh, my God.

You say you're servants.

No one was here when we came here last night.

Our boss asked us to come at this time.

Who is your boss?


His spit went into my eyes. Who are you?

I cut into pieces and then burn it.

What do you mean? I mean, I cut the vegetables into pieces and cook them.

I am the cheapest cook.

You don't look like a cook.

You look like a conspiring cat.

Cooks have a bright face.

Sir, I don't have a bright face, but I cook nice food. Here.

One should add ginger to the tea, but you're putting finger in it.

I was just checking if the tea has turned cold due to winter.

Idiot, go away!

If you don't want, I will drink it.

Sir is here. Hold this.

What an amazing house, dad.

Thank you. You like it? Yes, it is fantastic.

I love it.

You go relax. Okay.

Father-in-law, the bungalow is very nice and big.

Wonderful I say.

Go. - First let's go and find a room for ourselves.

Hey, let's go.


Greetings, sir.

Who are you? You're a fool.

Look here, I am Gundanna.

Gundanna? Yes.

You are in disguise. I told you that day, I will change my get up and set up as per the location.

What a location you've found.

Even Google went crazy finding your location.

Sir, should I murder him before Garuda mall? No.

Even God shouldn't know how I killed him inside.


I don't find anything when I want it.

How did this come here?

Oh Goddess Banshakari, I forgot to get You, but You came here on your own.

Oh Goddess.

Is everyone here? You can start.

Marriage is a big event in our family.

We call it as 'Mata Ki Chowki'.

There will be bhajans one day before marriage.

On the wedding day, there'll be wedding in the morning, and light music in the evening, the dinner will be...

'Dhokla', 'Kaju Katli, 'Rabdi', 'Malpua', 'Phulka', 'Rajbhog'.

You'll enjoy for three days.

You won't have so many things on your menu, right?

Take back your words!

You don't know about Karnataka cuisine yet.

Uncle! - Yes. Come on, say it.

When a boy from our family gets married, we make a thatch in front of the house and start the grandeur.

After finishing bachelor's party, we go to the wedding hall.

We put all the relatives in one room and young boys in one room.

We play games all night.

We smoke and deliver dialogues.

We have so much fun.

We go to the wedding hall at the auspicious time and ogle at girls, we tease old men and women.

The wedding will be in the morning.. Very good.

Consummation at night.

A feast after one week.

Non-vegetarian feast. Non-vegetarian feast.

Millet flour balls with chicken curry, chops, goat head curry, leg fry, liver fry, mutton, mutton fry, chicken fry, mutton biryani, chicken biryani, spleen, kidney... Kidney?

Kidney. Hello, do you know kidney?

Kidney. Bones.

We don't know anything you are saying.

He doesn't know what mutton bones are.

He doesn't know what mutton bones are. He doesn't know. - Okay.

Look, one should follow their culture.

You're right.

Let's not argue about anything.

Suma. - Yes. Quickly finish the ceremony.

Rani, my mother-in-law had given this sari to me.

I am giving this to you. Here.

Wow! Clap!

Gudanna, will you kill him in three days? You don't worry about it.

You just think about organizing the funeral ceremony.

Sure? It's pure.

Who are you staring at?

Oh, look what is he doing.

Oh, you...


Sir, before we make him a dead body, your daughter is planning to make him a dad. - Idiot.

Why have I called you here?

Scold him, father-in-law. Hey, are you a chef?

You say people who eat your food will become Bruce Lee.

My stomach is hurting.

Forget the dog, even my father-in-law won't eat the food made by you. - Hey.

Sir. Yes.

How about killing him before we kill him?

It's a nice idea. I will pay you extra.

Superb. I will do it right away. Hey. You stay quiet and see what is going on there.

Father-in-law, stay quiet.

Do you know what will happen if I stay quiet? - They will bear kids.

Oh, go there and break them.

Go. Don't worry.

What nonsense is this? Why didn't you take him to the hospital for treatment?

Sir, he says he treats according to the scriptures.

They don't go to the hospital at all.

He came here to do good to this village.

He is ill now.

I don't know how many people will the spirit in the bungalow kill.

Only two people in the world won't get sleep at night.

One is, the owl and the other is the girl in love.

Girls always ruin the sleep of the boys.


Sister, it is Gani's call. Give it to him.

Give it to him.

Listen. Listen!

What is it? Phone.

Whose phone? It is for Gani.

Give it to me.

Gani, take the phone.

Hello? Gani, what are you doing?

I am sleeping on the hill.

Oh, idiot. I am missing you so much.

I have not slept from past one week.

I feel feverish too.

I am unable to eat. What has happened to me?

Get yourself examined.

You may be suffering from dengue. You joke for everything I say.

Wear my favourite shirt, apply perfume, and come to the terrace.

I will give you whatever you want.

Whatever you want to give, give it to me.

Uncle? - He is sleeping. I will give the phone to him later.

No, I will give it to him.

Okay uncle, good night. Okay, good night.


Who is this beggar? Who let you inside?

Is someone here? Oh. Didn't you recognise me?

No. I am your son-in-law.

Oh, uncle. You have another daughter, you got married to a beggar, you didn't tell this to us.

Your son-in-law to be works hard, your other son-in-law, wanders around you, this son-in-law begs on the streets. What a combination. - Shut up!

Father-in-law, it is me, Manikchand.

Manik? What have you done to yourself?

When I went for jogging in the morning, I stepped on a dog's tail unknowingly.

I apologized to it and moved forward, a group of dogs attacked me.

How did the dogs know what you did that they came in a group?

Uncle, the dog would've sent a group message. Then?

I bend down to do exercise...

You made a mistake.

Why did you have to bend before the dogs?

You get yourself injected. He's right.

14 injections. What?

Gani! Rani... Come soon.

Oh God.

Look there.

What happened?

I was going towards the room to meet Gani...

You were near Gani's room.

You were found near the well, how is it possible?

Yes, I know.

I will tell you. While we were coming here, so many things happened.

It was so terrible. The same affect is happening here too. It is confirmed.

What happened?

Actually, Gani has asked me not to tell it to anyone.

Son-in-law? I don't want to give you tension.

Why have we all gathered here? For the wedding.

We've come here for auspicious work, why talk about such things?

Don't take any tension.

Get one full bottle, 2 kilos chicken, and two lemons, we'll place it near the well, and move from there without looking back...

You will steal it, right?

Dad, you always think about sitting...

Okay, she is scared. Console her. Nothing will happen.

She will be fine if I apply vermillion of Goddess Banshankari on her forehead.

You take rest. Let's go, let she rest.


What is going on here?

Sir? Idiot! What is going on here?

Why did you get us to a haunted house?

Don't worry, sir.

Even ghosts dance on our boss's tunes.

Are they item dancers?

Sir, all the ghosts are under my control.

It dances on my tunes, makes sounds, and scares people as per my orders.

This is my setting.

Do people believe in ghosts even in this era?

Ask him where the box is. Okay.

What is he asking about?

I can't understand.

He is asking about the spirit box. The box?

Sir, listen to me, don't go to the bungalow to keep the box and get into trouble.

There won't be any problem in the bungalow hereafter.

I fell unconscious because of the attack by the spirit.

Where is the spirit? It is inside the box.

The horror effect should start exactly at 12:00 midnight.

Or no one will believe us.

Why are you smiling?

I am not making a toothpaste ad.

You're enacting a ghost, blacken your teeth.

Why are you combing your hair?

You're enacting a ghost, you shouldn't comb your hair.

Look, she is doing perfect acting.

I like this devil.

Boys. Boss.

Is the sound and light effect ready?

Boss, everything is ready. Yes, it is ready.

We're ready. - Your contribution is important for my concept.

Boss, you don't worry. We're with you, boss.

You don't worry, we're with you. Thank you, boys.

Today, I will show him what is the fear of death.

Is it? What about us?

We're done for. If you tell such matter suddenly, how can I bear it? What happened?

You stay quiet. I am already tensed. Tension?

Everything is over. Our bad luck. What happened?

We are destined only for that. Forget it.

Let it be. What happened?

Listen, I am asking you. What happened? Mom, you sit. You don't worry.

Come on, play. Sit down, mom. Gani, he said, 'We're destined only for that'.

Mom, all the bars will be closed today.

So, dad is feeling restless. Then?

You play. He said, 'We're done for'.

Mom, he would've asked for a full bottle, but he would've only got a quarter bottle. So, he is sad about it. You play.

Your husband is too much. Mom, play. Is it so?

What is it?

Why is your father acting strange?

Mom, know one thing, drunkards don't feel bad even if you don't let them inside the house, but if the bar is not open, they feel very bad.


Mom, excuse me.

Let him come.

He is here.

Hey, pick it up soon or he'll see it.


Are you straight?

Why are you enjoying with me?

I can't do it.

A man kisses a man, where is the world heading to?

It is so much fun.

I found liquor. I am so happy.




Son-in-law, my daughter is like me.

She doesn't wake up when you whistle at her.

Take this rock, hit her with it, she will wake up.

Sir, you? Look Gani, if you have to talk to your girlfriend, you should take her to the balcony without anybody's knowledge.

Get it?

Uncle, you proved the proverb wrong that said every beautiful girl has an arrogant father.

Thank you.

Uncle, you're giving me idea to take her to the balcony at this age, you would've experienced so much, right?

You would've jumped many compounds.


In my time, we didn't know which girl we're marrying until the wedding date.

Uncle, you've given me idea of taking her to the balcony.

Wake Rani and send her to the balcony.

I will wait there. We'll talk for some time.

Son-in-law, even if you don't wish, sorrow will come looking for you after you get married.

You don't worry.

It's late. You'll spoil your health if you don't sleep now.

Good night. Sweet dreams.

Okay, uncle. Dreams.

Why did you just say 'dreams'? You suffer from diabetes, so sweet is not good for your health.

So, I just said 'Dreams'. Dreams.

Is he a fool?

I took his daughter's phone and texted him to come upstairs.

He is sending him inside again.

Boss, yes. He has lost his mind.

Sir. Yes?

I planned and called him outside, you sent him inside again.

How do I kill him?

How would I know?

I don't know how, but call him out.


Listen. Yes.

Did you have dinner? Yes, uncle.

You shouldn't go to sleep right after dinner.

No, I wash my hands after having dinner.

Not that, if you walk after having dinner, you'll be very healthy. Okay.

You want me to walk to now? Yes. - Okay.

He is advising me as if he has exercised and made six packs.

Are you going to beauty competition? You're a ghost.

He has to fear seeing you.

Go. Okay.

It is me.

Hello? Flicker the lights.

Go. Come on.

Hey, who are you?

Who are you?

Hey, who are you?

What is it, Dad? Gani, did you see Pratap?

I don't find him anywhere.

Are you looking for Pratap or the bottle he was holding?

You're right. He had a bottle, right?

Sniff him, you'll find him.

Darn it!



Can't you open the door soon? Lock the door.

Ghost, why did you come here? You should've been there.

What do you expect me to do? What is she saying?

Since I've come here, I didn't see even one dead body.

Ours was a leading business in Bangalore.

We're unable to reach the target. Guys, we have to do something for boss.

We have to do something! Boss!

I will plan and will kill him.

Superb expression.

Open the door soon.

Thank God.

No, Pratap.

You shouldn't be selfish.

You're drinking alone. Think about your brother-in-law.

I'll give this bottle to him.

Let him drink to his stomach content.

Yes. Brother-in-law, hereafter, I will never drink without you.

There's something in the box.

I will surely find out what is in the box sooner or later.

I will try and see it tomorrow.

I don't want to stay in this house.

That day Rani, today Pratap has seen it.

Should we inform them and leave? Hey, let's not say anything.

Let's just leave from here.

Gani, let's leave this house.

There's ghost in this house.

Mom, there's no ghost here.

He's bluffing.

I am not bluffing. I swear by my sister, my brother-in-law, and you. There's a ghost here.

Is it? Okay, show it to me.

Is it an animal in the zoo for me to show it to you?

It was a real ghost.

Gani, what do we do if a ghost attacks us?

Thrash it.

You're a fight master for 200 films. They are actors and fighters.

They act as if they are fighting.

But this is original.

How do we fight with an original ghost?


You can't fight with original ghost.

But, you can thrash the people who are enacting like ghost, right?

We have to know who is behind it and what their intentions are.

Catch them and handover them to me.

I will smash their face, they'll reveal the truth.

Dad, if you smash their face, they won't reveal the truth, but they'll bleed.

Let it be.

I am getting angry as they are doing this.

Dad, sit under the fan, you'll feel relaxed. - Darn it!

I can't even deliver a movie dialogue.

Your son counter attacks me.

I salute you.

Is this the time to do comedy?

Uncle, ghost! Hey!

Since we've come here, I'm expecting that you'd do something big.

I don't see anything. Sir, look at my eyes.

I haven't slept for three days.

I am spending sleepless nights and have made three plans. Is it?

I will surely be successful this time. Sure.

What are you cooking today, chicken or mutton?

Oh, was it private? Nothing of that sort.

I was asking sir to give me contract for all the functions in his house.

You don't even know how to cook Maggie.

You want him to give you marriage contract?

You eat maggie after you die.

You look like a contract killer to me.

How did he know?

He always used to react, why are you reacting today?

According to the marriage schedule, what is the program today? Actually...

I will tell you. He is here.

Today we will sing and dance.

Tomorrow is the wedding.

Am I right, father-in-law? Idiot.

Sir, why did your face suddenly become sullen like a stretched elastic?

Sir is worried about the wedding. Oh, wedding tension.

Don't take any tension, I will make sure everything goes on smoothly.

I will arrange for song, dance, and everything else.

Sir, give me a high-five!

The spirit that has been tied with mantras, it is escape if the moonlight falls on it.

Before the full moon light falls on it, we have to get the box from there.

I think he died. - Check whether he is carrying country liquor.

Brother-in-law, you check.

You check. No, you check.

You check. No, you check. You're a fight master.

Listen to your master. Check.

I am scared. Come on.

Be careful.


It's not a country liquor, but foreign brand.

Really? I found it. No, I found it.

I'll give you potato chips, let go of it.

I will give egg patties. Let it go.

Okay, let it be 50-50. 50-50?

That's not possible.

Let it be 30-60. 30-60.


We're so lucky.


He is here.

Team B, he entered.

Why do I see everything double?

Idiot! I will thrash you.

Who are you, idiot?

It is me. Sorry, sir.

I told you to kill him, you've planned to kill me.

Sir, what did I do?

Why did you send that boy to scare me?

Boy? - Who was the boy who ran from the cupboard?

We don't have a child artist in our company.

Think carefully. Sir, there must be a confusion.

You go to sleep peacefully.

I will give you good news in the morning.

Who is the child artist?

You both? Don't you have any time sense?

You get started anywhere.

Where did you find the liquor?

There was a foreigner here.

I thought he was a thief and knocked him out.

He had this with him, so I robbed it.

Why did the foreigner come here?

Hello, idiots. They are doing flickering.

You don't do it when I ask you to. Do it more.

The one who went inside, is she Pinky or Pankaja?

Why is she going there?

You wretched woman, why are you scaring me?

Oh, why are you coming from there? Who are you? - I came looking for you.

Did you come looking for me? Yes.

Who was the woman who went there?

You're confusing me so much.

How can I run business..

Why? He's coming this way.

He is here. Stay quiet.

Look, I will be in that room, get him there.

I will kill him.

Car? Come this way.

It's a Ferrari.

The battery is charged.

How did it come here?

Hey, you don't turn it on and off when I tell you to.

Now you're doing it. Where are you?


Oh no!


Hey, come here.

Take this.

Do you want me to play with it? Not to play with it, but to go on a long drive with your husband.

Go and sit there.

Why are you facing that side?

Don't play drama with me.

Show me your face, come on.

Go to Gandhinagar and do this acting.

You will earn nice money.


Hey, how many of you are here?

Why are you doing this?

Who is with you, tell me?

I am talking to you, you are grinding like an old machine.


Hey, stop!

Hey, stop!

Who told her to come in the middle?

I missed him.

He locked the door.

Ferrari car is going in full speed.

I didn't give this boy the ID card. I will teach him a lesson.

Hey, child artist.

Hey! Why did you scare sir?

He is on our side.

Whose son are you? Pinky or Pankaja?

Where is your mother? There.

Who is he pointing finger at?

Wretched woman, what are you doing up there?

I asked you to scare him, but you got scared and climbed up.

Had you cooperated, I would've killed him.

I won't give you any money today.

You're overacting now.

What is it? You're making such sound when I said I won't pay you.


Why isn't this Ferrari not stopping?

Hey, why are you doing so? I will pay you.

Hey, why are you hitting me? I am bleeding. You!

Hey, did you learn magic so soon?

Hey, where are you?

Why are you beating me?

Come before me.

Why are you scaring me?

Why are you shaking the book stand?

Oh no!


There's a ghost in this house.

Everyone leave from here.

This is too much. Is it him?

God knows what he will ask me to make now.

I knew.

What did I tell you?

I asked you to get fritters with red chilli chutney, you applied oil to your head and spiked your hair, you've applied the red chilli chutney on your face. Don't you feel ashamed!

You think this is red chilli chutney?

Yes, sir.

If you continue to do drama, I will give you a gate pass.

Why are you talking to him? Fire him. Before you give me gate pass, there's a woman inside who has a pass to send you to hell.

I can't help it. What did you say?

Sir, if you get me a gate pass, I won't have money even to go by bus. Okay.

Where have you kept the oil can? Is it in the kitchen?

Sir, the vaastu is not good.

I shifted everything.

Come on. Let's go. Go.

Go. - Did you see how I have kept him under control?

I got spikes, I don't know what hairstyle she will give him.

"We both are locked in a room."

"The keys get lost."

We don't get a chance. My darling.

What happened?

In the room...

Calm down. Don't fear.

Come with me.

I am scared. You don't fear.

I am with you. Okay? Calm down.

You look like a wild boar.

Why have you applied tomato ketchup?

Sir. I swear, it is not tomato ketchup, but original blood.

There's a ghost in the house.

That bought me to this condition.

Come on, let's run away from here. Hey.

Those are not branded ghosts, they are duplicate. Oh.

Someone is playing games with us.

If I get my hands on him.. Leave my hand.

I will hack him to pieces and decorate my house.

I won't spare that scoundrel. Ma'am, ask him to let me go.

Boss. You want me to let you go?

Boss. What is it?

Boss, you're here? Seetha is refusing to act like a ghost.

I asked her the reason. She said, her dates are over, she demands for extra payment.

In that case how can we kill Gani?

Tell him we'll pay Rs. 3000 extra.

You're paying her Rs. 3000 to just walk up and down.

You're paying me only Rs. 300 for working so much.

Hey, who is the manager?

Go! Boss, escape!

I don't know who he is.

He has got possessed watching horror movies.

He is a fraudster.

I don't know him. Please, believe me. Hey, I didn't believe him when he said all that.

Seeing you shake like this, I came to know that you're the reason for all this. You scoundrel!

Why did you do that? Hey!

Catch him! Where do I go?

Hey, open the door.


Who is it at this hour?

Father-in-law, I saw the ghost.

Dad, there's a ghost.

Did it come to your room? I'll call and tell it not to come.

Idiot! Hey! - Is it a cab for you to book it and then cancel it? You're mad.


Ghost! Where is it?

Who is it? Is anyone here?

Is anyone here?

Who is it?

Gani? Did you find the thief? No, did you find him?

Where did he go?

Did he escape?

You all are here?

I cooked food for everyone.

The stupid cook hasn't cooked anything today.

He had come here to murder, why will he cook food?

Murder? The chef is doing all this.

I didn't do anything.

Brother-in-law, what are you saying? Gani, is it true?

Couldn't the phone ring after some time?

Whose phone is ringing?


It's not me. Come on, hit him.

Come on, thrash him. How dare you do that?

It's not me.

Don't touch my phone. Hey, move your hand.

How dare you lie to us? Hold him.

How dare you do that?

Don't answer the phone please. Stay here.

You idiot, why do you send the ghost to my room?

I gave you contract to kill Gani.

Oh no.

I don't know what you do, you have to kill him.

Look, I am not bothered.

No wedding will take place. You hang up the phone.

Mom, just check on her. Okay.

Rani, stop. I will escape.

Gani, what is this? I don't understand anything.

I had a doubt on him since we had come here.

Oh, please let me go. Don't hit me. Please don't hit me.

Hey, we're the fans of Vishnuwardhan who killed Nagavalli to save his friends.

You tried to fool us by scaring us.

Look, you can take me out of the house and hit me as much as you want.

There's a ghost in this house.

How dare you lie to a man who's worked in cinema? How dare you!

How dare you lie to me! Sir, please.

How dare you? Child artist, your scene is over.

Go. Pratap, you handle him, I will go catch that boy. Okay, brother-in-law.

Why did you do that?

Hey, kiddo. Where are you?

Come out.

You're a good boy, right?

If you come out, I will give you ice-cream, pizza, burger, a new shirt, pant, a bat to play with, and give you everything.

If you don't come out, I will...

What is it? Who is it?

I told you I'll buy you a bat, but you're hitting me with a bat.

Do you think my back is Hebbal flyover?

You're walking on my back.

Where are you?

Where did he go?


I learnt everything.

I learnt the drama you did.

You look like a teddy bear.

But you are so poisonous within.

Remember one thing, God gives money, fame, wealth, and support of the people to the people who cheat.

He doesn't give anything to honest people like us.

But God stands beside us and bless us and support us.

The same thing happened here.

The same thing happened here!

You cheated us, so He punished you.

I loved from my heart, He saved me.

Look at you now, how you're sitting.

You got paralyzed and immobilized.

Why are you showing me the cupboard?

Oh, do you want to show me how much money you have?

You keep the money with you.

I don't value money.

I value only love. To hell with your money!

Hey, what is it? Gani.

There's a ghost. You coward. Go away!

Who are you trying to scare?

Gani. Sir, you got your daughter married to a coward.

You tried to get a brave man like me killed.

Do you know how much I love Rani?

You won't understand.

Look, I've got her name tattooed.

Not just Rani.

I am taking care of it more than Rani.

I love her so much.

I don't know how to make you understand.

How do I tell you?

Where did he go?

He was paralyzed. How did he move?

Hey! Who are you?

What kind of people are you?

You're scaring us by sending actors disguised as ghosts.

Don't you feel ashamed? There's a real ghost in this house.

Go and save your son.

Gani? Gani!

All the other women wear makeup and want to be in style.

Why have you painted yourself in white colour?

Gani! Gani!

Ma'am, what happened to your teeth?

It is so black in colour.

Stop doing drama, get down.

Take your payment and go home.

Your husband and children must be waiting for you.

Get down!

Gani! Gani!

Come out. What is it, mom?

Come out. The ghost inside the room is real.

Come out soon!

Gani, come on! Come out!

Come on.

Mom, Gani.

"Let's play the game." Brother-in-law!

"Let's play the game." Brother-in-law!


"Let's play the game." Brother-in-law!

"My clothes belong to you and your clothes belong to me."


What do you think you're doing here?

What are you up to?

We are all tensed. Come on.

Uncle, I like to play with car.

Do you like to play too? I don't like car, I like bar.

Stop acting. Will you come with me or not?

Uncle, don't make me angry.

You are making me angry by calling me uncle.

You are playing with toys. Get up, brother-in-law!

Uncle, why are you sitting there?

I can't come there. Come down.

Brother-in-law! Uncle, come on, let's play.

Let's play with the car. Come on. No.

I will drive the car on you.

Uncle, let's play.

Shall we play kabaddi? Kabaddi... Shall we play kabaddi?

Only two players can't play kabaddi. Shall I go and get other players too?

Will you draw a boundary line here?

Okay. Go.

He is possessed.

I am driving a car.


I am driving a car.

Where are we going?

I am hiding somewhere.

Where I am? Find me. I can hear his voice from here.

"Black sheep, have you any wool?"

"If you give me, I will give you two bags full."

"If you don't give me, I will hit you."



If you don't leave my son, I won't spare her!

If you don't leave my son, I won't spare you!


You go away!

Sir, it is asking you to open the box.

Please open the box. Until the boy's spirit is with us, it will listen to us.

If I let it free, it can do anything.

Sir, please save my daughter.

You will be blessed.

Gani. Gani.

Gani. Gani.

Gani. Gani.

Gani. Gani.

Gani. Gani.

Gani. Gani.



Sir. The spirits are trying to misguide me.

Only you can recognise that girl's voice.

I will give you my powers and send you there, will you go?

No. - Sir, I will go. You have to save the girl and get her back in a very little time. If not, you both will die.

No problem, I will go.

Gani. Send me there.






Gani! Gani!

Goddess Banshankari, I always worshiped You.

Why are you testing my son and Rani?

You have to save them.



Goddess Banshankari. Lord Shiva. O Goddess. - Gani.

You overcame all the obstacles.

Goddess Banshankari, saved us. Yes.

Hail Goddess Banshankari.