Ginger Snaps (2000) Script

What have you got there?



He got our dog!

He got Baxter!

Shut up, Norman.

Can this happen to a normal woman?

Baxter's fertilizer.

And everyone's just standing there like... staring.

Why don't they just catch that thing?

How hard could it be in a place full of dead ends?


Wrists are for girls...

I'm slitting my throat.

You should definitely hang.

Maybe even your final moment is a cliché around here.

Not ours. B, ours will rock.

You don't think our deaths should be a little more than cheap entertainment?

You jazzed me on this. Don't wuss out now.

It's the idea of everyone staring at me just lying there.

I mean, what if they just... laugh?

They'll be in awe.

B, suicide is like the ultimate "fuck you".

Come on it's so us. It's the pact.

See, it's easy for you. You don't care.

We swore we'd go together, one way or another.

When we were eight. So?

Out by sixteen or dead in this scene, but together forever.

Together forever.

United against life as we know it.

Us dead will be the shit, B. Trust me.

Too much blood.

And I can see your gonch! Just do it.

All right, all right... uh.

Well that was completely...

..disturbing, wasn't it?

You know, the Fitzgerald sisters clearly worked very...


I mean I, I...

I am completely sickened.

Sickened... by that, wasn't I?

Look, see me in the guidance office, after class, you two, separately.

Can we see the ones of Ginger again?



Life in Bailey Downs, huh?

Who's next?

Oh yes, ladies, run. Run for daddy!


I bet she's good to go.

You wanna do a Fitzgerald? You're kidding?

Not the little dweeb, you goinks. The one with the rack!

The redhead.


I think McCardy just checked me.

Like you care, right?

High school is just a mindless little breeders machine.

A total hormonal toilet.

I'd rather wait it all out in our room.

What is with your back? I don't know.

Hey, 'Search and Destroy'. Go.

OK, Trina Sinclair.

Excellent selection. Continue.

Trina Sinclair, D.O.A. at the hair dye aisle.

Perished while seeking matching barrettes on nothing but diet pills and laxatives.

Likes her shorts stuck up her ass crack.

Favorite homework excuse: my nail glitter ate it.

Basic pleasure model.

Your standard, cumbuckety date bait.

Good one.

Line change. Let's go, girls. Fucking Bitch!

Uh oh.

Let's do this again.

I'll cover you.


Bounce, babies, bounce! Keep running.

You want it baby.

C'mon, honey!

Oh yeah, baby!

You want it, baby. Fuck off!

'The Beast of Bailey Downs' strikes again.

That's four dogs this week.

Oh! Wow... Bonus!

I guess you're D.O.A. on a dog. Huh, Fitz-face?

That's enough.

Are you OK? Terrific.

That is one mother-fucking mad dog.

Brigitte, go get cleaned up.

Don't ever touch my sister again.

Stop me, freak.

Enough! Break it up!

Hey, that janitor was looking right down your shirt.


Want me to kill her? I'll kill her for you, B.


No, not whatever. This isn't whatever.

Seriously, what about torture?

Anything you want.

Or... she has that dog.

We could kidnap it, make it look like he got eaten by 'The Beast of Bailey Downs'.

We got all that blood and fake guts from the slide show.

Yeah, that's wicked. Let's do it.

She screws a drug dealer; she's begging for negative attention.

So, Sam are you... are you gonna call me?

OK, you have my number, right?

Remember when I gave it to you, before?


OK, bye...

Let's get up.

Such a dickhead.


You'd let idiots get away with fucking you up.

That's why the big Buddha made me.

To stop them.

Yeah, so far you're really kicking ass.

Just give me one clean shot. Just one, I fucking promise you.

Don't humor me! So, Fitz...

I think we should get together.



Jump, Norman. Come on.


Just say you won't go average on me.

Just 'cause some gonad gets his zipper going?

Rather be dead.

I'd rather die than be here without you. Relax, you're not, you big suck.

Ginger, don't push your sister.

God, I hate our gene pool.

Look, girls.

Come on. Let go. Let go. You're ruining it!

Ginger, why are you rubbing your back?

It hurts. Why?

Well, pain flows up your nerve endings to the synapses in your brain...

She's not funny.

How did you hurt it? Being dead.

Does it hurt down by your tail bone, or is it up higher?

Is it tight throughout here? Maybe.

Does it ache back here?

Might... Oh my god.

Do you think it's cramps?

Give it a rest... for two seconds?

Pam, we're eating.

Henry, the girls are both three years late menstruating. OK?

It's not normal. If it's finally happening...

It's not!

Honey, it's nothing to be scared of. It's the most normal thing in the world.

Maybe it's cancer of the spine. Ginger-Ann...

Or tuberculosis.

See what your attitude does? Or spondylitis.

Spondo... what? Fuses your vertebrae together.

Nice. Brigitte, stop it.

Have a fit!

I've had just about enough of that tone.

That makes two of us. Fuck! That's it. To your room!


Brigitte, you are not connected at her wrist.

Your father and I have counseling tonight. I don't want you leaving the house.

The news says there's still some wild animal on the loose.

They never go out.

Well, you're a big help.

As usual.

Ginger. What?

We'll get caught. No, we won't.

The dog won't even be out. He has to pee some time.

People don't leave their dogs out alone anymore.

Then you will just have to distract her while I nab the pooch and make with the gore.

I can't distract her.

The fuck, B. This is your idea. If you don't like your ideas, stop having them.


I've just just had it with eating all this shit, OK?

Check it out.

Now we can even leave a body. She'll freak.

Oh, wicked.

Take his... leg?

He's still warm.

Oh, gross.


Leave it then. The drag.

You got some on you.



B, I just got the curse.


Well, it's not contagious!

I know that.


I mean, kill yourself to be different and your own body screws you.

But if I start simping around tampon dispensers and moaning about PMS, shoot me, OK?

Let's get out of here.






Oh God. He's right behind me.

Oh, my God!




Get up. Come on, get up!

Oh, fuck me.



Dad! Help!

Let me see.

No, it hurts, it burns... I have to see it, Ginger.

What was it? What was it? I don't know. A big dog, maybe.

That's not... What did I do? What...


I saw this thing once, on bears.

Said a bear will like, come after a girl on the rag, because of the smell.

It wasn't a fucking bear!

There wasn't any fucking bears anywhere near here.

Does that hurt? No.

That's impossible. They're already healing.

No, this isn't right. I'm calling 911.

No! No!

B, I'm not bleeding anymore. Right?

I mean... just... spare me Pam finding out.

OK? I'm OK. OK?

OK. I'm OK.

I thought you were gonna die. I'm OK.

Preying upon normal healthy cells, the intruder gradually devours the host from within.

Eventually the invader consumes its host completely, and finally destroys it.

Complete meiosis involves two successive division sequences, which result in four new cells, each of which is haploid.

This one comes with a free calendar.

Are you sure it's just cramps?

Just so you know... the words 'just' and 'cramps', they don't go together.

OK, you're really girling out here.

One day, you too will know my pain.

Hey, diss me or whatever, but I got three sisters... and nothing quite takes the edge off like a good toke.

Well, maybe I like my edge, thanks.

Or maybe you're just chickened to lose it.

Just pass it, fag.

That a girl. Yeah.

An eighth's fifty.

I don't want any drugs. Then amscray.

I was just wondering what you hit.

Well, officer, it looked like a lycanthrope to me, sir.

I know what a lycanthrope is. Sure you do.

Think you see werewolves a lot?

Why, do you?

Is it working?

No... but now I just don't care.

What the hell are you guys doing in here? Sam, the Man.

Sam, man, we just needed a place to come and smoke.

Hey, you know, I have an idea.

Why don't you guys get the fuck out of my van, assholes!

No, I'm serious. Get out! Get out. Get out!

Samuel, what happened to your truck? I tapped a tree, all right. Good bye.

Ginge, let's go.

Yeah, why don't you stick to your own species Fitzenstein?

Trina, stick my fist.

Oh you bitch! It's OK, baby.

Ginge, what's going on?

Something's wrong.

Like more than you being just... female.

Can you just say something, please?


'Wow'? That's it? 'Wow'?

I can't have a hairy chest, B. That's fucked!

No way.

The fuck? What the fuck?

This isn't... What?

No way, like... What?

Bitten on a full moon. Now you're hairy?

I know, but think about it.

Well thank you for taking my total fucking nightmare so seriously!

Oh shit!

What if I'm dying or something?

We gotta see the nurse.

I'm sure it seems like a lot of blood. It's a period.

But really it was like a... geyser.

Everyone seems to panic their first time.

Neither of you have had a period before and you're how old?

I'm almost 16, she just turned 15. She skipped a grade.

A thick, syrupy, voluminous discharge is not uncommon.

The bulk of the uterine lining is shed within the first few days.

Contractions, cramps, squeeze it out like a pump.

In three to five days you'll find lighter, bright-red bleeding.

That may turn to a brownish or blackish sludge, which signals the end of the flow.

OK, so it's all normal? Very!

Expect it every twenty eight days, give or take, for the next thirty years.

Great. Thanks.

What about hair that wasn't there before, and pain?

Mhm, comes with the territory.

Thank you. Let's go, B.

Wait, you'll have to protect against both pregnancy and STDs now...

Play safe!

Wish this where babies' legs.

Ginger's very favorite.

Congratulations sweetie. You know you can ask me anything.

You're so dead.

I didn't.

Our little girl's a young woman now.

I'd never tell her anything. Unless you wanted to piss me off!

I want you to be OK. I am! I just got my period, OK?

Now, I've got weird hairs, so what? That means I've got hormones, and they may make me butt-ugly, but they do not make me a monster.

So you got bit by a great big hormone.

Well not by what you think. They don't exist!

Norman, shut the fuck up!

Maybe he's barking at you.

Did I change last night?

Howl at the moon, kill shit and change back this morning?

Huh? No!

Did it take a silver bullet to stop that thing? No!

It got killed by a fucking truck.

You always blow off anything you don't get.

Yeah, when it's bullshit!

You're doing drugs with guys. Something is definitely wrong with you.

You know, maybe you're right. Maybe I do see a monster.

Yeah, it's got these little green eyes.

Oh yeah, like I really wish I was hemorrhaging and hairy, and sucking off Jason McCardy.

Well you always wanted to be me! Well this isn't you, so.

Oh, poor B.

I'm growing up and obviously you're not, huh?

Well don't let me hold you back or anything. Oh, well, don't worry, I won't.

Only one creature on earth destroys for pure pleasure.

It's a werewolf.

Oh my god, there it is.

It's hideous!

Get the fuck outta the bathroom! I'm trying to get ready!

Ginger? Oh my god.

Oh babe...

Check it out.

Hello, hello, hello...


Kid, you got a smoke?


You got a light then?

Oh, thank you.

I just spent a week of my life looking for you. Give me a sec.

You dropped this - in my truck.

OK, we both saw it. What the fuck was it?

It's what you hit. Hmm! I know, but what the fuck was it?

See, I flattened an animal. Furry, all-fours, could be anything.

But here I am, thinking 'lycanthrope'.

That's crazy, huh?

Book me into the rubber motel, I'm officially all fucked up, right?

What if you're not?

Well, that would explain the human circumcised dick, and why you were running for your life from it.

I have to go. Thanks for my stuff.

What's your name?

Bullshit. Thanks.

No, hey, bullshit?

What do you say?

Swear you won't call a freak show.

Yeah, I swear.

I'm changing, like right now and full moons have nothing to do with it.

You're serious?

And everything I look at goes silver bullet, in a gun, to my head, the end.


Let's not panic here. I mean... for one, that thing on the road, my van did a pretty good job on it, without the benefit of silver bullets. So, let's just forget the Hollywood rules.

There's got to be a cure, right?

Otherwise, there would be a hell of a lot more of them.

It's like an infection, it works from the inside out. It's like a virus.

Biology, there's something you can sink your teeth into.

So to speak.

You're real, your problem's real, the solution's real.

Not bam, death by morality call.

Then again when I started piercing shit, I got infections, girl says try pure silver, cleared up like that.

The ancients thought pure metals purified their blood.

They thought leeches did, too. They do.

Hey, why don't you get your slut-bitch sister a leash?

What a freak.

Nice bird necklace.

Ginger, a word?

Is it sorry? No.

Come on Jason, let's go.

Oh yes.



Hey. She's ovulating!

See you, freak. Bye bye.

This is a very exciting, confusing time for your sister.

Boys, her body, trying to fit in.

Maybe if she felt that she could share more with you, you'd both be a lot happier.

You know, Brigitte, your turn's coming, too... one day

My stomach.

Hey, take it easy, all right? We've got all night.

Sorry, you just taste really good.

Just lie back and relax.

You lie back and relax!

Who's the guy here?

Who's the guy here? Huh? Who's the fucking guy here?

Don't we need protection here?

Stop it!

Wait a second!

You're fucking hilarious, cave boy.


What happened?

Did he hurt you?

If he hurt you, you should tell.

Oh, my god!

Get out! Get out! What happened?

Something is really, really wrong with me, B.

What happened?

I get this ache and...

I thought it was for sex, but it's to tear everything into fucking pieces.

Where is he?

Next door.

Oh, my god!

You killed Norman.

He barked and he barked and he kept fucking barking, and...

I just... I just...

I couldn't stop myself.

B, what am I supposed to do?

It wasn't at all like I thought it would be.

There was just all this squirming and squealing.

And than he's done, and you're like 'Oh?'

Just probably out there telling everyone what a freak I am.

We'll say the same thing about him.

It doesn't work like that. I mean, he got laid.

I'm just a lay.

He's a hero and I’m just a lay, a freaked mutant lay.

Did you use something?


You really think this will work?

We have to try something.

Where did you get that, that ring?

I found it.

Too bad.

You should have one too. I mean, for being with me on this.



Shit, it's stuck!

Hold still.

Fuck! Hurry up! Sorry, sorry.

It's almost there.

How do you feel?



Hey, Norman.

Hurry up!

Hold still. I am, hurry up.

Come on, hit it, baby.

Oh, McCardy what happened to you? Ginger Fitzgerald rocked my world.

What, did you get your rag, too?

Oh, shit!

It must be ink, all right? Fuck!



Brigitte, come here.

What the fuck, B? Did you get a boyfriend or something?

No, we just...

I'll be right back.

Oh my god.

Hey, what's up? Look, if silver's shot, I've been reading and I got another idea.

Are you on drugs, like right now? I'm in class here.

Yeah, excuse me for giving a shit.

I'll come see you later, OK? Whatever.

The Fitzen sister are really getting around.

OK, line change. Let's go. He thinks I got bit.

I trust you, and you blabbed to the first fuck-up who comes along.

He knows stuff, he wants to help.

He wants to get down your pants, stupid!

So, sluts run in the family... quel shocker!

Knock it off! Ginger, no!

Ginger, no! Stop!

Fight, fight, fight...

You started it. Ginger, to the office.

This school has a 'zero tolerance for violence'-policy.

I mean a temper like that is inexcusable barring substantial extenuating circumstances.

What are you looking at? Huh? My pen exploded, OK. My red pen.

That was fucking incredible.

Get your camera, don't you have a camera? This is wall-worthy. Come on.

You gave it to Jason. You had unprotected sex, and you infected him.


I have to see Sam. He's got an idea. I bet he does. Well, let's go.

If you come, you can't be weird, Ginger.

If he gets I lied. If he gets that you're really the one who's really... a what? ...A monster? Huh, a freak?

If he thinks I dicked him around, he'll blow this off.

I'll behave.

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

Hey. Hey.

Sorry about before. I was just afraid someone would hear us, that's all.

Yeah, she is just a little moody lately.

That whole silver thing didn't quite work out, did it?

I wasn't expecting company.

My sister, Ginger. She knows.

If you two come in here, you see sweet fuck all. Understood?


Wicked! Smoke us up!

Yeah, wicked huh? Get the fuck out!

All right, Brigitte, it brakes down like this.

I compared homeopathic treatments of infections to the folklore of all this. Take a look.

Aconitum di lycotonum.

'Lyco' as in wolf? Right.

It's called Monkshood.

It's a cousin of wolfsbane, except this stuff is safe in small doses.

It's a super oxidant breed, radical detox.

It promotes white blood cell growth.

Which fight infection. Do you have some?

Well, it's perennial.

It grows everywhere, but only in the spring.

Fuck! This is bullshit, OK?

I seeded some, I'm growing it. She doesn't have time for that.

She's killed a dog already.

She's fucked. She's growing a tail. Did you tell him that?


You're growing a tail?


Look, he's just another wank job. OK?

What the fuck do you think you are? Give me that.

What the fuck are you? Pervert, she's 15!

Ginger, wait outside!

Fine, if he rapes you, don't come crying. I'll be at home.

She's just freaking.

I do not think of you that way.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Your dad's battery is dead again. He's stranded at the supermarket.

Wanna go for a ride? Jesus, can't you knock?

Don't you 'Jesus' me.

You don't have anything I haven't seen before.

That's what you think.

What is that supposed to mean?

Nothing, I'm just, I'm fat, all right. Get out!

Ginger, you are not fat.

These fashion models are all on speed to look like that.

Get out!

OK. Gosh.

I'll be back soon.

Give me back my dog.

Trina, I don't have your dog. Ginger took him. I saw her.

You know, I feel sorry for you. He doesn't like you.

He's a cherry-hound. He's into virgins.

Trina, you're bleeding. Go home.

If you are so fucking smart, you won't give him the satisfaction.

Somebody just once shouldn't give that fucker the satisfaction!

Trina, go now. You are as big a cunt as your sister.

I am not.

Hey, meat. Back for more? What are you doing?

I don't know, B. What am I doing? Call Sam. Ask the pro.


You play with your new friends, and I'll play with mine.

Ginger, what the hell are you doing?

You smell yummy. What is that? Citrus or antiseptic? I'm not sure.

Are you crazy?

OK, that's enough. Just let her go. Shut up. Shut up, shut up.

OK, let's just chill. Right, Trina?

You know what, Trina?

She's doing your boy, now. I wouldn't be so quick to get so friendly.

Stop it, it's not like that. I think she's scared for you, love, huh?

She's an asshole. She's not worth it.

You asked for this!

You picked Sam over me. Whatever happens now, it is your fault!

This is not you. Just let's cope. Oh, with what? With this kind of shit.

He's wrong, moron. You can't fix this!

You don't know that. Just give me a chance.

What, another one? God gee, I don't know, B... see I'm going way way out there... way way far from where you live, which you pretty much fucking rule.

Oh god, that's disgusting, you fucking gross, fucking...


Don't touch me, you freaks. You're both just totally fucked.

Trina, we were just...


Get up!

Get up now!

Henry, what on earth are you doing out there?

Come on, don't eat it until we get inside.

Jesus Christ on a bicycle! What the...?

Girls, I told you, no more deaths in the house!

Don't be mad, it's for extra credit.

Back to immaculate in ten minutes.

Corn syrup. Dad, d'you want some?

Well I better get this meat away.

I'll do that.

Mom. What?

What do guys want?

Brigitte, I'm so glad you asked.

And that's what men want.

Some of them might seem cool or different, but they're all pretty much the same.

Totally. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, honey, that's what we're here for.

Bed time. It's a school night. Beauty rest.

This is just great.

Yeah, field hockey will suck now.

Get me a screwdriver.

Oh, god!

Way to go.

Here it is: 'Why your daughter dates dummies?'

I'm so glad I hung on to this.

I think they're up to something. They're just being normal teenage girls.

Then why are they suddenly so interested in what you have to say?

Stay in your own little world, Henry. This one just confuses you.

Shit. Look at all the worms.

Remember when I used to make you eat them just to get in here?

Shallow grave? Oh well, seems appropriate.

You dig for a while.

Look, no one ever thinks chicks do shit like this.

Trust me, a girl can only be a slut, a bitch, a tease, or the virgin next door.

We'll just coast on how the world works.

Think she's pretty?

If I wasn't here, would you eat her?


God, that'd be like, fucking her. You can't go out anymore.

Well I can't stay in, I'll go mental.

We'll make Pam think you're at school.

We'll make school think you're home sick.

Just till there is no doubt about us in this.

Then we blow, as far away from here as possible.

Your attention, please.

Starting immediately certain students will be paged to the office to assist the police regarding Trina Sinclair's disappearance.

She is dead, man.

When your name is called, please come to the office.

Is Ginger avoiding me?

'Cause I'm feeling pretty good right now.

I just got a few questions for her, like uh...

I'm growing a goddamn tail outta my ass, and I thought she might have a few tips on how to deal with keeping that quiet!

Hurting me won't help.

See? I'm up to some whack shit right now.

I'm way out on the corner of 'Fucked-Up and Evil'.

You wanna know what I did for fun last night, huh?

I killed my own freaking dog, OK? What am I supposed to do about that?

You're gonna be in deep shit. I'm right with you on deep shit, and I think you know why.

What's going on here?


Ginger, how was school today? I don't know, I didn't go.

We had a field trip. Really?

I didn't sign any form for a field trip.

Daddy, will you teach me how to drive tonight?

Next year. Maybe.

So where did you go?

What if next year never comes? Ginger.

Mr. Wayne called today.

He wanted to know if you were feeling any better.

When you might be coming back to school.

The police wanna talk to you. Something about a fight with a missing girl?

Daddy, may I be excused? No, you may not.

Ginger, wait. For what, B?

Oh no, you don't.

I want to know what's going on. Right now.

What are these? Monkshood. Brigitte...

Where did you get them?

From a craft store. Now, I want an answer.

Trina Sinclair tried to beat me up, 'cause Jason McCardy liked us better, so Ginger beat her up. That's all.

That's all?

Beating up other girls? Cutting classes?

I'm very disappointed, Brigitte. Sorry.

You just do whatever she wants you to. You always have.

I really wish you'd start thinking more for yourself.

Do you think I should talk to her?

Check in?

She thinks it's cool you let us figure stuff out for ourselves.



I wondered if that approach was working.

Look what Pamela had.

What are you doing? Stop! I'll just take it off.


I killed their pets, B.

And nothing helps except tearing live things to pieces.

I can't be like this.

This is monkshood.

First thing tomorrow we find out how to use it and we take off.

If you give up now, you leave me here alone. I would never do that to you!

I'm sorry. I'm scared.

BCX radio wishes you a happy Halloween...

B, what the fuck are you doing?

Hey... B, let me out!

I have to deal with the cure.

This way, you can't hurt yourself or anybody else.

Fuck. You fucking sissy little girl. You're going rat me out?

Just shut up and wait for me.

You little bitch! Fuck you! I hate you!

B, let me out. Come on.



Let me out!

Holly shit, that's monkshood. Where the fuck did you get that?

I don't know if you smoke it or eat it or what, but I need to try it now.

Well, you got me but... to be sure, I'd have to say direct route. Inject it.

But see, that's a bad idea Brigitte, because neither of us know what this stuff does.

It can't be worse than being road kill.

The dosage will be a guess. I mean...

It would have to be, there is no way to match for... metabolism, body weight, there could be side effects.

You can not try this alone. My sister will be there.

Understand you may kill her trying to save her.


It's for Ginger, isn't it?

Look, worst-case scenario, you put her out of her misery.

Just as long as you're prepared for that, and I mean sure.

Try to come tonight.

Hey, have you seen Jason?

Umm... you got a little...

You're going to the greenhouse bash tonight?

Erm, yeah. Good.

I'm in charge of the prizes. You, too, could be winner.

Ginger. My office. Now.

Help! Help!

Help! Help!

Let me go.

Let me go!

Let him go, McCardy.

Oh yeah, a chick. Excellent.

Come to papa, baby.

Come and get some candy.

I have to go. Um...

I have a class.

Attention please.

Brigitte Fitzgerald, please report to guidance.

Brigitte Fitzerald to guidance.

He wanted to call fucking Pamela, B, and tell her we needed help.

So, I stopped him.

You see how that works? How I do not betray you?

I didn't betray you.

You locked me up.

You need to get this fixed.

Why? So I can go to jail, for the rest of my life?

We wait till everyone leaves, then we clean this up, somehow.

I think you've fucked up enough.

Oh my god!

Henry? Oh g...

What is it?

Henry, for Pete's sake. It's only the girls' death project.

They're fake, you big baby.

I'm gonna find something to clean this up.

Stay here and lock the door.

Oh my god!

Hello, Brigitte.

Stop it! Can I touch your boobies?

I like little girls.

Leave him alone!

Ginger. Stop! Stop!

Ginger, fucking stop!

Please stop!

Ginger, stop! He hasn't done anything!

I don't like how he looks at you.

Oh my god!

He found me. Brigitte.

The mess. I had to... Go to hell!

He's not dead. You've infected him.

Let me call help for him.

Oh fuck!


You like it.

It feels so... good, Brigitte.

It's like touching yourself.

You know every move... right on the fucking dot.

And after... you see fucking fireworks, supernovas.

I'm a goddamn force of nature.

I feel like I could do just about anything.

You know we're almost not even related anymore.

You're fucked!

You'd love it. Should come for the ride.

A little scratch. Swap some juice.

We'll be our own pack, like before. It's so us, B.

I'd rather be dead than be what you are.

We have a pact!

Out by sixteen or dead in this scene, but together for fucking ever!

I said I would die for you!

No. You said you'd die with me. 'Cause you had nothing better to do.

Fuck you too.

You think I wanna go back to being nobody?

You're fucked!

Stay the hell out of my way, Brigitte.

And I'll tell Sam you said hi.

Stop! Stop!

Where is your sister?

County greenhouse.

Get in the van.

All right, Fitz. Wicked costume, baby.

Where is Sam?



Hey Ginger, where is Brigitte? She couldn't make it.

Yeah, why is that? Cramps.

She says hi.

You wanna buy or something?

Or something.

Go get your sister. Mom, I don't think...

You've done a terrible thing.

But... you're my tiny babies.

It's one thing if you leave, it's almost normal, but no one is gonna take you from me.

First thing tomorrow I'll let the house fill up with gas, and light a match.


We'll start fresh. Just us girls. It'll be fun.

What about dad?

He'll just blame me, they all will.

This isn't your fault, mom.

Yes it is.

Lock the doors, OK?

Ginger, come on. No, you come on.

What are you doing? I know you want to. Everybody does.

Really, what would I be like?

What would I do?

What would I feel like inside? Ginger, stop.

Make me. Ginger, your sister...

This is fucked.

Ginger, get off me. Get off me.

Ginger, get off me!


What? I told you to stop. Oh Jesus.

God, Ginger get up. I'm sorry.

Get up, Ginger.

You bitch!

You want me? You want me?

Stop hurting everybody else and take me. Take me!

I don't want you! I don't even know you!

Brigitte, don't.

Brigitte, don't!

You wrecked everything for me that isn't about you.



Now I am you.

I know you are. But what am I?

We got to go.

B, I can't. I'm turning too fast.

What the hell did you do that for? I won't let you do this, Brigitte.

You both need help.

You fucking idiot!

The cure works.

I had to use it on somebody else, but there is more at the house.

This is the only way I could get her to come back with me.

Oh shit!

What? How was I supposed to know that?

Just help me, OK? Just get her in your truck and drive us home.

Fine, but she rides in the back.

This is nuts, you need a doctor.



She could have killed you, Brigitte.

She needs me.

Get home. Cure her, cure me.

And then what?


You know you're kidding yourself.

I'll be right back. Give me the syringe.

Dad? Hello?

Oh shit!

Yeah, I've meant to fix that.

Did she get out? Oh god, I hope not.

I can't see anything.

Pass me that flashlight.


That was your god damn sister!

Oh fuck.

The monkshood's in there.

Oh, you're out of your mind.

Not yet.

Be quiet. I gotta get this stuff.


Fuck! Where the fuck is she?


Let's do this fast. Hell, yes.

All right, bowls.

Alcohol, alcohol.


Could I have your lighter?

I can't feel my hand.

Jesus Christ.

Oh fuck!

Go! Go!

Alcohol. What?

Alcohol! Oh shit. Yeah.

Start grinding up the buds.

All right, pour it in.

Easy, easy, easy...

What was that?

Shit, keep going. Go, go.

All right, hold this.

Right, that's real fucking hygienic. I doubt it matters.

How about you take this and we blow?

How about no?

Then let me do it, you can hardly move.


You can't do this by yourself.

Let me take the needle, I'll go into the living room, you lead her in, bam we're done.


I'm going. Be careful.



I can't.

I won't.

The fuck.

Fuck off!

Leave me alone!


Come on. It's me.


Ginger, please, it's me!

You want this?

You want this?

I'm not dying in this room with you!

I'm not dying!