Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (2004) Script

The Indians say the curse began in the time of the ancients, and was passed down through the blood of generations.

There are legends of the Wendigo and the coming of the Red and the Black.

Legends of the Day of Reckoning, when death would consume the land and good would face evil.

Of the day the curse would be broken forever or grow stronger and live on to plague generations to come.

But ours was a story of survival.

Of two sisters, bound by blood.

A bond that would not be broken.

That was our promise above all.

Above men...

Above God...

Above fate.

It was in our blood, together forever.

I'm so cold.

Me too.

Ginger, I think we've lost our way.

We haven't lost anything, Brigitte.

It's lost us.

Easy. Shh!

Come on...

Come on!

Fine, then.

We'll all walk.

Come on.

Let's go.



Are you all right?

What happened here?

My sister.


Many summers...

In the wind... in the trees... and in the blood.


They were hers and her sister's.

Thank you.

Say thank you, Ginger...

Thank you.

Kill the boy, or one sister kills the other.

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

Easy! Easy! Easy. Easy...

What's wrong with him?

It's all right!


No! Come back!

Come back!

Come back!


Get it off me!

I can't!

I'm gonna go back to the camp and try and find the old woman.

Don't leave me!

Look at me...

Count to 100, and before you do, I'll be back... all right?
















Please? Somebody?

Help us!





I'm not alone...

I'm counting...

One hundred!

You stay away from her, you son of a bitch!

Are you all right?

Did he just whistle at us?

I'm sure he meant the dog...

Son, stay back.

Welcome to civilization.


Do these two look like anyone you've ever laid eyes on other than while you were off pulling in some shithouse somewhere?

Answer me!

We don't ever open the gate for anyone we don't know, do we?

Bloody idiot.

It's nearly nightfall, we were looking for shelter.


Here, we never talk out of turn, and, while I'm spitting, it is always my turn.

But I see it is not the first time your mouth has made you trouble, is it?

Sergeant Major.

Stand down.

Mr. Rowlands!

The dark one's hurt.

Show me.

She's been bit.

How'd you come by that wound?

In the woods I stepped in a trap and the Indian helped us.

We were accompanying our father, Montgomery Fitzgerald, on his commission to find a pass through the mountains west.

Only, our boat was overturned.

We washed up on shore, but our... our parents were drowned.

Cast them out, Wallace.

Cast them out.

You put us all in grave peril if you give them refuge.

Mark me, Wallace.

You've been marked.

Let's let Doc Murphy see to it.

Our parents drowned?

Yes, but they didn't suffer. It was really quite peaceful.


You'll have an ugly scar, but you'll keep the foot, if we make sure it doesn't turn septic.

These ugly black bastards like the blood.

Oh, God, no.

But they'll settle for the sickness.

No, she doesn't want them on her.

It's a necessary evil.

My name is Wallace Rowlands.

I am Chief Factor at Fort Bailey.

Tonight, since you are our guests, dinner will be in the company hall.

Ladies. Mr. Murphy.

Do you feel that?


Be thankful.

Means you're alive.

I'll get you something for the pain.

I really don't have much to spare, but...

Is it medicinal?

Not in the least.


I'm right here.

Enjoy it while it lasts, girl.

Mr. Murphy. Those graves out there?

Is it the pox?

No, it's not.

Your fort's nearly abandoned.

Most of the people have gone home.

The rest... aren't sleeping too good.

What is everyone so afraid of?

Didn't you see them?

Out there in the woods.

We saw nothing.

Not to worry, girl...

because they saw you.

It's good to have guests in the main house again.

I'm sure you will find it more comfortable than travels in the woods.

Well, we passed an Indian camp on the way.

Looked like it had been attacked.



Well, have war parties been raiding you?

Is... is that what's happened here?

The damp in this place, it gets evil cold in the bones.

The Indians told the Company this was a bad place to build a fort, but they didn't listen.

So, where is everyone?

The trade party was supposed to return with supplies two months ago.

It's two months... um, still no sign of them.

So, there's no passage east, then?

Except on foot... for a few thousand miles.

This was Geoffrey's room.

Wallace's son.

Where is he?

Uh, he died.

A few weeks ago.

These are for you. I hope they fit all right.

They were Wallace's wife's.

She was a beautiful Indian girl.

She died, too.

It was quite tragic.

Here's the key.

I'll see you at dinner, then.

What a lovely shade of dead.

Is a dead boy's room the only one they've got?

It's better than sleeping out in the woods with a tree root for a pillow.

We've slept there before.

Together forever?

Together forever.


We should eat here more often.

There's two chairs for you here.

Chief Factor, the blessing.

Yes, of course.

It wouldn't be dinner if the almighty didn't join us.

Bless us Father for these thy gifts of plenty which we are about to receive.

And verily...

Verily I say unto thee, let us not succumb to the temptations of the flesh but rather remain chaste.

The faithful shall kneel on bleeding shins...


Amen. Amen.


Scripture has twisted that man deadly.

And you?

You watch it.

He's fixing on you.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

There won't be much more for any of us soon.

Supplies will get through.

We just have to hold out until then.

I want to make a toast.

A toast to our magnificent Indian friend here.

We had scouts like you in my regiment out east.

Ah, yes, which was a good thing, 'cause in the front line, they took a musket ball like a sand bag.

Seven footer?

Good three hundred pounds on him?

Wallace does good to keep him here.

Hunter like him could kill anywhere.

What keeps him here?

It's something he's not telling.

No, you're waiting for something.

What is it?

You've got some kind of blood brothers out there?

They work us from the outside, and you, Redskin, work us from the inside?

Easy, easy!


I am my own.

I stay because it is my will to stay, and, until they get you, remember that it was a Redskin's will that you even breathed your stink that long.

Gentlemen, we stand on the brink of darkness and the color of our gods has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

We have to abandon this place. The Company will understand.

They're just wooden walls!

Wooden walls?

Every man that has ever walked on this mortal earth has walked here with us.

And we stand as far as they've ever come.

It's these wooden walls that shelter every Rome ever built.

This battle's every war ever won.

And that fire out there... every light that's held back the dark.

Dinner is over.

Good Christian women need fear nothing.

We're not afraid.

Oh, yes, you are.

Two months this fort has been in the devil's grip, and you two little girls walk right through our door.

What is that?


The devil's wickedness.

This place is to be drowned like a new born deformity.

To be cut out like a bleeding cancer.

To be cast into hell like a stinking whore!

Don't forget to say your prayers, ladies.

These people are fucked.


Look at this.

These toys must be Geoffrey's.

Who's there?



Come over here, I'm not gonna hurt you.

Wake up. Brigitte, wake up!

Get dressed, we're leaving.

I was dreaming.

Mother and father were there...

Mother and father are dead.

You're bleeding.

What have you done?

What have I done?

Something bit me!

Something bit you?


I thought it was a boy.

It was some kind of animal.

I don't... It was deformed.

It's loose in the house, Brigitte.

Please, get up.

Where are we going to go?

Same place we always go, away.


Did you hear that?

Help me.

Ah, come here.


Get up, so I can rattle your pretty mouth again.


Oh, you'll do just fine.

Come on.

Come on!

Don't move.

Step back.

Do it.

She won't.

I won't?

No. You won't.

You may have the gun, but you don't have the stones.

Break it down. They're on top of us!

Get out!

We're coming!

Help me!




Don't let me go, Finn!

Don't let him get me.

Let him go! Please! Don't let him get me!

Get the beam, Finn.

This way!


Come on!


Shh! Shh.

There's one inside. Shh!

It ripped through the wall.

This way.

Go. Get inside. Quickly.

Burn in hell.

It's in here with us.

Be quiet.




Close the door!

Close the door!


Break this window, Brigitte!

Go away!

Uuh! Uuh!

Help up here! Somebody help us!

You bastard.

What are you two girls doing out of your room?

Are you all right? No, we're not all right.

Your man of God just locked us in there with one of those things!

Monsieur Rowlands.

We need more men on the walls!

How many are there? They're everywhere.

I want you up the tower, shoot whatever you can see.

Reverend! Be useful. Stand a post.

He tried to kill us.

You two! To your room!

It has begun.

Black and Red.

What is it?

Oh, sh...

Oh, God. I'm burning up.

Just leave it, it's fine. I've bled before.

Not without being hit.

What are they, Ginger?


That was no animal.

Could they really be...

What? Demons, come for us sinners?

It looks septic.

They've got the place surrounded.




What have you done to my sister?

What will you do to your sister?

Thank you.

One sister kills the other.



Oh, God.

Aah... uuh. Uuh.

We need to see Dr. Murphy.

The air is bloody.

Kill the boy.

Mr. Murphy?

We need you to...

What's the matter, Finn?

Ah, nothing. I'm fine.


It's th-these leeches, they can't be trusted.

Go on.

Answer the girl, Finn.

Tell her what you're doing?

Me? I...

I'm just killing these leeches here.

You got bit last night, didn't you, Finn?

No. No, I didn't.

I did real good last night.

I'm sure I shot the one that took Owen and I'm real sure n-not one of them even so much as touched me.

You know me, Murphy.

I'm fit as a fiddle, most of the time.

I know, Finn.

You're a real good boy.

But you got to listen to me now.

Put the knife down.

Now... get yourself a leech.

Do it, boy.

Now put it on you.

Do it, Finn.

No, not on your arm.

On your chest.

Please, Murphy.

I just want to go home.

Yeah, me too, son.

We're almost there.

Get me out of here.

Now, what can I do for you two ladies?

What the hell's going on, Murph?

Finn got bit.

I put him down.

We can't keep doing this!

He was no damn sick dog!

He was bit, and when they're bit, they turn.

Just like this one here did.

Wait a minute.

That's Jean-Pierre's mark, isn't it, Claude?

No, you're wrong.

It's not my brother's.

It's the same mark.

That's what happened to the boat crew, it's them turned.

Back off! Yeah!

No! It's him.

It's him.

Who is Jean-Pierre?

Jean-Pierre is Claude's brother, head of the boat crew.

They were supposed to return with provisions two months ago.

They left in the Spring, and they haven't come back.

There's been no sign of them...

We need to know.

You need to know.

Check the eye.

Angels and ministers of grace, defend us.

Glass. It's him.

They're all dead.

Or turned into these sieging monsters.

What's more, Jean-Pierre used to bunk up there where the hunter killed him.

It's the last thing they remember...

Trying to come home.

It is time for us to confess our sins.

Beg for His mercy.

And what good will that do us?

Can you not see that we're reaping what we have sown?

We brought this upon ourselves.

I'm sure I'm going to hell for this, but shut your holy fucking mouth.

That's it.

We pack up.

We get the hell out of here. We move at night.

We rest during the day.

If the hunter leads us...

No savage is leading me anywhere.

You don't have to come.

I'm sick of your bile!

You're the one fathering their whelps.

I'm gonna rip your filthy tongue out of your skull!


None of it makes any difference.

The hunter to guide us, we'll be taken down, him with us.

We've no choice. Do you understand?

Come on, Ginger.

This is the fight!

And if it's to be fought here, then so be it.

I've lost my wife to it.

I've lost my son to it.

Let them come.

He's lying to them, his son's not dead.

That was him that bit me.

He still lives in the house.

He's turning into one of those creatures.

So am I.


I can smell their blood.

Yours, too.

Be quiet.

Stop... just stop.


Come on.

When we were boys in France, my grandfather told my brother and I of Les Loup Garoux.

Man transformed into wolf.

On the full moon, it preyed on the shepherds and travelers near his village.

The old man warned us, "Beware its bite or we might become a slave to the full moon, too."

It gave me bad dreams.

But my brother said, "Don't worry, Claude.

"If it bites you, you won't become one, "because I will help you catch it, so you can kill it before you turn and the spell will be broken."

It was a long time ago.

And we were just little boys.

God's forgiveness and mercy for his children is boundless. Those lost in battle with evil shall find glory in the fields of heaven.

He has brought peace and eternal rest upon the souls of Finn Maclntyre and Owen Crisp.

But, verily, I say unto thee, those that court sin shall be lost to the fire.

They shall become the very armies of the beast.

No longer can we flout God.

No longer can we give refuge to the evil amongst us.

No longer can we cast our seed into the dusky heathen bitch.

For he who was cast down into the fire is upon us and his name is Legion, for he is many!

Come on, boy.

I can't find my mother.

I've looked and looked.

I miss mine, too.

It itches.

Geoffrey, wait...

Your end.



Come on.

Let me look at it.

How is it?

It's fine.

It's getting better.

I'm gonna get something for the pain.

There's nothing you can do.

Brigitte, where's your sister?


The excitement... she can sometimes be a little... frail.

And she's all right?

She let Geoffrey out.

The others don't know he's alive.

You saw them out there.

They'd kill him.

What happened to him?

My wife and he were attacked.

She was killed.

He'd been bitten, and for a while it seemed he might recover.

But then he began to change... into one of them.

Every day, I look into his eyes and I see, less and less, my little boy.

Can you imagine what that's like?

You look after your sister.


Kill the boy.

That was the boy who bit me.

I have to kill him.

If I... if I kill him... Just like she said, I kill the boy and the curse will be lifted.






It was just here.

Jesus Christ.

I got something for you.

You can wear it in a locket.



Get her out!

Get her out of here!


Quiet. Quiet.

Ooh... ah!

It isn't a wolf bite, is it?


Look at it. Get a good bite, little bitch, good and deep.



Uuh! Uuh!



Oh, God!


Oh, God!

Stand away from the girl.

Now get out.

Mr. Rowlands.

I'll get you, boy.

They're going to kill my sister.

Geoffrey bit her, didn't he?

She's turning.


Then, it's too late.

Is it too late for your son?

I'll tell them about Geoffrey.

I swear it.

They kill my sister, they kill your son.

Hold her still!

Get a leech.

Let her go. You heard her...

Let her go.

She killed Seamus!

Bled out his throat.

She never left the room.

I swear it!

She never left her sister's side.

Leech the witch!

Reverend, I suggest you lower your weapon, or I will, by God, introduce you to Him.

This plague has come because of your love for your savage wife.

It is your sin that has brought the devil upon us.

My sin is something you can only dream about.

Leech her.

I... it's the only way we're gonna know!



You're insane.

No one touches either of these two without my order.

Is that understood?

Get out!

It's all right. It's all right.

Pack your things.

You're making us leave?

Not you. You can stay. She goes.

Brigitte, I have to break the curse.

We go, we go together.

I have to kill Geoffrey.

I'm not staying here without you.

There's no other way.

He must die by my hand.

I don't know where we'll go, but we'll go together.

Brigitte, look at me.

There's got to be something.

Some other way, something we don't know about.

Brigitte, look at me!

I'm turning into something dangerous.

You know it's true.

You heard the old woman.

You're the only thing I have.

Nothing else.

I will not kill you.


Nothing else.

I love you, Brigitte.


Don't! No.

There's no one left to protect you, little half breed.

Your father's throat's out!

No, don't...

Get the gate!

You were going out.

Dirty little mongrel mutt you are!

No! Please, no!


Get up!



Get out!

Get the beam!


Shh shh. It's all right.

You miss her, don't you?

I'm sure she misses you, too.

There's something in the graveyard!


Where is she?

She's gone.

It's too dangerous for you here.

What do you want?

I've known you before I found you in the woods.

Since I was a boy.

I've seen your face in dreams.

I've prepared my whole life to meet with you.

Dreams told me to protect you.

And kill my sister?

If I wanted to kill either of you, I could have many times.

I am forbidden to kill her.

The Seer believes our fates are tied together.

You know the old woman?

She is an Elder with sight.

Come with me! And she'll show us the truth.

I'm waiting for my sister.

She's one of them.

I've hunted this creature's bloodline for years!

They live only to kill!

I'm staying until my sister comes back.

Watch her carefully.

Soon, not even her love for you will stop her.



They've found the boy.

What is that?

It's Wallace's boy.

He's alive.

And he's turned.

Turned ugly.

Wallace, come out here!

Having a little reunion!

Wallace, get out here!


Good news, chief.

Boy's back from the dead.

Been telling us lies.

My son, he's my responsibility.

He's not your son anymore. Look at him.

You fucked us.

You haven't just killed Murphy.

You killed everyone here.

It's my concern.

What about Murphy's concern?

And Owen's? Finn's?

He killed Seamus.

For good or bad, I'm in command!

Well, I think it's time that changed.


Look at me!

Take him.


I couldn't do it, Brigitte.

I couldn't kill him.

Now it's too late.

I'm afraid, Brigitte.

It's over.

Mutiny's over.

And that one? She's leaving.

We two owe each other nothing.

Say your goodbyes.

We have to find the old woman.

We'll take our chances, and travel by day in the woods.

It's better than staying here.

We wait until the watch changes and then we go out the way the beast got in.

By the time they come for you, we'll already be gone.


Therefore the curse is...

I'm cold.

I'm not.

We have to keep moving.


We have to find the hunter.

He'll take us to the Seer.

Shh! Shh...

What is it?

Someone's watching us.



I know you're afraid, but can you help us find the hunter?

His cave is up the river.

Take us to him.

Can you do that?

We're very close.

What do you hear?

They're stalking us.


This way. Hurry!

Milo! Wait!







I couldn't help it.

I did it.

You need to leave me.

Come on!

Brigitte! Come on.

I'll kill... I'll kill you.

I'll kill you.

Come on, Ginger, up!


The cave.

That's the place.


That's all right.

No, it's...

It's over.

It's over. We're dead.

We're dead.

We're not dead.

We're here.

We've come this far.

In my mother...

I heard you coming.

Tell us how to cure this.

I warned you.

It's too late.

The curse is in the blood.

Kill the boy before he bit you.

Please help us.

Tell us what to do.

The English and the French brought with them their diseases to plague our land.

And with them came the Wendigo.

This was all foretold.

Watched for.

And with the Wendigo would come two sisters... the Red and the Black.

And their love and their deaths would decide the way of things.

I'm gonna kill you, Brigitte.

No, you won't.

She won't kill me.

I know it.


She is offering you.

The night and the day come into you and your spirit runs forward.

You will see things.

Will I see what happens to us?

You will see your death.

But will I find the answer?


Don't do this, Brigitte.

I need to know.


It is believed amongst our people that those who lived always live.

Do not fear death.

I love you, Brigitte.





What happened?

She killed the Seer.

I went in to protect you.

And she ripped out her throat!

Now, tell me what you saw.

Tell me!

I didn't see my death.

I saw Ginger's.

And it was you that killed her, wasn't it?

It's what I saw.

And what did you see?

I saw myself die.

I give my life to save you so that you can kill her!

It's still her.

We will be together.

She will come back to me.

She has to die by your hand!

And what if I don't?

What if I don't kill her?

She dies by your hands, or you die by hers, and the land suffers forever as foretold.

I just want my sister back!

You saw this knife.

I know you saw it.

I killed Ginger with it.

This is the only way.

You have no choice.

It is your path.

Do not fear death.

We go to the fort and wait for her.

She will come for you there.

The prodigal has returned.

Welcome back.

You bastard!

In this mortal life, it is not just our physical bodies which hang in the balance.

It is an eternity of peace.

And it is this forgiveness which I offer you.

Take it, child, for the lost soul of your sister, take it.

I have seen things...

in dreams and in waking...

about the way things will be for her and I.

And in these dreams, Reverend,

you are screaming for your life, you prick!

She's coming for me.

Witch! Temptress!


Disciple of the Devil!


No longer will your evil tempt us.




If you will not beg for mercy, mercy shall be inflicted upon you.


The other will come.

Let the bitch in!

You were born of the fire...

Thirty seven... and to the fire you shall return.


I've come for my sister.

I'm sorry to tell you, but the Reverend has taken a real fancy to saving her from hellfire.

So, I guess that leaves me and you more or less to ourselves.

Right then.

Burn her, Wallace, while there's still time, burn her!

You hit like a girl.

Well, we've got all night to fix that.

You've let a pair of little girls destroy us!

You never could see how they lied and tricked and tempted you into oblivion, man.

Just like that bitch wife of yours!

Forgive me, Father.

For I have sinned.


You had enough?


Finished yet?

Or does your pretty little mouth have something more to say?

Let's hear it!

Come closer.

It's a secret.

Watch her.

Aah! Aah!

Uuh! Umunh!



She's come back for you.

Stay close to the fire!




One hundred.


Behind you!

No! Uuh!

You know how it must end.

Together, forever.



I was wrong to leave you, Brigitte.

But you came back.


I'm cold.

I'm not.

The Day of Reckoning.

The day the curse grew stronger in the Red and the Black.

Sisters united in blood.

Together, forever.