Gintama (2017) Script

"Realm of the Samurai."

That name for our land is now just a memory.

Twenty years ago, alien beings descended to disrupt the peaceful world of Edo.

We named them "Amanto" or "Sky People."

They took over and re-developed our entire city.

The Bakufu government became no more than their puppet.

Initial attempts were made to expel the invaders.

A fearless band of patriots fought the good fight.

But after terrible sacrifice, they were defeated.

Fearing another rebellion, the Amanto banned all swords... and the Samurai sank into irrelevance.

Not like that, idiot!

Even a chimpanzee could do this.

Sorry. Swordsmanship is all I know.


In Edo now, skill with a sword is worse than useless.

You Samurai are like shit on a shoe.

Deprived of swords and status, Samurai had lost their pride, too.

Forget that, old man. Bring us milk.

My pleasure, sir.

Run milk to the good Sky People.


This one's no good as a waiter, either!

I am so sorry!

I've got milk on my lovely clothes.

And you know how milk makes everything stink.

I'm sorry, sir.

Don't use that dirty rag!

Apologize this instant!

Maybe it wasn't just the Samurai whose patience was at an end.

Who the hell are you?

"Souvenir from Lake Toya"

How dare you carry an illegal sword?

Calm down, it's only made of wood.

Quit whining like a tomcat in heat.

Look at this...

Your stupid screeching... has caused my chocolate parfait... to be ruined!

Do you know who you're dealing with?

My doctor informs me... that my blood sugar's too high.

So I only get one parfait a week!

He was too uncouth to be a Samurai... yet also too focused for a common street hood.

Boss man!

Sir? The parfait in question...

It tastes great, however... the cornflake ratio makes it overly crunchy.

The latter half was crunch, crunch all the way to the bottom.

Up the ice-cream quotient!


Hang in there.

This is Gintoki Sakata.

As the "White Demon" he struck terror in the Amanto during the wars of resistance.

"GINTAMA - Lyrics, music & vocals - Shun Oguri" "In this Amanto-infested city"

"He roams the Edo streets alone"

SHUN OGURI "He roams the Edo streets alone"


"Like a stray dog"


"He bares his fangs to fight"


Why is this cheesy video all about you?

'Cause I'm the star. Isn't it cool?

It's such crappy quality.

Worse than a bad karaoke video.

I made it at home on my laptop.

Keep your homemade crap off the big screen.

How many times does your name show?

But I'm the lead role.

Couldn't even read the last few.

They're in Arabic and Korean.

Like we care.

You even sang the title song, right? It's really bad.

How dare you say that?

That café scene's unnecessary, too.

Some viewers won't know the original manga.

Die-hard fans are sure to write harsh reviews... so we need the new viewers to be kind to us.

You're absolutely right.

Let's introduce ourselves.

After the scene at the café, I went to work for "Odd Jobs" Gin-san.

My name's Shinpachi Shimura.

My family had a fencing school, but we ran out of pupils.

He's in deep shit. No need to say that.

I'm Kagura, the story's heroine.

Lovely Kagura. Don't sweet-talk me.

She's an alien from the Yato-clan, renowned for their martial arts.

I'm also cute as well.

It's a long story, but she works with us.

I'm a rare beauty. Check out this amazing pic.

That's the famous one!

Lovely Kagura. Don't start that again.

Now for the one-time-only Gintama live-action adaptation.

Don't leave early or you'll be on Warner Bros' blacklist.

Don't say that.



TBS will be mad we stole their format

"Gin-Chan Odd-Jobs-R-Us" Beetle hunting!


"Strawberry milk"

I want to go beetle hunting!

Beetle hunting, the time-honored childhood pursuit.

I need a new Rhino beetle!

I lost a beetle-wrestling match and forfeited McCartney #28.

That's why I propose we go beetle-hunting, okay?

Just go by yourself, then.

Four-eyed jerk!

Mind my glasses!

Just chill, okay?

I'll find a monster Rhino beetle and get my revenge.

By the way, McCartney #28 was a dung beetle, not a Rhino.

Shut your mouth!

Not again!

Let's hear how this guy found his amazing beetle.

Listen, Kagura...

We're grownups now.

We don't get a thrill from bug collecting anymore.

Get the thrill back.

The young-at-heart are always popular with girls.

I'm fine not being popular, thanks.

I found this beetle in the forest.

It's worth as much as a car.

This little beetle?

Come on, guys...

Help me!

I was lucky to find it so close.

Like a diamond in the forest.

Rhino beetle... Rhino beetle...

Kagura, just let it go...

Beetle-hunting we shall go!

Okay, gang.

We hunt, hunt, hunt, then make cash, cash, cash!

I just want to replace McCartney #28.


No going home till we catch a huge one.

This is business. Business, pure and simple.

Greed always brings out his pompous side.

Let's just find a beetle, right?

I get it.

But the forest can host great evil. There's no telling what lies in wait.

Be on your guard.

This is harder than I thought.

Is there an easy way to find them?

If you stand coated in honey, they swarm.

Only a crazy pervert would do that.

"Commander of Shinsengumi - Isao Kondo"

"Chief of Edo Police - Stalker of Shinpachi's sister"

"Nickname: Gorilla"

What's that?

What are you doing, Gorilla-san?

Being a tree, obviously. And you don't talk to trees.

We're talking to you 'cause it's not obvious.

I think you overdid the honey.

Is this appropriate behavior from a Chief of Police?

Trees don't talk. Kondo-san, you're beautiful.

It's too disturbing. Let's pretend we never saw it.

Really beautiful, Kondo-san.

That was an unexpected sight...

Let's pretend it was an illusory forest spirit.

But it was Gorilla.

A gorilla spirit protecting the gorillas.

What gorillas?

"Shinsengumi Deputy Chief Toshiro Hijikata"

"a. k. a. Mayo Lover"

Do beetles like mayonnaise?

Why force his preference on the poor beetles?

I bet he licks it himself. Disgusting.

Let us ignore it.

My eyes are getting tired.

There's something weird about this place.

That guy's a nicotine addict. Nicochin's the name of a goblin.

It's rumored to have two penises.


It's so huge!

Kagura, go for it.

Leave this to me.

I'll rule the world of beetle-wrestling.

No, let's sell it and buy a house.

Kindly refrain, my good man.


"Shinsengumi Captain - Sougo Okita"

"Super sadist"

What are you doing? Isn't it obvious?

It's obvious that you're an idiot.

Help me up, I can't do it myself.



My stealthy approach strategy is ruined.

Hey, what are you all doing here?

I'd ask you the same.

One shady move and I'll arrest you.

You look way, way shadier.

Why are you all here?

We owe you no explanation.

We're catching beetles.

Beyond that hint... we'll say nothing more.

The Shogun's pet beetle has escaped.

He's saying more.

But not one word further.

Rurimaru shines like gold.

Kondo-san! Enough.

Edo's finest... wasting taxpayers' money, bug-hunting of an afternoon.

That was him, right?

Suppose we catch that beetle... imagine the huge reward!

What a wicked thought...

Get it!


We'll be in disgrace if commoners catch the royal beetle.

Don't let it get away!

"Tae Shimura, Shinpachi's older sister"

"Co-owner of the fencing school"

"One tough cookie"

Tae, my darling! Kondo-san, wrong way.

What are you doing?

My honey-gold ass hairs... they're a sight to behold!

Don't get any ideas.


Tae, darling!

"Kotaro Katsura:" Elizabeth, a true Samurai

"Former resistance fighter" never lets money affect him.

"Still active underground"

Always try to eat a simple meal...

"Elizabeth: Katsura's pet from outer space"

Zura! Get out of the way!

It's not Zura, I'm Katsura!

Gintoki, you're being pursued?

Let me lend my support.

To hell with you!


Relax, I used the blunt edge.

Well, fancy meeting you here...

The rebel Katsura...

Elizabeth, let's run.

I mustn't always let you escape.

Wait there!

Scum like you will never touch the royal beetle.

Gintoki runs real fast when he's blinded by greed.

As fast as Char from Gundam?


Come to Papa!

Is this a joke?

Why do the cops always suspect me? They're so stupid.

And how tacky that the Shogun had a pet beetle...

Well, you've got Q-Taro and that's bad enough.

It's not Q-Taro, it's Elizabeth.

Anyway, it's not a serious matter.

Pardon me for causing you concern.

It becomes my business if you fight Shinsengumi in broad daylight.

It's not like we did anything to provoke them.

Beetles, of all things...

We went bug-hunting as kids, huh?

"Shokasonjuku School"

You'll encounter many hardships in life... it's up to you how you deal with them.

One thing...

I want you all to remember.

"Bushido for Beginners"

Ever wish you could go back to those days, Gintoki?

Not at all.

Shoyo Yoshida.

For inciting resistance against the Bakufu/Amanto regime... we arrest you as a traitor.

You're right...

We'd have to deal with the pain of losing him again.

Blame it on the Bakufu or blame history itself.

Gintoki, Katsura, take the flank.

Takasugi, will you be okay alone? Trust me.

Don't die!

We've got a reason to survive.

You're the White Demon.

What motivates you to fight?

Why throw your lives away?

Isn't it obvious?

To avenge our teacher's death.

I need you to stop stirring up trouble.

It's not fair on Shinpachi and Kagura.

It was Kagura who wanted a beetle.

And you pick your nose too much.

But the boogers keep coming.

Don't flick it!

Or wipe it, either.


I've got some advice for you.

There's a serial killer on the loose. Be careful.

You look like a chick from behind, Zura.

It's not Zura, it's Katsura.

I hardly need to worry about being attacked.

If you say so.

See you around.

Excuse me.

Might you be Kotaro Katsura?

You've got the wrong person.

Don't worry. I'm not some cursed government dog.

Maybe a dog thirsting for blood, though?

I heard there's a mad-dog killer on the loose...

Be careful who you bite, my friend.

Unfortunately... my buddy and I fancy the blood of a tough guy.

How about it?

Indulge us in a duel?

That sword...

Oh, dear, is that it?

The serial killer is in the news again.

He struck last night in Edo. Miss Sole has the story.

Miss Sole are you there?

This is Sole, reporting live.

State your initial, too.

I'm R. Sole reporting live.

The incident occurred around midnight last night.

Injury patterns suggest it's the same killer as in previous cases.

Hey, R. Sole, who is the victim?

At this moment...

State your name each time. Sure, I'm R. Sole.

We've no information about the victim's identity.

How many does that make it?

They say he mostly kills ronin.

It's getting scary to go out at night.

What's up, Q-Taro? You're awfully quiet.

Gin-chan. It's Elizabeth.

It's not weird when he's a manga or anime character.

But in real life, I just sense a guy in a suit.

There's no way around the guy-in-the-suit feeling.

In real life, he just looks scary, I think.

Here's some coffee.

No reaction. What now?

Did the guy inside faint from the heat?

Not supposed to mention him.

He's a dead-ringer for Q-Taro.

Is he going to eat 50 bowls of rice?

Is he totally scared of dogs?

Or are we in the live adaptation of a Q-Taro movie?

Yikes, that'd be better than ours.

Doronpa must be here somewhere! Come on out, Doronpa!

Please calm down!

I'm sure he's the real Elizabeth.

But he hasn't said a word.

Obviously he's up to something.

Hello, Gin-chan of Odd Jobs-R-Us...

Shinpachi, it's our last resort. Go get it.

It's Gintoki's private supply. He'll be mad.

Don't worry. He's not a kid anymore.

He's got to stop drinking it, or he'll be diabetic.

Okay, since we're responsible for his health.

I'll be right over.

I'm off now.

Uh, you're bleeding.

Where are you going?

Time to get to work.

Liar! You're just trying to escape.

I'll leave him in your hands.

Shinpachi, now's our chance.

Here's some strawberry milk.


Listen, Elizabeth...

A Samurai eats plain and wholesome food.

Strawberry milk, parfaits, sugary snacks and frivolous things... weaken both body and soul.

He's crying!

Good job, Shinpachi.

But why did strawberry milk make him cry?


Hello, I'm from Odd Jobs-R-Us.

Hello, I'm from Odd Jobs-R-Us.

Excuse me? I'm Gintoki from Odd Jobs!

Excuse me? I'm Gintoki from Odd Jobs!

What did you say?

I'm from Odd Jobs. It seems you called.

If you're from that cooking show, piss off.

I'm not Yonesuke!

I'm also not involved in a sex scandal.

I'm not from a gossip magazine, either.

Can't you hear me? You goddamn loudmouthed jerk!

I'm terribly sorry about that.

I get so sweaty from work my hand must've slipped.

I apologize.

Don't mention it.

By the way, we are siblings. We forge swords.

My name is Tetsuya Murata.

And this is...

Say hello to the gentleman, Tetsuko.

If you don't say your name, he won't know what to call you.


You already said it quite loud, so I know it's Tetsuko.

My apologies, Sakata-san.

She's a shy oaf of creature.

No problem.

It's tough for swordsmiths now swords are banned.

Anyway, the task I have for you...

Are you ignoring me on purpose?

My forefather's... Well, my father's masterwork, Benizakura, has been stolen.

What is this Benizakura of which you speak?

I want you to find it for me.

Still not listening, I gather.

Benizakura... was forged by my late father, the finest swordsmith in Edo.

It is thought to be his best work.

Its blade can cleave boulders... and by moonlight, it gleams a pale crimson.

As mysterious and beautiful as sakura at night.

It is a splendid blade without equal.

An amazing story. Any idea who stole it?

But Benizakura is not a thing for human hands.

Sir, learn to listen to other people.

This much I know.

My father died suddenly, soon after completing the sword.

Misfortune befalls whoever gets his hands upon it.

That sword...

is a demonic thing that possesses mens' souls.

Wait one goddamn moment!

So it could land me in trouble, too?

Please find it before further tragedy strikes.

Listen to me, please!

Speak close into his ear and really project your voice.

Is that right?

Why not tell me before?


Lift up your chin.


Like Inoki, the wrestler.

Sir! How's it going?

Shut up!

I'll get him for this!

Are you sure it's Katsura's blood?

From this morning?

That means...

"Maybe the body was..."

Elizabeth, you know better than anyone.

He wouldn't lose to your average serial killer.

But it's obvious something bad happened.

If we don't find him, who knows how it'll end?

"It might even be too late"

Don't be stupid!

If you've no faith in Katsura-san, then who has?

What can you do for him?

How can you help?!

Say something!

That hurts.

Let me go, or I'll tear you to shreds.

I'm sorry.

I'll go search for Katsura with Sadaharu.

You look for the killer with Ellie.

"Thrift Store & Pawn Shop"

I thought the thief would try to sell it quickly.

But maybe it's not money he's after...

Which means...

Looking for something?

I'm working right now.

It's not a police matter. Let me be.

The beetle's gone, the Shogun's heartbroken... and we're in the doghouse.

It's none of my business.

But all's fine and dandy with you.

Let me warn you, though. There's a killer on the loose.

He kills everyone in his path.

However, a single witness... said the sword he carries... is more like a living thing than a weapon.

Gleaming crimson in the moonlight.

I see.


What lead are you following?


Liar! That's obviously your lying face.

"Defeat the Serial Killer!"

Elizabeth! I bought some pork buns.

"I only eat pork buns from 551 Horai"

Please stop with the Osaka in-jokes.

The convenience store only had the cheap ones.

So, did the killer show?

Isn't it a little reckless?

To ask the killer himself about Katsura-san?

We're not even sure he's the culprit.

"Stay quiet & hide behind me"

"Those behind me will die"

That's totally contradictory!

In the dark, I can't tell your front from back.

Okay, I'll get in front.


What the devil's going on? You look suspicious.

It's just the local magistrate. I thought it was serious.

What a relief.

That's rude. I'm supposed to be intimidating.

I'll have you know, recently...

there's a killer on the loose.


Now, it's the young man's turn.

A serial killer...

isn't choosy.

What are you doing to my guest?

You're Nizo the Butcher?

Well, well...

Seems that I'm becoming famous.

It would appear so.

Your face is on posters all over town.

The killings are your handiwork.

But why are you here, Gin-san?

Our objectives converged, apparently.


How nice of you to come see me.

This sword is supposedly cursed to bring only misfortune.

But tough guys flock to it, apparently.

You above all.

It lured you here just as I wished, so maybe the sword's on my side.

What did you do with Katsura-san?

Oh, dear. Was he an acquaintance?

I was rather naughty.

Playing with my new sword, I got carried away.

He was dead before I knew it.

Zura wouldn't lose out to a cheap thug like you.

Don't get angry. I said I'm sorry.

Which reminds me...


You get a memento, at least.

I took it off him as a trophy.

But he'd prefer you to have it.

Was he really male?

His hair is so silky smooth.

Just like a woman's.

Don't make me repeat myself.

Zura wouldn't let a punk like you get the better of him.

Indeed. I'm no match for him.

It wasn't me who cut him down.

I let myself be possessed for a moment.

Right, Benizakura?

Sadaharu, it's gotten dark.

We should get back or the guys will be worried.

Or will they?

Maybe not.

Zura should be fine.

He's tough. It'd take a lot to kill him.

Let's call it a day and restart tomorrow.


Have you picked up Zura's scent?

What's that ship?

It's huge.

Hey, did you find him?

Nope. Okada-san's gone rogue again.

He's really dangerous.

He bragged that he'd killed Katsura. I wouldn't put it past him.

What do we do? You should've kept your eye on him.

We'll be in trouble if people find out about it.

Sadaharu, go back to the store and get Gin-chan.

No detours, even for cute girl-dogs.

No climbing on top and humping.

Right, I'm going in...

To the right.


I can't help but follow my instincts... and nobody works on an empty stomach.

Baldy, three orders of ramen.

I'm not bald.

That's odd.

Are you really the White Demon of legend?

That's odd.

Is that thing really a sword?

They say it's more like a living being.

But if you ask me it's more like... a monster itself.

Fights aren't only decided with weapons.

This isn't a fight.

It's a duel to the death.


Uh-oh. This ain't good.

No way...

This can't be happening.

Gin-san is...

Peaceful Edo dulled your Samurai skills?

White Demon, Katsura... Where did those legends of the resistance go?

He must be disappointed.

Each and every comrade ending up the same way.

Our nation turned corrupt because of weak Samurai like you.

It wouldn't be in this poor state if I'd been by his side.

Bushido, moral codes...

Samurai shouldn't dwell on these details.

The only thing they need are swords.

With your broken sword, you're no longer a Samurai.

Our country has no place for weak Samurai.

Is my sword broken?

I still have a sword.

My best one, actually.

Oh, my. It seems you took off my arm.

How mean of you.

One move and I'll make it a pair.

I'm Okita from Shinsengumi. You must be Nizo Okada.

He's come to spoil our fun.

We'll settle this later.

Get him!


You were on his trail after all.

Hang in there, Gin-san!

If only I'd got here earlier...


I knew you had it in you.

Let's get him out of here. Yes.

"Shinsengumi Police H. Q."

It seems the rumor was true.

What rumor?

Takasugi is back in Edo.


The toughest and most radical resistance fighter...

Shinsuke Takasugi.

Apparently he's teamed up with Nizo the serial killer.

Nizo the Butcher?

I just watched him fight Gintoki.

It was Nizo the Butcher for sure.

He's not the only problem.

The gunslinger Matako Kijima's back, too.

And that pervert strategist, Henpeita Takechi.

Takasugi has resurrected the Kiheitai.

The Kiheitai?

His band of mercenaries from the wars of resistance?

It's said they fought like demons.

Why on Earth does he want them to reform?

A strong paramilitary could help him launch a coup d'etat.


He's dangerous.

Facing Nizo alone would be bad enough.

Even Gintoki was no match for him.

Score-settling with ex-resistance guys isn't a big deal.

But a coup d'etat is another story.

Toshi, get all the information you can.

Got it.

Also, Kondo-san... you don't have to be naked for fencing drills.

Hey, you...

You work on this boat? Could you show me around?

Unless you want to lose your head.

Are you listening?

The moon's large tonight.

Almost bright enough for Princess Kaguya to appear.

But here's Princess Tomboy instead.

Heck, I sense something fishy.

Who the hell are you?

How dare you threaten Lord Shinsuke?

Drop it. Nobody draws faster than me, Matako Kijima.

Matako, your underwear's showing.

They're kind of stained.

Don't think I'll fall for that old trick. Besides, I change them daily.

There's some kind of mark on 'em.

It's gross.

"Matako's got panty stains.

"It's no wonder she can't shoot straight."

How dare you insult me in front of him?

My Liege, don't believe a word this brat says.

Look for yourself.

They're filthy.

You bitch!

Don't pick your nose while you're down there.

I could've sworn I changed them.

You brat!

Takechi, sir!

No one is to shoot.

To kill women and children is unworthy of a Samurai.

Take her alive.


Forget your Lolita complex. Punish her for intruding.

It's no Lolita complex. I'm a feminist.

Enemy or not, the feminist way is to be nice to women.

Zura! Where are you?

You're here, right? If you're here, answer me!

Seize her now!

What a brat...

Zura, wait for me.

I'm coming for you.

Heck, she's headed for the factory!

What is this?

I can't let you live now you've seen that.

If your sword is just for self-protection, cast it away.

"Bushido for Beginners"

It's not about self-preservation.

It's about retaining your soul and protecting what's important to you.


Can't you hear it?

That voice?

I can still hear it.

That black beast inside me... writhing and twisting.

I must keep fighting...

until it stops tormenting me.

Ouch, ouch...

You're awake?

What a relief.

You were so still I thought you'd slip away.

How do you feel? Are you fully conscious?

Do you know who I am?

The lady whose food tastes like puke.

Why are you here?

It's what my brother wanted.

Told me to be your nurse.

Why does my nurse have a spear?

It's what my brother wanted.

I'm to ensure you rest and stop you if you leave.

Stop me how?

Stop my breathing?

Funny joke.

You must be getting better, then.

Is it a joke, I wonder...

Okay then, let's read Dragon Ball.

A lot of onomatopoeias.

Impressive performance.

Is it over?

What a fright!

"Are you feeling lucky?" Don't do Frieza, I beg you.

Don't do Frieza, I beg you.

That's enough!

Where are Shinpachi and Kagura?

Running errands. What kind?

Don't worry, the patient should rest.

They're searching for Zura...

I told you to keep still.

What if your wound re-opens, fool?

Just kidding.

No, you're not. You're dead serious.


You're for real. Plus that's not tongue-in-cheek.


I wish I'd turned up earlier.

Although maybe I'd have ended up dead.

Elizabeth was cut in half, then vanished.

Do all aliens do that, I wonder?


No point in asking you, I guess...

What's that huge ship?

You've picked up Katsura's scent?

Then Kagura might be aboard, too.

I need to go save her.

But how can I sneak in?

Fierce-looking ronin are everywhere.

Boy and big dog, what are you doing?

Just... admiring the ship. It's so cool.

Totally cool, right?

I'd love to board it. Cap'n Kodai was my TV hero.

No way!? Yep.

Shima was my guy. He was cool, too!

I'd love to take a look.

"Listen, Kodai, only you can fire the pulse cannon."

"You're right, Shima. Lead the way."

"Let's go."

"Steady as she goes."

As if I'd allow it. I was so close.

As if I'd allow it. As if you would.

It's funnier with your hand on your hip.

That's good comic banter.

Shut up, four-eyes!

What do you know of comic timing!?



Such a short fuse.

It's locked down really tight.

I should hurry for Kagura's sake.

Not that I can tell Gin-san...

The rent's due. Go pay it.


Spot me the cash, please.

No way.

But I'm injured.

You know the saying, "Cash speeds the cure"?

I'm afraid not.

Make an excuse and send her away.

If you insist.


Oh, you're not the landlord.

May I help you?

Well... I'm afraid Gin-san is...

I'm right here.

Come on in.

I was expecting you.

You got your ass kicked, huh?

You took Benizakura without permission, only to run back here minus an arm.

Are you prepared... to commit hara-kiri, Okada-san?

I'd prefer credit for returning the sword despite my injury.

It was a valuable test run for both of us.

Your selfish behavior has gone too far.

What do we do when the Bakufu dogs learn of the sword's existence?

A Shinsengumi agent saw you fight Gintoki.

You're a hindrance to Lord Shinsuke.


Katsura, then Gintoki. Why target those so close to Lord Shinsuke?

What are you up to?

Don't delude yourself about your new power.

You only defeated them because of the sword...


Don't take this personally.

It's not me.

It's the sword's doing.

It's gradually possessing me from within.

Claiming my body as its own.

You'd better mind your manners now.

You want to tell me the truth, right?

Don't give me that demon sword speech again.

What the hell is it?

Who really made that monstrosity?


They're obstacles to us.

We're in this with Takasugi to wreak havoc on the Bakufu's corruption.

In other words... we aim to become legends, right?

How long do we tolerate those fools.

They're a distraction.

They stand in our way.

Surely it's time for old legends to fade... and to cause new legends to be written.

They no longer stand with Takasugi.

That is our place now.

This Benizakura... was designed as a weapon to take out battleships.

It's endowed with an artificial intelligence which feeds off the bearer's body.

It analyzes combat data and grows smarter with use.

It's truly a living blade.

Like that manga, Parasyte.

Is it going to talk and introduce itself as "Migi"?

Only one man in Edo could create such a thing.

I beg you. Stop my brother.

Takasugi's gang...

They'll use it to burn Edo to the ground.

It's almost perverse.

To create such a weapon in an era of cannon and flintlock...

A man who boasts about overthrowing a government... is equally perverse perhaps.

He who turns boasts into reality is hailed as a hero.

I don't deal in empty boasts.

I'll show them that Samurai and swordplay are far from extinct.

I'm not interested in your ambition.

I live only to create the finest blade.

All I know is...

this particular sword... can cut through everything.

I don't know how it happened... but your brother's mixed up in some heavy stuff.

And... for one thing, he played me for a fool.

He wanted me to find that sword, so it could drink my blood.

Or maybe he was doing Nizo a favor... or maybe it was both.

In any case, it's a terrible thing.

And you knew all along, right?

You knew his plan, and yet you said nothing.

And now you ask me to save him?

Is your skin as thick as the Yellow Pages?

Don't use odd metaphors.

I'm sorry, I have nothing to say.

Like you said, I knew everything.

But he'd be in such trouble if the secret got out.

So I never told anyone.

Such a loyal little sister.

Ignoring the fact that he's an accomplice to murder.


A sword is just a glorified butcher's knife.

However pure the maker's intent, he can't dictate who uses it.

My late father used to say that.

Those words are ingrained on our hearts.

My brother simply lives to make swords.

He constantly forged steel to surpass our father's legacy.

He'll never reach his father's standards.

That man was a worthy swordsmith.

The son hasn't got it in him.

So he began to study mechanics to gain greater power.

And started to associate with shady characters.

I guessed they might be evil, but I didn't stop him.

I just told myself that our job was simply to make swords.

I know that a sword is a butcher's tool.

A tool for murdering people.

But I'm so torn...

My brother's devotion to his work is being so misused.

It's too late.

It's reached a point beyond my control.

I'm at my wit's end. What can I do?

I don't know any more than you.

I'm badly injured, my friend is gone...

My head's spinning with it all.


I don't want consolation money. Just get out of here.

I'm fed up of it all.


That bastard Nizo is really out of control.

Bring me more!

Keep bringing more ramen!

What the hell's her problem?

Another helping!

What are you all doing?

Young girls at her age... are at their most beautiful while they eat.

I had them join her, so she wouldn't be lonely.

Kagura finishes the lot. She's leader of the pack!

Another helping.

At this rate, she'll empty the ship's stores. Kill her already.

Not a good idea before she coughs up some information.

Another helping!


Still hungry, honey?

The ex-champion is at her heels!

Here you go.

Do I have to kill you first?

Calm down, okay? In a few years girls like this... reach their juicy prime.

Your Lolita complex's gone far enough.

It's not a Lolita complex. I'm a feminist.

Whatever. Just end this bad TV show.

Look at that.

The gunshot wound healed overnight... She's got incredible strength.

That white skin, so supple. Its soft perfection impervious to sweat.

Stop it, right now.

I'm a feminist, I tell you. With a love of youth.

The definition of a Lolita complex!

Never mind. You're an idiot who'll never understand.

You're the idiot.

What I'm referring to... are classic Yato-clan characteristics. So piss off and die.

You die.

You mean the mercenary clan, Yato?

So is she a professional assassin hired to kill our Lord Shinsuke?

Who the hell is she working for?

She always answers "Zura."

Is that a regional accent?

Senpai, she's manipulating you.

Watch how easily I handle her.

Hey, bitch!

It's Bakabon.

She looks like him.

I'm gonna kill you!

Chill. In a few years she'll be a heart-stopper.

Don't pervert the course of justice.

Stop calling me a pervert.

It's a great relief.

I was afraid you'd try to leave despite your injury.

You'd surely die, wouldn't you?

I guess so, yeah...

I feel sorry for that girl, but it can't be helped.

I guess so, yeah...


Please don't overdo it.

If you die, Shinpachi and Kagura would be lost.

I guess so, yeah...

You misspent a wild youth, but now you've got to act your age.

Quit lecturing me, you cow! I'll stay put, but go buy me a Jump manga.

The candy shop on the corner sells it.

Okay, okay...

"Meet me at the swordsmith - Gintoki"

Sorry about this.

I hate to play the impulsive punk at my age, but...

"This is my favorite umbrella Be sure to return it"

That's one headstrong woman.

That's one stupid man.

I got to hear every word.

Don't look so pleased with yourself.

If you don't have a warrant, you're a cop breaking the law.

Everything I do...

I do for you.

Then quit boasting about doing illegal stuff.

Never fear, the Shinsengumi's here.

This is so not funny, Gorilla.

Count on us, the Shinsengumi!

Shut up and get the hell out of here!

Hey, you...

Who the hell are you?

It's me. Me, you know!

Oh, yeah, it's you. Sorry!

So you should be.

Who the hell are you?

You're not from around here.

It's me. Remember?

Oh, sorry. It's you, of course.

Really, guys, I'm disappointed.

That was easier than I thought. No wonder old folk get scammed.

"Gengai's Lab"

Hey, you...

What a rare surprise, Gintoki.

Can I be straight with you?


I'm up against a machine...

It's a guy with a super-powered robot sword.

In Samurai movies the hero fights on despite his wounds, right?

Especially Ken Takakura films.

But I just sense I can't win.

So you need my mechanical expertise?

Honestly, I'm in agony from this injury.

I'm hoping you've got an easy way out.

An easy way out? That's the opposite of Bushido, you know.

I know. I need an easy victory.

I love life. I want to survive. More than Nobunaga even.

No Samurai movie hero ever had a line like that.

Sadly, I have nothing for you right now...

Give me this.

With this, I can kick ass!

Sorry. It's a repair for another client.


Is the repair done?

Yes, sir. It's ready now.

That's perfect. I'm so glad.

Excuse me, may I borrow it?

Let me see. It's right in front of you.

Send the bill to my regiment.

You're older than in the anime.

I'm just a kid.

That's your line from the manga.

You seem fit enough to me.

Are you Artesia?

I'm Sakata.

Then I'm off to Side 7.

First, I need a piss. May I?

Sure, it's over there.

Don't be so crass.

My bladder's small and my piss smells sweet.

That's diabetes.

I'll zip there at super-human speed.

Looked like normal speed to me.

I guess he's normally a lot slower.

Gintoki! I've got something that'll help.

Why didn't you tell me in the first place?

A few bites of this...

That fruit?

Your whole body becomes rubber.

But I don't want to turn into the Pirate King.

Boing-Boing Gintoki...

Perfect, eh?

Sail to the Grand Line!

Really? I hate the ocean, though.

Just kidding. It's fake.

It's just a normal melon. Totally fooled you.

Humans can't become rubber.

You read too much manga.

Your brain's turned to mush.

You read too much manga.


Ouch, ouch. That's not fair.

You're in fine fighting form, eh?

That really hurt.



Hey, lassie...

I'm in a foul mood.

Cough up the reason you're here, or you're a dead man. Speak.

If you kindly comply, I'll defer the event for a couple of years, hopefully.

Spit it out!

She's vomiting.

She just did what she was told.

More is on its way!

What's up with me?

Don't tell me...

Am I pregnant?

Either over-eating or sea-sickness, stupid!

You say the funniest things, Kagura-honey.

We can't kill someone blessed with such humor.

Please shut up, Lolita.

Time's up.

Now you die.

Wait one darn minute!

A girly cat fight is no reason... for my friend to die.

Shinpachi! You came to save me!

Sorry I took my time, Kagura-chan.

Who the hell are you?

Don't make me repeat myself.

I'm her sidekick.

How many in your army?

Well? What's up, dear boy?

Don't mumble, sweetie.

Are your lips quivering?

All on your lonesome?

It was a spur-of-the-moment thing.

Is that so?

So, you know...

I just decided...

to go it alone.

Whoopsy. Are you girding your loins?

Was that pop from a little button? Really? A button on a kimono?

Did you hope we wouldn't hear it?

Are you really prepared to fight?

Can't we settle this without bloodshed?

Surely we can?

Shouldn't think so.

Can I kill him? Be my guest.

Wait, wait.

Spare him.

Silly four-eyes is just a big silly.

Kagura, dear, I've no interest in young boys.


What's going on?

We're under attack from a Shinsengumi vessel!


Heck, this is Nizo's fault.

All hands, battle stations!

Sorry to keep you waiting.

I knew you'd be here.

Forgive me.

Where's Gin-chan? Why's he not here?

He'll be here... any minute.


Sorry to interrupt your suffering.

But your guests have arrived.

You really stirred the pot, huh?

Now thanks to you... you've forced my hand in fighting the Bakufu.

I hear you killed Katsura.

Then tangled with Gintoki.

Even got Tetsuya Murata involved?


Did you collect good data at least?

Murata must be happy about that.

He only cares about that sword growing in strength.

How are you?

Your old buddies succumbed so easily...

Are you feeling sad?


That's an impressive arm you've grown.

I'm glad you're getting along so well.

Like the saying, "Sword and warrior as one."

Go and crush them all.

Wipe them all out, and I'll forgive your indiscretion.

There had to be a showdown at some point.

One other thing...

Never again refer to Gintoki as my buddy.

Things are more complicated than you know.

Say it again, and I'll kill you both.

I see what's going on. But is Katsura really here?

Sadaharu said it, so I'm sure.

Boarding attack!

How could you eat that before battle?

If you get cut, you'll bleed mayo, not blood.

I've got to get my strength up.


Let's go.


You should stay on the ship.

This will be a bitter fight and many will fall.

What would become of Shinsengumi if the unthinkable happens?


I made a vow when I formed our force...

I live or die alongside my men.

That is Isao Kondo's destiny.


Shinsengumi will never die.

Well done, kid.



Let's deal death to those devils.


Let's go. Sure.


Looks like it already kicked-off.

It'll be over before we arrive.

One swing of Benizakura has the firepower of 10 ships.

As much as a pulse cannon? Or a Turtle Devastation Wave?

I've not seen either, so can't comment.

But in any case...

What's this?

A sword I forged. Use this against Benizakura over your wooden one.

That's cool, but what's this?

This decoration on the hilt?

Looks like poo...

It's not poop, it's a coiled dragon!

I hadn't finished my sentence, which means you agree!

Anyway, how do we get up there?

You're a worse listener than your brother.

Hey, Gintoki.

Sorry about earlier. This is for you.

It was in for repair, but the client said you can use it.

Here you go.

This isn't the windy valley, so will it work?

Legally, did we cross the line there?

Quick, before Ohmu turns angry.

That's very kind.

Are you sure it's kosher?

It's impressive, huh?

Taking it to the limit of legality, eh?

Go, Gintoki. Go.

Thank you, Na... caa.

You're sure we can take this?

It's fine.

It's the Shinsengumi!



Nizo Okada, you're under arrest... on suspicion of the serial murders.

Welcome, dogs of the Bakufu.

What the...

Pretty good for a sword...

Well, well...

So much for the long arm of the law.

I've got no choice. This way, sir.

Cut him up if you must.

Okita, you traitor!

As if you Keystone Cops could detain us...

This can't be happening!

These are the same as Nizo's sword...

Yet so many of them...

Oh, deary me...

This is no place for boys and girls.

Shinsuke Takasugi!

Why did you attack your old comrade Gin-san?

What happened to Gin-chan?


I wonder if he's my comrade...

So Gintoki hangs out with kids now?

What did you do to Gin-chan? I may have to kill you.

In that case, you're all destined... to live happily ever after in heaven!

Elizabeth! Ellie!!

"This is tricky. Run!"

I'm so happy you're alive.

"Run away now!"

But he's real strong, Ellie.

"Leave him to me"


Since when was this a costume party?

I said it wasn't fit for kids.

I'm not a kid, I'm Katsura.

Zura! What's with your hair?

Lord Shinsuke!

I didn't expect to see you here.

Fancy meeting a dead man.

I had unfinished business... so I returned from the underworld.

After being killed by a comrade, I couldn't rest in peace.

Right, Takasugi?

Don't call me "comrade."

It does more harm than good.

You still carry that?

We're as bad as each other.

Did that protect you from Benizakura?

Fond memories die hard.

I don't care who is behind the scheme, you or Nizo...

I can't stand by and let events go unchallenged.

You two...

I'm sorry for dragging you into it.

I thought they were only after me.

I figured it'd be best if people thought I was dead.

You were more conspicuous than ever.

Sorry, Zura... making you come all this way... but I can't surrender my ambition.

Wait, Takasugi. Let's talk it through!

Leave these guys to us.

You go negotiate with Takasugi.

Will you be okay?

You'll treat us to goodies afterwards, okay?

If anything happens, I won't be able to face Gintoki.

Don't worry, just go.

You owe me a year's worth of seaweed snacks.

Thanks, guys.

You're tougher than I thought I should've killed you earlier.

Don't underestimate the deputy chief!

Even a feminist must show his dark side.

When careful plans are ruined, fury is close behind!

That's a feminist.

A total non-sequitur.

But I can't figure out why you two are here?

You're neither resistance fighters nor cops.

And obviously not with us...

Who the hell are you?

What's your deal? Who sent you?

The dumbest Samurai in the Universe!



He's mine.

You go get Takasugi before he escapes.

But in your condition...

I could say the same for you.

You policeman do your job.

Just don't die, Sakata.

I may be totally blind... but I can feel the light.

Your body is aglow... with a harsh silver light.

But why is that?

Something about that light...

I just can't stand!

Why are you here? What can you do in your condition?

Have you finally lost your mind?

You don't look so well yourself.

Like death warmed up. Your bowels troubling you?

You're the one with problems there.

Uh-oh, someone's losing blood.

Uh-oh, someone's losing blood.


Look at Gintoki up there.

He's as foolhardy as ever.

Like facing a battleship with his bare hands.

Those moves are beyond human.

His body's struggling to respond to Benizakura's commands.

That man is going to die.

You knew full well.

You knew what the sword would do to him.

But he's your comrade. Don't you care?

That's his chosen destiny.

In death, he'll find fulfillment.


That's right.

He sought to become one with his sword.

A sword that protects Takasugi, his beacon.

To fly into fire not return to darkness. To embrace its power.

His eyes are blinded by the light. It is all he can see.

Piteous and foolish he may be.

But inside lies a beauty beyond good and evil.

Like the beauty within a single sword stroke.

What's beautiful about it?

Is that what you wanted to create?

Stop it! I can't watch your swords spill any more blood.

Then why bring that man here?

It's as if you lead him to his death.

Can that dull blade vanquish the perfection of my Benizakura?

Impossible! He matched Benizakura's power.


He's even stronger.

This shouldn't happen.

Although Benizakura drains Nizo's strength... it processes data to find the opponent's weakness.

It can't be!

That man, he's improving faster than Benizakura.


The intensity of this duel has reawakened dormant memories of battle.


That is...

the White Demon!

I can't get rid of it...

That distracting light...

No matter how I try, the silver light remains.

It won't go out...

It appears you have some dojo training... but haven't ever fought with a naked blade.

Your hands are trembling.

No, they're not!

If I shake it, you see more than one sword.

Like we used to do with pencils.

It's weird, right?

It's totally weird. Weird as hell. Really.

I can see, one, two. Wow, so many...

Distracting you thus, I strike!

Your sword technique is crap.

I'm more the cerebral type.

I can win this. I can kick his ass.

Such pain, I love it.


Got her!

You couldn't catch me in a million years!



What the hell is this?


Wish I could've lived to see Kagura mature.


Nizo, have you lost your mind?

His consciousness is within the sword.

I knew this kind of shit would happen.

Benizakura has taken over.

The self is gone and now body has become sword.

Not even the White Demon can stop it.

Benizakura has attained perfection. It's the ultimate sword.

Its power accessible only to one whose mind is centered and pure.

People like you, minds full of nonsense, cannot stand in its way.

It won't go away...

That blinding glare...

it won't leave me alone.

I'll rescue you!


I won't let it kill! I won't let him die!

That sword must kill no more.

Get those wriggly things off him!


Tetsuko, why can't you see?

I devoted everything to Benizakura.

I cast aside my conscience...

It is all that I am.

I lose everything if it goes.




Darling brother, hold on...

Now, I see...

I made myself free...

Rid of everything but the sword.

I forsook all stupid distractions... living solely to forge swords.

Living only for my creation.

But in the very end...

you, I couldn't forsake.

With such a superficial approach...

I was never going to create the ultimate sword.

Those weren't "stupid distractions."

What do you mean by that?

You thought your devotion was pure?

You weren't a true craftsman.

Don't be such a hypocrite.

You just didn't have the guts... the guts to shoulder burdens... to face up to life and battle on.

Quit playing the hero.

Watch closely.

Behold the power of "stupid distractions."

Behold the quality of this sword she poured her heart into.

Burn this image into your mind.

Gin-san, stop! There's no way you can face Benizakura!



What kind of sword do you want to make?

One that protects.

What? Speak up!

A sword that protects people.

A sword that protects people...

That's so like you, Tetsuko.

It would seem...

I didn't have the skill.


A great swordsmith...

you've become.

I can't hear you...

Speak to me in your normal voice.


I don't like you. I never have.

But I've always considered us comrades.

When did our paths start to diverge?

What are you trying to say?

Even though we started in the same place... our eyes were fixed on different goals.

We've always walked alone.

Each of us following our own path.

I haven't changed and neither has my goal.

The man you are now lost the will to put away his sword.

You're just a marauding beast enjoying chaos.

If you hate this new country, then seek its destruction.

But if you risk harming the people of Edo...

I can't stand by and do nothing.

What I'm after...

hasn't ever changed.


Takasugi! You bastard.

Katsura's head will fetch a pretty price.

Did you join forces with Amanto?

Sorry. I couldn't save him.

Gentlemen of the Shinsengumi, a word...

You came through it okay?

I reckon this ship's about done for.

Can you take my guys and leave?

But you're in no state to fight.

That's right, Gin-san.

Gin-chan, you might die.

Don't worry, he's my friend.

Trust me.

I'll go talk to him.


I need your help.

Got it.

You're saying I should ditch Benizakura?

Joining forces with the Amanto?

A new low, even for you, Takasugi.


You really beat him in that state?

Didn't we once fight to free the nation from the Amanto?


When you guys took up arms for comrades and country... none of that meant anything to me.

Think about it.

Who taught us how to fight?

Who taught us Bushido?

The rightful path and all that we know?

Who gave us a place in this world?

It was all Master Shoyo.

And yet... the world took him away from us.

So we've no choice but to fight back.

To smash the corrupt system that robbed us of him.

So, Gintoki...

What do you live for in this world?

In the face of a world that stole him away, how can you be so easygoing?

Because parfaits are delicious.

For me, there's nothing in this world I feel like destroying.

For me...

there's too much I want to protect.


Get out of our way, fools! I'll plug you full of holes.

Let's go, Lord Shinsuke.


I'd have to face him sometime.



Stay out of it.

So, then...

Can you actually do it?

You're too sweet by half.

Too much sugar, I guess.

I planted bombs on the ship. There's going to be nothing left of it.

Why not tell me before?

Your preparations are impressive.

Are you with Lupin the 3rd?

How do you think I evaded the Shinsengumi for so long?

Who'd have thought... he still carried this with him after all those years.

We all came from the same beginnings.

But... it's amazing the gulf that's grown between us.

Gintoki, do you have any memory... of this book?

Spilled ramen on mine and chucked it out.



Welcome home.

"In this Amanto-infested city"

"He roams the Edo streets alone"

"On the search again"

"For a place for us to live"

"Forging through the soulless throng"

"Like a stray dog"


"He bares his fangs to fight"


We can't end with this crappy song!

"No animals were harmed in the making of this film"

The dumbest Samurai in the Universe!