Gipeuteodeu (2014) Script

You left your job two months ago?

I was employed for 8 years. Just quit recently.

You were there for quite awhile. Why'd you quit?

To be honest, the company was restructuring, so I voluntarily resigned.

You worked with them for 8 years... in the same position?


And your age...?


You left your job recently?

Actually, I resigned voluntarily...

I see... That'll be all.


A word?


I'm thinking about selling the café.


Any chance you might be interested?

It would be better to hand it over to you than some stranger...

You've been wanting to get a shop of your own, no?

Well... I'd have to ask my fiancé...

Sure, talk it over and let me know?


You're back?

Did you eat?

Do you have any money?

I gave you a hundred last week.

You used that up already?

What good is a hundred bucks?!

Yeonwoo! You can't waste money like that!

Fine, then don't give me any.

What about dinner?

You got here early! Did you get off work early?

Huh? Yeah...

Cold, huh? Not really.


You're going out again?

How've you been?

Where are your manners?!


So, what did you want to talk about?

A shop?

Yeah! I've been saving...

And if you take out a loan, it should be enough...

It's a great deal...

Still... not now.

Think about it, please?

No, I'm against it...

Sujin... Let's do this later.

We need to prepare for our wedding first...


But, Minsoo...

No... I said, no!



Isn't it time for personnel changes, soon?


You better get promoted this time!

Don't worry about it...

Sorry. My fiancé is just so against it...

No need to apologize...

It is unfortunate, though...

I was going to give you a good bargain...

Yeah. Thanks for the offer...


You were laid off two months ago?

Yes. It wasn't what I...

You were employed for 8 years... But, no promotions?

I understand your situation...

But, I'm sorry.

It's been tough lately. Noone's hiring right now.

Yeah, I know.

But that's why I'm asking for your help.

It's not that easy...


Actually, the Development Team might have an open spot...

I'll see what I can do. But, don't get your hopes up.

Thank you. Thank you.

No need to thank me.

When can I hear back from you?

Within a month or two, max.

Two months?

Not any sooner?

You'll be lucky even if it's two months from now!

I have an appointment.

I'll call you, alright?

I really appreciate it!


I'm from the realty...

Hello. The owner...?

She's inside.

Come in.

It's chilly.

It's a bit cold in here. Is the building old?

We're offering at a very low price.

Here. Take a look at the going rates...

I think you're not seeing the full picture here.

The owner personally decorated this whole cafe.

See there... Ma'am...?!



How much did you say I could have the café at?


Is something wrong?


So, you signed the contract for the café today...?

Yeah. If we took out a loan under your name, it could work...

And it's just such a good deal...

Wish you'd have told me first...

Your phone was off all day...

I'll wash up first.


I need to talk to you.

You got fired?!!

You're crazy...

Why did you have to sign... Must I serve coffee forever!

Why didn't you tell me you got fired'?

I was going to find another job... We're done.


You said, we just have to save for three years.

Well, it's been five years. None of my friends worry about money!

They are all married, living in fancy houses.

Have you ever even bought me a designer bag?!

I was out of my mind... It's over between us.


I mean it! We're through, Minsoo!

I'm sorry I didn't tell you I got fired!

But I swear, I'll get you the money for the café.


How can you get $300,000 before the end of this month?!

If you became crippled, I could still live with you.

But I can't be with you if you're broke.

I told you I'll get the money!

Just wait!

Let's see...


150? This is brand new!

There's a scratch. See?

Where? It's perfectly fine...

Then take it somewhere else.

150, 50, 40, 30.

Where did you find this antique piece?

Hey! There're security cameras all over the place these days.

Besides, I'm the most consistent dealer you have.


In total...


These are nice phones. $300 is ridiculous.

Who said $300? I said $305!

Mr. Choi!

Fine, find another buyer!

Hey, open the door for him!


It's okay. Come in. He comes here to deal.

You parked the car where I told you?



I'll check it out and let you know how much by today.

Okay. Good work.

Here. $305.

How much do you give for cars?

Dream on. Excuse me?

You think anyone can steal cars?

A punk like you?

There're cameras and the police...

You'd get caught in an instant.

So how much? Forget it.

I'm not going to jail because of you. Just get me more cell phones.


Suited up all good.

Seems like you haven't done work like this before...

Just say what you need. I'll do my best.

Okay, then. Let's get to work.

Hey kid! Yes, sir.

Tell him what to do.

Come this way...

Smell like chicken?

Air freshener helps.


Chauffer service.

Yes. Yes.

You called for a driver?

You said $20?


One. Two.

Thank you.

Chauffeur service. Oh. Yes...

This should work...


What are you doing?

You leave something inside? Where are the keys?

None of your business.

Need help?

Give me. No, it's fine!

Give me.

I used to work at an insurance company.

Clients often forgot their keys. I'd open it for them.

How did you do that?

Where's your sister?

You have a very bright personality.

Who, me? Thank you.

Do you like to travel, Sujin?

I've travelled to Europe many times.

Paris, London, Vienna... It's quite splendid.


Travelling? I love it!

You're really not going out?

He's been waiting outside for six hours now.

The man I met today was really great.

And he likes to travel...

He asked me to go on a trip with him...

Supposedly, Europe is amazing... Paris... or...

Wait for me.

You been working at a chicken shop lately?

You smell like chicken meat...

Sujin went on the date out of spite... Don't worry.


I have something to tell you...



Hey, bro!

It's weird calling me 'bro'...

You're getting married, soon... Might as well call you brother...

Why'd you want to see me?

Is Sujin okay?

No, it's nothing like that. I just wanted to talk with you.


Hey... Do you work at a chicken shop? You stink of raw chicken...

Just get to your point. I gotta shower before work.

Didn't you just get off from work?

What do you think?


Come on!

The cars we steal are shipped off abroad that very day.

The police have no way of catching us. What do you say?

I said, no.

Bro, think about it!

The work you're doing now doesn't pay! And your body reeks of chicken!

Even now, your stench is no joke, bro. You stink!!

I said, no!

You called for a driver?

Mister! You're going the wrong way!

Yeah, he is.

Fuck. We don't have time for this!


Yo! Doesn't it smell like chicken in here?


Hey man! You work at a chicken farm or something?

God, I fucking hate chicken! Hey! Open the window!

You said $20? Yes.

Here's $20.

Hey Mister.

I already got it.

Mister, you stink. Go take a shower somewhere.


You sleeping?

You were saying, earlier...

Good to hear you've found a nice job.

Here. Count it.

Thanks for everything.

Come back if you ever need!


Why? There's a camera right above.

How'd you know that? I was at an insurance company.

Places like this scream trouble. There're always cameras around.


That one...

You sure?

We're here.

If we park here, they'll come get it.



No worries. That one's fake.

Wow. You are amazing.

We make such a great team. Should've been nicer to you sooner.

We're only doing this for the money.

When the time comes, no more...

Dude, I think you were born for this!

Don't go overboard. We make the dough, and we're done.


But it's our first paycheck... We should drink and celebrate!



Where are you?

You think you can go solo today? Something came up.

Or let's just go tomorrow.

- Your treat, right? Yeah... I'm on the phone!

- Yay! It's on him tonight! Sorry, bro!

Hey! Driver!

You're here early!

Let's go!

Hey! Don't mess with me! Go straight at the intersection!


You look like someone I know.

Hey, I told you! You were supposed to go straight!!

Wait a minute...

It is you!


So you're a chauffeur now?

Can't wait to pop this news at the office tomorrow!

Little dipshit! You know how happy I was to see you go?!

I was going crazy seeing your retarded face every day!

You're sooo slow... And have no sense at all...

Fuck! Where'd you learn how to drive?!

Get another driver.

Hey! What are you doing? Start the car! Start it!

I told you to get someone else, fucking asshole!

You son-of-a-bitch! Hey! You little fucker!

Used to be a fucking mute back at the office!

Hey! Fucking retard!

News. News!




The car from yesterday. Did you hand it over?

Yeah, I took care of it...

You're sure they took it?

They were ready to pay... It's probably abroad by now.



Sorry, but could you go by yourself today?

Something came up again... Just until today, please?


You called for a driver?

What took you so long?

You requested a driver?

Bro, I'm sorry.

No worries. Maybe it's better I work alone.

But you know, it's still 50/50, right?


Hey. Didn't you break open the lock? How do you have the keys?

My secret. Don't try to know too much.

Alright. Do you still work at the chicken place?

No. Why?

It's just... I think I smell blood on you.


Stop talking crap. Just go hand the car over on time.


Bye. Later.

Hey! You know how hard I tried to get you in?

You owe me, big time!

I know you went out on a limb for me. But I actually found another job.

Had I foreseen this, I wouldn't have asked you.

Already? What kind of a job?

Something that I'm best at.

Sujin! A package for you!

It looks like a designer bag!

What is this?

You always wanted a luxury purse.

It's a Christmas present.

You like it?

You can't afford this! Are you crazy?

I didn't take the tag off, so go return it.

I have money.

Did you get a job?

I've missed you...

IFS so pretty!

Wow! It's so nice!

Aren't you spending too much so suddenly?



Stop! Minsoo!

What are you doing?!


I just got so excited...

I'm sorry. It won't happen again.

What the hell!

I'm sorry.

Hey, I'd really like to visit our café...

I just really want to see it.

Do you know how hard it's been for me?

I know.

You're not cold?

When did you buy this?

Why are you in my room?

How did you buy this!

Fm part-timing!


Are you stealing things again?


I didn't steal it! I'm going out!



That was Minsoo's number...

I've been worried about Yeonwoo.


I don't know where he's been working, but he's spending a lot of money...

I hope he's not going around stealing like before...

He's not a little kid...

You think you could talk with him more, please...?


It's going to be difficult in that area for some time.


I looked into it.

Turns out the police are suddenly increasing surveillance...

Security cameras?

Stay low for a while. Don't move too hastily.

Did you call for a driver?

You're here early.

Where you going?

You called for a driver?

I swear that wasn't there before...


Hey, we're going to have to take a break for awhile.

Mr. Choi says...

Yeonwoo, arrange for a pick-up tonight.

Don't worry!

Yeonwoo, I'm almost ready...


I told you not to worry...

Tell Mr. Choi he doesn't need to worry either...

Yeah... Pick-up in 2 hours should be fine...



I said, stop, you crazy son-of-a-bitch!

Crazy bastard.

Sister's selling chestnuts this winter.

Then why are you dressed like this?

Because it's all about the hat!

Then, what's with the pants?

It's gotta be rustic!

What's that gotta do with chestnuts?

You look a bit gloomy today.

Is something wrong?

Should I quit my job?


You said you were enjoying it.

Well, that's true.

You're making good money, why quit then?

I do really enjoy what I do.

But, when I stop, I feel anxious and guilty.

But I want to work again.

It's fun...

You just said you enjoy the work! Then why quit?

You're focused on work too much. You should go on a vacation...

Hey, are you listening?

Sorry. What were you saying?

You're doing fine, so why quit?

And let's go on a vacation.

Minsoo! Where are you going?!

Do you know me?

Excuse me? I said, do you know me?


Then why do you keep staring?!


What's going on, Minsoo?

If you don't know me, stop staring at me!

I wasn't looking at you. I was looking at the books, behind you.

Minsoo, stop, seriously! I'm so sorry.


Crazy bastard.



Where are you?


I handed the car over in the morning.

Get over here, now!



Minsoo, it's urgent, you gotta get over here.

It's him!

Where's our boss?


Have you been killing people all along?

We have to report... Or... go confess to the cops!

What if we get caught and...

We won't.


We won't get caught!

How do you know that? How?

I just know. We're not going to get caught.

We should turn ourselves in...



I've never had this much fun in my life.

I was never good at studying, nor was I any good at work.


I think I have an innate skill for killing people...

You know, like a gift?

It's good for you, too.

And I get to make money doing what I like.

You're crazy.

I'm going to go to the police.


You think they'll believe I did it single-handedly?

You're an accomplice.

I didn't kill anyone...

And who would believe you? You took half our earnings...

But, still...

You think this world is so easy?

We can just find someone else... And what if we get caught?

We're not going to get caught!!! We won't!!!

So you better believe it, too!

I told you I was gifted. We won't get caught!!!

The police are carrying out investigations surrounding a dead body found last night.

They see gang rivalry as a likely cause for this incident, and are questioning suspects at the moment.

Yeonwoo! Jeong Yeonwoo!

Open the door! What's wrong?!!



Is something wrong?

Yeonwoo won't come out of his room.

Yeonwoo! Open the door...

See, he won't come out!

What's the matter? Are you sick?

No, I just want to be alone...

But you should still eat something.

You even locked the door...

Hey, I'm not a little teenager!

It's a ticket to Paris, France.

Go backpacking or something.


A plane ticket all of a sudden?

I've always wanted to send him on a trip...

Don't think about anything, and just go travel.

I'll cover your expenses.

What kind of work do you exactly do?

And it's so sudden... I'll go!

I want to go.

Hey sis. I'll be back.

Call when you arrive.


You dropped Yeonwoo off at the airport alright?


Where's the owner?

She went out to buy some groceries.

So this is the café? Yup.

They even have a camera here. Of course.

Can't imagine working without it!

It's almost the New Year.

With Yeonwoo gone, I'll feel so lonely. I'm worried.


How about we go on a trip too?

Tomorrow's your day off, right?


What about your work?

I have to rest too.

You wanted me to.


I'll come pick you up tomorrow morning.


This whole place, just for the two of us?

'Til the boat comes tomorrow, it's all ours!


What's up?

I wonder if Yeonwoo's okay. He's not answering.

His phone's prolly dead.

He called to say he arrived safely.

Really? He got there okay?


Let me down!

Wow. Beautiful!

No, my brother is in Paris right now.

Yes. I understand.

Who called?

The police.

The police?


They found a body. And think it's Yeonwoo.

You really spoke with my brother, right?

Don't worry. It's probably a look-alike.

I saw him enter the departure gate, and I even answered his call.


Right... You're right.

He's probably having a good time right now...

Don't worry.

Wish we could stay longer.

Let's do this more often.


Happy New Year, honey.

You too, sweetie.


Are you crying?

You're awake?

I woke you up. Sorry.

My battery is out.

Where's my charger?

It'll be light out soon... Look for it then...

No, Yeonwoo might call.

And I'm not even sleepy.

I swore I brought it.

I'm going to check the car.

Brr, it's cold.

I knew I brought it.

Did you find it?

Minsoo, isn't this Yeonwoo's phone?

You said he called you earlier!


It's not what you think...

I can explain.






Don't hide. Please listen. Sujin.

Sujin! Don't do this!

Listen to me!! Please!!!

Call the police.

I'll be inside.

Kim Minsoo, visitor.