Girl (2018) Script




What are you doing?


Are you out of your mind? Stop it.

Too late.

Pretty, don't you think? What is wrong with you?

I just wanted my ears pierced, so I did it.

You disinfected them, I hope? I'm not an idiot.

Show me, please. Show me.

Yes. Next, please.

Good luck.

Your classical technique needs further perfecting.

But it's good enough, that's not the problem.

Pointe work is new to you.

That might be an issue.

There's a serious risk of damage. Your feet were trained differently.

Frankly a career as a ballerina looks doubtful for you.

I'm following the advice of your previous school.

But we do have great confidence in your perseverance.

I suggest a trial period of eight weeks.

Then we'll see if you're evolving enough... and if you can keep up with the other girls.

OK? Yes.

All that exercise is to her advantage.

Her bones are strong despite the puberty inhibitors.

But it's important that she keeps taking her vitamins.

She does.

And how are you? Fine, thank you.

There she is.

Let's get you weighed.



How are you feeling today? Good.

Are you having a good day? Yes.

Did you sleep well?

You look good. You're beaming. Thank you.

Have you been counting the days until your hormone treatment?


You freely admit that? Yes.

Normally people lie first and I have to worm it out of them.

What did you promise me last time? Not to do that too much.

And why did you do it anyway?

I don't do it too much.

But why do it at all?

Because it might make the time go faster.

No, in fact it goes slower if you focus on that day.

Live in the present. Enjoy the moment.

Be a woman now. You are a woman.

That's good, right? I see a nice, pretty woman.

What do you think the hormone treatment will change?

My looks. That I'll have breasts and all that.

Do you look forward to having breasts?

You're a woman, so you have a woman's body. Already.

The only thing we can do is confirm that and support it.

But you already are everything you will be then.

You understand? Do you believe I see a woman when I look at you?

Not really. No.

That is such a shame.

We can't... I'll help you.

Yes, here.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Mathias. Lewis.

Pleased to meet you.

I'm going down to get more boxes. Would you start unpacking?

Let's put the food in here.

And this?

Here? Or on the other side? No, this is practical.

Yes, that one is free. Thanks.

Let's do that again. Move up a bit. And go back.

More épaulement.

Back, back.

Yes. I missed the épaulement at the end.

And I haven't seen that plié yet. Let's do bourrée, and straight...

The preparation here is very important. Plié, then up from the elbow. Again.

Look at each other.

I'm Antoine and this summer I did an internship in Cannes.

But I actually only went two days because I was injured.

And you're recovered now? Yes, a bit.


I'm Anke and I'm sixteen and I'm from Izegem, West-Flanders.

And this summer I made a trip to Rome in Italy.

OK, and how was Italy? Warm. Mostly very warm.

And was it nice? Yes, it was.

Your turn. I'm Lara and I'm almost 16 as well.

And I've a little brother, he's 6.


This may be a direct question, but, Lara, I'll ask you to close your eyes... while I ask the other girls to raise their hands... if they have a problem with Lara changing in the girl's changing room.

OK, you can close your eyes.

OK, thank you. Your turn.

Hi, my name is Elody and I'm 16.

And I did an internship at the Paris Opera this summer.

Did you sleep well?

Very well. You? Not too bad.

Finish your sandwich and we'll go.

Were you working late last night? To 3 or 4 in the morning.

Pretty late.

There's nothing in your pocket.

Yes, there's some dirt in it. What?

Dirt. Oh.

Thank you.

Would you like a biscuit? No, thank you.


And what comes after that?

28, 29, 3... 3...

See you tonight. Hi, Milo.

Are you his sister? Yes, I am.

Places everybody. Yes, miss.

OK, stop. You're like a wooden stick. That doesn't work.

Your body weight has to play a part in the action.

Down, and turn. Plié.

Plié, and now. Up, on your leg, stand.

Up, up. And long arm.

Turn. Bring your head round. And forward.

Plié, side.

Plié and...


We have a lot of work to do. A lot of work. A lot.

Girls start doing pointe work at the age of 12.

Light, gentle exercises that make their feet stronger and stronger.

You see? So this is really...

forcing it a bit.

Some things can't be changed, right?

You can't just lob bits of your feet off.

From the back, right? Yes.

Don't worry, Milo. You'll make new friends soon.

We empty out the penis and remove all the cavernous bodies.

Then we close it up and turn it in, so it becomes your new vagina.

We'll use a part of the glans to make a clitoris.

Since you're on puberty inhibitors, your penis may not have grown much.

So we may have to use some bowel tissue... to make the vagina deep enough.

What are the potential complications?

The most frequent ones are bleeding... and slow healing of the wounds.

One very serious complication is a rectovaginal fistula.

It's a perforation of the bowel that allows stool to leak into the vagina.

But that's very rare. Fortunately it is.

We'll have to give you a colostomy in any case... until the wound is completely healed.

You're so tense.

We can stop if you like, so you can smoke your cigarette.

No, that's OK.

I'm just worried, that's all.

Doesn't it bother you? What?

It's good news.

Yes, but seeing those pictures and stuff. Doesn't that...

Doesn't it bother you?

Not at all. It makes me happy.

It seems to bother you though. Well, not really.


That's alright then.

It's just not something you see every day. You know?

I know.

How are you doing at school?

Fine. Why?

What are the boys in your class like? No idea. Nice guys.

Yes, but is there one who is maybe...

a little nicer than the rest? No.

I don't want to talk about that with you. That's private.

Is that private?

Why are you laughing? If it's about me, nothing is private.

Of course not. That's weird.

That's just weird.

Also, I never said I fancy boys.

Oh, OK.

That's new. Yes.

So you're into girls? I don't know.


It's fine. You can tell me.

I would if I knew, but I don't. What's for dinner?

Shall we invite your special friend?

Stop it. Let's get you dressed.

Come here.

Stop it, or I'll hurt you. No. I'm tired.

I know, but it makes no difference. You'll be late for school.

Stop it. No, I won't.

Now sit still.

Stop it. Come on.

Stop it, Victor.

Do it yourself then.


That's enough.

Don't you hit me.

Are you done?

Why won't you get dressed?

Never use that name anymore, alright?

OK? Yes.

And one...

Arabesque. 90 degrees. Come on.

And one, and two, and three... and four, and five, and six, and seven, and eight, and stop. Yes.

One, two...

Tombé, pas de bourrée. Oh, my dear.

Come on, dance. Move. Keep it lively.

And one, stand. Move on. Keep that leg stiff. Stop.

Plié, go, pas de bourrée.

And preparation.

And one, and two. And move on. Attaque.

One, and attaque, three, and four, and five, and six. And voilà.

Please drink something.

Five, six, seven eight. Tombé et go. Five, six, pas de chat. Eight and nine.

Three, four, five, six, good.

And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, tombé.

And cabriole. Yes, supple arms.

And tombé. Go. And five, six, seven, eight.

Good, temps levé, posé and tombé, pas de bourrée and saut.

Good, Lara. And one, two, three, four...

Wait. I slap you. You slap me. And you slap each other.

Ouch. Dammit.

That was too hard.

I can go again.

Can I go again? No.

What are you doing? A name, animal...

Your teachers are happy with your efforts. You've made good progress.

Your pointe work is getting better. But there's still much to do.

You'll have to work hard to make up arrears.

But you're clearly very talented... so we'll let you stay on.

They admitted me. I can stay for the year.

Alright, call me back.


So, the official moment.

We have the papers for the things we discussed earlier.

You can stop the hormone treatment... Are you listening?

She can't wait to sign.

Stop the hormone treatment any time you want.

But the effects are irreversible.

We'll imitate female puberty as closely as possible.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you, Lara.

Happy birthday to you.

I bet it's pointe shoes again.

How do you know? More pointe shoes.

Thanks for coming, everyone. Today is an important day for us.

An important moment for our family, for the three of us.

Stay here, Milo.

It's a new life. For Lara this is a significant day.

We fought hard to get here.

And it's wonderful to have you all with us today.

Thank you for that. Terrific.

We can tell them, right?

Yes? No? Go on then.

It's a boy.

Three boys. Three boys.

Three musketeers.

As you know, I'll do a choreography for you this year.

It'll have group dances, solos, trios, lots of things.

I hope I can give each of you a chance to participate.

It'll be an opportunity you have to create for yourself.

I will have to make choices.

And two, and three... What's happening there? And five...

Six, and get down in the fourth position.

And move, and move.

And five, and six and once more, guys.

What are you making?

Ratatouille. Is that OK?

Don't, Lara. Give me my phone. Give it.

No. Who is this?

I don't know. I don't read your messages, do I?

Do you? No, I don't.

No? Who is it? Give me my phone.

I can't see who it is. Give me my phone so I can see.

Give it to me.

I've seen who it is. Give it back.

It's Christine. It's... It's Christine.

Yes, thanks. She's a new friend of mine.

And no, before you ask. She's not my girlfriend.

I wasn't going to ask. Yeah, right.

Not yet, anyway.

But is it going well? I don't know where it's going.

I don't even know if it's going anywhere, but...

We'll see.

Boy, oh boy. Come on. Flowing movements.

If you hold back, the motion is gone and you fall.

Move your whole body, dance deep.

Again. One, in a line. Go on. Move.


And torso up. Pas de bourrée.

And walk.

And stand.

Plié. And...

Oh, dear.

Work harder, or it will be a hopeless situation.

If you really want this, work for it. That's how it goes.

You're not giving up, are you? Come on. Let's go.

Have you ever fancied anyone? No.

Never? Not even in kindergarten?

I can't remember, but I don't think so.

What if you met someone?

I don't know. It's never happened. But suppose it does.

Suppose when you leave here today... someone greets you.

And he has a motorbike. Do you like guys with motorbikes? No.

He has a bicycle.

You have a flat tyre.

And he offers to take you home on his bicycle.

Does that sound nice? Yes.

Would you do it?

I don't know.

Why not? Because I think I...

I don't want to do that yet with this body.

You'd rather wait until after the operation?


It's a shame though to put all those emotions on hold.

Maybe you should let yourself enjoy these two years.

Because that enjoyment will help you after the operation.

Then you don't waste time.

You won't sit around waiting in a cold bus shelter... until that bus finally shows up.

What kind of boys do you like? Sorry?

What type of boys do you fancy?

What's the matter?

Go back to sleep.

You're crying?

What's the matter?

I don't know.

You don't know why you're crying?

You don't know? Or you won't say?

No, I don't know.

My hormones.

Your hormones.

You're just saying something.

I don't know. I'm scared that it won't work.

That it won't change a thing.

I see a lot of change already.

I think you don't realise how brave you are.

You're an example to lots of other people, you know?

I don't want to be an example.

I just want to be a girl.

But you are a girl.

I see a girl.

It's just that you want to be a woman right away.

But that's not how it works.

Do you think I was a man the minute I was born?

There's no need to hurry.

Enjoy puberty while it lasts.

It'll be over before you know it.

Are you going to cry all night? No.

Don't drench my sheets now.


Bitch yourself.

Lara... No, go away. Go away.

Does anyone know Fiona's part?

Lara. Show us.

Continue, guys. We need to see for Lara.

Pointe, piqué, arabesqeu. Don't stop.

Coup de pied.

And back. Go on.

Coup de pied.

And once more, one...

Keep it up. Balance.


Aren't you taking a shower? Well, no.

You're not showering? I don't sweat.

You don't sweat? Are you joking?

Everyone is sweating buckets except you.

Nothing. No, not much.

People are asking questions and talking about you.

Why don't you shower? We don't care.

I don't know. I didn't bring anything.

What do you mean? I didn't bring any shower stuff.

You don't need anything to shower. I don't have a towel.

I've got one for you.


Go on, Milo.

Why did you do that this morning?


We made rules, remember.

I'm not angry. I'm just trying to understand it.

We talked about that. We bought underwear.

Special underwear.

You don't need to do it like that.

Well I suppose it doesn't work.

Then tell me. It's fine. We'll think of something.

But don't do it like that. It's bad for your body.

I know it's hard, but let's find a solution. I don't want you doing that.

Aren't you going to answer? OK.

Should we figure something out? No, it's alright.

Promise you won't do that anymore.


Come on, Lara. We'll be late. Coming.

Oh, what happened?

Keep the legs together. And the fifth.

Close the fifth. Close.

I think this is yours. It was in our mailbox.

Thank you.

Do you want a drink? Yes, please.

Of course. Thank you.

Ignore the mess, that's my brother.

What would you like? Anything.

We have coke, beer, water, wine.

Water's fine.

Your apartment is just like ours. That's funny.

Here you are. Thank you.

I'm going to ask for an increased dose.

Of my hormones.

That's not a good idea. Why not?

It's not your decision to make. That's why I'm asking.

I think they'll say no. I'll ask anyway.

And I don't want it increased.

600 grams down. Is everything alright at school?

Yes. Not too intensive?

Your body will change. I promise.

Do you know when? It's taking so long.

The first six months I can't increase the dosage.

It's not healthy.

I wish I could tell you something other than be patient. But it takes time.

Try not to fixate on your looks.

Go, lift up...

Plié. The other arm.

You keep on pushing back instead of leaning on your legs.

We start again.

Again, again, again.

Come on. I know you're in pain. I'm not going to give in.

Come on. Préparation, and...

Straight. And, go.

Yes. And finish correctly. Why can't you do it?

I told you, when you turn and lose balance, push this shoulder forward.

Then you'll stop.

Come. That's enough for today.

You make this so hard on yourself. So hard.

Alright, have fun. Thanks.

Love you.

This is your room. OK.

The girls sleep in the other room.

They are already in the pool. I'll be in the kitchen.

Clothes, clothes.

What do you like? Is it for the summer?

Try this.

Can I put this on? Smile.

Gang bang, guys. Yes.

Gang bang.

Lara is wearing a sexy bra.

That's pretty. It suits you.

Do you use bra-fillers? No.

Oh my god, my sunglasses.

I love that dress. Take the pants off though.

That's not nice. 'That's not nice.'

But I'm right.

You really have nice clothes.

And Lara too.

How do you do it in ballet class? Do you tuck it away?


Your third leg.


Under your dress.

Show us. No.

Just for me please.

And because Elodie never saw a dick before.

That's true. Really?

I have no brothers, so...

Go on, it's my birthday.

No, please. You've seen all of us naked.

Now we want to see you naked. That's not the same.

It's not hard. You've seen us naked, so we can see you naked.

I don't want to. Show us.

But what's the problem? It's no big deal, right?

Just us girls together. Do you want to be a boy or a girl?

Stop it. Should we see you as boy or girl?

That's all.

Should we see you as a girl or a boy?

It's just a question. Should we see you as a girl or a boy?

Stop it. I'm asking a simple question.

You don't want to say? Boy or girl, you're not saying?

You don't look like a girl now? So you look like a boy.

So you want to be a girl or a boy? Girl.

Finally. OK, so let's see your thing. Leave him.

What's so hard about that? You're in our dressing room.

You see us naked. You saw everyone's pussy. We don't care.

So show us your dick. It's no big deal.

You want me to do it? Stop.

I'll do it. You want me to?

Thank you.

That wasn't so hard, was it? No.

OK, great. We're all agreed. Now don't be angry.

Are you angry? No.

Alright? Everything's fine.

What are you doing here?

I came home. My stomach hurts.

How did you get back? On the subway.

Christine, Lara.

Lara, Christine.

I'll be in my room.

I'll be right back.

You just go back to...

Christine. She's all alone.

What's going on? Nothing. My stomach hurts.

Is that why you left? Yes.

But I'm fine now.

Why didn't you call? I'd have come. I forgot.

Did you...

Did you smoke a joint, did you drink? Is that it? You don't want to say?

No, I don't smoke dope, I didn't drink.


If you don't want to be alone, join us. No, I'll leave you two together.

Well, suit yourself. OK.

I've had enough of this nonsense. Tell me what happened.

I told you yesterday. What, that stomach story?

Yes. I don't buy that.

Tough luck.

'Tough luck.'

I don't want you to worry. Right.

That's fine.

You lost a lot of weight and you have a genital infection.

You have to stop taping.

It's important to be physically strong enough for the operation.

Right now your body is unable to cope with a serious operation like that.

Do you have a lot of stress? No.

Lara, please. That's not true. It is.

It's not.

I'm sorry, but I see that Lara is not eating and she sleeps badly.

No, I... I know this is tough for you.

I'm happy to increase the hormones, but first I must be confident... that you're strong enough and feeling well.

The only way we can help you is if we know what's going on.

What do you think and feel? Talk to us. I'm fine.

No, you need to be better.

Three couples, quickly, fifth position.

No. Lara. Oh, sorry.

Get out. I'm not looking. Listen.

I don't care. I'm not looking.

Come back later. Don't use that tone with me.

You're in my room. Don't use that tone.

I have to go. I made dinner for you two.

Please feed him and yourself too. Yes, I'll eat. Can you go now?

Yes, off you go. Oh lala, drama queen.

No, but...


I lost my keys. You can come in.

Thank you.

Wait, wait.

What's wrong? Is everything alright?

Why do you always ask me that?

Do you want me to ask you that all the time?

Yes, actually, that would be nice.

Is everything alright?

How are things at work? And with Christine? Are you sure?

You're not too angry? Not too nice? Are you in a good mood?

What did you have for breakfast? Annoying, isn't it?

Does it bother you that I worry? Sometimes a bit, yes.

I ask how you are because you never tell me anything.

I have my reasons. For never telling me anything?

Maybe because I'm not alright.

You know what you always say? 'I'm fine.'

That's why I ask. Because I know you're not fine.

And you always say the opposite. 'I'm fine, I'm fine.'

So what do I do? I'm your father. I worry. I ask how you are.

And I'd like to hear you say things are not fine.

So we can talk about it.


What's going on?


It's too hard. What is?

See? You stop talking. I'm your dad.

Tell me what's not going well.

Do you want to stop? Find a new school?

Do you have doubts about this? No, it's not that.

I don't know if it was a good idea because...

We all moved here, and then...

Milo's new school, your job, a new apartment...

But it makes no difference.

How would you like things to be?

I don't know.

Just that it would work out. You mean it doesn't?

I didn't change jobs. I drove a taxi, I still do.

Your brother is six.

So he changes school. It's not like he left old friends behind.

And don't tell me you loved your old school so much.

So that has improved, hasn't it?

Try to see the positive things. That's positive.

You're in one of the best dance academies in the country. You know?

You have doctors treating you.

It's all good.

It's all good.

This was a good run. Did you feel it? It was super.

You were all in step, and very focused.

The difference with yesterday is unbelievable.

This was the last studio run. Tomorrow we go on stage.


Why didn't you wake me?

Because you needed rest.

Milo, hurry. We have to go.

Lara, come here. We're eating.

You haven't eaten anything, Lara. Yes, he's right.


Where are my keys?

Sit down, let's talk. Where are my keys?


Where are my keys? No idea. I don't have them.

Back off. Let me go.


Stop it.

Let me go. Stop.

Lara, stop it.



Calm down.

Calm down, please.


First you should regain your strength.

So no dancing for a while, OK? Then we'll think again.

We want to make clear that Lara is not fit enough... to go through with this process.

Not that we'll stop the hormone treatment, but like I said earlier:

If she keeps undermining her body like this...

Hello. Hi.

Kiss? Sure.

Hi. Hello.

Happy New Year.

Hey, Milo. How are you?

No, Mathias.

Oh, that's lovely. Beautiful.

How are you?


You're beautiful. You look terrific in that dress.

You're pretty. Thank you.

You look pretty.

You look beautiful. You're so gorgeous.

That's a great dress. Thank you.

Two. Two.

Hello, how are you? Fine, and you?

I'm fine. And the baby?

It's huge. That must be tiring.

There we are. Wow.

Oh lala.


Did you make this, Lara? Yes.

Well done. Thanks, Lara.

Shall I serve, Lara? You want me to serve?

Enough? We're fine here.

The children's corner.

I picked up the wrong glass.

Five, four, three, two, one. Happy New Year.


Good morning. Good morning.

Coffee? Thank you.

Are you hungry?

There's plenty left.

Is it strong enough?

Yes. Thanks.

I'll let you sleep in a bit. Thank you.

I'm just dropping your brother off. Be right back.

Kiss. Wow.

See you in a bit. Bye.

See you tonight. See you tonight.

Come on.

You have got my keys?

Hello. This is an emergency.

Lara Verhaeghen

Rue Ferrier 135, top floor. Apartment 80.