Girl Vs. Monster (2012) Script







Yeah, yeah, yeah!



-Still not straight, is it? -HENRY: Nope.

HENRY: Want me to get the ladder out again?

Nope. Just give me a leg up.

Wha... (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) You're not seriously going to...


-Skylar, you'll break your neck! Oh! -(SCREAMS) Don't do it!








How many years of gymnastics went into that?

-Hmm. Six and a half. -(CHUCKLES)

HENRY: That was a real "please do not try this at home" moment.

Do you try that at home? Because if you do, I totally get why your parents are so overprotective.

(SCOFFS) Speaking of my parents, -I gotta be home by six. You ready? -Yeah.

SKYLAR: I'll just get my bag.

Hey, Sky, before you leave you wanna sing a little?


I just wanna scream out loud Nothing's gonna stop me now I'm never coming off this cloud So move over, move over, move over You don't wanna mess with me I know who I'm meant to be Never gonna slow me down Nothing's gonna stop me Nothing's gonna stop me Nah, ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ow Nothing's gonna stop me Nah, ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ow Nothing's gonna stop me now

-Nice! -NICK: That was awesome.

Not bad, Skylar.

(CHUCKLES) You guys are gonna rock tomorrow.


Excuse me, rehearsing here.

Why don't you take it from the top... with a professional singer?


Hey, Sky...

-thanks for helping set up. -No problem!


-SADIE: He so likes you. -SKYLAR: (SCOFFS) Ryan? Please.

We've been friends for, like, ever.

-And he's got a girlfriend. -Ex-girlfriend. He and Myra broke up.

Again? Wow. They're tough to keep track of.

I wonder if there's an app for that.

It's just because she sings in the band with him.

I mean, she practically forces him to date her.

You're the one he really likes.

-You're delusional. -And you are oblivious.

-I am not oblivious. -Yes, you are.

SADIE: Wait. Why are you going that way?

SKYLAR: To cut through the cemetery. It's the only way I'll get home in time.


Um, Sky? Hey, I'm, I'm not so sure that this is a good idea, so...

(SCOFFS) What are you so worried about?

I mean, come on. What's so scary about a cemetery?


No, seriously. There are... there are, like, dead people everywhere.

(CHUCKLES) Come on, it's not the dead people you gotta worry about.

-It's the ones that were buried alive. -Urgh!

Just change the subject before I have a panic attack!

-(STATUE SNARLS) -SKYLAR: Okay! You know, if Ryan really liked me, then why doesn't he just ask me out?

-He's probably scared. -Of what?

That you'll say no.

Wha... How can me saying "no" be scary?

SADIE: Rejection. You know, humiliation. The... the usual asking-people-out fears?

I don't see the big deal.

Because nothing scares you. But you're not normal.

And that's just gonna come back to haunt you.

-No way. -It's totally...


-What was that? -It's probably just a cat.

Or... a reanimated corpse.

-Oh, my gosh! There it is! -(SCREAMS)

Uh... nope, my bad. Just a cat.

-Zombie cat. Feeds on human flesh. -I hate you!

-I do, I'm not kidding. -SKYLAR: (CHUCKLES) Gotcha!


MAN: That was a little too close for comfort.

They shouldn't be out this soon.

This is no ordinary Halloween.


-Morning, love you, already late! -No, no, no! Not so fast. Breakfast first.

-Ew! What is that? -It's garlic.

It's good prevention. Fights off so many nasty things.

Like anybody within ten feet of my breath?

-(BLENDER WHIRS). -(SPEAKS LOUDLY) So, your Dad and I are gonna be at our annual mycology symposium at the Natural History Museum tonight.

Why's Halloween such a big night in the mold community?

Why not have your symposium, like, November first?

-(TAPS) -It's just the way it is.

So, uh...

Ryan's party's tonight.

And I was wondering if I could, like, have a later curfew?

Your dad and I were thinking no curfew.

-Oh, really? -Because it's so much better if you don't go out at all.

What? But it's just right down the street.

It's not a good night.

-We go through this every Halloween... -It's a bad element out there.

What? Little kids dressed as pirates?

Mom, I have to go to Ryan's party. Please! I will do anything for you!

-You'll do anything for me? -Anything!

How about not go to the party.

Urgh! Where's Dad?

Skylar, don't go down there! You know the lab is off limits.

-Dad? -Yeah?

Will you please tell Mom she's being ridiculous?

-Oh, she hates when I tell her that, hon. -What's that?

Oh, this is toxic mold.

Ooh, exposure causes severe acne. You wanna see?

-I think I'll pass. Thanks. -That is your loss.

(SIGHS) Dad, can I please go to Ryan's party?

-Sure. (LAUGHS) -Awesome! I love you.

-Steve? Party's tonight. -Yeah, hon?

Oh. Then, no, you may not go to the party.

-What? -The thing is, sweetheart...

Dad, do not sweetheart me!

-Precious, we want-- -That's worse than sweetheart!

-Look, when you're older... -How much older?

-Sixteen. -Sixteen.

-But I'm almost sixteen! -But not quite.

Honey, we love you very much. This is not any...

Then quit ruining my life!

Skylar, that's...

-Skylar, honey? -Ooh, burn!

Teenagers, hmm? Give you nothing but trouble.

-How would you know? -I have a cat.

He's at a very difficult age right now.


-JULIE: Sweetheart? -STEVE: Yeah?

-Maybe we should just tell her. -(MACHINE BEEPS)

Well, we've got so much going on right now.


Did you, uh, remember to take your garlic?

STEVE: Honey, we discussed that. Over and over.

Garlic does not repel monsters, okay? It's... it's superstitious nonsense.

So are monsters!


-Here. -COBB: She's got a point. (EXHALES)

Do you take the garlic?

-No. That's ridiculous. -Exactly.



Whoa! Look at that. Full apparition.

And we picked him up last night, it wasn't even Halloween yet.

-What's going on out there, Steve? -I wish I knew.

That was a rhetorical question.

It was kind of a rhetorical answer.



-Not in the mood. -(HENRY SIGHS)

Come on! You can't give me one little... (IMITATES SQUEAL)

My parents are making me stay home tonight.

Seriously? When are they going to quit treating you like a toddler?

When I'm 16.

Because that's how old you have to be for the convent to take you?

-(CHUCKLES) Totally. -That is so lame.


(LAUGHS) Dude, you should see your face!

I just screamed to be polite.

Wanted him to feel good about himself.

Ew. I think you wet your pants.

-(SCOFFS) I did not! That's not funny! -It's a little funny.



The amygdala is the part of the brain that orchestrates a response when danger's detected.

You're gonna fry your brain if you don't take a break.

Telling the hypothalamus to initiate a fight-or-flight response that could save your life.

Stop stressing over your presentation. You're gonna do great.

You know how I fall apart under pressure. When I have to get up in front of the class, I will totally freeze up and look like an idiot.

-Just don't let it scare you. -Said the girl who knows no fear.

Hey, you guys excited about tonight?

-Can't wait. -(CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Should be a blast.

-Her parents are super-excited. -RYAN: (CHUCKLES) Yeah.

I can't believe my dad got permission for us to use McQuarry Mansion.

-No one ever gets in there. -No one wants to. I mean, it's creepy.

Do you think it's really haunted?

Who knows? They say Old Man McQuarry lost his mind.

Shut himself up in the house for years.

Ryan, we really need to look over the set list for tonight.

-(STUTTERS) Okay. -Hmm.

We're rehearsing after school.

-Stop by if you want to. -Wouldn't miss it.


Don't think I don't see what you're doing here.

Stay away from Ryan, or I swear I will make your life miserable.

I don't know, Myra. I'm pretty sure for that to happen, I'd have to care what you think.


I can't believe Ryan ever went out with her.

I know. She's scary. Ryan should have his amygdala checked.


We have to put the guitars lower in the mix. My fans need to hear me.

Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

That looks awful!

First of all, my name is way too small. And second, it's crooked!

Please don't make me ask the janitor for the ladder again.

-He smells like feet. -(MYRA SCOFFS)

-I'll get Skylar. -No! Just give me a leg up.

You know, Myra, Skylar's had, like, -six years of gymnastics, so... -Just give me a leg up!




You ready?

A little to the left. More, more, more, more.

Thank you.

Don't move.







-Oh. Look at that dog. -GIRL: That dog is cute!

WOMAN: (GASPS) Look at you!

Oh, look at you, you so cute. Oh, you so cute. Are you lost?

Are you lost, you lost little doggie? Are you lost? Are you lost?

-Are you lost? -(SCREAMS)



He was practically solid. And it's not even sunset yet.

JULIE: Cobb, we've got another one coming in.

I don't know if we can handle more. The system's running pretty hot.

Tell him to bring the backup generator online.

Bring the backup generator online.

I'll try.

I know that. This is not my first rodeo, babe.

Oh, you're so cute when you're testy!



-(MACHINE HISSES) -(SCREAMS) I hate Halloween!


I can feel you coming From a mile away My pulse starts racing From the words that you say And you say so many of them Like you don't have a clue That I'm signed, sealed, Delivered with a stamp on You don't have to try too hard You already have my heart You don't got a thing to prove

-I'm already into you -(GRUNTS)

So, hold, hold, hold, hold me tight now

"Cause I'm so, so good to go Don't say, don't say goodnight you know You had me at hello You had me at hello You had me at hello Don't say, don't say goodnight you know You had me at hello Close your mouth now baby, Don't say a word...

-All right, cut! -(MUSIC STOPS PLAYING)


I know. Terrible, huh?

Not at all. I just haven't heard you sing in forever.

Well, I hate my voice. (SCOFFS)

I don't know what we're gonna do.

-Where's Myra? -(MUMBLING) Here I am.

(GASPS) Oh, my gosh! What happened?


She fell.

So, now we have no lead singer for tonight.


That's a great idea! You could sing with us!

-You know the songs. -Me?


Yeah! You've got an amazing voice! You'd be great.

You see, the thing is my parents kind of...

Please, Sky...

I need you.

What the heck? Sounds like fun.

Awesome! Okay, if you start to feel stage fright at all just...

Why would I?

I don't know. You know, standing up on stage in front of all those people, and them all staring back at you... it's terrifying.

You don't look terrified when you're up there.

(CHUCKLES) You joking? I'm freaking out.

I just try to get lost in the music. And It helps.

Well, if it happens, I'll try that.

Oh, if you get in trouble... just look over at me.

-We'll sing it together. -(MYRA GROWLS)

Well, I better go figure out that... I mean, get ready.

-Don't be late! Counting on you. -Okay. See you later.

(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Replacing you with Skylar?

That was a fantastic idea!





STEVE: Cobb, Something strange is going on.

There's ten times the activity out there. It's like they're being drawn to Fairview.

Not only that. The amount of power the tank's draining is way out of line with the plasma levels on the ones you just brought in.

I think it's got something to do with our guest of honor.


STEVE: Listen, I'm gonna need you to keep an eye on Skylar tonight.

It's really dangerous for her out there.

Make sure that she does not leave the house.

No problem. Of course, you realize I charge fifteen an hour for babysitting.

Or nothing. Whatever you're comfortable with.

-I think nothing is better for me. -Great. Yeah. Let's... let's do that.

Let's do "nothing".

-STEVE: Oh, no. -What?

I'm getting more readings already.

-Really? -Yeah.

Well, the good news is, is I'm the babysitter.




So, there's no way I can go. That's your final decision?

-I am afraid so, sweetheart. -(SIGHS) Okay. Fine.

You're not planning on sneaking out, are ya?

(SCOFFS) Of course, not! That would be, like, as childish as you making me stay home on Halloween.

Julie, we've got two more mons... Nonstops... Monster stops to make before the big, uh, symposium tonight. So, you know, we should, uh...

-We should go. Yeah. -Yeah. Yes.

-Goodnight, sweetheart. -Bye, honey.

-Have fun! -Well, hey! Ready to hang with Uncle Cobb?

Play some classic board games? Maybe a little "Go Fish"?

-You did not get me a babysitter! -Whoa. Not a babysitter.

A teen social companion. You're welcome.

Right, so I'll just set the alarm, so, you're nice and safe inside.

-(CHUCKLES) An alarm? Seriously? -Oh, sweetheart, you won't even notice it's there. Unless you try to go outside.

STEVE: Yeah, we love you. Have a great time tonight.

-And don't open any doors or windows. -Do not do that.

Guys, I'm almost sixteen!

I feel terrible about this.

Well, honey, do you want her out on the streets?

With your family's blood in her veins and no clue what she is?

We should have told her. We should have started the training early.

-Maybe. But it's too late. -(ALARM BEEPS)

I don't actually have the code for that, so, if you want to have any friends over they, kinda, need to be inside the house already.

I'll be in my room.

Hating my life.

Without training, she wouldn't be a monster hunter.

She'd be monster hunted. Honey, it's for her own good.

Should have made her take more garlic.

Oh, please don't start with the garlic again.

-Efficacy studies are extremely... -Your studies are boring!

JULIE: No, they're not boring!

I mean, do you tune this thing? I say, you should have it ready to go...

Wait, what? They locked you in?

Meet me in front of my house in 10 minutes.

-Wait, what are you going to do? -Duh. I'm cutting the power.

I'm gonna break out.


She scares me.

(STAMMERS) Ow, ow, ow!

You know, this would be a lot more fun with the two of us.

-Maybe later. -Where are you going?

Just... doing some laundry.

There's no laundry down...

Oh, I was winning!

-Might as well turn them all off. -(MACHINE SHUTS DOWN)

Skylar, don't cut the power!


COBB: No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

-Cobb? -No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

-Stop! Ah! Stay back! Back! -Cobb!

-You stay there! Whoa! -Cobb, what is that?

Turn it back on!


-Whoa! Skylar! -(SCREAMS) Cobb, what's happening?

Skylar! Oh, I gotta get Skylar! Don't forget Skylar! Come on! (GRUNTS)

-Come on! -(SCREAMS)

-COBB: Out the door! Out the door! Hurry! -(GLASS SHATTERS)



Hello, world. Mommy's home!

-That's not mold. -No, it isn't.



Maybe I'll just meet you guys at the party.

No! We have to stay with Skylar. Come on!



-Where are the hunters? -(SADIE SQUEALS)

-I just work here! I don't-- -Please don't hurt us!

(LAUGHING) Oh, don't worry, dear. There'll be plenty of time for that!


-(SKYLAR AND SADIE SCREAM) -Ah! That is so intense!

(LAUGHS) Now, that's what I like to hear.

Theodosia! Bob! Come to me!


You're both looking well. Whose fear have you been feeding on?


Look at them cower! They must be delicious!

(LAUGHS) Anyway. Come! Let's go hunt the hunters.

Oh, don't fret, dear.

I'll be back soon. For eternity! (LAUGHS)

(WHIMPERING) Cobb, what's happening?

Uh... it's kind of a long story.

Well, can you sum it up?

Bad lady's immortal and she wants to destroy your parents and possess your soul for all eternity.

But, hey...


DEIMATA: You have no idea how good it feels to be out!

Fifteen years, crumpled up in a little ball.

Never know it to look at you. You're positively exquisite. (LAUGHS)

-Yeah! You been working out, huh? -I've been stuck in a tank, you idiot!

-Oh. My bad. -Oh, so much catching up to do.

How's the fear business? Is Stephen King still writing?

Yes. But his last novel was historical fiction.

-Scary historical fiction? -Not particularly.

Hmm, what about horror movies? Still big with the kids?

SCARECROW: No. It's all gross-out comedies now.

-But vampires are in! -Ooh! That's promising!

Except they're romantic vampires who fall in love.

Yuck! We've got work to do.

"Been working out?" Your brain is made of straw.

Well, surprise. So is the rest of me.




-Don't worry, it's just a costume. -(WOMAN SCREAMS)

-It's a really good costume! -(WOMAN CONTINUES SCREAMING)

-(STEVE GRUNTS AND PANTS) -Steve, take a look at this.

I haven't seen a plasma signature like that in fifteen years.

It can't be...

-Get... get back in the van. -JULIE: Okay.

-Do you wanna shut the door maybe? -I'm driving, you get the door!

How about you do the car and I do the equipment, that's how it's always been.

STEVE: (GRUNTS) Come on, baby.

I just want you to know right now that I have everything that I'm supposed to have together. And you... No, I mean, you're the man, -you're supposed to shut the door. -STEVE: Now's not the time!

JULIE: I'm just telling you!

My parents are monster hunters?


Fourth generation. Best in the business.

That's why I'm training with them.

Wait, wait, wait. My parents? Steve and Julie? Nerdy, overprotective?

-Way into mold? -Mold's a day job.

It pays the bills. But monster hunting isn't really "money, money!"

It's more like volunteer work.

-Like helping out in a soup kitchen? -Yes, Sadie.

Like helping out in a monster soup kitchen.


Oh. That's my phone.

It's your parents.


-Cobb, what happened? -Oh, you know, we were just hanging out. And we lost power in the containment unit.

-What? -And Deimata's loose.

And then you guys ran out of soda which is...

-Is Skylar okay? -She's fine, other than the fifteen years' worth of fear coursing through her.

-Your mom wants to talk to you. -Mommy?

-Skylar, honey, are you all right? -I'm fine. Except, uh... you left me with Cobb and he's kinda flipped out!

No, no, he's not flipping out, he's telling you the truth.

Now, I want you to listen to him very carefully.

And you do whatever he tells you to do.


-Skylar? -Skylar?

-Mom?... Mommy! -Skylar?


-The line went dead. -That's great.

Skylar's in danger. We need to stop Deimata.

Don't worry. We will!

-DEIMATA: Theodosia! Bob! -SCARECROW: Let the fun begin!


When you said that the... the bad lady wants to possess Skylar's soul...

-This isn't happening! were talking figuratively, right?

COBB: (CHUCKLES) No. Literally.

So, if you two could help make sure that Skylar doesn't...

-wander off alone! Where are you going? -(ALL SCREAM)

La-la-la-la-la-la-la... Ow! Let me go! Get off me!

Where are you going? There's a monster hunting you.

This isn't real! It's all a dream.

I'm going to Ryan's party, and at some point I will wake up.

Skylar, you need to listen to me!

-La-la-la-la-la! -Cut it out!

Sadie, something's very wrong with me. I mean, my heart's racing, and my palms are sweaty, and my stomach feels funny.

That's fear. I get that, like, every day. Sometimes twice.

Like in the locker room after gym.

I get it more with tests, homework, talking to guys, and girls, and teachers, and, uh, and store clerks, -and my parents... -Well, I don't get it ever!

-Why am I feeling this? -Because Deimata's loose.

The monsters are astral projections of human fear.

Most of the time we only see them in dreams.

-Every night. -Sometimes twice.

But when there's enough fear in the air, like on Halloween, they get strong enough to take physical form.

And it's up to the monster hunters to make sure they don't take over.

What do you mean, "take over?"

Each monster a-attaches itself to one person, usually for their whole lives.

And if that person's fear gets too out of control, the monster takes them over completely.

So, who's this Deimata?

She's your monster.

SKYLAR: La-la-la-la-la-la.

And Deimata's one of the Ancient Ones. They're... they're immortal. They can't be destroyed. And they always latch on to the strongest host that they can find. Like your grandfather.

My grandfather? He passed on right before I was born.

COBB: Your grandfather was a monster hunter himself.

So, for most of his life, he kept Deimata from growing too powerful.

But in the end, she was too much for him.

COBB: Then Deimata went looking for a new host, you.

Hello, baby Skylar.


-Get away from her! -Or what?


COBB: Monster hunting was in your mom's blood.

And to help protect you, your Dad became one, too.

-So, he converted? -It was no problem. They were reformed.

And being scientists already, they modified your grandfather's old weapons and achieved something

-that no one had ever thought possible. -That'll do.

They found a way to capture one of the Ancient Ones.

\With your monster sealed away, you grew up without any sense of fear at all. Now, it's all coming back at once.

-SKYLAR: Wow. Interesting. -(BABY COOING)

And totally impossible. Bye!

How come her parents kept all this a secret?

-All what? It's not true! -(HENRY SIGHS)

Monster hunting's passed down through families.

Traditionally, parents wait until their kids are sixteen before they tell them to give them a normal childhood.

Speaking of normal, which this is not, I'm going to Ryan's party.

-(HENRY SIGHS) -Sky! There's a monster after you!

Going to the party is a good idea.

If Deimata comes back here, you'll be better off over there.

But you need some firepower.

-Firepower? -Yes.

Holy paintball!

A blaster will slow them down, stun gun will really ring their bells.

But to capture them, we have to use these puppies.

Molecular Atomizer, reduces a monster back to its vapor state.

Oh, I've totally used those!

In video games.

PCU, Portable Containment Unit. Traps them until you can get them back here and unload into the tank.

Which I have to stay here and fix because without the tank, we're doomed.

You're not coming with us?

Blah, blah, blah. Can we... can we go now?

Why is she acting like this?

She's never experienced fear before. Let alone this much.

Denial is a very common reaction.

If you're not coming with us, we're staying here!

You have to go and make sure Skylar gets to the party safely.

Here, I will keep an eye on you with... the helmet cam.

The thing is, I'm actually going home now to hide under a bed, so...

No, you're not. This is Skylar, and... and she's in danger.

And let's quit talking and just do this before I have to go breathe in a paper bag.

-Guys? Seriously. I'm out of here. -Well, not without your equipment.

-No way! -Way. It's Halloween.

You can tell people you're going as your favorite steampunk character.

I don't even know what that is.

Because your generation has no taste in speculative science fiction.

I am the baby-sitter, you are the baby that sits. Don't argue with me!


-I'll take the little one. -COBB: Take this, too, and this.

Definitely this.

This wouldn't hurt.

-No. -Okay. Sorry, that was a little too much.

They're here.

-You think it's a trap? -Definitely.

-You want to go spring it? -Absolutely.

-And am I going first? -Yeah. You sure are.

-Oh, yeah, I... Okay. -What... It's your...

W... All right. All right.

SKYLAR: Hurry up! The party started!

Remember, I'll follow you on the helmet cam. Okay?

COBB: You'll be perfectly safe.

I think.

-STEVE: Honey, it's mostly a placebo. -JULIE: It is not a placebo!

There have been multiple double-blind studies using--

STEVE: Yeah, yeah, yeah, financed by the garlic industry!

-When is the last time I was sick? -I don't know.

-When was the last time I was... -DEIMATA: I've got a surprise for you.

-SKYLAR: Mom! Dad! Help! -Skylar.

-Right! -Up there!


-SKYLAR: Mom, Dad, where are you? Hurry! -STEVE: Honey!

-JULIE: Skylar! -SKYLAR: Up here!


-SKYLAR: Mom! Dad! Help! Help! -Help!


Parents, they're so easily duped.

SADIE: One of the monsters that was with Deimata, I've seen her before.

HENRY: The witch?

SADIE: Yeah, I used to call her the, The Schoolmarm. When she first showed up, I was in a spelling bee and I got so scared I misspelled "goat."

HENRY: That's... pretty hard to misspell.

After that, she'd show up whenever I had something important at school.

Even... even when I can't see her, I can sense her. Mocking me like she knows I'm going to fail and then, and then I do.

-I've seen the other one. -The Scarecrow?

He lives in the woods behind my house.

The other kids used to make fun of me because I was too scared to play in them.

When I got older, I'd see him everywhere. It's like you said, even when I can't see him, I know he's there. All I can do is run.


It's him!

Guys, don't be scared, okay? Cobb said that they feed on fear.

If anything comes at us, stick together.

-You guys are being ridiculous. -(LOUD CREAKING)

Uh... I think.









SKYLAR: Sadie! Henry!

HENRY: Cobb! Cobb!

HENRY: Help!

Whoa! Whoa! Running in fear.

-Yeah. Henry. Henry. -Cobb! Ah!


-Don't be scared, Henry. -Cobb!

-Cobb! Cobb! -Don't be scared.

Henry, they feed on fear. Okay, try to slow your heart rate.

Are you breathing deep?

I don't think I'm breathing at all.

Henry! Henry!

SCARECROW: Surprise!

I smelled your fear from miles away. Dude, you stink.




Where's Henry?


We should probably go see if he's okay.


-We should go. Yeah, let's... -We should go.

SKYLAR: Henry! What's wrong with him? Is he okay?

(PANTING) Oh, he's-- He's petrified. He's frozen in fear.

It's what happens when people stare down their monsters and lose. Whoo!

I gotta get to the gym more. This is ridiculous.

-Can you fix him? -I'm pretty sure.

But not here. I gotta take him back to the... the... to the lab.

Let's get the two of you to the mansion first.

These things are real?

They sure are.

SADIE: Come on.

COBB: Oh, well. Scared Stiff. Oh, the irony.


-Julie! Honey, Juls... Oh! -Sweetheart, I'm right here.

I didn't know.

-I should have taken the garlic. -Now-- Really?

Honey, don't...

Where are we?

My dad's old lab. Hasn't changed a bit.

I wonder what she has in store for us.

Excellent question, Steven! So glad you asked!

I'm going to destroy you, of course. Take your bones and make patio furniture.

Sort of, a chaise lounge of doom, if you will.

As to how I'll destroy you...

Anybody want to guess? No? Oh, come on. It'll be fun. Oh, okay, wait, wait.

Four words, right? You see what I'm doing? Okay.

First word! You're not even trying. Okay, first word. Ready, ready, ready?

No? Okay, one more time. One mo... Ha!

Okay, fine. I'll just tell you what I'm going to do.

I'm going to scare you to death!

-Yeah, good luck with that. -Fifteen years of plotting, that's the best you can do?

-JULIE: Sad. It’s embarrassing, really. -Really sad. Really humiliating.

-It's terrible material. -Mm-hmm.

Well, aren't you the little professionals?

We don't scare easy, we're mycologists.

Yes. Fungi makes you brave.

No worries, you'll show me fear enough when I'm terrifying your daughter right in front of you.

Ooh, there it is. There it is!

That's what I like to see. Gotta fly! Tata!

(PANTING) That's it. That's it, no more running.

SKYLAR: You're not really gonna leave us?

I have to, I have to take him back, thaw him out, and I have to fix the containment tank so it's ready when your parents hunt down Deimata.

My parents... Will they be okay?

Oh. Yeah... They're professionals.

Will I be okay?

You'll be fine. Don't forget... you're a monster hunter. Fifth generation.

You scare the monsters. Not the other way around.

Oh. Right, uh, of course. I mean, it's a piece of cake.

Okay, just breathe. Breathe.

Okay, I need you to keep an eye on her. You're gonna have to be the brave one.

-You have no idea how insane that is -Terrific.

Oh. Whoopsie daisy.

Go. I'll get him.



What do you say, boss? Grab Skylar now?

Not yet. My powers aren't quite strong enough.

Need to eat more of that girl's fear.

Then let's swoop down from the rafters and bon appétit!

Later. First, I have a hankering for a different flavor of fear.

-Whoa, where are you going? -It's a Halloween party.

I need a costume.

SCARECROW: You think we need costumes?

If you were any stupider, I could sell you as a paperweight.

Oh, don't be a hater.

DEIMATA: (LAUGHING) It never gets old.





Now that's what I call... smokin' hot.



She's not here yet.

Well, we can't wait all night for Skylar.

I guess I'll just do the singing.

You cool with that? Not too nervous?

No. I got this.

-Do I look okay? -Ooh, what do you mean?

Is my hair all messed up? Should I have gotten it cut?


Huh. Is that a pimple? It feels like a pimple.

SADIE: What on earth are you... Fifteen years' worth of fear, all at once.

Seriously, sh... should I cover this up?

-You know, maybe I should just go home. -Skylar, you're beautiful. Come on, we'll hide out in the crowd. It's not like everybody's going to be staring at you.

RYAN: Here she is! Uh, ladies and gentlemen, Skylar Lewis!

RYAN: Skylar's agreed to sing with us tonight.

Oh no. I totally forgot!

RYAN: Clear a path for her, everybody!

SKYLAR: (ECHOES) Why am I feeling this?

Come on up, Sky! Don't be bashful.

SKYLAR : Just don't let it scare you. Something's very wrong with me.

(ECHOING CONTINUES) My heart's racing. Something's very wrong with me.

-(INDISTINCT SCREAMING) -SKYLAR: These things are real?

-These things are real? -RYAN: Standing up on stage, in front of all those people staring back at you. It's terrifying.

-DEIMATA: Hello, world. Mommy's home. -SKYLAR: Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!

SADIE: Because nothing scares you. You're not normal.

And that's just gonna come back to haunt you.

Remember, just lose yourself in the music.

I am definitely lost.

Hit it, guys.


You can do this.

Keep it together, Sky.

Hey, look out world 'cause here I come I'm burning brighter than the sun You put up walls, but I can break 'em Break 'em Fear is not a roadblock in my way Don't care what the haters say They don't scare me, I'm not shakin'

Shakin' and if you think I'm gonna quit Go and cross it off your list I just wanna scream out loud Nothing's gonna stop me now...


Stage fright, one of my favorites.

Amazing. That was indescribable.

This must be so humiliating for you. The embarrassment of a lifetime!

I'll take it from here.

Push the tempo, boys.

-What happened to your neck? -I found a doctor who's out of this world.


Hey, look out world 'cause here I come I'm burning brighter that the sun You put up walls, but I can break 'em Break 'em Fear is not a roadblock in my way I don't care what the haters say You don't scare me, I'm not shakin' Shakin' and if you think I'm gonna quit...

SADIE: Skylar, what are you doing?

SKYLAR: I didn't have dinner.

SADIE: Oh, slow down, you're gonna choke.

-Fine with me. -You can't eat your fear.

I'm not eating my fear! I'm eating a snickerdoodle.

Sadie, this is the worst day of my life. I have this awful, queasy feeling in my stomach that I just... I can't get rid of...

-I told you, that... that's fear. -Well, how do I stop it?

You can't.

You just have to live with it like everybody else on earth.

-It's too much. -Sky...

SADIE: Uh-oh.

You don't wanna mess with me I know who I'm meant to be Never gonna slow me down Nothing's gonna stop me Nothing's gonna stop me Nah, ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, now Nothing's gonna stop me Nah, ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, now Nothing's gonna stop...

Sadie... look at this.

SADIE: What is it?

-It's my mother. -Come here.

Nothing's gonna stop me Nah, ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, now Nothing's gonna stop me now

-Where are you going? -To find a band that can play in tune.

Aw. You're dead weight, sweetheart.

The kind of terrible that doesn't get better with practice.


SADIE: That's the McQuarry Mansion. She lived here?

This can't be right. My mom would have told me.

Like she told you about being a monster hunter?

That Deimata drove him over the edge.

Just like Old Man McQuarry, he shut himself up in this house for years.

What if Edgar McQuarry is my grandfather?

-Maybe that's why they're all here. -Who's all where?

Skylar, look at this. This mansion is crawling with monsters.

Oh. We gotta get out of here!

-SADIE: No! -What do you mean, no?

All of our friends are here. If we leave, what happens to them?

Well, what good can we do?

We're the only ones with the tools to fight them.

And one of us is a fifth-generation monster hunter.

I can't. I'm too scared.

I've been scared all my life. And you know what I learned about fear?

When you run away from it, it just gets worse.

Come on! You can do this.

-I hate you. -I hate you, too. Let's go.

COBB: Okay, som-- I need something.



Let's go Henry.

Please don't hurt me, Mr. Scarecrow!

Sorry. That's just... what was on the tip of my tongue.

Hey, it happens to the best of us.

HENRY: Man...

I was so out of it.

It's like I could hear and see everything, but I was too scared to even move.

I totally wussed out.

Skylar and Sadie were counting on me.

-You'll come through for 'em next time. -Are you kidding? I'm useless.

-I'm going home. -Good idea. Yeah, I mean, if something's too hard, it's always best to just curl up into a little ball and quit. I mean, who cares if your friends are still in a jam and they need your help?

I can't help them.

I'm a coward.

It doesn't take a hero to help fix a containment unit.

-What do you need? -It's uh... mostly welding and uh...

Whoa, yeah. It is real gross in there. So...


Josh: Whoa!

Hey, Josh.

What's up with the arsenal?

Uh... just a costume.

(STUTTERS) You know, uh... (IMITATES GUN)

Uh... funny.

Yeah. Bye.

-Josh? -JOSH: Yeah?

Where are your feet?









Okay. Where's the blaster? Here, take these off!

I can't even see!

-SADIE: Too heavy for me! -SKYLAR: Come on! Get 'em out! Hurry!

-SADIE: Oh, my God! I'm sorry! -Go!



-We're gonna need more of those. -SADIE: Yeah. (CHUCKLES)

-How's this look? -Fantastic. You're a natural.

HENRY: Whoa!

All right. Let's, uh... put the welder down.

-Skylar! Skylar! -Cobb? How's Henry?

-Uh, He's okay. You guys? -We're fine. We caught a monster!

But there's a lot more in here, we're gonna need more PCU's.

Um... Okay. Um, I will run some right over.

-SKYLAR: Yeah, okay. -SADIE: Whoa. Wait!

-SADIE: We're good. -SKYLAR: Okay!

-HENRY: What happened? Are they okay? -They're fine. They need more traps.

I wish I could be in two places at once. Sit tight for a few, I'll be back.

Wait.... Give me the bag.

-I'll run it over to them. -You sure?

-Yeah. I'm sure. -Go get 'em, tiger.

You okay fixing that alone?

I'll manage. Uh... Henry.

Ooh, he is a goner.

-STEVE: It really doesn't matter. -No, it does matter.

It would have made a big difference.

Rock the same direction that I am rocking.

I... what? What? How am I supposed to know which direction that is?

We got to work together, I'll get you... No, you... Now, you're just banging.

-Banging is not rocking. -Oh! No, I'm not just banging.

-Theadosia, what's going on? -Around the corner.

SCARECROW: Where are we going? What are we doing?

SCARECROW: Okay, oh...

She's gaining confidence.

What can we do to get those fear juices flowing again?

-Stay away from our friends! -SADIE: Yeah!

Seems awfully fond of her friends.

And there's quite a lot of them in that ballroom.

SADIE: Let's go.

Summon the others. It's time for a little feast of mass hysteria.

SCARECROW: You bet. All right. That's the idea. Some of them others? Why?

WITCH: You're so stupid!

Ugh! This costume is starting to stink. Ugh.


SCARECROW: Wanna dance?

SCARECROW: Oh, guess not. Your loss.



Myra! Are you okay?

There was this horrible woman. She took me over.

Wait... Deimata! Which way did she go?

Upstairs. The ballroom.

Thanks. Let's go.

-See ya. -Wait.

Have you guys seen my neck brace?

Could somebody call me a cab?



-Has anybody seen Skylar? -GIRL: No.

SCARECROW: Henry! Henry!

Hey, dude! Long time no scare!

Thanks for coming back and feeding me again.


Didn't see that coming.

Nice try, jelly fingers. This might hurt a lot!


You didn't tell us about this.

-I didn't know about this. -Whoa.

Welcome to your worst nightmare!

So, Henry! Need to change your pants yet?


-I'm not scared of you. -'Course you are!

Scared of me, scared of the dark, scared of the kids who pick on you in gym.

Face it, dude. You're scared of everything!

-No, I'm not! -You're a coward. Always have been, always will be!

I'm not scared of you!

-Yes. You. Are. -No!

Leave me alone!


-I'm through with you. -Ah!

How long have we known each other?

Please be scared of me. Please, pretty please?

You're finished.

Finished? Wait! I... I'll be scarier.

Boo! Boo. Boo?

SADIE: Take it.

-Oh! There's too many of them! -Uh... just try to stay calm.

This is not the time to freak out.

I don't know about that.


I'd say it's the perfect time to freak out. Wouldn't you, Witch?

Indubitably! There's another word you can't spell!

Not your night at all, is it, dearie?

First you humiliate yourself with that horrid singing in front of everyone.


Don't think that won't haunt you for the rest of your life.

HENRY: Skylar!


If you just show courage, they'll shrink down to nothing!

Whatever scares you, just do it!


I am smart and confident.

You're stupid and weak!

I am confident.

Spell goat for me.


-E... -(LAUGHS)



Hey, Sky! Hey, I've been looking all over for you.

Get your guitar. Back me up.


Come on! Stand up to them!

Just stand up to them! Whatever scares you, just do it!

Your guitar's wireless, right? Follow me.

-Find the band. -(STUTTERS) okay.


Ow! Ow!


Whoa! Whoa! (SQUEALS)




What kind of a featherhead can't even spell goat?








SKYLAR: Sadie!

RYAN: You're not actually going to sing, are you?

-(MONSTER LAUGHS) -You'll scare 'em to death.

You're the worst singer on Earth.


Get down from there. You look like an idiot.

You used to make my heart pound Just the thought of you You used to be a cold wind Always blowing through But I won't take it anymore That's not what I came here for I'm stuck in your head I'm back from the dead Got you running scared I'm fearless I'm calling you out I'm taking you down Don't you come around I'm fearless, I'm fearless!


Stand up to her, Ryan! You can do it!

What are you talking about? I am Ryan...


Come on, do something you're scared of!

Will... (EXHALES)



Will you go out with me? (BREATHES HEAVILY)







-Spell "terrified" for me! -(GROWLING)


I-F-I-E-D. Which I'm not!





Whoa, whoa, whoa I got the upper hand now And you're losing ground You never had to fight back Never lost a round You see the gloves are coming off Tell me when you've had enough Yeah Ready for a showdown And we're face to face I think I'll rearrange it Put you in your place You don't get the best of me Check it, you're afraid of me I'm stuck in your head I'm back, back from the dead Got you running scared, I'm fearless I'm calling you out I'm taking you down Don't you come around, I'm fearless I'm fearless

I'm fearless

You used to make my heart pound Just the thought of you But now you're in the background What you gonna do?

Sound off when you hear this We're feeling fearless We're feeling fearless I'm stuck in your head I'm back, back from the dead Got you running scared, I'm fearless I'm calling you out I'm taking you down Don't you come around I'm fearless I'm stuck in your head I'm back, back from the dead

-I'm fearless -Got you running scared I'm fearless I'm calling you out I'm taking you down Don't you come around I'm fearless, I'm fearless



Tell me something, dearie.

At some point tonight, did you lose a couple of parents?






One more step and I drop them!

Didn't think you could just sing me away, did you?

I'm no ordinary monster, dearie. There's a reason they call me

-The Eternal One! -Skylar, run!

Shut up, Steve!


-Don't be afraid! She feeds on your fear! -Enough!

Honestly, one more word and you two go splat!

SADIE: Come on, Henry. We've got to help her.

You may have vanquished the monsters downstairs.

But there'll be more. There's always more! Because there's always fear.

And it's fear that makes the monsters, not the other way around.

What if you let my parents go and take me instead?

-BOTH: What? -I'm sorry, come again?

If you put them back on the roof, you can do what you want with me.

-JULIE: No, honey! -STEVE: Don't do it!

I'd make that deal. But first, lose the blaster.

-No, honey! Don't do it! -No!

Uh-uh-uh. The other one, too, the wrist thingy.




How dare you try to trick me!


-(STEVE GRUNTS) -Mom! Dad! No!

-No! -STEVE: I got you, honey.


That's great.


-She got bigger! -She's feeding on your fear, honey!

DEIMATA: (IMITATES JULIE) "She's feeding on your fear, honey!"

Stay here.

-Yeah. I... I'm definitely staying here. -Good plan.

DEIMATA: Where did you go?


Oh, look! Twice the fun!

Don't be afraid! It's making her stronger!

I'm not afraid! She's feeding on your fear!

Mom, Dad, you've got to trust me to handle this! Please!

DEIMATA: Stop talking!


You guys distract Deimata, I need some time!


(STUTTERS) It's fine. We'll do it together. I...


-Henry, a little help here. -I'm trying. I've never used this before.

Aw, children. It's very adorable.




DEIMATA: Skylar, where are you?

SKYLAR: Mom, dad, hang on!

-STEVE: Oh! -DEIMATA: There you are!

You are going to know pain like you've never felt before.


Three's a charm! (LAUGHS)

-Be honest, do I look fat in these heads? -Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah.


SKYLAR: Keep trusting! Keep trusting!

I trust my daughter, I trust my daughter.

She's my a really smart girl. She can handle this.

JULIE: Yeah. Oh, yeah.


She's not a child anymore. She's a young adult, we can accept that.


-It's time for us to let go. -Yeah.

-Loosen the reins. -Yeah.


DEIMATA: Oh, you little brat.

Got her. Whoa!


Who's your monster now?


STEVE: Great. Great, honey. Great.

You wanna help out, help out a little, help with the rope?

-We'd like the rope now please. -Yeah.

I got it, Dad.

-Oh, sweetheart. -Skylar. Skylar? Oh, baby.

-Oh, sweetie! -You okay? Oh, I'm so glad.

-Oh, Sadie, Henry, thank you. -Sadie, Henry. Thank you, guys.

-Oh, that was close. Oh, let me, let me... -See...

-Yeah. -It's okay to trust me.

-Yeah. So much. -Oh, honey, we love you so much.

Enough to raise my curfew?

Yeah. Yeah, we can, we can bump it, like, a half hour.

Come on, I just saved your lives.

-That's a good point. That's a good point. -It is, it's true.

SKYLAR: The truth is, I think we need a little fear in our lives.

-I love you guys. -SKYLAR: Because there's no better feeling than discovering that one thing that scares you out of your pants, and then doing it anyway.

I can feel you coming from a mile away My pulse starts racing From the words that you say And you say so many of them Like you don't have a clue That I'm signed, sealed, Delivered with a stamp on You don't have to try too hard You already have my heart You don't got a thing to prove I'm already into you So, hold, hold, hold, hold me tight now

'Cause I'm so, so good to go SADIE: And it's not like you can get rid of fear.

Some things are always going to be scary. Like public speaking.

And so, in conclusion, while the amygdala causes our anxieties, another part of the brain, the pre-frontal cortex, helps us to control them.

You had me at hello-oh Close your mouth now, baby, Don't say a word

'Cause you ain't saying nothing I ain't already heard Plus all the words get buried When the beat's so loud And the speakers blowin' up To the stand song You don't have to try too hard You already have my heart You don't got a thing to prove I'm already into you...

SADIE: And if it weren't for fear, we wouldn't know when to run away.

Watch where you're going, Dorkenstein.

Who you calling Dorkenstein... Dorkenstein?

Watch where you're going, all right?

SKYLAR: Or how good it feels when you finally stand your ground.

You had me at hello-oh Don't say, don't say goodnight you know You had me at hello-oh

-Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh -Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh

-Ooh-ooh, Ooh-ooh -Ooh-ooh, Ooh-ooh

-Ah, ah, ah -Ah, ah, ah

-Ah, ah, ah-ah, ah, ah, ah -Ah, ah, ah-ah, ah, ah, ah

-Ah-ah, Ah-ah -Ah-ah, Ah-ah You don't have to try too hard You already have my heart...

-This mycelium has got it going on. -Yeah?

Take a look.

Oh, lookie-lookie.

-Hold, hold, hold, hold me tight now -Hold, hold, hold, hold me tight now

-I'm so, so good to go -I'm so, so good to go

-Don't say, don't say goodnight you know -You know

-You had me at hello-oh -You had me at hello-oh

-You had me at hello-oh -You had me You had me at hello-oh

-Whoa -Don't say, don't say goodnight you know

-You know -You had me at hello-oh