Glass (2019) Script

We keep bringing him sacred food, and nothing's happening.

I... The Beast, he's shown himself twice to the masses of the broken, and-and they're not believing.

There's no revolution. I...

Dennis, do not be scared.

You have to trust me, as you always have.

Look at you all.

My name is Patricia.

Now, who would like a PB and J sandwich?

You do.

Ooh! Boom!


Ah, look at.


I am the master boy.

Superman punch, bitch! Yeah!


Go, go, go, go, go, go! Get out!

You all right, brother?

Ooh, you see his bag fall?

It's what they call dramatic effect.

This is gonna get so many views.

That a raccoon again?

Did you leave the door open, T?

I closed it.


Yo, who's there?

We about to Salt Bae your ass.

Superman-punch him, Ronald.

Oh, shit.

It's you.

They bumped into me at the subway.

Can't just let 'em go, Joseph.

Weren't you on a specified walk?

You can't run this like the store.

It's potluck.

All things come second when we're on a specified walk.

The store works 'cause we have rules.

Hey, it was a good follow, though.

"We gonna Salt Bae your ass." What a douche.

It's definitely going into the book.

"Salt Bae your ass."

What is that, anyway?

It's an Internet guy.

He's a butcher who salts his meat in an elaborate way.

You got dinged.

Good news: they're not calling you the Tiptoe Man or the Float anymore.

They pretty much settled on the Overseer.

It's cool.

Do not mention the Tiptoe Man ever again.

That's all he does? He seasons meat?

Dad, you look tired.

Why don't we save the next walk for the day after tomorrow?

When we find this Horde, I'll take a mental health day.

Okay. Fine.

I have a new tenuous theory.

Let's call it Tenuous Theory Number Two.

The first set of girls that were found mutilated at the zoo three weeks ago happened here.

The second set, here.

Now, these new girls that went missing create kind of a messy triangle, and where you were waiting today at the subway was in the middle of this triangle.

In Tenuous Theory Number Two, he isn't in this triangle.

He's coming from a place that has easy access to this triangular feeding zone.

I think he's somewhere here, Dad, in the factory area. Okay.

I'll walk around there tomorrow.

Hey, Dad?

I'm checking the police scanners.

They're looking for you pretty aggressively.

Be real careful.

All right.

Philadelphia has a new tallest building.

The Osaka Tower is taking over the city skyline.

The architecture makes it an amazing sight to see.

And on top of that, it's the ultimate in sustainability.

It gets its power from solar panels.

Developers say it will draw jobs to the city by the thousands...

Audrey, I have to tell you something.


Miss Patricia said that I'm not allowed to play with you guys, so don't even ask.

I had a girlfriend once.

You don't know her.

We kissed.

It's no big deal.

Stop messing with us.

What do you want?

Vera, don't get him angry.

He's sick. Don't tell me names.

They said not to ask you your names, because I might get sad, you know, after tonight.

Why did you pick us, Hedwig?

Oh, uh, because you're impure and you haven't done any suffering.

You know that boy band stuff?

It's... some of it's okay, but Drake?

Drake's my new main man.

The Beast is gonna come for you guys any minute now, and I...

I get... I get to greet him.

It's my big reward for keeping the Horde in the light.

I get to take him to the masses of the broken.

I better go.

He can come at any second and I don't want him coming and finding roller skates on his feet.

Miss Patricia would find out, and she'd get angry, et cetera.

Thank you for coming in. Yep, thanks.

This is an outdoor dome infrared. Mm-hmm.

We can use as many as you want in the apartment building.

You use a 16-channel HD DVR in your security office.

One of the tenants got murdered off-site, and people are on edge.

They just want to feel safe. Totally get it.

I'm gonna take a walk.

Yeah, I don't think that you need to take a walk today, Dad.

Maybe tomorrow or the next day.

No, I think I'm gonna take a walk now.

Uh, you don't want to take a lot of walks.

You might get tired.

Let your dad take a walk. Jesus.


Hey, do I know you?

Did you used to work at the football stadium?

15 years.

I used to hang out with some shady types down at the stadium in my youth.

Turned it around with positive thinking.

Should I ring this up?

We're gonna have to close early.


Peak transit time's over.

I missed him.

I'll come back tomorrow when the factories are let out.

Can come back to the store and we could do some inventory.


I'll see you back at the store.

You guys like cartoons?

So babyish.

I don't.

I like documentaries.

You watch documentaries?

I watched a documentary about, um, space.

It's real big.

Sorry, bro.

It's him. I saw a room.

It had red clay, piles of it.

It's some kind of factory.

They're all in there.

All right, stand by.

I'll search the area.

Dad, I found a brick factory.

Uh, it's old, abandoned.

Which direction? To the south.



You said I could have some.

I know.

Taking everything for yourself.

Take some.

Hey. I...

Oh, my God.

You said I could have some.

I know.



Taking everything for yourself.

I don't... know...

Who are you?

I... am you.

Come on!

Come on!

Where did it go?


Don't, don't. Don't shoot!

We can work through this.

Just put the guns away. I...

What's happening?

I didn't do anything.

My name is Barry.

All right?

We have to get Kevin to stay in the light.

Just-just don't shoot us.

Don't shoot.

He won't hurt anyone now.

You may find your way out of here, but you will have to hurt a lot of officers.

A lot of people.

No one needs to get hurt anymore, David.

It's gonna be okay, Joseph.

Take them straight to Raven Hill Memorial, the West Wing of Raven Hill Memorial.

Grab that poncho!

No trouble.

Keep moving.

Keep moving.

Please, don't. Don't.

Don't. No. Easy. Easy.

Hey. Hey! Hey!

We're cool, we're cool. Totally cool.

All right? He doesn't like to be touched.

I can, I can walk. I'll just, I'll... walk.

Keep walking.

My name is Dr. Ellie Staple, and I'm a psychiatrist.

This room must look nefarious.

The walls are equipped with 46 high-pressured nozzles, all connected to a 15,000-gallon water tank outside.

It will only be triggered if you are threatening or trying to escape.

This is a hypnosis light...


My pleasure, Dennis.

You are being monitored.

If, for some reason, there's a threatening identity in the room, the light will automatically strobe and force a different identity to take over.

Who was the man?

He was as strong as The Beast.

The man people in this city have been talking about.

The only person to survive that train wreck all those years ago.

I saw a video of you fighting near a fire hydrant that erupted.

Saw you choke.

I think you believe water is your weakness.

Where are you keeping him?

Everyone is safe, David.

Maybe this will all make sense if I explain who I am.

I specialize in a particular type of delusion of grandeur.

I specialize in those individuals who believe they are superheroes.

I've been given three days to treat you by whatever means necessary.

I came here for you both.

Yo, this doctor comes in here, takes over our wing, tells us all new rules.

Rules of conduct.

How to treat people with kindness.

My whole life, all I do is take care of people.

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. There you go.

We got along just fine without her, didn't we?

Me and you?

Anyway... you won't be lonely anymore.

You have two new friends.

Casey, could I see you for a second?

I received a call from your foster family.

Apparently, it's on the news.

They caught the guy who abducted you and murdered all those girls.

They caught the bastard.

Your foster family is thrilled.

I can imagine how much relief this causes you.

I'm sure you've been thinking about him.

I... have been thinking about him.

They, uh, told me to bring lots of options.

Hey, cutie.

Think you could help me?

I'm Jade.

They gave me a syringe for my diabetes, but I dropped it.

My hands get shaky when I get low blood sugar.

It's a little too close to the light.

Do you think you could pick it up for me?


Stand up.

Let me get a good look at you.

You are so tall.

Orwell and Barry are so angry with me that I flipped.

But the truth is we really can do things that you can't do.

I don't understand.

Hey. Hey. Hey!

I'm Ian.

All right? I'm Ian.

And I'm Mary Reynolds. We're twins.

Do you know what would have happened if she'd have gotten to that key, you gobshite?

The Horde would have killed ya.

What've you got?

You get a little, get a little hard-on? Daryl.

Just calm down, okay?

I'm sorry for being with the Horde.

It's just, it's just...

Oh, do you know, I am tired of being sorry.

You can call me Norma.

I am sorry about the whole lying thing.

Though I'm not lying. Bro, just stop talking!

I was so amped!

We almost got you, bro!

Trying to keep him here with this light thing?

That's some buttery shit! Stop talking.

I'm not supposed to be in the light.

Uh, we need more time.

Barry is speaking to Kevin, trying to get him near the light.

Is he close enough yet?

The only one who can defend us is him!


Where is the man in the rain poncho?

Who is he?

Is he just a regular man? I need to know.

All right, step away from the controls now, little duck.

That's fine. Now just walk away.

That's it.

Just tiptoe away.

I try to come once every week.

Sometimes, I admit, I have neglected a week here and there.

He's changed over the years.

I can tell he's given up.

It's hard to see.

He thinks he was a mistake.

I'm not saying he did good things.

He didn't.

Those poor people didn't deserve to die like that.

But he's trying to make sense of who he is.

Ain't we all doing that?

Yes, ma'am, we are.

They keep him heavily sedated.

This is an enormous amount of sedation.

He's too smart for 'em.

When they first brought him here, he memorized a blueprint left out from an electrician and short-circuited the power to the whole hospital.

He's good thinking through things.

He has this notion that superheroes are based on people like him, and that other gentleman I read is here, Mr. Dunn.

Would it surprise you to know there are more and more people who have this delusion?

It is actually the center of my work.

Yes, it would.

You don't let them get you down, Elijah.

You hear me?

Stay proud.

Step back against the wall, please.

You're keeping him here without guards?

I have to get out of here before he gets out.

The individual who came with you is contained.


I would like you to agree to have an MRI.

You were the sole survivor of a devastating train derailment

19 years ago.

It is possible that there was damage to the frontal lobe that you are unaware of.

Look at you, David.

You believe you have barely enough strength to stand up.

You can't possibly explain everything away.

Madam, I am Mr. Pritchard.

I'm a professor of cinema.

Specifically, Japanese, 1950s through the 1980s.

And I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing here.

I am very much in favor of Kevin's reemergence, and yet I find myself in a goddamn prison cell!

And I can assure you I am not...


I'm ready.

Young man, wait!

You will not be able to get to the light.

It is set off by distance as well as being monitored by a camera.

I know this seems very unfair to you...

...but you are stuck in this room.

The guy The Beast fought, he's right there!

He can't beat The Beast.

He doesn't think he can beat The Beast, does he? Huh?

Beast like...

He doesn't think he can beat The Beast, does he?

Beast like...

Your name is Hedwig, right?

You're nine, right?



No matter how many experiences you have?

That must be so hard.

You treat people who think they're comic book characters or something?

I got to go.

Miss Patricia says she wants the light.

Hello, Patricia.

I'm Dr. Staple. I've gathered.

As I understand it, you're kind of the high priestess.

This cause isn't about me.

It's about The Beast, is it?

Where is he?

Who? The man.

He is guarded, isn't he?

He can't get out?

He's well-intentioned and you would love him.

He's, like, a huge, he's a big trickster.

He's a, he's a, he's a great guy.

He's got a great sense of humor.

So, let me recap what you've told me. Mm-hmm.

Your dad is not the Green Guard or "whatever his name is."

Your dad is a trickster, and that I would love him.

He thought it would be fun to be a do-gooder for a day, pretend he was this guy.

And with regard to how he found the girls, you retold a humorous story where your dad thought the killer might be in the factory area because his friend Lou... you referred to him as Louie at a different point... got mugged down there once.

Then your father was walking by a building, hears girls screaming for help, at which point you spiritedly reenacted this moment in the story.

Thank you for that.

Then your father called you on the cell.

You told him to call the police, but he was, "In it, you know. In it."


I'll sign that in front of a judge.

So, you see, he shouldn't be here.

How long have you believed your dad was a superhero?

There was a microphone on his poncho.

I assume he was communicating with you.

He talks to you when he's out on searches, doesn't he, Joseph?

He hasn't hurt anybody.

In the eyes of the authorities, that is not accurate.

He's injured countless individuals who haven't had their due process in court.

And there was a teenage girl in this latest incident who broke her arm and ribs. No.

They would all be murder victims if it wasn't for my dad.

It was a vigilante event, and a victim was injured.

They will claim, in court, that if they had found the girls, no one would have been hurt.

Joseph, I only have a few days.

If I don't get him to give up his delusion, he will remain in institutions like this for the rest of his life.

No, he can't stay here.

Can I ask you about your mother, Joseph?

What does that have to do with this?

She passed away from acute lymphoblastic leukemia five years ago.

That was cataclysmic for you and your dad.


On the surface, Joseph, you can see what I'm going to say, right?

You lost your mother.

You believe your father is a real-life superhero.

You believe he is almost immortal.

You can see how some would say you need this to be true.

You just have to make sure you are not more into this than he is.

I'm not scared.

That's great.

You know why?

I know now.

Know what?

Your secret identity.

That man was right.


There are big guys in almost every gym that can lift that much.

You could've lifted more.

Don't worry.

I won't tell anyone.

Just because he let you go doesn't mean he is good.

He's being held here before his trial.

I'm in charge of him for now, but everyone in this state wants him tried and put away.

I'm trying to get the others to stop thinking of this as a superhuman being.

If they do, they will do the right thing and keep him from the light.

Can I talk with them?



Because it's not...

You're the victim.

No way!

You tried so hard to get away from us and now you come back and see us?

You are so weird.

I like Drake now.

I liked Nicki for a while, but then Nicki and Drake broke up, and you can't like both.

This place is for people who think that they're comic book characters.

And the Horde is kind of like a comic book character name, isn't it?

Love comic books.

I'm sorry for trying to feed you to The Beast, et cetera.

It's okay.

Can I talk to Dennis or Patricia, please?

She was my girlfriend.

We kissed.

Don't worry. I haven't cheated on you.

What are you doing here?

Your clothes are not dirty.


Hello, Dennis.

A lot of people have died.


You have to give up the light.

They're never gonna let you out of here.

The Horde has to give up the light.

Listen to this doctor.

The doc tells lies.

We will reveal that the broken are the strongest.

The Beast will start a revolution.

Is that what Patricia told you to say?

The Beast is the highest form of human evolution.

Dennis. You guys are gonna die.


Ah... oh...

Oh, sh...



It's you.

You look different.

I wanted to tell you something.

My uncle's in jail.

I put him there.

What he did to me was... wrong.

Just like what your mom did to you was wrong.

We're the same?

I'm sorry.

I can't. I got... Kevin, wait.

I've got to go. I've got to go.

The Horde is never letting go of the light and...

Do you like Kevin now?

Casey. I need you.

The power of true, loving, physical affection, it's like something supernatural.

It's the lack of it that caused this, and only the true version of it can heal it.

Will you help me?

You are the last person I need to see today.

You see this camera?

There are 100 more of these.

Out of respect for your cognitive abilities, I have installed cameras on every floor, every area, including every direction of the exterior building.

We will see everything.

There is nowhere you can go that won't be documented.

Elijah. I've come to the conclusion that we should perform a procedure on you.

This is a corrective procedure that rebalances the part of the frontal lobe that is overstimulated.

It would be an honor to get to know your perspicacious mind.

We're going to conduct the procedure in three days.


Keep going!

Right there, right there!

Hey, my man.

How'd you get out of your room?

You must have left the door ajar.

He rolled out toward the noise.

Wheel him back in before the doctor sees.

Oh, you're too nice, Daryl.

You got to be firm.

They'll walk all over you otherwise.

He didn't touch any of the medicines, did he?


Right amounts.

This will be my final evaluation.

You got to be kidding me.

This guy killed everyone on my train.

He's a mass murderer.

I understand that the three of you think you are superhuman.

That you don't think you are normal.

You've convinced yourselves you have extraordinary gifts, like something out of a comic book.

I am here to discuss the possibility that you are mistaken.

Can you tell me about Kevin's parents?

Kevin's mother... hurt Kevin.

And Kevin's father was gonna get a doctor to try and stop her, but he left.

I never wanted any of this.


The killings.

Kevin Wendell Crumb.

Kevin Wendell Crumb. Kevin Wendell Crumb!

What did I tell you?!

There is no running in the house, Kevin Wendell Crumb!



Why do you all keep bringing me back?

I-I don't want to be here.

The need for the particular story we tell ourselves begins somewhere, Kevin.

From a memory.


I don't...

Hey, where's that girl?

Casey. Sh-She...

Everybody wants the light now.

They're all fighting, et cetera.

And Miss Patricia's yelling at me, saying I got to hold on to the light.

She said I have one job to do: keep Kevin out of the light.

So, I'm sorry, you won't see him anymore.

And you have to listen to her, right?

Because she's an adult and you're not.

Duh. Yeah.

Is he crying?

Geez, pussy.

Listen, I don't know about these other guys, but we are like a superhero.

No? We're like...

We're not crazy!

David, I don't think this applies just to Kevin and his disorder.

Is there a memory?

What you're looking for is a moment of weakness that made you possibly entertain the idea of being super strong.

There is a reason I ask you.

This is your MRI, David.

This is your frontal lobe.

There is a questionable cloud right here.

There is the possibility that that is damage from that train accident.

I'm supposed to believe this means something?

It's just this, plus an anchoring incident, and you would have the pattern for this disorder that I treat.

I hate to see you like this.

This is not how I would've done things.

I don't approve of how they've handled you.

Elijah, because of your condition, I didn't have to do an MRI on you.

There are a few in your file.

You definitely have one of the markers for this disorder, Elijah.

As do you, Kevin.

These are the medical reasons I'm thinking you have this disorder.

Now let's deal with why you think you don't.

How do you know who's good and who's bad, David?

Convince me.

It's a feeling.

An intuition?

When you see someone?

I have to touch them.

What does the intuition feel like?

A vision.

A moment.

A sin.

You kind of have to interpret it.

Have you ever seen very good magicians, David?

I mean, the very best.

They are trained as mentalists, and they can do seemingly extraordinary feats.

They accomplish these feats by interpreting hundreds of cues that an individual is giving off in a split second.

I think you are like these professional guessers, David.

You are world-class at it, simply extraordinary at it.

But it is based on real things, and you are making the picture.

It is not coming to you through mystical means.

These are the clothes that the patient next to you came in with when he arrived.

There's red clay staining the pants.

It's very visible.

Is it possible that you saw something on the news...

Sorry, bro. ...then saw an adult acting like a child, someone who fit the bill of someone with this disorder, intuited, "This might be the person I'm looking for"?

Saw the red clay and thought he might be hiding in a place with red clay?


You're certain?

You're... creating a chain of thoughts that never happened.

You really dissected him, Doctor.

Good for you.

As I understand it, there were many videos of world-class rock climbers on the computer in your office at the zoo.

It was kind of an obsession.

Some of those climbers could actually scale a literal wall, couldn't they?

What's your point, Doctor?

It was a practical observation that produced a practical skill set in an alter.


Then how did he bend the bars?

The iron bars at the zoo?

You did see those, didn't you?

That's not in our heads.

The cages beneath the zoo were made in 1874 when the zoo first opened.

I was able to bend them by putting a wrench between them and leaning back.

Difficult, again, but possible.


What about the shotgun?

He was shot. Not once but twice.

What does your sleeping mind think of that?

We've analyzed the shotgun and the cartridges.

They were very old.

There was a lot of moisture from the boiler room down in the locker area where they were kept.

The cartridges were possibly compromised.

And some of the pellets hit the inside of the bars.

It is at least possible that there is a practical explanation for this.

What if I suggested something upsetting, Patricia?

Like The Beast isn't as powerful as you think.

He's not much more powerful than a strong man.

The facts you are basing your belief in are wrong.

If superheroes exist, why are there only three of you?

When was the first comic book written?

The first reprints of newspaper strips in tabloid size happened in 1929.

And then, in 1938, the apotheosis happened.

Action Comics Number One launched with the man in the cape and the blue tights on the cover.


Here we are.

Thank you.

What are you doing back there?

You're not one of those Hello Kitty pervs?

I'm just looking for something.

Prove to someone I'm not crazy.

I'm leaving.

Oh, my God.

Catch. You're it.

Let's play hot potato, guys. Let's play hot potato!

Hot potato. Hot potato.

Hot potato. Hot potato.

Hot potato. Hot potato. Hot potato.

Hot potato! Hot potato! Hot!

You're out. You're out.

Come on, ready?

No! No!

Hot potato. Hot potato. Hot potato.

Hot potato. Hot potato. Hot potato.

Hot potato! Hot!

I'm just asking you to bring in a package if you see one instead of stepping over it to come in the house.


If, by mistake, I-I drop this... heavy flashlight on your paper legs... one would come check on you for some time, not until Daryl gets here for his shift.

Have you been getting out of your room, Elijah?

I must be losing my mind.

Night, Joe.

Have a good night.

Daryl. Hey, my man.

You almost made it.

I think your watch is fast.

Joe, my man.

How's it going? What's going on?

What's happening? Looking tired, man.

You still taking that multivitamin?

Not like I should.

Yeah, but, listen, you got to take the D.

If you don't take vitamin D, none of that stuff's gonna absorb into your body.

Clarence Wendell Crumb.

Take a little bit of grape seed extract, and it'll keep it all in there.

You'll absorb it into your body faster.

Let me ask you, how much water you drinking?

Not enough. Yeah. I know.


How did you get here without anyone seeing?

The sound of a car backfiring occurs when unburned fuel vapor is ignited by a very hot muffler upon the car being turned off.

Daryl, who takes over at 11:00 p.m., suffers from this particular vehicular malady.

It happened seven minutes ago.

Couple that with the fact that I've overheard complaints about how long it takes him to get to his desk... he's a bit of a talker, you see...

I estimate I have two to three minutes left.

Someone has been pretending.

Pilfered the aspirin bottle.

Replaced the original dose of medicine with the same amount of aspirin.

Did sleight of hand with the pills given to me to take daily.

What do you want?


I'm here to see if the tales of the extraordinary being are real, the half-man, half-creature. Patricia.

But I appreciate your manners.

I don't know anymore.

I'm a comic book expert, Patricia.

I believe comic books are a continuation of documentation that has gone on for centuries of what humans are capable of.

That they are what someone somewhere saw or felt.

Are you aware that spandex, the underwear on the outside, and boots come from strongmen in the circus in the 1930s?

No. The freak show men who could do incredible feats of strength.

I urge you to look past the capes and monologuing villains.

Are you with me?


I only have a minute left.

I believe The Beast may be part of this.

There are references to man/animal characters.

The dual character, the man who has abilities like animals.

I'd like to meet The Beast, see if he's real.

If he is, then I'll get us all out of here tomorrow night.

What's upsetting you, Patricia?

What if he can't do these extraordinary things?

What if he is just unwell?

Like you.

Everything extraordinary can be explained away, and yet it is true.

I think deep down you know this.

Everything we will see and do will have a basis in science.

But it will have limits.

This is the real world, not a cartoon.

And yet some of us don't die from bullets.

Some of us can still bend steel.

That is not a fantasy.


If you really think you can get us all out, then you may meet The Beast.

But for your sake, I hope he likes you.

Tomorrow night.

Call a board meeting or whatever.

What do we call you, sir?

First name, "Mr." Last name, "Glass."

What's going on? Be careful.

What... Oh. Not too much pressure when restraining him.

Dr. Staple, what are you doing?

It's a sedative. What?

I'm sorry to do this, Elijah. Ow!

We saw footage of you leaving your room last night.

No. No. It seems you have been duping us.

I've moved up the procedure to this morning.

Wait, I...

Thank you for being careful, everyone.

Good luck, Elijah.

Nothing essential is going to change about who you are.

I promise, my friend.



So let's all scream!


Ma'am, get ahold of yourself.



Stop the ride!

Ma'am, step down. Stop the ride!

Dinner, Elijah.

How you doing?

You'll feel better tomorrow.

Pictures are crooked.


Took a bitch-ass long time to find the right piece.

First name, "Mr."

Last name, "Glass."

You don't know what it's like, Daryl.

To be so different, you don't know where you fit.

It's an awful feeling.

Hey there, buddy. What's up?

Patricia told us you were coming.

My name is Luke, and I am Team Horde all the way.

Yeah, I can intro you to everybody.

I ain't no bad hombre to know.

Everybody's gonna tell you that I got a big mouth, though, I spoil the end of movies. Ain't true.

Everybody knows the priest dies at the end of The Exorcist.

The American Sublime.

Do you even know what that means? No.

That is why this world is a lost cause.

That is why The Beast is the only thing that is pure and meaningful...

American Sublime refers to Western paintings of landscapes and seascapes depicting the immensity of nature.

The use of violent storms in the distance was a common practice.

Painting's of particular interest to me.

Hey, Miss Patricia says that your bones can break if I, like, tap them.

Is that true?


Uh, so what's your superpower?

Your-your mind?

What's mine?

You're nine forever, right?


That's incredible.

You can see the world the way it really is.


Kid who can never grow old.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?



This place is so cool, Mr. Glass.

I feel like dancing.

Then go ahead and dance.

Yeah! Check it!


Oh, man.

They've been lying to us all.

You believe?

Yes, I do.

It's what I've believed my whole life.

They are losing faith.

My Horde is losing faith!

In comics... you would go to a public place where all could see you.

A place celebrating man's pedestrian achievements.

But you need David to convince them.

You should fight him in front of the world.

The tallest building in this city is opening today.

All the cameras in the world will record you.

You can convince the Horde and the world at the same time.

We exist.

Why are you in this chair, child?

My bones break easily.

I was born this way.

I've had 94 breaks in my life.

I've known only pain.


You have suffered and are now pure.

I assume you were sent here to be an avenging angel.

How much do you want to avenge us?

Well, that sounds like the bad guys teaming up.

How you doing, David?

I always thought of us as friends.


You shouldn't be hiding in the shadows, David.

You're able to hide because people who steal cars and mug people in alleys don't need your full potential.

You're only using one percent of your abilities with these petty criminals.

Maybe there's nothing to hide, Elijah.

I have found someone who will require your full potential to come out.

A superhuman serial killer.

Don't do this.

How can we be the only ones?

Maybe we believed something that isn't even true.

We are going to the tallest building in the city.

The Horde is going to be revealed there.

There are three floors that house a chemical company in that building.

I am going to blow up that building using their chemicals, David.

You might want to try and stop us.

Today is your coming-out party.

At least you know what to wear.

I've turned off the water hoses in your room, David.

There's only the door left. Elijah.

It's metal.

But you can't get through it because people's bones break against metal, and you're nothing special.

A lot of people are going to die, Overseer, if you don't get through that door.


I'm here.


This is where they would paint you with big eyes and bubbles of confusion above your head.

You... hurt him?

What are you doing?

You should kneel before him.

He is the broken.

Step away from me.

Get back in your room! Both of you!

You're fighting for the broken.

You found your purpose.

One of the Horde may need to walk us out of here, if that's okay... partner.

Go through the basement.

Listen to me, Joseph.

Your father is making great progress.

I'm very hopeful for him.

Did you know the first Superman couldn't even fly?

And Metropolis is actually New York City.

And what about all the coincidences in what I was reading?

Comic books are an obsession.

Have you ever been to a comic book convention?

They sell teen TV shows there.

They are selling things.

Your friends and family members have lost their perspective.

Your dad is trying to fight her abductor.

Your son is trying to best his dad.

He's the anarchist.

He's the brains. He's the reluctant hero.

This all sounds very familiar, doesn't it?

Comic books are not valid history.

Hey, what wing are you with?

Uh, The Beast is saying that he'd like you to roll forward when they come.

I believe.

I believe.

I believe.

I believe.

The new Osaka building opens today with much fanfare.

Thousands are expected to come out for the ceremony.

Many just want to see the spectacular architecture.

Now, this building is expected to be the hub of the business community, creating thousands of jobs...

We have a Code Three.

All patients locked in their rooms.

Grounds security on alert.

The patients are planning to go to the public opening of the Osaka Tower, the tallest building.

Elijah may be intending to compromise a chemical facility there.

Please alert the Philadelphia Police Department.

They made a mistake going through the basement.

It gives us some time.

I remember something about a classic public forum where the climax of limited editions end.

Uh, I think he said it was referred to as the showdown, where all the skills are revealed and-and pitted against each other.

And then?

What happens?

Christ, they're out here.

They're out here!

This is Dr. Ellie Staple.

We will need assistance at Raven Hill Memorial immediately.


How many people are gonna die today?


I don't want to do this.

I don't care what Patricia says.

I'm not...

Hedwig's taking the light.

Hey, what's up?

Don't worry.

We don't need him anyway.

There are still ten of us.

It appears The Beast is not done here yet.

We've got eyes on him. Please advise.

Please advise.

The collection of main characters.

Keep patients and staff away from the south-side windows.

Authorities are on their way.

Okay. I got you.

You will learn to kneel before the broken.

I need to explain. He has D.I.D.

He believes he's an animal. Keep moving.

No, you don't understand.

All he knows is pain.

You're going to get hurt.

Somebody, please...

He has D.I.D.

We can get the compassionate people inside him to help you. Stay here.

You're the girl The Beast let go.

Stay away from him.


I'm just trying to save you.

Casey, the light won't work out here now.

You have to be the one to get Kevin to come out.

We need to get them inside to safety.

Do you hear me?

Dad, there are two tactical teams on the way.

Get back inside!


Get inside the building.

The water used for David's room.

There's water in that tank.

I know he almost drowned when he was a child.

Water is his weakness.


Hey! Joseph!

He's lying to you.

In comics, the parents of the villains always hold a key to understanding them.

He's not telling you something.

Joseph, get back!

Don't tell him yet.

Kevin's dad didn't just take any train and not come home.

Eastrail 177.

Next stop, Philadelphia.

He took the train my dad was on.

The one that everyone died except my dad.

That's the key to who you are.

Mr. Glass killed Kevin's dad.

It's all evidence, you see?

If that train crash hadn't happened, Kevin wouldn't have been left alone with his mother.

If Kevin's mother wasn't allowed to continue to abuse him, then The Beast wouldn't have had to be born.

What are the odds that David Dunn and Clarence Wendell Crumb would be together that day?


I created you, as I created David.

It just took longer.

19 years.

They almost convinced me I was crazy.

I create superheroes.

I truly am a mastermind.

I thank you for what you did.

But I came to protect Kevin.

And I cannot trust you to keep him safe.


We still haven't settled that kneeling thing.

The classic turn.

The enemy becomes the ally because of the hero's unflinching sense of good.

We will finish this in front of the world.


Release me.

Let me talk to Kevin Wendell Crumb.


Release me.

I need to talk to Kevin Wendell Crumb.

He needs me.

Kevin Wendell Crumb.

Kevin Wendell Crumb.

Kevin Wendell Crumb.


The Beast listened to me.

He couldn't do what he wanted.

You can tell him what to do.

I'm not in charge of the light. Yes.

Yes, you are.

It feels good.

Doesn't it?


Will you stay in the light with me?

For a little while?

She was able to turn him. Target down.

You guys got to help him. That's my dad.

He's trying to help you guys.

The guy in the green, that's my dad.

He's trying to stop the Horde. He's really weak.


David, take my hand.

Take it now!

It's just us.

They sent me here for you three.

Tell me the truth.

Did I almost convince you you were an ordinary man?

I would have left you alone, but when the Horde showed up here, then I just had to come.

Didn't you tell me there was a showdown at the end of a limited edition?

How come you didn't know how it was gonna end?

Oh, Mama.

This is not a limited edition.

This was an origin story the whole time.

What's happening?

I like being nine.

It... it hurts, Casey.

Get it to stop hurting.

I-I can't... hold on to the light, Casey.

I should never have listened to her.

Now these pants got blood on them.

They're ruined.

We got to clean these pants, Casey.

As his body slowly succumbs to the inevitable, a sensation of cold water spreads through his body.

His thoughts are a mixture of fear and sweet relief.

Ladies and gentlemen, here's Patricia.

We should all listen to her.

Did you see them?

They are both extraordinary.

I never doubted. I...

Never let them tell you I doubted it.

They're all so scared.

But I told them that I'm gonna hold the light now.

You really my friend?

Then I'm gonna hold the light till the end.

Till the very end.

It's not so bad being in the light.


Would you mind stepping away for a moment so I can check him?

It's okay.

They got it wrong in the comics.

They talk about secret evil groups trying to stop the heroes.

I don't think we are particularly evil, and we don't choose sides.

We try to stop both of you.

If there is one of you, the opposite of you appears.

It escalates.

We step in.

There just can't be gods amongst us.

It's not fair.

It has worked just fine for 10,000 years our way.

Take consolation in the fact that you were right about your theory.

Be at peace.

I wasn't a mistake, Mama.


You were spectacular.

These patients were very disturbed.

Let me just simply state, everything that occurred was related to drugs in their systems or their heightened state of mania.

For the patients' privacy, let's keep what happened in this building and this parking lot to ourselves.

...general public alike.

Opening ceremonies have concluded, but from the looks on the faces of the thousand...

All three were real.

Quite special, actually.

If you approve, I will move to the next city.

Will there be any repercussions?

No one saw them.

I know what my charge is.

Convince them.

This is the most humane and effective method.

We're not executioners, and we don't need martyrs.

If that fails, use the machine.

And I understand how important what we're doing is.

Maintaining balance.

Keeping order.

We're not here to buy umbrellas, and you know it.

Spread your wings, Mr. K.G. Bird.

We're flying you down to headquarters.

On what charge, Boy Wonder?

Illegal umbrellas.

Assault and battery, disturbing the peace.

We've got enough to put you back on ice, Penguin.

He's too smart.

That's why he's the mastermind.

He'll never tell you his real plan.

He sets everybody up.

Gets them looking in one direction.

So cool, man.

There's always a real plan.

You see this camera?

There are 100 more of these.

Everything is being recorded.

All videos and all backup videos have been erased, correct? Yes.

Was any of it downloaded before that?

I don't know how this is possible.

Someone was streaming the live security feed to a private site.

He went through the basement tunnels to be seen by as many cameras as possible.

That's why he didn't go out the side entrance.

He was never planning on going to that building.

This was a suicide mission.

I gave him all the cameras he needed right here.

What have you done, Elijah?

There are unknown forces that don't want us to realize what we are truly capable of.

They don't want us to know the things we suspect are extraordinary about ourselves are real.

I believe that if everyone sees what just a few people become when they wholly embrace their gifts, others will awaken.

Belief in oneself is contagious.

We give each other permission to be superheroes.

We will never awaken otherwise.

Whoever these people are who don't want us to know the truth, today, they lose.


How long's it been since we posted it?

Two hours.

How long will it be before...?

I know what this is.

This is the moment