God Father (2020) Script

Get the chair.

Now tell me...

...how did you kill?


Tell me!


That's your name, right?

Check this out.

Atlast, only this picture remains!

You can have it.

Tell me...

Tell me...

How did you kill?

Tell me...

Speak up...

How did you kill?

It's...that...bloody.. I can't hear, speak loud.


Oh my dear Son...

...you show us the colours of rainbow!

Like a bird in the flock...

...you take us to the sky with your tender feathers!

Like a moon in the sky, I have two in my life! and you bring joy in my life everyday!

I start my day in your eyes and live my life by your words!

You give me reasons to live!

Your love gives me purpose to strive!

Your love gives me purpose to exist!

I will protect you in my palms!

I will keep you in my eyes!

When you speak, the words are sweet!

My heart overwhelms with joy!

Our lives set example...

...for the existence of nature!

In this materialistic world...

...we give hope for existence!

We got the complete coolant laying contract. Ok sir.

Prepare the plan and start the work, got it? Ok sir One min...Yeah hello!

Someone swear that will be on time despite any hurdles!

Oh Sorry, It's late than the usual late! I will be there soon.

Is Arjun angry?

You talk to him!

Dad...Where are you?

I want chocolates...mom wants groceries...

...need to catch up a movie...so come fast Dad!

I'm sorry son, I will come soon.

Got it? We are angry...

...and if you are not here soon, do you know what we will do?

One second, what shall we do?

Let me think!

We will plan and let you know!

Bye, let me wear the family man hat!

Bro, are you sure that you will kill that "Angry Lion"?

I have been planning this over a year, I wont spare him.

Careful bro, you know what will happen if the plan fails!

Guna is here...

hey! he's coming...

He's coming towards us, start the car.

Some issue bro, it's not starting up Start the car...fast...now...

He's coming towards us...start...fast... Bro, starting trouble...it's not working...


Marudhu started. Ok, I'll take care.

A Maniac in the dark forest...

...which treads carefully...

...to feast on its prey is the fearless Lion!

A Maniac in the dark forest...

...which treads carefully...

...to feast on its prey is the fearless Lion!

King of the forest and Valor of the herd...

...goes to any extreme with arrogant pride!

No one can control and no one can stop...

...and the powerful fist will crush the enemies!

In the war field...

...shielded with arrogant character!

Yielded by strength...

...Lion hunts the prey!

Traits like an animal and looks like god of death!

He spends shivers in the spine with hunger for violence!

Kills everyday and sways the enemy!

The undisputed valor strikes the heart!

King of the forest and Valor of the herd...

...goes to any extreme with arrogant pride!

No one can control and no one can stop...

...and the powerful fist will crush the enemies!

Just wait!

Hey, bill this...

Hello...this is the queue!

Get the bill...

What's your problem? Sir, please ignore this.

Please ignore her sir, Be careful, don't provoke me.

Why are you creating a fuss?

Is he right? No, but still did anyone opposed?

Is it wrong to ask? you can ask..pick fight..and you know what happens then?

What happens?

He will come with more thugs, that's what happens.

No one risks their life for the extra 30 seconds in queue!

Do you know the story of the Lion?

A Lion, in the forest lives by hunting its prey...

One day, A dog was standing far and looking at Lion feasting on a prey!

...once the Lion finishes the food, the dog ate the remains...

The Lion sees this but ignores the dog!

Then everyday, the Dog survived with the remains of Lion's food One day, the Dog got an idea.

The Lion is not attacking, so why to eat the remain?

With that thought, it decides to feast along with Lion!

So the dog, is now close to the Lion.

The Lion got pissed and thrashed the dog with little life left behind.

The bitten dog, decides to avenge Lion...

So it formed a team of dogs and waited to strike the Lion!

They tried to overcome Lion but were defeated!

Do you know why?

Because, it's just a dog!

Idly again! Please mom!

Bread and Jam, Please!

Just for today!



Aadhi... Yes!

Enough with games! Eat this fruit.


Yes, my lovely wife!

Engineer, right? Yes!

Pipe Engineer? Yes!

There's no water, go and check!

Dear, this is plumbing! I'm pipe Engineer!

The security might have turned off the valve, will check now.

Yeah, Please ask him! Half the time, the water is not there...

...the lift will not work...

...that's why tenants are leaving...

...and on top, there's spillage!

I need to keep checking all this!

This is a commercial building... and due to no sales, it became a residential property, what can I do?

Let's do one thing, let me get a job and you do the house works!

Wow, My wife is beautiful even in anger!

Hey, Why are trying to stop me?

You are getting late for your work, so leave!

I will apply leave and cook today Not needed, just leave Please dear, let me stay No way, get out, you are getting late!

Great! not working again! need to take stairs!

This is becoming regular!

Good morning sir! Atleast once in a week, it's not working!

I will look into it sir!

Hello, Suresh Lift Services? Yes sir!

It's not working again and everybody is losing patience. I will send someone immediately sir!

Just make it fast! Yes sir!

Won't you pay the debt? Sir, please leave me, everyone's seeing.

Sir, Please leave me, everyone's watching.

Sir, Please leave me sir! Please sir! That's none of your business!

Hello, What's happening here? Mind your own business!

What's the issue sir? Get lost!

Do you know anything bro? Who gives a damn about this!

I won't do it again, please spare me sir!

This lift is the big nuisance here!

Hey, bloody!

Sorry sir, please proceed. Get lost!

What do you want son? Sir, Is that your son?

Yes, He came today morning, what do you want?

He is lawyer, right?

What do you want?

Sir, the tenant in eight floor, named...

Manimaran Yes, Manimaran. someone's manhandling sir, what happened?

They asked me and I only showed them way, Any issues sir?

Why are you so keen?

Sir, need to fill gas for generator...

...please handover the store room key.

Please have this key...

...and don't ever call me for lift or generator or pipeline issues.

Security, Fill the diesel and give the keys back to him.


Hmmm... So you want to know why they snatched him away?

He scandal Rs.5 Lakhs from the bank, that's why they took him away.

That's civil case and still no one can manhandle him!


Do one thing, you teach them how to handle it I got other works to do Swaminathan sir, Just listen to me... Get lost, don't waste my time.

Insane guy!

Marudhu didn't know that we provoked Selva to attack him,

Selva was murdered before exposing us,

So we should be on alert and take down Marudhu first.

Even a slightest slip will lead to our deaths!

Hey, Stop there.

Brother, lots of pending work in pipeline.

There is some problem inside, so don't go in.

If I leave, I can only fix it next month... Leave now, Marudhu is here...

I have no involvement in Selva's attack on you.

Also, I wouldn't use him to kill you, I would've done it myself.


Brother, don't do this.

I plead you, better leave the place!

Leave...Please leave.

Mom, Lolli-pop!

Let's go.

Come, I will buy one.

Thank you.

Third floor.

Arjun... Say Thanks.

Thanks Grandpa. That's ok.





Why so long?

What were you doing?

Why are you looking so dull?

Are you faking it?

I will not fall for you acting, it's your turn to get the house clean today.


...Don't know what happened and doctors are not giving clear picture.



Madam, Haven't you left yet?

I told you that your son will not survive, take him to Government hospital.

He's my only son and we have waited long enough!

Do you know that?

Sir, He's new here and he don't know about you.

You son's heart is not functioning proper...

...he easily gets tired, he's not active like other kids...

...and all because of his ailing heart condition.

It's too late for any medications.

The only solution is heart transplant.

But, you know that he got rare blood group...

It's hard to get a donor at same age group.

Even if we find one, waiting list is long.

So... Sorry Sir...


If a donor of same blood group and right age...

...met with accident and hospitalised...

...and declared brain dead,... then that donor can save your son.



Yes bro...

Guna, I don't care how many you will kill, but I want my son to live.

Ok bro, Sure.

I will take care.

Your magical smile does wonders in my life!

You added colours in our life with your presence!

You are the serene tune of my life!

You inspire us to love the universe!

You are my solace and you are my dreams!

Every word you utter, sprinkles like raindrops!

Every sound you make are the boons of the day!

The depth of our life depends on your smile! and I thank almighty for your presence!

I will protect you till my last breath!

I will keep you in my heart till it beats!

Life is a puzzle...

Living is the solution! our life depends on you my son!

So, everything going good? Yes Sir!

Then why don't you sell this and buy a new house?

Sir, this house is my lucky charm. Arjun was born here...

...also we got used to this lovely neighbourhood, so we will not move away.

You will never listen to me!

Thank you sir!

-Ok Bye, Bye Sir.

Hello Sir, This is Bala.

Bala? Sir, you came for your son's blood test.

Yeah, but doctor's cleared that there is no issue.

Sir, it's not about that...

...Marudhu's men came and took your son's report.

Marudhu's Men? but why?

I heard Madrudhu's son is in hospital...

...he got a heart condition, his son is of same age like Arjun...

...so you better leave with your son, just leave sir.

Do you know where this kid lives?

Do you know?

Who are you?

Do you know where this kid lives?

Why are you guys are here? Please leave.

It's midnight, please leave guys.

Sir, you please leave.

Who will know about this kid?

Come, come with us.

Hey old man...

Do you know flat number of this kid?

Do you know or not?

Why you look so confused?

Do you know?

I think 4D

4D right? get the Lift.


Let's take stairs.

Close the lift doors.

Move away.

Arjun...Arjun, let's go.

Come fast, let's go. Dad, my doll!



Dad, my doll!

Mithra...Mithra...come, let's go.

But where? I will let you know.

What...tell me...

Where are we rushing at this hour?

What happened?

Just a minute.

Hey...check it out.

This house bro. Is it?

Is this your son?

No, This is Adhiyaman's son.

His name is Arjun, 10F, tenth floor. oh, are you sure?


Carry on.


Why are you knocking?


I'm scared Aadhi.

Vasu... What happened?

Open the door.

Hey, what's up bro? Mithra, get in.

What happened? Shhhh, Please keep quiet.

Hey, Break it.

Who is it?

Hey, Who are these guys?

Who are these guys? Why are they breaking in?

Tell me...

Vasu, Get Arjun inside.

What's happening? No idea, take him inside.

Why are they searching for you? Explain...

They are not searching me, They are here for Arjun.

Let me inform Police.

They showed Arjun's picture and asked me whether I know him They all came up, I don't know what to do.

So brought you to Vasu house.

I will take care of our son.

I will not let anyone to harm Arjun.

Hello, Police station.

Just give a minute.

Arjun Dad


The other day, we raced towards the lift to press the button, remember?

Shall we try the same today? ready?

I informed Police, they are on the way.

These guys will definitely knock your door asking about me.

So, If I leave the apartment, no one will be harmed.

Mithra, let's go.

Listen to me...


I want to leave now Go...

I'm talking to you son. What the hell you want?

Who are you? Why are you here? Get lost old man!


Bro said he will be here soon.

Hey old man, You haven't gone yet?

I'm talking to you only...

...answer me old man.

What are you staring at?

Hello, why are you barging in?

Who allowed you inside?

Please sir, we will leave in ten minutes.

Dad told me, I don't think we can help you.

So better leave... 5 mins sir, Police will here, we will leave You have no idea about Marudhu's men... so better leave... Sir, please..we..

Sorry sir, I'm really and extremely sorry sir.

We will leave in 5 minutes sir...Please.

He lost his arm because of his stand against Marudhu...

Being a lawyer, I couldn't save myself...

I know your son is important to you and my son is important for me...so please Sir, I understand...

Please leave...Please.

Hello I will come now.

Vasu told me, that's why I called you.


Come Mithra.

Get inside...and lock the door.

Aadhi, Where are you going?

Hey, open the door.

Open the door!

Who are you?

Open the damn door!

Open the door.

Dad, What are you doing? I'm scared.

I'm scared dad.. You get down...

Dad Please...

Hold this pipe... Dad, please...

Sit here, don't get scared, ok? Ok dad.

Sit tight...hold to the pipe. Dad..Please..

Please come back dad, I'm scared.

Dad, I'm scared.

Arjun... Where is he? move aside.

Nothing, just trust me From this height! Just trust me, nothing will happen.

Mithra, nothing will happen. Please calm down.

Hey, just open the damn door.


What took you so long to open the door?

Where is you kid?

Where is he?

No one came inside bro.

Do I look like an idiot? get lost.

Where is the kid?

Hey, Where is that kid?

You brought him right?

If the kid is inside, You guys are done.



Arjun Mom

Arjun, Hold me.

Hello, Sir few thugs have entered our apartment and creating mess.

How many times should I call? Police station...


Get the car, let's go. Ok Sir

Mom, I'm scared.

Mom, I'm scared... Arjun, I'm your Dad...

Mom, I'm scared... Arjun, Come to your Dad...

No, I won't. Mom, I'm scared.

Don't come out until I'm back.


Bro, I think he escaped somewhere, we will get him.

Go and check whether anyone left the flat after you guys came.

Kali, Call Naren.

Also, Search for these photos.


Open the door.

Open the door.

Sir, Who are you? Why are you coming inside?

Who do you want?

Hey, go and take a look.

Do you know where this guy has gone?

I don't know sir. Hmm, don't know.

Call him in your mobile.

I don't think he will pick in this hour sir.

Just call him!

Put the phone in speaker.

The number you are calling is switched off right now.

To leave voice message, press zero.

Let's go.


Uncle, I just met sister.

Do whatever you want, Even if they fire me I won't mind, but we need to save our kid

Lots of people have called me from this apartment, I will take care of that.

You get him before commissioner comes to know.

Siva, they are still in his house. Even the police left!

What !

Mom, I'm scared, let's go to our house.

Yes sure, Once your Dad comes back.


Some thugs are here and not allowing us to leave the flats.

Who are they? you mean these guys? Yes bro,

Hey, Who are you guys?

Why are you not allowing us out?

Gina brother told, no one should come in or go out.

I'm talking to you guys!

Get in before I kill you.

They got weapons bro!

Mom, I'm thirsty.

OK, let's get water.

Mithra, come, you will be safe in rooftop. come let's go. Gandhi, let's stay here.

Just listen to me, it's safe. I'm scared to go outside.

Let's stay till police arrives. No Mithra, let's go to rooftop.

Vase called me, He said Police left the building.

What should I...

Dead guy's phone.

They will come to know that one guy is missing...

...now they will not spare any house.

Please forgive me...

Listen to me...

Mithra, until I call you, don't come out of rooftop.

Mithra, take Arjun with you.

Take Arjun with you, I will manage.

The mother and Kid are coming downstairs, catch them.

Please leave us guys...

How dare you...

What? Please leave us...

I will kill you!

Bro, Found the photos.

Bro, What happened?

Who did this to you?

This guy...he should be the Dad, we saw his downstairs...

Gina bro, he's here only.

Don't spare any house, let's go.

Who are you guys? Get in...

There's nothing here...

You found the kid? no one's here.

I will call the police.

Sir, give me your phone sir. What happened?

Who are you guys? What do you want? Move aside.

The number you are trying to reach is switched off, to leave voice mail...

That's prayer room.

Who are you guys?

What happened? Wait, I will let you know.

Are you taking video? Get a clear shot. Please leave guys.


Arjun? You only took them!

Tell us what happened?

Leave him...

Mom...Mom... Arjun run...

Just run Arjun...

Are you guys trying to escape?

Open the door, can't you hear knocking?

Hey As, I have checked that side. OK, let's go.


Dad, I'm scared... Don't worry, I will go and get mom.

Dad, I'm scared, you are lying. I saw a guy hitting mom.

She will be fine, I will bring her. Please trust me.

Dad, I'm scared. You are lying.

Don't get scared. please understand. Promise?

Promise, I will bring your mom.

Stay there.

Stay safe...Sit down and hold it.

Where is the kid, tell me.

Where is the kid?

Tell me...

Where is the kid?

Where is the kid? tell me...

Tell me where is the kid?

Where have you hid him? tell me.

Won't you say?

Won't you say?

Bro, He's Adhiyaman.

Where is your son?

Do you know why I'm searching for your son?

So, you know.

I waited for a child for 13 years!

I have no other way.

We can't decide anyone's death.

You want to kill my son right...

...I won't say.

True, we can't decide anyone's death.

But there's a different between us...

Have you seen Lion hunting a deer?

You will find it in Discovery channel.

Only if the Lion hunts, the cubs will survive Else, they will die...

...so for survival, it has to hunt!

Also, The deer needs to run for it's survival...

There is no other option for either Deer or Lion.

So here, The winner will be decided by either Lion's hunger or Deer's fear.


There is no use in delaying death, Where is your kid?

Yeah...is it...bring him.

Bro, we got the kid.

careful, with the knife! come on, stab me!


Do...Do it...

...and then take your son.


Leave me...Dad...


Leave me...Dad...

Leave me...

Don't you know that you are outnumbered? Do you think you can still save your son?

I don't know how many of you are here...

...but you are in my place now.

Sir, need to fill diesel for generator and you have the store room key.

Vase, I have no clue about Mithra and Arjun's whereabouts.

I filled the fire safety wall pipe with diesel, A small spark is enough to trigger fire safety valve and diesel will spill across

...and the whole house will be on fire.

Idiot, you will also burn down!

I don't have any other choice, whatever happens, you don't leave your house.

Bro, got the kid.

careful...with the knife.

come...kill me and take your son.

Don't you know that you are outnumbered? Do you think you can still save your son?

I don't know how many of you are here...

...but you are in my place now.

No issues bro, all the videos has been sent to police commissioner. and we cleared everything as you said...

No one gets a doubt, all are safe.


Get him.

I will kill you all if you raise voice.

Sir, just listen to us. Please.

Sir, Please, give us a minute...please...

We should do something...

Tell me...

How did you kill them?

Make him sit.

How did you kill Marudhu?

How did you kill Marudhu?

Don't kill him sir, calm down.

Please leave him sir, come.

Let's go sir.

He will die if you hit him hard.

Let him die...

Marudhu was my uncle.

He got me this job, do you know?

I haven’t seen my sister cry, do you want me to spare him?

Who asked you to spare him sir?

Your cousin is still alive right?

Your revenge should be painful till his death!

I'm in station sir, yes...he's here only. who is it? Police Commissioner

Yes sir What are you doing there?

Just an inquiry sir.

I know what you are unto.

No sir, I'm just inquiring him.

Just follow my orders, release him. Yes sir, sure.

Get him OK Sir.

What is your name? Vase and you? Siva What are you doing? Working in IT sir.

Let's go...slowly

Don't assume that you have fixed everything...real problem starts now.


Don't assume that you have fixed everything...real problem starts now.

Phone...Phone..give me your phone.

Aadhi... Mithra, Are you safe?

I'm fine, but Arjun keeps asking about you. Who is it? Daddy?

No issues right?


Just do as I say, Keep the cylinder near the door and block it.

Don't worry, Everything should be fine.

Hey, Stop there.


Hello Everybody! I'm Swath, I have acted in Godfather movie!

Hit the target without fear!

Finish all your enemies and tread to make Earth trembling!

Never give up and Never calm down!

Keep moving and pain gives you power!

Nothing to fear and even death will not near!

I will change my destiny and gets up strong after every fall!

I will be the dawn and I will bring peace!

I will grow to sky and gets up strong after every fall!

Hit the target and bring the blood!

Spare no one as there is no right or wrong!

Hit the target and bring the blood!

Spare no one as there is no right or wrong!

Anything else? the innocent deer, kept praying to God...

...to save from death!

The roaring lion approaches... the deer takes off...

With belief, Deer runs fast!

In a second, Deer's horn tears Lion!

...and the Lion loses life!

Hit the target and bring the blood!

Spare no one as there is no right or wrong!

Hit the target and bring the blood!

Spare no one as there is no right or wrong!