God Forgives... I Don't! (1967) Script


Joe‭, ‬come here‭!‬ It's dangerous‭!‬

The train is coming‭!‬

But there's nobody‭...‬

What's going on‭?‬

They killed Mr‭. ‬Hoskins‭.‬

They attacked the train‭!‬

They're all dead‭!‬ All of them‭!‬


One hundred more‭.‬

I'm in‭.‬

Three hundred‭.‬

I'm in‭.‬

Me too‭.‬


One for me‭.‬

Five hundred‭.‬

I'm in‭.‬

That too‭.‬

A thousand more‭.‬

Think carefully‭, ‬buddy‭,‬ he said one thousand‭.‬ I want to see the money‭.‬ He's right‭, ‬he doesn't know us‭.‬ But we're honest people‭.‬ Fine‭, ‬I'll vouch for Ronnie‭.‬ With cash or tobacco‭?‬ Because you're out of cigars‭.‬ I think you didn't understand‭.‬ I said I'll vouch for him‭.‬

This place is‭... ‬peaceful‭.‬

I won't forget it‭.‬

One moment‭.‬ Do you vouch for me too‭?‬ Of course‭.‬ You need three thousand to see‭.‬

He'll need a guarantee too‭.‬

Very well‭.‬ I see that you don't want to play anymore‭.‬

I wouldn't touch that if I were you‭.‬

To be honest‭, ‬I might as well vouch for myself‭...‬

Please‭, ‬forgive me‭.‬

Come on‭!‬

Keep quiet‭...‬ You might wake them up‭.‬

It's closed‭.‬ I'm hungry‭, ‬I'd like to eat‭.‬ I said it's closed‭.‬ Where can I find something to eat then‭?‬ In hell‭.‬

You're a funny guy‭.‬

And you‭, ‬you're breaking my balls‭...‬

‭- ''‬Will you vouch for me‭?''‬ ‭- ''‬Of course‭.''‬

‭- ''‬For me too‭?''‬ ‭- ''‬Sure‭!''‬ And they started to fight‭.‬

‭- ‬Did you see him before‭?‬ ‭- ‬Of course not‭.‬ You don't forget a guy like that‭.‬

Do you know him‭?‬

I think I do‭.‬

He's the man I'm looking for‭.‬

A thousand more‭.‬ Stupid fool‭.‬

You stayed alone‭, ‬Doc‭.‬ It's better to play alone‭.‬ I never go for a walk at night‭.‬ Especially since I believe in ghosts‭.‬

You were looking for me‭?‬ Yes‭.‬ Why‭?‬ A week ago‭,‬ a MKT train has been attacked‭.‬

They stole 300‭ ‬000‭ ‬dollars in gold‭.‬ A lucky move‭.‬

Everybody got killed‭.‬ Nobody left to tell what happened‭.‬ It's the work of a specialist‭.‬

How many people would be able to pull out something like that‭?‬


I lied‭, ‬they didn't all die‭.‬ There was one survivor‭.‬ He told me what happened‭...‬ and who did it‭.‬

Come on‭...‬ try harder‭. ‬Tell me everything‭.‬ Talk‭.‬

Bill‭.‬ Our good old friend Bill Sant'Antonio‭.‬

What's your point‭?‬ Exactly what I just told you‭.‬

That's why you believe in ghosts‭.‬

Listen to me carefully‭.‬ Here are the 300‭ ‬miles of rails from El Paso to Canyon City‭.‬ The gold was loaded in El Paso‭.‬ The robbers tracks seem to show‭...‬ that the attack happened here‭.‬ But it was just a trap‭.‬ Two days before the train left‭...‬ the robbers went this way‭.‬ They just wanted to leave tracks near the rails‭.‬ And they went north‭.‬ To the river‭.‬ There‭, ‬they turned around and went back to El Paso‭...‬ where they waited for the train to leave‭.‬ They bought tickets and‭...‬ went in the train as passengers‭.‬ After an hour‭,‬ near the Mexican border‭,‬

20‭ ‬miles from Puntal‭, ‬a small village‭...‬ they drew their guns and killed everybody‭.‬ The driver‭, ‬a judge and everybody else‭.‬ They stopped the train‭...‬ and unloaded all the gold‭.‬ Two of them left the train just before it got to its last stop‭.‬ All the searching was done in the north‭.‬ Except that nobody will find these men there‭.‬ Because they're safe in the south‭.‬

I only know one man able to organize something like that‭.‬ It's Bill Sant'Antonio‭.‬ He's the one who attacked the train‭.‬

The dead would have fun robbing trains‭?‬ I don't know what happened a year ago‭,‬ but I know one thing‭:‬ Bill is alive‭.‬ And since the one who saw him on the train is dead‭...‬ we're the only ones to know‭.‬ There's just me and you‭, ‬now‭.‬ Even if you don't believe it yet‭.‬ We have a few advantages over him‭.‬ First‭, ‬he doesn't know that we know he's alive‭.‬ Then‭, ‬we know where he's hiding‭.‬ And finally‭, ‬considering what happened‭,‬ he feels safe now‭.‬

Don't you have anything to say‭?‬

Where's your interest in all this‭?‬ Harold Bank had the gold insured by an agency‭.‬ I happen to work for this agency‭.‬

You haven't changed‭, ‬you stupid fool‭.‬

Tell me what happened that night‭.‬

Go to hell‭.‬

Tell me what happened that night‭.‬

Come‭, ‬Rose‭.‬

You're lucky tonight‭, ‬niأ‮١‬o‭...‬ It couldn't be any better‭.‬ Hello‭, ‬you‭!‬ You know‭, ‬Bill‭,‬ your friend is quite good-looking‭.‬ Why did I never see him before‭?‬ He wasn't here‭, ‬my dear‭.‬ He just arrived‭.‬

She's a lady‭...‬ Everything in its own time‭.‬ How dared you hit me‭?‬ Come over here‭!‬ Have her shut the fuck up‭!‬

One hundred‭.‬

Two hundred‭.‬

Five hundred‭.‬

I'm in‭.‬

My turn to deal the cards this time‭,‬ we'll see if you're gonna win‭.‬

What do you mean‭?‬ Nothing‭...‬ I never met someone so lucky‭.‬

Luck has nothing to do with it‭.‬ What is it then‭?‬ You've always had the same skill in cards‭...‬

a newbie‭.‬

Are you sure‭?‬

I asked you a question‭.‬ You're too curious‭.‬ And that‭, ‬you have to pay for it‭.‬ I'm curious to know if you cheat‭.‬ Quiet‭!‬ I won't let you laugh at a friend‭.‬ Especially an old friend like you‭.‬ No one is allowed to laugh‭.‬ Except me‭.‬

Don't move‭.‬

No‭, ‬niأ‮١‬o‭.‬ You shouldn't have done that‭.‬

In the past‭...‬

you'd have never considered doing something like that‭.‬

Because I'm the one who gave you those tools‭...‬

and taught you how to use them‭.‬ Yeah‭, ‬in the past‭...‬ I'm sure you wouldn't have done that‭.‬ You're talking because you're carrying a gun‭.‬ Calm down‭, ‬buddy‭, ‬you'll get one too‭.‬ Don't worry‭.‬ Stay calm‭.‬ A man like you would never accept to fight‭...‬ someone who makes a living playing cards‭...‬ without first thinking of the consequences‭.‬ I've heard that‭...‬ you have good reflexes with your gun‭.‬ If you're as good as you are playing cards then I should be careful‭.‬ Because I have many responsibilities‭.‬

For example‭...‬ I must think about my men‭.‬

Look at them‭.‬ What would they do‭...‬ the poor boys‭?‬ They would get my gold share if I was dead‭.‬ I'm generous with my men‭,‬ but they're not the only ones‭.‬ There's Paquita too‭.‬ What would she do if I was dead‭?‬ What would she do‭?‬ What would you do‭?‬

And let's not forget the funeral‭.‬ I want an unforgettable funeral‭.‬ With music‭,‬ everybody will cry‭,‬ the priest will make his speech‭...‬ And a funeral is expensive‭.‬ I shouldn't be the one paying for it‭.‬ Nor my men‭, ‬Paquita and the villagers‭...‬ who have a hard time making a living‭,‬ unlike you‭.‬

I think you should‭...‬

put back on the table what you won‭.‬ Because it's my money‭.‬ It was my money‭, ‬wasn't it‭?‬ And also‭, ‬I'm sure‭...‬ that you'd be willing to pay for my funeral if you killed me‭.‬

Here‭, ‬that's good‭.‬

Very well‭.‬

You really think you can kill me‭.‬ At least my buddies have guts‭.‬ You thought that he wasn't a friend‭... ‬ and that he didn't want to pay for my funeral‭...‬ but you were wrong‭: ‬he's a friend‭.‬ It's a shame to kill him‭.‬ But I respect my friends‭.‬ If he wins‭, ‬you'll let him go‭.‬ Now all of you go outside‭,‬ nobody will see us fight‭.‬ No one will watch the fight‭.‬ Bud will make sure that the rules are respected‭.‬ Once you're outside‭,‬ he'll set the house on fire‭.‬ No one will see the body of Bill Sant'Antonio or of his opponent‭.‬ If I win‭,‬ this money will be used for his burial‭.‬ And now get out‭, ‬everybody outside‭!‬

Give him a gun‭, ‬Bud‭.‬

Now go outside and follow my orders‭.‬ When the flames will reach the roof‭,‬ this matter will be settled‭.‬

And now Doc‭,‬ it's between you and me‭.‬ I always liked jokes‭.‬ This one might be the best‭.‬

You won't make it alive‭.‬ Even if you're faster than me‭...‬ my men will look for you everywhere‭...‬ and will get revenge‭.‬

There's quite a few of my men‭, ‬Doc‭.‬ What are you doing‭?‬ What are they waiting for‭?‬

Ready when you are‭...‬

You won't make it alive‭.‬ Even if you're faster than me‭...‬ my men will look for you everywhere‭...‬ and will get revenge‭.‬ There's quite a few of my men‭, ‬Doc‭.‬

There's quite a few of my men‭...‬ Will you buy me a drink‭, ‬stranger‭?‬ No‭, ‬get lost‭!‬

Fat coward‭!‬

There's quite a few of my men‭...‬

I always liked jokes‭.‬ This one might be the best‭.‬

You‭!‬ A guy will come through here soon‭.‬ You'll recognize him easily‭,‬ he will have walked 20‭ ‬miles on foot‭.‬ And he hates walking‭.‬ Give him this horse‭.‬

Rose‭!‬ Come here‭!‬ Where are you going‭?‬ I'll be right back‭.‬

Shut up‭.‬ I'm not here to kill you‭.‬

When did you arrive‭?‬ You very well know that you might be killed here‭.‬

I must hurry‭, ‬I'm expected somewhere‭.‬ It won't take long‭.‬ I just want to know one thing‭.‬ I thought you were here for me‭...‬ I went up to redo my makeup‭...‬ I'm starting to need some‭.‬ Rose‭...‬ You must tell me what happened after that night‭.‬ What night‭?‬ Don't put on an act‭.‬ It was a century ago‭.‬ Ten months‭.‬ It's a long time to me‭.‬ Listen carefully‭, ‬Doc‭.‬ I don't blame you‭.‬ But I lost my man‭.‬ And it seems you're the one who shot him‭.‬

‭- ‬Who are you talking about‭?‬ ‭- ‬Joe Tam-Tam‭.‬ You didn't miss much‭.‬

I became attached to him and he was generous‭...‬ More generous than the others‭.‬ I wasn't the one who looked for trouble‭.‬ I know‭, ‬but you should understand‭,‬ you got them‭.‬ You must be very rich now‭.‬

What‭?‬ People say that you stole the money during Bill's funeral‭.‬ Listen to me‭, ‬Rose‭.‬ Your Tam-Tam was a stupid fuck‭.‬ But you‭, ‬you're everything but a fool‭.‬ Who was it then‭?‬

Yes‭?‬ Rose‭, ‬what are you doing‭?‬ We're waiting for you‭.‬ I'll be right here‭.‬

‭- ‬Did you lock yourself up‭?‬ ‭- ‬Wait a minute‭.‬ You won't let me in‭?‬ Not now‭.‬ Later‭.‬ Who were you talking to‭?‬ I've started talking alone since I've met you‭...‬ Open‭!‬ I'll smash the door‭!‬ I'll lose him‭...‬ I told you to go to hell‭!‬

I hope he didn't hurt himself‭.‬ He's a nice man after all‭.‬

Come on‭, ‬tell me everything you know‭.‬

And quick‭.‬

I don't have much time‭.‬ Me neither‭.‬

Bill had one kind of a funeral‭,‬ exactly as he wished‭.‬

I had never seen such a good ceremony‭.‬ Yes‭, ‬it was a first rate funeral‭.‬

Then Bill's men left to split the gold‭.‬ They were even about to split Bill's share among themselves‭.‬ Tam-Tam intended to forget the past‭.‬ He wanted to start a new life with me‭.‬

But the worst kind of surprise was waiting for them there‭.‬

The gold had disappeared‭.‬

Only one man could have done that and I know who he is‭.‬ We should never have let him go‭.‬ Because he didn't really leave‭.‬ He stayed to watch us‭.‬ He stole the gold while we were at the funeral‭.‬ But I'll make sure he won't enjoy it‭.‬ Bill said that our band is finished‭.‬ But he didn't expect such a low blow‭.‬ He managed to convince them‭.‬ Then they all went looking for you‭.‬ Tam-Tam came back a month later‭.‬ He told me that Bud was the first to disappear‭.‬

So it's Bud who said it was me‭.‬ The others were still looking for you‭...‬ but each on his own‭.‬ They were all hoping to find you to keep all the gold‭.‬

I tried to stop Tam-Tam‭,‬ but it was pointless‭.‬ He only stayed for a night‭.‬ He promised me that he would come back before he left‭.‬

But you're the one who came back‭.‬

He was a good-looking man‭.‬ He was so generous‭!‬

Bud gave me the gun that night‭.‬ Give him a gun‭, ‬Bud‭.‬

I have to go‭, ‬Rose‭.‬

Since they left‭, ‬a year ago‭...‬ I stopped working and there are no more dead‭.‬ Except for the natural deaths‭.‬ People have to supplement one's income‭.‬ That's why I'm doing small precision jobs‭.‬

If you let me‭, ‬I'll continue‭...‬ Tell me‭, ‬old man‭...‬ is it you who made Sant'Antonio's coffin‭?‬ Of course it's me‭.‬ And is it you who put him in it‭?‬ Yes‭.‬ Even if I must confess that there wasn't much left of him‭...‬ What do you mean‭?‬ It was an ugly sight‭.‬ He looked like he had already been home‭.‬ In hell‭, ‬I mean‭.‬

If you were asked to swear‭...‬ that the one you put in the coffin was Bill Sant'Antonio‭...‬ would you do it‭?‬ Aren't you the one who killed him‭?‬ I'm waiting for your answer‭.‬ I already answered‭!‬ No one could have identified the remains of this burned corpse‭.‬

You're wasting my time with these riddles‭.‬

If you told me that you never shot Bill Sant'Antonio‭...‬ I'd say that‭...‬ this bastard is still alive‭.‬

Because I don't believe in ghosts‭...‬ even if some people of the village‭...‬ swear that they've seen him riding his damn black horse‭...‬ during full moon nights‭.‬

You can say that‭...‬ Bill Sant'Antonio was such an important man‭...‬ that people can't forget him‭.‬ I agree‭.‬ But not so important as to make him a legend‭.‬ But people love legends‭.‬ Otherwise they wouldn't have anything to tell during the evenings‭...‬ they wouldn't know what to talk about‭.‬ Thanks for everything‭, ‬old man‭.‬ It was nice to see you again‭.‬ And don't forget‭...‬ that if I didn't know it was you who shot him‭,‬ I could swear that Bill Sant'Antonio is still alive‭.‬

Indeed‭, ‬he's still alive‭.‬

But he'll regret not being dead‭.‬

Too bad you've been so curious‭.‬ All you had to do‭...‬ was to keep doing your job‭.‬

Gimme something to drink‭.‬

Listen‭, ‬assholes‭.‬ I've got some good news for all of you‭.‬

Aren't you interested‭?‬

Here‭.‬ It's better‭.‬ A very important man will come soon‭.‬

The new lawman needs to be welcome with dignity‭.‬ Get up‭, ‬assholes‭!‬

Don't let him wait outside‭,‬ he could catch a cold‭.‬

Let's make the introductions‭.‬ If he's in charge of protecting your rights‭...‬ the new lawman will have to know you well‭.‬

Come here‭.‬

The new commander wants to know your name‭.‬ You must tell it to him‭.‬

‭- ‬Jose‭...‬ ‭- ‬Very good‭, ‬Jose what‭?‬ Hernandez‭.‬ Does this name ring a bell‭?‬ What‭? ‬Is that him who called you‭?‬ I'm disappointed‭...‬ And he told you that we‭...‬

That's true‭,‬ they deserve to be punished‭.‬

You're way too harsh‭...‬ They're good men‭...‬ they won't make the same mistake twice‭.‬

Tell it to the commander‭.‬ You won't make the same mistake again‭.‬ Did you hear‭, ‬commander‭?‬ He said they won't do it again‭.‬

Stop‭!‬ You can't‭...‬ It's a good thing that we're here to make sure people respect the law‭!‬ Jose‭, ‬give the commander a drink‭.‬ A lawman is always sensitive at the sight of blood‭.‬ Come on‭, ‬give the commander a drink‭.‬

Mr‭. ‬Hernandez‭...‬


Cheer up and move‭.‬

The new commander of the village won't bother us anymore‭.‬ Where was he‭?‬ Not far‭... ‬from the village‭.‬ He was about to arrive‭.‬ Did someone see you‭?‬

Nobody saw us‭.‬ Then Bud got a great idea‭.‬ Which one‭?‬

It's nothing‭, ‬it was just a joke‭...‬ Tell me‭.‬

It was just a joke‭!‬ You know that I hate jokes‭!‬ If they're made by others‭.‬ My orders were clear‭.‬ You had to get rid of the commander far from the village‭.‬

I want to know who will come and when‭.‬ No one must make it out of here alive‭,‬ like three days ago‭.‬

Bud is a nice boy‭,‬ but he doesn't have a good memory‭.‬ That'll teach him‭.‬

I can teach a lot more things‭, ‬Bud‭.‬ Except one thing that you'll never have‭.‬

That's what it is‭.‬ You're stupid‭, ‬Bud‭.‬ You must know it‭.‬


Haven't you realized that you're a retard yet‭?‬

I'd like a room‭.‬

What's up‭?‬ Nothing‭...‬

I need a bed to rest before I leave‭.‬ First room on the right‭.‬

I don't want to be disturbed‭.‬ You didn't pick the right place‭.‬

Stupid animal‭.‬

What was it‭?‬

Go on‭, ‬hand out the cards‭.‬

Come on‭, ‬out‭!‬ Walk‭!‬ And don't move if you want to see your chiquita again‭!‬

That's good‭, ‬amigo‭... ‬ you'll get used to it soon‭, ‬you'll see‭.‬

Who is this guy‭?‬

‭- ‬Do you know him‭, ‬Jesus‭?‬ ‭- ‬No‭.‬ And you‭, ‬Miguel‭?‬ Ask him‭.‬ I'd like to know how you got here‭.‬ There's only one door‭.‬ Let me down‭.‬ Did you hear‭, ‬Miguel‭?‬ He wants to get down‭.‬

Come on‭, ‬tell us who you are and what you're doing here‭.‬ Let me down‭,‬ I'll only talk to Sant'Antonio‭.‬

Are you crazy‭?‬ Who do you want to talk to‭?‬ To Sant'Antonio‭.‬ And then you'll want to talk to God‭?‬ I want to talk to your boss whatever his current name is‭.‬ You'll have to do with us‭.‬ He's got better things to do‭.‬

Well‭, ‬well‭, ‬look who's here‭.‬ Let me down‭.‬

I owe you one‭.‬

It's the gold from the train‭, ‬I was right‭!‬

Your hands‭.‬ They'll be here soon‭.‬

Forget it‭, ‬Bud‭.‬ I'm thirsty‭.‬

The two of us will never be able to carry this chest‭.‬ You're right‭, ‬it's impossible with just two‭.‬

There's something new‭.‬

If you knew who came today‭...‬

Why didn't you tell me we had some visitors‭?‬ I didn't know you were interested‭.‬

I didn't say that I'm interested‭.‬ Who is it‭?‬ A stranger‭, ‬he's leaving tomorrow‭.‬

‭- ‬Where is he‭?‬ ‭- ‬Upstairs‭, ‬sleeping‭.‬

Go‭, ‬beast‭, ‬quick‭!‬

It's so damn heavy‭!‬

Now‭, ‬go under it‭.‬


Pull‭, ‬faster‭!‬

Follow my boots‭.‬

I'll never make it‭.‬ You will if you don't want to die under it‭.‬

What are you doing‭?‬ You're leaving‭?‬

He's a heavy sleeper‭.‬

What‭?‬ He doesn't answer‭.‬

Get out‭, ‬my friend‭!‬ What about a game‭?‬

Let's go‭, ‬quick‭!‬

We'll settle it later‭!‬ Come‭!‬

‭- ‬Get it down yourself‭!‬ ‭- ‬No‭, ‬you'll die under it‭.‬ Quick‭, ‬get it down‭!‬ Bill will roll on the floor laughing when he'll find you under this chest‭.‬ He'll think that you're just a thief who wanted to steal his gold‭.‬ That's enough‭,‬ I can't bear it any longer‭.‬ Listen to me‭, ‬beast‭.‬ Bill thinks that you're just a brainless mountain of muscles‭.‬ And he's right‭.‬ You're also a coward‭, ‬a fat coward‭!‬

Hurry‭, ‬get in‭.‬

Why did you stop‭?‬

This wagon will never get there‭.‬ The chest will‭.‬ The chest will‭?‬


‭- ‬They took the gold‭!‬ ‭- ‬And the wagon too‭!‬ Follow me‭!‬

He's just like me‭, ‬he doesn't like water‭.‬

We have to swim to the shore‭.‬ Look‭!‬

‭- ‬Don't even think about it‭!‬ ‭- ‬I forgot that you couldn't swim‭.‬ I don't care‭.‬

Water isn't really warm‭, ‬but‭...‬ Come on‭, ‬don't be stupid‭.‬ Hang on to me‭.‬

What did you tell me when I was carrying the chest‭?‬ I remember‭, ‬you said that I was a fat coward‭!‬ Come on‭, ‬hurry‭.‬

I'm going‭.‬


Come on‭!‬

It was a good idea to burry this chest‭.‬

It'll be safer on the hill than inside a bank while we're away‭.‬

‭- ‬While we're away‭?‬ ‭- ‬Yes‭.‬ We have to warn the agency‭...‬

You want to stay here‭?‬

Your buddy still owes me 10‭ ‬000‭ ‬dollars from the last game‭.‬ You'll come with me‭.‬

The fact that you got me out of the water‭...‬ doesn't give you the right to tell me what I must‭...‬ or mustn't do‭.‬ I should have left you there‭.‬

You wouldn't have gone far‭.‬ Anyway‭,‬ once we'll have warned the agency your share of gold will be enough‭...‬ to pay for Bill's debts‭.‬ It's another story‭.‬ Also‭, ‬do you really think that I'd be satisfied‭...‬ with a small share‭?‬

You're the one working for this agency‭, ‬not me‭.‬

If that's how you take it‭...‬ you'll come with me for sure‭.‬ Or we can settle this affair right now‭.‬ Gunshots make a lot of noise‭.‬

And I don't think it's the right time to make some noise‭.‬

There's another way to convince you‭.‬

There's one thing that I don't understand‭.‬

What is it‭?‬

Why do you want me to smash‭....‬

your dirty dog face‭?‬

Get down‭!‬ I'm coming‭.‬

You fucking bastard‭!‬

Cheers‭...‬ I would have never thought that the three of us would meet again‭...‬ after all this time‭.‬ Me neither‭.‬

You should be more wary of your old friends‭.‬ I wanted to have some peace‭...‬ minding my own business‭...‬ then you came‭, ‬killed 3‭ ‬of my men‭...‬ robbed me‭...‬ and wanted to leave without even saying good bye‭.‬

Tell me‭, ‬ghost‭,‬ what's your new name‭?‬

If only people could mind their own business‭...‬

Yet‭, ‬you tried to see me a year ago‭.‬ Are you upset for a few blank bullets‭?‬ Yours were real‭.‬

You should thank me‭, ‬Doc‭.‬ I could have killed you if I wanted to‭.‬ It wouldn't have helped your affairs‭.‬ You managed to get rid of your men since they went looking for me‭.‬

It was a good idea‭.‬ This trick helped me to get rid of all those who wanted me dead‭...‬

my men included‭.‬ They weren't of any use to me anymore‭.‬ It's great to be alive‭...‬

without anybody knowing it‭.‬ So I'd like to know who told you that I was around here‭.‬ You didn't kill all the passengers on that train‭.‬ One of them survived‭...‬ and told me that you were still alive‭.‬

That's why I have to do everything by myself‭, ‬isn't it Bud‭?‬

I'll remember it next time‭.‬

There won't be a next time‭, ‬ghost‭.‬

You're so ungrateful‭.‬ I saved you because they would have killed you for sure‭.‬ And you won't tell me where you've hidden my gold‭.‬ Why hide it anyway‭?‬ Only Bud could believe‭...‬ that it's been lost in the river‭.‬ It's obvious‭.‬ Otherwise‭, ‬why would you fight‭?‬ I'll finally know who is the bravest of you two‭.‬

It looks like it's Ayrton‭,‬ but we never know‭.‬ What do you think‭, ‬Bud‭?‬ No‭, ‬Bud isn't allowed to think‭.‬

If he could‭...‬ he would have killed you already‭.‬ But you see‭, ‬Bud‭...‬ they're the only ones to know where our gold is‭.‬ You probably think‭...‬

that they won't talk‭.‬

But you're wrong‭.‬ And do you know who will help us to find the gold‭?‬ The weakest‭?‬ No‭, ‬not at all‭.‬ If you keep two men perfectly matched‭,‬ just like two animals‭...‬ they'll never die at the same time‭.‬

Even if it's just for a second‭...‬ one of them will survive‭.‬ I've known you for too long‭...‬ I know you far too well to not be aware of your weaknesses‭.‬


Raise your arm when you'll feel like talking‭.‬ I'm not in a hurry‭.‬

Pull him up‭, ‬quick‭.‬

So‭?‬ Did you change your mind‭?‬

To the bottom‭!‬

Targo‭, ‬come‭!‬

Nobody must come in here while I'm away‭, ‬understood‭?‬ Not Bud nor Pedrito‭.‬ Nobody must come in here‭,‬ whatever the reason‭.‬ Shoot those who disobey‭, ‬understood‭?‬ It'll take him some time to change his mind‭.‬ But we're in no hurry‭.‬ I'm counting on you‭, ‬do a good job‭.‬ Lock yourself up‭.‬

I don't want to see those faces‭!‬ We'll get our gold back‭.‬ Bud and Targo know what to do‭.‬

Nobody must disturb them‭.‬ But keep an eye on them still‭.‬ You two‭!‬ Go and watch Bud at the well‭.‬ Hurry‭!‬ Shoot him in the legs if he gets away‭.‬ I don't want anybody dead‭,‬ because the dead don't talk‭.‬ Pedrito and his men will watch the cave‭.‬ Targo mustn't move from there either‭.‬ Why can't we take care of the gringos‭?‬ Obey me‭!‬

Let's go‭.‬

Get up‭, ‬it's time for a bath‭.‬

I'll take you there if you don't tell anybody‭.‬

You won't have to share it with anyone‭, ‬Bud‭.‬ Think about it‭.‬

What is‭...‬

It's not the time to rest‭.‬ Stand up‭!‬

And if I told you that we've arrived‭?‬

Calm down‭, ‬buddy‭.‬ We make mistakes when we're in a hurry‭.‬ I never said that we don't‭.‬

Your gun‭...‬ Your hand is next to it‭...‬

Very well‭.‬

Untie me‭.‬

Move‭, ‬quick‭!‬

The gold should be here‭.‬


No‭, ‬now‭, ‬it's your turn to dig‭.‬ I told you to dig‭.‬

Didn't anyone ever tell you‭...‬

that you're a fucking asshole‭?‬

Where is he‭?‬ Where is he‭?‬


When‭?‬ They had an agreement‭.‬ Otherwise they wouldn't have escaped‭.‬ It's not true‭!‬ When‭?‬ I noticed it at dawn‭.‬ The texan was supposed to watch him‭.‬ When I woke up‭, ‬he was there‭,‬ near the well‭...‬ his throat slit‭.‬ So you were sleeping‭?‬ Just for a few minutes‭.‬ He was the one supposed to watch Bud‭.‬ And you didn't follow them‭?‬

‭- ‬The horses‭...‬ ‭- ‬What‭?‬ They set them free‭.‬ They probably had an agreement‭.‬ There's no way that this scumbag didn't hear them‭.‬ What‭?‬

They put some clothes around the horses hooves‭.‬ A good job‭... ‬but it takes time‭.‬

You only slept for a few minutes‭?‬

Let's go‭!‬ What about us‭, ‬what do we do‭?‬ Try to not fall asleep‭.‬

Gimme something to drink‭.‬

You must be the man I need‭.‬

For what‭?‬

Can you repeat the few words I'm going to tell you‭?‬

Very well‭.‬

Take the horse and go tell to the leader of these men‭...‬ that the time has come to finish the game started a year ago‭.‬

You know what I mean‭?‬

I think I do‭.‬


Since you have a good memory‭...‬

do me another favor‭.‬ Of course‭.‬ Tell him that I hate latecomers‭.‬

Open‭, ‬you bastard‭!‬ Open‭!‬ I want to talk to the gringo‭!‬

Open‭!‬ The other gringo is gone‭,‬ he left with Bud‭.‬ Open‭, ‬I want to take care of this one‭.‬ Leave him to me‭!‬ I'm telling you to open‭!‬

Dirty son of a bitch‭!‬

Leave me alone‭,‬ I must talk to your boss‭.‬ Don't worry‭, ‬tell us everything‭.‬ You‭!‬

Where did you get this horse‭?‬ Let me go‭,‬ I must talk to Mr‭. ‬Bud asap‭.‬ He'll thank me for the information I'll give him‭.‬ It's a good thing that I met you‭.‬ Take me to him please‭.‬ Who gave you this horse‭?‬ The American‭.‬ He's the one who gave it to me‭.‬ Where is he‭?‬ At the inn‭.‬ He's waiting‭. ‬He told me‭...‬

Come here‭.‬

Wait‭!‬ Don't kill him‭!‬ He must be alive‭, ‬understood‭?‬

Too many people‭.‬

Too many people‭.‬

Calm down‭, ‬buddy‭.‬ Calm down‭.‬ You'll be the only one to shoot if it's so much fun to you‭.‬ I hate playing without an outlay‭.‬ And during a real game‭,‬ we put the outlay on the table‭.‬ All right‭.‬

Come on‭, ‬come‭.‬ Wait‭.‬ We're not in a hurry‭.‬ I have a proposition to make‭.‬ I had to plan this job a year ago‭.‬ People were coming from everywhere to kill me and get a reward‭.‬ I couldn't trust anybody‭.‬ Not even my men‭.‬

It was the only way to get rid of everybody‭.‬ But you had nothing to do with it‭.‬ I'm sorry‭.‬ I'll make it up to you‭.‬ Why didn't you tell me yesterday‭?‬ In business‭, ‬the strongest is in charge‭.‬ Yesterday‭, ‬I was the strongest‭,‬ but I had to meet someone‭...‬ very important who couldn't wait‭.‬ And I did the right thing‭.‬ I made a better deal than the one we're currently talking about‭.‬

My proposition is very simple‭.‬ We could be partners‭.‬ Me and you‭.‬ Like good old time‭.‬ What about our friend‭?‬ Let me tell you‭.‬ You'll accept‭.‬ And what about our friend‭?‬ No need to worry about him‭.‬ He's in good hands‭.‬

Calm down‭, ‬Targo‭, ‬calm down‭.‬ Don't shoot‭!‬

There's one thing you didn't understand‭.‬

I'm the one handing out the cards this time‭.‬

Our ways of thinking are way too different‭.‬ If I wanted to see you‭...‬

it's most definitely not to do some business with you‭.‬

Think about it a little‭.‬ Do you want to know where what the idiots call my luck come from‭?‬ Why I've managed to pull‭...‬ lucrative jobs without any trouble for years‭?‬ Let me tell you‭.‬ The owner of the El Paso bank is insuring the transportation of his goods‭.‬ He gives me the day and the time of the train departure‭...‬ as well as all the safety measures taken by the agency‭.‬ I take care of the rest‭.‬ There's no risk‭.‬ Not for him‭, ‬not for me‭.‬ It's always lucrative jobs‭,‬ without anything unexpected‭.‬ He's a contact you have to keep very closely‭.‬ He's the one who advised me to disappear last year‭.‬ Listen to me‭, ‬Doc‭.‬ You're the only one to whom I ever told that‭.‬ And do you know why‭?‬

Why‭?‬ Because I know I can trust you‭.‬ You're wrong‭, ‬ghost‭.‬

We don't share the same point of view‭.‬

I only agree on one thing‭.‬

We'll put the outlay on the table‭.‬

Do you know what I'm gonna do‭, ‬ghost‭?‬

I'll offer you the same thing you did last year‭.‬ I don't see how you'll be able to set those rocks on fire‭.‬ It's a little difficult‭.‬ I'm not talking about fire‭.‬

But about dynamite‭.‬

A charge enough to make you fly‭.‬ There won't be any trap this time‭.‬

Drop your guns‭!‬

Don't you want to come to the party‭?‬ We don't fight with hyenas in my family‭.‬ It's a shame‭.‬ Dead hyenas don't talk‭.‬ Explain yourself‭, ‬bastard‭.‬ As you can see‭,‬ the chest is where we left it‭...‬ but it doesn't mean that it's full of gold‭.‬ You can check it if you want‭.‬

You were cheating then‭.‬

Don't be upset by a little joke‭.‬ You love jokes‭.‬ Shut up‭!‬ And move back‭.‬

It's your last dirty trick‭, ‬ghost‭.‬ Quick‭!‬

It doesn't matter if you lost a leg‭.‬

We'll see if you're gonna fool me again‭.‬

Crawl‭, ‬you dirty vermin‭.‬

You're one hell of a troublemaker‭.‬

You know‭, ‬I dreamed‭...‬ that a mountain was falling on me‭.‬ My shoulders still hurt‭.‬

Where are we going‭?‬ North‭, ‬we must remove the lead‭ ‬ that's inside your body‭.‬ Stupid fool‭...‬

And what about all this‭?‬

We'll talk about it when you'll be able‭ ‬ to defend yourself again‭.‬