Godzilla (1998) Script

Damn. How do you say "permit"? I have a permit.

Dr. Niko Tapopopolis? It's Tatopoulos.

Kyle Terrington. I am with the U.S. State Department.

What are they doing? You're being reassigned.

But my work here isn't finished. It is now.

There's pressure from the Americans.

What have you told them?

Nothing yet.

Are there any survivors?

Only one, sir. He was lucky.

Get them out.

Ask him what happened.

What did you see, old man?

That's affirmative.

Hey, where are you going with my stuff?

Hello. Hello. That's very delicate.

Thank you.

Dr. Niko Topodopeless? Tatopoulos.

Whatever. Come on, get these people off of the pier.

Sir, what am I doing here? Watch your step. Don't talk to anybody.

Come on, get them off the damn pier.

What is all this, some kind of spill? Something like that.

Look, I work for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission...

...but accidents and spills aren't my field.

We know.

You know you have interrupted a 3-year study of the Chernobyl earthworm?

Yeah, you're the worm guy, right?

The radioactive contamination in that area has mutated the earthworm's DNA.

You know what that means? I got a feeling I am about to find out.

It means, because of a man-made accident...

...the Chernobyl earthworms are now 17% larger than they were before.

Seventeen percent? Sounds pretty big. They're enormous.

That's what I am saying. I am a biologist.

I take radioactive samples and I study them.

Great. Here's your sample. Study it. What sample?

You're standing in it. I don't see it.

Where is it?

I don't see it.

Colonel. Colonel.

That was a footprint. I was standing inside of a footprint.

That's right.

But there's no animal in the world that makes footprints like that, is there?

I told them this is not your field, but they never listen to genius.

This is Elsie Chapman, of the National Institute of Palaeontology.

She's your boss.

Those were footprints, right? Yes, they were.

Did anybody see what made them?

Actually, no such luck.

It happened so fast, nobody knew what hit them until it was over.

Elsie. Yeah?

The tape's in. The French finally released it.

This is a Japanese cannery ship...

...that was attacked and sunk near French Polynesia.

We believe it's connected. Dr. Craven, have you met the worm guy?

Sorry. Summer cold.

Come on, all right? Have a nice day.

Wait, wait, wait.

They say it will rain all week. What's with the bags?

Caiman's groceries. Oh, girl.

Speak of the devil. What?

This is the midget version. This makes me look like a professional.

Can we put this on the 5, please?

You think I should ask him? No.

I am going to ask him. No.

I will. Audrey.

Did you talk with Humphries? This is not the place.

Just tell me. Did you talk with him? It's between you and Rodriguez.

You serious? He's going to consider me for the job? What else did he say?

Why don't we talk about it over dinner tonight? Your place.

Mr. Caiman, you're married. Yes, and you're very beautiful.

Have I ever told you that before? Mr. Caiman.

I have been doing research for you...

...after hours and weekends for over three years.

This is a very important job to me.

I am too old to be your assistant anymore.

I need to know this job is going someplace.

So have dinner with me tonight.

I can't.

It's your choice.

Okay, let's go. Charlie.

Say hello to your new co-anchor, Ms. Desiree Pon.

Hello, Desiree, welcome aboard.

Mark, alright, can I have a pillow, phone book, something? Five, four... three, two...

Hello, New York. Today at 5 we will ask Fat Pat when the rain will end.

So three years digging up worms in Chernobyl?

How did Mrs. Tatapolis handle it? Tatopoulos. I am actually not married.

Really? A girlfriend, or...? No. Perhaps I work too much.

So do you mean to tell me there's no one...

...who holds a special place in your heart?

No. Not for a long time now.

Well, you may be the wrong man for the job, but I think you're cute.

Thank you.

She thinks I am cute.

Who the hell are they?

Get those people out of there. They're with me.

Is that right? Who are you?

La Rochelle Casualty and Property Insurance.

We're preparing our report.

You're pretty damn fast. That's our job.

Your people are getting in the way of my job.

Colonel, what do you think could have done this?

Listen, Mr. Roach, you get your people out of here, or I will.

The captain's getting some coffee. Then he's going to kick your asses.

Well, I am in for a buck.

What the hell is that dope-head doing?

Artie, what the hell's wrong? Why are we slowing down?

I don't know, she's at full throttle. Maybe she's heavy in the net.

How come we stopped? Nets full? I don't think so.

We must be caught on something.

Bring in the nets. Bring them up. Pull them in now.

What's going on? We're bringing them in.

The engines are heating up.

Should I shut them down? No, keep pulling.

I am trying. I am trying.

Cut them loose.

Look out.

Cut them loose now.

Hurry. Hurry.

She's going down.

Do you hear that?

Excuse me, sir. We just got a report of three fishing trawlers going down.

What makes you think it's related? The trawlers were pulled under, sir.

Jesus Christ...

It's only 200 miles off the Eastern American Seaboard...

...and we don't even know what the hell it is.

Theropoda allosaurus.

What? Some type of enormous reptile...

...that we believed died out in the Cretaceous Period.

So where's it been hiding the last 60 million years?

What about the traces of radiation?

The radiation isn't an anomaly. It's the clue.

This animal is much too big to be some kind of lost dinosaur.

Don't tell me what it isn't, tell me what the hell it is.

Well, what do we know?

It was first sighted off of the French Polynesian Pacific.

That area has been exposed to dozens of nuclear tests over the past 30 years.

Hence the radiation. More than that.

I believe it's a mutated aberration.

A hybrid caused by the fallout on these islands.

Like your earthworms?

Yes. Yes.

We're looking at a completely incipient creature.

The dawn of a new species.

The first of its kind.

My life sucks. Oh, please.

Your life doesn't suck. His life sucks. Because I am married to you.

I cannot believe he put the moves on me.

After everything I have done for him.

He is scum.

As far as he's concerned, you're just a pair of breasts that talk.

Hey, there's an image. I am telling you, he is dirt.

He's a douche-bag, gutter-slime' dog-crap puke-chunks.

Hey, you don't see I am eating?

Audrey, you're too damn nice.

That's your problem. Nice gets you nothing in this town.

It's dog-eat-dog. You got to be a killer to get ahead. You know what I am saying?

I am sorry, baby, but you just don't got what it takes.

Do you think that's true? Pretty much. You're a nice person.

Nice guys finish last.

I can be tough if I want. Yeah, sure.

I can. I can.

No, yeah, no. Whatever.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Could you turn that up please?

Sometime in the last 12 hours. It is not known yet...

It's Nick. Who is he?

He was my college sweetie. He looks so handsome on TV.

There is tight security around the crash site...

...possibly due to the sensitive military cargo on the plane.

You want to unload this thing? I am getting soaked here.

Come on, will you?

Hey, Joe. Going to catch one of them little fish in the East River?

I hope so.

But you never know.

I mean, today could be my lucky day.

The only thing you will catch is a cold.


I got a bite.

Boy, do I have a bite.

Don't let up on him, Joe. You got a big one, baby. Hold on to it.

You want to fight?

Here he is, ladies and gentlemen, the man you have all been waiting for.

Yours for a safer New York, your mayor, Mayor Ebert.

Thank you. Thank you.

I want to thank you all for coming out on this beautiful New York City day.

Four years ago, people didn't think I would reduce crime.

But I did.

Oh, my God.

Move. Let's get out of here.

I am grateful we're getting a new set.

I know that represents a commitment from management.

Here's what I don't understand:

Why we're the only station in town...

...that doesn't have the Korean grocery holdup as our lead.

What's our lead? Rain, again. Mom?

I know, it impresses the people at the parties you go to that we're classy.

Sorry, I just don't give a rat's ass about a war...

...in some country whose name I can't even pronounce.

How about a real story? Sir?

I think your story just walked by the window.


Maybe we can get in the Korean grocer's hospital room.

So did this Romeo have a name? Nick Tatopoulos.

Jesus. Is that why you dumped him? No.

How long did you go out for anyway? Nearly four years.

Girl, I am surprised he didn't ask you to marry him.

Well, that's the problem.

He did.

Tell me that's not another parade.

I don't think that's a parade.

Please stand by.

What the hell is that?

Are you all right? Are you cut? You all right?

Victor. Don't be stupid.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. That is really...

That is large.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Come on, you bastard. Come on.

Victor, get back here, you retard.

Somebody do something.

Come on. Come on.

Can you tell us what's going on?

Watch it.

Sergeant O'Neal, sir. Any word from the mayor's office?

Yes, sir. They have agreed to evacuate the city. They have called the National Guard.

Evacuate Manhattan? That's over 3 million people.

Has that ever been done before? I don't think so.

Where is he now? We lost sight of it, sir.

You want to run that by me again?

After its initial attack, he...


Secretary of Defense Burk is on the line.

I don't understand. How can something so big just disappear?

We're not sure, but... Yeah, yeah.

He probably returned to the river. I don't think so.

I mean, look at it. It's perfect. An island, water on all sides.

But like no other island in the world, it's a place where he can easily hide.

He's in there someplace.

Channel 12 caught it on tape.

Hello, I am Charles Caiman, in the WIDF news center.

Ladies and gentlemen, we New Υorkers like to think we have seen it all...

...but what you're going to see now will shock you beyond belief.

This is footage we have that indicates that....

...there is a dinosaur loose in Manhattan.

WIDF's exclusive footage was shot barely half an hour ago.

WIDF cameraman, Victor "Animal" Palotti, surνived unharmed.

You are so great.

Great stuff, Animal. Weren't you scared?

Yeah, I thought Lucy was going to kill me.

Damn right, you crazy wop. Okay, people.

What were you thinking? We have to be completely relocated to the New Jersey station for the 10:00 broadcast. Animal.

You're riding in the chopper with Caiman. Now. Let's go, lift off.

Are you going to be all right? Yeah. Audrey's going to spend the night.

A threesome. That's excellent. I am a little tired, but...

Dozens of people are reported killed, thousands injured.

Civil defense stations are being set up throughout Manhattan.

But in addition, city, military and health officials...

...are setting up a command post on the Jersey shore...

...in anticipation of an evacuation...

My bag. My bag. Mr. Caiman.

Mr. Caiman, wait.

Mr. Caiman, I have got a lead.

I know a guy who's on the inside with the military.

Not now. I can get great inside information.

Look. This is the moment when the big boys go to work, okay?

The bag.

This is crazy. Come on, let's go. Wait up.

Come on.

Wait up.

Can we get a cab? Audrey, what are you thinking?

Move, move. On the sidewalk, right now.

In what city officials are describing as...

...the worst act of destruction since the World Trade Center bombing...

...hundreds of thousands have jammed the streets...

...in the largest evacuation in this city's history.

And many people...

Many, many people are not happy about it.

Among those unhappy citizens are the managers of the stores...

...along pricey 5th and Madison Avenue.

The Warner Bros. And Disney stores have been cleared out by looters.

The streets are jammed. Traffic's at a standstill.

Emergency vehicles cannot have access to emergencies that may develop.

There's a slow but steady stream out of the city...

...as if Long Island or New Jersey were any refuge in this time of crisis.

This is great. If I am wrong on this evacuation...

...they will string me up from the Liberty torch.

Didn't we agreed we weren't going to have any sweets until after the election?

Back off, Gene.

Who the hell are they?

A contingent of building owners and business representatives in the community.

I don't have time for this nonsense. Campaign contributors.

Ladies and gentlemen, I share your concerns.

I want to get this city back in business as soon as possible. Please.

La Rochelle Insurance. We represent nearly 13% of the buildings in your city.

You can count on our emotional and financial support.

Well, thank you. Thank you.

What do you plan to do?

Coming through. Where's your ID?

What's the matter? Don't you watch TV? You got to have press ID.

I have got ID. I had a badge on my bag.

I don't know if this is a good idea.

What are you talking about? You stole it.

Finally you got a little chutzpah. Don't wimp out.

What if Caiman finds out? Look.

How often do you think you will have an ex-boyfriend inside a major story?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If you stick this thing...

Have you got any glue or something?

I am sorry, I left my forgery kit back at the office.

No croissant? No, monsieur.

You call this coffee? No, I call this America.

Sorry, Mr. Mayor, that's where we are at this point.

Now, hold on. Hold on.

You're telling me, in an election month I evacuated this city for nothing?

Do you realize what this evacuation will cost the people of this city?

We have been monitoring all the waters around the island, and...

...as far as we can tell this thing has not left the area.

But you don't know for sure. We have reason to believe...

...it may be hiding in a building in the restricted area.

But you don't know for sure. Mr. Mayor.

We cannot give the all-clear until each and every building has been checked.

What is it? Excuse me, sir.

That may be more difficult than we originally projected.

Terrific. Terrific. More good news.

We have run into a problem.

Do you believe this? I don't know what's going on.

You never know what's going on. Thank you.

Right here, sir. Have them fall in.

Let's go, people, fall in downstairs.

Lieutenant Anderson and his men found this, this afternoon.

We were checking the building above and we discovered the floor was gone.

When we discovered that he could burrow his way through the tunnels we realized that...

...we realized he could be outside the quarantine zone.

Holy Christ.

How many tunnels lead off the island? Only 14. He hasn't used any of them.

Have them all sealed up. Yes, sir.

How? How would we do that, sir?

Fill them with cement, brick them up, put landmines in them. I don't care.

Make sure the damn thing doesn't leave the island.

You know, he's not some enemy trying to evade you.

He's just an animal.

What are you suggesting?

Well, when I had to catch earthworms...

...I knew the best way to get them was not to dig them out...

...but to draw them out.

All we need to do is to find out what he needs, and he will come to you.

Where are they now? Delta Niner, where is the convoy?

Command, they have just entered the city.

I have no contact with the convoy. I am expecting ground confirmation.

Sir, convoy ETA is 10 minutes. We have got to hurry.

Man your positions. Ten minutes ETΑ. Go, go, go. All systems go.

Is it good?

Let's go, let's go. Come on, move it through.

We have picture. You can leave, Jean Luc.

We have a signal, sir.

You said this was French Roast.

More cream.

Bring them in. Come on, bring it back.

I sure hope this plan of yours works. I am kind of hoping that myself.

Did you approve this? They just appropriated it.

Twelve of the city's dump trucks.

Would you like to tell me what's going on here?

Actually, no, I wouldn't. And don't touch anything.

How's O'Neal doing? Everything is on schedule, sir.

Sure you didn't know about this? No one told me anything about this.

Why do I even keep you around?


No. Very clever.

All right, let's pile it on, and let's get out of here.

That's a lot of fish.

Come on, you bastard, it's suppertime.

Look at all that frigging fish. Is this going to work?

We got to get the manholes uncovered. We want him to smell the bait.

Come on.

Let's go. Let's go.

Come on, guys.

Let's get those lids off. Go, go. What the hell is he doing?

Okay, this way, this way. Come on. Let's go.

Come on. Over there.

This one. Yes, sir.

Give me the crowbar. Sir.

Set up here. I have got a shot.

This is Six Alpha Charlie.

We got to move. We can't stay put, we got to move.

Let's go, fall back.

Go, go, go.

We need bigger guns.

We have lost communications. Get us back online. Fire at will.

Sergeant, fire at will.

Fire. Fire. Fire.

O'Neal, you better tell me what's going on.

He's gone, sir, he's gone. Echo unit in pursuit.

Follow my lead.

All systems armed. Echo 4 armed.

We're doing 80 knots and he's pulling away, sir.

I have got him locked on.

Locked on, sir. Target is locked on. Fire the damn missile.

Echo 1 through 4, fire at will. Fire sidewinders.

Damn. That is a negative impact. I repeat, that is a negative impact.

Negative impact, sir. "Negative impact"?

That's the damn Chrysler Building we're talking about.

You told me he had it locked on. Echo 1, we had you locked on.

The heat-seekers can't lock. He's colder than the buildings around him.

Freddie. Freddie. Freddie.

What? What? Let's go before we get caught.

Jimmy. You know that bad feeling I get...

...when something really bad is going to happen?

I am getting that feeling right now, man.

Descend to 300 feet. Lasers on. Target, 11 o'clock.

Where'd he go?

Echo flight, get it together, guys. Prepare to fire.

Echo 4, ready. Echo 2, ready.


I think we got him.

We have lost Echo 1 and 2, sir.

Echo 4, where is target?

Jesus. He's right on my tail, sir.

I don't think I can shake him.

I think I lost him.

We have... We have lost Echo 4, sir.

What's the matter with you people?

You have caused more damage than that goddamn thing did.

Calm down. Have some candy. I don't want any. Leave me alone.

I can't believe it. I mean...

He did all of this, and we did nothing to him.

That's not true. We fed him.

Here at the command center in New Jersey...

...there is no new information to report.

The military has clamped a media blackout on whatever is going on.

Officials are not saying anything...

...about their attempts to contain or control this creature, and now I see...

No, the situation is under control.

It's under control, we have containment.

Can I help you, young man? Yes.

Do you have any at-home pregnancy tests?

Especially ones that look for gonadotropic hormones...

...or clomiphene citrate?

I don't know. This...


This is all we have got. I will take all of them.

Wow, you must have quite some harem.

Audrey? Oh, my Go... Is that you? What are you doing here?

Hi. Hello.

Wow. How much is that? $46.

God, you look... Wow. How have you been?

It's good to see you, Nick.

So you made it. What?

You're a reporter, huh?

No, that's good. That's good. That's what you always wanted.

I am happy for you. Really, I am.

You're still mad at me?

Well, you left without a phone call, a letter, nothing. All this time.

Yeah. Yeah, I guess I am still a little mad.

That was eight years ago. Some people change.

Most people don't.

Well, I am sorry you feel that way.


You're right. Eight years is a long time.

Can I make you a cup of tea?

Sure, that'd be nice.

I still can't believe it.

How does a guy go from anti-nuke activist...

...to working for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission?

When you and I went to rallies together in college...

...we helped to create awareness.

But now, from the inside, I am able to effect real change.

Exactly what changes are you trying to effect?

I am preparing a census for the government.

I am cataloging new species that have been created as a direct... result of nuclear contamination.

Is that what you think created this thing?

Yeah. I found a blood sample earlier this evening.

How close did you get to the thing? I got pretty close.

And what else did you find out? Well, we know he eats tons of fish.

He's amphibious. He's a burrower. And...

...he's pregnant.

He is? He's a very unusual he.

I mean, obviously these tests weren't designed for this...

...but fundamentally they look for the same hormonal patterns to indicate pregnancy.

...but fundamentally they look for the same hormonal patterns to indicate pregnancy.

I don't get it. If he's the first of his kind, how can he be pregnant?

Doesn't he need a mate?

Not if he reproduces asexually.

Where's the fun in that?

I kept thinking why would he travel so far?

But it makes perfect sense.

Lots of animals travel great distances for reproduction.

That's what he's doing in New York. He's nesting.

Nesting? Yes.

Do you realize that a lizard can lay up to 12 eggs at a time?

Think of it. I didn't know that.

Forgive me, I have to get this to the lab and see if I can confirm all this.

I will be right back.

Come on, Joey, there's nothing down here.

I am telling you, man, I heard...

I heard something.

You heard nothing. It's a dead end.


No. Nothing down here.

Nothing at all.

This is why, in this case, all the king's horses and all the king's men...

...may not be able to put the Big Apple together again.

Audrey Timmonds, WIDF News.


You owe me a beer. Like it?

Yeah. I should have worn my hair back.

No, it looks great. Good, good.

Can I ask you something? How did you get ahold of this material?

Well, you know. It's like you said, nice guys finish last.

Thank you. I love you. Oh, yeah, sure.


Murray. Murray. Come here a second.

Hold on a second, all right? What is it?

I have got exclusive footage of other places this thing has attacked.

You do? Yeah.

Whose story is that? Mine.

There's a lot of movement down there.

Military, police...

It's my breakfast. I am hungry.


If we can lure him into a more open area such...

...as this portion of Central Park, we should be able to take him down.

Last time you didn't even scratch it. That's not true.

My worm guy, I mean...

...Dr. Tatopoulos has found blood. Yes, I did.

See, the only thing we need to do is get him out into open terrain...

...and use weapons that don't rely on heat-seeking technology...

Excuse me, sir. I think the situation has become more complicated than that.

The blood I collected revealed that the creature is either about to lay eggs...

...or already has.

Are you trying to tell us that there's another of those things out there?

No, no, governor, I don't believe so.

Wait a minute, wait. Then how can it be pregnant?

What is this, the Virgin Lizard?

No, no, it reproduces asexually.

That's why we have to find the nest as soon as possible.

Otherwise up to a dozen will be born...

...each one capable of laying eggs on its own.

Very quickly we could be looking at an enormous population.

So after we kill the creature, then we search for the nest.

No, I think it might be too late by then.

These eggs are going to hatch very quickly.

How could you possibly know that? The fish.

The fish that we found on the subway.

He's not collecting all this food just for himself.

He's preparing to feed his young.

Do we have something on this guy?

Professor Nick Ta... Tat... Tato...

They call him "the worm guy."

Stay tuned for a special report.

Excuse us, please. Where you been?

Your spot is up right after this. Oh, good.

Could you turn it up, please? Can you turn it up, please? The TV?

If Dr. Tatopoulos is right, we have to act quickly, before this problem escalates.

You want to divide our efferts based solely on some wild theory?

Sir, Nick's come through for us before, and if he feels...

Come through for you? Your campaign's a disaster.

You weren't even able to keep this thing out of Manhattan.

Excuse me, gentlemen, but I think we should see this.

Methods and motivations of Manhattan's newest unwanted pest.


That's what Japanese sailors called him in song, a mythological sea dragon...

...who filled their hearts with fear.

Oh, my God. He stole my report. Yeah, I know.

That myth has become reality, our modern-day terror.

I don't believe it. Who is this Godzilla?

Where did he come from? Why is he here?

And it's "Gojira", you moron.

A direct path can be traced from Manhattan to French Polynesia...

...where nuclear tests have been going on for two decades.

Researcher Dr. Tapadopoulos believes the creature may be nesting...

...using Manhattan as ground zero to cultivate the species.

This, despite the fact that the combined might of the U.S. Military...

...has been unable to subdue...

You went to the press with this? No.

No, I haven't talked to anyone. They mentioned you by name.

Yeah. Yeah.

You gave them the tape? No, I didn't give them the tape.

No, it's in my tent right now.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, she took it.

Pack your stuff, mister. You're officially off this project, as of now.

What's going on?

We're leaving.

I am so sorry about all this.

Make sure that Hicks finds that nest before it's too late.

I will try.

What do you mean, he's not there?

A second ago you said he was on the other line.

Please, it's urgent. I really need to talk to him. Yes. Nick Tatopoulos.

You're leaving? Why?

Is it because of me? Because of the story?

What did you think would happen? You never said it was off the record.

I shouldn't have to, Audrey. You were supposed to be my friend.

I trusted you.

Nick, there's something I have to tell you.

Look, I lied to you. I am not a reporter.

When we broke up and I first came out to New York, I was so sure I'd make it.

But I haven't.

That's why I needed the story so bad.

I just couldn't tell you I am a failure.

And you thought that made it okay to steal my tapes?

No. It was a terrible thing to do. I never should have done that.

Good luck with your new career. I really think you have what it takes.

Newark Airport.

I am sorry.

Hey, yo. Come on, give her a break, will you?

Excuse me, is this the best way to the airport?

Sir, where are you going? Hey, hello.

Okay, stop. Stop the car, right now.

Now let me out of here.

I am afraid I can't do that.

Hey, I know you, don't I?

Yeah. You're that insurance guy. Agent Philippe Roache.

Sounds big.

French Secret Service.

I thought you'd like to know that your American friends...

...have decided not to look for the creature's nest.

What? Are you sure? How do you know that?

We know. Trust me. Trust you?

You hijack me and you expect me to trust you?

Yes. And why should I do that?

Because you are the only one who wants to find the nest as much as I do.

How did you get all this stuff into the country?

This is America. You can buy anything.

But why all the secrecy?

Why aren't you guys working with the U.S. Military?

I am not permitted to speak of such things.

Hey, you said you needed my trust. Well, then I need yours.

I am a patriot. I love my country. You understand that?


It's my job to protect my country.

Sometimes I must even protect it from itself. From mistakes we have made.

Mistakes that we don't want the world to know about.

The nuclear tests in the Pacific? Yes.

This testing done by my country left a terrible mess.

We're here to clean it up.

They are setting the next fish trap at 8-something.

We know how to get into the city, we just don't know where to start looking.

Here. This is the 23rd Street subway station.

That's where we first found the fish. That'd a good place to start looking.

So you're in?

Yeah. Yeah, I am in.

I always wanted to join the French Foreign Legion.

Hello. How's it going?

Excuse me. Pardon me. Sorry.

Honey. Hi, sweetie.

Who the hell are all these people? What?

I couldn't just let them sleep on the street.

Where's Audrey? In the bedroom.

Crying her eyes out because of you. Me?

What did I do?

All that "You got to be vicious" stuff you filled her head with.

Get out of here. Go in there and talk to her right now.

Is it being with you? Excuse me.

Contrary to some frivolous reporting...

...we have absolutely no information whatsoever to make us believe...

...that there are any eggs of the creature in the city.

There's no need for panic. Repeat, there's no reason to panic.

It's all my fault.

What have I done, Animal? What have I become?

Look at me. This isn't me. I don't do stuff like this.

You made a mistake. All right? It happens.

Yeah, well...

...I just totally screwed up with the only man who will ever care about me.

If I told you you could make it all up to him, would you?

Of course I would.

Get this. After he left you in the street, I kind of followed him.

I figured I'd talk some sense into the guy.

Next thing I know, he pulls into this warehouse...

...with all these French wackos in military outfits.

They want to try to sneak back into the city tonight.

They're going after the nest.

If he finds it, I think you should be the one to let the whole world know...

...that he was right all along.

You want me to follow him into the city?

Yeah, we both will.

Come on, it will be fun, it will be fun. I already made a mess of everything.

Yeah, you really did, Audrey.

Listen, I am going after him. You can come with me, or not. Okay?

What are you doing? Can't let Lucy know. She will hurt me.

What's with the chewing gum?

It makes us look more American.

Oh, really?

Just let me do all the talking. All right?

It's not in gear.

Follow me. This way.

Are you okay? I am okay.

Come on.

What is this place?

It's a vent that leads down to the subway tunnels underneath.

It should take us right to the 23rd Street station in Manhattan.

You got to be kidding me. Aren't there rats and stuff down here?

I am more concerned about lizards. Big, ugly, nasty, large lizards.

Who are you boys with?

We're with the 3-2, sir. I didn't ask you, soldier.

Well, Sergeant O'Neal just called down for us.

He wants us to join him right now. Sir. Thank you.

Have you got a problem talking? Why, no, sir. I am fine.

Come on, let's go.

All right. Keep it moving. Thank you very much.

Elvis Presley movies. He was the king.

Sir, O'Neal on the line. O'Neal, do you read me?

O'Neal. How are we doing?

So far, so good. We're right on schedule.

We're good. We're... We're good.

Oh, my God. Yeah.

There they are. Kill your light. Kill your light.

Come on, how do we get down there? We're going to lose them.

How did they get down there? I don't know.

You don't think they climbed down this thing?

Oh, Jesus.


Give me your hand. I got you.

Do you hear that? What?

Animal, come on.

I guess we go this way.

We have spotted him in section five.

Combat positions. Here we go.

Target's heading north to section five, sir.

Do not fire until he has cleared the buildings and enters the park.

Wait until he enters the park.

Come on.

He's leaving. Damn it. Fire. Fire at will.



Fly to evasive maneuvers.

The target is in the clear and headed towards the West Side Highway.

Don't worry. The Navy has a little something there waiting for him.

All stations manned for battle. At ordered depth, sir.

We have him on sonar. Utah closing in.

Make final preparations, prepare to fire.

Aye, aye, manned and ready. Torpedo room manned and ready.

Final bearing and shoot. Are we locked on?

Are we locked on? Locked on, captain. Number one, stand by.

Fire. Torpedo one left the tube.

Indiana and Anchorage closing in.

Ensign, what's the status? We are locked on and closing in, sir.

Fire number one.

Sir. The target's heading right at us. All back full.

Aye, aye, sir. All back full.

Stand by for impact. In 10 seconds.

Six, five, four...

...three, two, one.

We have lost the Anchorage, sir.

He's shifted course, sir.

He's headed back towards Manhattan. Full ahead. Close in, lock on.

Prepare tubes three and four, lock on. Aye, aye, sir.

Stand by, three. Fire. Torpedo three cleared and left the tube.

Impact in eight seconds. Seven, six...

Three, two, one.

Direct hit. Got him.

Congratulations, sir. Good job.

Yeah, well done.

What's up there?

This is a good smell.

Audrey, look at this. He trashed the Garden.

Oh, man. Now I am pissed.

Is that them? Yeah.

Three eggs. I thought there'd be more.

And you were right.

Oh, my.

There's got to be more than 20 eggs here.

Way more.

Start counting.

Could you help me? Yeah, you all right?


We don't have enough explosives.

What the hell are they doing?

Nick, we have a problem.

Oh, my God. My God.

Come on. Let's go.

One second, all right? One second. This is unbelievable.

Don't you think we have enough already?

I just want...

Yeah, that's good for me. That's plenty.

We should...

Just let's not...

...startle it.

We smell like the fish.

I think we should leave now. I think that's a good idea.

Come on.

Everybody outside. Now. Come on. Let's go.

Lock the doors now. We have to keep them contained inside. Let's go.

You see that? All right. On three.


This is where the Knicks get showered and everything.

Great. Now what do we do?

I am standing just outside the Jersey entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel.

Thousands of angry refugees are demanding to be let back into the city.

All major arteries into the city are clogged with Manhattanites...

...who are jubilant that Godzilla...

Yes, yes, I understand.

Your office is swamped with calls. I know, I know.

Do you have any idea what's going on out there?

Phones are ringing off the hook. People are screaming to be let back in.

We're sending divers into the river for the body.

That thing's dead. What are you waiting for?

Colonel. Colonel, we have got to start a search for the nest.

We have been through this already.

What if Nick is right, and we blow this whole thing?

This could be the only chance we have to do something about it.

Captain, organize a search party.

I want a complete sweep of the entire city and the subway.

You don't have the authority to do that.

Try and stop me.

Contact the military. Get them to send a bomber to blow up this building.

How do I do that? 555-7600.

Tell them it's a Code Dragonfly. That should get you through.

What are you waiting for? 555 what?

7-6-0-0. 7-6-0-0.

All circuits are busy right now. It's busy.

Try again.

What did they say?

I can't get through. I don't know what's wrong.

We secured the doors on the upper levels.

Where are Jean-Philippe and Jean-Pierre?

They didn't make it.

Nick, my men and I will hold them here. You will have to go and get help.

You think we could fit up in there?

There's one way to find out.

Boost me up. Boost me up.

This is not good. This is not good.

Come on, come on.

Come on.

Wrong floor.

Why don't we go this way?

It's me. It's me. What happened?

They're loose. They're all over the place. I couldn't get out.

No one can get out.

Who the hell are you? Audrey?


Are you all right? I think so.

No cameras. Are you kid...?

Yeah, all right. Very good.

Do you have a radio or walkie-talkie? Anything to contact the outside?

What about the phones? The circuits are all jammed.

Wait. I know how we can get a message to the outside.

This way. Come on.

The tape. The tape.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on. The broadcast booth is over here. How do you know that?

Our network covers the Ranger games.

It's locked. There's a code. There's a code.

Come on. Come on.

I was just about to get it.

The network's on an intranet. It's a direct feed to our computer system.

Your station won't have any easier time reaching the military than I did.

When you worked with them, did they monitor all news broadcasts?

Yeah. Yeah, they did.

All right, we will go live. Audrey, we will broadcast right from in here.

Hopefully they will see it. I will try to get a message through.

Let's not forget in our rush to return to the city...

...that many people have had their lives changed forever.

No one in the city has been untouched by the frenzy...

The sick, the displaced, the injured all need our help...

There's no Ranger game on tonight.

Ed, if you're seeing this, will you please put us on live? It's urgent.

I know this sounds crazy, Ed, but you have to do it.

Please, just trust me. I am not putting you on live.

I don't think he's going to do it. Yes, he will.

All right, Ed? Come on.

See that, Ed? They're going to be all over the city if we don't stop them.

Give me a second, will you?

Finally it's time to return home. Get the diving boats ready.

Our fears have been allayed...

...thanks to the heroic efforts of our boys in uniform.

What's going on? Are we on?

Yeah, good, you're on. Are we live?

Yes, yes. You're on. Go.

We're live inside Madison Square Garden...

...where Dr. Niko Tatopoulos has discovered the beast's lair.

Doctor, can you please tell us what's happening here?

That's you. Yes, go, go. Thank you.

Yeah, well, we have discovered over 200 eggs...

Go get Hicks. Get Hicks.

...which, a few moments ago, began hatching.

The creatures, though just hatched, are over 9 feet tall...

...and they have begun feeding.

When their food supply runs out here...

...they will attempt to hunt down food of their own outside of this nest.

Oh, my God.

If they get out, they will multiply, and very soon a new species will emerge.

One that could replace us as the dominant species of this planet.

Each one of these amazing reptiles are born pregnant.

Adaptive and cunning, these 200 could become 40,000 within this year.

If the military is listening to this broadcast...

...they have to destroy this building immediately...

...before these creatures can escape.

So far, they're all trapped inside this building but...

...I don't think we can contain them for long.

They're very strong, they're agile, and they're looking for food.

So I guess your theory of the creature nesting...

...turned out to be correct after all.

Regardless of what happens to us, the most important thing...

...is that this building be destroyed immediately...

...before they can escape out into the city.

Reporting live from Madison Square Garden...

...this is Audrey Timmonds, for WIDF News.

Thanks, Audrey.


That's affirmative. Let me spell it out for you.

I want you to blow up Madison Square Garden.

Well, the good news is they got that message.

The bad news is we have got less than six minutes to get out of the building.

Okay, the party's over. Time to leave.

Anyone care to join me?

Where did you find this guy? He's from France.

Stallion 1-5 is inbound.

Are you okay? Yeah.

Guys, this way. Come on.

Oh, my God. The fish.

Nick, come on.

They have eaten all the fish.

Come on, Nick, this way.

Not this way, back that way.

The escalators. Hurry.

Stallions, check master arms on. Two, three.

I think I lost them.

Stallion 1-5 showing a good laser track on top of the Garden. Selecting LGB.

How much time do we have left?

Less than 30 seconds. Oh, God.

Let's go.

Let's go, come on.

Come on. Come on.

Send your Mavericks.

Two away.

Lead has good hits.

You all right? Yeah.

Somehow I never thought your life was this exciting.

You'd be surprised.

I'd like to find out.

How are you doing? You all right? I could use a coffee.

He looks angry.

What do we do? Running would be a good idea.

Let's go.

Come on. Come on.

Get in, get in. What are you doing?

You better step on it, Mr. French.

Take 57th street across town and cut up the West Side.

No, are you crazy? Take the FDR.

Please. The FDR, in the rain? There ought to be a map.

It's getting larger.

Take the Westside Highway.

I got one. No, the West Side's got construction.

This is a subway map.

Broadway? No, no.

Make up your minds.

Broadway. Take Broadway.

Affirmative. We're traveling down Broadway and...

...make a right on 34th Street.

That was O'Neal. Everybody okay? Everybody all right?

Turn around. Do it. What?

No. What? Why?

Command Center, come in. Command, this is O'Neal...


O'Neal, what's going on? He's back, sir. He's back.

Godzilla is still alive.

Lieutenant Rodgers, are those F-18's still in the air?

Yes, sir. They're heading back to base. Turn them around.

Here it is. Here it is. Sir, what are we looking for?

Every cab company keeps a record of each of its cabs, radio frequencies.


He's getting closer.

There, there. The tunnel. Go in the tunnel.

They have got it blocked off.

Now where would you like to go? Turn off the lights.

Nick, are you there? Nick?


Nice trick with the cab ID.

Where the hell are you? You have to help us.

We're in the...

Park Avenue Tunnel. Park Avenue Tunnel.

He's got us trapped in here. Okay, Nick. Listen to me.

You guys have got to lure him out into the open.

So we can get a clear shot at him. Over.

No problem. Want us to wash him up for you too?

Where's the nearest suspension bridge?

Brooklyn. Brooklyn.

Let's go. How would you like us to do that?

Does this thing have high beams?


Sir, he's headed toward the Brooklyn Bridge.

Target is heading toward the Brooklyn Bridge.

Direct the F-18's to the Brooklyn Bridge.

He's not following us. Really?

Oh, my God.

You got to be kidding me, man. We're in his mouth.

We're in his mouth.

You're going the wrong way.

You're going the wrong way. Shut up.

Okay, gun it. Gun it. Go, go, go.

Go, go, go.

Move it, move it, move it.

O'Neal. O'Neal, it worked.

He's caught in the suspension cables.

Do it. Now. Roger that.

Stallion 1-5, tally one on the bridge.

Lock on and fire at will.

Two away.

Direct hit, but the target is still moving, sir.

Well, circle around and fire again.

That's my husband. That's my husband.

Oh, my... I am going to kill him.

Oh, my. Oh, God. Oh, no.

Wait. We can use this.

"The mayor who destroyed Godzilla." I don't think we should exploit this.

It could backfire. Listen to me, idiot.

I do the thinking around here, you idiot. It's a magnificent idea.

You know what I think about you and your campaign?

Gene, wait a minute. Where you going? I need you.

O'Neal, do you read me?

Yes, sir.

That's one hell of a job, soldier.

That's one hell of a job.

Roger that, sir.

Sorry, folks, I have already promised my story as an exclusive...

...to another reporter.

We did it. We got the exclusive. Audrey, you're beautiful.

We did? I don't think so. Remember, you work for me.

Not anymore, Chuck. I quit.

But you... She quits.

Audrey. Audrey.

Did you take the tape from the camera?


I mean, I couldn't have just lost it. Where's Philippe?

Hello? Hello?

It's Philippe. Where are you?

Tell you friend I will send the tape...

...after I have removed a few items from it.

I understand. I just wanted to say au revoir.

Thank you for your help, my friend.

Well, wait... Hello?

Who was that French guy anyway?

Just some insurance guy.

Did he take my...? Did he say anything about my tape?

Yeah, he said something about your tape.

Does he have my tape? Yeah, he has your tape.

You will get it back.