Godzilla (2014) Script

Ten... nine, eight, seven, six... five, four, three, two... one.

Dr. Serizawa?

Jerry Boyd. I'm warning you, it's a mess.

It's just a total mess.

Monarch sent me in this morning.

Took a look around, but I told them we needed you.

They picked up a radiation pocket out here last month.

They got excited, thinking they had a uranium deposit.

They started stacking up the heavy machinery and then...

Well, the valley floor... collapsed into a cavern below.

Just dropped away. Just gone.

Best guess right now is about 40 miners went down with it.

This way.

When they first discovered this pocket, the radiation levels were only half as strong.

It's almost as if contact with the outside air... started catalyzing something.

Some kind of fossils, right?

I've been digging holes for 30 years, I've never seen anything like it.

Oh, my God. Is it possible?

Is it him?


This is much older.

Hey, guys. You gotta see this.

What is it?

Some kind of egg?

A dormant spore?

The bones are fossilized... but this formation seems to be perfectly preserved.

This one looks broken.

It's like something... came out of it.

I'll get it. It's probably for me.

No, Takashi.

No. Takashi, just listen to me for a second.

I'm asking for the meeting because if I have to shut the reactor down... you're not gonna want to read about it in a memo.

I've been following these tremors since they started in the Philippines... and now they're in our own backyard.

No, no, no. Hayato says...

I need to go through you about this.

Look, I'm just... trying to follow the protocols set forth by the company. That's all. It's my job.

He's awake.

Oh, I know. He got up early.

What are we gonna do?

Get dressed. I'll figure it out.

Okay? Okay.

Later, Dad.

With all due respect, Takashi, and honor... respect and honor, with all of that...

I'm an engineer. I don't like unexplained frequency patterning... near a plant where I'm responsible. I need a meeting. Make it happen.

Bye, Mom!

He made you a sign.

What? Your birthday sign.

He worked so hard. Oh, God.

I'm gonna come home early.

I'll take the car and pick him up... and we can get a proper cake. Okay?

Listen, I need to know... that it's not the sensors. Okay?

I can't be calling this meeting and look like the American maniac.

So when we get there... don't even bother coming up. Just grab a team and go down to Level 5.

You're not a maniac.

I mean, you are, just not about this.

Must be something we're not thinking of.

Happy birthday.

What? Is it...?

Yes, it is. Ha, ha. Oh, I forgot all about it.

Happy birthday. Thank you.

I should have a birthday more often. Ha, ha.

- What is this? Seismic anomaly.

This graph is minutes.

X is minutes, not days. This is now.

Wait, hold on. Seismic activity?

Seismic? You're talking about earthquakes?

No, earthquakes are random, jagged.

This is consistent, increasing.

This is a pattern.

All right. Let's make this quick.

Takashi. What the hell is going on? Have you seen this?

Yeah. Maybe not such... good time for a meeting.

What's the source?

Where's the epicenter?

We don't know. But it keeps getting stronger.

It's gotta be centered somewhere.


No one else is reporting it.

We are contacting every other plant in the Kantō region.

Tōkai, Fujiyama.

They're unaffected.

But my guess is these readings are just aftershocks from the Philippine earthquake.

Are we at full function?

Yes, we are.

But perhaps we should be drawing down, to be safe.

Take us offline.

Now, Joe... Do it!

Now. Wind it down.


Sandra, are you there?

We're turning back.

Let's go.

Oh, my God.

Joe, are you there?

Joe, there's been a breach. We're heading back to the containment seal.

Listen. You need to get out of there.

If there's been a reactor breach, you won't last five minutes... with or without the suits.

Do you hear me?

I hear you. We're coming!

I'll meet them there myself.

Put the safety doors on manual override.

I cannot do that!

Keep the doors open. My wife is still in there!

Come on... let's go!

Tell me this door's... on manual.

Yeah. But we are starting to breach!

I'm here. Soon as they're through, I'll seal it.

Sandra, can you... hear me? I'm at the door.


Sandra, I'm waiting for you.

I'm at the checkpoint.

But you have to run as fast as you can.

I am!

Kenji. Kenji... we need to go!


Close the door!

Seal the corridor or the whole city will be exposed.


- Joe? Joe, can you hear me? Yes.

- Are you there? Sandra, I'm here. Can you hear me?


Joe, it's too late. We're not coming.

No, don't say that! Don't you say that!

Run as hard as you can, honey.

Joe, you have to close the door.

You have to live for our son.

- Joe, seal the door! Now! Oh, my God.

Five seconds! Four seconds!

I'm sorry.

Take care of Ford.

Be a good father.

I will.

We didn't make it.

Let's go out!

Hurry! Come on! Ford!

On your feet!

You got family waiting for you?

I hope so.

How long you been away?

Fourteen months.

Take it slow.

It's the one thing they don't train you for.

All right! Let's go!

I can't tell you. Can I see it?

Don't let him see.

Whoa. Oh, my God.

It's a welcome home cake. Look at that.

That's you.

And that's me. What's it say?

"Welcome home, Daddy."

Daddy's home.

Daddy's home. Cake every night.

Yeah, that's not happening. Daddy's home equals... cake every night.

How did you manage to get chocolate on your eyeball?

Daddy did it. Heh.

I can't sleep with you...

...making all this noise. Hee-hee-hee.

Come on, let's get you into bed.

Okay, big man.

Time to hit the rack.



Are you still gonna be here tomorrow?


Come on, let's get some sleep.

Turns around, nose-to-nose, he says, "At ease, lieutenant."

God, I missed your laugh.

I missed you.



I should get that. No, it could be work. Mm-mm.

I need to get that. You don't need to. Come on.


Yeah, this is Mrs. Brody.

Tell him you're busy tending to your husband's needs.


Yeah, he's my husband.

Tell them we're not gonna buy it.

Yes, sir. Could you just hold on one moment?

It's the consulate.

Joe's been arrested in Japan.

Elle, I can't find my pants.

They're in the other drawer.

So why was he trespassing in the quarantine zone?

Ugh. Why do you think?

The lone crusader for the truth.

All his crackpot cuckoo theories.

Your father is a good man. He just needs your help right now.

Ford, he's lost everything.

Yeah, so did I. But you know what? I got over it.

Right. I can see that.

I'm sorry. It's just...

Every time I let him in close, he always tries to drag me back.

And I can't. I can't put our family through that.

Well, he is your family.

Hey. Come here.

You know you're only gonna be gone for a few days, right?

And then you are gonna come back to me.

Yeah. Yeah.

It's not the end of the world.


I don't get many visitors.


This is you here.

Even, uh, Ph.D.'s... don't get much teaching English as a second language.

Here we go.

And a towel.

All right.

So... how's the bomb business?

It must be a growth area these days.

It's called "explosive ordnance disposal."

My job isn't dropping bombs.

It's stopping them.

Dad. Hey... how's Elle doing?

And Sam. Oh, my God. He must be... what? Three? Three and a half?

He's almost 5.

I thought you were over this. "Echolocation"?

Oh, hey. "Parasitic communication..."

Please don't, if you don't mind. I have everything the way I like it.

I'm just... I'm studying bioacoustics.

What were you doing, going back there?

This trespassing stuff, that was bull. You broke the law.

I was trying to get back to our old house.

In a quarantine zone. Precisely.

The new readings are exactly like they were on that day... and I can prove it to you.

With a little luck, if I can get back... to the house...

I can show you and the world this was not from a natural disaster. This was...


Your mom's out there, Ford.

To me... she'll always be there.

They evacuated us so quickly.

I don't even have a picture of her.

This has to stop.

You know I did everything I could.

You know that, right?

Let me take you home.

Come home with me.

I got a little boy who's desperate to see his grandpa.

We can leave tomorrow.

What are you doing?

I'm heading back out there, Ford.

No. I don't think so. One hour, in and out.

I have to go!

I came back here and wasted six years... staring through that barbed wire, thinking it was... a military mistake or some horrible design flaw they were covering up.

One day...

I met a guy who runs a cargo boat offshore.

Every day he goes right past the reactor site.

So he places a couple frequency monitors on buoys for me.

Two weeks ago...

I check this thing like every other day just for the kick.

Two weeks ago, I'm tuning in... and, oh, my God... there it is.

Whatever "it" is that's in there.

Whatever it is they're guarding so carefully... started talking again.

And I mean talking.

Ha, ha.

I have to go back... to our house.

I need my old disks, if they're still there.

I need the data to be able to prove a baseline here... that this isn't a fantasy, that I'm not what you think I am.

I'm gonna find the truth... and end this.

Whatever it takes.

Why can't you just let it rest?

Because I sent her down there, son.

This wasn't just a reactor meltdown.

I don't wanna hear this.

I know. I know you don't.

But you can't keep running away.

And, son, you can't bury this in the past.

What spooked them?

Dad, come on. Let's go. It's only another two blocks.


Are we going home, or what?

Whoa! Hey, what are you doing?


It's clean.

I knew it.

The radiation in this place should be lethal, but there's nothing.

Thank God.

Are they rebuilding the plant?

I don't know. I haven't seen...

Ten seconds. Ten seconds.

Seven-point-two seconds and getting stronger.

We're trending exponentially.

That's our new curve.

Jesus, it's worse than we thought.

Excuse me, Dr. Serizawa?

Two men were just arrested in the Q-zone.

We've got bigger problems here. Have Dr. Graham take a look.

She did, sir. She sent me.

One of them says he used to work here, doctor.

You are not fooling anybody... when you say that what happened 15 years ago...

Found these disks in his bag.

...was a natural disaster.

Not sure what to make of them.

Not an earthquake, it wasn't a typhoon. Okay? So stop...

Look, I'm tired of talking to you about this.

I want my son.

I wanna see my son. I wanna know that he's all right.

This guy, this guy knows.

He knows where he is.

I want my son.

And I want my bag and disks.

And I wanna talk to somebody in charge, not you. No, not you.

I'm done talking to you.

All right? You're looking at me right now, like I'm in a fish tank, right?

Fine. Because I know what happened here.

And you keep telling everybody that this place... is a death zone, but it's not.

You're lying.

Because what's really happening... is that you're hiding something out there.

I'm right, aren't I?

My wife died here!

Something killed my wife.

And I have... a right to know!

I deserve answers!

All these items... they were found on him.

And the date. Look, 15 years ago. I thought all of the data... from that day was lost.

I guess not.

You see?

You see? There it is again.

That is not a transformer malfunction.

That is an electromagnetic pulse.

It affects everything electrical... for miles and miles... and it is happening again.

This is what caused everything in the first place.

Don't you see that?

And it is gonna send us back to the Stone Age.

You have no idea what's coming.

Pulses are seconds apart.

They're getting stronger. It's affecting the power grid.

Any radiation leakage?

Gamma levels are still zero.

It sucked all three reactors dry.

It's done feeding.

What's this?

It's the same pattern. Fifteen years ago... it's what caused the meltdown. An electromagnetic... pulse. That's what it's building to. Converting all that radiation... until it hatches.

We have to shut down.

Secure the grid.

Wildfire protocols.

All personnel, clear the first perimeter immediately!

What's going on? Hey, where you going?

Grid's secure.

Kill it.

All readings are flatlined.


Get a visual.

Jesus. Check the grid. Hit us with an EMP. We're losing power!

Get the backup generators online. Working on it.

That pulse fried every circuit.

Check the cage. Trying the backup generators.

Here we go.

Everybody out!


Hey! Let me out! Hey!

No! No, wait!




It was unlike anything I've ever experienced before.

Yeah, it's, uh, Ford Brody.

Japan to San Francisco.

Okay, could I at least... if you could let me leave you my cell...


Damn it!

I'm sorry.

Hey, it's okay.

It's okay. Daddy's gonna be okay.

Daddy's gonna be okay.

This area is now under Naval military jurisdiction.

All personnel must report... to the duty officer for debriefing.

Dr. Serizawa!

Dr. Serizawa!

Dr. Serizawa.

Captain Russell Hampton.

Glad to find you. I've been briefed... on your work with Operation Monarch.

Now, I'm told your organization has situational awareness... of our unidentified creature?

Is that right?

We are now taking over operational authority... from Monarch. So I'm gonna need you... to come with me.

Is there any other personnel you need?

They'll take care of you.

I'll be right next to you.



Let's get his vitals. Shh. Shh.

Dad. Dad. Radial pulse is weak. I'm counting 125.

It's okay.

You were right.

I'm sorry.

Go home to your family.

You keep them safe.

Okay? Okay.

Whatever it takes.

Whatever it ta...

Hey, stay with me.


Dad? Radial pulse is weaker. Barely feel it.

We're losing him.

Joe, can you hear me? He's going into A-fib.

Give me another epi, one milligram, and 40 units of vasopressin.

Stay with us. Come on, Joe. Hang in there, buddy.

This is our needle in a haystack, people.


Massive unidentified terrestrial organism.

It is, however, no longer terrestrial. It is airborne.

The world still thinks this was an earthquake... and it would be preferable that that remain so.

Before we lost sight, it was headed east across the Pacific... and had emitted enough EMP disruption... to create havoc with our radar and satellite feeds... and reduce us, for the moment, to a strictly visual pursuit.

I emphasize "for the moment"... because we will get on our game... and we will find this thing.

It is imperative that we do so.

Captain, I want any... and all search options on this table ASAP. Yes, sir.

Dr. Serizawa.

Admiral William Stenz.

Nice to meet you. Glad to have you on board.


Excuse me.

- Authorities issued a statement... Brody's dead. claiming the nuclear contamination... is at no risk of spreading, even as the death toll rises.

Lieutenant Brody?

Dr. Serizawa.

My condolences.

We are deeply sorry for your loss, lieutenant.

But I'm afraid we need your help.

This is the USS Nautilus.

In 1954... the first time a nuclear submarine ever reached the lower depths... it awakened something. The Americans... first thought that it was the Russians.

The Russians thought that it was them.

All those nuclear bomb tests in the '50s...?

Not tests.

They were trying to kill it.


An ancient alpha predator. Millions of years... older than mankind.

From an age when the Earth... was 10 times more radioactive than today.

This animal and others like it... consumed this radiation as a food source.

As the levels on the surface naturally subsided... these creatures adapted to live deeper in the oceans.

Further underground.

Absorbing radiation from the planet's core.

The organization we work for, Monarch, was established... in the wake of this discovery.

A multinational coalition... formed in secrecy... to search for him.

Study him.

Learn everything we could.

We call him...


The top of... a primordial ecosystem.

A god, for all intents and purposes.

A monster. Fifteen years ago... we found a fossil of another giant animal in the Philippines.

Like Gojira. But this creature... died long ago.

Killed by these.

Parasitic spores.

One dormant. But the other hatched. Catalyzed when a mining company... unknowingly drilled into its tomb.

The hatchling burrowed straight for the nearest source of radiation... your father's power plant in Janjira... and cocooned there for 15 years, absorbing its radioactive fuel... to gestate, to grow. Until it hatched... like a butterfly into the creature you saw today.

Wait. You knew about this?

This thing? The whole time? Why didn't you... kill it when you had the chance? It was absorbing... radiation from the reactors.

We worried killing it... might release that radiation and endanger millions.

That's why our mission was to contain it.

To study its biology, to understand it.

We knew the creature was having an electrical effect... on everything within a close proximity.

What we didn't know... was that it could harness this same power... in an EMP attack.

But your father did.

He predicted it.

What else did he say?

Please try to remember, Mr. Brody.

Anything that would help us. Anything at all.

I didn't listen.

I just thought he was crazy.

He was obsessed with all this...

Said something about an animal call.

Something talking.


He said he was studying something.


If the MUTO was talking that day... your father must have discovered something talking back.

Check again. Yup.

Search for a response call.

This parasite.

It's still out there. Where's it headed?

The MUTO is young... growing.

It will be looking for food.

Sources of radiation.

We're monitoring all known sites... but if we don't find it soon...

Then what?

Nature has an order.

A power to restore balance.

I believe he is that power.

Sir, right now we're 50 miles from Hawaii.

This transport will take you there.

You're catching a commercial flight back to San Francisco.

I'm gonna need you to brush your teeth.

Disgusting! Those are terrible! Ha, ha.

We gotta brush them!

Citizens within a 100-mile radius... are being temporarily evacuated from the area.

Hey, this is Elle. You missed me. Please leave a message.


I don't know what they're saying on the news.

There was an accident in Japan.

Dad's gone.

I'll explain when I see you.

I'm headed to Hawaii. I'm gonna catch a flight from there.

I'll see you soon.

Keep scrolling.

Near the end. Before the EMP.


Something responded.

Aloha, and welcome aboard.

The train will begin moving shortly.

For the comfort of others, no smoking, please. Thank you.

Please remember to stay clear of the automatic doors.




Hey, hey, hey.


I can't open it. Look, don't worry. Just wait there.

I'll bring him back.


Mama! Hey, hey.


Whoa. Hey. Whoa, kid. Mama!

It's okay. I'm gonna bring him back.

All right. I'm gonna set you down there.

I'll get you back to your parents.


Here. Is this what you want?

Take good care of him for me.

I better not miss my flight, kid.

Admiral, received an intel report.

We lost track of a nuclear Akula 50 nautical miles northwest of Hawaii.

Could be the MUTO.

Just got word of a missing Russian sub in the North Pacific.


Aye. Special Forces Team Sparta 1 is picking up a distress signal... northwest of Diamond Head on the island of Oahu.

They're on the ground, headed to the beacon.

...on 5.23 north-northeast... of the last beacon. Moving in on foot.

Wanna tell me why we're looking... for an Akula in the jungle?

Probably a glitch. Russians said they... got a ping from this location.

Hey, I got a reading. It's right up ahead.

Sparta 1, this is Hawkeye.

We're getting the same ping off the transponder. Range 30 meters.

Looks like you're getting warm.

What the hell?


Oh, my God.

Guardian 3, we located your Russian sub.

You're not gonna believe what else we found.

Holy shit.

It appears to be rising approximately 20 to 30 meters... above the tree line.

We can't tell how wide it is.

Cat's out of the bag, doctor. No more secrets.

Our highest priority now is safety.

There's close to a million people on that island.

Get me eyes in the air.

We're picking up something else. Approaching from the Pacific.

We need to check out that object.

General quarters.

Bridge, this is the captain.

Where you going? Up to the flight deck.

I think he is coming.

What are you doing?

I have to see this.


Two Charlie Six, we are circling the target. Go on your command.

Stand by, got a visual. Bogey at my 12.

Be advised. Prepare to engage target.

We're getting movement... down here.

Take cover!

Control, I have... no power. I say again, I've lost all...

You all right?

You give it 10 seconds, lights gonna come back on.

It's okay.

What was that? Did you see that?

What is it?




Oh, my God.

Run. Run! Tsunami! Tsunami!

Target spotted offshore... two knots due east of your position. Could be a second bogey.

Anybody hurt?

Anyone get an eyeball on the bogey? Where is he?

There you go.

What did I tell you?

... please. Thank you.

Get down!

Let's go!

Remember to stay... clear of the doors.

Go, go, go!

Target in sight...

...two o'clock, 300 meters. We're on 6-X-01. Target confirmed.


Can you tell us what happened?

...and everybody started running and screaming.

Sam, please turn that TV off.

Hey, did you hear me?


Come on, Sammy. Let's go.

Let's go. It's bedtime.

Sammy. Mommy, look.


Attention, please. Incoming patients...

- please proceed... Excuse me.

Hi. Excuse me. I'm sorry.

This boy's been separated from his parents.

Fill this out. Be with you... in just a minute.

Hey, you got service on that cell phone?

No. The pay phones don't even work.

Akio! Akio!

Mama! Papa!

Corporal, load up, load up.

Sergeant. Lieutenant Brody, U.S. Navy.

I need your help. I'm trying to get to the mainland.

It's your lucky day. Everything not tied down is moving east.

Whoa, is that where they're heading? Yeah.

I guess we're monster hunters now.

Satellite transfer complete.

Simulations uploaded.

Satellite tracking continues.

Last satellite tracks predict the MUTO continuing due east.

All our models have the targets converging on the Pacific Coast.

As of now, it looks like Godzilla's still following the MUTO.

He's hunting.

Have all vessels maintain current distance from target.

And plot the speed and heading of these things.

I wanna know exactly when and where they'll make landfall.

Yes, sir.

Doctor, what did you mean by "hunting"?

You think it's chasing this MUTO?

But if the MUTO is his prey...

The signal shows a call.

Why call up a predator? No, it didn't.

I think Godzilla... was only listening.

The MUTO was calling something else.

The pattern.

Focus the search on Nevada.

Nevada? Why would it go to Nevada?

It can't be. It's impossible. What's impossible?

There was another spore, intact, found in the Philippine mine.

But we vivisected it.

Ran every test on it for years.

You confirmed it for yourself. It was dormant!

Maybe not anymore.

This spore. Where is it now, doctor?

It was highly radioactive. It was disposed of.

The Americans, they took it.

Doctor, where is it?

Where you put all your nuclear waste.

Go, go, go!

Right, let's go! Give me a Mark I... eyeball on every vault.




Clear! Clear!


Clear! Clear!


Is anyone in there?

Captain, our UAVs have footage of the new MUTO.

Let's have a look.

Yes, sir.

This is from five minutes ago.

My God.

Playing all we have now.

It's almost 300 feet.

It's far bigger than the other one.

But this one doesn't have any wings.

A different sex?

A female.

That's who he's been talking to.

It must be a mating call.

The female remained dormant until the male matured.

Now they're seeking radiation.

To reproduce.

Current tracking models indicate that all three targets are converging here:

San Francisco Bay.

But if we rig a nuclear warhead with a shielded timer... put it on a boat and send it...

20 miles out... the radiation lures the MUTOs... and the MUTOs lure Godzilla.

And we detonate, with minimal fallout risk to the city.

You can't be serious. They feed on radiation.

Correct. That's why we use the bomb as bait.

And kill them...

...with the sheer force of the blast. This is crazy.

Doctor, if you have any other ideas, I am all ears.


Yes, doctor?

Gojira may be the answer.

I believe... he's here to restore balance.

He can defeat them.

And what? We just stand by and watch?

I'm sorry, doctor. I can't take that risk.

Prep the warheads and get them moving to the coast.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

I know you don't agree with this.

But my first priority is to safeguard our citizens.

It's stopped.


Eight-fifteen in the morning.

August 6, 1945.


It was my father's.

Heads up.

We've got new destination, new orders.

Let's get geared up.

Hey, tech sergeant.

What's the word?

Another one of those things popped up in Nevada, sir.

Okay, everybody out.

Can't fly any further.

We're well in range of its EMP.

So from here on out, it's on the ground or it's not at all. Let's go!

All right, listen up!

This train and these weapons are headed to San Francisco.

Anyone not part of this mission, disembark now!


Can't do it, sir.

This is a high-risk mission. That train is a national asset, not Amtrak.

We good to go? Just about.

From the look of the casings on those Minuteman ICBMs... guessing the digital module's been bypassed and you're prepping for full analog retrofit.

Is my jaw supposed to drop?

I get it. You're EOD.

I got my crew, they know what they're doing. Aim the pointy end... at the monsters, right, sarge?

When was the last time you let one of your guys put their fingers in a live bomb?

Look, this is what I do.

This is my job.

Master sergeant.

My family's in the city.

Okay? I need to get on that train.

You heard the spokesman say... that the White House has not ruled out the use of nuclear force.

Sam, your mom's gonna be right back.

Emergency, can I help you?


Oh, yeah, just a sec.

Elle, for you.

Tell them I'll be there in a minute. Elle.

It's your husband.




Oh, God.

- You all right? How's Sam? I've been calling you everywhere.

You okay? - I'm fine.

I've got Sam with me. - Great. Because I wanna get you both...

Can't believe this is happening.


You okay? Are you doing okay?

I'm okay. Elle, please don't worry.

Baby, I'm so scared right now.

I know.

I'm gonna be at the hospital by sunrise.

Then I'll get you and Sam out.


The military has a plan to deal with these things.

I'm coming to get you both, okay?


Can you please just hurry?

I will.


I just wanted you to know that I love you.

I love you too. Just be safe.

I'll see you soon.

Good to go! Let's move out!

As blackouts and electrical interference... radiate farther and farther west... citizens within 200 miles of the creature's current sphere of influence... are being urged to please find shelter... stay indoors and stay off the roads.

911, what's your emergency?

...kids in the car.

...debris going back about two miles.

This girl is not breathing.

...people that are hurt. Send somebody out here now!

Yes, sir.

Yes, warheads are on the move.

I completely agree, sir.

All right, people. Let's go.

I need to know the exact location of the MUTOs ASAP.

Aye. We're updating our models with the current tracking data now.



Please don't do this.

I understand your concerns, doctor.

But I am sacrificing lives... every minute trying to steer one of these things clear of population centers... and now there are two more on the way.

There are millions of lives at risk. So all I want to know... from you is:

Will it work and can they be killed?

But we tried that before.

We're talking dialable yield. Megatons, not kilotons.

Nothing can withstand that blast.

Makes the bomb we tried to kill it with in '54 look like a firecracker.

Sergeant Morales. Give me a hand. I thought these nukes... all detonated by remote control. The MUTOs knock out... everything electric.

Including detonators.

Can't even get in range without these things going haywire.

But this?

This, on the other hand, is old-school.


Takes a licking... keeps on ticking. Heh.

Holy shit.

Sergeant Morales, get down here with that radio. On the double. Move, move!

Snake Eyes, this is Bravo to November. Is the bridge... clear? Over.

I say again:

We got a train of VIP cargo... headed for the coast. Is the bridge clear? Over.

Snake Eyes, I need a sitrep.

Are the tracks clear?

We are at phase line yellow. In the next 10 mikes, we're advancing to phase line red.

Secure or not? Over.

You think it's intact?

Only one way to find out.

You wanna take the top? Sure.

You check below. Sergeant Morales, you come with me.



Jones, you all right? Yeah, I'm good!

The bridge is intact.

Bulldog, this is Eagle.

All clear to move out. Over.

Roger that, Eagle.

Let's go! Let's go, people!

Say again.

I do not have a visual. What is your position? Over.

Unreadable. Say again. Over.

Hit the deck.

Help me turn it off, man.


Move it, run!

Ford! Aah!

He's going under!

Boats, sound the collision alarm.

Frame 180.

We're losing visual, admiral.

He's diving.

Changing course and moving fast. I've got him at 33 knots and picking up speed.

He's gonna outrun us, sir.

Watch the swinging!

No swing!


Hold on!


They are insisting civilians make their way to the BART stations.

BART stations are designated shelters.

These patients are my responsibility. Where are you taking them?

Across the bridges. Critical and children only.

Shelters are gonna fill up fast. Trust me, they'll be safer outside the city.

I can take Sam. No, no, no.

Ford's on his way.

If you change your mind, the buses leave in 10 minutes.

Come on. Where are you, Ford?

This way! Keep them moving!

Let's go. Come on, come on.

Hey! Where are they taking it?

Twenty miles offshore, convergence point.

We're gonna lure them there.

Three birds, one stone.


Okay, Sammy.

Laura, thank God.

Sammy, you remember Laura. She's Mommy's work friend, right?

She's gonna look after you for a little bit.

Daddy's gonna be here soon.

And I'm gonna just come get you right after.

I promise.



Come on, sweetheart. You're gonna come with me.

Your mom's gonna stay and help.

Elle, I'm gonna take care of him, okay?

Say, "Bye-bye, Mommy." Bye, Mommy.

I got him! I got him!

Just sit down here.

Sit, sit.


Did you lose consciousness?

I'm okay. Really, I'm fine.

Sitrep, please. Location of targets?

Male MUTO was spotted 30 miles off the Farallon Islands.

Showing seismic activity to the east near Livermore.

Should be the female closing in.

Where's Godzilla?

Last contact was five hours ago.

Maintaining a bearing of 053 degrees, descending below a depth of 10,000 feet.

Be here within the hour.

Residents are trying to get out of the city any way they can.

There's still buses on that bridge.

Come on!

Let's get those busses through. Let's go!

We're not gonna stop the buses here.


I can't hear you. Oh, kids... please be quiet.

Move into position till you have a clean line of sight!

Portside! Two hundred meters!


Hold your fire.

Hold your fire.

Holy shit.

Oh, shit!

Hold on! Watch out!

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Look out!

Get down! Get down in your seats!

Please! Get down!

Get out of the way! Get out of the way!


Move out! Move, move, move!

Striker! There's civilians on the bridge. Hold your fire!

Open fire!

Move! Move!

All right, get in there! Prepare to arm the device!

Ready! You got it?

I'm all set.

Arming keys!

Three! Two! One!

What the hell was that?


Engine's stopped! We lost power!

You all right? Yeah.

Fire! Incoming!

Sam Brody was checked into the Oakland Coliseum shelter an hour ago. He is safe.

No record of Elle Brody. Never made it out of the city.

Well, check again. Please. I told her to wait for me, and I didn't make it.

They are trying to get everyone downtown into subway shelters.

I'm sure your wife is fine.

Lieutenant Brody!

I'm looking for Lieutenant Brody.

Are you Brody? Yes.

Okay. The male delivered the warhead to the center of downtown.

That puts 100,000 civilians in the blast radius.

We can't stop it remotely.

An analog timer has been installed. The MUTOs are frying electronics within a five-mile bubble.

Means approaching from ground is not an option.

That's why we'll be conducting a HALO insertion. Jumping altitude...

Will be 30,000 feet.

We just skate to the top and drop. Here.

And here. If you don't hit a skyscraper on the way, meet at rally point Charlie.

Right here. Good? Doctor, any guesses where to look?


If the MUTOs have spawned... they'll be building a nest.

Captain, when you find the warhead... how long to disarm it? Without seeing... the analog mod, I couldn't even guess. Sixty seconds... if I can access it.

I retrofitted that device myself.

Lieutenant Brody is our only...

EOD tech to survive the train attack.

Well, it sounds like we could use you.

With all due respect... if that doesn't work, then what's Plan B? The waterfront... is located one klick downhill.

Get the bomb to the pier, onto a boat... and as far away from the city as possible before it detonates.

Any questions?

Dismissed. That's it.

Let's move.


They've already been briefed.

We have no extraction plan.

If you don't walk out, you don't come back at all.

Sir, I'll do whatever it takes.

This alpha predator of yours, doctor... do you really think he has a chance?

The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control... and not the other way around.

Let them fight.

Oh, Lord God, we give thanks... for the opportunities you have given us... going together as comrades to defend our great nation.

We thank you for the time and service that you have given us together.

Now as we are about to leave one another... let us have the strength...

Take position! Take position!

I saw Team 1 move to the east.

Two of our team members didn't make it. I heard bits and pieces on the radio.

Snipers on the rooftop moving into position.

Here we go. Picking up the nuke.

Which way?

One klick up the hill.

We found the warhead.

Let's go! Up the hill, this direction. Move.

Hey. Hey.


Let's move, let's move.

On my six.

Sarge, get a look at this.

We gotta get moving. You got a signal yet?

I got it.

It's down there.

All right, move, move!

Grab a line!

More light. Grazer.

Right, clear out.

Here we go.

Whoa, look out, heads up!

How much time we got left?

We have 27 mikes.

We gotta get this thing down.

Move, move, I got you!

Move it out, move it out!

Careful! Careful.

And down in three... two... one.

Let's get this cover off.

Lieutenant, you're up.

It's not budging. It's sealed shut.

We need time to open it.

We don't have time!

We gotta get it on a boat.

Grab the warhead! Let's move!



Easy, easy.

Move it out, guys!

Lieutenant, let's go!


What the hell was that?

Holy shit! Did you see that?

This way.

Faster, faster.

Let's get this thing started.

Find the ignition, sir?

Give me that pack.

Here you go.

Come on, come on. Hurry.

Hurry it up. Let's go, let's go!

She's coming for the bomb!

Let's get this weapon secured.

Unh! Come on.

Come on.

Stay right here.



I hear some people. Come on!

This one's in bad shape. Come on, grab my hand. We got you.

Help him up. Help him up.

Attention, new arrivals:

Please proceed to the marked tables...

- for registration. Let's make some room, please!






Mommy! Mommy!



Hi, baby.