Godzilla Raids Again (1955) Script

GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN (Gojira no Gyakushu)

3 00:02:46,020 --> 00:02:49,565 Base, Base, this is airplane Keichi calling.

I am at 136 degrees east, 34 degrees north, making my final pass over the sea. Over.

Airplane Keichi, airplane Keichi, this is base. Roger, roger.

You have made your final pass over the fishing lanes, over.

Roger, roger. This is airplane Keichi reporting.

Base, Base, this is airplane Keichi reporting. I've made my third pass. How are things? Over.

Roger, roger. Don't you have anything else to say?

Hidemi, are you going somewhere tonight?

Roger, Roger. I should be available tomorrow. We can use my papa's car.

Hidemi, it must be nice to be the boss's daughter.

Patience, Patience. You'll get lucky soon.

Until I do, tell me everything!

You can put money on it!

Base, Base! This is Kobayashi, Kobayashi! I'm having engine trouble. I have engine trouble.

Kobayashi, Kobayashi, this is base. Do you know what it is? Do you know what it is?

It happened while passing the southern islands. Oh, my engine has stalled.

Engine stall! Engine stall! I'm going down!

Kobayashi! Kobayashi! Respond! Kobayashi! Kobayashi!

Emergency! Emergency! Kobayashi's plane is going down. We need you to assist him!

What? Kobayashi?

Roger, Roger. I'll start looking for him right away!

Papa! What? You shouldn't barge in here!

Kobayashi's plane has gone down What? What did you say?


Hey! Hey!

Base Base! This is Tsukioka! I've spotted Kobayashi's plane. I'm going to try to pick him up.

Roger, roger. Be careful! Tsukioka, please try!

How are you? Are you injured?

I'm fine. I'm just happy that you came out to help me so quickly.

From the sound of it, the girls back at the base were pretty worried.

What? Those crazy ladies were concerned about me?

This place hasn't affected your head!

Run Kobayashi!

Godzilla! I'm sure that's Godzilla!


Hey, let's run for it!

Ah, here it is. He's right.


Well Yamane, it seems that our belief turned out to be real, huh?

Our darkest dreams have come back to greet us.

Then you think this is another Godzilla?

Yes. Godzilla was created from a hydrogen bomb. Now, it may have affected an Angilosaurus Angilosaurus?

Yes. This is an Angilosaurus.

The Angilosaurus, otherwise known as the monster Angilas, is roughly 70 to 150 million years old.

It was one of the stronger dinosaurs that lived in the prehistoric era.

Of course, Godzilla was also alive during that time. May I...?

What we know about them comes from Poland's world animal specialist, Professor Plateli Hondon.

Let me read it to you.

Angilas is about 150 to 200 feet tall and it is also a carnivore.

This behavior is typical for a creature this large.

However, one thing makes Angilas very different from other creatures from its time...

Its behavior shows it was smart in how it employed its body.

To continue, its chest and abdomen were its only vulnerable areas.

However, Angilas is one of the few creatures that had a thorough hatred for war-like predators.

The two must have fought since the beginning and now its come back from Godzilla's past.

It's a terrible thing to say, but we may not have anything that can oppose Angilas.

Next, Professor Yamane, who flew in from Tokyo will speak on our Godzilla countermeasures.

Well, I would tell you about the Godzilla countermeasures, but I regret that we have no effective strategy for it.

There are no policies that will stop Godzilla. I have no methods to tell you at this time.

I came here from Tokyo to show you films that we have collected after Godzilla's attack on Tokyo.

I was hoping that we may be able to decide on some effective countermeasures after we review this data.

Well then...

Now, to repeat, we used our weapons and our concentrated strategies.

A fearful combination... Yet the vast attack could not drive Godzilla away from us.

But professor, we killed Godzilla once before...

Yes, with the Oxygen Destroyer. That Godzilla is at the bottom of Tokyo bay due to the Oxygen Destroyer.

All the information related to that invention is gone.

The despair caused by Godzilla's rampage cannot be helped.

Professor, is this Godzilla on its own?

Yes, but we have another that we must face.

This time, Godzilla has emerged together with this new threat, Angilas.

Now we must wonder if this new menace is connected to the hydrogen bomb.

But professor, they were set for minimal destruction.

Yes, I shouldn't give you my own theory now. This discussion is to confirm our present situation.

Yet, we should consider the effects it may have had to some of nature's inhabitants.

We should thoroughly examine the cause.

From that, we should focus on the circumstances should it come ashore in Tokyo.

Godzilla was sensitive to the emergency lights. Using them made it extremely violent.

Then the hydrogen bomb's glare must have awakened it, I imagine.

The light may make it that way due to some mysterious habit.

Well, I believe there could be a way to reverse this habit.

We should drop a light bomb near Godzilla's path, so it can lure it away.

At this point, I don't believe it will produce a very bad result, but it's all we have to work with for now.

Osaka will be alright, won't it?

Well, I'm not sure what will happen to Tokyo.

It's so quiet, don't you think it's awful?

Yes, I'm not used to it being so quiet.

Well, do you think Tokyo stands a chance?

Idiot! Don't tell me that's what you believe too?

They'll pull through it.

Then, that's great.

When this is over, you can see it for yourself.

Oh, really?

They must be beginning.

The search for Godzilla is continuing. Last night's search was unsuccessful.

Its whereabouts are still unknown.

Every available plane is to diligently pursue it until all routes have been completely exhausted...

...or its current position and movement have been reported to base. Over.

Where do you think Godzilla could be heading?

It could be at the bottom of the ocean, moving along the earth's crust in numerous directions.

If it's traveling down there this time, there's no way to tell which way it could be going.

So, we won't know its location.

Command, command. This is aircraft 54, aircraft 54.

At 15:24 hours, Godzilla has been spotted on radar in the ocean at north 34 degrees, east 130 degrees.

We will continue to follow on radar. Over.

Command. Command. This is Frigate T-10.

At 15:32 hours, we have tracked Godzilla to east 134 degrees, north 33 degrees. Maintaining pursuit, over.

This is command, this is command.

We have confirmation at east 134.5 degrees, north 34.3 degrees.

Professor, Godzilla is moving from this area.

Really? Have the planes reach it here and send our fourth fleet in pursuit.

From military command, this is the three o'clock announcement.

Today the 4th southern fleet was ordered to a state of urgent readiness.

After a lengthy search, Godzilla was discovered traveling on a northeast course.

In the middle of the night, the 4th southern fleet will inevitably pinpoint its position and surround it.

Please continue listening for immediate updates should it reach the coastline. Repeating...

Boss, with Godzilla loose in that area...

We'll have to stay grounded for a while.

Certainly we'll also have to reduce our factory output to accommodate for it.

Yeah, I wish they would drop this light bomb and get it over with!

Hey, this is a big undertaking. It's not a small problem that you can...

It's the same as the time when you fell ill after eating all that fish!

May I have your attention please. Everyone in the Osaka area is asked to head calmly to the shelters.

At 19:30 hours, military command has announced Godzilla's course tracked by the 4th southern fleet.

At the moment, its present course will bring it towards the coastline of Osaka.

In order to test the light bomb, we will need to extinguish every light in the entire city.

Hey, what's that?!

The civilians of this ward are in the shelters. The shelters report that all is well.


All military units, all military units. Please assist in evacuating all civilians to the emergency shelters.

All military units, all military units...

Oh, Tsukioka. The boss has gone to the factory.

What? The factory?

Yes, he wants us to meet him there.

Really? Alright.

Well Hidemi, I think you'll be safe enough in the house while we're away.

Yes. You be careful.

Hey, let's go! Goodbye, Hidemi!

Tsukioka, Take care of papa. Goodbye!

At the moment, Godzilla is being lured away with the military's light bombs.

It is gradually being drawn away from approaching Osaka's coastline.

In order to protect our lives and property, please continue maintaining the Osaka city blackout.

Boss! Boss! Godzilla is moving away from the docks without incident!

This saves Osaka and Godzilla any trouble.

Right. It was too close for comfort.

Hey, sit down! Hey!

Hey, what's wrong?

It looks like one of your friends is sick.

Him? Again?

Stop the car!

Hurry! Hurry! Move! Move!


Freeze! Stay Where you are!

Hey, over here!


Criminals are in that truck!


What's that?

That's Angilas!


Boss! Boss! Let's get away from this disaster!

Boss, let's go!

So, Godzilla wasn't lured away with light bombs. You would think that it had a chance.

Boss! Let's get out of here! Hurry! Hurry!

Boss, you can't expect any more! So, let's go...

That way!

Evacuate! Evacuate! Evacuate!

After the ferocious attack by the monster Godzilla, the greatest disaster of this century is over.

But, please let me repeat, our love for peace in the world must be set aside to combat against Godzilla.

For the good of us all, we should consider the idea of using a hydrogen bomb against Godzilla.

Godzilla is a violent creature. I believe we must make the proper defenses.

Angilas was defeated by Godzilla, but not before destroying this once quiet city.

Shibashi, that smoke is rising from the area where my factory once stood.

The damage is much worse than I imagined.

Shibashi, I'm going to rebuild it. I want you to be my partner.

Have you decided on a location for it?

I'm told that Hokkaido is a nice place to operate from.

Oh, will you be going with us?

Miss, I'm in a hurry to fly out this morning.

Boss! They're not sure about Godzilla's whereabouts.

The marine authority hasn't discovered its current position yet.

Really? Good job!

We will do our best to look for it.

Kobayashi, you lived in Hokkaido, right?

Huh? Hokkaido?

The vice president and I were discussing how our firm's ships could operate from a useless port.

For some time we've thought about a plan to relocate the factory to the Hokkaido area.

I understand. You want me to fly a plane up there to survey locations.

Thank you. I was hoping you'd do it. Yes, sir.

Papa, then we'll still have our station jobs?

No, but your jobs with the firm will be transferred once we move.

Oh, I see.

Until we go to Hokkaido, shape this place up for the time being.

Okay, okay.

Hidemi, you have my sympathy. Your long awaited wedding ceremony was ruined by Godzilla.

Maybe, but my fiancee has come this far, I'm sure he's still very patient, huh?

I give up! Okay, we'd better hurry and get to Hokkaido so our bridegroom doesn't reconsider.

Like you wouldn't have your hand in such a wicked operation.

Kobayashi, you'll find out that women are different than fish.

I'll wait, thanks!

Well, this official timekeeper has to head to Hokkaido in order to make a purchase.

Ten thousand pardons.

This from an incompetent man.

You bastard!

Boss, I haven't found out where our bridegroom has gone to yet.

Well, you did your best. What place does our man have for us this time?

Our man thinks this area might hold something for us.

Oh really? Well, if our bridegroom wants me to go there...

This is his ninth choice. He must be willing to wait a while...

Aye, sir.

Be careful bridegroom! Who me?

Captain! Captain, we've just received our next destination.

42 degrees north, 146 degrees east. That's it alright.

Kobayashi has come out to greet us! You're right! Hey! Hey!

Well... oh, hey, hey! Yes sir?

Going out nine times has been a difficult task.

Let's break our arrangements for tonight and call the local restaurant to set up a party.


Save some for me.

Is he hungry? What's the matter? Hey!

Kobayashi, Kobayashi! This is base, this is base.

Yes, this is Kobayashi.

Kobayashi, return home immediately. Return home.

Is this Hidemi? Of course. We're waiting for you.

Really? Tsukioka too? Yes. He's with Papa in his airplane.

Hmm? I'll wait.

Hey, Kobayashi... Oh, you're there?

Yes. We have our first settlement in Osaka and we need a fast plane.

Really? Have you met this person before? Me? Who?

The nice person... What? The nice person?

Kobayashi, who are you referring to?

The one he's meeting. Hey, will you tell me?

Himitsu! Pervert! He's not seeing her!

Oh, that would be horrible!

Hey, who could it be?

Well, who would he know in Hokkaido?

Hey, who is it?

An old companion.

Hey, Okami!


The service here stinks!

Oh, bridegroom! Everyone is waiting this way! Okay, okay!

Hey, Tsukioka! It's me! It's me!

It's you guys! How are you doing?

You look great!

They went to the same college in his younger days.

My old boss!

Tsukioka! You're the reason that I'm at this place? I heard that someone I knew was getting married.

What a pleasant surprise!

It's the least I can do! Let's go inside for a toast!

Please come with us, Mrs... Hey, hey. You're as quick as ever with the ladies!

Get inside!

I'm going to talk to someone.

Tsukioka, have another! No, that's enough.

What? You bastard, are you already limiting yourself to a woman's level of drinking?

I'm sorry.

Kobayashi, lets have a drink. Yes sir!

Thank you.

It sounds like they're finished. Yes sir.

Ah, bridegroom! It's alright. I'm with the party.

Hey bridegroom! You're late!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Kobayashi, I think it's very strange. Why do you let them call you "bridegroom"?

That funny name was given to me. Is it really a nickname?

Yes, for the moment...

You're not going to let me find out are you, bridegroom?

Here are all the single... Oh, let me look!

Not yet! Not at this time!

You evil man!

Excuse me. Kobayashi, Tsukioka, our secondary ship has sank into the sea!

It sank, you say?

The only possible explanation is Godzilla.


You go to the Marine Authority. Yes, sir!

Excuse me. Why do you say that it's Godzilla?

This gentleman filed the report. Yes.

Our secondary ship notified us of their discovery of Godzilla by wireless radio.

But at the same time, the S.O.S. It was transmitting was abruptly cut off.

Ikeda! Yes, sir!

Notify the emergency center immediately! Yes, sir!

Tajima! Yes, sir!

You will leave for the Maritime Authority first thing tomorrow!

Yes, sir!

This is base, this is base. Any luck, Tsukioka?

This is Tsukioka. We haven't discovered Godzilla's location yet. Over.

The weather is turning bad. Our bosses think you should return home. Over.

Tell the bosses I'm continuing. Present location is, 50 degrees north, 147.3 degress east.

Well, you don't have to be the one to find it! Don't get lost in a fantasy! Please come home!

Aye, Aye. Don't worry about me.

This is base, this is base. Do you read me, Tsukioka?

This is Tsukioka. Tell the bosses I'm still searching.

Tsukioka! Tsukioka! Return home at once!


Hidemi, could you tell me what gifts you two would like?

Is today bad?

What do you want me to tell you?

Hey what kind of girl stuff would you want?

No, if today isn't good for you...

I understand. Well, I'll tell you.

No, I can't. I don't want your feelings hurt. Then you want me to stop?

No, but I may not like what I hear.

Girl stuff, huh? What color would I like?

I'm not sure. It's a...? Handbag.

A handbag, huh?

A watch. A watch? That's expensive.

Stockings are good. Hey, how many am I allowed?

You're dangerous!

It's not bad if you wanted me to tell you!

That Tsukioka is late!

This is Tsukioka! This is Tsukioka! I found Godzilla and I am in pursuit. Over.

Roger, roger! Listen, I beg you, be careful!

Tsukioka! Are you alright on your own?

I'll be home soon.

Idiot! I'm coming out there! What are your coordinates?

140.8 degrees east, 53 degrees north, near Shinko Island. Godzilla is heading there.

Alright, I've got it! I'll meet you there! Kobayashi!

Do me a favor. Be careful, ok? Roger!

Use this time to decide on what the best gift for you would be.

Yes, I'll decide.

If you please...

Godzilla is presently headed for Shinko Island! Godzilla is presently headed for Shinko Island!

Tajima! Yes, sir!

Prepare to load our planes with bombs! Yes, sir!

Anyway, Godzilla came through this opening from the ocean. That much I'm sure of.

What if we bomb here? I think that would leave Godzilla with no way out.

Alright. We'll drop bombs to prevent it from using that as an exit.

Ikeda! Yes, sir!

Refuel the planes with gasoline as soon as they land. Yes sir!

Tajima! Yes, sir!

Prepare to load the planes. Yes, sir!

You bastard!

This is Kobayashi! This is Kobayashi! Godzilla is moving towards the sea passage.

Hurry up with those planes! Over.

The Air Force planes should be arriving in the vicinity around 15:12.

Roger, roger!

Damn! He'll get away!

All planes, attack!

Tajima, the attack didn't do it.


Hey, Tajima! That's it! That's it! Bury it in the ice! Bury Godzilla in the ice!

Hey, Tajima! That's it! That's it! Bury it in the ice! Bury Godzilla in the ice!


What's wrong, Hidemi?

It's Kobayashi.

What? Kobayashi?

Yes, he didn't make the second pass.

Really? Kobayashi...?

It's just... he didn't want to be left out of the action.

It's no use!

Alright, we'll hit the mountainside with a rocket!

Our first wave of rockets immobilized it for now. Return to base to reload so we can finish Godzilla!

Alright. We can trigger a larger avalanche hitting this spot. There's no other way.

But, this is a very difficult attack, okay? Yes, sir!

If we come in from this area, the explosions will level the entire mountainside.

Our first attack immobilized Godzilla. Our second attack will bury it completely!

We'll bring these mountain peaks down upon i These are two difficult tasks we ask of you, but we shall pull through and we will be successful!

Alright? Yes sir!

We are finished loading the rockets.

Okay, let's get going immediately. Yes, sir!

We're going!

Tajima, please let me go too! I have to go along with you. I beg you!

Tsukioka, isn't your life with yourjob? 367