Godzilla vs. Monster Zero (1965) Script



Produced by TOMOYUKl TANAKA Screenplay by SHlNlCHl SEKlZAWA Cinematography HAJlME KOlZUMl Production Design TAKEO KlTA Music by AKlRA lFUKUBE





Fuji, time to contact WSA.

Okay, Glenn.

Calling World Space Agency.

This is Spaceship P-1 .

World Space Agency here, over.

Our current coordinates:

X: 2, 4...

Y: 3, 3...

Z: 0, 02.


1 ,000 km/second toward Alpha Scorpii in the constellation Scorpius.

Spacecraft Event Time:

23 hours, 59 minutes, and 30 seconds.

Your speed is off by 0.005 km/second. Otherwise you're right on time.

Speed corrected by 0.005.


How are you two holding up?

We're working hard and sleeping well.

But it'd be nice to walk on solid ground.

You'll walk plenty on Planet X.

Dr. Sakurai? Yes? ls my sister there?


Not right now.

Would you give her a message?

Tell her not to rush into anything. Rush into anything? l'll set things straight when l get back.


What's so funny?

Some brother you are!

You wouldn't understand.

Thank you. ls something bothering Fuji?

My brother's so unreasonable.

He thinks he can control my social life like men did in the olden days.

Oh, l'm sorry!

No need to apologize. l take it you've found a boyfriend and Fuji doesn't approve?

You were supposed to tell him we were here! l'm so sorry.

These gentlemen have been waiting.

Let's talk over there.

What does this boyfriend of yours do?

He's an inventor. An inventor?


Tetsuo, are you at it again?

That racket keeps the baby awake! Enough already!

How far away could you hear it?

You can hear it down the street! l've about had it with you!

The range is improving. lt's a great invention. Why doesn't it sell?

Tetsuo! l didn't make a sound.

You have a phone call! Oh, thanks!

And she thinks my device is loud!



Yes, this is Tetsuo Torii.

A contract?

Dr. Sakurai, 1 2 moons have already been discovered orbiting Jupiter, so Planet X will be the 1 3th. Correct.

Why wasn't it discovered before?

Planet X is very dark.

We couldn't see it with a telescope. lt was discovered when the Central Observatory detected a distortion in the fifth moon's orbit.

But what's really interesting is the strange radio signal... that it seems to be emitting.

So there's intelligent life there?

Let's not jump to conclusions.

There are plenty of natural sources of radio waves.

But we hope to learn the truth about that and more when P-1 reaches Planet X.


Can you afford a place like this?


Don't worry. l sold the Ladyguard.

Really? l'm signing the contract here tonight.

Which company?

The World Education Corporation.

They market educational toys internationally.

A toy company?

No, it's not -

Mr. Tetsuo Torii?

That's right. l am Miss Namikawa from the World Education Corporation.

As l said on the phone... we will make payment once the product comes to market.

Would that be agreeable?

Yes, fine. Right?

Huh? l mean... yes.

Your wife? l hope eventually.

Miss Haruno Fuji.

Nice to meet you. l believe you work at the World Space Agency.

Your brother is an astronaut.

Do you know my brother?

No, but we're very interested in whether the mission to Planet X will be a success.

Doesn't it seem odd to you?

What do you mean?

Fifty million yen for the Ladyguard? ls it really worth that much?

Working at the WSA makes you forget the importance of small inventions.

Science has everyday applications too.

You're awful!

Your brother's the awful one.

He said he'd stand on his head if anyone bought my invention.

He'd better start practicing!

Glenn, anything seem odd to you?


Oops, sorry! l was 1 80° off.

Fuji, it's Jupiter!

Planet X is on the far side.

And there it is.

Calling World Space Agency.

This is Spaceship P-1 .

Space Agency here, over.

P-1 is approaching Planet X.

Proceed with caution. Of course, sir.

But can we take the leash off once we land? l can't drag you back now!

You understand? Do you?

Roger that. You sound like my old man chewing me out!!

We've lost contact.

They're now on the far side of Jupiter.

You see anything? Not quite yet...

l see mountains and desert. The blue area might be water.

Let's prepare to land.

Check your readings.

Ground temperature is 1 5° Celsius.

1 5 degrees?

Not a likely temperature given the distance from the sun.

The universe is full of mysteries.


None detected.

You okay down there?

Just fine.

Glenn... l'll go plant the flag on that hill.

Okay. l'll set up the telemeter.


Gravity is a third of Earth's. Atmospheric pressure is one tenth.

One tenth? That's surprising.

What was that?

Some kind of lightning.

With no clouds? That's strange.

Everything okay there?


All right.

Glenn, keep your eyes open! l see footprints... and they look human!


What's going on?

Where are you?

Astronaut Fuji... step into the cylinder immediately.

Who are you?

You must hurry.

You are in grave danger.

Step into the cylinder now. Who are you?

You would call us Xiliens.

Step inside now.

Your crewmate and spaceship are already under our protection.

All right.

Sir, P-1 was to contact us 20 minutes ago.

Check the receiver circuit. lt's working fine.

Dr. Sakurai?

Don't worry. l have confidence in those two.

They're our best astronauts.

They'll contact us. You'll see.

Follow the light. lt will guide you.

You okay? Yeah, you? l'm fine.

We welcome you.

We extend our warmest of welcomes.

l am the commandant of this planet.

You have nothing to fear.

There is much l would like to discuss.


Like what?

Where is our P-1 ?

You need not worry.

Does that put you at ease?

What's happening? lt's Monster Zero!


Monster Zero?

Command all units to take defensive positions.

Yes, sir.

What is Monster Zero?

A terrible space monster.

That foul creature is the reason we left the surface to hide underground like this.

Monster Zero is on the attack. lts location?


Very well.

Allow me to show you Monster Zero.

Glenn, look! King Ghidorah?

That's right.

You use words to name things, but we use numbers.

Why don't you fight back? lf you know how, please teach us.

We have done all we can to defeat the creature, but it has all been to no avail.

So what will you do? Wait until it leaves.

Cave-in, Sector 1 5!

Evacuate everyone to Sector 1 6 and seal off Sector 1 5.

Commandant, situation critical!

The hydrogen oxide plant is damaged.

Something serious must have happened.

And they're keeping us in the dark... literally.

Just like at international conferences.

Hydrogen oxide?

That means water, right?


Do not fear.

Monster Zero is gone.

Has something happened?

There was a slight miscalculation... but we are safe once again.

As are you, of course.

What was it you wished to discuss?

Let me be frank. ln order to defeat King Ghidorah... we wish to borrow Monster Zero One and Monster Zero Two from you.

You call them Godzilla and Rodan.

Godzilla and Rodan?


We are aware that Godzilla and Rodan joined forces to save the Earth from King Ghidorah's destruction.

Will you help us?

This is a very unusual request.

We don't know what to say.

We don't even know where they are or how we'd get them here.

Godzilla is in Lake Myojin... and Rodan is in Washigasawa.

We merely seek your permission to go and capture them.

Of course... we have something to offer in return for your cooperation.

Your planet has no cure for cancer.

We are prepared to provide a drug that cures cancer.

Please explain our intentions to your people and help us achieve our objective.


We'll do our best to ensure a favorable response.

You are clear for takeoff.

We wish you a safe journey home.

And we are pleased to have found good friends in space.

Farewell for now.


From reports submitted by astronauts Fuji and Glenn... we have been astonished to learn that a technologically superior race inhabits the newly discovered Planet X.

Furthermore, these "Xiliens" have extended their friendship to us.

To reach a decision in this matter, l'd like to hear a thorough examination of their proposed conditions.

MEDlCAL DELEGATE l'm extremely interested in their generous offer to provide us with a cure for cancer. lf we could also obtain from them medical knowledge beyond the cure for cancer, fatal diseases could become a thing of the past.

As the housewives' delegate, l have no objection either.

We are impressed with their wish for peace in the galaxy... and we are ashamed of the many conflicts currently being waged around the globe.

Since all parties are in favor, there appears to be no need for further discussion.

But are Godzilla and Rodan where the Xiliens say they are?

We've sent search parties to both locations.




Sorry to keep you waiting.

Miss Namikawa is away on business. May l help you?

Any news on the Ladyguard? Anything at all?

That's still in the planning stage.

Planning stage? l get the same answer every time! May l see the president?

Sir? ls he gone?

No. He's asking when it will be brought to market.

What a pest.

Find a way to get rid of him... but politely.

l'm sure my brother's annoyed at being kept waiting. l don't feel like seeing him today.

Cheer up.

So they gave you the brush-off. Forget it.

Your little sister's late. l don't know what to do with her.

You're just scared of losing her.

Two coffees.

Listen, don't let me keep you.

Actually, l'm waiting for someone too.

A Japanese girl? Not the wrong kind, l hope.

You can't always do background checks, or you'll never fall in love.

But speaking of checking... l've been thinking about that incident on Planet X.

Water seemed to play an important role.

That was bugging me too.

And can we trust their gesture of friendship?

Have we kept you waiting? You're late!

Hello, Mr. Glenn.

Let's sit over here.


Haruno tells me you sold your invention.

That's right.

The Ladyguard.

What kind of company would buy such a thing? l haven't received any money yet. l'm not sure l can count on you to take care of my dear little sister.

You understand, right? Sure.

Don't agree with him!

Mr. Glenn, the most important thing is mutual trust, right?

Yes, trust is a beautiful thing.

Keep out of this, okay? l was just stating a fact. Trust won't put food on the table.

But it's a solid foundation.

Enough! You're always too easy on the ladies. lf you'll excuse me - You're leaving? l have a date. lt's not gonna be easy. You're up against a formidable foe.

lt's Miss Namikawa!

Been waiting long? No.

Damn it!

Away on business my foot!

Unless you give me some reason to change my mind, l'm opposed to your marriage.


What are you going to do?

Well... l'm a man too.

First l'll track down Miss Namikawa.

lt's getting stronger! Captain!


The radioactivity's getting stronger. What?


PROVES THE XlLlENS CORRECT Sir, is Godzilla really there? Yes.

The search team says he could awaken any time.

So Rodan is probably where the Xiliens said too.

What's wrong?

You drive for a while.

What's all this about? This leads to Lake Myojin, right? l came this way with my gal.

You gonna brag about your amorous adventures?

Just listen. l saw the commandant that day.

The commandant? From Planet X?


We stayed at the lodge there, and l could swear he came into our room.

You were just dreaming! l thought so at first, but that can't explain it.

Did he say anything?

"All preparations are completed.

Forget about minor matters."

What could that mean? How should l know?

Did she see him too?

No, but she said l moaned all night like l was having nightmares.

You think we've been too trusting of the Xiliens?

They just might have territorial ambitions here on Earth.

They may need our water.

Planet X isn't an easy place to live.

Let's go check out that lodge. Maybe we'll find something.


We're with the Space Agency.


Fuji. We're with the Space Agency. Glenn here.

We'd like to check out the lodge. Not a chance! Look over there.


Prepare to fire!


A flying saucer!

They're here, just as l thought.

Damn them!

Should we fire? What do we do?

Should we fire? Hold on!

They look human! lt's the Xiliens!

They're coming this way!

The commandant is in the middle.

l would like to express our sincere appreciation for the kindness you earthlings have shown to us... the people of Planet X. l would like to designate this day as Friendship Day in honor of our two planets... joining together for peace in our solar system.

His words set my teeth on edge.

Peace is well and good... but it requires trust and understanding.

You came and hid beneath the lake before even receiving our answer. l apologize for that.

But if we had delayed our arrival... what damage might Godzilla and Rodan have caused by then?

How would you transport those two to your planet?

We have advanced technology unimaginable on Earth.

We can easily transport any cargo into space, no matter its mass.

You seem skeptical... but those flying saucers are cargo ships.

They're headed for Washigasawa!

Search Team Two, flying saucer headed your way!

Fall back immediately!

Fall back!

There it is!

lt's Godzilla!

What are those beams? Electromagnetic waves!

Glenn, let's get ready.

Excuse us.

lt's Rodan!

Kazuo, are you sure you'll be safe?

Of course.

We're invited as state guests.

And we have to get that data on the cancer cure. ls Mr. Glenn going too? Yes, and Dr. Sakurai.

Tell me... is Mr. Glenn's girlfriend a good person?

Ask Glenn!

Don't go. We have to get married right away! l'll be back soon.

But you don't understand.

No, you don't understand.

What's going on?

l've gotta go.

We'll get married as soon as l get back.

Follow that car!

We'll be taking off soon. Please board.

Please have a seat.

l have a favor to ask.

Go ahead.

May l see the control room?

This is the control room.


All navigational decisions are communicated to the computer room via brainwaves.

Meaning you control the ship with your thoughts?


Can you do that with living creatures as well?

We can.

You have a very inquisitive mind. l will feed that fact into the computer.

Are all calculations correct?

Yes, sir.

All is according to plan.

A much smoother ride than on your spaceship, is it not?

But did Godzilla and Rodan manage to escape Earth's gravity?

Do not worry. They are right behind our ship.

450 million kilometers, precisely as computed.

450 million kilometers?

That is correct.

We just left Earth 4 1/2 hours ago!

We are now traveling at approximately 1/1 0 the speed of light.

The speed of light?

Our goal is to approach the speed of light.

You wished to see me?

You've become quite involved with the earthling, far more than necessary.

That's not true.

Just carry out your orders!

This isn't personal advice. lt's an order from the commandant! l understand.

That inventor is here.


You failed with that one too?

We will be landing shortly.

Glenn, be on your guard.


Work crew, you are to deploy as soon as Monster Zero One and Zero Two touch down.

Roger that.

What's that pipe for? lt is for absorbing hydrogen oxide.

Water is more precious here than gold.

Work crew, hurry!

Monster Zero is approaching!

Dr. Sakurai, please observe.

Monster Zero shall not have such an easy time of it now.

Of course, this plan could not have succeeded without your help.

We are most grateful.


For the first time... we have been able to repel Monster Zero's attack.

Where did Mr. Fuji and Mr. Glenn go?

They were just here.

This is leading nowhere. lt might lead to a clue as to the commandant's true intentions.

They'll get suspicious if we're not back soon.

Too late. Here they come.

lt's open!

No response. Alert the commandant!

Where's the switch? l don't see one.

We'll just have to wait till it stops.

Look at all this gold!

He said water was more precious here than gold.

Now l see why.

Someone's coming.


What's going on?

Have you forgotten me? What are you doing here?

Let's get out of here!

You can put your hands down now.

Why were you sneaking around without permission?

Permission? You mean like a couple of tourists?

Besides, we wanted a little glimpse behind the scenes.

And what did you discover?

That water is more precious here than gold.

That doesn't mean we lack for water.

We can readily obtain it.

Really? Where?

Perhaps you should discover that too.

Why do all the women look the same?

Do you not admire a beautiful face?

Not when they're all the same. lt's the unique beauty of each -

Let us not argue.

Our law states... that you should be punished.

But you were invited as state guests.

We shall overlook it this time. Thank you.

And this is the tape... containing the data on the cure for cancer.

We offer it now.

Thank you very much.

A spaceship is now ready to take you home.

lt's P-1 ! lt is not Spaceship P-1 .

When you first arrived, we analyzed your ship in detail.

This was built using that data.

lt's Godzilla! And Rodan too.

Dr. Sakurai, l wonder if we made the right choice.

Why do you say that?

Look at Godzilla and Rodan.

They don't seem too happy being left behind.

Yeah, they can be a pain sometimes, but l feel sorry for them.

Gentlemen, are your instrument checks complete?

l can't believe you built an exact replica. lt is no mere replica.

You will find it superior to the original.

Gentlemen, l wish you a safe journey.

Oh, it's you!

Please. l've come to ask about Tetsuo.


Oh, him.

He was quite a bother for a while, but l haven't seen him lately.

Are you sure?

Yes. ls anything wrong?

The day my brother and Mr. Glenn left for Planet X, Tetsuo set out looking for you, and he hasn't been home since.


How long are you going to keep me locked up?

We can't let you go now. You'll soon see why.

What do you mean?

We're changing the course of history.

The course of history?

Orders are coming in from the commandant.


Who's this commandant?

This is Earth Base.

This is the commandant. l read you loud and clear.

Our plan is to be executed per ltem 4 of Scenario 5. ltem 4 of Scenario 5. Understood.


The delegation has returned.

Turn on the TV.

They've arrived!

Welcome back. Great work.

This is the cancer cure data we received from Planet X.

ls the deck in working order? Yes, sir.

Did they use a different recording format?

The case indicates it's the same format as ours.

This is the commandant of Planet X.

My orders to the people of Earth are as follows.


Earth is henceforth a colony under our control.

lf you do not obey, we will exterminate every last human on your planet. l was afraid of this! That was his plan all along!

l repeat: Earth shall continue to exist only as our colony.

PUBLlC ORDER COLLAPSES AROUND THE GLOBE When the news came out, chaos broke out worldwide.

Some are calling for resistance, some for peace. STOCK MARKET PLUNGES!

The two sides have clashed, resulting in riots.



Just as l thought. l'm from Planet X.

You must have seen women identical to me there. l did.

Glenn, l was just following orders from the commandant's computer.

Were you ordered to marry me?


You were once my surveillance target, but now you're much more.

Then take off that uniform and let's get out of here.

No, you're to become a citizen of Planet X and marry me.

So says the computer. lt's the only way to save you.

Namikawa, we're not robots.

How could we be happy while controlled by a machine?

The people of earth will fight to the death for freedom.

Has the computer stripped you of your conscience?

Think hard! ls there any way to stop this war? lf you know, tell me!

That's the way to ensure peace and our own happiness!

Glenn... l can't live as an earthling. lt's too late.

No, it isn't!

Mr. Glenn!

lt is too late.

Oh yeah?

As commander of this colony, l'm taking you to our base.

Don't go! You'll be a human guinea pig!

What did she do? Why did you have to kill her?

The computer controls our actions.

We cannot love or marry unless ordered.

Violators must be eliminated.

That is the law on Planet X.


So King Ghidorah has appeared in the U.S.?

More bad news. lntelligence reports are coming in.

What about the Defense Council? No decision yet.

The Defense Force believes we're compelled to use our hydrogen bombs.

Could we survive such massive radiation?

Seems we're between a rock and a hard place.

Kazuo. Have you seen Glenn?

No, he hasn't been back to his lodgings.

Where has he run off to at a time like this?

A flying saucer!

We are sorry to see there has been no reply to our orders.

We therefore consider you noncompliant. l will now explain how we shall conquer Earth.

We have stationed King Ghidorah in your western hemisphere.

So he was theirs all along!

King Ghidorah is controlled by our electromagnetic waves.

We can control Godzilla and Rodan the same way.

Damn them!

We shall conquer the Earth with these three monsters.

But we will delay our orders to them for 24 hours.

This is your last chance.

So they're controlling them via electromagnetic waves?

Yes. Why?

You have to get right on this.

"The Effect of A-Cycle on Electromagnetic Waves."

Hey, aren't you...?

Ah, it's you.

Funny meeting you here.

You can say that again. lt's no use. l've checked every square inch.

There's no way out.

Completely soundproof? And not just the walls.

The bars aren't even metal. They don't make a sound.

New orders from the commandant.

We are now a mop-up force.

We are to eliminate all earthlings who resist.

Our operation begins in 20 hours.

Fifteen hours left.

We have no choice but to deploy all our missiles.

First let us pray. l don't think praying will help.

At least we'll save our souls.

Attack or surrender - we must decide.

Just a moment. l'm working on a plan to take back Godzilla and Rodan.


The Xiliens are controlling them via electromagnetic waves. lf we can interrupt those waves, we might save Earth.

Can you do it in short order?

Chances are 50-50.

We're running final tests now.

Let's try it again.

The problem is the A-Cycle range...


Any progress? l think l've got the general idea.

The general idea? We don't have time!

How are results so far?

This tape is powered by electromagnetic waves transmitted from over there.

Haruno, switch it off.

And back on.

lf we interrupt the electromagnetic waves, the tape stops.

As you can see... even synthetic metals fail to stop the waves.

So we'll use this A-Cycle light beam to interrupt the electromagnetic energy. l'll use a visible spectrum, so you can see it work.

You have it working perfectly!

The problem is... we don't know the intensity of the electromagnetic waves controlling Godzilla and Rodan.

We're running out of time.

We'll make the A-Cycle adjustable.

What if their waves are outside the range we set?

Then we can only pray.

They won't wait while we fix the problem.

Ten hours and counting. Excellent.

Earth Base is ready!

Very well. ls everything per our calculations?

Yes, sir. lt sure is quiet.

Don't waste your time. l tried everything!

We can't give up. We have to keep trying.

Mr. Glenn!

What's this?

A note from Namikawa!

That lying witch!

What's it say?

Glenn, by the time you read this... l'll have been eliminated for disobeying our computer.

But l have no regrets.

With you l found a love beyond all computer calculations.

One more thing our calculations failed to account for:

The people of Planet X are defenseless against a certain audio frequency.

Farewell, Glenn. l see now!

That's why this room is soundproof!

And that's why they bought my invention!

Does this emit a sound?

A really irritating one! lf l push this...

Stop! Stop it! lt's working!

Grab the key!

That way!

Sir, the earthlings escaped!



Two test subjects escaped! Requesting assistance!

That's that. Return to your posts!

That was close! l wasn't sure it would work.

What do we do now?

They're not gonna ferry us across.

Start swimming.

Five hours and counting.

Situation normal. Proceeding as calculated.


Kazuo? l'm back.

Where were you?

Look at this.

With these metal particles and an A-Cycle beam, we can completely interrupt their electromagnetic waves.

What are you doing here?

Don't be mean.

She's right. He has a great idea for defeating Planet X.

The alarm he invented incapacitates the Xiliens.

Really? lt saved our lives. lf we amplify the sound and broadcast it, it'll hurt 'em good!

Good! Get started on it. We only have three hours.

Commandant, there's an anomaly in our calculations.

Computer Five, status report.

The cause is unknown.

Very well. Let us change the plan.

We attack Earth at once.

Status update.

Errors gradually decreasing.

Very well.

Monster Zero One and Zero Two, attack!

Godzilla's coming!

Sir, they launched an early attack!

Did they figure out our plans?

We have to hurry. Let Glenn know.

Calculations returning to normal values.

Very well.

Continue the attack. We shall deploy as well.

Get back!

The attack is a success.

Eliminate all approaching vehicles.


How's it coming?

Flying saucers are picking off the first truck squad like sitting ducks.

A mobile unit is almost ready.

Great! l'm heading out to the frontline with Dr. Sakurai.

Let's hurry.

Are the calculations correct?

Yes, sir.

Deploy Monster Zero for a mass assault.


Please keep the second squad in the tunnel until ordered.

Second squad, stay in the tunnel.

Don't let them see you. Roger.

This way.

Sorry it took so long.

Use this deck.

This is an emergency broadcast.

The shrill noise you're about to hear is not a malfunction.

Please do not turn off your radios.

Keep them on at maximum volume. l repeat: Keep your radios on.

Sir, Glenn has begun broadcasting!

Be ready to attack.

That's it. Let's get to Mekura lsland.

That shrill sound is not a malfunction.

Please do not turn off your radios.

Please keep the volume at maximum. l repeat: Keep your radios on.

Commandant! What is it?

Let's go. Move out!

How is it going?

Hard to say.

All's quiet so far.

A flying saucer!

Start transmitting. All right.

Commence transmission!

Earth Base, what's the status on the calculation corrections?

We can't take any more!

That sound is killing us!

Make it stop!

Send in the second squad. Launch the attack.

Second squad, commence attack.

Sir, it's working!

Commandant! What?

We've lost control of the monsters.


Earth Base, what's the status on the calculation corrections?

Earth Base!


Earth Base is done for!


You fool! We are invincible!

Earth cannot defeat us!

Please save us!

No! We proceed as calculated.

lt's in trouble!

Earth Base, we shall escape!

We shall escape to the future... to a future unknown.

We did it!

Sir, let's fall back.

Good idea.

Move out!

What's going on? Look.

Are Godzilla and Rodan dead?

No, l doubt it.

Fuji, what do you think?

What can l say?

Can you rest easy now?

Not so fast.

You're heading back to Planet X.


To make a thorough survey.

You gotta be kidding!

You just can't win.