Gojira (1954) Script


Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka Screenplay by Takeo Murata and Ishiro Honda Story by Shigeru Kayama Photography by Masao Tamai Music by Akira Ifukube Special Effects directed by Eji Tsuburaya

Starring Momoko Kochi Akihiko Hirata and Takashi Shimura

Directed by Ishiro Honda

What was that?

Yes? Southern Sea Salvage, Ogata speaking.


Right, I understand. As soon as possible.

Emiko, I'm sorry...

What is it? An accident?

The Coast Guard received a distress call.

I'll have to cancel our date tonight.

Budapest String Quartet I'm sorry I can't go with you, but you can still see it if you hurry.

It's a shame, but it's your job.

Well, you'd better hurry.

Southern Sea Steamship Company vessel, the "Eiko-maru," a 7,500-ton freighter, was reported lost on August 13 at 19:05 hours.

Its last position, latitude 24 degrees north, longitude 141.02 degrees east.

Contact was lost for unknown reasons.

All units in sectors 3 and 4 stand by for action!

Thank you for calling me.

Thank you again. What could have happened?

We have no idea. It seems like there was a sudden explosion.

Communications suddenly halted shortly after we received their SOS.

Well, the "Bingo-maru" is approaching the area now.

We'll learn more soon enough.

They are here.

Certainly. The "Eiko-maru" and "Bingo-maru" are both owned by the Southern Sea Steamship Company.

Yes. They don't know how.

Can't you tell us if any survivors were seen?

Please wait a little longer.

We have a helicopter and two ships searching the area now.

We won't be sure of anything until we get their report.

Excuse me, why not send more ships?

Two ships are not enough for this!

No, we're not limiting the search party to two ships.

We'll make every effort to conduct a thorough search.

Until then, please be patient.


Help us, please!

We're here! Hang in there!

It was incredible. The ocean just blew up!

Blew up?

So far, three survivors were picked up by a fishing boat.

They are being taken to Odo Island.

We have sent the vessel "Kotaka" to assist them.

Which ship were the survivors from the "Eiko-maru" or the "Bingo-maru"?

We are still investigating, but their names will be released soon enough.

I hope the three men know what happened.

We need to know more about the accidents.

Just a moment! Please, wait!

What's the matter?

I can't believe it. I just can't believe it!

The fishing boat sank the same way.

News desk! Ah, Mr. Yamana?

Mr. Yamana, the other search boat was sunk!

In the same area... yes. Yes, in the same way!

We're tired of hearing the same thing! Please tell us what happened!

Please give us a chance to investigate! Don't you know what's going on?

I'm sorry, but you must be patient!

Wait, please wait!

A drifting sea mine, or an underwater volcanic eruption?

One shipwreck after another!

I can't imagine, could it be a volcano?

Izuma! Is there something out there?

Ah, it's a raft!

Hey, there's a raft out there!

A raft is coming this way!

A raft is coming!

Hey! Over here!

Build up the fire! Build up the fire!

It's Masaji! It's Masaji!



Masaji! Hold on! Masaji!

Hang on!


Masaji! Masaji!


He did it... What?!

A monster... What did this?

Masaji! What did this?!

It's no good! We didn't catch anything! It can't get any worse than this!


Godzilla must have done it.

The old man and Godzilla, both relics from days past!

Hey! What do you know about the old days?!

If you all keep thinking like that, you'll all become prey for Godzilla!

Anyhow, there must be some kind of animal in the sea.

That's why we can't catch anything.

But a creature that big would...

I knew it was stupid to open my mouth!

I try to tell you all, but nobody listens!

Shinkichi, let's go.

Ah, sir! Sir, sir!


It's the name of a monster that lives in the sea.

It will come from the ocean to feed on humankind to survive.

In the old days, during times when the fishing was poor, we used to sacrifice girls to prevent him from eating us all, yes!

Now, this exorcism ceremony is all that remains of the old traditions.


Shinkichi! Shinkichi! Stay inside!




Brother! Run, brother!

Brother! Run, brother! Hey! Shinkichi, what's wrong?!


Odo Island Representatives

Mr. Ooyama.

There have been 17 houses destroyed with nine deaths...

I have heard that there were other damages.

Could you please tell us how bad they are?

Odo Island Village Mayor, Mr. Inada.

Certainly, of course. Twelve cows and eight pigs died.

I'm not lying!

It was hard to see in the dark, but it was an animal!

I know it goes against common sense, but the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that it was definitely not a normal hurricane.

The way the houses and helicopter were destroyed, it seems as if they were crushed from above!

Now, finally, we will hear the opinion of expert paleontologist Professor Kyohei Yamane.

I suppose my opinion is a bit premature before a thorough investigation,

but we are all aware of the discovery in the Himalayas of the alleged "snowman footprints."

It is a mystery we have yet to solve.

The earth has many deep pockets, abyssal regions that contain secrets we have yet to discover.

For this incident, I request the formation of a fact-finding party for a full investigation.

Good Luck, Odo Island Research Party!


We'll see you soon!

It was surprising to see Dr. Serizawa at our departure.

He rarely leaves his laboratory.

I don't know if he believes this will be our final journey.

Well, what could go wrong?

Of course, we can avoid dangerous waters, but anything can happen.

For the time being, please don't use the water from this well. It's dangerous.

This is horrible! We can't use the well anymore?

Professor, if there was radioactive fallout, wouldn't the wells on the other side of the island be affected?


Why is it that the wells in this area were the only ones affected?

It doesn't make any sense.

Mr. Hagiwara, I think this depression might be the footprint of a creature.

Would you agree with me?

Is that true, Professor?

This footprint is radioactive.

Everybody, it's very dangerous here!

Please step back! Step back! Step back!

Emiko, look!

It's a trilobite!

A three-lobed creature that has long since been extinct!

Professor! You shouldn't be touching that!

Professor, what is that thing?

This is... an incredible discovery!

It's on the other side of the hill!


What is it?

Tanabe, I saw it!

A creature from the Jurassic Period!

Where is it?

Emiko! Emiko!



This way!

This way!

What is that? Those are footprints.

About 2 million years ago, this brontosaurus and these other dinosaurs roamed the earth during a period the experts called Jurassic.

During the following geological period, the Cretaceous, a creature somewhere between the marine reptiles and the evolving terrestrial animals was born.

I am convinced there was such an intermediate creature.

This creature, according to Odo Island folklore, is called Godzilla.

As we look at this photo of Godzilla's head from a hill on Odo Island, we can estimate that this creature stands approximately 50 meters tall.

So then, how can we explain the presence of such a creature during the present day?

It probably survived by eating deep sea organisms occupying a specific niche.

However, recent experimental nuclear detonations may have drastically altered its natural habitat.

I would even speculate that a hydrogen bomb explosion may have removed it from its surroundings.

Incredible! Really!

I have strong evidence to support my theory.

First, the organism we found embedded in Godzilla's footprint, a trilobite.

This is a photo of the creature.

This is it.

This creature has been extinct for two million years, yet here it is in perfect physical condition.

Next is the sediment that we found in the trilobite's shell.

That sediment is sand.

There is no doubt that this sand matches the deposits found from the Jurassic period.

This sand is similar to the red clay found in the stratum of that particular period.

Professor, how do you know that this has something to do with the atomic bombs?

Because our Geiger counter readings of the radiation in this sand indicate the presence of Strontium-90.

Professor Tanabiya will explain this better in a moment, but basically, this sand that came from Godzilla has absorbed a massive dose of radiation, the type generated only from an atomic bomb.

Order, please! Order, please!

The evidence suggests that Godzilla itself must have absorbed an enormous amount of atomic radiation.

Order, please! Order, please!

Chairman! Chairman!

Mr. Ooyama.

I believe Professor Yamane's report is of such extreme importance, it must not be made public.

What are you saying?!

Because it is so important, it should be made public!

Yes! Yes!

Be quiet!

What I mean is, if this Godzilla is the product from the use of atomic weapons...

Exactly! That's exactly what it is!

She's right!

That's my point! World affairs are fragile enough as it is!

If this were to be made public, can you imagine the consequences?

The truth is the truth!

That is what makes it such a delicate matter!

The improper handling of such a notion would engulf the country in a panic!

The government, the economy and international relations would plunge into total chaos!

You stupid idiot! What are you saying?!

You dare to call me an idiot?! Apologize! Apologize!

The truth must be made public!

Counter-Godzilla Headquarters Established.

Seventeen Ships Already Lost.

It's terrible, huh? Contaminated tuna and radioactive fallout, and now this Godzilla to top it all off!

What will happen if he appears out of Tokyo Bay?

First, he'll probably eat you in one bite. - You're horrible!

They seemed certain about the accuracy of their report.

How could we create such a thing?

I guess I'll have to find a shelter soon.

Find one for me, too!

The shelters again? That stinks.

Counter-Godzilla Headquarters Isn't there any way they can get rid of this creature?

Longitude 138 to 138.07 degrees east.

Latitude 33.04 to 33.08 degrees north.

These are the coordinates of the anti-Godzilla frigate fleet.

Depth charges will be dropped in the area.

So vessels in the vicinity should be warned.

That's all. - Is that all? That's all.

In response to the public outcry, the government is attempting to get rid of the monster known as Godzilla.

A frigate fleet has been ordered to begin a massive depth-charge attack in order to get rid of the creature.

The 10 vessel fleet left port at 10:00 a.m., heading for the coast of Odo Island.

At 10:19 a.m., they received orders to commence with their attack.

What's wrong with them?

The professor is a zoologist.

He doesn't want them to kill Godzilla.




Please leave me alone for a while.

Emiko, please turn off the light.


Godzilla! It's Godzilla!

Watch out! Watch out! Please don't panic!

What a bother!

Have you tried solving the problem together?

They're sticking to their point of view.

How much longer will they keep us waiting like this?

For as long as they want. It's annoying!

Please, Professor. Have a seat. Excuse me.

Thank you for coming. You're welcome.

This is quite a problem, Professor.

If this keeps up, we'll have to suspend the international ship routes.

Have you found a way?

Is there something we can do to defeat him?

So, that's it?

Professor Yamane, let's be honest.

If there's a way to defeat Godzilla, we'd like to know.

It's impossible!

He absorbed massive amounts of atomic radiation, but Godzilla still survived.

What do you think could kill him?

Instead, we should focus on why he is still alive.

That should be our top priority!

Professor Yamane's argument is absolutely correct!

This isn't the time to behave like idiots.

We should focus on scientific research!

Yes, but research at what cost?

You're right! That's the question!

Hagiwara, interview this gentleman.

Dr. Serizawa?

Yes, he's Professor Yamane's future son-in-law.

Oh? The girl's fiance?

I'm sure my father will understand.

There's no reason for him to apologize.

But I can't help feeling uneasy when I think about Serizawa.

If it wasn't for the war, he wouldn't have received such a terrible scar.


Ever since I was a child, I've always thought of him as an older brother.

Even now, my feelings for him have not changed at all.

Emiko, thanks.

Miss, Mr. Hagiwara would like to see you.

Mr. Hagiwara? Yes, the reporter.

Hello! Excuse me.

Thank you.

What do you want? Um... I'd like to ask you a favor.

The truth is, I tried to talk to Dr. Serizawa, but he refused to see me.

So, I was wondering if you could introduce me to him?

It's for our daily newspaper. I'm sorry, but I need your help.

It's perfect.

I should go along with you to speak with Serizawa personally.

You're right, but I should break it to him my way.

Please let me go to speak with him first.

You're right. Well, go ahead.

Thank you. I'm sorry, but we should go.

I have a ride waiting outside.

I'll try my best to talk to him.

I'll help Shinkichi with his studies. See you later.

Serizawa Research Laboratory

There must be some mistake.

I haven't spoken to anyone about the importance of my research.

It's the truth. A journalist in Switzerland met with a German scientist who stated that your project would be an incredible breakthrough in anti-Godzilla operations in Japan when completed.

I don't have any German scientist associates.

Really? Then what is the nature of your research right now?

No. I'd rather not speak about it.

Well, thank you for your time.

No, I'm sorry that I wasn't much help.

Excuse me.

I'll stay a little longer. Really? Then, I'll be going.

I wanted to find out what his research was all about.

He's very moody, but please try to ask him again at another time.

I will. Good-bye.

Have a safe trip.

Well, what are you really studying now?

My father is also wondering what you are studying these days.

Emiko, would you like to see it?

Yes. This must be strictly confidential.


I'm risking my life in this project.

Would you be able to keep it a secret?

Follow me.


Get back!

Emiko, you're the only one I've shown this to.

Don't forget it.

Yes, I'll keep my promise.

Welcome back. We missed you. Welcome home.

Did anything happen?

No, it was nothing.

Has Emiko come back? Yes!

Godzilla! Godzilla has come back!


I couldn't tell him about us.

I am Yamane, Professor Yamane!

I'm sorry, but I've been ordered not to let anyone pass!

Then tell your commander not to use lights on Godzilla!

They will only make him angry!

He can't be bothered by that now!

Professor, let's go to that hill.

Get back, please! Get back, please!

International Researchers to Assist!

We are preparing to construct a 30 meter high, 80 meter deep barbed-wire fence along the coast.

We will send 50,000 volts of electric current through the fence in hope of electrocuting Godzilla to death.

We will have to evacuate the people along the coast, of course, and maintain a safe distance of 500 meters from the entire fence perimeter.

The Coast Guard and the Army will work to implement this defense plan.

Hurry! Hurry!

This is a Security Command Announcement.

At 16:30 hours, Godzilla was sighted north of Kasonzaki, moving in a northeast direction.

A maximum security alert has been issued for the coastal zones in the Tokyo vicinity.

Third District. Third District.

Check! Check!

Third district!


This is a special news report. This is a special news report.

All residents of the Minato, Shinagawa and Osaku districts are to begin evacuating immediately.

Repeating, all residents of the Minato, Shinagawa and Osaku districts are to begin evacuating immediately.

Please keep your radio on for further reports.

Emiko, today I'm going to ask for your father's consent.

Will that be all right?

Welcome home.

What happened, Father?

All they can think about is killing Godzilla.

Why can't they try to study him from a radiological perspective?

It's an unique opportunity!

Professor, I agree with them.

Ogata, I do not take this matter lightly.

Godzilla is something that no one in the world has ever seen, and only those of us in Japan can study it!

But, Professor, that's no reason to do nothing while this monster ravages our country.

Isn't Godzilla a product of the atomic bomb that still haunts many of us Japanese?

Don't you think we should study what keeps a creature like this alive, regardless of the radiation it absorbs!


All you want is to kill Godzilla, too?!

Go away! Get out of my house!

I'm very sorry.

No, I shouldn't have upset him like that.

No, Father has been like this.

Emiko, give me a chance to see him again.

This is a special bulletin! This is a special bulletin!

Godzilla was spotted moving toward the coastline several minutes ago.

The barbed-wire fence along the shoreline is about to be charged with high voltage electricity.

We repeat...

Direction, 25 to 30 degrees!

Distance, 850!

Fires are raging through the Shihabara district.

We have no way to put them out.

This is Central Command, come in, unit 465.

Central Command, this is unit 465.

The fire that started in Mitadai-machi has spread to other districts!

This is Central Command, come in, unit 215.

Central Command, unit 215.

Our defense lines have broken!

Armored division #49 has been destroyed!

The current position of the target is unknown. We are awaiting further orders, please!

Attention all units! Attention all units!

Initiate Security Command code 129!

Initiate Security Command code 129!

Prepare to repel attack while carrying out firefighting procedures.

Concentrate efforts to rescue casualties.

Initiate Security Command code 129!

Initiate Security Command code 129!

We'll be joining your father in just a moment!

A little longer, a little longer, and we'll be with your daddy!

This is unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable!

Yet, the unbelievable is happening at this moment, right before our very eyes!

Right now, Godzilla is leaving behind a sea of flame!

From Ginza-Owari to Shinbashi, Tamachi, Chiba and Shinabara, it's all become a sea of flames!

Now, Godzilla is starting to move again!

It appears that he is moving beyond the city limits!

To all of our viewers, this is not a play or a movie!

This is real, the most extraordinary story of the century!

Is the world going to be destroyed by a two million-year-old monster?

All personnel to the shelters! All personnel to the shelters!

Quickly, please! Quickly, please!

Operational Command Staff, proceed to shelter 306!

We are reporting to you live from a short-wave transmitter.

Godzilla is now approaching this broadcasting station, heading toward our TV tower!

There is no time for us to take cover!

We don't know what will happen to us!

He is getting even closer! It looks like our doom!

I'm watching as he grabs onto the tower!

He has incredible strength!

This broadcast is over! Good-bye, everyone, good-bye!

Godzilla has turned Tokyo into a sea of flames!

He is moving from Ueno to Asakusa and Shinagawa, apparently heading for the river!

Damn it! Damn it!

Damn it!

Damn it! Damn it!

He's running away!

He'll be back! What can we do?

Damn it! How can we get rid of him?! Damn it!

Godzilla has retreated back into the sea.

Professor Yamane has been asked to work on a plan to defeat the monster.

No details are known at this time. That is the news for now.

Mr. Ogata from Southern Sea Salvage.

There has been a change in the scheduled timetable.

Please report to the briefing room for further instructions.

Thank you for your help.

Your mother will be okay.


Ogata, I have something important to tell you!

I can't stay quiet anymore!

I must betray him.


Yes. I made a promise to Serizawa.


It's a secret I've been keeping, even from you!

But, now, I have to break my promise!

It happened on the day that Mr. Hagiwara and I went to see him.

That's when it happened.

Get back!

What was that?


All of the oxygen in the water was disintegrated.

The organisms in the tank died of asphyxiation.

Their remains were liquified by my Oxygen Destroyer.

Overall, it's a device that splits oxygen atoms into fluids.


I intended to devote my work to the study of the element oxygen.

But, in the course of my research, I came across an unknown form of energy.

In my first experiment, I discovered a powerful force that scared me beyond words.

I didn't eat for two or three days!

Just a little piece of this, dropped into the water, could turn the entire Tokyo Bay into a graveyard!

Why are you working on such an awful project?

Emiko! I perform my work strictly as a research scientist!

But what if... what if your discovery is used for some horrible purpose?

You're right.

Used as a weapon, this would be as powerful as a nuclear bomb.

It could totally destroy humankind!

But I believe I can find a use for the Oxygen Destroyer that will benefit society.

Until then, I won't reveal its existence.

That's why I didn't say anything to the reporter.

If I am forced to surrender this device in its present form...

I'll make sure the results of my experiments are destroyed in the event of my death.

I understand.

I won't tell anyone about this, not even my own father.

I had to break my promise.

So that's it?

But, Emiko, considering what Serizawa said, and the fact that this thing can be of help, I'm sure he will forgive you for this.

Hello. Welcome back.


What? Oh, it's you.

I have a favor to ask you today.

Well, have a seat.

What do you want from me?

I want to use the Oxygen Destroyer.

What Oxygen Destroyer? I don't know what you're talking about!

Serizawa, why are you pretending?


Serizawa, I broke the promise I made to you.

So I told him everything!

Please let him use the device!

I'm sorry!

Please forgive me!

Emiko wanted to help after seeing the destruction.

Please try to forgive her.

Your device is our only hope!

Ogata, if Emiko told you everything about my device, you should know why I can't let you use it.

I must refuse! Serizawa! - No!

Why is it wrong to use it for this? Please go home!


Serizawa! Open the door, please!


Serizawa! What are you doing?! Leave me alone!

Do you want to destroy years of research? - Let go!

Stop, please!




Ogata, forgive me.

If my device can serve a good purpose, I would announce it to everyone in the world!

But in its current form, it is just a weapon of horrible destruction!

Please understand, Ogata!

I understand, but if we don't use your device against Godzilla, what are we going to do?

Ogata, if the Oxygen Destroyer is used even once, politicians from around the world will see it.

Of course, they'll want to use it as a weapon.

Bombs vs. Bombs, Missiles vs. Missiles, and now a new super weapon to throw upon us all!

As a scientist, no, as a human being, I can't allow that to happen!

Am I right?

Well, what do we do about the horror before us now?

Should we just let it happen?

If anyone can save us now, Serizawa, you're the only one!

If... you use the device to defeat Godzilla, unless you reveal what you have done, who will know about it?

Ogata, humans are weak animals.

Even if I burn my notes, the secret will still be in my head.

Until I die, how can I be sure I won't be forced by someone to make the device again?

What am I going to do?

"Oh Peace, Oh Light, Return," the prayer for peace that took place all over the country today.

Here we see the Tokyo chapter of this event.

Listen to the young voices as they put the strength of their lives into their song.

May we live without destruction May we look to tomorrow with hope May peace and light return to us.


Ogata, you are right.

But this will be the first and last time that I will ever allow the Oxygen Destroyer to be used.

Don't cry, Emiko.

This is the only way to be sure that it won't fall into the wrong hands.

We are getting closer to the moment of truth.

We will soon know if Godzilla, the monster that has terrorized the world will be finally buried forever in the ocean depths.

At this time, Geiger-counter readings are being used to pinpoint Godzilla's location.

Ogata, get me a diving suit.

What are you saying?!

You have no experience in using a diving suit!

Serizawa... Ogata is right.

Let him do it.

Professor, this is the only Oxygen Destroyer I have!

To use it properly, I have to do it underwater.

All right. We'll do it together.

No. I'll do this myself.

You're crazy. I won't allow someone with no experience to go down alone!

Hey! Get another diving suit ready!

Okay? Please don't go down alone!

Will the only Oxygen Destroyer in the world be powerful enough to do the job?

Its inventor, Dr. Serizawa, remains silent.

All we can do now is pray for its success.


I never thought I'd reveal it in this way.

I'll be praying for you.

All right! You two be very careful.

Ogata, we're counting on you. Right!

The time has come. Right now, Dr. Serizawa is being lowered into the water.

They've reached the bottom!

Pull! Start pulling!

Serizawa! Serizawa!


Serizawa! Serizawa!

What's going on?!


Ogata, it worked!

Both of you, be happy.

Good-bye... farewell!

Serizawa! Hey, bring him up!



This exhilaration, this jubilation, we have won!

We can see that Godzilla will never rise from the ocean's depths again!

This victory could not be achieved if it weren't for the young scientist, Dr. Serizawa.

He wanted us to be happy...

I can't believe that Godzilla was the only surviving member of its species...

But, if we keep on conducting nuclear tests, it's possible that another Godzilla might appear... somewhere in the world, again.


At ease!