Gojira: Fainaru uozu (2004) Script

Godzilla directly ahead! Target lock!


Keep to your posts!

Prepare to launch missiles! Preparing missiles!

It's an Earthquake!

Fire into the glacier!

Repeated wars and environmental disruptions...

As science advanced, Earth's environment paid the ultimate price.

Giant monsters began to appear.

A race of mutants, seemingly human, emerged as mankind's enemies.

But later joined forces with them to fight the monsters.

The Earth Defense Force (EDF) is born.

Possessing special physical abilities, more mutants began to appear.

The EDF organized a special military unit consisting of humans and mutants.

This elite unit is called Organization-M.

But the greatest enemy of the EDF...

...plunged the world into a crisis of extinction.

It appeared for the first time in 1954.

It's name is...

We can't maintain this. We must surface.

Depth is 6700 meters! We're already beyond our limit!

Inside temperature now at 80 degrees Celsius!


Temperature now at 90 Celsius!

Captain! We can't take anymore!

Manda in pursuit!

Automatic firing system down!

Manda is terminated.

Ship damage at 72%.

Captain Gordon, were you planning on sinking the Gotengo?

You can't avoid a court martial this time.


If this was a real fight, Ozaki would be dead.

Lucky for you this is only an exercise.

Kazama, don't get carried away.

But I won the fight.

Listen, the purpose of training is not to become stronger than your partner.

Then what's the point?

To become stronger than you were yesterday.



Come to my quarters later.

Yes, sir!



Why did you hold back?

Were you trying to lose?

No. You won.

Listen, let me tell you something.

All you need to think about is killing.

You have a heart. That could be fatal on the battlefield.

How can we defend people without a heart?

You're too soft.

We're mutants.

We were born to fight.

Our mission is not to defend.

We just fight.

The fossil of an unknown monster was found in Hokkaido...

...and brought to the Defense Museum.

A biologist is coming from the United Nations to examine it.

You'll act as a personal security guard.

Is that all?

Yes. It's an easy job.

This isn't a job for Organization-M.

The Gotengo is now in dry-dock and under repairs after the battle with Manda.

Col. Gordon was pissed off at the conference and hit his superior.

He's in a detention cell.

You need a change of scenery.

Anyhow, this biologist from the UN must be an old, argumentative...

Sorry for being old and argumentative.

This is Ms. Miyuki Otonashi, a molecular biologist.

Are you really a biologist? You look more like a model.

I always thought Mutants were dumb grunts who only know how to fight.

After meeting you, it seems that I was right.

Yeah, that's true.

It seems there is also a model who thinks she is a biologist.

First of all, let's get something clear.


Don't interrupt my work.

Don't talk to me except when I ask you something.

But I... In fact...

Don't even look at me except when you have business with me.

Babysitting a woman.

A job that suits you.

Try a little harder.

I've studied it thoroughly.\N\N\N\N\N\N A fusion of machine and an organic life form.\N\N\N\N\N\N Should I call it a cyborg monster?

After a full analysis, I'd say it's approximately 12,000 years old.

Could such a creation actually be possible 12,000 years ago?

Not possible. Not on this planet, at least.

You mean, this monster came from another planet?

Here, the M-base is detected.

Yes. Human beings are made up of four components:

Adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine.

But mutants have a fifth unknown one, which we call M-base.

M-base is detected in this monster, too.

Mutants didn't suddenly metamorphose....

But are somehow biologically related to this monster from 12,000 years ago.

That means this monster is kind of an ancestor to you guys.

That's ridiculous.

Do you have any special thoughts, as the first Japanese UN Secretary General?

I believe the human race has the ability to solve any problem.\N\N\N\N\N\N The logic and science that we brought about and the reason and\N\N\N\N\N\N courage to solve any mystery mankind encounters.

For example, the root of life that is not yet discovered... and overcome any and all unknown menaces.

I am strongly convinced that such a day is upon us.

Mr. Daigo, are you going to New York after this?


I'm traveling so much these days, I feel as if I were living on an airplane.

It's a pity I don't see Clint very much these days.


He's my dog.

You have a doggy!

He hasn't changed his attitude, even since I became the Secretary General.

Prof. Jiguji, here it is.

Infant Island?


That monster's name is Gigan.

Where are we?

Welcome to Infant Island.

We have brought you here to tell you something very important.

Gigan came to this island 12,000 years ago and caused great destruction.

Mothra tried to stop it.

That's what this ancient art depicts.

Gigan is a wicked creature.

And its wicked blood streams down to you.


You have the power to decide what path you will choose.

As long as you don't become an enemy to the Earth, Mothra is on your side.

What was that?

Did we all have a hallucination?

No. It wasn't a hallucination.

Please take this.

This is a charm from the ancient times of this Island.

Mr. Daigo. Here's the document for the meeting.

Oh, thank you.

New York is under attack by Rodan. We've deployed Operation Rumbling.

What about Mr. Daigo's plane?

It's still missing.

Commander Namikawa, Angilas has appeared in Shanghai!

Dispatch Karyu right away!


King Caesar has appeared in Okinawa!

Kamacuras is in Paris!

Sydney is under attack!

What on Earth?

Special bulletin.

Monsters have appeared all over the world.

Don't go out. Stay at home.

Damn armadillo!

Don't let him get away!

Fire missiles!

Fire Maser!

Don't let it get away!

After it!

Who are you?

I'll shoot!

Who do you think I am?

Grandpa, don't shoot him!

It looks scared.


What's going on here?

Damage report!


Fire missiles!

Oh, you're a feisty one.

There's an energy plant 1 KM away.

So we'll stop 'em right here!

Ozaki and Kazama form a team.

The rest of you blast the hell out of him.

Then, while it's preoccupied with the attack...

Ozaki and Kazama will shoot it with the masers.

Let's have fried shrimp for dinner!




We've got it now.

What the hell is happening?

A UFO in Paris! Kamacuras has disappeared!

Also in Okinawa! King Caesar has disappeared!

Kumonga as well! All the monsters are disappearing!

The flying objects are gathering.

What's the projected target area?

Point 0.0.

Above headquarters.

Right here!

Commander, you're in danger here.

I don't care. The danger is the same everywhere.

Secretary General Daigo!

What's happening here?

I was in danger.

They rescued me.

Who are they?

Yes, my friends from outer space.

You mean, extraterrestrials?

They aren't hostile.

A new door is opening for mankind.

We are all about to bear witness to an historic moment.


Nice to meet you.

We come in peace.

How do we know that?

We eliminated the monsters for you. We could have attacked you instead.

We come from a place far beyond your solar system.

Our intentions are peaceful.

Earthlings cannot pronounce the name of our star.

So, you can call it Planet X.

What is your purpose here?

A crisis approaches the Earth.

A huge planet will soon collide with your planet.

It will collide with the Earth in 11,736 hours, 17 minutes and 32 seconds from now.

31, 30, 29... Every second it draws closer.

Planet Gorath.

There is only one way to stop Gorath from destroying your planet.

With our help, you must gather all of Earth's armaments in one place and attack.

We calculated the exact time and place.

This... is a great opportunity for us... to advance in ways we never imagined possible.

With their help... we can learn limitless new science, technology and medicine.

And the universe will be united.

The days of the United Nations are now over.

This is the beginning of the Space Nations!

We're in the square looking at the UFO.

We can't get any closer because it's strictly guarded by the Defense Force.

But look...

A large number of people continue flocking here day after day, to have a look at the Xiliens.

The aura of enthusiasm is increasing!

Today's guest is... not Kenji Kohashi, because he's changed his name.


"X"? That's right.

What do you mean by "X"?

I renamed myself. So everyone call me X from now on.

I decided to call myself X to prompt the collaboration between Earth and Planet X.

It's a collaboration across space, galaxies, the universe, black holes and--

Okay, okay, okay, we got it, Kenji.

I see what you mean. That suits you really well.

Yeah, it does. It sure does!

For the past few days now, the Xilien have been living amongst us here on Earth.

Now we want to get reactions from our celebrity panelists.

First, how about you, Mr. Otsuki?

Well, I can't understand the hype.

The media are to blame, all this stuff about aliens and outer space...

Look you can't deny what's happening!

You've always denied the existence of aliens, we all remember, and now they're with us.

That's true. Admit you're wrong.

There's nothing to prove that these men, the aliens, are in fact extraterrestrials.

There's no scientific proof at all.

Who cares if there's proof or not, I think the most important thing is to keep the dream alive.

It's so cool.

All these guys saying they're aliens.... I think the young lady's right, at least we get a good laugh. That isn't what I mean.

Listen, I think we need to have closer contact with the aliens.

Of course, I don't mean we should start laying into them or anything, just learn as much from them as we can, don't you think?

I agree. Well there's one thing for sure, they're here and there's nothing we can do about it.

There was a time when you also denied their existance, I wasn't the only one.

Or had you forgotten?

Alright, I may have said that. But they're here now, aren't they?

I'm not going to deny what's in front of my eyes, alright?

Well, I'm sorry to say, that in time, you're going to be proved wrong.

I seriously doubt--

I really don't know what to think about all this.

Just when we find out about Gigan's origins, our Xilien friends show up.

Well that doesn't mean there's a connection between Gigan and Planet X.

We don't have any proof, do we?

You need proof, do you?


Anna Otonashi! She's your sister!?

You look good, Miyuki.

And you have a cute boyfriend!

Him? He's not my boyfriend.

So what proof do you have?

Look carefully.

Yes, there's something wrong.

I don't know what, but he's weird.

Notice something unusual?

He's not blinking.

It's impossible for a human not to blink.

Anyway, let's pay him a visit.

Nice to see you again.

Mr. Daigo.

Long time no see Secretary General Daigo.

Who are you?

I'm Anna Otonashi of Nitto TV.

I'm in a hurry, what can I do for you?

I think your idea about the space alliance is brilliant.

I'd like to pass the message to all the world through our TV program.

Okay, I'll get back to you.

Soon, if possible!

I don't have any time now.

How's your doggy?


Yes, your dog.

Oh, my dog...

Traitor! You're a disgrace! Alien lacky! You traitor!

Kill that man! Kill him before it's too late!

Kill the traitor or the Earth'll be destroyed!

We're going to be annihilated! You have to believe me!

Mr. Daigo, you're bleeding!

Are you all right? You should see a doctor.

It's no big deal.

You should get emergency first aid...

I said I'm fine!



This... is not the blood of a human being!

I thought so...

There is no creature on Earth with this blood composition.

Daigo must be an Xilien.

May I come in?

I'm Ensign Ozaki.

At ease.

What is it?

Yes. This is about Mr. Daigo.

Since he returned, he has become a major activist for the Space Nations.

There's a problem?

Yes, there has already been one attempt on his life.

I think that we should increase security in order to protect him.

I'm aware of all this. You may go.

Yes, ma'am. Excuse me.

What is it you want to say?

We have all these monsters and can annihilate these people whenever we want.

Why are we wasting time like this?

You're still young.

Not every situation is to be settled by force.

Sometimes things can be handled peacefully.

However, if we use our power...


You may go.

One who relies on power will eventually fall to a stronger power.

Remember that.

These pictures came from the same time, but from a completely different place.

They look exactly the same.

Yes, they are the same.

When I put these photos on top of each other, there was no difference at all.

This can't be possible. This must be some kind of holograph.

You mean, Gorath doesn't exist?

The Xiliens have been fooling us from the start.

Mr. Daigo is an alien, so is Commander Namikawa...

Those two have been replaced by the Xiliens?

We can't trust anyone.

There is one person we can trust.

Someone I know Xiliens haven't gotten to.

Captain Gordon.

What do you mean by that?

Hello everyone.

We're broadcasting live from the UN building.

We have Secretary General Daigo and two X representatives with us.

Thank you for coming.

What are you doing with Mr. Daigo's data?

You've become quite inquisitive lately.

Major General Kunikida.

If you poke around too much, you'll find out things you're not supposed to know.

What are you going to do with me, Ms. Xilien?

If you know that much, then you must die.

You finally show your true colors.

Damned humans...

We won't have our plans disrupted by such lowly creatures like you!

Are you all right?

Are you?

I'm okay.

Mr. Daigo, we have a surprise visitor today.

Oh, who is that?

What? Have you forgotten?

Oh, that's right! That's my dog!

Go and say hello to Mr. Daigo.

Mr. Daigo, please call his name. He'll be very happy.

His name?

Have you forgotten his name?

Poor thing...

Young lady, please tell Mr. Daigo the dog's name.

The name of Mr. Daigo's dog is... Clint.

Yes, that's right! Clint!

Come here, Clint. Come over here. Come, come.

Good boy, good boy.

How are you, Clint?

What's the matter?

He doesn't seem to be in a good mood since I haven't seen him for a long time.

Candy. Come here, Candy!

In fact there was no way you could have known this dog's name, cause you see, this dog belongs to me.

But you... you said it was...

You didn't listen. I never said that this dog belonged to you.

In your box.

Very interesting.

So, what's your point?

Look at this!

This is what an Xilien really looks like!

Please explain this!


You see, it's like this...

The ruse is over.

From now on, I'm in charge of things.

Earthlings... your history stops here.

From now on,

you're cattle.

Your one and only function is to be our food supply.

Not bad for cattle.

It is useless to resist us.

Both our science and weaponry are superior to yours.

We have all the monsters under our control as well.

You don't have a chance.


Stupid domesticated animals.

You have no idea what you're up against.

What? What's wrong?


Damn you.

You're also a Mutant.

I leave this for you.

Get out of here. I'll hold them off.

Don't you see, they're going to need you!

Save the Earth, Captain.



Gigan...! awaken!

Release all of the monsters!

Make these savages feel like the domesticated animals they are.

This is our playground.

Destroy their civilization completely!

Don't give up! Fight until the last breath!

Captain! It's Anguirus!

What the!?

Their long-cherished civilization will be wiped out in a moment.

The poor humans, it's almost sad.


Now what? Kenta, let's go!

By the way, what's his name?

Minilla. His name is Minilla.

Minilla? Whatever. Let's go, Kenta. Come on, Minilla.

All our forces have been wiped out.

Up to now, we've been lucky. They haven't found our underground HQ.

How about repairs? Is it fixed yet?

Yes. the repairs are all finished. Gotengo is the only thing we have left.

You shouldn't move for a while.

Ozaki... why didn't you kill me?

Because we're a team.

They'll find this place sooner or later! We need to go on the offensive!

Ozaki, don't become emotional. Gotengo is our last hope.

The South Pole?

Area G...

You want to awaken Godzilla?

It's too dangerous. It might destroy the whole world.

But what if they control Godzilla too?

That's all right. Godzilla doesn't have M-base.

All the Xiliens, Gigan and part of Ebirah which was stuck to Kazama's body have M-base.

And of course, all the Mutants, too.

That's right.

The Xiliens must have manipulated...

...or rebuilt the gene structure of the monsters to control them.

Then why wasn't I affected?

You're not controlled. That's the important thing.

If we use Godzilla to destroy the enemy... how do we deal with him afterwards?

It's not that easy...

So, what you're saying is...

We fight our way to the South Pole, wake up Godzilla, bring him here and make him fight the monsters.

Meanwhile, one way or another, we'll annihilate the Xiliens somehow.

Then we go back to the South Pole and confine Godzilla again?


Miyuki, be careful.

You too, sis.

Please come back alive and well.

Alpha system checked.

Beta system checked.

Ready for takeoff.

Well, there's still an interesting toy left.

Gigan, go.

Captain, Gigan approaching!


Main engine dead! Power circuits have cut off!

Fire missiles!

What is that monster?

It'll be a pleasure to deal with you. Meanwhile, your Godzilla can deal with...


Here he comes!

Repairs completed!

Start engines!

Godzilla is following us.

Damn it.

I have no idea where we are.

Godzilla, show me what you got.

I knew that tuna-eating monster was useless!


So Earth actually posesses such a stong creature.


Why is Godzilla destroying that town?

Long before you were born, humans did a terrible thing... and made Godzilla very angry.

A terrible thing? Yes.

You're too young to understand yet... but humans made a huge fire that cause much destruction.

That's why Godzilla can not forgive mankind.

What's the matter?

Hey, what's wrong?

What are you doing?

Are you okay?

All my studies, they've been totally useless. What was the point of it all?

You decide how to use your power, whether it's for good or evil.

Your knowledge will be invaluable...

once this battle is over.

Wait, tell me what makes you go on fighting...

even when you don't have any chance... of winning?

I was assigned to protect you. That's my job.

Hey, Minilla, where are we going?

Don't touch!

Now what will you do, Godzilla?

What are you doing?

What's the matter, Minilla?

They're here at last.

Firing Maser!

One of the jet fighters have launched.

I owe you a debt.

What are you doing?

It's suicide!


I leave the rest to you, Ozaki.

Stop! Kazama!

What arrogant cattle. How dare you drill your master's ship.

Kill the rest of them.

I have other plans for you.

Bring them here.

Just a moment.

It's no good.

Earthlings, I hope you understand our power now.

We must take a certain mitochondria from your cells to survive.

In other words, we must harvest you alive.

Harvest us alive?

At first, we destroyed your civilization so that you didn't realize our true intentions.

We will be harvesting a new crop soon.

You can live here as cattle on a farm.

This is our ranch and you are the animals awaiting slaughter.

Stop with that nonsense.

You don't need civilization and science anymore.

You only used your knowledge to destroy things in any case.

But we'll control you so you won't wreck anymore havok on this planet.

Well now let's enjoy the main event!

The last chapter in the Godzilla saga.

Is that all your Godzilla can do?

Here comes another one.

Let's see what it can do against the upgraded Gigan!

Why don't you kill us?

Why should we kill our brothers?


Xiliens and Mutants are one and the same?

M-base was also discovered in Xilien blood.

You're almost right.

M-base is quite abundant on our planet.

And M-base levels affects the level of telepathic ability.

And that's why you can control the Gigan and Mutants, right?

You're pretty smart for an Earthling.

You see the Mutants here on Earth are in fact are our interbred ancestors.

So how come you couldn't control me?

You're special. Your power has yet to awaken.


You're a Keizer.

A Mutant whose M-Base combined with human DNA has a one in a million chance of becoming an all powerful super being.

It so happens that both of us are...


You have powers that surpass those of any humans or Xiliens but instead you prefer to live with cattle.


Wake up, Keizer!

Keizer, slaughter these cattle.

No! Don't!


Such a pity.

And I had such high hopes for you.

Your four, keep an eye on the other.

This is our planet.

Secretary General Daigo!

Ms. Otonashi!

You're alive!

We were very lucky. We managed to get away.

"Mr. Bullseye".

That's what they called me in military college.

Captain, take the others back to the ship.

I've got business to finish.


Use this.

You'd hit a woman?

I told you... your kind exist only to serve us.

You're just cattle.

You're forgetting I have a choice.

I decide how to use my powers, whether for good or evil.

We are not cattle.

We're humans.

You have the power to master the entire the entire universe... and yet you side with cows!

I won't die alone!

The ship's self-destructing!

She's hit! Commander!

Let's go!

I'm hurt...

Take the controls! Quick!

Pull it back all the way!

It's sucking the life force out of Godzilla.

We got to hurry.

Somehow we've got to give Godzilla more energy.

All systems have shut down.

Look, what's that!?

Godzilla... it's over...

You must forgive.

Damn you!

What? Move!


Welcome back!

Finally... It's over at last.

No, it's not over... it's just a new beginning.