Gold (2018) Script

15th August, 1936.

The day I realized what it feels like...

When your country is a slave.

Berlin Olympics, Germany.

I was traveling with our Hockey Team.

It was called the British India team then.

Adolf Hitler was the dictator of Germany.

He had recently insulted India in his speech.

So the Indians living in Germany...

Were very upset.

They protested against it.

Even wanted to boycott the Olympics.

This made the British very nervous.


Guards would accompany us everywhere...

As if we were not a team, but the Kohinoor diamond.

That's me, Tapan Das.

Junior Manager, but really just a glorified porter.

Just extra baggage.

But the players were the world's best.

They'd already won two gold medals...

And were here for the third.

Every player was a true champion.

Imtiaz Shah. Sadiq Abdullah.

Aman Singh. James Cullen.

Harvinder Singh.

But the champion of champions was our Captain...


Come on, India! You can do it!

Come on, India! Come on, India!


Good luck!


-Good luck, boys! -Samrat!

-Samrat, good luck! -Thank you.

All the best, Samrat!



This is our national flag! Our true national flag!

Hey! Get down!

Long live Revolution!

Long live Revolution!

Long live Revolution!

Long live Revolution!

-Long live Revolution! -Long live Revolution!

Long live Revolution!

Long live Revolution!


Long live Revolution!

Long live...

Long live Revolution!

Long live... Long live Revolution!

Welcome to the 1936 field hockey finals!

This morning will decide who takes the Olympic gold home.

It is a full house here today...

And the stadium is full to the brim with excited spectators.

Even the F├╝hrer is here to watch the match!


In protest of Adolf Hitler's speech...

Against the Indian independence movement...

The Indian contingent have refused to salute him.

One one side, we have the defending champions of...

The last two Olympic games, British India.

And on the other side, we have the host nation Germany...

Who have not lost a single match during this entire tournament.

Both teams head towards the field.

We could be in for a really close game here.

Ball on the center spot...

Bully off.

Germany wins the ball.

A through pass by the German captain, Rudolf...

The ball is in the German half.

Brilliant interception by Sadiq!

Passes to Ashley...

Ashley finds Imtiaz...

Imtiaz is approaching the German D area from the center...

And plays in Harvinder, Harvinder shoots!

But a fantastic save by the German goalkeeper!

Indian players again have possession of the ball...

Quick passing between them...

Samrat has the possession, fantastic dribble...

Attempt... and goal!

And with this goal from Samrat, British India's most lethal player...

They lead 1-0 in the match.

Again, possession is with the British Indian team...

Imtiaz moves forward...

Oh! Very rough tackle by Otto Hanke on Samrat!

Possession is now with the German team...

Beautifully dodged by captain Rudolf...

He has a strike at the target...

And it's a goal!

Germany have their equalizer.

The score stands Germany 1, British India 1.

The score is level at 1-1.

Gottfreid dodges Harvinder...

His through pass finds his captain, Rudolf...

Another very rough tackle on Imtiaz by Kruger!

Still no card shown by the umpire.

Becker approaches the goalmouth...

But Aquib Ansari's quick reflexes save a goal for the British Indian team!

Germany steal the ball... And there's the halftime whistle.

Hey, Samrat...

Did you notice these Germans' short passes?

That means they've studied our game.

They are challenging us.

"Every time you hit a goal, we'll hit you."

These bloody Nazis...

Playing such a dirty game.

-May I say... -The umpires are turning a blind eye.

Appealing to them is just a waste of time.

I think they have been threatened as well.


We need to change our strategy.

May I say something, please?

Go on, Bengali.

So far, we've played for the British.

But now...

Let's play for this!

What are you doing, bugger?

You know this flag is banned.

If the British officers find out, we'll be in jail for treason.

As if we are walking free right now!


Welcome to the second half.

So far, the first half has produced two goals.

And the score remains tied at one goal apiece...

Between Germany and British India.

The players take their positions.

Possession is with the British Indian team...

Younis passes to Sadiq...

Sadiq's through ball to Samrat...

Samrat shatters the German defensive line...

He shoots, and it's a goal!

Otto! Otto!

Seems to be some kind of scuffle between Otto Hanke and Samrat...

Samrat is on the ground!

The umpire warns Otto Hanke...

And awards a penalty corner in favour of British India...

Tapan, I've had enough.

I am going to make a formal complaint now.

Look after them.

If Samrat doesn't return to the field because of this injury...

This could give Germany the opportunity...

To stake a claim on this match.

Samrat is injured quite badly...

Hey, that was another foul!

Go get them, Samrat!

Samrat walks back into the game!

Samrat returns to the field!

Even the German crowd applauds Samrat...

For his love and commitment to the game.

Sadiq pushes the ball to Harvinder...

Fine show of skill by Harvinder...

And he passes the ball to Samrat...

Samrat shoots and it's a goal!

That's India's fourth goal!

And with this hit, British India have scored their fifth goal!

Harvinder scoops, Imtiaz's dive...

And it's a goal!

And the score is 6-1!

Samrat dodges German players...

Fires in and it's yet another goal!

British India 7, Germany 1!

India! India! India!

Come on, India!

British India have completely destroyed...

Any hope this German team had...

For Olympic Gold on their home ground in these finals.

-Come on, India! -Come on, India!

-Come on, India! -Come on, India!

India scores its eighth goal!

There's absolutely no comeback for Germany from here!

British India defeat Germany convincingly by 8 goals to 1!

And secure their third consecutive Olympic Gold!

Gold... British India!

Ladies and gentlemen, please stand up...

For the British Indian anthem.

This was Samrat's biggest victory.

Biggest victory.'

But it was also no victory at all.

Because the British flag flying above us was shouting out...

You are not free!

Samrat and I took an oath that day.

That we'll return to the Olympics as a free country...

Win the Gold, and salute our own tricolour flag.

I didn't know then...

That millions of my countrymen shared my dream.

Especially the younger generation.

Days come and go...

With new dreams in tow...

Once we set out, There's no holding us back.

Time keeps weaving new stories...

Every moment a mystery.

No one knows what's in store.

As the journey unfolds...

Your dreams in tow...

Glittering like gold, shining brightly.

Always with us, they go where we go.

2 September, 1939...

Germany invades Poland and triggers war.

15 September, 1939...

India's representatives...

Reject Britain's offer to grant them Dominion Status.

Instead, they demand complete independence.

There are obstacles in your way...

And a new twist on every road.

But don't stop walking, o dreamer...

20 March, 1940.

The Helsinki Olympics are canceled due to World War II.

But don't stop walking, o dreamer...

Never lose hope.

There are glowing faces...

With eyes full of hope.

They are like an unstoppable force.

These new travelers...

Will someday meet at their destination.

Even if they are struck down...

They will rise again.

They will rise again.

Days come and go...

With new dreams in tow.

Once we set out, there's no holding us back.

Time keeps weaving new stories.

Every moment a mystery.

No one knows what's in store.

As the journey unfolds...

Your dreams in tow...

Glittering like gold, shining brightly.

Always with us wherever we go.

There are obstacles in your way...

And a new twist on every road.

But don't stop walking, o dreamer...

Never lose hope.

There are obstacles in your way...

And a new twist on every road.

But don't stop walking, o dreamer...

Never lose hope.

Introducing, the mighty Zybysko from Russia!

Where's my money?

And the great Dutto from Bengal!

Mr. Kirit, Mr. Faisal... How are you?

All fine? You, get up.

-Why? -What the...

-Who is he? -Drunkard...


What's the rate on this white fighter, Zybysko?

Mr. Kirit, forget Zybysko.

Bet on the Bengali.

But your Bengali is a local wrestler.

Zybysko is an international fighter!

I'm going to bet only on him.

Trust me, you don't want to do that.

-Zybysko has zero chances. -Why?

-Bombay duck. -Fish?

Stop spitting, man!

Last night he ate fried mackerel.

And now it's stirring in his stomach.


The rate is 10 to 1.

Think about it.

Let's do as he says.


Here's my bet on your Bengali.

-Mine too... -Here's mine.

The fried fish story draws money every time...

Like a magnet attracts iron. Works every time!

You're telling people your ridiculous fish story again?

My man...

You know the story is fake, and I know it...

But they don't, who decided to bet on Dutto!

Who has no chance of winning.

He messed up the plan!

It's not him, but you that messed up, drunkard!

I told you that Dutto was fixed to win today!

But you made them bet on him!

You will ruin me.

Munna! Chotu!

Take him away and teach him a lesson.

-But this is my... -Don't you dare come back here!

Give me my money!

How dare you keep my money?!

Don't you dare come back!


Hold your horses, I am coming!

Open the door!

Where were you all night? Where were you?

Look at you...

What have you done to yourself?

Just my rotten luck.

I had a proposal from such a wonderful family...

But my father chose this drunk gambler for me!

Hello! Indian Hockey Federation?

Please connect me to the Secretary.

Why are you calling the Hockey Federation?

Be quiet.

Hello, Mr. Mehta?

Sir, I just read in the newspapers...

That the next Olympic Games will be held in London in 1948.


You didn't recognize me?

It's me, Tapan Das!

Yes, Tapan...


The rascal hung up on me!

Well, what did you expect?

Wait a minute...

Isn't Mr. Mehta the Chairman of the committee?

The man who fired you?

And what is all this?

I fell asleep.

Where? In a gutter?

Yes... I feel asleep in a gutter.

I've been sleeping in the gutter for 10 years.

But now, I have woken up!

Read this.

I will take India to the Olympics.

-You'll take India to the Olympics? -Yes!

Are you out of your mind?

Are you still drunk?!

Your drinking got you...

Fired from the Hockey Federation!

Then you joined football...

But got fired from there as well!

And now you're fired from wrestling too!

I wasn't fired from wrestling.

If they didn't fire you... Then who did this?

Okay, I was fired from wrestling as well.

But did you know that the British were world champions of hockey?

In 1928, when the Indian team went to the Olympics...

They criticized us a lot.

They were just jealous!

They said India is not a country...

But merely their colony.

What? India is not a country?

They only said that because they were afraid.

They knew that India would win! That we would win by 10 goals!

So they didn't send their own team all these years!

But India will soon be free.

What choice will Britain have then?

They will have to play.

And then?


Our team will defeat the British in London...

And avenge our 200 years of slavery!

What a wonderful dream!

But the dreamer is lying in the gutter!

Move aside!

Monobina was right...

International hockey had stopped during the Second World War.

I took up shady jobs here and there...

And had fallen very low.

But now, I will rise again.

I will rise now.

Your information is absolutely right.

Wadia sir is staying here.

But you cannot go in dressed like this.

Only members are allowed inside.

And this box holds 50 cigarettes.

-You know... -Mr. Wadia...

Good morning.

You! What are you doing here?

Mr. Wadia, this is the madman I was telling you about.

Waiter, throw him out...

Mr. Wadia, I only need a minute... Just one minute!

-It's alright... -Mr. Wadia...

-He's saying something. -It's alright.

Mr. Das, since you're already here...

Make your point in the shortest way possible.

Mr. Wadia...

Thank you.

Mr. Wadia, you're the President of the Hockey Federation.

Mr. Mehta, you're the Secretary.

I'll respect your time, and get straight to the point.

The date for the London Olympics has been announced...

I'd like you to give me the responsibility of the hockey team.

Why talk about this now?

The Olympics are still 2 years away.

Sir, 2 years will pass in an instant.

Mr. Wadia, India hasn't played an international match in 10 years...

Because of the war.

We don't even have a national team today!

As you both know.

Mr. Wadia, I have a proposal for you.

-I will find players... -Mr. Wadia, this is a waste of time.

This man has a terrible reputation!

I'm not talking about my reputation.

I'm talking about the nation's reputation.

Mr. Wadia, we hold a record, with three gold medals.

But as British India.

I've heard that we'll soon be independent.

And if free India loses in the Olympics, wouldn't it be embarrassing?

The whole world will dismiss us.

Everyone will say that we always won under the British.

But couldn't win without the British!

Our country is the world champion of hockey...

-And should always be! -Calm down, Mr. Das.

Calm down.

What you say is true.

But the fact is I have heard some bad things about you.

I know what you must have heard.

You must have heard that Tapan is a cheat, a drunkard...

Sells his wife's jewelry...

Siphons money...

Keeps fighting with everyone.

Am I right?

Sir, I am a crazy Bengali.

I admit that everything you heard is absolutely true.

But another, bigger truth is that...

I love hockey.

I love my country.

Mr. Wadia, I know this game.

I am the only man in this entire country...

Who can promise you that I will form a team...

That will go to the Olympics and bring back the gold medal!

I promise!

God bless Mr. Wadia.

What a fine Parsi gentleman.

First, he cleared his throat, and lit his pipe.

Then he gave it some thought...

But eventually gave me permission to scout new talent.

Thank you, Mr. Wadia.

Thank you.

As I left, I had only one thing on my mind.

I had to visit a very old friend.

What say, then?

Will you be the captain?

I'm retired now, Bengali.

This is my team, now. Gwalior Colts.

We saw a dream together in Berlin...

Maybe you've forgotten.

I haven't forgotten, Bengali.

But like you have to pass the ball in hockey...

Sometimes you have to pass on your dreams in life.

You just watch.

This new generation will fulfil our dream.

I'm sure I will find good players.

But I need you to lead them.

Where will I find someone like you?

It's next to impossible.


Imtiaz Shah.

He'll be the right captain.

I thought Samrat's choice was perfect.

Imtiaz was in the army.

But after witnessing British conduct during the War...

He quit the army and joined Netaji's army, the INA.

Then the War ended.

And after Netaji disappeared mysteriously...

The INA disbanded.

Imtiaz was left with nowhere to go.

Imtiaz, how are you?

You look really smart in this.

A real army officer.

I am no longer in any army.

But I need you in my army.

You're making an army?


The Olympics are coming up.

Samrat has refused to play.

He said I'll find other good players.

But when I asked him who will be the captain?

Samrat suggested just one name.

Your name.

Samrat is too kind, Tapan.

But I have quit hockey.

And why should I play? To help the British?

No, to avenge the 200 years of British enslavement.

We will be independent soon.

You fought the British with the INA...

Didn't you?

But now we must defeat them on their own soil...

On their field, and in front of their own people.


What say?

-Nice. -I knew it.

Now one more thing...

You live in Amritsar.

And some rich men there want to start a hockey club.

I've already fixed your meeting with them.


What happened? Why are you laughing?

When you've already arranged everything, then why ask me?

You haven't changed at all, Tapan.

So, you're here early in the morning today?

I've got hockey practice in the afternoon...

And wanted to see my lady luck in the morning.

-So, are you done now? -Not yet.

I better leave before the milkman shows up.

What a lucky man.

He gets to see you everyday.

Stay a bit...

You should buy a buffalo.

So you can show up every morning to sell milk.

See you then.

Are you Himmat Singh?


Do you play hockey?

-Arrest him. -Come on.

Let me go! Why are you arresting me?


Salute him. He's the IG.

Salute him!

It's quite alright.

You are the hockey player.

Is that a crime?

I will enlist you in the police.

You will play for the Punjab Police Team.

You've got the wrong man.

I will never join the police!

In my family, we put the Revolution above all else!

The police has beaten my father many times.

Centre forward for sure.

What the hell!

Sergeant, get him!

Are you alright?

-They said you tried to run away. -Yes, I did.

I don't want to join the Police.

I don't want to play hockey for them.

-In fact, I'll rather kill these... -Calm down.

This much anger is unhealthy.

Do you have faith in yourself?

Do you sincerely want our well being?

-Yes. -Then join the Police.

How could you say that, father?

How many times have they beaten you brutally?

-And now... -That's exactly why I am saying this.

You can save a few innocent ones from their cruelty.

Try to understand, son.

Sometimes life gives us strange opportunities.

Imtiaz happily agreed to be the team's captain.

But I went back to Bombay before recruiting others...

To appease my captain at home.


Remember I had pawned your jewelry?

Look... I've got it back!

At least smile a little bit.

I just wished you good luck.

Don't force me to say bitter words now.

Now go.


You know that I...

Yes, I know.


Long live the Prince!

Long live Prince Raghubir Pratap Singh!

Is your Prince a ruler or a political leader?

He's the ruler of our hearts.

Prince Raghubir Pratap Singh is a brilliant hockey player.

The Thakur of Balrampur.

They say miracles often happen near a dargah.

And I was witnessing one right now.

Raghubir's skill gave me goosebumps...

Just like when I saw Samrat play for the first time.

I said to myself...

This guy is a genius.

-Greetings, Your Highness. -Greetings.

-All okay? -Yes sir..

Take care.

Brother, very good. Very good.

-Thank you. -Where did you learn to play like this?

As if anyone could teach me?

I was born with this talent.

I noticed.

It looked like you were playing alone on the field.

You're absolutely right.

Not just in Dev-e-Shareef...

I am the best player in the entire United Province.

Now you should play bigger games.

-Bigger games? -For the National Team.

The selections are in a month.

-What is your name? -Tapan Das.

From the selection committee.

-I'm scouting new talent. -Pleased to meet you, Mr. Tapan.

But who are you, to select me?

Don't be fooled by how I look!

-I am just... -I get it.

Fine... I'll be in touch.

I'll leave for the station.

-Mr. Tapan. -Yes...

-I'll drop you to the station. -Ohh...

What a lucky day!

-Come... -After you.

Brother, I am not in a hurry.

You can drive a bit slower.

Slow down.

What's wrong, Prince?

Did the car break down?

Why are you taking off your clothes?

He even took off his pants!

He went clothed, but returned naked...

What a man you are!

You give away all your clothes to the needy...

But in hockey, you don't pass to your own teammates!

Why did you keep the underwear? Should've given that away too!

Some things should be held on to. They can come in handy later.

Hey, you...

Who is it?

Hold on.

Himmat! What are you doing?


-Who is he? -Manmeet, my uncle's son.

He's my cousin.

Sorry... I thought he was harrassing you.

You think he can harrass anyone?!

He'd fly away if a girl even breathed near him!


First he hit me, and now you're disrespecting me!

As if you've got any respect to begin with!

Now go.

Sorry, bro...

And you, Himmat.

Think before you start hitting anyone.

Or someday you'll get in big trouble...

And your apologies won't help.

It was a mistake.

I'll go away if you want me to.

I thought you will bring a buffalo.

But you brought a bicycle instead.

If you dont like it, shall I come to you on a groom's horse?

If that's how it is, how about tomorrow?

I can't come tomorrow.

The selectors are coming from Bombay...

For the National team.

And Imtiaz was saying that I have a great chance.

Even if you do get selected...

They'll just make you sit on the bench.

I am a centre forward.

Imtiaz himself made me centre forward.

My centre forward, huh.

I can see you dribbling the ball like this, and this, and this...

Stop it, someone might see us!



How's it going, boys?

When we bravehearts walk with pride...

The world will know we've arrived They won't be able To take their eyes off us...

We'll defeat everyone And bring home the Gold

We'll bring home the Gold

As we walk with zest and zeal We know where our target lies Don't blame us, when...

We'll defeat everyone And bring home the Gold Let's watch Where this new journey takes them No one knows Whether this path they chose...

Will take them to their destination or not We'll bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll defeat everyone And bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll defeat everyone And bring home the Gold

We'll bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold No matter the weather or season...

We won't stop marching ahead We're the fanatics who can't be stopped...

We can't be stopped.

We're now holding hands...

And our friends are close So why not sing songs of victory?

Let's watch Where this new journey takes them No one knows whether This path they chose...

Will take them to Their destination or not We'll bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll defeat everyone And bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll defeat everyone And bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll defeat everyone And bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll defeat everyone And bring home the Gold!

We'll bring home the Gold We'll bring home the Gold We'll defeat everyone And bring home the Gold!

Good morning, boys!

I am Imtiaz Shah, captain of the team.

I've played with many of you before.

And I don't know some of you.

Tapan has told me that you're all good players.

But, I don't want good players.

I want the best players!

The truth is, only half of you will be selected...

-To play for India. -That's the Nawab of Balrampur.

Put in your blood and sweat!

Yes, sir.

The Prince is here.

-Good morning, Mr. Tapan. -Good morning.

Good morning.

I am Raghubir Pratap Singh.

I'm a big fan.

I am late, were you saying something important?

No, you arrived just in time.

Nothing important, just something about blood and sweat. Join the line...

Come on.

Excuse me.

Thank you.


Centre forward...

You will play centre forward.

Yes, sir.

Hold on a minute, listen...

I play centre forward.

You see, when I was born, the doctor told my father...

"Congratulations, it's a centre forward!"

You will all do as you're told.

-Got it? -Yes, sir.

Now take your hockey sticks.

Mr. Mehta...

Mr. Tapan...


Raghubir, pass!

I'm free, Raghubir!


Hey, Prince...

Are you deaf?

You don't pass the ball... I lost my voice yelling for it.

You're from Punjab.

There are no deaf people in Balrampur.

And by the way...

Are you some great legend that I must listen to?

I am a Thakur.

Got it?

As if I'd ever surrender the ball to you.

Out of my way.

Ladies and gentlemen...

Last week, the Prime Minister of England announced...

That India will be independent before August 1948.

Which means, ladies and gentlemen...

This will be the first team to play for independent India.

Behave yourself!

Ladies and gentlemen, our team for the Indian Olympics...

Our captain... Imtiaz Ali Shah!

Thank you, Tapan!

-Our vice captain, Sadiq Abdullah! -Sadiq!

Parambir Kullar.

Tej Singh Randhawa.

Aasim Bilal.

Himmat Singh.

Bashir Ahmed.

Raghubir Pratap Singh.

Russell Fonseca.

Shakur Akhtar.

James Cullen.

Ashley Rose.

Waheed Younis.

And Aquib Ansari.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

And thanks to the one man who brought us all together.

Mr. Tapan Das.


Tapan, I must admit that I never completely trusted you.

But you turned out to be a man of your word.

So Tapan, we're going to make you the Joint Manager of our team!

Along, of course, with Mr. Mehta.

Come, Mr. Mehta.

Congratulations. Come say a few words.

Thank you, Mr. Wadia.

Thank you, boys.

Thank you...

I can't say cheers...

Because Prohibition is in effect.

But I can ask for some tea.

So waiters, please serve the tea.

My brother often talks about you...

-Tell him I said hello. -Of course.

Shakur, don't drink that! It's alcohol.

Alcohol in a teacup?

-This is Tapan's tea. -Special.


It's champagne.

Don't gulp it all down, it should be sipped.

I am from Punjab.

Don't teach a fish how to swim.

Cheers, boys.

-To hockey, and... -India.

Free India!


Oh the boy said He came from far in a motorcar...

But forgive me, fella!

Oh boy! Don't you see that lad?

I'm losing heart to that man I tell ya.

My heart is overwhelmed with joy Don't judge me tonight...

Just watch me match the beat My heart is overwhelmed with joy Don't judge me tonight...

Just watch me match the beat This mister has become a twister He's gonna create a stir tonight Madam, if you've got guts...

Then come on and dance!

Come dance, Monobina!

Let our hearts be one...

And shake a leg with me Listen to me, Monobina Try to understand...

The night is still young Dance with me, Monobina!

Oh the boy said He came from far in a motorcar...

But forgive me, fella!

Oh boy! Don't you see that lad?

I'm losing heart to that man I tell ya

As our eyes meet...

Our hearts skip a beat It's how we secretly communicate Lock eyes with me, sweetheart Let's take things further...

Let's go beyond all limits tonight Come and dance, Monobina!

Let our hearts be one...

And shake a leg with me Listen to me, Monobina Try to understand...

The night is still young Dance with me, Monobina!

Oh the boy said He came from far in a motorcar...

But forgive me, fella!

Oh boy! Don't you see that lad?

I'm losing heart to that man I tell ya Lovers like you are dime a dozen Don't try your luck with us dames This is just the beginning...

The night is still young Who knows What stories might blossom tonight Come and dance, Monobina!

Let our hearts be one...

And shake a leg with me Dance with me, Monobina!

O sweetheart... I like you very much But why create a scene here?

You don't understand... Let's get out of here Don't be naughty anymore O sweetheart... I like you very much But why create a scene here?

You don't understand... Let's get out of here Don't be naughty anymore

Ladies and gentlemen...

Team India is going to go to the Olympics.

And today you will get to see...

A demonstration of their game, in your very own city of Allahabad.

Mr. Tapan!

Hey driver, can't you drive faster?

-He's my older brother. -Hello.

-Where were you? -Am I late?

Oh, not at all, Mr. Prince!

Himmat couldn't come either. There's trouble in Punjab.

You're going to play center forward today.

-Really? -Of course.

-Thank you, Tapan. -Don't look so happy.

Express your joy on the field.

Here, take your hockey stick.

Come on...

Raghubir Pratap Singh is sprinting ahead with the ball alone...

He's tackled the first defender, and the second...


-Raghubir! -Raghubir, pass!

-Raghubir! -Raghubir!

Pass the damn ball!

Just watch!

Raghubir Pratap Singh scores a great goal!

Very good. You played very well.

Here, here!

-Come on... Raghubir! -Raghubir!

Raghubir, here!

Raghubir, pass!

-Pass, Raghubir. -Raghubir!

-Well played. -Imtiaz...

I told you I'll score goals.

There you are.

If you like playing alone...

You should play tennis, or badminton.

Hockey is a team game.

You play well, but then you create this trouble.

I try to entertain the audience while playing.

Look at them... Chanting my name.

Raghubir! Raghubir! Raghubir!

Raghubir! Raghubir! Raghubir!

Go on...

The next morning, Imtiaz and I left for Amritsar.

We had to decide a winning strategy.

5 June, 1947. This is the evening news.

After a shocking announcement, the nation is to be partitioned into...

India and Pakistan.

This news has led to riots in parts of Bengal and Punjab.


Hurry up, Himmat.

-Tapan sir. -Surprise!

-Imtiaz. -Himmat Singh!

What brings you here?

I've been posted at the railway station.

Tell me something...

Why doesn't this train go to Lahore anymore?

The riots are getting out of hand.

Both here, and there.

Come on.

Come, I'll drop you home.

Don't worry about me.

Noor Mohammad must have sent his car.

I'll manage.

I am not worried, brother...

But as you wish.

Sit in the car, I'll load your luggage.


Hey, what happened?

Hey, don't hurt him!

-Leave him. -Move.

I will kill you!

-Hand him over to us! -Why?

He's one of us.

He's not one of us! He's a Muslim!

Do you even know who this man is?!

He's an INA officer!

He's the captain of our hockey team!

We don't care!

Let me go!

Himmat... Grab him!

Want more petrol?!

-Tapan... -Let's go!


-Run! -Come on...

Get out of here!

-Get the Muslims! -Kill them all!

No, Imtiaz!

-No, Imtiaz. -Tapan...

Imtiaz, don't worry about your wife and kids.

-Where are they? -They are safe in Lahore.

This place isn't safe anymore, they've destroyed everything.

Here, take my car keys and get out of here.

Imtiaz, please leave for now.

When it is safer...

I'll come to Lahore personally for you.

But you must leave now.

I won't return from Lahore.

Why do you say that?

Imtiaz, you are the captain of the Indian team!

I was the captain...

But my country is different now.

I don't like the sound of that.

I don't like saying it.

I've seen many better days, Tapan.

Netaji's Azad Hind Army.

We had three Generals...

Sahgal, Dhillon, Shahnawaz...

But today that army has lost to it's own people.

All my hopes have...

Burned to ash.

But our team will fall apart, Sadiq!

So what?

The new country will have a new team.

And it will be just us.


I am not alone, Shakur. Other Muslims are coming with me.

But there are also millions who have chosen not to go.

What about them?

Speak for yourself.

Sadiq, Meerut is my home.

It's where my ancestors are buried.

And Meerut is in India.

So how can some other place...

Be my country?

Take care of yourself.

Without the Brits, we Anglos are in trouble.

Let me think...

I'm not buying that, James.

Come on, the truth. Please.

Some of these lads are migrating to Australia.

They've already chartered a ship.

And they've asked us to come.

We did achieve Independence...

But at a great cost.

The team I had put together...

Fell to pieces, just like the country.

Imtiaz, Sadiq, Aasim, Bashir, Waheed and Aquib went to Pakistan...

While Russell, James and Ashley went to Australia...

And my dream was shattered right in front of my eyes.

Sir James Benson.

-Good afternoon gentlemen. -Good afternoon, sir.

I have good news.

The Indian team has been struck down the middle.

How did you manage that?

I can't take credit for it.

Lord Mountbatten is the one, we should thank.

The partition has divided the team.

Half the players are in Pakistan.

And half in India.

Sounds to me like we might have two problems instead of one.

Surely both countries will send teams in now.

They might send the team Let me ensure you that there isn't enough time... for either to put together strong contending sides.

Yes, we will return to the Hockey arena after 20 years.

And we will win.

Where are you going?

Eat something.

I am not hungry.

I'm thirsty.

I can see what you're thirsty for.

You want to go out like this? In this state?


But what can I do? Nothing.

Now let me go.

Tapan... You can't even stand up straight.

How can I stand...

When the ground under my feet has moved?

My life is a mess.

I am finished, Monobina.

My life is meaningless.

It's all over.



What have you done to yourself?

Come on... Get up.

-Let's go home. -No, brother.

Monobina is worried.

What's the point?

Our team is destroyed, brother.

Bloody Radcliffe...

A guy who can't tell Ludhiana apart from Lahore...

Has drawn a border through our country.

He drew a line like it was his father's backyard.

Careful. You'll fall down.

I've already fallen pretty low.

What a beautiful dream, brother...

Our team will play for free India.

Well, India is free now...

But there is no team anymore.

That's not true, Bengali.

We still have some good players.


They don't even know how to play together as a team.

Get up, Bengali.

No, I don't want to go anywhere.

Get up, Bengali!

On your feet, Bengali!

You know, you're a crazy man.

But you know what...

I am crazy too.

Even I have dreams.

It's bad enough that the team fell apart.

But don't let your dream fail.

Don't lose hope!


I've taken three months' leave...

Go find players, and I'll train them.


With your support, I'll find new talent...

And a training ground...

And a hostel, and the funds...

I'll organize everything.

But only with your support.

I am right here, Bengali!

Thank you, brother.

Thank you very much.

I'm not drunk anymore...

Tapan, who has time to worry about hockey?

The country was partitioned, there are riots everywhere...

Aren't you ashamed?

Mr. Mehta said that the funds would take at least a month.

I said... Oh my God, a month!

But that's too late.

I decided to find another way out.

-No! -One minute, listen...

-No, sorry. -Mr. Joshi... Mr. Joshi!

Sorry Mr. Das, but I can't help you.

All the officers who were supposed to support hockey...

Refused to help me.

A cup of tea, please!


Would you like to make a donation?

Sir, would you like to make a donation?

Sir, just a minute...

With all other doors closed, I went to a Buddhist monastery.

I was sure that even if they don't support hockey...

The monks would support people in need.

Usually, the monastery does not allow outside activities...

But your case is different.

Because our Guru is a big hockey fan.

Take your shoes off first.

Just to hear the commentary of the 1936 final...

He journeyed for two days on foot!

This way.


He has taken a vow of silence.

He hasn't spoken for 5 years.

-Hasn't said a word for 5 years? -But he listens.

You may express your concern.

Guruji... I am Tapan Das. Joint Manager, national hockey team.

We're facing some funding problems.

We need rooms and a training ground for three months.

And you have both.

I'll be greatly obliged if you could help us, please.

He's thinking about it.

-He refused. -I can see that, I'm not blind.

Don't be angry.

Anger makes the soul impure.

I'll worry about my soul later.

But how I am going to tell

-a great player like Samrat... -Samrat!


Will Samrat himself come here?

If you allow us, he'll even visit your home.

-Will I get to meet Samrat? -Of course. Every day!


What a fine gentlemen!

He broke a 5-year-old vow of silence.

Doesn't matter, he can take it again.

It's normal for you guys.

But 25 of us will live here. Is that alright?

-You'll have to arrange your own food. -I'll do that.

But 25 people is alright, yes?

Okay, thank you.

Mr. Kirit... Mr. Kirit...

I need some money, as I told you before...

Brother... Hear me out.

I'll pay you back with interest.

I am not cheating you...

Please believe me...

The rascal hung up.

-Tapan. -Yeah...


-Listen... -Shh!

Yes, Mr. Patil.

Did you mull over my problem?

Oh, my!

You and Mrs. Patil have agreed to help me!

I am really touched.

Thank you very much, brother.

Thank you very much.

Special thanks to Mrs. Patil.

Please, brother. Thank you.

You know Monobina, Mr. Patil is a very wealthy man.

You know what he said?

He will provide all the rations!

And Mrs. Patil will run the kitchen for free.

What a noble lady...

Why should she run the kitchen?

What do you mean?

She wants to help out and serve the country.

And she's a good cook too.

She's a noble lady.

She does everything. She's a very helping lady.

I have helped you all these years, and suddenly this Mr. Patil...

Who is Mr. Patil?

And his wife is a noble lady?

Listen, I will run the kitchen. And I will be the cook.

I need big vessels for cooking.

I'll arrange the vessels, but Mrs. Patil said that...

She'll also take care of the expenses...

I will take care of the expenses.

Take all my jewelry, and pawn them for money.

-No darling, it doesn't look nice... -"Noble lady!"

I'll get it right away.

What a noble wife I have.

My love, this is the story of my heart...

That I cannot express with words My love, this is the story of my heart...

That I cannot express with words We are bound together No matter the difficulties Nothing will ever come between us Your eyes cast a spell on me Your eyes cast a spell on me My benefactor is stealing my heart My heart's no longer in my control My heart's no longer in my control It feels drawn towards you

What... What are you doing?

What is wrong with you?

You eat so much fish, but still no brains!

What should I do, then?

Take your shoes off first!

Otherwise, you'll keep slipping.

My wife is a beauty with brains!

Now hurry up!

Come show me a glimpse of your face I want to see my reflection in your eyes My world now revolves around you Come show me a glimpse of your face I want to see my reflection in your eyes My world now revolves around you

Even if we're beset by tribulations...

I'll still have no complaints I will take on the world...

But not without you My love, this is the story of my heart...

That I cannot express with words We are one and The same like body and soul...

Stay with me forever!

Careful with my luggage.

Yes, your Highness!

The ball has come to Samrat once again...

Advancing quickly, the German fullback tries to stop him...

Three German player try to block Samrat...

But he manouvres his way swiftly towards the goal...

And scores!

Let me see that.

Nice case.

Hold on to this...

And forget the other luggage.

I don't understand...

All you need here is your stick and your uniform.


You may leave.

His Highness will carry his own luggage, yes?


You too. Go on.

-Devang Chaturvedi. -Raghubir Pratap Singh.

May I help?


Percy, come here! I've saved a bed for you, man.

Himmat, over here...

Leave them to their pork vindaloo.

We've got our tandoori chicken.

Forget it.

You'll only get vegetarian food here.


What is this place?

Even my stables are nicer than this place.

Come with me.

So, after careful deliberation and watching you play...

I have decided everyone's positions.

Himmat, Suryakant, Daulat... Centre forward.

Raghubir, Tej Singh... Inside right.

Chandan, Sukhdev... Inside left.

Devang, Percy, Vilas... On the wing.

Langford, Meghdut, Kingshuk... Midfield.

Shakur and Parambir... Defence.

-Is that clear? -Yes, sir.

Good. Dismissed!

May I say something?

Yes, go on.

Perhaps you think I'm just some rich brat.

But give me a chance. I play at centre forward.

I can show you.

I have other players to play at centre forward.

But I need a strong inside right, and you're the best man for it.

You really call yourself a centre forward?

The man who attacks the goal.

Do you have the strength and speed to play at centre forward?


What can I say?

Say nothing, just watch.

Meghdut, Madan, Langford... Come and defend.

Watch me.

Now that's a centre forward.

But even I can do that.

You know what, let's make it five defenders.

Your Highness!

Look at that, he left...


Stop sulking, come here!

Come on, hurry up!

-Yes, Mr. Tapan... -Sit.


What a player you are...

What do you think?

He will...

Make us all proud. and the whole nation.

Brother, of all your matches...

In which match did you play the bestest?

The Berlin Olympics final!

In which you scored five goals!

Baton Cup.

Jhansi Heroes vs Calcutta Customs.

How many goals did you score?

Not even one.

Not even one... How was it the best then?

Well, my team had mostly young players from Gwalior...

So the opposition only marked me.

After all, I was Samrat, the famous goalscorer.

So they surrounded me completely.

I said, "alright..."


I lured their defence to one side...

And they followed me to try and stop me.

When I saw the field open up...

I passed the ball to a guy called Ismail...

On the other side of the field.

Ismail was completely free, he ran with the ball...

Straight to the goal!

You played chess with them!

That was the only goal of the match.

It's like they say...

The best players don't just smash the ball into the goal...

The best players also pass the ball into positions...

From where goals can be scored.


Well said, Bengali.

Mr. Mehta...

Mr. Mehta!

Mr. Mehta...

I'm so happy to see you!

-I knew you are a great man! -Yes yes, it's okay...

The boys' morale will be boosted once they see you!

-Any good news for us? -Yes, yes...

The Federation has passed your funds.

-Mr. Mehta, you are great! -That's enough...

-Stop buttering me up. -As if you're a slice of bread...

Sorry... Mr. Mehta...

Here's our team...

This is your team?

Your Olympic team?

Hey... Hey!

Hey, what's wrong with you guys?

He'll never improve.

Stop fighting now!

Stop, now!

Mr. Wadia trusts him too much.

-Why don't you lodge a complaint? -Of course I will.

Go run a lap of the ground!

Run a lap of the ground!

-Mr. Mehta... -No need to say anything.

This is the team you wanted funds for?

This team has no unity, nor any discipline...

Without a real team, why do you need funds?

-I understand but... -I'm sorry Tapan...

I have to answer to Mr. Wadia.

I can't waste his money.

He trusts me. I'm sorry Tapan, that's all.

-Mr. Mehta, look, listen to me... -I'm sorry...

-Leave me! -Mr. Mehta, wait...

We have no more money, Mr. Mehta!

Mr. Mehta!

You know, I feel that Truman's doctrine...

Is extremely USSR-centred.

Mr. Wadia, it's for you. He says it's urgent.

Please, just excuse me.

-Hello. -Hello?

Mr. Wadia, this is Tapan.

Yes Tapan, what is it?

Mr. Mehta had come to our training camp.

You said he would sanction funds, but he refused!

How can I create a team now?

Mr. Mehta did call me.

He told me about the infighting within the camp.

I'm sorry Tapan, but Mr. Mehta has made the right decision.

We cannot waste funds.

Mr. Wadia, Mr. Mehta is a very negative man.

Remember I said I would form a team, and I did, didn't I?

But the partition messed it all up.

Please trust me, give me a chance and I'll form a new team!

Let me think about it, Tapan.

Please sir, we don't have time to think.

In the last month, my wife and I have put all our money into this.

Without the funds, all our hopes will stall forever.

Sir, I promise...

I will create a new team.

You had also promised...

That you'd win the Olympic Gold.

Tell me the truth, Tapan...

Can these boys win the gold?

Not only can they win it... They will win it.

Okay Tapan, you will have your money.

Good luck!

Thank you, Mr. Wadia. Thank you.

I did promise Mr. Wadia that we'll win the gold...

But I was running out of time.

The Olympics were just around the corner.

Our team was technically ready.

But even within the team...

Everyone had formed their own little groups.

The Punjabis... The boys from Bombay...

North Indians... East Indians...

Both of us knew that we had to find a solution.

Boys, gather around. Gather around.


Run, run! Gather around...


Now listen carefully.

You don't need your hockey sticks today.

-No sticks? -No, not today.

Just one task for today. See those bricks?

You have to pick them up and keep them over there.


But you cannot use a cart.

Use your hands, alright?

-Come on, quick, quick. -Come on.

Eyes on your goal, with all your heart...

Unleash your spirit!

Unstoppable like a river Charge through...

Till the end!

Eyes on your goal With all your heart...

Unleash your spirit!

Unstoppable like a river Charge through...

Till the end!

Very good, very good. Well done.

Now pick up these bricks and put them back.

-What? -Sir...

What a joke!

Are we here to play hockey, or carry bricks?

You think they'll run around all day, or wisen up?

They'll keep running until they do.


-Sir?! -Do it again.


-No sir, please... -Sir!

Any questions?

No, sir.

We'll do it, sir.

Come on, boys! Come on! Get up!

Hold on. Wait.

We're doing something wrong.

Everyone form a straight line to the end.

-Got it, line formation. -Come on, come on...

Come on. Make a line.

Praise the Lord!

Now do you get it?

Hard work, talent and effort is not enough.

Teamwork makes your job easier.

No matter the training...

Until you're united, and support each other...

You will not win!

-To win, you need...? -Teamwork!

Run faster! Run faster Himmat!

Faster, faster, faster!

When we enter the field...

We become a storm...

That shatters everything in it's way!

We stop at nothing.

We bow down to nobody.

We will march all the way to our destination!

This isn't just food we are preparing.

It's our revenge against 200 years of enslavement.

Hurry up with the vegetables!

There is a dream taking root...

To prove a point!

We become heroes wherever we go...

For the whole world to see!

We'll leave everyone behind!

We'll make our way Together somehow...

From here, and there And everywhere, we'll make our way!

We'll make our way together somehow...

From here, and there And everywhere, we'll make our way!

Three months just flew by.

10 of them are definitely Olympic material.


But who do we make Captain?


He's the best player.

But the captain should be able to unite the team.

He has the enthusiasm. But Devang Chaturvedi...

He's got the temperament.

And Himmat?

He's our trump card, Tapan.

Use him wisely.

A telegram from Mr. Wadia, from New York!

For me.

Read it.

Return from New York delayed.

I hereby give consent to the team.

Very good.

Fantastic. Fantastic.

Proceed with announcement.

Commendations to Mr. Tapan Das.

-Congratulations. -Thank you, thank you.

-Well done, Tapan. -Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen...

I am proud to announce the Indian hockey team...

For the 1948 Olympics.

Led by captain Devang Chaturvedi.

And vice captain Raghubir Pratap Singh.

Please give them a big hand!

And now, I request my dearest friend...

Mr. Tapan Das...

To entertain all of us, as usual, with a beautiful song.

So let's enjoy!

I had the first peg with my friends...

And the second as medicine But the third caused the explosion...

That matched the beat!

The world drones on and on...

While I can see only my drink...

And before I knew it...

I lost count!

I lost control of myself...

And danced on and on...

Somebody please help me!

Because I'm intoxicated I'm really quite intoxicated!

I'm intoxicated I'm really quite intoxicated!

I'm intoxicated I'm really quite intoxicated!

I'm hit very hard The drinks were quite strong...

I'm hit very hard I'm really quite intoxicated!

Today I'll celebrate With no guilt or apology!

Today I'll celebrate With no guilt or apology!

Everybody sing and dance As you please!

It's an occasion to celebrate...

Even if you've lost your wits...

Please pick me up if I fall down!

I'm intoxicated I'm really quite intoxicated!

I'm intoxicated I'm really quite intoxicated!

I'm intoxicated, I'm really quite intoxicated!

I'm hit very hard The drinks were quite strong...

I'm hit very hard I'm really quite intoxicated!

I'm intoxicated I'm really quite intoxicated!

I'm intoxicated I'm really quite intoxicated!

-Mr. Tapan! -Tapan!

Tapan, here, take my hand.

Careful, careful...

Slowly, slowly...

Please move aside...

This man has no need of enemies.

He will ruin himself.

He is too irresponsible a man to take our team to the Olympics.

He will embarrass us all.

You're absolutely right.

Call for an urgent committee meeting tonight.

Such behavior cannot be tolerated. Impossible.

But sir, what about Mr. Wadia?

He's in New York, isn't he?

We'll inform him later.

Wake up! Wake up!

Why are you hitting me? What have I done now?

Sweetheart, you've done nothing.

This time they did what needed to be done.


-What is this? -Your death certificate.

They kicked you out of your job.

I swore never to drink alcohol again in my life.

I begged the discipline committee, but they rejected me.

And eventually, the team that I assembled...

Left for London without me.



Himmat Singh!

-Bilaal! -Hey, Parambir!

Sadiq, how are you?

-All okay? -All good back home?

I think we're in a good place...

For the whole situation with India and Pakistan.

I know these men, Stanley.

They're strong teams on either side.

Much stronger than us.

Damn it Hanley, why do you think we made you manager?

Find a way to beat the wogs!

We're finally playing them after 20 years.

Right blow to English prestige if we go down now.

Sorry, I haven't got a magic wand.

Fine, then I'll find one.

The British knew that India and Pakistan had strong teams.

So they found a way to ensure only one of us reaches the semi-finals.

This is a ruse by the British.

They put India and Pakistan in the same group.

So what?

-What do you mean? -You don't understand.

If India and Pakistan are in the same group...

Then one of us will be eliminated early.

And there are only weak teams in the British pool.

They will breeze through to the semi-finals.

Go and lodge a complaint.

Are you trying to teach me my job?

The pools have been made. It's done.

Why? It's not done.

They do as they please, and we just watch?

Don't we get any respect?

Mr. Mehta, I think you should talk to them.

Yes, you can't just let them get away with this.

You have to do something.

Tell me...

Who is the manager of this team?

Me... Or you guys?

Stop trying to teach me.


What is this?

This anonymous letter.

Who wrote this? Your leader?

"The allowance is not on time...

And if it is, it's handed out openly.

Tapan sir would put it in an envelope."

The thing about Tapan is...

He might even hand over your allowance in a bottle of whiskey.

Tapan isn't here now.

But I am.

So no need to boss me around.

-Good morning, sir. -Good morning.


Open this.

British Toad Who did that to my room? Tell me.

And what did you write? "British Toad"!

As if I am a British slave!


No more allowance for anyone.

That's it.

Who do you think you are?

You'll know who I am when I take action.

-We'll take action first... -Surya!

We won't come to practice anymore.

You can do whatever you want.


We'll see.


What do we do about him?

What can I say?

I'm just missing Mr. Tapan.

London, how are you?

Mr. Wadia, what a fine Parsi gentleman.

As soon as he heard about Mr. Mehta's mess...

He called me up himself and said Tapan, we need you.

Excuse me, where's the bus?

It's left for the Indian Gymkhana, sir.

Hey... What are you doing here?

How are you, Mr. Mehta? Welcome. Welcome.

-Who called you here? -Mr. Wadia!

What a fine Parsi gentleman!

Do you have an official letter?

I don't need one, he came himself from America!

Mr. Wadia!

Mr. Mehta!

The first thing I did was work with the Pakistan manager...

And create a big stir.

How could India and Pakistan be in the same pool?

The committee is happy to present a new list of fixtures.

The committee had to concede.

And the three strongest teams...

India, Pakistan and Britain...

Were put in different pools.

So India and Pakistan were now in different pools.

Both teams now had a fair chance of advancing in the tournament.

May the best team win!

Captain Imtiaz, with the corrected fixtures...

Do you think you will make it to the semi-finals or finals?

Not just that, in fact... We'll take home the gold medal.

Because we aren't here just to play hockey.

We are here to settle the score after 200 years of enslavement.

We have a very old dream.

After we win and Pakistan's flag is hoisted...

And our national anthem is played...

The world will stand up and listen.

We've come to fulfill this age-old dream.

Mr. Tapan Das, any comments?


2,500 doves were set free during the Opening Ceremony.

The poor doves had no idea...

That even as they flew to spread peace...

On the field below them... Was war.

Parambir, Shakur, Meghdut...

Good luck... Good luck. Do your best.

Himmat, you aren't playing this match.

Come on, boys!

Pass to Raghubir!

To Raghubir!

I knew that all the teams were watching each other closely...

To plan how to block opposition players.

But I'm a smart Bengali.

I had revealed three of my aces. Raghubir, Devang and Chandan.

But one ace was hidden up my sleeve... Himmat.

Is Himmat going to play or not?

He will, at the right time.


Why hasn't Himmat played yet?

He will... Be patient.

Welcome to the first semi-final in the Olympic field hockey!

It's a big day for Great Britain...

Taking part in this event for the first time in twenty years.

They're facing a Pakistan team featuring five players...

Who were a familiar part of the succesful British Indian side.

The first time in history that has happened.

-They're all good. -Say hi to them for me.


Tapan, you're here?

I came to wish you good luck.

Wish me good luck before the final.

By Allah, we'll certainly beat the British.

With Allah's blessing.

Pakistan are in possession in this semi final as...

They try to come forward.

Waheed with a short pass to Imtiaz Ali Shah...

That's a rough tackle...

And he's looking for the foul but there's...

No response from the umpire!

Britain enter the 25 yard circle...

Harris crosses the ball in the D area...

George Morton strikes it!

And he scores!

It is a goal for Great Britain!

Come on Imtiaz!

Great Britain have the ball back...

And look to counter down the left hand side.

No. 5 Terry Gallagher passes to Stan Crayston...

Who is already inside the D area...

He hits it, and it's a goal!

With another fantastic finish...

Great Britain have doubled their lead before halftime.

Pakistan are really struggling here.

Only fifteen minutes of play left in the second half...

And they're still trailing by two goals to nil.

The most experienced player in the Pakistan squad...

Imtiaz Shah, seems to be handicapped by...

The really effective man-marking and...

Very physical play of the British team.

Saeed rolls it out, Basir stocks, Imtiaz strikes...

And it's a goal!

Less than a minute to go now in this semi final.

Well done!

Imtiaz Ali Shah shows his class...

And splits the British defence...

But there's no Pakistan player there to receive it!

Clearly showing a lack of co-ordination amongst their team.

In fact, it is all over!

And Great Britain are through to the final!

They will get the chance to go for Gold.

The British had brought their hockey team out after 20 years...

And it looked like they would play to win at any cost.

I decided to bring my fourth ace, Himmat on to the field.



How are you?

Papa visited your home yesterday.

My home? Why?

He wanted our families to hear the commentary together.

-We have a radio, you know. -I know.

Stop showing off.

Score a couple of goals tomorrow.

It will seal our marriage.

I could easily do that, but only if they let me play!

Why? Why won't they?

Have they taken you there for fun?

And listen... Don't forget.

Get the Gold for me.

You want jewelry?


I want the Gold medal.

If you insist, I'll bring it home.

Take care.

Alright then...


You know, there's an Olympic rule.

You have to play at least one minute...

To get a winner's medal.

-Really? -Yes...

So even if we win the gold or silver...

He'll go back empty-handed.

Stop it.

Only the semi-final and final left now.

And there's no guarantee we'll play the final.


Listen, bro...

Only the captain and vice-captain decide the team.

And, you already have a grudge with that Raghubir.

I cannot return empty-handed.

I'll do anything to ensure that.

Here, Shakur...

Sorry, my mistake. But you'll have to join us...

-We need to talk. -Of course, we'll talk.

But let's celebrate first.



I know you like gulping it down. Go on!

What have I got to celebrate, Your Highness?

I've been sitting out all the games.

Look... That's the captain's decision or Tapan sir's.

I only look after this.

And, playing my game.

Why don't you plainly say that you cancel my name?

And if you do...

Have the guts to say it to my face.


I've got all the guts I need.

But I've never done such a thing to anyone.

Why would I do it to you? What's so special about you?

It's not what you think, Himmat.

This is entirely Tapan sir's decision.

But if just he wanted me to sit out...

Why even bring me here?

He's got some problem with me since day one.

I do...

I do have a problem with you.

No matter how you play the game...

You're really handsome.

It makes me red with jealousy.

I'm trying to talk, and you're making jokes!

You've shown your true colours.

I'll show you!

-Stop it, man. -Raghubir!

-I'll kill you! -Come outside!

-Calm down, Raghubir. Calm down. -No, Himmat.

Himmat! What are you doing?

He's the vice-captain. Behave yourself!

I'm okay.

Excuse me.


I never struck your name off the list.

But now I'll make sure you don't play.


Devang, today's team.

Mr. Mehta has seen it. Take a look.

Tapan sir, Suryakant should continue at centre forward.

-No, you didn't get it. -No, I want him.

Listen to me.

I've been saving Himmat for this moment.

Forget all that.

Last night he got drunk and misbehaved with the vice captain.

-He even hit him! -This is shocking!

This indiscipline will not be tolerated!

There should be an enquiry and disciplinary action.

Of course, Mr. Mehta. But not now, after the game.

We need Himmat right now.

-What's wrong with us? -That's not what I meant.

But the opponent has seen your game.

They have studied you. Three of four of them will mark you!

But they haven't seen Himmat play.

He'll be a surprise package.

Mr. Mehta, firstly Himmat's indiscipline...

And, why change a winning team now?

Why take the risk?

Not letting Himmat play will be a bigger risk.

Tapan sir...

Tell me how many goals do you want us to score?


I like your confidence.

But my opinion is different.

-Believe me. -Let's vote for it.

It vote no. And you?

Himmat should play.



I am sorry, Tapan sir. But it's a no.


You're on the bench today.

I'm playing centre forward.

And just now Suryakant Pant has arrived on the field...

And he has replaced Himmat Singh.

Tapan sir, if you don't want me to play...

Then why embarrass me?

What did you say?

What did you say? I didn't play you?

I had carefully hidden you for this day.

But you ruined everything!

You just don't understand, and nor do they.

You know what Samrat told me?

This boy... Pointing straight at you...

"This boy is your trump card. Use him wisely."

But you're so hot-headed. You get angry!

What can I say?

That Raghubir has made tall claims.

But let's see what he achieves!

Go rest...

You must be a champion at that by now.

It's an offensive start by the Indian forward line in this game...

Raghubir Pratap Singh holds the ball up in midfield...

Tough man-to-man marking play by the Netherlands.

Raghubir is forced to pass back to Suryakant Pant.

-Surya! -Devang!

Suryakant finds Devang Chaturvedi.

Dashing down the wing in a fabulous display of skill and speed...

He enters the D, he shoots!

-But it's saved! -A fantastic save...

By Jasper Roovers.

This is why he is known as "The Wall" in the world of hockey!


Kingshuk Bharati has the ball in midfield...

With Raghubir Pratap Singh still under constant pressure.

But he breaks free...

And is found by the through ball from Kingshuk Bharati...

Raghubir with the attempt...

And it's another fantastic save by Jasper Roovers!

There's the halftime whistle and the scores remain level at 0-0.

Just 10 minutes to go now in this semi-final...

And it's still goalless, but it's the Netherlands in possession...

And on the attack.

They've worked it well here...

The through ball towards the by-line will be cut back...

Towards Jan Wilders, who has a sight of goal...

It's Jan Wilders for the Netherlands!

And it's the Netherlands who lead!

1-0 up against India!

The Dutch no. 10 scores what could be...

Such a crucial goal in this semi final!

There's not much time left now, the match is almost over!

Langford finds Chandan Awasthi in the midfield...

Chandan moves forward...

Chandan has completely destroyed the Netherlands defensive line...

He enters the D, face-to-face with Roovers...

Passes to the second post and Raghubir Pratap Singh pushes it in!

It's 1-1 in this semi final, Raghubir Singh is the hero...

But they might need more.

The Netherlands perhaps the physically fitter if this...

Goes into extra time.

The Netherlands attack, this could be dangerous for India...

Hank Lestra has won a penalty corner for his country.

Just a minute to go now, and India under real pressure...

Because the Netherlands have this penalty corner with the score at 1-1!


Trap and clear!

Brilliantly saved by Shakur Akhtar on the line!

Excellent defending!

And it will actually spark the counter attack here for India!

Only 10 seconds left, run!

India on the counter attack...

Once again, Chandan Awasthi has the ball...

Splitting the Netherlands defence...

This might be the last chance for the Indian team...

Chandan goes for goal, Roovers saves!

But the ball is still in play!

Raghubir approaching from the wing, enters the D area...

He strikes the ball, hits the post...

Oh no!

It deflects from the hands of Jasper Roovers!

And it's an own goal!

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

But what a fine match we have witnessed here.

It's an incredible conclusion to this semi final!

And it is India through to the final.

What a dramatic turnaround here!



Slow down, Mr. Mehta, it's champagne.


-Cheers sir. -Cheers.

Well played. Good game.

Shakur, well done!

-That was amazing. -Thank you.

-Fantastic. Fantastic. -Thank you.

Tapan sir...

Stop sulking.

I told you we'll win. And here we are.


What win?

We were just lucky...

That the Netherlands goalie conceded a self-goal.

Otherwise, we would've been humiliated.

Done and dusted.

"We'll win", he says...

But we won, Tapan sir.

So let's celebrate and have a drink...

You're tempting the wrong guy.

It's like striking a match on a pile of gunpowder.

Hold it... I'll drink.

Give that to me.

Cheers to England, who will win the Gold tomorrow!

Why are you ruining the celebrations?


I'm ruining the celebrations?!

-Tapan sir... -Wait. Don't interrupt me, captain.

Mr. RP Singh.

I know you are India's best player.

And I always thought that you would be like Samrat one day.

But I was wrong.

Because you never read history.

Indian History is witness...

Whenever we fight amongst ourselves... Outsiders defeat us!

I don't know what problem you have with Himmat.

All I know is...

If there's no unity in the team, we will never win.



Look, captain.

Ladies and gentlemen...

Welcome to Wembley stadium!

Welcome to the 1948 field hockey Olympic finals!

And this moring will decide who takes the Olympic Gold home.

One on side we have the three time Olympic champions, India.

Today, facing a formidable opponent, Great Britain...

Who won the title in their last participation in this event...

At the 1920 Olympics.

The two teams step on to the field for the Olympic final...

Great Britain out first to a rapturous reception from the home crowd...

Led by Richard Harris, their captain...

And then we have India, Devang Chaturvedi is their captain...

Himmat Singh, Percy Pinto and Daulat Singh are on the bench.

India face the very country from which they gained independence...

On their oppressor's turf in this Olympic final.

Tapan! Tapan, here!

Players from both teams head to the centre line for bully off.

The Olympic final is now underway...

Morton has possession of the ball.

Tough man-to-man marking by the British team.

Crayston passes the ball in the D area...

But a beautiful block by Parambir.

The clearance is cut out...

Harris is not giving any space...

To Raghubir Singh. Very tight marking.

That's not great defending from the Indian backline.

Chance here for Britain to take the lead...

But a fantastic save by Pandey.

India have possession of the ball through Chandan...

In the Indian midfield on a fantastic run...

Dribbles past the first player... Oh!

Here's the sense of physicality that we've become used to seeing...

Throughout this tournament!

It looks like in these early exchanges...

Britain have decided to test out the Indian defence.

Britain constantly putting pressure on the Indian backline.

Behind you Shakur!

Fantastic play by the British team!

The Indian first line of defence has been breached by British players...

Beautiful cross... A shot...

And goal!

What are these guys doing?

Just the start Britain would've wanted in the first quarter...

Captain Richard Harris has scored for Great Britain...

Britain 1, India 0.

Here's another attempt in the D area...

And there's more trouble for India...

Because it's a penalty corner!

The umpire has given a penalty corner in favour of Great Britain.

The Indian team must block this opportunity...

The players are ready. It's a big moment this, before halftime.

Morton's roll out, Mills stocks...

Robson strikes...

It's a goal, brilliantly taken!

Great Britain have extended their lead to 2-0!

India really struggling here in this match.

The British are using long passes.

And the ground conditions completely suit them.

We'll have to change our strategy.

Tell me something.

Which player on our team...

Is the best at trapping long passes?

Tell me.

Tell me!

-It's Himmat. -Exactly.

-Himmat is... -This is a disciplinary issue.

Himmat will not play.

Thank you, sir.

At least this time you said it to my face.

-Himmat, listen to me... -No, Tapan sir.

This team doesn't need me anymore.

No, Tapan. It's too late now.

We can't change the team at the last minute.

Why not, sir?

If you can take me off at the last minute...

Then you can also put me back on the field.

Sir... I admit I was at fault that night.

And I also apologize.

But I swear to God, I have to play today...

For myself and for this team!

-The boy is right. -Not at all!

Five players from Punjab are already playing.

There are players from other states too.


You look after your states, and districts and cities...

And your arrogance, your ego.

I will look out for India!

You're talking about politics, and your bloody ego...

But I'm talking about the match!

Wait here. I'll show you something.


Our flag.

I've kept it safe ever since Berlin. You know why?

With the hope that someday India will be free!

Every Indian will be free!

And then we'll win the gold.

And our flag will fly high!

And we won't sing "Long Live the King"!

We'll sing our own national anthem!

This is not about me, or about you, or you, or you!

It's about the flag!

And Raghubir, if you still don't get it...

I promise, you never will for the rest of your life.

Come on...

Let's crush the British.

The atmosphere this afternoon at Wembley stadium is phenomenal.

And there's a change in the playing XI of the Indian team!

Himmat Singh, the centre forward...

Will step on the field for the first time in these Olympic games...

India's centre forward will now be Himmat Singh.

Himmat will play for the first time in these Olympics.

Grandma, Himmat is going to play now!

Come on, Himmat!

Himmat pushes the ball to Chandan.

Chandan with the ball, then passes to Raghubir.

Raghubir dribbles the ball forward...

Devang free and in space on the right wing...


But Raghubir is still keeping possession to himself.

Raghubir, pass the ball!

Raghubir, pass the ball!

He dribbles past the first player, passes the second player...

Still holding the ball, this could be dangerous!

Raghubir looks confident with the ball, moving forward from the center...

Pass now!

Raghubir passes to Himmat!

Himmat goes for goal, and scores!

Great Britain 2, India 1!

Britain 2, India 1...

Himmat has made an explosive entrance!

Himmat Singh looks like India's secret weapon!

The good old British weather strikes again!

The rain clouds are rolling in here by the looks of things.

In fact I can see some raindrops falling on the field already.

The Indian side are clearly looking worried...

And rightly so!

Because the British have an advantage in such wet conditions.

Brilliant tackle by Williams. He passes the ball forward.

The rain has slowed down the game...

And the home team are trying to make the most of it!

Richard Harris has scored for the British team!

The score is now 3-1 in favour of Great Britain.

Britain taking full advantage of this rain...

The spikes on their shoes helping them...

Maintain their grip better on the wet ground.

Extremely rough play on the field...

Mills passes the ball to Harris...

Harris with the ball, moves forward and looks confident...

Beating the Indian backline!

Passes to Morton...

Morton with a sluggish attempt...

The ball has gone just wide!

What is wrong with you?

You eat so much fish, but still no brains!'

What should I do, then?

Take your shoes off first!

Otherwise you'll keep slipping.

Take your shoes off.

Hey, Devang! Take your shoes off!

Tell everyone to take their shoes off.

Take them off, so you won't slip! Quickly!

Before the ball is back in!

Help them.

The Indians are holding up the play here...

They appear to be taking off their shoes.

Desperate times call for desperate measures maybe...

In the circumstances.

With Great Britain in charge...

India having to try something to get back in the game.

Yes! Yes!

What a strike by Raghubir Pratap Singh!

India with a crucial goal back...

And maybe a route back into this game!

Already, India are looking much more confident.

A change in the weather conditions...

-And maybe a change of fortunes. -Come on, India!

-Come on, India! -Come on, India!

-Come on, India! -Come on, India!

-Come on, India! -Come on, India!

Devang has the ball...

Dodges beautifully, then passes to Raghubir.

Raghubir's return pass to Devang...

He has a go... And it's a goal!

From here they have a great chance of securing...

Their fourth consecutive Olympic gold!

Excellent! Well done!

India 3, Great Britain 3!

Come on India!

-Come on! -Come on, India!

Come on, India!

-Come on India! -Come on India!

-Come on India! -Come on India!

-Come on India! -Come on India!

-Come on India! -Come on India!

And then...

Something amazing from Berlin, happened once again.

It was the magic of the Indian team's skill...

That made the Germans, and now the British...

Cheer for India instead of their own team!

The year was 1948...

But for me, it was also 1936.

I was in London, but also in Berlin at the same time.

I was watching both matches at the same time.

Every move in the game...

Reminded me of old ambitions...

Ambitions that began way back, and now...

It is finally reaching fruition.

One generation dreamt a dream...

And the next generation made it reality.

India was quiet until now.

Now we'll speak, and the world will listen.

At that moment I learned something else.

A nation isn't built by just borders and land.

A nation is built when everyone in the country shares the same dream.

And no dream is impossible...

If we believe in our dream together!

Gold... India!

-Congratulations! -Thank you ma'am.

Please stand for the flag hoisting ceremony.

Vande Mataram!