GoldenEye (1995) Script

Beg your pardon. Forgot to knock.

Ni odnoho vyzdoha! Gdye vashy?

I'm alone.

Aren't we all?

You're late, 007. I had to stop in the bathroom.

Ready to save the world again? After you, 006.

James... For England. For England, Alec.



It's too easy. Half of everything is luck, James.

And the other half?



Set timers: six minutes. Six minutes. Check.


Closing time, James! Last call! Buy me a pint.

This is Colonel Ourumov! Come out with your hands up!

How original.

Shut the door, Alec! There's a draught!


Move out. Throw down your weapon and walk towards me, slowly.

Finish the job, James! Blow them to hell! You have ten seconds.

Ten. nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two... For England, James!

Hold your fire! You'll blow the gas tanks!

This is your last chance! Come out with your hands...


You can't win.

(Ourumov) Get out there! Move! Move it!

Hold your fire!


( "GoIdenE ye " by Tina Turner)

See reflections on the water More than darkness in the depths See him surface in every shadow On the wind, I feel his breath GoIdenEye, I've found his weakness GoldenE ye, he 'll do what I please GoIdenEye, no time for sweetness But a bitter kiss will bring him to his knees

See him move through smoke and mirrors Feel his presence in the crowd Other girls, they gather around him If I had him, I wouldn't let him out GoIdenE ye, not lace or leather Golden chain, take him to the spot GOIdenEye, I'll show him forever It'll take forever to see what I've got You'll never know Howl watched you from the shadows as a child You'll never know How it feels to get so close and be denied It's a golden honey trap I've got for you tonight Revenge, it's a kiss This time I won't miss Now I've got you in my sight With a GoIdenEye Golden, GoIdenE ye With a GoIdenEye GoIdenE ye

James, is it necessary to drive so fast? More often than you'd think.

I enjoy a spirited ride as much as the next girl, but...

Who's that? The next girl.

(Bond sounds horn)

(woman sounds horn)

James, stop this! Stop it!

I know what you're doing. What's that, dear?

You are just trying to show off the size of your...

Engine? Ego.

We're having a pleasant drive and you bring psychology into it.

I was just sent here to evaluate you. Let's put that behind us, shall we?

Ladies first.

James, I want you to stop this car!

Really? Stop this car at once!

(tyres screech)

As you can see, I have no problem with female authority.


James, you're incorrigible.

What am I going to do with you?

Let's toast your evaluation, shall we?

(Bond) A very thorough evaluation.

(woman giggles)

Bonsoir, Monsieur Bond. Trés heureux de vous revoir.

- Bonsoir, Pierre. Ca va bien? Trés bien. Et vous?

Sept é Ia banque.

Madame wins.

Bet, mademoiselle? Non?


Bets, ladies and gentlemen?

No players? (Bond) Banco.

It appears we share the same passions.

Three, anyway.

I count two - motoring and... baccarat.

(croupier) Huit, pour la banque.

(croupier) Seven. Madame wins.

I hope the third is where your real talent lies.

One rises to meet a challenge.



Ca rte.

(croupier) Madame stands with five.

Six. Madame loses. Buliatchl

Enjoy it... while it lasts. The very words I live by.

And what words do you live by?

The trick is to quit while you're ahead. That's one trick I've never learned.

Perhaps you'll show me how it's done.

Vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred.

And for you?

The same.

How do you take it?

Straight up, with a twist.

Thank you, Mr...

The name's Bond. James Bond.

Xenia Zaragevna Onatopp.

_ Qnatopp? OnatOPP-

Your accent... Georgian? Mm! Very good, Mr Bond.

You've been to Russia. Not recently.

I used to drop in occasionally. Shoot in and out.

It's very different now. A land of opportunity.

With a new Ferrari in every garage?

No, not quite. That belongs to a friend.

A tip for your friend: the French number plates for this year's model start with "L".

Even the counterfeit ones.

Oh. And what rank do you hold with the motor vehicles department, Mr Bond?


Shall we go?

This one is an admiral.

I like a woman who enjoys pulling rank.

Nice to meet you, Mr Bond.

The pleasure, I'm sure, was all mine.


Transmission begins from Moneypenny.

Identification confirmed: Onatopp, Xenia. Ex-Soviet fighter pilot.

Current suspected links to the Janus crime syndicate, St Petersburg.

Yacht "Manticore" is leased to a known Janus corporate front.

M authorises you to observe Miss Onatopp, but stipulates no... contact without prior approval.

End of transmission. Moneypenny.

Good night, James. I trust you'll stay... "onatopp" of things

(Xenia shrieks)

(Xenia snarls)

Lyu beemyets.

(Xenia growls)

(admiral cries out in pain) (bone cracks)

Xenia, I... can't... breathe!

(admiral gasps for air)

(he cries in pain, she with pleasure)

Yes ! Yes !

(military band plays)

Merci, mon amiral.

My respects, Admiral.

Delighted to have you aboard, mademoiselle.

Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats for the demonstration of the aircraft.

What you are about to see is Europe's answer to the electronic battlefield: the first working prototype of the Tiger helicopter.

Uniquely manoeuvrable, the Tiger not only uses Stealth technology, it is hardened against all forms of electronic interference, radio jamming and electromagnetic radiation.


Shh. I have a small surprise from your friends back at the barracks.

I think I've gone to heaven.

Not yet.

(captain) Please welcome the pilots. (applause)

Lieutenant Commander Bernard Jaubert and Lieutenant Frangois Brouse.

(engines start)

(man shouting in Russian)

Select Mir. (bleep)

Orthographic projection. (bleep)

Compute possible intercept with second-stage geo-sat two.


He wouldn't know a woman if one came up and sat on his head.

Bods Boris! What?

I thought I'd post it on the Internet, no?

What's the password? I made it easy this time.

Even you should be able to break it, borscht-for-brains.

All right. All right. I'll give you a hint.

They're right in front of you and can open very large doors.

You're such a geek.

(bleeping) Yes! I'm in.

You've hacked into the US Department of Justice.

What if they trace it here?

The chief of computers will call me a genius, move me to Moscow and give me a million bucks hard currency.

I think not.

Besides, the Americans are slug-heads. They'll never detect me.

You were saying, slug-head?

Nobody screws with Boris Grishenko.

- Spiked them! Come on, Boris. Just hang up.

No way! I spiked them.

All right. What's the password? I'm not going to tell you.

OK. Let me guess.

It's not in front of me? Mm-mm.

You sit on it, but you can't take it with you.

My program seizes the phone line of whoever's tracing me and jams their modem so they can't hang up.

Now the hunted becomes the hunter.

"Better luck next time, slug-heads Bang! Gone! I am invincible!

Was it good for you, too?

I'm getting some coffee.

I'm going for a cigarette.


General Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov, head of Space Division.

General, if I'd known... You'd have been ready.

This is an unscheduled test of Severnaya, Major. War simulation.

We are going to test-fire GoldenEye. Report your status.

Two operational satellites, sir, Petya and Mischa, in 90-minute earth orbit at 100km.


Here is the authorisation code.

Now, the GoldenEye and today's access numbers for satellite Petya, please. lam timing you.

Good. Thank you, Major.

(moans with pleasure)

On my count.

Three... two... one...

Set target. Severnaya.

Arm the weapon.




(glass shatters)

Check it. (cocks firearm)

' (man groans) (alarm)

Their best response time is 19 minutes. They'll be late.


It's clean. I had to ventilate someone.

Good evening, Moneypenny. Good evening, James.

M will meet you in the Situation Room. I'm to take you in.

Never seen you after hours. Lovely. Thank you, James.

Out on some kind of assignment? Dressing to kill?

I know you'll find this crushing, O07, but I don't sit at home praying for an international incident so I can run down here all dressed up to impress James Bond.

I was on a date with a gentleman. We went to the theatre.

Moneypenny, I'm devastated.

What would I ever do without you?

As far as I can remember, James, you've never had me.

Hope springs eternal.

This sort of behaviour could qualify as sexual harassment.

Really? What's the penalty for that?

Someday you have to make good on your innuendoes.

After you, Moneypenny. No, I insist. You first.

- Good evening, O07. Tanner. What's up?

16 minutes ago, we intercepted a distress call from a supposedly abandoned radar station at Severnaya. Look.

We found a match. Your missing Tiger. In the middle of northern Russia?

Your hunch was right. Too bad the evil queen of numbers wouldn't let you play it.


You were saying? No, no. I was just... just...

Good. Because if I want sarcasm, I'll talk to my children, thank you very much.

Good evening, 007. Good evening, M.

The prime minister's waiting for an update.

Proceed with your briefing, Mr Tanner.

Thank you.

Yes, after the distress signal, your helicopter took off and the Russians had three MiGs intercept it.

What do you think the base is used for?

We suspected it might be the ground station for a secret space-based weapon called Go|denEye, but...

Our statistical analysis saw they had neither the finance nor technology.

Numbers were never my strong suit.

Are these pictures live?

Unlike the American government, we prefer not to get our bad news from CNN.

Negative so far. Everything seems normal.

(alarm sounds)

What the bloody hell was that?




Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova.

Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova!



Boris! Boris!


Our satellite is knocked out. So are two of the Americans'.

We have another, coming into range... now.

Good God.

Two of the MiGs are down.

It looks like the third went into the dish.

What do you think?

No lights. Not one single electric light on in a 30-mile radius.

EMP? It would explain the MiGs and satellites.

And the blackout. Electromagnetic pulse.

A satellite weapon developed by the... Americans and Soviets in the Cold War.

I've read the brief.

Discovered after Hiroshima. Set off a nuclear device in the upper atmosphere.

Creates a pulse, a radiation surge, that destroys everything electronic.

The idea being to knock out the enemy's communications before they can retaliate.

So, Golden Eye exists.


Could this be an accident? No. The helicopter.

For stealing the GoldenEye, it was the perfect getaway vehicle.

Setting off the blast would wipe out any trace of the crime.

The Janus group? It may be linked to the helicopter.

I know the Russian fail-safe systems.

You just don't walk in and ask for the keys to the bomb. You need the access codes.

(punches keys)

There had to be an insider.

At least one person probably knows who it is.

(animal whimpering)

(barking and whining)

Very well, sir. Thank you. Good night.

The prime minister's talked to Moscow. It was "an accident on a training exercise".

Governments change. The lies stay the same.

What else do we know about Janus?

Top-flight arms dealers, headquartered in St Petersburg.

Restocked the Iraqis during the Gulf War.

The head man's unreliably described. No photographs.

The woman, Onatopp, is our only confirmed contact.

Would you care for a drink? Thank you.

Your predecessor kept some cognac... I prefer bourbon.

Ice? Yes.

We pulled the files on whoever may have had access or authority at Severnaya.

The top name on the list's an old friend of yours, I understand.

Ourumov. They made him a general.

He sees himself as the next "iron man of Russia".

Our political analysts say he doesn't fit the profile of a traitor.

Are these the same analysts who said that Go|denEye couldn't exist?

Who said the helicopter posed no threat and wasn't worth following?

You don't like me, Bond. You don't like my methods.

You think I'm an accountant, more interested in numbers than your instincts.

The thought had occurred to me. Good.

Because I think you're a sexist, misogynist dinosaur, a relic of the Cold War, whose boyish charms, though wasted on me, obviously appealed to that young woman I sent out to evaluate you.

Point taken. Not quite, O07.

If you think I don't have the balls to send a man out to die, your instincts are dead wrong.

I've no compunction about sending you to your death.

But I won't do it on a whim, even with your cavalier attitude towards life.

I want you to find GoldenEye.

Find who took it, what they plan to do with it, and stop it.

If you come across Ourumov, guilty or not, don't run off on a vendetta. Avenging Alec Trevelyan will not bring him back.

You didn't get him killed. Neither did you. Don't make it personal.



Come back alive.

(military march)

(knock on door)

Good morning, General Ourumov.

Defence Minister Mishkin... Gentlemen.

Please, deliver your report.

As you know, 72 hours ago, a secret weapons system - codename GoldenEye - was detonated over Severnaya.

As head of Space Division, I personally undertook the investigation.

I have concluded this crime was committed by Siberian separatists seeking to create political unrest.

Regrettably, the peaceful work and the hard-currency earnings of Severnaya have been set back by several years.

Therefore, I tender my resignation.


It seems the council does not want your head, Arkady Grigorovich.

Merely your assurance that there are no other Go|denEyes.

I can give you that assurance, Defence Minister.

And what of the two missing Severnaya technicians?

I was aware only of the one. Boris Grishenko.

There was a girl also, whose body was not among the dead.

Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova. A level-two programmer.

I will investigate immediately.

It would seem presumptuous to blame this incident on Siberian separatists before the whereabouts of your own people are determined.

Do you agree? Yes, Defence Minister.

Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

That will be all.

Morning, Q. Sorry about the leg. Skiing?


Right. Now pay attention, O07.

First, your new car.

BMW. Agile, five forward gears, all-points radar.

Self-destruct system. And, naturally, all the usual refinements.

Now, this I'm particularly proud of.

Behind the headlights, Stinger missiles.

Excellent. Just the thing for unwinding after a rough day.

Need I remind you, O07, that you have a license to kill, not break the traffic laws.

I wouldn't think of it. Good.

Right. Let's get on to more practical matters.

A typical leather belt. Male, size 34, buckle, notch.

Have you finished?

Yes. Good.

A typical belt... Q, I'm familiar with that device.

Not one with a 75-foot rappelling cord built into the buckle.

Fire, and out shoots a piton, followed by a high-tensile wire designed to support your weight.

I see. And what if I need additional support?

It's tested for one, O07.

Flight 878 to St Petersburg.

X-ray document scanner.

A pen. This is a class 4 grenade.

Three clicks arms the four-second fuse.

Another three disarms it.

How long did you say the fuse was?

Oh, grow up, O07.

"The pen is mightier than the sword." Thanks to me, it is.

Look, let's ask Freddie here to demonstrate for us.

Here we are. Sorry about this, Fred. One, two, three.

Don't say it. The writing's on the wall?

Along with the rest of him.

Now, 007, do please try and return...


Do try and return some of this equipment in pristine order.

Don't touch that! That's my lunch.

In London, April's a spring month.

Oh, yeah? What are you - the weatherman?

For cryin' out loud. Another stiff-assed Brit, with your secret codes and passwords.

One of these days you guys are gonna learn just to drop it.

Come on. My car's over there.

After you. Thank you.

Like you said, drop it. All right.

In London, April's a spring month. In St Petersburg, we freeze our butts off.

Close enough for government work? No.

Show me the rose. Please, no.

All right, all right, all right.

"Ml-iffy"? Third wife.

- Jack Wade, CIA. James Bond, stiff-assed Brit.

That's a nice move. Nice car.

Hasn't let me down yet. She's an ugly little bitch, but she gets you there.

Hey, Bond. Do you do any gardening?

(announcement in Russian over PA system)

(PA system) St Petersburg express has now arrived at Platform 3.

Can you hand me that wrench, Jimmy?

So what do you know about Janus? Zilch. Zipsky.

No one's ever seen him. But the man's connected up the kazoo.

KGB, military. Screwdriver.

Rumour has it he lives on one of those old Soviet missile trains.

That armoured stuff they used to run around so we couldn't target 'em.

Wanna hand me that hammer, Jimbo?

No, the bigger one. The sledge.

Anyways, to tell the truth, you don't find this guy. He finds you.

Hell, it's all Russian Mafia.

Best thing I can do is point you in the direction of his competition.

Who is the competition? An ex-KGB guy. Tough mother.

Limps on his right leg. Name's Zukovsky.

Valentin Dimitreveych Zukovsky? Yeah.

You know him? I gave him the limp.


Are these all you have? How many do you want?

24 for the American school, 11 for the Swedish.

IBM-compatible with 500 meg hard drives, CD-ROM and 14.4 modems.

You pay dollars? Of course.

If madam requires a demonstration...

Madam requires one demonstration model and a quiet place to test it.



Is everything satisfactory? Everything except the interruption.

(Wade) Let me get this straight, Jimmy.

You shot him in the leg, you stole his car, you took his girl.

And now you want Zukovsky to set you up with Janus?

(Bond) Yes. Are you gonna appeal to his heart?

No. His wallet. That might work.

OK. Showtime.

Valentin operates out of building number 23.

Are you sure you wanna do this?

Last guy who dropped in uninvited went home air freight - in very small boxes.

Make sure they send me home first class.

(screams) Natalya! It's me! It's Boris!

It's Boris. It's Boris. Hello.


Another morning shot to hell.

Free-market economy! I swear it will be the end of me.

Walther PPK, 7.65mm.

Only three men I know use such a gun. I believe I've killed two of them.

Lucky me. I think not.


(Russian accent) And if you love him Love him Oh, be so proud of him Of him Cos after all He's just a man

(tunelessly) Stand by your man...

James Bond.

Charming, sophisticated secret agent.

"Shaken, but not stirred."

I see you haven't lost your delicate sense of humour, Valentin.

Or your need for an audience.

Who's strangling the cat? Strangling a cat?

Stand by your man

That is Irina, my mistress.

Very talented girl.

Irina! Take a hike!

So, Mr Bond, what is it that brings you to my neighbourhood? Hm?

Still working for MI6, or have you joined the 21 st century?

I hear the new M is a lady.

I want you to do me a favour.

He wants me to do him a favour!

My knee aches every single day. Twice as bad when it is cold.

Have you any idea how long the winter lasts in this country?

Tell him, Dimitri. It depends...


For an ex-KGB agent, you surprise me, Valentin.

Surely you must have realised the skill was not to hit your knee, but to...

Miss the rest of you.

So why did you not kill me? Call it professional courtesy.

Then I should extend you the same courtesy.

Kirov‘s funeral parlour, four o'clock this afternoon.

200 pounds of C4 explosives hidden in a casket.

Your man drives the hearse in, the money's exchanged, their man drives the hearse out.

Their man will be arrested with the explosives.

Your man will make a miraculous escape with the money.

Your money.

And what do I owe for this accommodation?

I want you to set me up... with Janus.

What has he done to deserve you? Stole a helicopter.

I have six. Three. None that fly.

Who's counting? These aren't just criminals but traitors.

They used the chopper to steal a nuclear weapon. Killed a lot of innocent Russians.

What do you expect from a Cossack? Who?

This Janus - I never met the man, but I know he's a Lienz Cossack.

The group that worked for the Nazis, Second World War.

You know your history. At the end of the war, the Lienz Cossacks surrendered to the British in Austria, believing they would join them and wage war against the communists.

But the British betrayed them, sent them back to Stalin, who promptly had them all shot.

Women, children, families.

Not exactly our finest hour.

Still, ruthless people. They got what they deserved.

I want you to set me up with Janus. Tell him I'm asking about the chopper.

You meet me tonight at the Grand Hotel. And then you and I are even and... he owes me one. Precisely.

You don't need the gun... Commander.

That depends on your definition of safe sex.

That's close enough.

Not for what I have in mind.

(Xenia moans with pleasure)

(Xenia shrieks)

Oh, you think you can hurt me?


(Bond gasps for breath) (Xenia shrieks with pleasure)

You think you can break me?

(Bond roars)

(shrieking) Ah, yes! Yes! Yes!

(Xenia yelps)

No, no, no.

No more foreplay.

Take me to Janus.


This is it? Yes.

Well, I must say, I've had a lovely evening.

You? Once again, the pleasure was all yours.

You'll understand if I don't call. I won't lose sleep over it.

Sweet dreams.


Hello, James.

Alec? Back from the dead.

No longer just an anonymous star on the Memorial Wall at MI6.

What's the matter, James? No glib remark? No pithy comeback?

Why? (laughs)

Hilarious question. Particularly from you.

Did you ever ask why we toppled all those dictators and regimes, only to come home - "Well done! Good job, but sorry, old boy."

"Everything you risked your life for has changed."

It was the job we were chosen for. Of course you'd say that.

James Bond, Her Majesty's loyal terrier, defender of the so-called faith.

Oh, please, James, put it away.

It's insulting to think I haven't anticipated your every move.


I trusted you, Alec. Trust. What a quaint idea.

How did the MI6 screening miss that your parents were Lienz Cossacks?

Once again, your faith is misplaced. They knew.

We're both orphans, James.

But where your parents had the luxury of dying in a climbing accident, mine survived the British betrayal and Stalin's execution squads.

But my father couldn't let himself or my mother live with the shame of it.

MI6 figured I was too young to remember.

And in one of life's little ironies, the son went to work for the government whose betrayal caused the father to kill himself and his wife.

Hence Janus, the two-faced Roman god, come to life.

It wasn't God who gave me this face.

It was you, setting the timers for three minutes instead of six.

Am I supposed to feel sorry for you? No. You're supposed to die for me.

By the WHY I did think of asking you to join my little scheme, but somehow I knew

007's loyalty was always to the mission, never to his friend.

Closing time, James. Last call.


For England, James.

(woman) Wake up! Mister! (electronic bleeps)

(woman shrieks)

Wake up, please! Wake up!

I'm here. I'm here!

Hurry! Hurry up! Come on!

Pull yourself together or we're gonna die!

Do something! Get us out of here! I'm a little tied up!

Never mind.


The things we do for frequent-flier mileage.

Here. Let me help you.

That's it. Mind your head.

Let me... go!

(vehicles approaching)

Who are you?

Listen. I'm on your side. I don't know anything.

I don't believe you. I don't care.

Look, they might be back any minute.

Are you with me, or your countrymen who killed everyone at Severnaya?

I've never been to Severnaya.

Your watch has. Frozen by the Golden Eye blast.

And I'm willing to bet you're the one who climbed up the dish to get out.

Who are you? I work for the British government.

The more you tell me, the more I can help you.

But I don't know anything! Then start with what you do know.

My name is Natalya Simonova.

I was a systems programmer at Severnaya facility until...

Go on.

Until they killed everyone. Who? Alec Trevelyan?

No. I don't know who that is. Who's the insider? Who's the traitor?

Boris. Boris Grishenko.

KGB or military? Computer programmer.

There was no one else? No.

They're going to kill me, aren't they?

Trust me.

Trust you? I don't even know your name.

(door opens)

Good morning, Mr Bond. Sit.

I am Defence Minister Dimitri Mishkin.

So, by what means shall we execute you, Commander Bond?

What, no small talk?

No chitchat?

That's the trouble. No one has time to do a really sinister interrogation any more.

It's a lost art. Your sense of humour doesn't slay me.

Where is the Golden Eye? I assumed you had it.

I have an English spy, a programmer and a helicopter...

That's how your traitor wants it to look. Who attacked Severnaya?

Who had the codes? The penalty for terrorism is still death.

And for treason? Stop it, both of you! Stop it.

You're like... boys with toys.

It was Ourumov. General Ourumov set off the weapon.

I saw him do it.

Are you certain it was Ourumov? Yes.

He killed everyone, then stole the Go|denEye.

And why would he do that?

There is another satellite.

Another Golden Eye.

Thank you, Miss Simonova.

What did you say about the lost art of interrogation, Mr Bond?

(door opens)

Defence Minister, I must protest. This is my investigation.

You are out of order. Molcheetye. Molcheech!

From what I am hearing, it is you who is out of order.

I've seen this gun in the hand of our enemy.

- Put it down, General! Do you even know who the enemy is?

Do you? Guard!

Defence Minister Dimitri Mishkin, murdered by British agent James Bond,

himself shot while trying to escape.


Come on!

They're in the archive!


(Ourumov) Spread out! Cover the other side!

Trust me.

(Natalya cries out)


Go now!

(car horn)


Damn it.

Down the alley!

Use the bumper. That's what it's for.

Nazad !

(police siren)

(car horn)

(police whistle)

What was that?

Go left!

(tyres squeal)

Get out!

Either you've brought me the perfect gift, or you've made me a very unhappy man.

Mishkin got to them before I could.

Bond is alive?

He escaped. Good for Bond.

Bad for you.

Take a seat, my dear.

You know, James and I shared everything.

Absolutely everything.

To the victor go the spoils.

You'll like it where we're going.

You may even learn to like me.

Svinya! ' (bleeping)

Stay with her.

Bond. Only Bond.

He's going to derail us.

Full speed! Shto?

Full speed! Ram him!


(train whistle)

Why can't you just be a good boy and die?

You first.

You... second.


Situation analysis... hopeless.

You have no backup, no escape route.

And I have the only bargaining chip.

Where is she? Ah, yes. Your fatal weakness.

Ourumov, bring her in.

Lovely girl.

Tastes like... like strawberries.

I wouldn't know. I would.

So, back where we started, James.

Your friend, or the mission?

Drop the gun. I'll let her live.

Ourumov... what has this Cossack promised you?

You knew, didn't you? He's a Lienz Cossack.

It's in the past. He'll betray you! Just like everyone else. ls this true? What's true is that in 48 hours, you and I will have more money than God and Mr Bond here will have a small memorial service, with only Moneypenny and a few tearful restaurateurs in attendance.

So, what's the choice, James?

Two targets, time enough for one shot.

The girl, or the mission?

Kill her. She means nothing to me.

See you in hell, James.

One-inch armour plating. I'm fine, thank you very much!

Boris. Yes!

What are you doing? Boris is on-line backing up his files.

If I can spike him, I might be able to find out where they're going.

Don't stand there! Get us out of here! Yes, sir.

(Alec) Good luck with the floor, James.

I set the timers for six minutes - the same six minutes you gave me.

It was the least I could do for a friend.

What does that mean? We've got three minutes.

What else do you call your bottom? What?

Boris' password. He plays word games "What I sit on but don't take with me."

Chair. Like I said...

(Bond) 30 seconds.

(Natalya) He's not in Russia, Germany, Paris, London, Madrid, 25 seconds. New York, Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco... 20 seconds!

Mexico City, Rio, Miami...

Come on! Wait! He's in Cuba. Havana - no.


Do you destroy every vehicle you get into?

Standard operating procedure.

Boys with toys.

Maybe I should take care of the transportation for our trip to Cuba.

Our trip?

Do you know how to disarm the weapon?

I suppose that depends on what kind of weapon you're talking about disarming.

So... tell me. Are there any other standard operating procedures I should be aware of, Commander?


But I only pay them lip service.

My whole life I dreamed about coming to the Caribbean.

It's so beautiful.

Not another human being in sight.

(fast bleeping)

What is it with you and moving vehicles?

Yo, Jimbo! Brought a little gift from old... whatshisname? T? Z?

_ Q_ Yeah.

What are you doing here, Wade? Banyan trees.

Uh... lam not here. The CIA has no knowledge, no involvement.

Nothing to do with your insertion into Cuba, if you catch my drift.

Mm-hm. Yes, I do.

Borrowed the plane from a friend in the DEA.

The Coast Guard and the FAA are in the loop.

You're cleared on our radar for 0600 hours.

Here's the latest sat-int from Langley.

Stay below 600 feet. 500 feet.

Who's that? Natalya Simonova.

Sim-yo-nova. Russian minister of transportation.

(Wade clears throat)

Did you check her out?

Head to toe. Right...

So, you're lookin' for a dish the size of a football field, huh? Doesn't exist.

Light a cigar in Cuba and we see it. I know it's there.

It's a duplicate of Severnaya, like your secret transmitters in New Zealand.

I've never been there. How does she know about that?

What if I need backup? Get on the radio. I'll send in the marines.

Anyway, hang a left at the end of the runway.

Cuba's 80 miles on your right. Yo, Wade!

Just one thing. Don't push any of the buttons on that car.

I'm just gonna bomb around in it. Exactly.

Yo, James. I got faith, but be careful.

He knows you're comin'. (starts engine)

He was your friend - Trevelyan.

And now he's your enemy and you will kill him.

It is that simple?

In a word, yes.

Unless he kills you first. Natalya...

You think I'm impressed? With your guns, your killing, your death. For what?

So you can be a hero?

All the heroes I know are dead. Natalya...

How can you act like this? How can you be so cold?

It's what keeps me alive.

No. It's what keeps you alone.



On the train, when you told him to kill me and that I meant nothing to you, did you mean it?


Basic rule: always call their bluff.

(Bond laughs)


Turn ten degrees south, bearing 1-8-4.

Yes, sir.

Nothing. There is nothing here.

Let's make another pass.

Maybe Wade was right. There is no dish.

(Natalya screams)


(Bond groans)

(shrill birdsong)

This time, Mr Bond, the pleasure will be all mine.

(cries out in pain)

(Xenia gasps with pleasure)

(Bond growls)

You wait for your turn.


She always did enjoy a good squeeze.

ls the satellite in range? Six minutes.

Prepare the dish. No. It's too early.

I am not ready. Do it.


No wonder we couldn't see it.

Come on.

The world's greatest cash card.

It had better not be rejected.

Mischa is on-line. (guard) Sir!

Kill him.

The man just won't take a hint.


Target coordinates? The target is London.

He's getting ready to signal the satellite.

How do you stop it? The transmitter above the antenna.

Antenna in position.

On my count.

Three... two... one.


God save the Queen.


(men shouting in Russian)

The mainframe computer. Don't move.

(fast bleeping)

James! What an unpleasant surprise.

We aim to please. Where's the girl?

Find her!

So, how is old Q?

Up to his usual tricks?

The watch.

Ah. A new model.

Still press here, do I?

(man shouting in Russian)

(Bond) Interesting setup, Alec.

You break into the Bank of England via computer, then transfer the money electronically just seconds before you set off the Go|denEye, which erases any record of the transactions.

Ingenious. Thank you, James.

But it still boils down to petty theft.

In the end, you're just a bank robber. Nothing more than a common thief.

You always did have a small mind, James.

It's not just erasing bank records. It's everything on every computer in London.

Tax records, the stock market, credit ratings, land registries, criminal records.

In 16 minutes and 43... no, 42 seconds, the United Kingdom will re-enter the Stone Age.

A worldwide financial meltdown.

And all so mad little Alec can settle a score with the world 50 years on.

Oh, please, James! Spare me the Freud. I might as well ask you if all the vodka martinis ever silence the screams of all the men you've killed.

Or if you find forgiveness in the arms of all those willing women for all the dead ones you failed to protect.

England is about to learn the cost of betrayal, inflation-adjusted for 1945.

Welcome to the party, my dear. (Boris) Natalya!

(Natalya grunts with rage)

(cocking of weapons)

Don't ever... do that again.

This is not one of your games, Boris. Real people will die!

You pathetic little worm.

She was in the mainframe. Check the computer.

She's a moron. A second-level programmer.

She works on the guidance system.

She doesn't even have access to the firing codes.

(buzzer alarm)

Retro-rockets firing.

What the hell's happening? We will have re-entry in... 12 minutes.

It will burn up somewhere over the Atlantic.

(Alec) Deal with it! She changed the access codes!

Then she can fix it.

Go ahead. Shoot him. He means nothing to me.

I can do it! I can break her codes!

Then get on with it!

Tell him! Now!

Give me the codes, Natalya! Give them to me!

Can Boris break your codes? Possibly.


We have to destroy the transmitter.

By the way, I'm fine, thank you very much!

Do you know how to use one of these?


Good. Stay out of sight.

(men shouting in Russian)

How long? Two minutes.

One minute. Guard!

I'm fixing it. If he moves, kill him.

Yes! I am invincible.



You know, James?

I was always better.

Alpha One to Gunship.

Alpha One to Gunship!

Speak to me!

For England, James?


For me.




Yes! I am invincible!

James! James!

Are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine. Thank you.

Suppose someone is watching?

There's no one within 25 miles, believe me.

(Wade) Yo, Jimbo!

Is this supposed to be your idea of "coming through in a clinch"?

It's tobacco plants.

I said I'd be here, huh?

Yo! Marines!

Maybe you two'd like to finish debriefing each other at Guantanamo, hm?

Ready? I'm not going on a helicopter with you.

No plane, no train, nothing that moves.

Darling, what could possibly go wrong, hey?

("The Experience of Love” by Eric Serra)

I know you dream a lot

Holding on to lies

And you wait around

For someone to know where you hide

And in your dreams you feel a lot

Though you keep it all inside

And you close your eyes

It helps keep you alive

And the experience of /ovin'

Will take all the pain away

Just understanding for the first time What you feel inside When love is in your life

Leave your dreams behind

Breathin' in the scent of love Leave your dreams behind

Sensin‘ life in everything under the sky

And the experience of /ovin'

Will take all the pain away

Just understanding for the first time What you feel inside When love is in your life

The experience of love

Under the sky Sensing life The experience of love For the first time Under the sky Will take all the pain away The experience of love

Under the sky When love is in your life The experience of love Take it now, feel the glow Hold it close, don't let it go