Gone (2012) Script

Right now I've got to become an expert on marginal productivity theory.

I'd ask you what that is, but then I'm afraid you'd tell me.

You need anything?

I got ups, downs, sideways.

That's very supportive.

What's a few meds between sisters? Huh?

You were in the park today, weren't you?

You promised you wouldn't.

You know what? I'm sorry. I just...

I try.

Every day How would you feel if I came home drunk?

I'd hate it.

That's right. You'd lose your shit.

So don't tell me not to be mad.

I got it!

Hey. Billy's cousin gets in tomorrow and we need to know about dinner Sunday night.

Oh, right.

Hold on.

Instead of waiting to get better before you meet a guy, why don't you meet a guy and see if that helps you get better?

Please. It's one stupid dinner, and he's really cute.

I promise. And he's smart.

You'll like him. I know it.

We'll let you know in the morning, okay?

I got to move your car. It's blocking mine. Here. Drive mine.

Thanks. Don't work too hard.


There you go, sweetie.

Hey. Hey!

Relax. Relax.

Settle down.

Okay, I'll do it. - - Do what?

I'll go to dinner with you guys.

Yay! Thank you.

- What's the worst that can happen, right? You have fun.


Are you going to bed? Yeah. I'll finish studying in the morning.

Wake me up when you get home, okay?

Okay. It'll be 6:30. That's perfect.

Ooh, and bring me back something sweet so we can get fat together after my test.

Okay, it's a deal.

Hey, my other line. It's Billy. All right, sweet dreams.

Love you.

She said yes to Sunday. - Oh, that's great.

And the next sound you will hear is me brushing my teeth.

Pretty please.

No way. If I come over now, we won't get to bed for hours, and I still have a ton of reading to do.

Fine. Fine. I'll just have to hug my pillow.

You leave that poor thing alone.

Or I could drive over there right now.

- In and out, 10 minutes Oh.

That's very considerate.

Good night, Billy.

Here's the damage.


Sir, do you want anything else?

Just the check.

Here you go. Great.

Three grilled cheese.

Hey, did you go to Prospect? Yeah, when you were in sixth grade.

Really? You don't look that old.

Dude, give it up. You got no chance.

Plus, hello? I'm right here.

I know I've seen you before. Are you famous or something?

Yeah. That's why I work here, to keep myself humble.

It's your lucky day.

Look what I got on a cup of coffee.

Look what he gave me for nothing.

But that's not your station.

He usually is. He's a regular and he's moving away.

See what happens when you're nice to people? Good things happen.

Okay, I'll see you Monday.

Hold on. I'm going to walk you to your car. I'm right outside.

What, you don't believe me?

Sleep sweet.

Good night.

Rise and shine!

Time to get up.


Do you hear that sound? It's me not laughing.

Come on, Molly!

Hey, it's Molly. Leave a message.

Hey, it's me. Call me as soon as you get this.

Immediately, no matter what. Okay, bye.

Hi. I'm too cool to come to the phone right now.

Billy, it's Jill. I just need you to call me when you wake up.

Thanks. Bye.

Sergeant Powers.

Jill. Hi. I'm a little busy right now.

It's urgent. Okay.

Right here? Why not?

Uh, he's back.

He came back for me. He broke into my house, took my sister because I wasn't there.

That's my sister, Molly. Um...

Well, I moved into the house about six months ago, and about a month ago, Molly called me, saying that it was too expensive for her to live alone and asked if she could live in my house.

But I don't think he ever knew that she lived there.

Miss Conway, what makes you think your sister's been abducted?

Because I spoke to her last night on the phone at 11:00.

She was going to bed.

And I don't think that she would just run off in the middle of the night without leaving a note. Especially after what happened to me.

She had a final exam today that was really important.

She was studying. She left all her books just laying out, and she was wearing a pajama shirt and boxer shorts, and they weren't at the house when I looked for them. I know she's still wearing them.

Nobody's writing anything down.

Anything else? I found her earring on the floor.

It's a little diamond post stud from my parents that they gave her for her graduation, and I know she was wearing them when I left.

He's back. This guy is back.

I know he's back.

Jill, calm down, okay? Please have a seat.

Was there any sign of forced entry?

No. There wasn't any the first time, either. No one could figure out how he got in.

What about Molly's car?

I drove her car to work, and I left my car in the driveway.

That's why I think he assumed that I was home alone.

And Molly's cell phone?


She keeps it in her purse. She uses the landline when she's home.

Where's her purse? It's gone.

When you were abducted, was your purse taken?

No. Is there anything else missing?

No. Yes! An old photo of her taken from her yearbook.

When you were abducted, did he take one of your photographs?



Does Molly have a boyfriend?

Yeah. I called him. He's sleeping. He...

Molly could be with him right now.

No, not on the night before a test. She had a lot of studying to do.

So, it is possible? No.

No. The answer's no.

Jill, there are a million other girls that this guy could victimize.

Why would he come back for you?

Because I'm the only one that got away, because I know his secret.

I know what he's doing in Forest Park. He could have taken any one of these girls.

They're all missing.

If you hear from Molly, give us a call immediately.

Otherwise, I'll see you back here on Monday morning.

Monday? It's Friday! It's Friday.

Last week, a college honors student disappeared into thin air.

Her family said she must have been kidnapped because she's a very responsible girl and would never, ever run off without telling anyone.

It turns out "thin air" was a motel room in Walla Walla, Washington.

She met a boy at a party and decided to be impulsive for once.

Miss Conway, adults have the right to disappear.

When he came down to kill me, it was the end of the day.

He said to me, "it's time." That's what he said to me. "It's time."

He's going to kill Molly tonight. Please.

She's the only family that I have.

Come on.

You heard what the lieutenant said. No!

Jill, please stop it.

You've been up all night. It's all in your head.

Please go home and get some sleep.


I'm new to this unit, but I'm going to pull your file right now.

I'm Detective Hood. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to call.

Here, give me your number.

Punch it in.

She's committed to her story.


If my sister dies, it's your fault!

I bet that's Molly right now.

Hey, is Molly with you? No. Why?

I came home last night and she wasn't there and she didn't leave a note.

Oh, shit. You don't think she slipped, do you?

Do you think she's drinking?

Uh, no. I'm at the police station, so I'll call you back.

She's not with her boyfriend.

That's because she might have two of them. Did you ever think of that?

Look, Jill, why don't you just go home? Get some sleep?

I'll sleep when he's dead.

She's not going to go looking for him, is she?

Don't worry. She won't find him.

He doesn't exist.

This time last year, a few days after Easter, a hiker spots Jill at the north end of Forest Park.

She's covered in mud, about half froze to death, screaming about how some guy broke into her house, snatched her out of bed, threw her down a hole out in the woods someplace.

Homicide was called in because she said she wasn't the only one, that there were human remains down there.

So, of course, we throw everything at it, search teams, dogs, aerial units, the whole nine.

And guess what? Nothing.

No hole, no scene at all at the house.

Tests come back on Jill. No defensive wounds.

No sign of sexual contact, no foreign DNA of any kind.

And she can't ID the guy at all.

I mean, all day in a hole, she never once saw the guy's face?

And then she's got this mental history.

A couple of years back, she lost both of her parents within a few months of each other.

She ends up in a psych ward on a suicide watch. Understandably.

We start poking holes in her story, and she flips out.

We had to ship her off to St. Joseph's on an involuntary commit.

They held her for a couple of months.

Oh, man. Yeah. But she stuck with her story.

And now every time a girl goes missing, she thinks it's her guy and she's in here breaking my balls.

She could always move in with me.

I like them a little crazy.

You want to work with me, Hood? Get your mind right.

If you want to chase split-tail, then go be a firefighter. You feel me?

Yes, sir.

All right.

Hi. Any word from Molly yet?

No. I would have... I checked her gym. She hasn't been there.

So now I'm thinking one of her friends from econ class dragged her off to a study group.

In her pajama top and boxer shorts? Maybe she took a change of clothes.

But all of her books are here. And you're sure this is all of them?

Well, no, but...

If I can find a class list, I can call some of the other students.

Uh, I would check her desk.


Man, she's organized.

I told the cops that she'd never leave without telling me, but they didn't really care.

Here we go.

What time's her final? Noon.

Okay. Well, if I don't find her, I'll go to the exam, see if she shows up.


And you're positive she didn't go out drinking, right?

Yeah. Aren't you?

What's that?

You said she was still wearing them.

Different ones. But those are the only pair she has.

No, she has another pair that's off-white with blue stripes and the same flowers.

What? I've only seen just those.

But I know what she was wearing, Billy.

They have blue stripes on them, Billy.

Mrs. Cermak, I was wondering if you could help me with something.

You haven't said one word to me since the day you moved in, and now you want my help?

I'm sorry. I don't mean to be unfriendly. I just...

I'm a pretty private person.

What is it, dear? What's the matter?

My sister, Molly, she disappeared while I was at work last night, and I just...

I was just wondering if you had heard something. It was after 11:00, maybe.

Oh, good Lord. I'm sound asleep by 10:00.

So is Herb. We're dead to the world at that hour.


Have you called the police?

Yeah. They don't care.

Well, you know who I would talk to? I would talk to Conrad Reynolds over there.

He's up all night. He hasn't slept a wink since his wife died, and that was 12 years ago now.


But be careful. He's real squirrelly.

Thank you. Mmm-hmm.

What do you want?

Hi, Mr. Reynolds. My name is Jill Conway. I live across the street and...

Someone stole my bike from my backyard when I was sleeping, and I was just wondering if you happened to see or hear anything unusual last night.

I mind my own business. You ought to do the same.


I mind my own business, too, but if there's a prowler around and if he's brazen enough just to steal my bike off my back porch, I mean, what's next?

Think hard. Please, Conrad.

Did you see a stranger walking by or a car that you didn't recognize?


All right. Thanks anyway, though.

There was a noise.

Some asshole honked his horn twice, real loud.

In the middle of the night? It was after around 1:00.

I know because I was watching my Scrubs.

Did they just drive by?

No, they were parked in front of that yellow house there.

That's my house. Were they in my driveway?

Yeah. Sat there for a little while and drove off.

Did you see the driver? Too dark.

But the van was blue and gray. A locksmith or plumber, I think.

It said "all hours" on the sign.

I don't know why the hell a plumber would want to steal a bike.

Yeah, neither do I. Thanks a lot.

If you talk to him, you tell him I didn't appreciate that honking one goddamn bit.

I'm all alone here since my wife died.

Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. It must be really hard to sleep alone.



Do I know you? You almost got us killed.

Sorry. What the hell are you chasing me for?

I wasn't. I was coming here. I just got stuck in the wrong lane.

Come on. The boss is inside.


Back already?

Grabbed the wrong Kwikset. She wanted the 665.

Henry Massey. What can I do for you?

I need some information, actually.

All right.

Did you have a job last night on Hardy, off Parkway, at around 2:30?


Are you sure? Can you check?

Don't have to. My son works 6:00 to midnight.

If a call comes in after that, I get paged at home and take it myself.

Last night was quiet.

You sure don't look like a cop.

Why don't you head across the street when you're done? I'll meet you there for lunch.

Sounds good.

So what's this all about? No, thanks.

It's sort of a long shot, but...


At 2:30 this morning, a car horn woke up my grandmother, and she looked out the window and she saw her Cadillac facing one of your vans in the street.

Now, her car had been stolen, and the guy that was trying to make a getaway was blocked by your van.

And they crawled past each other, and I just thought maybe your driver got a good look at the guy.

Said it was one of our vans? Yeah, definitely.

Nick, wake up! I need to talk to you.

Have I ever been out to your place before? Nope.


Say hello to our visitor.


I'm going to ask you a simple question, Son.

Lie to me, and I'm gonna ship you back to your mother, you understand?


Did you drive the van last night?


Like I said.

One of your vans was on my block last night, and it's really important that you tell me how it got there because a crime was committed.

What kind of crime?

What the hell does that matter if you didn't drive it?

Well, I'm just curious. Damn. Never mind about that.

It seems your grandma was mistaken.

Hey, what the hell are you doing? Stay back!

Jesus! You crazy bitch. What did I do to you?

"Bitch"? Is that what you called my sister when you pulled her out of her bed?

What? What are you talking about? This receipt!

At 7:04 last night! You started work at 6:00!

You couldn't have been driving that, but you were driving, because you lied!

Okay, calm down. Somebody else was driving the van.

This guy came in. He needed to move some tools, all right?

He gave me a couple hundred bucks to use the van for a few hours.

By the time I got back from the club, this van was right here, all right? With the key on the tire.

What was his name? Digger.

Oh, what, is that a first name?

I don't know. His name was Digger. That's what he said.

What did he look like? He was tall. He wore a hat.

That's it? You don't know where he lives?

He was there for five minutes. Think!

Nick, where the hell did you go?


Hey, stop!


Yeah, you better get your ass out of here!

Man, Sarge has a short fuse.

I told a stupid joke, he practically ripped my head off.

No, he's not bad. It's just that you got soft. How long were you on disability?

You homicide? Yeah. And it's his third day, so be gentle.

What's up?

Jill Conway just broke into a locksmith's van over in Oakdale.

When the locksmith's kid busted her, she pulled out a .38.


You know what? I have a better idea.

Why don't you listen to me, okay?

Because I'm the only one that's actually trying to save my sister's life.

All right, what's on the receipt? Hurry up.

Okay. Three rolls of duct tape, plastic sheeting, 50 feet of rope, kerosene, and a lantern, all bought yesterday by the same guy whose van was outside of my house this morning.

The locksmith's son said he rented the van to a guy named Digger.

"Digger"? You get it?

I sure do.

Hold on a second.

Jill, are you carrying a gun?


Listen to me very carefully.

You were involuntarily committed to a mental health facility.

That means no firearms.

So you get down here with that gun right now, or it's going to get real bad for you real fast. Okay?


Jill, I do not have time for this.


What do you want? - It's Hood. We're off speaker now.

Listen, I took a look at your file, and I think you're right.

I think the same guy who grabbed you grabbed Molly.

I talked to my boss, to Lieutenant Bozeman.

And? I laid my ass on the line for you, all right?

I convinced him.

He gave me the case. I'm the lead investigator.

I'm going to find Molly.

We'll do this together.

Hello? Are you there?

Yeah. Tell me where you are.

I'll come right over, we'll get that gun squared away, and I'll take a look at that receipt.

We'll pay the hardware store a little visit, okay?

Maybe even take a look around Forest Park.

No, we won't. You'll lock me up. - What? No.

I want to help you, Jill.

You have to trust me.

You can't do this alone.

Just watch me.

We got a 12-34 out there waving a gun. You know what that means?

If she drops someone, it's on us for wrongful death.

Bring her in.

Jill deactivated the GPS on her iPhone.

Have Marvin call up her tag, then put out a BOLO.

Check the cell tower on that last call. Okay.

She married you anyway? What's wrong with her?

Well, because I didn't tell her about it.

Oh! Okay.

Portland Dispatch to cars, stand by for Attempt to Locate.

I mean, what was I going to say to her?

"Baby, I banged your sister five years ago, but if I'd known I was going to marry you someday, I wouldn't have done it."

Attempt to locate Oregon license 216 David Charlie Boy.

A blue 1988 Saab registered to Jillian Tyler Conway.

5'4", blue and blond, should be considered armed and dangerous.

So her sister kept quiet? Yeah, to the grave.

'Cause she knows if she breathes a word, I won't do her again.

No, she's not at her exam.

But you know what's weird? Neither is Trey Burgess.

Who is that?

They did a project together at the beginning of the quarter.

He was always hitting on her, trying to get her to smoke weed.

The TA gave me his address. He lives in a dorm.

- Willard Hall. I used to live there freshman year.

I'm five minutes away. What dorm number?

You sure? - Yes, give it to me.


What about you? You find out anything?

Maybe. I'll call you back.

Hi there. What can I do you for?

This is going to sound kind of strange, but my grandfather disappeared last night, and I was hoping you could help me find him.

He's got pretty advanced Alzheimer's.

Here's how I see it. The first time a man hits his wife, she's a victim.

The second time, she's an accomplice.



Isn't that our BOLO? The Saab?

216 DCB.

Sure is.

641, Dispatch. - Go ahead, 641.

We have our suspect vehicle.

His next-door neighbor said he saw him leave about 3:00 with a friend, but I have no idea which friend he left with.

But I did find this receipt from here.

It looks like they were here about 7:04. Do you have a surveillance camera?

Oh, no. We're not Home Depot.

Were you working yesterday at 7:04?

I'm always working, dear. I own the place.

Maybe you remember my grandfather and his friend?

Hmm. 'Cause that was...

Sir, if you wouldn't mind, checkout is right at the front.

Thank you. I will. You come back and see us, now.

- Do you have a visual? Negative. Can't tell if it's occupied.

Non-emergency off the air until cover arrives.

Standing by for cover. Start us more units.

It was a pretty big sale. Oh, yeah, I remember this.

Only it wasn't two guys. It was only one guy.

He wasn't your grandfather. He was only about 40.


I know who it is.

I think it's the guy my grandfather used to go fishing with.

His name is Digger. His nickname's Digger. Mmm-hmm.

I don't know his real name, though. Did he use a credit card, by any chance?

Nope. He paid with cash.

Do you remember anything else about him? Well...

I know that he drove a 1990 Chrysler Imperial with 176,000 miles on it. I only know that 'cause he told me.

Pretty proud of that crate. No idea why, but he parked it right up front.

What color was it? It was kind of a burgundy.

Can I give you my phone number in case you remember anything else?

You know what? I know where he lives. How's that?

He told me that the powers that be at the Royal Hotel evicted him because his car took up two parking spots.

They can evict you for that? I figured he was pulling my leg about that.

I don't know. I've never heard of that. Royal Hotel?

It's up on Halsted, I think. Thank you. Thank you so much.

You're welcome. I hope you find him.

Uh... Female emergency. Do you have a restroom?

Sure, yeah. Right this way. It's in the back.

There you go.

Officers, what's going on?

We're looking for the owner of a vehicle parked outside.

It's a young woman, blonde hair, blue eyes.

I don't know if it's who you're looking for, but there's somebody like that in the restroom.

Where is it? She'll be right back out.

Show me.

Can you please hurry it up in there?


We have shots fired! One from inside the bathroom!

Police! Open the door now!

On the floor, on the floor!

She's gone.

She bailed. She went out the south side of the building.

Hey, can I bum a cigarette? We don't smoke.


Yeah, I shouldn't, either. My mom died from lung cancer when she was 47.

It was the worst, most tragic thing ever.

How do you guys like this neighborhood? I'm thinking about moving in.

It's okay. Our school's two blocks that way.

We eat lunch at home. How lame is that?

There's hardly anything to do here, you know? The nearest mall is really far.

Yeah, I hate that.

Anyway, bye


I know something that would be totally fun.

How would you like to see Justin Bieber at the Rose Garden?

Are you serious? He was just here. I didn't think he was coming back.

Oh, yeah. My brother's his tour manager.

I've had dinner with him three times.

I can get you backstage passes.

Oh, my God! You're not serious.

So what's Justin like?

Where's bad cop, huh? Is he typing up my arrest warrant?

Jill, it's Hood. Listen to me.

You know what? If you don't want to do your job, that's fine.

- Listen. But you got to stay out of my way.

My mom.

I thought she died of lung cancer. It's a long story.

What? Leave me alone. Trey, it's important! Open up.

I'm not leaving.

What do you want? You missed your econ final.

Yeah, I had a gig last night. I overslept. Who the hell are you?

I'm Molly Conway's sister. Who? Oh.

Yeah, she missed it, too. So?

Was she at your gig last night?

She hates me. She thinks I'm a drug addict. Why would she be at my gig?

I want to come in. She's not here, all right?

Hey! What the...



Crazy bitch.

Okay, let's call it. Units can go mobile.

We lost her. She's in the wind. Maybe not. Hang on.

Her last call just pinged off the Tyler Street tower.

That's inside the perimeter. She could be just laying low.

Who needs this shit?

Call the cab companies, call the car rentals. Get her ass in here!


Excuse me. Hey.

Do you live around here? Yeah.

I was hanging out with a friend the other day, and this guy came and clipped my car and just drove away.

Her little brother looked out the window and said he saw this crate.

A dark red Chrysler Imperial. Yeah. That's Jim Lapointe.

Who is that? He lives right below us. 2A.

Awesome! Thank you.

He's okay, right? He's not going to shoot me in the head if I knock on his door and ask for his insurance, right?

He might. He's pretty weird. My girlfriend says he's got "rapey eyes," so I don't know.

Okay, thank you. Yeah.





Someone, help me!

Can I get you anything else? Just the check.


Hey! Hey!

I'm the janitor! What did you do that for?

I thought you were someone else. You have no right to put your hands on me.

Well, you have no right to be snooping around on private property!

You're right. Sorry.

Are you okay?

No, I'm not.

So, this guy, Mr. Lapointe, did he leave a forwarding address?

Nope. He moved up north.

Where? Man, you really messed up my wrist.

Did he say where?

He just said he was going to tie up some loose ends and head north.

What, does he owe you money or something?

No. He used to do lawn work for my aunt and she died.

She left him $20,000 in her will.

Oh! That's some lawn work. Yeah. She was crazy.

And mean. She was really mean.

She didn't give me a cent, actually. I did everything for her.

Of all the days for my car to break down.

Do you want to make some money? Always.

Do you have a car? Barely.

It's a hunk of junk.

I always figured if I met a girl as pretty as you, money would change hands.

I just thought it would be in the other direction.

I must be crazy.

This time tomorrow, right? Yep. Key under the right rear.

You swear? Yeah.

What if you don't show? It means I'm dead.

I can't believe they involved you in this. Jill, it's my job.

If I needed you, I would have called you. You know that.

Yeah, under normal circumstances, of course you would.

Just tell me what's happened.

We always talked about him coming back like it would never happen, like it was just me being paranoid.

But we were wrong and he did come back and he took Molly.

And if anything happened, I swear to God...

The police tell me that you're carrying a gun.

Yes, I'm carrying a gun!

But if I turn myself in, then no one will be looking for her, and then he'll kill her!

Shh, sweetheart, listen to me, okay?

Just breathe and listen.

You have suffered terribly this past year, but you came to understand your anxiety, and that it was never to be acted upon. Isn't that what you've learned?

Now, the police, they don't believe he ever existed.

I do believe he exists, and I know what happened to you was real.

You believe me, don't you? - Yes.

But at the same time, I know that he hasn't returned.

When Molly behaved irresponsibly, when she wasn't home when you expected her to be, it triggered memories.

Oh, God!

Jill, he's gone and he is never coming back.

He belongs to your past now.


Sweetheart, come in right now. Talk to me.

Before you hurt yourself or somebody else.

I'll come up.

- But only if you do something first. What?

Tell Sergeant Powers to leave, and when he's gone, I'll come up.

What are you talking about? There are no police here.

You're a liar.

- No, I... I'm parked downstairs, and I can see his unmarked cop car right in front of me.

Jill. My judgment isn't impaired.

She's downstairs.

Suspect's vehicle downstairs. Take her. If it's rolling, put a stop on it.

Hold up.

Ready or not, here I come.

Where are my boys?

I can't find them anywhere.

Is one of my boys at the door?

I need to talk to you.

Come on out, boys. My friend is here.

We'll play hide-and-seek later, okay?

Why don't you watch some TV? Good spots. I never would've found you.

Go ahead.

I never would've found you.

Have you been to sleep yet?

Molly disappeared last night and the guy who took me took her, and it's going to get dark soon and he's going to kill her.

I think I know who it is. I think it's that customer.

The guy that gave us the big tip last night, the one that you said was moving away?

Jim? "Jim"? You know his name?

Yeah. Do you know him pretty well?

No. He comes in every couple of weeks. We chat.

Did he ever ask about me? No.

He stares at me. Last night was the first time he's ever sat in my section.

The only thing that he said to me was, "More coffee, please."

I think he was just afraid that I would recognize his voice.

It's time.

Oh, God.

You never got a good look at him?

Have you ever seen him with his car? No.

So you don't know anything else about him?

No, not really.

He lives alone. He works odd jobs.

I asked him why he was moving, and he said he didn't like the women here.

I said, "Why, what's wrong with us?" "Too skinny."

I said, "Well, I'll take that as a compliment."

Nothing else?

Well... What?

Tell me.

I have his phone number.

I threw it away out here.

He gave it to me last night.

Here's what I think we should do. I think we should give it to the cops and let them...



Don't do this, Jill.

Please, you need help.

Are you kidding me? Here we go.

Okay, it's on. Yeah, she's going for it.

Orange Bronco.

Oregon plate 071 Charles Baker Victor.

Hey. Jill just left a friend's house in Ladd's Addition.

Now her friend hears sirens and she's scared.

There's a pursuit rolling in Ladd's Addition right now.

Where's Hood?

His mom's sick. He says he's bringing her soup.

Oh, great. Check with dispatch. Find out what they're chasing.

951, we're southbound on Carver.

We've lost sight of the suspect vehicle.

She's blacked it out. She's taking the alley.

Roger that.

There it is.

All right! In the car, show your hands!

What the hell are you doing here? Where are your car keys?

Why? Just please give them to me.


If they catch me, they're going to throw me back in the hospital, and they're going to ask me a thousand questions, and I'm not going to be able to answer, 'cause I'm going to sound crazy.

They're going to stand there with their notepads, and they're going to make me take all these pills, and when I refuse, it'll make me seem even crazier. Meanwhile, Molly is going to be dead, buried at the bottom of some hole in Forest Park, along with all these other girls that nobody's looking for.

And then, one day, someone's going to accidentally stumble over their bones.

And the cops are going to say, "Wow, what do you know? That Conway girl was right."

And they're going to go on living their lives. But I will never be able to do that because I know that I didn't do everything possible to save my sister.

And so how are you going to feel when you didn't help me?

Mommy, I'm hungry. Yeah? What do you want, sweetie?

Do you want an apple?

My keys are in my purse on that desk.

And don't you come back here.

Jim here. Hi.

Who's this?

Jill. - Jill who?

You know who I am.

I know who you are.

And I know you have my sister.

I'm sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about.

You stared at me for months.

You finally sat at my station last night, and then you went and you broke into my home, and you meant to take me, but you took my sister instead.

- Is this Jill from the Lucky Star? Yes! Stop it! Stop it.

I left you a pretty big tip last night.


And then I went to your house to kidnap you?

Why would I do that if I knew you were working the night shift like you always do?

But you're right about one thing. I do know who you are.

You're that poor girl who was abducted last year.

The one no one believes.

The police said it was a hoax and that you were crazy, right?


You sound like you're in a very bad place right now.

Would you like to meet me and see that I'm not the monster you think I am?

Maybe then you'll relax.

Be happy.


You may even like me.


Do you want me to come to you? Or do you want to come to me?

I'll come to you. Where are you?

I'm sort of homeless right now.

I'm just tying up a few loose ends before I move back north.

Here's what you do.

Cross over the St. John's Bridge and turn right onto Bridge Avenue, and take it to Springville Road for about three miles.

On the left, you'll see an abandoned ranger station.

Call me when you get there, okay?

And, Jill, you drive careful now.

Hello? - Hey. Molly's back.

What? I'm at your house right now. She's here.

Are you serious? Yeah.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. That means that...

Put her on. - She's in the shower.

- What? Stop being such a weirdo. She's back.

Look, she was so stressed out about the exam, she went out with Sarah. Not to drink, just to watch, right?

Of course, she got wasted.

Passed out on the couch, slept right through the test.

She was too embarrassed to call. She just came back 20 minutes ago in a cab.

Now she wants us to take her to an AA meeting.


I know, so hurry up . She's dying to see you.

Billy, put Molly on the phone, please.

I can't. I told you, she's in the shower.

- Yeah? Hey. Okay, she's on her way home.

Okay. Then will you ask her something for me?


Ask her why she went out drinking in a pajama top.



Look, I'm freaking out over here.

There are cop cars parked outside.

They're not going to talk to me about Molly. All they care about is you.

So unless you turn yourself in, they're never going to look for her.

I'm on my way to meet him right now. Who?

The guy who took her.

I just got off the phone with him. - Wait, he...

He admitted it? No, but he's the one.


She says she's meeting the guy who kidnapped her and Molly.

Where? I don't know.

Jesus. Yeah, that's what I said.

So what if Jill isn't crazy? What if this guy really does have Molly?

She's still missing. Something must've happened to her.

What do you want?

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Your job.

You think this is how an investigation works, you are dreaming, Jill.

You know, I'll tell you where Molly is.

She couldn't stand looking after you one minute more, so she took off.

She needed a break.

That's why she moved in, you know. To babysit you.

- It was my idea No.

Yeah, I thought without some human contact, you'd end up in a hospital for the rest of your life.

They don't believe me.

They think I made it up! Okay, okay. Shh, shh!

They won't even let me go home. Just come here, okay?

I'll talk to the doctors and I will get you out of here, I promise.

No, she would've told me that. - How?

There's no telling you anything, Jill. You won't let anyone help you.

- Now, look, you do as I say and you...

That's him.


- You're at the ranger station? Yeah.

Good. Turn left out of the lot.

Do you have Molly? Please tell me the truth.

I don't have her.

Soon you'll see a road, but it's not well-marked.

I see a chain.

That's it. Get out and move it.

Hold on.

Take the road?


How far?

Until it ends.

Forest Park is a magical place, isn't it?

I come here all the time.

Did you ever hear about the little girl who lived out with her father?

They lived in a cave together for years.

They bathed in a brook.

The water kept their perishables cool.

They grew a garden.

Instead of her going to school, her dad taught her everything he knew.

They were very, very happy and no one was the wiser.

When I read about what happened to you, I couldn't believe they called the search off after only one week.

Did they really think they'd find a hole in the middle of 5,000 acres so easily, when this little girl and her father were never discovered?

Will you tell me something?


How did you escape?

They said you overcame him.

What does that mean?

It was a couple of hours after the sun went down.

It's time.

Oh, my God.

There was a bone. A forearm, I think.

Maybe it was a shin. It was broken, splintered.

Sweetheart, I'm here.

I really don't remember much, but I do remember that I had never felt so cold and tired in my life.

And he'd never been so mad.

You got away.

You made a fool of him.

I bet he didn't like that one little bit.

Can I ask you something?


What did you do to the girl whose bone I found?

How did it split into two like that?

I'm at a fork. Turn left.

Where does right lead?

Back to civilization.

Am I close?

Keep driving.

You're waiting for me?

Of course.


You there?

You're a brave girl.

Driving out in the middle of the night to meet a man you hardly know.

How far?

When the road ends, get out of the car.

You'll see a footpath.

Take it.

You'll know you've reached my campsite when you see a lantern.

I'm losing you.


Hello? There's no service out here But we've been talking.

Where are you? You're waiting, right?



Come on!


Wait, Molly's here! She's here!



Hey, come here. Oh, my God! Billy.

Where were you? Under the house.

He grabbed me when I was sleeping, and he hit me, and he drugged me.

Where's Jill?

Where is she? Hey, listen. Listen.

We have to get you to the hospital.

Not till I see Jill! Where is she?

Molly, look at me. She's meeting some guy, okay?

She thinks he is the one that took her and that he has you now.

What? What?

You never believed her. Come on.

He's going to kill her this time! How could you let that happen?

You have to stop her! You have to stop her.

Molly! Molly, I'm here!

Welcome back.

Just us again.

And the others.

Poor Jill.

The girl no one believes.

Not even the police.

But you and I know the truth, that this is where you belong.

It was so easy to lead you back.

I think you never wanted to leave.

Remember this?

Don't move, you fucking coward.

Where's Molly?

Kill me, and you'll never know.

Where is she?

Get me help first, and I'll tell you.

If you tell me where she is, I won't shoot you again.

But you have five seconds.

You stupid bitch, she's alive.

She's under your house. She's been there the whole time.

My God. Oh, my God.

I told you the truth. You said you wouldn't shoot me.

I won't.


I need help now!

No! Please.

Please don't. Please.


You said you wouldn't kill me.

Please! You said you wouldn't kill me.

I lied.

Sergeant, incoming.

Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey!

It's my house. Let her through. Let her in.

He drugged me, he tied me up, and he put me under the house!

Shh. We're safe. He's going to come back for you, Jill.

He's not going to stop. We're fine.

We're going to be safe. Okay.


Jill, where's the gun? There's no gun.

What happened out there? There was nobody there.

What do you mean?

Jill, somebody pulled your sister out of that bed.

That guy you were meeting? He never existed.

It was all in my head.


Get in here.

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