Good People (2014) Script

Where is he?

He's a French dealer selling a case of liquid heroin.

Ben, grab the drugs. Bobby's at the money.

Me and Marshall will cover you till you get back to the car.

Then we get the fuck out.

So my plan, basically.

You came to me, remember?

That's him.


Sorry, mate.





Jack. Bobby.

Bobby is gone, Jack. We need to leave now.

Come on. Come on, now.


Hi, sweetie pie.

How's my beautiful godson?


Come here.

Hi, sweet pie.

I missed you.

You're late. Now I'm going to be late.

Nice to see you, too.

Someone has been crying his little head off all morning.

The bloody washing machine's broken. I'm having to wash everything in the sink.

Speaking of which... Don't push your luck, Mommy.

Godmothers babysit, we buy presents, we don't do laundry.

Someone's very grumpy.

You got your period? No.

It's sushi night, actually.

You're not still doing that, are you? Yeah.

You might as well wear a T-shirt saying, "Hi, I'm ovulating. Do you want to fuck?" What's the romance in that?

Darling, you do know, if I had the money, I'd...

Well, actually, I'd first go buy a new washing machine, but then after that I'd pay for you to go private.

I'd IVF you a baby.

How's Tom?

He's just spending every waking minute at the house.

You're so lucky to have him.

And you're so lucky to have him.

Tom. Tom.

You up there?

What you doing? Didn't you hear me?

Job I just finished had a little extra.

Thought you could use them.

You all right, mate?

I think we're going to lose the house. Oh, shit.

I thought you were coming along. Yeah.

Not far enough.

Pumped all the money into it.

Half my budget went into this fucking dry rot.

What does Anna say?

I haven't told her, yet.

She only knows half of what I spent and she's already freaking out.

We're trying to start a family. Can't even afford the rent on our apartment.

Just talk to her, mate. She'll understand.

Come on.

If you're up for it, a friend of mine needs some painting done next week.

Won't pay much, but...

Yeah. Thanks.

It's a good thing I have a Master's degree. Come in handy.

See you, bud.

Tom Wright? Yeah.

You're served.

We've got two weeks?



Turn it down.




It's, uh, sushi night?

You forgot.

No. No.

I never forget sushi night. It's fine.

Nice wine.

It was just a few quid extra.

A very nice wine. And I thought it was worth it.

Of course it's worth it.

Come here.

Sushi night.

How's Julian?

He's... loud and...

Tonight... Yeah?

...someone's going to get pregnant.


You okay?

We're going to lose the house.


No. We're going to work it out.

Mike just got me a few days on a good job.

Maybe it's time we go back. No.

No. Tom.

This was my idea.

I promised you a fresh start.

I promised you a place to start a family.

That was then.

I'm not giving up.

So... you can shut up.

Tonight is sushi night.

I'm feeling lucky.



No answer.



I'm coming down.



Oh, Tom.

Oh, my God.

I can't believe he was down here the whole time.

Yeah. Right below where our bedroom is.

Anna. What?

Oh, my God, Tom.

220,000 pounds.

What the hell was Ben doing with this much cash?

What was he doing living in our basement with all this cash?

Well, he was on disability, and maybe he had a big settlement after an accident?

I just don't know why it wouldn't be in the bank.

So, what do we do?


We call the police. Yeah?

Anna. Anna. What?



Help me. We shouldn't have brought this up here.

I know. You want to help me?

Tom. Help me now.

I got it. Answer the door.

Mr. Wright? Yes.

I'm Detective Inspector John Halden.

So, Mr. Wright, what-what is it you do?

He's a landscape architect. Oh.

Yeah. I used to be, in Chicago.

I had a small business, a little crew, but it fell apart in the crash, so we moved here for a fresh start.

We also had an unfortunate miscarriage a few years ago, so...

Oh, I'm so sorry. So sorry. It was a nice change for us.

So, now I-I do contracting work odd jobs and manual labor.

Why London? Tom's renovating a house.

My grandmother passed a few years ago and we inherited the family house, so I thought I'd fix it up.

Good for you.

So, Mrs. Wright, how are you, um, how are you liking London?

Anna, please. I'm a school teacher at Morningside Primary School.

My wife runs a clinic just down the street from there.

Sterling House? That's a, uh, women's shelter, right?

Yeah. They look after young women with drug addiction, take them off the streets.

The government has withdrawn its funding, but they're hanging in there.

My wife, Marie, isn't one for giving up.


So, thank you for the tea.

It was very good.

How long have you been renting the room downstairs?

Uh, not long.

I mean, we just did it 'cause we needed help with the rent.

Three months, maybe. Yeah.

And he always paid by cash. Did you find this odd?

No, not really, no.

Did he, um, did he have any visitors?

Uh, he really kept to himself. I mean, he didn't have much.

No. He watched a lot of television. Yeah, that's true. Very loud.

Did, um, did you find anything unusual about him?

When you, um, when you discovered the body, did you...

Did you find anything else?

Um... No.

The reason I ask is because the initial police report suggests that he died of a drug overdose, and the team downstairs are just looking for evidence that he may have kept drugs there.

No, we had... I mean, we had no idea.

Well, it's just, uh... it's just routine.

For your own safety.

...late 40's discovered in the basement of a flat.

The cause of death is as yet unknown.

His identity is being withheld until relatives are traced.

To the city now, and London's markets are still not steady.

There's a new lead to-to the guys that gave Julie the drugs.

I thought Martin took you off that case.


Is it dangerous?

Really dangerous, then.

Still not going to bring her back, John. So... why take the risk?

It might save someone else's daughter.

We'll call Halden in the morning.



What are you doing?

We spent our whole lives being good, right?

And what has it gotten us? Nothing.

So, maybe this money is a gift to help us get our lives back on track.


We don't know where this money comes from.

This could be really, really bad money.

I know.

I know.

But what makes money bad?

Not the money. The people make it bad.

What people do with it.

Now, I'm not saying we do anything rash.

All I'm saying is we just wait and see.

He's been dead a week.

The cops came, they didn't find anything.

No one's come forward looking for the money.

Okay? And if they do, this will look like Ben hid it.

I say we just hide it... and wait a week.

Two weeks.

All right.

End of the month. And then... nobody comes,

we just find it again.

Halden, where are the background checks on the Scott case?

You wouldn't be wasting time on the Witkowski case? I told you to drop it.

Nobody gives a shit if Jack Witkowski killed his twat of a brother.

Another deficient shitsack off the street is fine with this department.

The Scott background checks, on my desk by five.

And this has nothing to do with Julie?

No, no, no, no. It's just...

It's just a hunch I want to follow up on.

If I'm going to break every law I'm here to uphold, I'd rather it was for a good cause.


It has everything to do with my daughter.

Bank accounts, Inland Revenue, utility bills, mortgage.

From now on, if Thomas or Anna Wright sneeze, you'll know about it.

But I warn you, there's not much money to follow.

No, not at the moment.


You'll keep me posted?

If Martin finds out, I'll be fired.

Martin's a smug little prick.

Superintendent Tosspot can go fuck himself.

Detective Halden? Yes.

Hi, this is Tom Wright from the...

How are you? We were just wondering if you heard anything about the next of kin for Ben Tuttle.

No, no, no. We haven't located any living relatives.

I just ask because, uh, we wanted to know what do with his things, his clothes and stuff.

No, no one's come forward, yet.


And, uh, do you know, was it officially...

Yeah, overdose. Looks like it was Liquid O.

What's Liquid O? Heroin.

I see. Wow.

Okay. Have a good day. Bye.

You met my little brother, haven't you?

Always tried to let him win.

Any game.

Drove Mom crazy. Said Bobby would never learn if we did that.

'Course she was right.

Jack and Bobby. How it came to this?

Mom was a fan.

She also had high expectations.

Where's Cousin Ben?

You know, when you recommend a guy, you're tying his name to yours.

Did you know he was going to fuck me?

If you tell me where I find him, maybe I'll choose to believe you on that.

Eddie, sir, could I please trouble you for a pen?

You done the right thing.

But that doesn't mean I'm not going to hold you accountable.

Anna. Yeah.

I spent some of the money.


The day we found Ben, the landlord gave us an eviction notice.

I was going to tell you, but you were in such a good mood, and it was sushi night.

And then we found the money, and...

I took just enough to keep the roof over our heads.

Look, we're in this.

As soon as we put the money in the oven and we didn't take it out, we were in this.

If we don't start paying off the mortgage, we're going to lose the house.

How do we do this?

We spend just enough to stop the bleeding.

We use cash where we can, and we get Mike to write an invoice.

You want to bring Mike into this?

No, it's not like that. We're not bringing him into it.

But when I do a job for him, he usually pays me cash, and then writes an invoice.

So, if anyone asks...

Right, there's a paper trail.

What if someone comes looking for it, Tom?


Nobody's come.

Nobody's going to come.

And if they do, who's to say Ben didn't spend it?

How much are we talking?

Just enough to stay above water.

The mortgage, credit cards.

Just so we're in the clear.

There's only one problem that I can think of.

What? You are going to be really lonely when the debt collectors stop calling.

Hi, this is Anna Wright. I'm calling to inquire about an appointment.

Yeah, for an IVF consultation, if possible.


Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Halden. It's Duncan.

Yeah, what's up? Not much.

I'm calling 'cause we got a flag.

The Americans? Yeah.

You were right. A lot of activity today.

Mr. Wright made five separate payments.

I've got deposits to the current account, mortgage and credit cards.

Cash? Some cash. Some money transfers.

He spread it out. No single payment big enough to raise flags at the bank.


We found the Liquid O.

What about the cash?

Mr. Wright?


It looks like someone came for Ben's stuff after all.


Who do you think would do this?

Your tenant crossed a very bad man.

That man's name is Jack Witkowski.

So, who called the police? No one.

I just wanted to talk to you.

Yeah, well, why?

Let's go upstairs.

I'm sorry.

It's not back there. It's in my car.

But I-I-I did just get an invoice from, um, Mike Calloway.

This Mike Calloway, he's a friend of yours?

He is, but I do a lot of work with him, and he owed me on two jobs, and we got paid upfront for this other thing last week.

If you're holding anything back, you better tell me.

I don't quite understand.

The dead tenant, Ben Tuttle, drug abuse, sudden activity in your bank account, and now, coincidentally, a break-in.

I don't want to accuse you of anything.

I just want to clarify things.

You're welcome.


Hey. Ouch.

Sorry, I have to take this.

Would you do me a favor and please don't mention the break-in to my wife?

She's been a little rattled since Ben died.

No, really, it's fine. Tom finally got paid on that big job...

I was telling you about. Oh, my God. I can't believe that.

Oh, no, that's too much.

Sarah, I got to go. Okay, bye.

So, this Mike Calloway, he pays you in cash?

Sorry, what are you implying?

I'm implying nothing.

I was inquiring about the deposit, and your husband cleared it up.

So, all's good.

The worst part is behind us, right, baby?


It's all good.

Yo. Hey.

Bloody hell. What?

Quality stuff. Yeah.

I thought you said you were going to lose your house.

Mike. Yeah.

Can I tell you something?

Hang on.

This is Tom Wright.

Sure. What kind of job?

Okay, I'm interested.

Yeah, I'll come by with my partner.

Fine, I'll come alone.

Okay. See you then.

Looks like we might have another job.

French guy, bought a big house in Notting Hill.

Mr. Wright. Hi.

Please take a seat. Thanks.

You can call me Tom. You're mister...

You must forgive me. English is not my first language.


And you, you're American, yes? I am.

I live here now. And you, you just moved to the area?

I'm expanding my empire.

Tell me, Mr. Wright, are you a team player?

I-I guess.

Do you want to talk about the renovations, mister...

Genghis Khan.

Genghis Khan? Is that what you said?

Do you know this man?

Uh, Genghis Khan, yeah.

I mean, I've heard of him... He marched all over the world.

Countries were so afraid of this man, they would lay down their arms when they heard of his approach.

Do you know what happened when they did that?

No, I don't know. Nothing.

Nothing happened.

The Great Khan welcomed them into his kingdom with open arms.

But those that resisted, felt his full fury.

He burned the cities, killed the men, raped their women, salted their crops.



I'm sorry, I... I think I'm probably not the right guy for this, so maybe you should get someone else for the renovations, okay?

Recently, a group of men stole from me.

Where I come from, this would not happen.

But I'm new here, so...

It's not the product that matters, it's a question of honor.

So now I'm burning cities, I'm salting crops.

And you have housed my enemy.

Ben Tuttle.

Oh, I see.

Okay, yes... Have you heard of Jack Witkowski?

This man dishonored me.

So, here's my question for you and your lovely wife, Anna.

Are you team players?

What do you mean? Whose team are you on?

I'm not on anybody's team. If you're not on anybody's team, you are not on my team.

So, whose team are you on?

Detective Halden, it's Tom Wright.

I need your help.

Babe, it's me. Can you give me...

Where's my money?

Where's my money?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Me and my brother's money. Are you an idiot, you fucking cunt?

And he died getting it.

So, you can understand me wanting it back.

Now, where is it?

I don't know.



Where's the money?

So, that's how you want to play.

It's fine with me.

I didn't want to go this far.


Please, stop. Please.

Where's my money?

Please. Where's is it?

Please stop.

Where's my money?




Anna, no.

Welcome home, Mrs. Tommy.


The police are coming. Just stall.

I'm okay.

Oh, my God.

That's enough.

Get up.


This is what Tommy has.

Didn't you know? When you find a pot of gold, there's always a monster guarding it.

You smell so nice.

Just relax.

Stop. It's downstairs.

Bullshit. I looked all over.

It's in the window frame.

I hid it in the window frame.

Tom's lying.

He's afraid that if he gives you the money, you're going to kill us.


Where's the fucking money?

Promise me you won't kill us.


One, two...

Stop pissing about. Which one?

Three, four, five.

This one. It's this one.

Oh, fuck!

We're in here. Downstairs. He's downstairs.

You're in serious trouble, Mr. and Mrs. Wright.

You stole some money and you spent it, so you're going to prison.

Do we need to get a lawyer? A lawyer won't change that.

Turning it in won't change it unless you can turn all of it in.

No, I didn't think so.

And Jack Witkowski isn't the kind of guy to forgive and forget.

He'd find a way to get to you before we could even bring you to trial.

I've tried to arrest him for two years.

He's got ties to the police. Someone who turns a blind eye to what he does.

There are some people in Scotland Yard that think that Jack is doing us a service.

He kills his fair share of bad people.

They believe that one in the hand is worth five in the street.

Think they can... control him.

But you don't.

After he's paid off whichever fucking corrupt coppers are protecting him, he sells his stuff on the street at cut price.

He targets young women, single mums, people he thinks he can control.

That's his specialty.

There is a way out of it.

What? You help me, I'll help you.

When Jack comes after you, we set a trap.

How? You say he took your phone.

Yeah. When he calls, you agree to take the money to him.

You want to use us as bait?


All right, wait... just... No.

Just... If we-if we do it, that means we walk.

This doesn't go in the books. If I took this to headquarters, Jack would get wind of it, I'd be out of a job, you two would be dead.

Find somewhere safe for tonight.



You know he would've killed you, right?

You told me to stall. You told me the police were coming.

Before. Why didn't you just show him where the money was?

Why didn't you tell me somebody broke into our house.

I just wanted us to have a little money so we wouldn't get evicted, so we could have... Shut up!

So we could have a life.

I went to the fertility clinic, and I spent some of the money.

I'm sorry. I feel so stupid.

It's okay.

Something was wrong with me.

I just...

It's okay.

Come here. Come here.

All we wanted was a family.

It's him.


Knock, knock. Room service.

So, where have you put it? In the hotel safe or under the bed?

How can you fuck on that dirty mattress?

People like you are so predictable, Tommy.

All right, you can have your money. Just leave us alone.

I want to see you and the money. When? Where?

It needs to be in public for my safety.

Tomorrow, noon, Victoria Park by the pond.

And then you leave us alone.

What now?

The, um, the tracking device is sewn into the seam.

It's virtually undetectable, and I can track you on my phone.

As soon as you see him, put the bag down and walk away.

Don't run, don't look back. No exceptions, no heroics, no nothing.

Just drop and go.

And when we're gone, you'll arrest him?

Yes, as soon as he picks up the bag, it's over, by which time you'll be gone and safe. You'll be under constant supervision.

My men will be watching you, but you won't see them.

All right.

Drop and go.


He's going to get us killed. Not if we have back-up.

Bonjour. Enchantée.

You must be Anna.

I take it Jack Witkowski paid you a visit.


So, tell me, Mr. and Mrs. Wright, what is the plan you want to speak to me about?

Where is he?

He'll call us.

Where are you? You're late.

Tell me, Tommy, why are our good friends from the Met joining us?

Don't worry about him. He's not with us.

Just let him walk by and you can have your money.

I'm not talking about that one, you tosser. He works for me.

Wave to the good people, Marshall.

I'm talking about that mangy fuck, Halden.

Run. Drop the bag.

Fuck. Marshall, you fucking dick, get the fucking money.

Drop the bag, Tom.

Drop the bag.

Drop the bag. Run.

Anna, run.

Why didn't you just drop the money?

'Cause the money's the only thing keeping us alive right now.

Halden is dead. I know.

They killed him. I know.


What are we going to do, Tom?

Where are we going to go?

We have one place where we can go.

At least for a few hours.

You broke your word. Do you think I would let you play me?

I'm not trying to play you, Khan.

When I find you, just remember, you brought this on yourselves.

Would you mind giving us a minute in private, Mrs. Halden?

Yeah, I was going to grab a coffee anyway.

What in God's name were you thinking?

Not only were you wearing a bulletproof vest, but you took a firearm into a public park.

There are children there, for Christ's sake.

You're an embarrassment. You should've retired when your junkie daughter died.

Excuse me, sir. Mr. Halden needs to rest.

Okay, my apologies.

You rest up, John.

Good news for me is... now I don't have to pay your pension.

Who's going to pay your pension, Ray?

Scotland Yard or guys like Jack Witkowski?

I wanted to fix the floor before I showed it to you.

It's a little different upstairs. You want to see?


Remember when we started working on the house and we'd eat take-away on the floor?


Remember when I thought I'd be done in four months?

Remember when I thought I'd be pregnant in six?

I'm sorry I stopped coming here.

I'm sorry I got lost in this place.

I never needed the house, Tom.

All I needed was us.

I know.

We're going to make it.

Tell me we're going to make it.

It's okay, Boo-boo. I'm coming.

Give me your phone.

Give me your phone.


You smell so lovely.

Julian's a real peach.


You want kids, don't you, Tommy? Me, too.

Such a precious gift.

So, hurting little Julian... it's not going to be easy for me.

He's so smooth.

What's your plan, Tommy?

What's your plan, Tommy?

We can't go out. After the park, the police are looking for us, too.

We're hiding out in an old house in West London.

I'll text you the address... and you come meet us here.


No more tricks.

Keep fucking quiet.

Better text Khan.


You really think he's going to come?


It's all about honor with that guy.


You know they're going to have guns, right?

Guns are for pussies.


Look who's come for dinner.


Get ready.

This is the perfect place.

For what?

I see no cash.

It's in the house. Safe.

Don't fuck with me.

Jack, you can have the money just as soon as we get Sarah and Julian.

Where's Mrs. Tommy? She's inside, with the money.

What the fuck.

Honey, I'm home.

Mrs. Tommy.

You got five seconds to show me the money or I'm shooting your husband.

The money's up here. How can I be sure?

I just want Sarah, I want Julian, but if you hurt them or my husband, I will destroy all of it.

That's impressive. I'll get them over.

Get the fuck out, love.

Now it's your turn.

Well done, sweetheart.

Now the bag.


Are you all right?



Go out the ladder.

Sarah, go out the ladder.

Oh, God. Give me Julian. Give me Julian


You betrayed me, Mr. Wright.

You cannot undo that.

You must be sacrificed pour le bien de tous.

The greater good.

Does not seem fair.

You are playing with toys while I am not playing at all.

You are a worthy adversary.





Metro Police today announced a breakthrough in a case that's traumatized people living in the sleepy London suburb of Mortlake.

It comes just 36 hours after a shootout which left five people dead a house burnt to the ground, and the entire community in shock.

With me is Superintendent Ray Martin, one of the officers in charge of the case.

Superintendent, what can you tell us?

We can now confirm that these tragic events are directly linked to a drug turf war which began with an armed robbery that turned deadly in an East End night club....

Remarkable. Hi.

...police work and extraordinary bravery of veteran detective John Halden a man I consider to be a personal friend and a colleague.

It's easy to be a hero when you're writing your own story.

Uh, the firemen found this.

It's, um...

It's not much, but, uh, it's yours.

Good luck.


What took you so long? I just had to do one last thing.

All right. Say goodbye to this hell hole.

Come on.