Goodfellas (1990) Script

What the fuck is that?


What's up? Did I hit something?

What the fuck is that?

Maybe you got a flat?


What the fuck? You better pull over and see.

He's still alive. You fucking piece of shit!

Die, you motherfucker! Look at me!

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.

To me... being a gangster was better than being president of the United States.

Even before I first wandered into the cabstand for an after-school job...

I knew I wanted to be a part of them.

It was there that I knew I belonged.

To me, it meant being somebody in a neighborhood full of nobodies.

They weren't like anybody else. They did whatever they wanted.

They double-parked in front of a hydrant, nobody ever gave them a ticket.

In the summer, when they played cards all night... nobody ever called the cops.

Tony Stacks. How are you?

Tuddy Cicero.

Could this be the Canarsie Kid?

How are you? Good.


Tuddy ran the cabstand and the Bella Vista Pizzeria... and other places for his brother, Paul, who was the boss of the neighborhood.

Paulie might have moved slow...

but it was only because Paulie didn't have to move for anybody.

It's your fault. You started it.

I started it? It's your fault.

At first my parents loved that I found a job across the street from the house.

My father, who was lrish, was sent to work at the age of 11.

He liked that I got myself a job.

He always used to say that American kids were spoiled lazy.

Bye, Dad. Bye.

See you, Mikey.

Bye, Henry.

Henry! Watch how you cross!

Bring back milk!

My mother was happy after she found out that the Ciceros... came from the same part of Sicily as she did. To my mother... that was the answer to all her prayers.

I was the luckiest kid in the world.

I could go anywhere, I could do anything.

I knew everybody, and everybody knew me.

Wiseguys would pull up and Tuddy would toss me their keys... and let me park their Cadillacs.

Here I am, this little kid, I can't even see over the steering wheel... and I'm parking Cadillacs.

But it wasn't too long... before my parents changed their minds about my job at the cabstand.

For your mother and sister.

For them, the cabstand was supposed to be a part-time job. But for me... it was definitely full-time.

That's all I wanted to do.

People like my father could never understand, but I was a part of something.

I belonged. I was treated like a grown-up.

Tell him 519.

Every day I was learning to score.

A dollar here, a dollar there.

I was living in a fantasy.

Have a good day at school?

My father was always pissed off.

Pissed that he made such lousy money... pissed that my kid brother Michael was in a wheelchair.

He was pissed that there were seven of us living in such a tiny house.

Tell me about this.

It's a letter from school.

It says you haven't been there in months.

In months!

You're a bum!

Want to grow up to be a bum?

After a while, he was mostly pissed because I hung around the cabstand.

He knew what went on at that cabstand.

Every once in a while, I'd have to take a beating. But by then, I didn't care.

The way I saw it... everybody takes a beating sometime.

I can't make any more deliveries. What? You'll fuck everything up.

My dad says he'll kill me. Look.

Come on with me.

Is that him, kid? No.

How about him? No.

That's the guy. Get him.

Excuse me.

Scumbag. Come here, you piece of shit.

Know this kid? Yeah.

Know where he lives? Yeah.

You deliver mail to his house? Yeah.

From now on, any letter from that school to his house comes directly here.

Understand? Yeah.

Another letter from that school goes to that kid's house... in the fucking oven you'll go, head first.

That was it. No more letters from truant officers. No letters from school.

In fact, no more letters from anybody.

Finally after a few weeks, my mother went to the post office to complain.

How could I go to school after that... and pledge allegiance to the flag and sit through good government bullshit?

Paulie hated phones. He wouldn't have one in his house.

Mickey called. Want me to call him back?

All right, make the call.

He got all his calls second hand. Then you'd have to call the people back... from an outside phone.

Got a nickel? Get him on the phone.

There were guys, that's all they did all day, was take care of Paulie's calls.

For a guy who moved all day long, Paulie didn't talk to six people.

If there was a union problem or, say, a beef in the numbers... only the top guys could meet with Paulie to discuss the problem.

Everything was one-on-one. Paulie hated conferences.

He didn't want anybody hearing what he said... and he didn't want anybody listening to what he was being told.

Hundreds of guys depended on Paulie, he got a piece of everything they made.

It was a tribute, like in the old country, except they were doing it in America.

All they got from Paulie was protection from other guys looking to rip them off.

That's what it's all about. That's what the FBI could never understand.

What Paulie and the Organization does... is offer protection for people who can't go to the cops. That's it.

That's all it is. They're like the police department for wiseguys.

People looked at me differently, and they knew I was with somebody.

I didn't have to wait in line at the bakery on Sunday mornings for fresh bread.

The owner knew who I was with... and he'd come from around the counter. No matter how many were waiting...

I was taken care of first.

Our neighbors didn't park in our driveway anymore... even though we didn't have a car. At 13...

I was making more money than most of the grown-ups around.

I had more money than I could spend. I had it all.

One day, some neighborhood kids carried my mother's groceries all the way home.

You know why?

It was out of respect.

Hi, Mom, what do you think?

Look at my shoes, aren't they great? My God.

You look like a gangster.

They shot me. Help!

Henry, shut the door.

That was the first time I had ever seen anyone shot.

Can't have that in here. Jesus Christ!

I can't have that in this joint.

I remember feeling bad about the guy... but I also remember feeling that maybe Tuddy was right.

I knew Paulie didn't want anybody dying in the building.

You're a real jerk. You wasted eight fucking aprons on this guy.

What the hell's wrong with you? I got to toughen this kid up.

It was a glorious time.

And wiseguys were all over the place.

It was before Apalachin and before Crazy Joe... decided to take on a boss and start a war.

It was when I met the world.

And it was when I first met Jimmy Conway.

He couldn't have been more than 28 or 29 at the time... but he was already a legend.

He'd walk in the door and everybody who worked the room just went wild.

He'd give the doorman $100 just for opening the door.

He'd give hundreds to the dealers and the guys who ran the games.

The bartender got $100 just for keeping the ice cubes cold.

The Irishman is here to take all you guineas' money.

Want a drink? Give me a 7 and 7.

I'd like you to meet the kid Henry. How you doing?

Thank you. Keep them coming.

Jimmy was one of the most feared guys in the city.

He was first locked up at 11... and he was doing hits for mob bosses when he was 16.

See, hits never bothered Jimmy. It was business.

But what Jimmy really loved to do... what he really loved to do was steal.

He actually enjoyed it.

Jimmy was the kind of guy who rooted for the bad guys in the movies.

Give me your wallet.

You might know who we are, but we know who you are. Understand?

He was one of the city's biggest hijackers... of booze, cigarettes, razor blades, shrimp and lobsters.

Shrimp and lobsters were best. They went really fast.

Almost all of them were gimmies. They just gave it up, no problem.

They called him Jimmy the Gent.

Help the lady.

Drivers loved him. They used to tip him off... about the really good loads. Of course, everybody got a piece.

Thanks, I'll be back for the rest later.

Okay, see you later.

Henry, come here.

Say hello to Tommy. How're you doing, Henry?

You're gonna be working together, okay?

Help him. Go ahead.

Jimmy, you got anything good?

And when the cops assigned a whole army to stop Jimmy, what did he do?

How're you doing?

He made them partners.

I'd complain, but who'd listen?

One Pall Mall. There you go.

What do you need? Two Luckies.

Here you go, Henry. Thanks a lot.

What do you need?

One Pall Mall. One Pall Mall, here you go.

What are you doing? It's all right.

You have permission from your mother? How many cartons you need?

Where'd you get the cigarettes? Get him out of here.

It's okay. It's not okay.

You don't understand. You don't understand. Store's closed.

Henry got pinched. Where?

By the factory, selling cigarettes.

Henry Hill. The People of the State of New York vs. Henry Hill.

Docket number 704162.

Yes, sir. That's me.

Just stand there. Now stay there.

Counselor, proceed.


Here's your graduation present.

What for? I got pinched. Everyone does, but you did it right.

You told them nothing, and they got nothing.

I thought you'd be mad. I'm not mad, I'm proud of you.

You took your first pinch like a man and learned the two greatest things in life.

What? Look at me.

Never rat on your friends... and always keep your mouth shut.

Here he is.

You broke your cherry.


By the time I grew up, there was $30 billion a year in cargo... moving through ldlewild Airport... and believe me, we tried to steal every bit of it.

See, you gotta understand, we grew up near the airport.

It belonged to Paulie.

We had friends and relatives who worked all over the place.

They would tip us off about what was coming in and moving out.

If any truckers or airlines gave us trouble...

Paulie had the union people scare them with a strike. It was beautiful.

It was a bigger moneymaker than numbers and Jimmy was in charge of it all.

Whenever we needed money, we'd rob the airport.

To us, it was better than Citibank.

You got a phone? Come on!

Two niggers just stole my truck. Can you believe that shit?

There was Jimmy... and Tommy and me.

And there was Anthony Stabile.

How're you doing?

Frankie Carbone.

And then there was Mo Black's brother, Fat Andy.

And his guys, Frankie the Wop.

Freddy No Nose.

And then there was Pete the Killer, who was Sally Balls' brother.

Then you had Nickey Eyes... and Mikey Franzese.

That guy, I wanna see him.

Jimmy Two Times, who got that nickname because he said everything twice.

I'm gonna go get the papers, get the papers.

What is this? Coats? Henry, I need suits, not coats.

Suits are coming Thursday.

But it's the middle of summer. What'll I do with fur coats?

You don't want furs? I'll take them away.

No, I want them. We'll hang them in the freezer with the meat. How's that?

For us, to live any other way was nuts.

To us, those goody-good people who worked shitty jobs for bum paychecks... and took the subway to work every day and worried about bills, were dead.

They were suckers. They had no balls.

If we wanted something, we just took it.

If anyone complained twice, they got hit so bad they never complained again.

It was just all routine. You didn't even think about it.

Frankie, what the fuck does 520 have to do with 469?

I can't believe this guy.

520 ain't even close to 469. What's that got to do with anything?

Piece of cake. It's all there.

Don't worry about the alarms. I just gotta find a way to get the key.

No problem, right? I'll take care of it.

Tell him what you were telling me. Too good to be true.

Big score coming from Air France. Bags of money coming in.

Tourists and American servicemen change their money... into French money and send it back here.

Calm down. It's beautiful.

It's totally untraceable. Okay?

The only problem is getting a key, but I've got a plan.

Me and Frenchy and this citizen. Yeah, he's a piece of work.

If I'm right, there could be $500,000 coming in, all cash.

The best time is probably over a weekend. So maybe Saturday night.

There's a Jewish holiday on Monday.

They won't find out until Tuesday. Beautiful.

What about the security?


You're looking at it. It's a joke. I'm the midnight-to-eight man.

I'm the commandant.

He just comes in like he's picking up lost baggage.

It's beautiful. It won't be a problem at all.

Good. We're on.

What's really funny is that fucking bank job in Secaucus.

I'm in the middle of the weeds, lying down.

He says, "What are you doing?" I said, "I'm resting."

"Here? This ain't no beach or park." I said, "I'm resting."

I know I'm resting.

He pulls me in, starts asking questions. You know, this and that.

"What are you going to tell us?" I said, "My usual. Nothing."

"Why tell you?" The fuck. He says, "No, you'll tell me something today."

I said, "Okay, go fuck your mother."

You saw the paper, Anthony. My head was out like this.

Now I'm coming around, and who do I see in front of me?

This prick again. He says, "What do you want to tell me now?"

I said, "What are you doing here? I told you to go fuck your mother."

I thought he was gonna shit.

The fuckers. I wish I was big just once.

Funny. You're really funny.

What do you mean, I'm funny?

It's funny, you know. It's a good story.

You're a funny guy.

You mean the way I talk? What?

It's just, you know. You're just funny.

You know, the way you tell the story and everything.

Funny how? What's funny about it?

Tommy, you got it all wrong. Anthony.

He's a big boy. He knows what he said. What did you say?

Funny, how?

Just, you know. You're funny.

Let me understand this.

Maybe I'm a little fucked up.

But, I'm funny, how? Funny like a clown? I amuse you?

I make you laugh? I'm here to fucking amuse you?

What do you mean, funny? How am I funny?

You know, how you tell a story.

No, I don't know. You said it. How do I know? You said I'm funny.

How the fuck am I funny? What the fuck is so funny about me?

Tell me what's funny.

Get the fuck out of here, Tommy.

Motherfucker! I almost had him!

You stuttering prick, you!

Frankie, was he shaking?

I wonder about you sometimes, Henry. You may fold under questioning.

Jesus Christ.

What the fuck is it with you? I thought I was getting pinched already.

He's hanging on my fucking neck like a vulture. What do you want?

This guy didn't want to come and give you the check.

Could you take care of this?

No problem. Tell him to put it on my tab. Of course.

That's what I want to talk to you about.

It ain't just this one. It's seven big ones you owe me.

$7,000, that ain't peanuts. I don't mean to be out of order...

Don't mean to be out of order?

It's good you don't mean to be out of order.

Embarrassing me in front of my friends, like I'm a deadbeat.

You know, Sonny, you're a fucking mutt.

You know the money we spend in this fucking...

Don't be like that. What do you mean?

Do you believe this prick? You think this is funny?

What the fuck are you looking at? You fucking moron!

You don't want to bring the check?

Do you believe this prick?

You're supposed to be doing this stuff, too.

You're a funny guy.

That's it, Henry. No, go back.

You want to laugh? This prick last week asked me to christen his kid.

I charged him $7,000.

You really are a funny guy.

I'm worried. I'm hearing all kinds of fucking bad things.

He's treating me like I'm a fucking fag.

I got to go on the lam in order to get away from this guy.

This ain't right. I can't go here, I can't go there.

You think you're the only one? I talk to them, they don't listen.

If you tell him, he'll stop. I'll wind up being declared an MIA.

They'll find me in the back of a car somewhere in the weeds.

You've known this Tommy all your life. Who knows better?

This cocksucker's an arch criminal.

When I leave my house, before I get to the car I look over both shoulders.

This is no way to live. I'm no fence jumper.

I'm around you all my life, tell me what I gotta do.

Whatever I got to do, I'm gonna do. What could I do?

If there was something I could do, I would. I would like to help you out.

Sonny, tell him what we talked about.

You think it's all right? Yeah.

Maybe you could come in with me, take a piece of this joint. It'd be good.

What are you talking about? You mean the restaurant?

It's a classy place. Look at the layout.

You've been in there a million times. You know how it looks.

Tommy taking over this joint is like putting a silk hat on a pig.

I don't mean no disrespect, but that's the way it is.

I know you're his friend. I'm begging you. What can I say?

What am I gonna do? What do you want from me?

I don't know anything about the restaurant business. Nothing.

All I know is to sit down and order a meal, not how to make a restaurant.

Not for you. It's just a place to hang.

The chef is great. The shows are good. There's a lot of whores coming in.

I'd love to help you, but what do you want from me? What'll I do?

Tommy's a bad kid, a bad seed. What am I supposed to do? Shoot him?

That wouldn't be a bad idea.

I'm sorry I said that. I didn't mean it. I just mean that he's scaring me.

I just need help. Help me, please.

You know anything about this restaurant business?

He knows everything. He's there 24 hours a day.

Another fucking few minutes, he could be a stool.

That's how often he's in there.

You want me to be your partner? Is that what you're telling me?

What the fuck you think I'm talking about? Paulie, please. Come on.

It's not even fair.

You don't understand.

You run the joint. Maybe I'll try to help you, all right.

God bless you, Paulie. I appreciate it. You've always been fair with me.

Now the guy's got Paulie as a partner. Any problems, he goes to Paulie.

Trouble with a bill, he can go to Paulie.

Trouble with the cops, deliveries, Tommy... he can call Paulie.

Now the guy's gotta come up with Paulie's money every week... no matter what.

"Business is bad? Fuck you, pay me. Had a fire? Fuck you, pay me.

"The place got hit by lightning? Fuck you, pay me."

Can I get one of those TVs?

Also, Paulie could do anything.

Especially run up bills on the joint's credit. And why not?

Nobody's gonna pay for it anyway.

When deliveries are made at the front door... you move the stuff out the back and sell it at a discount.

You take a $200 case of booze and sell it for $100.

It doesn't matter. It's all profit.

Then finally, when there's nothing left...

Fucking shame.

...when you can't borrow another buck or buy another case of booze... you bust the joint out. You light a match.

Do you need help reaching anything?

You look like you're decorating a Christmas tree.

You don't know what you're doing.

She's from the Five Towns.


The Jew broad, Diane, I was telling you I'm going to shag.

I've been trying to bang her for a fucking month now.

She won't go out with me alone.

No. No, what?

No, what? Who the fuck asked you anything?

I didn't ask you. Hear what I'm going to say.

All right, what?

Okay, what.

She don't want to go out with Italians alone.

She's prejudiced against Italians.

You fucking believe that? In this day and age?

What the fuck is this world coming to?

I can't believe this. A Jew broad, prejudiced against Italians.

She won't go out with me alone unless her girlfriend comes with us.

So you come along, go out with her girlfriend.

See? I knew it.

You knew what? What the fuck is wrong with that?

When is this? Tomorrow night.

I can't, I gotta meet Tuddy.

You could meet Tuddy. You can come early and then still go.

Why do you always do this? Don't give me that shit.

What did I ask you for? I'm asking you for a favor.

I do a lot of fucking favors for you.

I'm trying to bang this fucking broad. Help me out.

I don't understand you. She's beautiful!

Her fucking family lives in the Five Towns. These Jews got money.

Maybe the family owns the whole block. You may wind up with a big score.

You with your fucking mouth.

I had a meeting with Tuddy at 11:00, and here I am, a backup guy for Tommy.

How about it? Did you have enough to eat?

It was delicious. I'm just watching my diet.

Let me watch your figure.

I couldn't wait to get away.

I was ordering the dessert when they were eating dinner.

When they were having coffee, I was asking for a check.

I had business.

Have some coffee. It'll wake you up.

Can we have the check? What are you doing?

I got to go. We just got here.

I got that thing. I gotta go.

Wait a couple of minutes. We'll leave together.

This way we don't go out like a bunch of hobos, one at a time.

I couldn't stand him.

I thought he was really obnoxious.

He kept fidgeting around.

You don't mind, do you? That's very annoying.

Good? You might prefer Manischewitz, but it'd look funny on my table.

Ready? Henry, lighten up.

We just got here. What are you doing?

Before it was time to go home, he was pushing me into the car... then pulling me out. It was ridiculous.

Diane and Tommy made us promise... to meet them again on Friday night.

We agreed.

Of course, when Friday night came around, Henry stood me up.

I feel terrible. I don't know where he is.

He really liked you, too. All he did was talk about her.

We were a trio instead of a double date that night.

He would have called. I hope it's nothing serious.

But I made Tommy take me looking for him.

Tommy, what the fuck?

You got some nerve standing me up.

Nobody does that to me.

Who do you think you are, Frankie Valli or some kind of big shot?

Slow down, I forgot. I thought it was next week.

It was this Friday and you agreed, so you're a liar!

We can talk about this. Take it easy.

Talk about it?

Talk to you after what you just did to me? Forget it.

I thought you would stand me up. You looked bored. You didn't say anything.

What do you expect?

Let me make it up to you.

I'll think about it.

I remember, she was screaming on the street, and I mean loud.

But she looked good.

I'll think about it. But it'll cost you, Hill. A lot.

She had these great eyes just like Liz Taylor's.

At least that's what I thought.

Hello, Henry.

You're ready? Yeah.

Come on.

No, wait a minute. What?

Quick, you have to cover that cross. My mother sees that...



I'd like you to meet my friend, Henry Hill. How do you do?

Nice to meet you. My daughter says that you're half Jewish.

It's just the good half.

Thank you, sir. Bye, see you later, thanks.

What're you doing? You're leaving your car?

He watches the car for me.

It's easier than leaving it at a garage and waiting.

It's a lot quicker that way, you know what I mean?

I like going in this way. It's better than waiting in line.

How are you doing? What's up? Here you go.

How are you doing? I'm doing all right.


Every time I come here, every time, you two. Don't you work?

Henry, nice to see you. Hi, how are you?

Anthony, right in the front.

Anything you need, just let me know.

Tony, thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

How are you guys doing? How are you?

You gave them $20 each. It's all right.

Henry, this is with Mr. Tony, over there.

Where? Over there.

Thanks a lot, Tony.

What do you do? What?

What do you do? I'm in construction.

They don't feel like you're in construction.

I'm a union delegate.

Now, ladies and gentlemen... the Copacabana is proud to present the king of one-liners...

Henny Youngman.

How are you all? I'm glad to be here. Take my wife, please.

I take my wife everywhere but she finds her way home.

I said, "Where do you wanna go for our anniversary?"

She said, "Somewhere I've never been before."

I said, "Try the kitchen."

Dr. Wellsler is here.

Gave a guy six months to live. Couldn't pay his bill.

Gave him another six months.

I love this crowd.

Air France made me.

We walked out with $420,000 without using a gun.

And we did the right thing. We gave Paulie his tribute.


It's going to be a good summer.

I'm proud of you. That is a lot of money for a kid like you.

Anybody asks you where you got it, you got it in Vegas playing craps, all right?

All right.

Check, sir.

No. You have to sign for it here.

Should I tip him?

How are you doing? Okay. How are you?

Henry, this is Bruce. Bruce, this is Henry.

Good to meet you.

I'll see you around later.

Do you know him? Yeah.

He lives across the street.

One night, Bobby Vinton sent us champagne. There was nothing like it.

I didn't think there was anything strange in any of this.

A 21 - year-old kid with such connections.

He was an exciting guy.

He was really nice. He introduced me to everybody.

Everybody wanted to be nice to him.

He knew how to handle it.

Don't buy wigs that come off at the wrong time.

Morrie's wigs don't come off!

Even underwater.

And remember, Morrie's wigs are tested against hurricane winds.

Forget about money. You can afford a Morrie wig. Priced to fit every budget.

Call me now!

Come in for a personalized fitting.

Come on, Morrie. Jimmy's waiting. You're past due.

You're a good kid. We've been good to each other.

But there's something unreasonable going on here.

Jimmy's being a ball-breaker.

Give him 8-to-5 on Cleveland.

I never had to pay the vigorish he demands. Am I something special?

What am I, a schmuck on wheels?

You know Jimmy. You borrowed his money. Pay him.

I didn't agree to three points above the vig.

What are you going to do? Fight with Jimmy Conway?

He wants his money. Give him his money and we'll go.

Fuck him!

Fuck him in the ear! Fuck him in the other ear!

Did I ever bust his balls? Did I?

I could've dropped a dime a million times.

You're talking crazy. Stop it now, will you?

You got money for that fucking commercial.

You don't got my money?

Jimmy, he's gonna pay you.

I'll fucking kill you. Give me the money, cocksucker.

Pay me my money.

He'll pay.

Morrie's. Who's this? He's here.

Jimmy, I'm sorry. You should be sorry.

Don't do it again. Give me the fucking money!

You hear me? Give me the fucking money.

I'll give you. You've got it, kid. You've got it, believe me.

Karen, slow down.

Where? Stay there. Don't move.

What happened? It's Karen, Jimmy.

Money today. I'll pay.

What happened?

Are you all right? Yeah.

Who did it?

This guy who lives across the street from me that I've known all my life.

He started to touch me. He started to grab me.

I told him to stop. He didn't stop.

I hit him back. And then he got really angry.

He pushed me out of the car.

You sure you're all right?

Why don't you go inside and get yourself together. Clean up.

What do you want, fucko? You want something?

I swear on my fucking mother, if you touch her again, you're dead.

Don't shoot.

Hide this. Are you all right? Yeah.

I know there are women, like my best friends... who would have gotten out the minute their boyfriend... gave them a gun to hide. But I didn't.

I've got to admit the truth. It turned me on.

Mazel tov!

Why don't you be like your friend Henry? He's got a nice girl.

He's settling down now. He's married.

Pretty soon he'll have a nice family.

And you're still bouncing around from girl to girl.

It was like he had two families.

The first time I was introduced to all of them at once, it was crazy.

Paulie and his brothers had lots of sons and nephews.

Almost all of them were named Peter or Paul.

It was unbelievable.

Meet Paulie Jr., my nephew. And this is Petey.

There must have been two dozen Peters and Pauls at the wedding.

This is Marie.

Plus, they were all married to girls named Marie.

She looks Italian. She is Italian, you're right.

And they named all their daughters Marie.

And this is Pete. No, I mean Paulie. I get confused myself.

By the time I finished meeting everybody, I thought I was drunk.

Paulie, you shouldn't have.

Welcome to the family.

Sunday dinner?

So beautiful. I want to cry.

Here's something to help you get started.

The bag. The bag. What? What bag?

The bag with the envelopes in it, all the money.

Don't worry about that. Nobody's going to steal that here.

He didn't call?

He's with his friends. What kind of person doesn't call?

He's a grown-up. He doesn't have to call every five minutes.

If he was such a grown-up why doesn't he get you two an apartment?

Don't start. Mom, you're the one who wanted us here.

You're here a month and sometimes I know he doesn't come home at all.

What kind of people are these?

What do you want me to do? Do? What can you do?

He's not Jewish. Did you know how these people live?

Did you know what they were like?

Your father never stayed out all night without calling.

Stay out? Daddy never went out at all, Ma! Keep out of it.

You don't know how I feel!

How do you feel now? You don't know where he is or who he's with.

He's with his friends! Dad!

Leave him out of this. He's suffered enough.

He hasn't digested a decent meal in six weeks.

Where were you? Why didn't you call?

We were worried to death. A married man does not stay out like this.

Normal people don't act like this!

What's wrong with you?

You're not normal. She's right. What's wrong with you?

What kind of person are you? What is the matter with you?

What kind of people are they?

We weren't married to nine-to-five guys.

But the first time I realized how different... was when Mickey had a hostess party.

Karen, where you from? Lawrence.

On the Island. It's nice. I'm from Miami. You ever been there?

It's okay, but it's like you died and woke up in Jew heaven.

Angie, stop picking at that thing.

I'd like to smack his face.

The red-haired guy, looks like a farmer?

The guy's hands are all over me.

So I told him, "Keep your fucking hands off me, or I'll cut them off."

She means it.

You don't know how lucky he is. I just mention this to Vinnie...

How can you mention it? Vinnie would kill him.

If I don't, he'll kill the miserable bastard, then Vinnie will be there for life.

You think you got problems. What about Jeannie's kid?

He was in an argument. A $10 card game. He pulls out a gun.

The gun goes off. Some kid gets killed. When the grandmother hears it... and finds out he's jailed, she has a heart attack and drops dead right on the spot.

Now Jeannie has a husband and son in jail and a mother in the funeral parlor.

Jeannie drinks. Maybe she's depressed.

Give me a break. She's drunk.

As soon as something happens, you make them out to be saints.

They had bad skin and wore too much makeup. They didn't look very good.

They looked beat-up. And the stuff they wore... was thrown together and cheap.

A lot of pantsuits and double-knits.

She spends her life in a nightgown.

The woman is no angel, believe me.

They talked about their rotten kids... and about beating them with broom handles and belts.

And that the kids still didn't pay any attention.

When Henry picked me up, I was dizzy.

I don't know if I could live like that.

God forbid, what would happen if you had to go to prison?


Mickey said that Jeannie's husband...

Do you know why Jeannie's husband went to the can?

Because of Jeannie. He wanted to get away from her.

Let me tell you something. Nobody goes to jail unless they want to.

Unless they make themselves get caught.

They don't have things organized.

I know what I'm doing. I've got things organized with these guys.

You know who goes to jail? Nigger stickup men. Know why they get caught?

Because they fall asleep in the getaway car, Karen.

Come on, don't worry so much, sweetie. Come here.

After a while, it got to be all normal.

None of it seemed like crime.

It was more like Henry was enterprising... and that he and the guys made bucks hustling while other guys... were sitting on their asses waiting for handouts.

Our husbands weren't brain surgeons, they were blue-collar guys.

The only way they could make real extra money was to go out and cut corners.

Where's the strong box, you varmint?

Don't fucking move! Don't move.

See you at the diner. I'm riding shotgun.

Did you see him give it right over?

Back to the hideout to split up the loot.

We were all so very close.

There were never any outsiders around. Absolutely never.

Being together all the time made everything seem all the more normal.

Hello, Mrs. Hill. Police.

I'm Detective Deacy. This is Detective Silvestri. We have a search warrant.

Would you read and sign it?

Anywhere? Yeah, anywhere.

This'll take a while, we have to go through everything.

You boys want some coffee? No coffee now, thanks.

Be careful. We'll just go about our business.

There was always a little harassment.

They wanted to talk to Henry about this or that.

They'd make me sign their subpoenas or warrants.

But mostly they just wanted a handout.

A few bucks to keep things quiet no matter what they found.

I always asked if they wanted coffee. Some wives, like Mickey Conway... used to curse at them and spit on the floor.

She used to spit on her own floor. That never made any sense to me.

It was better to be polite and call the lawyer.

We always did everything together, and we always were in the same crowd.

Anniversaries, christenings. We only went to each other's houses.

The women played cards.

When kids were born, Mickey and Jimmy were the first at the hospital.

When we went to the Islands or Vegas for vacation... we went together.

No outsiders ever. It got to be normal.

It got to where I was proud that I had the kind of husband... who was willing to risk his neck just to get us the little extras.

But I got Mom to watch the babies tomorrow night.

Can't do it, Karen. Why not?

I just can't. I got something lined up.

But tomorrow's the only night she can do it.

Pretty please? I can't. What do you want me to do?

I got to go. Wait a minute.

I wanted to go shopping. Can I get some money?

How much do you need?

How much? That much.

This much. Give me a kiss.

See you later.

All right.

Welcome home, Batts.

Hi, how are you?

Sit down. Have a drink. Give them all a drink.

And give those Irish hoodlums a drink.

There's only one Irishman here.

It's a celebration, fellas.

Top of the morning to you. It's good to be home.

This is my friend Jimmy.

Henry. It's his joint. This is Lisa.

Tommy. All dressed up.

All grown up and doing the town. Look at this.

Forgot you were having a party for this mug.

Come here.

I'll say hello. Billy, how are you?

Get over here. I haven't seen you in six years.

Jesus Christ Almighty. You look terrific.

Watch the suit.

You little prick. I've known you all my life.

Don't get too big on me. Just don't bust my balls.

If I was gonna break your balls, I'd say, "Go get your shine box."

This kid was great.

They used to call him "Spitshine Tommy."

He'd make your shoes look like fucking mirrors. Excuse my language.

He was terrific. He was the best. He made a lot of money, too.

No more shines, Billy.

What? I said no more shines.

You've been away a long time. They didn't tell you.

I don't shine shoes anymore.

Relax. What's got into you? I'm breaking your balls a little, that's all.

I'm only kidding with you.

Sometimes you don't sound like it. There's a lot of people around.

I'm only kidding. We're having a party.

I haven't seen you in a long time and you get fucking fresh.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.

I'm sorry, too. It's okay. No problem.

Now go home and get your fucking shine box.

Motherfucking mutt!

You fucking piece of shit!

Come on, come on!

He bought his fucking button! That fake old tough guy!

You bought your fucking button!

Don't get nervous. You motherfucker!

Keep that motherfucker here! Keep him here.

Come on, you fucking feel strong?

Sorry. Tommy gets a little loaded. He doesn't mean any disrespect.

He doesn't mean any disrespect? Are you nuts?

Teach this kid a little fucking manners. What's right is right.

You understand what I'm saying? It's all right.

We're hugging and kissing over here and then he acts like a fucking jerk.

You insulted him a little bit. You got a little out of order.

I didn't. You insulted him a little.

I didn't insult anybody. Give us a drink. Okay.

Let's have some drinks. Drinks on the house.

No, have the drink with me.

The drinks are on the house.

I fucked kids like that in the can. In the ass.

Fucking break up my party.

You've been away for six years. It's different now.

I did my fucking time, Jimmy.

I came home and I want what I got to get. I got mouths to feed.

You're gonna get it. You understand?

Get the door!

Let me shoot him in his big, fucking mouth!

Let's shoot him.

Fucking mutt dented my shoes.

His whole crew is going to be looking for him.

This is bad. What do we do with him? We can't just dump him on the street.

I know a place upstate. They'll never find him. More tablecloths.

I didn't want to get blood on your floor.

Go open your trunk.

We'll get a shovel at my mother's house.

She has a shovel here somewhere. Quiet, I don't want to wake her up.

Look who's here.

What did you do? What happened?

I hit something on the road. Jimmy will tell you.

What happened to him?

I haven't seen you in so long. What happened to him?

You, too. How are you?

Why are you up so late?

He came in. You came in. I'm so happy to see him.

Go inside. Make yourselves comfortable. I'll make you something to eat.

Go to sleep. We're leaving. I can't. Not while he's home.

I haven't seen him in so long. I want to see him.

You go inside.

This stuff is like lead.

Tell me, where you been? I haven't seen you.

You haven't called. Where have you been?

I been working nights. And?

And tonight we were out late.

We took a ride out to the country and hit a deer.

That's where all the blood is from. Jimmy told you.

It reminds me, I need this knife. I'm taking this, okay?

Okay. Just for a while.

The poor thing.

We hit the deer and his paw... What do you call it?

The paw.

The hoof. Got caught in the grill.

I got to hack it off.

Ma, it's a sin to leave it there.

I'll bring the knife back.

Delicious. Thank you.

Why don't you get yourself a nice girl?

I do, almost every night.

But get yourself a girl so you could settle down.

I do, every night. Then I'm free. I love you, I want to be with you.

Settle down.

How's your friend Henry?

What's the matter? You don't talk much.

Talk. What are you quiet for?

You don't eat much, you don't talk much.

I'm just listening. Something wrong?

When we were kids, the compares used to visit one another.

There was this man. He would never talk. He'd just sit there all night, not a word.

They say to him, "What's the matter? Don't you say anything?"

He says, "What am I going to say, that my wife two-times me?"

So she says, "Shut up! You're always talking."

But in Italian, it sounds much nicer.

Cornuto contento. That's it.

What does that mean? It means he's content to be a jerk.

He doesn't care who knows it.

Did Tommy tell you about my painting? No.

Look at this.

It's beautiful.

I like it. One dog goes one way and the other goes the other.

One's facing east, the other west. So what?

He's saying, "What do you want from me?" The guy's got nice white hair.

Beautiful. The dog looks the same.

Looks like somebody we know.

Without the beard. It's him.

It's him.

What the fuck is that?

For most of the guys, killings were accepted.

Murder was the only way everybody stayed in line.

You got out of line, you got whacked. Everybody knew the rules.

Sometimes, even if people didn't get out of line, they got whacked.

Hits became a habit. Guys would get into arguments over nothing.

Before you knew it, one was dead.

They were shooting each other all the time.

Shooting people was a normal thing. It was no big deal.

We had a serious problem with Billy Batts.

This was really a touchy thing. Tommy killed a made guy.

Batts was part of the Gambino crew and was considered untouchable.

Before you touched a made guy, you had to have a good reason.

You had to have a sit-down and you'd better get an okay... or you'd be the one who got whacked.

Saturday night was for wives... but Friday night at the Copa was for the girlfriends.

Last week, we saw Sammy Davis, Jr.

You got to see this show. What a performer.

He does these impersonations. You'd think it was the real people.

It's unbelievable. You could see how a white girl could fall for him.


Not me. But you could see how some girls could. Like that Swedish girl.

So you condone that stuff.

Take it easy.

I don't want to be kissing Nat King Cole over here.

No, I'm not talking about me.

But, you know, he's got personality.


He's talented. I understand what you're saying.

But watch what you say. People get the wrong impression.

I just said he was talented, you're unbelievable.

Just leave it alone now, I understand what you said.

He's talented. Leave it at that.

No? Not even Uncle Paulie?

What did you hear about that thing?

The Brooklyn thing? No, the guy from downtown.

The guy from where Christie lived? No.

The guy who disappeared, the one they made the beef on.

Know the guy I mean? Yeah.

His name was Batts. His people are driving everyone crazy looking for him.

Nobody knows what happened to him.

He came into the joint that night and then just disappeared. That was it.

All right. Keep your eyes open. They're busting my balls over it.

All right? Yeah.

Okay, everybody, let's eat.

I want my money.

He owes it.

You know that thing we took care of upstate?

Paulie was talking about that. Got to get it out of there.

They just sold the property to make condominiums.

It's been six months. We got to get it out of there right away.

Henry, hurry up. My mother's making fried peppers and sausage for us.

Here's an arm. Very funny, guys.

Here's a leg.

Here's a wing.

What do you like, the leg or the wing? Or you still go for the hearts and lungs?

Oh, that's so bad.

What happened to the car?

I hit a skunk, all right?

Go with your mother.

It's disgusting, Henry.

I set up Janice in an apartment around the corner from The Suite.

That way I was able to stay over a couple of nights a week.

This is my new antique lamp.

Karen was home with the kids. She never asked questions.

The furniture's all Maurice Valencia.

Looks like Roma.

This is all silk. This is from Siam.

Come see my bedroom.

Tommy, will you take him? I'll eat this fucking dog tonight.

Love that crystal ball or what?

This is where we spend most of our time.

I love the floral arrangements.


Janice and I were having so much fun, she started screwing up at work.

I had to straighten out her boss a little bit.

Janice can do what she wants to do. Got it?

Just try to run. Hang up once more, and you'll deal with me.

Come on, get off of her.

You're an animal.

Spider, on your way over here, bring me a Cutty and water.

Did you guys eat? I'm starving.

I'll play these. You'll play those?

Do I stutter? I play those.

What am I? A mirage?

Where's my fucking drink? I asked you for a drink.

You wanted a drink? I asked you for one.

I thought you said, "I'm all right, Spider."

Am I on a pay-no-mind list?

No, I heard someone say "Spider, Spider."

I thought it was Henry. You're a mumbling, stuttering little fuck.

I thought you said, "I'm all right, Spider."

You ain't all right.

No, I thought you said you were all right.

I am all right! You ain't, you prick.

You've been doing this all fucking night to me, you motherfucker!

He wants a drink now? I'll bring it.

Go get me a fucking drink! Move it, you little prick.

You walk like fucking Stepin Fetchit.

For everybody else you run.

Run for me, you prick! Dance, dance the fucking drink back here!

What's that movie that Bogart made?

Where he played a cowboy. The Oklahoma Kid.

Shane? Oklahoma Kid, that's me!

You fucking varmint. Dance!

Yahoo, you motherfucker!

Round up those fucking wagons.

Now he's moving.

Henry, what happened? He shot him in the foot, Tommy.

He's fucking fine. So he got shot in the foot. What is it? A big fucking deal?

Get a towel. Nice fucking game.

Take him to Ben Casey, the little prick. Let him crawl like he crawls for the drinks.

Take him to the doctor down the street.

Bones are all shattered.

Don't get me upset, now.

Don't make a big fucking thing out of it, Spider, you little prick.

You trying to make me think what the fuck I did here.

It was an accident.

Little fucking actor. I got a great hand here.

You in or out? Yeah, I'm in.

$800. $800?

You haven't been home in two weeks. You're not going out tonight!

Karen, will you grow up! Stop! I'm still gonna go out!

Not without your car keys, you're not.

Are you nuts? What's your problem?

Yes, I'm nuts. Something's going on.

Stop with that. Enough! Stop with that. No!

I'm telling you, I look in your face and I know that you're lying!

Get out! Get out! Shut up.

Get out of my life!

You're fucked in the head, Karen. This is all in your mind.

You're a lousy bastard! You got a problem.

Go ahead, go to your ready-made whores. That's all you're good for!

Get out of my life! I can't stand you!

Spider, what's your rush?

Here you go. Thank you, Spider.

Spider, that fucking bandage on your foot is bigger than your fucking head.

Next thing you know, he's gonna be coming in one of these fucking walkers.

Even though you got that, you can dance?

Give us a couple of fucking steps, Spider. You fucking bullshitter, you.

Tell the truth. You're looking for sympathy?

Why don't you go fuck yourself, Tommy?

I didn't fucking hear right. Can't believe what I heard.

Spider, here. This is for you. Attaboy.

I got respect for this kid. He's got a lot of fucking balls.

Good for you. Don't take no shit off nobody.

He shoots him in the foot, he tells him to go fuck himself.

Are you gonna let this fucking punk get away with that?

What's the matter? What's the world coming to?

That's what the fucking world is coming to. How do you like that?

How's that, all right? What's the fucking matter with you?

What are you, stupid or what?

Tommy, I'm kidding with you. Are you a fucking sick maniac?

How do I know if you're kidding? You're breaking my fucking balls?

I'm fucking kidding with you, you fucking shoot the guy?

He's dead.

Good shot. What do you want from me? Good shot.

You can't miss at this distance.

You got a problem with what I did, Anthony?


Fucking rat. His whole family's all rats. He would've grown up to be a rat.

Stupid bastard! I can't fucking believe you.

Now you're going to dig the hole. I got no fucking lime.

I'll dig the hole. I don't give a fuck. Is it the first hole I dug?

I'll dig the fucking hole. Where are the shovels?

Hello. Hello?

This is Karen Hill. I wanna talk to you.

Hello? Don't hang up on me!

I want to talk to you!

You keep away from my husband, you hear me?

Hello? Open the door!

Answer me!

I'm gonna tell everyone who walks in this building... that in 2R, Rossi, you are nothing but a whore!

Is this the superintendent?

Yes, I want you to know, sir, that you have a whore... living in 2R!

Rossi, Janice Rossi. Do you hear me?

He's my husband!

Get your own goddamn man!

Wake up, Henry.

What are you doing?

Karen, are you crazy? I am crazy.

I'm crazy enough to kill both of you.

Karen, take it easy.

Okay? Do you love her?

Do you?

Do you? Karen...

I love you. You know I love you.

You don't.

No, you don't.

Please, be careful. Baby, don't.

But still I couldn't hurt him. How could I hurt him?

I couldn't even bring myself to leave him.

The truth was... that no matter how bad I felt...

I was still very attracted to him.

Why should I give him to someone else?

Why should she win?

Just put it down.

You know I love you, don't you?

You're all I want, Karen.

Please put the gun down, Karen.

Baby, come on.

What are you, fucking crazy, Karen?

I got enough to worry about getting whacked on the street!

I got to fucking come home for this?

I should fucking kill you!

How does it feel?

How does it feel, Karen?

I'm sorry!

Hi, Jimmy! How are you?

Looking good. Thank you. Good to see you.

Hi, Paulie! Hi, honey. How are you?


Why don't you go get cigarettes, okay? Sure.

Any of you need anything? I'm all right.

Want anything to drink? A beer? No.

Chinese food? No, come on, sit down.

Karen came to the house. She's very upset.

You gotta straighten this thing out.

We got to have calm now. We don't know what the hell she's gonna do.

She's getting all hysterical. She gets very excited.

She's wild. And you got to take it easy. You got children.

I'm not saying you gotta back to her this minute, but you gotta go back.

It's the only way. You gotta keep up appearances.

The two of them come over every day, commiserating.

I can't have it.

I can't do it, Henry.

Nobody says that you can't do what you wanna do.

We all know that. I mean, this is what it is.

We know what it is. You have to do the right thing.

You have to go home to the family, you understand?

You got to go home, okay? Look at me.

You gotta go home. Smarten up.

All right? All right.

I'm gonna talk to Karen.

I'll straighten this out. I know just what to say to her.

I'm gonna tell her you'll go back to her... and it'll be just the way it was when you were first married... your romance, it's gonna be beautiful.

I know how to talk to her, especially to her.

Jimmy and Tommy are going down to Tampa this weekend... to pick up something for me.

Instead, you go with Jimmy.

You come with me, we'll go down.

Have a good time. Take some time for yourself. Relax.

Sit in the sun. Take a couple days off.

We'll have a good time. Enjoy yourselves.

And when you come back, you go back to Karen.

Please, there's no other way.

You're not gonna get a divorce. We're not animali.

No divorce. She'll never divorce him.

She'll kill him, but she won't divorce him.

You gonna pay us?

You gonna pay? Give us the fucking money!

I can't, I swear.

Let's go.

We'll throw the bastard to the lions. No!

What fucking lions? I ain't going near any lions, Jimmy!

Let's throw him over the moat. All right.

I'll get the money!

They must really feed each other to the lions down there... because the guy gave the money right up.

I swear to Christ, I'll get the money.

We got to spend the rest of the weekend at the track.

Yeah. They mean business.

Then, I couldn't believe what happened.

When we got home, we were all over the newspaper.

At first, I didn't even know why we got picked up.

Then I found out that the guy we roughed up... turned out to have a sister working as a typist for the FBI.

Who could believe it? Of all the fucking people.

She gave up everybody: Jimmy, me, even her brother.

It took the jury six hours to bring us in guilty.

The judge gave Jimmy and me 10 years like he was giving away candy.

...ten years in a federal penitentiary.

You will now be turned over to the United States Attorney General's Office.

Toast, guys.

Good trip, good life, get out soon.

Good trip, sweetheart.

We'll watch the home front.

Say hello to those blow-job hacks.

Yeah, motherfuck them every chance you get.

I'll call you when I get a chance.

Now take me to jail.

In prison, dinner was always a big thing.

We had a pasta course, and then we had a meat or a fish.

Paulie did the prep work. He was doing a year for contempt... and had this wonderful system for doing the garlic.

He used a razor, and he used to slice it so thin... that it used to liquefy in the pan with just a little oil.

It was a very good system.

Vinnie was in charge of the tomato sauce.

Get the smell?

Three kinds of meat in the meatballs:

Veal, beef, and pork.

Good, but you gotta have the pork.

That's the flavor.

I felt he used too many onions, but it was still a very good sauce.

Vinnie, don't put too many onions in the sauce.

I didn't put too much onions in, Paul.

Put three small onions, that's all I did.

Three onions? How many cans of tomatoes you put in there?

I put two big cans. You don't need three onions.

Johnny Dio did the meat.

We had no broiler, so Johnny did everything in pans.

It used to smell up the joint something awful... and the hacks used to die, but he still cooked a great steak.

How do you like yours? Medium rare.

Medium rare. An aristocrat.

You know, when you think of prison you get pictures in your mind... of all those old movies with rows of guys behind bars.

It wasn't like that for wiseguys.

It really wasn't that bad, excepting that I missed Jimmy... who was doing his time in Atlanta.

Give me two steaks while you're in there, all right?

Everyone else in the joint was doing real time, mixed together, living like pigs.

But we lived alone. We owned the joint.

We batted them sons of bitches. You couldn't recognize them.

Good, they deserved it.

Even the hacks we couldn't bribe would never rat on the guys we did.

...had respect. People loved one another.

They left their doors open. Sorry it took so long.

The skinny guard's getting to be a real pain in the ass.

We're gonna have to do something. I took care of him.

What'd you bring?

Bread. Good.

Fresh. Vinnie, I got your peppers and onions.

Salami, prosciutto, a lot of cheese.

Come on, what else?

Scotch. Nice.

Some red wine. Okay.

Now we can eat. I got some white, too.

Give me the white, too. Beautiful.

Okay, boys, let's eat. Come on, it's ready, Vinnie.

Some more bread.

Tomorrow we eat sandwiches. You got to go on a diet, Vinnie.

You must be kidding. Believe me.

What are you doing?

I'll take that.

All right, I'll catch you guys later. Yeah.

You going for a walk in the park?

Okay, I'll catch you next week. Thanks. Okay.

Is there any more? No, that's it. Have a good weekend.

Thanks. You too, Henry.

Mrs. Hill, come here.

Come on.

You girls stay right here.

I want you to hold hands. Okay, go right up to the front.

Let's go. How you doing?

Good, how are you? Very well, thank you.

What you talking about? I saw her name in the register.

Jesus Christ. You want her to visit you?

Let her stay up all night crying and writing letters to the parole board.

What am I doing here? Where am I? I'm in jail.

I can't stop people from coming to see me.

Good, let her sneak this stuff in for you every week.

Let her fight these bastards every week! Look what you're doing! Stop it!

I'm sorry.

Let her sneak this shit in for you.

Will you stop it, Karen?

Let her do it! Stop it!

Nobody's helping me. I'm all alone.

Belle and Morrie are broke.

I asked your friend Remo for the money that he owes you.

You know what he told me?

He told me to take my kids down to the police station and get on welfare.

It's gonna be okay.

Even Paulie, since he got out, I've never seen him. I never see anybody anymore.

It's only you and me. That's what happens when you go away.

I told you that we're on our own. Forget everybody else. Forget Paulie.

As long as he's on parole, he doesn't want anybody doing anything.

I can't do it. Yes, you can. Listen to me.

All I need is for you is to keep bringing me the stuff.

I got a guy in here from Pittsburgh who'll help me move it.

In a month we're gonna be fine.

We won't need anybody. I'm afraid.

I'm afraid if Paulie finds out...

Don't worry about him.

He is not helping us out. Is he putting any food on the table?

We've gotta help each other.

We've just gotta be really careful while we do it.

I don't want to hear a word about her anymore.



We missed you. Are you here to stay?

Did you see our pictures? I did the one with the house and rainbow.

I did the sun.

My chorus concert is in two weeks. Are you coming?

Do you like the house?

Karen, get packed. We're moving out of here.

With what?

Don't worry, with what. Just start looking for a new house.

I got to go to Pittsburgh in the morning. Those guys there owe me $15,000.

We'll be all right. I got things lined up.

Pittsburgh? You have to go see your parole officer tomorrow.

Don't worry about it. Everything's gonna be fine.

Who wants to go to Uncle Paulie's? Me!

What do you want?

Sweetheart, let Mommy eat.

You look good. Did you eat this good in the joint?

I don't want any more of that shit.

What shit?

Just stay away from the garbage. Look, Paulie...

I'm not talking about what you did inside. You did what you had to do.

I'm talking about now. From now. Here and now.

Why would I get into that? Don't make a jerk out of me.

Just don't do it.

I want to talk to you about Jimmy. You gotta watch out for him.

He's a good earner, but he's wild, takes too many chances.

I know Jimmy. You think I would take chances like him?

Tommy's a good kid, but he's crazy.

He's a cowboy. He's got too much to prove.

You gotta watch out for kids like this.

I know what they are. I only use them for certain things.

I ain't gonna get fucked like Gribbs, you understand?

Gribbs is 70 years old. The fucking guy's gonna die in prison. I don't need that.

So I'm warning everybody. Everybody. Could be my son, could be anybody.

Gribbs got 20 years just for saying hello to some fuck... who was sneaking behind his back, selling junk.

I don't need that. That won't happen to me, understand?

You know you're out early because I got you a job.

I don't need this heat, you understand that?

You see anybody fucking around with this shit you're gonna tell me, right?

That means anybody.

All right. Yeah?

Yeah. Of course.

Took me about a week of sneaking around before I could unload the Pittsburgh stuff.

But when I did, it was a real score.

I started using Sandy's place to mix the stuff.

And even with Sandy snorting more than she mixed...

I could see that this was a really good business.

I made $12,000 in my second week.

I had a down payment on my house and things were really rolling.

All I had to do was every once in a while tell Sandy that I loved her.

But it was perfect, I'm telling you.

As long as I kept getting the stuff from Pittsburgh...

I knew Paulie would never find out.

Within a couple of weeks, it got so big I needed some help.

So I got Jimmy and Tommy to come in with me.

It's fucking great.

Mr. Conway.

Bring your pay slips? Yeah.

Four and a half months of dirt.

It's so good. I did it.

Do you love it? It's wonderful.

And this we just had to have made special. Go ahead, sit in it, Belle.

The others you couldn't even sit in.

Okay, you ready?

Watch the wall with the rock.

The electricians did it special. Come on.

Come on. All right.

This was imported. It came in two pieces. Do you believe what they can do?

It's nice, huh?

Henry, come over here. Did you and Jimmy talk?

I talked to him, and he's looking into everything.

This'll make the Air France haul look like goddamn peanuts.

Come on. He's gonna do it, right?

I told you. He'll check everything out.

He's looking into it. We'll see what happens. No promises.

I know. Do you understand? There's millions in there. And I've been... bleeding for this caper, been cultivating this son of a bitch for two years.

He owes me $20,000. Once in a lifetime. I could retire.

No more nut every week. No more bullshit. My dream comes true.

Morrie, let's get a drink.

These are the guys that Jimmy put together for what turned out to be... the biggest heist in American history: The Lufthansa heist.

Tommy and Carbone were gonna grab the outside guard... and make him get us in the front door.

Frenchy and Joe Buddha had to round up the workers.

Johnny Roastbeef had to keep them all tied up and away from the alarms.

Even Stacks Edwards got in on it.

He used to hang around the lounge and play guitar. Everybody loved Stacks.

What he was supposed to do was steal the panel truck... and afterwards compact it by a friend of ours out in Jersey.

Only Morrie was driving us nuts.

Morrie, have a drink and shut up.

Just because he set this up, he felt he could bust Jimmy's balls... for an advance on the money we were going to steal.

He didn't mean anything by it. That's just the way he was.

I had everybody working for me. Even our old baby-sitter, Lois Byrd.

Did you have a good flight?

I hate Pittsburgh. Where did you find such creeps?

Come on, they're not that bad.

And it's worth it, isn't it?

Is this the same baby you used last week?

No, that one was my sister's. This is Deirdra's.

Big yawn.

She looks just like you.

That's what the stewardess said.

Take it easy, Sandy.

Come on, give me a break. You got enough here to go around.

You got all day. Just make it last, all right? Take it easy.

I got to go. Where are you going?

Don't start. You know I gotta go do this thing. Fuck, where are my keys?

Over there.

It's a mess. It's like a pig pen.

What do you think I got you the dishwasher for?

I hate doing the dishes. Fucks up my nails.

How could you hate it? You got to be smart.

Look at all this powder around here. That could put us away forever.

Loosen up. What are you doing?

You know, I gotta... You don't have to go anywhere.

Make them wait.

Nobody knows for sure just how much was taken in the daring pre-dawn raid... at the Lufthansa cargo terminal at Kennedy Airport.

The FBI says $2 million, Port Authority Police say $4 million...


Those sons of bitches!

...from the scene of the heist at JFK.

It looks like a big one. Maybe the biggest this town has ever seen.

Come here, you! Come here!

Look at this genius. This genius!

Merry Christmas.

Hello, who's this? That's my wife.

Come here. I want to show you something, Jimmy.

Isn't she gorgeous?

I bought it for my wife. It's a coupe. I love that car.

What did I tell you? I talked to you before, didn't I?

Didn't I say what was going on?

Didn't I say not to go buy anything for a while?

The fucking car? It's a wedding gift from my mother.

It's under her name. I just got married.

I love that car. Excuse me, darling, for just a second.

I just got married. Are you nuts?

What are you getting excited for? Are you stupid?

We got a million bulls out there. Everybody's watching us.

And you get a fucking car. I'm excited?

It's under my mother's name. It's a wedding gift.

I don't give a fuck. Are you stupid?

Didn't you hear what I said? Don't buy anything.

Don't get anything. Nothing big. What's the matter with you?

What are you getting excited for?

Because you're going to get us all fucking pinched. What are you, stupid?

What's the matter with you? I apologize.

I'm sorry. What the fuck is the matter with you?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Jimmy. It's under my mother's name.

What'd you say? You being a fucking wise guy with me?

I'm sorry. I apologize. What did I tell you?

What did I tell you? You don't buy anything, you hear me?

Don't buy anything!

I'm sorry, Jimmy.

The fat fuck, he ought to wear a sign.

I can't believe this. Are you stupid or what?

Excuse me.

What's the matter? Take it off.

Why? What's the matter? Take it off!

Didn't I tell you not to get anything big and not to attract attention?

In two days, one guy gets a Caddy and one gets a $20,000 mink.

Bring it fucking back. I'll bring it back.

I don't care what you do. Bring it where you got it before.

Get it out of here! All right. Let's go, honey.

Shut the fuck up and let's go.

This drink here is better than sex, babe.

I'm gonna go see Stacks. Don't you look at anybody or I'll fucking kill you.

He's so jealous. If I even look at anyone else, he'll kill me.

That's great.

Tell them all to relax. Don't attract attention.

I've been looking all over for you.

How are you? Merry Christmas.

Listen, I need the money.

Morrie, relax, okay? It's Christmas. Jimmy, I need the money.

I'm relaxing. I need the money.

I did what I had to do. I need the money. Not tonight, Morrie.

Listen, I did my caper. He owes me. Everybody's flashing their stuff.

Evidently, they got their money. I'm wearing the same shit.

Just not tonight. They're wearing it. I gotta talk to him.

I got $500,000 coming to me.

The biggest fucking bundle he ever made in his life.

Morrie, I'll go talk to him. Go have a drink, all right?

I'll talk to him. It's poison in my eyes.

Morris, baby, are you all right? No, I'm not.

Christmas. Your share. Just a little taste.

We did it!

Jimmy. Yeah.

Yeah, who is it? It's me.

Pete? One second.

Don't do what Frankie and Johnny did. Don't be a moron with the money.

Do what's right, understand? Yeah.

Karen, Judy, Ruth, come here!

I got the most expensive tree they had.

What do you think, Mommy? I love them all.

I love the gold outfit.

Merry Christmas. Thank you.

What? Merry Christmas.


Happy Hanukkah.

Very funny. Go get yourself something nice, okay?

Lufthansa should have been our ultimate score. The heist of a lifetime.

$6 million in cash. More than enough to go around.

Yo, Stacks!

Open up! What's up? What're you doing?

What's with you? He ain't ready. I knew you wouldn't be ready.

You didn't bring any coffee? What do I look like, a fucking caterer?

Frankie will make coffee. Go ahead, Frankie, make coffee.

Thought you had one of your bitches in here.

Yeah, I did. Where the fuck is she?

Always got these hot books around, or a bitch, or something.

What time is it?

It's 11:30. We had to be there by 9:00. I'll be ready in a minute.

You're always fucking late. You'd be late for your own fucking funeral.

What the fuck you looking at? Make that coffee to go. Let's go.

What the fuck you doing? It's a joke.

Put the fucking pot down. You gonna take the coffee?

Stacks was always crazy.

Instead of getting rid of the truck as he was supposed to, he got stoned... went to his girlfriend's, and by the time he woke up, the cops had found the truck.

It was all over the television.

They even said they came up with prints off the wheel.

It was just a matter of time before they got to Stacks.

I gotta talk to you.

Have a drink. Have a drink. Come on.

Have a drink. What you doing? It's an occasion. Have a drink.

I still gotta talk to you.


What happened with Stacks? Don't worry about that.

There's feds all over the place. So what? Where are they gonna go?

It's in the papers. He's worried.

What are you worried about?

The television and the newspapers. All the shit's out there.

What are you worried about? You worry too much.

Everything is beautiful. There's nothing to worry about.

Didn't you tell him? I didn't tell him yet.

What? Guess what?

They're gonna make him.

Paulie's going to make you?


They opened up the books. Paulie got the okay.

You believe that? This little guinea bastard.

He's gonna get made. We're gonna work for this guy one day. He's gonna be a boss.

I can't believe it.

I'm really happy for you. Great. Congratulations.

Motherfuckers, we got them now.

Jimmy, I've been looking all over for you. Can I talk to you a second?

I mastermind the goddamn thing, I'm left with dick.

They'd be up a creek if not for me. Fuck him! I want my money.

I want my money! I've had it up to here!

That cheap cigarette hijacker.

Fuck him! I want my money! Good. Go tell him.

You're gonna keep your mouth shut, or what?

Morrie, you're gonna get your money.

You just got to stop busting balls.

All right? Look at me. You hear me? Look at me, okay?

Everything's going to be fine.


Sweetheart, half mick, half guinea? I'll sing with an Italian accent.

I could see for the first time that Jimmy was a nervous wreck.

His mind was going in eight different directions at once.

Think Morrie tells his wife everything?

Morrie? Him?

That's when I knew Jimmy was going to whack Morrie.

That's how it happens. That's how fast it takes for a guy to get whacked.

He's a nut job. He talks to everybody.

Acts like a jerk in his commercials. Nobody listens to what he says.

Nobody fucking cares what he says, he talks so much.

Make sure you bring him here tonight.

Okay? All right.

Start like this. Sorry. Did I get you in the eye?

Stop breaking my balls, all right?

I was just stalling for time.

I knew I still had till 8:00 or 9:00 to talk Jimmy out of killing Morrie.

But meanwhile, as far as Jimmy knew, I was going along with the program.

I pulled his hair out of his fucking head. I bit him. He's out cold.

I'm enraged. I wanted to kill this little fuck.

I walk away. We start to go in the fucking joint.

I don't want to turn around. Jimmy's going like this to me.

I don't want to fucking turn around.

I don't want to turn around. He picks up his fucking head, he says...

I said, "Don't say it."


What are you going to do? What? I fucking fly at him.

I got him and I'm banging his head, banging his fucking face.

I'm pulling his hair out of his head.

I beat him to a pulp. To a pulp I beat him.

He's laying there full of fucking blood. I'm out of breath.

Forget about tonight. Forget about it.

It was a load off my mind.

Poor bastard.

He never knew how close he'd come to getting killed.

Even if I told him, he would have never believed me.

Jimmy, could I talk to you now? You're a pisser. A real pisser.

Want to talk now? Okay, let's talk. Let's get it over with.

I've never met a ball buster like you, my whole life.

Who loves you more than I do?

I'd do anything for you. Except to stop busting my balls.

Let's go have coffee. Want to go to the diner?

We'll go to the diner on the boulevard.

Which diner? Rockaway Boulevard. It's open 24 hours.

They got Danishes? They got everything.

Let's pick up some Danishes for Belle.

Hear about the points we were shaving up in Boston? It's terrific. Nunzio...

I thought he'd never shut up.

What a pain in the ass.

What'll we do with him? Chop him up and get rid of the car.

Call me when you're through.

Frank, let's chop him up. All right.

Where you going, you dizzy motherfucker, you?

You said chop him up.

At Charlie's, not here! Where are you gonna chop him here?

Come on, what are you doing? Get out of here.

I got a better shot letting him drive.

The car's cold.

Get the fuck out of here! What, warm it up? Get out of here!

Who is it? It's Belle. Open up.

It's Belle. Let me in.

Morris didn't come home. He's missing. I know something's happened.

Calm down.

He's missing! I know something happened.

He's probably drunk and fell asleep somewhere.

In 27 years, he's never been away all night without calling.

I know something's happened. I know you know.

Let me get changed. I'll take you home, then look for him.

I've been home! I've been on the phone... He's playing cards.

What'll I tell Belle? Who gives a fuck?

Tell her he ran off with some broad. What do you care?

Watch this. Don't fuck with them.

I do it all the time. I'll bust their balls.

Don't give them the satisfaction, the fucks.

Come on, fuckos. Let's go for a ride.

Keep them up all night.

I'll see you later.

Jimmy was cutting every link between himself and the robbery... but it had nothing to do with me.

I gave Jimmy the tip and he gave me some Christmas money.

From then on, I kept my mouth shut.

I knew Jimmy. He had the cash. It was his.

He kicked some money upstairs to Paulie, but that was it.

It made him sick to turn the money over to the guys who stole it.

He'd rather whack them. Anyway, what did I care?

I wasn't asking for anything.

And Jimmy was making nice money through my Pittsburgh connections.

Still, months after the robbery they were finding bodies all over.

When they found Carbone in the meat truck... he was frozen so stiff... it took them two days to thaw him out for the autopsy.

Still, I never saw Jimmy so happy.

He was like a kid. We had money coming in through my Pittsburgh people... and even after a while, the Lufthansa thing began to calm down.

What made Jimmy so happy that morning... was that this was the day that Tommy was being made.

Jimmy was so excited, you'd think he was being made.

He must have made four calls to Tommy's house.

They had a signal set up, so he'd know the minute the ceremony was over.

Ma, where are you? Here I am.

You're home. Home? I'm leaving.

You look lovely. I look good, huh?

You look wonderful. Be careful. Congratulations.

I love you. Don't paint any more religious pictures, please.

God be with you. Bye, Ma.

We always called each other goodfellas.

You'd say to somebody:

"You'll like this guy. He's all right. He's a goodfella, one of us."

You understand?

We were goodfellas. Wiseguys.

But Jimmy and I could never be made because we had Irish blood.

It didn't matter my mother was Sicilian.

To become a member of a crew, you've got to be 100% ltalian... so they can trace your relatives back to the old country.

It's the highest honor they can give you.

It means you belong to a family and a crew.

It means nobody can fuck around with you.

It also means you could fuck around with anybody... just as long as they aren't also a member.

It's like a license to steal. A license to do anything.

How many years ago since you were made?

I'm an old-timer. 30 years ago. Thirty years?

Brings back a lot of memories. Pike's Peak was a pimple then, wasn't it?

As far as Jimmy was concerned, with Tommy being made... it was like we were all being made.

We would now have one of our own as a member.

Who's this? This is Vinnie.

Vinnie. What happened? Did we get straightened out?

No, we had a problem. We tried to do everything we could.

What do you mean?

You know what I mean. He's gone, and we couldn't do nothing about it.

That's it. What do you mean?

He's gone.

That's it.

I knew it! I can't fucking believe it.

What happened? They fucking whacked him.


Are you all right?

It was revenge for Billy Batts... and a lot of other things.

And that's that.

There was nothing we could do about it.

Batts was a made man and Tommy wasn't.

We had to sit still and take it.

It was among the ltalians. It was real greaseball shit.

They even shot Tommy in the face... so his mother couldn't give him an open coffin at the funeral.

I was gonna be busy all day. I had to drop off some guns at Jimmy's... to match some silencers he had.

I had to pick up my brother at the hospital and drive him home.

I had to pick up some new Pittsburgh stuff for Lois... to fly down to some customers I had near Atlanta.

Right away, I knew he didn't want them, and I'd be stuck for the money.

I only bought them because he wanted them, and now he didn't.

What good are these? None of them fit. What's the matter with you?

I'm not paying for it.

I didn't say a thing. Jimmy was so pissed off, he didn't even say goodbye.

Stop the drugs. They're making your mind into mush!

You hear me? I'll take them back.

My Pittsburgh guys always wanted guns.

Since I would see them in the afternoon to pick up a delivery...

I was pretty sure I'd get my money back.

Oh, my God.

When I finally got to the hospital, Michael's doctor wanted to put me in bed.

Jesus Christ, what happened to you?

I almost got into an accident on the way here.

And I told him I was partying all night.

I'm fine. Come on. Get over here.

Doc, I'm fine. Let me check you out.

Come on.

He took mercy on me, gave me 10 milligrams of Valium... and sent me home.

My plan was to drop off my brother at the house and pick up Karen.

There it is. You see that helicopter right there?

Right in front of us, there. I think it's been following me all morning.

Get the fuck out. What are you, nuts? I'm telling you.

I don't know what's going on.

It's the third time I've seen it. At the hospital I saw it.

I had to make some stops. I've seen it every time.

I've been all over town and I've seen it all day.

I was cooking dinner that night.

I had to start braising the beef and veal shanks for the tomato sauce.

It was Michael's favorite. I was making ziti with meat gravy... and I'm planning to roast some peppers over the flames... put on some string beans with olive oil. I had some beautiful cutlets... that were cut just right... that I was going to fry up as an appetizer.

So, I was home for about an hour.

My plan was to start the dinner early... so Karen and I could unload the guns Jimmy didn't want... then get the package for Lois... to take to Atlanta for her trip later that night.

I kept looking out the window, and I saw that the helicopter was gone.

Michael, keep an eye on the sauce. Stay here with your Uncle Michael.

So I asked my brother to watch the sauce, and Karen and I started out.

Oh, God. I see it.

I see it. Look, it's right there. Damn!

That's it. There it is.

We got to get to your mother's.

See, I told you.

It's funny.

It's not the end of the world. We're going to your mother's.

Go inside, tell your mother not to touch anything outside the house. Nothing.

We couldn't go to your mother's house? You had to come here.

Let's go shopping.

I'm not nuts, it's been following me all morning.

I'm telling you.

Fine. Fine. He thinks I'm paranoid!

I should bring him the helicopter, then we'll see how paranoid I am.

Come on, let's go inside.

Yeah, it's gone. I don't hear anything.

Let's go back to your mother's.

They all right? Beautiful. They're great.

Didn't I tell you, you were paranoid? Didn't I tell him?

Yeah. I need a hit.

Want to see helicopters? Come on, I'll show you helicopters.

I've seen enough helicopters for one day, thank you.

I had to get home and get the package ready for Lois to take on her trip.

Also, I had to get to Sandy's to give the package a whack with quinine.

Plus, I knew Sandy would get on my ass.

I had the cooking to finish, and I had to get Lois ready for her trip.

It's Sandy. What is this? She's a pain in the ass.

When are you coming over? In an hour.

You staying tonight, right? I can't. I got my brother tonight.

Come on, stop. We'll talk about it later, okay? Goodbye.

Hello? It's me. You ready?

Tell Michael not to let the sauce stick. Keep stirring it.

Henry says don't let the sauce stick. I'm stirring it.

Listen, you know what to do? Yeah, yeah.

Don't "yeah, yeah" me, Lois. This is important.

Make sure you leave the house when you make the call.

Understand me? Call from an outside line. I mean it.

Jesus, you must think I'm dumb. Why are you bugging me? I know what to do.

You little hick, just make sure you do it.

You can be such a pain.

Hey! Just do it! Okay.

Un-fucking-believable. All of them. Every fucking girl in my life.

What did he say? Nothing.

What does she do after she hangs up with me?

After everything I told her? After all her "yeah, yeah" bullshit?

She picks up the phone and calls from the house.

If anybody was listening, they'd know everything.

They'd know a package was leaving my house... and they'd even have the time and flight number, thanks to her.

As soon as I got home, I started cooking.

I had a few hours until Lois' flight.

I told my brother to watch the stove.

All day long the guy's been watching helicopters and tomato sauce.

I had to drive over to Sandy's, mix the stuff, then get back to the gravy.

Do you think you can come over here, fuck me, and leave?

Come on. You got someplace better to go?

Don't talk like that. Come on.

You all right? Yeah, sure.

You believe me?

Do you believe me?

That the last one? Yeah.

You lying son of a bitch. I hate you!

Please stop feeding the dog from the table... from the plate on top of it. Stop it.

I have to. You don't have to.

I got to go home.

What do you mean, you got to go home?

I've been carrying this all day.

We got to start taping it to your leg. We got to go soon.

I got to go home and get my hat.

Forget your fucking hat. Are you kidding me?

So I need a trip to Rockaway because you want your hat?

I need it, I got to have it. It's my lucky hat. I never fly without it.

Lois, do you understand what we are involved in here?

I don't care. I need my hat. I won't fly without it.

What could I do if she insisted I drive her home for her goddamn hat?

I hid the package in the kitchen and went to take her home.

A hat?

What the fuck is this?

Police! Freeze! Don't you move, you motherfucker... or I'll blow your brains out. Shut the car off slowly.

For a second, I thought I was dead.

But when I heard all the noise, I knew they were cops.

Only cops talk that way.

Don't fucking move.

If they had been wiseguys, I wouldn't have heard a thing.

I would have been dead.

Michael, lock the door!

Talk to me. When was the last time you took a collar?

Fuckhead, I'm talking to you.

You don't want to say a fucking word, don't. I don't really give a fuck.

You'll do 25 years. See how much of a good guy you'll be then.

All day I thought the guys in the helicopter... were local cops busting my balls over Lufthansa. They turned out to be narcs.

Just get the lawyer.

They'd been on me a month. Phone taps, surveillance, everything.

You know the boys. All the pals are here.

You don't want to talk to me, you'll have a problem all night.

Each one of these counts holds 25-to-life in New York State.

Twenty-five fucking years, pal. I'll slap your fucking head inside out.

What, were you guys grocery shopping?

Are we going to make a cake? You going to make a fucking cake?

You got anything good in there?

Is it good?

Bye-bye, dickhead.

See you in Attica, dick.

I spoke to Jimmy. He offered to give me some money.

He just wants to know what's happening. He just wants to talk to you.

Fuck Jimmy and his money.

I got to straighten out everything with Paulie or I'm dead.

Then you're better off staying in here.

They could whack me in here as easy as outside, maybe even easier.

They're afraid I'll rat them out.

People are already walking away from me. I'm dead in here. You got to get me out.

Karen finally got her mother to put her house up for my bail and I was out.

I remember I had this feeling I would be killed right outside the jail.

I knew Paulie was still pissed at me, and he's such a hothead.

And I was worried about Jimmy.

See, Jimmy knew if Paulie found out he was into drug deals with me...

Paulie would have Jimmy whacked even before me.

This is the bad time.

I didn't feel safe until I got home.

Now my plan was to stay alive long enough to sell off the dope... the cops never found, then disappear until I can get things straightened out.


Where's the stuff I left, Karen? I flushed it down the toilet.

You what?

What was I supposed to do? They were all over the house.

That was worth $60,000! I need that money! That's all we got!

What was I supposed to do? They had a search warrant!

That's all the money we had! I was depending on that! Why did you do that?

I had to. They were going to find it!

They would have never found it! They would have, I swear to you!

They would've found it!

Why did you do that?

They would have found it. Why did you do that, Karen?

Oh, my God!

I had to do it. Oh, my God.

Paulie, I'm really sorry.

I don't know what else to say. I know I fucked up.

Yeah, you fucked up.

But I'm all right now.

I can be trusted now. I'm clean. On my kids, I'm clean.

You looked in my eyes and lied to me.

You treated me like a fucking jerk.

Like I was never nothing to you.

After what you said, I couldn't come to you.

You know, I was ashamed.

I'm ashamed now.

But I got nowhere else to go, Paulie.

You're all I've got. And I really need your help. I really do.

Take this.

And now I've got to turn my back on you.


That's what he gave me. $3,200 for a lifetime.

It wasn't even enough to pay for the coffin.

We got to get out. I don't want to run.

I don't want to. Am I supposed to pick up and leave everything? Go hiding?

I don't want to do that. Is that what you want?

If we stay around here, we're dead.

You got it? We're dead.

They're right.

You took too much of that stuff. You're totally paranoid.

How's he doing? Busting his balls or what?

He's okay.

They sobered him up.

Good. Very good. Glad to hear it.

You know what kind of questions they're asking him?

Jimmy, I don't know.

I got my mind on so many other things. I got no money...

The girls are old enough to read the newspapers.

Tell him he's got to call me. Okay?

As soon as you talk to him, he's got to call me. It's important.

He doesn't know I came here to see you. It's like he's crazy.

Take this. It's a couple of thousands. Thanks, Jimmy.

Don't worry, everything will be all right.

I got some beautiful Dior dresses. You want to have them?

Pick out a few for yourself.

For my mom. Yeah, whatever.

No. It's over here. In the store on the corner.

It's swag, so I got it down on the corner.

Go ahead, sweetheart, I'll see you.

Thanks, Jimmy. Don't worry.

I'll try. Don't forget, he's got to call me.

Over here? Right down there.

It's over there, on the corner.

Right there.

No, go ahead. It's right in there.

No, Jimmy. I'm in a hurry!

My mom's watching the kids! I got to get home!

I'll come back later!


What happened?


What happened? I just got scared.

Got the keys?

What happened, Karen? I just got scared. It's okay.

Are you all right? Yeah.

If you're part of a crew, nobody ever tells you they're going to kill you.

It doesn't happen that way.

There aren't any arguments or curses like in the movies.

Your murderers come with smiles. They come as your friends.

People who cared for you all your life.

They always seem to come when you're weakest and most in need of their help.

So I met Jimmy in a crowded place we both knew.

I got there 15 minutes early, and Jimmy was already there.

He took the booth near the window so he could see everyone who drove up.

He wanted to make sure I wasn't tailed.

He was jumpy. He hadn't touched a thing.

On the surface, everything was supposed to be fine.

We were supposed to be discussing my case.

But I had a feeling Jimmy was trying to sense if I'd rat on him to save my neck.

I been telling you your whole life, don't talk on the phone.

Now you understand?

It's going to be okay. You got a good chance to beat the case.

You know that kid from the city we were talking about? You know?

The kid turned out to be a rat. As soon as he got pinched, he ratted on everybody.

I know where he is. He's hiding now.

Know what I'm saying?

Would you have a problem going with Anthony to take care of that?

No, not at all.

That way they got nothing.

Jimmy had never asked me to whack somebody before.

But now he's asking me to go to Florida and do a hit with Anthony.

That's when I knew I would never have come back from Florida alive.

Whenever you move me, I asked once and I'll tell you again...

I don't want to go any place cold.

You don't have a choice in that matter.

Come on. Whoever fucking controls it... just no place cold. Do that for me. I'm trying to...

He's bronchial, that's why.

If he's legitimately bronchial, we'll consider that.

I'd like to go someplace not cold.

Can I ask you some questions? What about my parents?

What about them?

Am I going to see them? Am I going to talk to them?

Don't I have some kind of contact with them?


Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that...

God forbid something happens to my parents, they get sick, I can't see them?

Maybe something can be worked out if they're sick... if there's extraordinary circumstances...

I can't do this. I can't do this, Henry.

I can't leave my parents.

Excuse me, Karen, I told you before.

I'm not going to do this unless you and the kids come with me.

I can't do it without you.

So, you do whatever, but... that's it.

You need Henry, not me, right? That's right.

Frankly, I don't care whether you go or not.

If it'll make him a better witness, I'd like you to be with him.

They want Henry, not me.

Henry'll be in the protection program. They can't get to him.

They can only get to him by getting to you or your kids.

If he goes into the program, you're in danger...

I don't know anything. Don't give me... the babe-in-the-woods routine.

I've listened to those wiretaps, and I've heard you talk about cocaine.

Conversation after conversation you talked to Henry on the phone.

It doesn't matter. Whether he goes to jail... or stays on the streets and beats the case, he's a dead man.

He knows it and you know it.

What about the kids and school?

Will they get left back? I mean, what goes on?

Go to Wall Street and get real crooks.

Whoever sold you those suits had a sense of humor.

What it comes down to is we're your only salvation.

We'll save your life and his life, and we'll keep you out of jail.

This morning you told the jury about your background.

It was easy for us to disappear.

My house was in my mother-in-law's name.

My cars were registered to my wife.

My Social Security cards and driver's licenses were phonies.

I never voted or paid taxes.

My birth certificate and arrest sheet was all you'd ever have to know I was alive.

Do you see him here in this courtroom? Yes.

Will you please point him out for the jury?

Let the record reflect that Mr. Hill identified the defendant, James Conway.

Do you also know a man named Paul Cicero?

Do you see him in the courtroom? Yes.

Can you point him out for the jury?

Let the record reflect that Mr. Hill identified the defendant, Paul Cicero.

Your Honor, I have a document...

The hardest thing was leaving the life.

I still love the life.

We were treated like movie stars with muscle.

We had it all, just for the asking.

Our wives, mothers, kids, everybody rode along.

I had paper bags filled with jewelry stashed in the kitchen.

I had a sugar bowl full of coke next to the bed.

People call them rats because rats do anything to survive. Isn't that right?

Objection! Objection sustained.

I know nothing about being a rat. You know everything about it.

Objection, Your Honor. In view of the violence...

Anything I wanted was a phone call away.

Free cars. Keys to a dozen hideout flats all over the city.

I'd bet $20,000, $30,000 over a weekend... then blow the winnings in a week or go to the sharks to pay the bookies.

It didn't matter.

It didn't mean anything. When I was broke I would go out and rob some more.

We ran everything.

We paid off cops. We paid off lawyers. We paid off judges.

Everybody had their hands out. Everything was for the taking.

And now it's all over.

That's the hardest part.

Today everything is different.

There's no action. I have to wait around like everyone else.

Can't even get decent food.

After I got here I ordered spaghetti with marinara sauce... and I got egg noodles and ketchup.

I'm an average nobody.

I get to live the rest of my life like a schnook.