Goodnight Mommy (2014) Script

Good evening, Good night.

With bautiful pink splendor With lilies as bedspreads as fresh as the spring in May tomorrow morning, when God permits You wake up from the dream, so much layered Tomorrow morning, when God permits Your dreams are over and it's quiet


You're it!

One two three four ...



10, 11, 12

13, 14

15, 16

17, 18

19, 20 ...





Nice welcome.

Look at your clothes.

Nasty. Take them off now.

Not here!

Undress at the washing machine. And then take a shower.

Hurry up!



Lukas wants some too.

Then he can ask me himself.

You've only made dinner for me.

You know why.

You should apologize.

Am I a person? No.

I am a thing? Yes.

I am a mobile phone? No.

I'm pants ?. No.

Can you wear me? No.

Can you eat me? No.

Do you need me every day? Yes.

I'm hair? No.

It's a thing.

It's necessary in everyday life.

You use it almost every day.

Is that so?

You don't, but ...

A car? Yeah, okay.

You guessed it.

Am I an animal? No.

I am a thing? No.

Am I a person?


I'm a man? No.

Am I a woman? Yes.

An adult? Yes.

I am still alive?


Am I on TV?


I am ... a TV presenter?


Am I on German TV? No.


Am I famous?

Well, a little.

Barbara Karlich?


A hint?

You love animals.

You love animals.

Come on!

You love animals.

Another hint.

You have two children.

How should I know who has two children? Do I know her?




We're done.

Come on! Mom!

I have something to say.

We were playing!

I don't care.

Daddy lets us play.

I don't care what your father does.

This is important.

I want you to look at me.

Alright then. Excuse me?


The doctor told me to rest.

And I expect support. There are some new rules.

I want absolute silence in the house.

I need sleep. If it's important, you knock.

And no visitors.

If someone asks, tell them mom's sick.

We keep the curtains closed.

I need to avoid sunlight.

You play alone in the garden, very quiet.

You take nothing inside.

No branches, no animals ...

What are you doing?

We start over.


We need to keep this family together.

One for me and one of Luke.

Very nice.

I meant what I just said.

We're sticking to this plan, huh?


Now it's bedtime.


She is so different. Well ...

It's because of the surgery.

Do you think?


I don't know.

How would you feel if you had undergone such an operation?

I don't know.

She is not like our mother.

Play it again.

Loads of kisses from me.

I can't wait to be back.

Pull up your blankets and close your eyes.

Can you count the stars, shining in the night sky?

Can you count the clouds, hovering over the fields?

Oh Lord watch over them with eyes that never doze.

He sees you and loves you.

He sees you and loves you.


Get mom.




Hello? Hi, good morning.

That was a huge order. So many at the same time.

Throwing a party? No.

Who are all those pizzas for?

Pepperoni, Pepperoni? Is that your favorite?

Pepperoni pizza. You must be crazy about it.


Enough for a whole year.

So, it's all in there.

Open the door.

What is this ...

Since when do we lock the door?


Why is there a lighter here?

I wanted to burn some books.

Don't be so smart.


Let him go!





Time for the household!


I have other concerns. I'm not playing anymore.

I have to make him stop. He should understand.

Hold on, sorry.

Here neither.


Lukas, look.

What's wrong with him?


I'm sure mom did this.


Good then.

Are you nuts?


What is going on?

What's going on?

We want our mother back. What?

We want our mother back.

Are you nuts?

Have you lost your mind?

Clean this up and go to your room!

You are not our mother.

Go to your room!

Show us your birthmark.

Enough! Show us your birthmark.

I'm tired of this.

Anything else, perhaps?

I want you to repeat ten times that I'm your mother.

Open up! Say it.

You're my mother. More convincing.

You're my mother.

Look at me.

You're my mother, you're my mother ...


You're my mother.

Stop this nonsense!

I'm not playing anymore. Understood?

There is only one breakfast and one set of clothes.

And promise me you're not talking to your brother!


Promise me.

Otherwise I'm very angry! Promise me!

Give me your cell phone. Now!

House arrest!

She wants to pull us apart.

Does that hurt?

Does that hurt? No.

Does that hurt?

Mama, please come back.

I'll do anything you want.

Please, come back.

All I want is for you to come back to us.


Cut another bit away at your ear.



Now we look the same.

Now she can't keep us apart.

It's me. Open the door.

Are we friends again?

I'm not angry anymore.

Please open the door.


Are we friends again?

I got something.



Nice isn't it? Yes.

Can we go out and try?



What is it?

Can you help us? Yes.

What is it about?

Are you a priest? No, I'm the sexton.

Where is the priest?

He is not here.

Can we call him? Yes.

Of course that's possible.

You can go with us to the police station?

And talk to the agent and explain to him?

No problem.

Open the door!

Get out! Come one!


Don't you owe me any explanation?

It was all a little bit too much.

The accident. The divorce.

What is this?

What is this?

Where is our mother?

I'm going crazy. Crazy!

And how am I going to get up?

Not like this.

Where is our mother?

Lukas said: 'Where is our mother?'

Let me go.


It hurts. Untie me.


Tell us. Where is our mother?

I'm your mother!

No ...

Who is that?

Where are the scissors?

Who is she?

A friend of mine.

We always wear the same.

Who is she really?


Answer it, please.

Hello, I'm from Vienna.

What shall I say? It's the first time I do this.

I like cooking, watching movies.

But in the evening I also like to watch TV ..


Go away!

Help me.



I don't see it. What are you doing?

Look again.

What is this? What !?

In the video your eyes are brown. What?

These are contact lenses, Christ! They're in the bathroom.

Why are you lying to me?

We had agreed not to believe her?

And? I've changed my mind.

Do you believe her, you idiot?

You're the idiot!


Where are those damn scissors?

Do you hear me? Grab the scissors!


Elias ...


Come sit next to me.

Come, Elias. Sit here.

Come sit next to me, Elias.

Sit down. Then we can talk.


Elias ...

You know I'm your mother.

I can't untie myself.

Go to the bathroom, grab a pair of scissors and untie me.

Nothing bad happened. Untie me.

I want you to repeat 10 times: "I don't listen to my brother."

I don't listen to my brother. I ...

Louder, please.

I don't listen to my brother. I don't listen ...

I said louder.

Our mother wouldn't do that.

More convincing.

Elias ...



I'm sorry, Elias.

Come on.

Please? Untie me.

What happened to your nose?

Nothing. Nothing serious.


If you let me go I can make you breakfast.

Untie my feet, they hurt.


I know it's difficult, but we're gonna make it.

Come on, untie my feet.

Go ahead, then I'll make breakfast.

Untie me.

Yes go on.

What are you doing?



What is it?


They have been removed in the hospital.

They are dangerous.


They had to. They did not ...

Admit that it's a lie.

Do not make me go, please?



Tell us where our mother is.

Tell us where our mother is!

The door is open.

Hello? The Red Cross!


Red Cross. Care to make a donation?

Is there anybody home?

I'll go look.


Red Cross!

There is nobody.

It wasn't locked, there must be someone at home.


Maybe they're upstairs.

Red Cross!

Hello? Hey!


Is your mom home?

No, she's not home.

She's not upstairs? We heard something.

No, that was our dog.

She's not home? No.

It's our dog.

When does she get back?

She'll be home soon.

Can we wait?

Where can we wait?

Let's see how much we raised.

The money also? I can count everything.

What a bad handwriting. Yes.

Like a doctor's prescription. Barely legible.

You want to go to school again?

Well ... It starts soon.

Where did you go to school? In Vienna.

It's a lot busier there, huh?

We have already picked up a nice sum.

If everyone continues to give as much, we did well.

We'll see how much more we get.

What do you do all day?

Not much.

I gotta go to the bathroom.

Is your mother back?

Not yet.

Is that your own money?


Does your mother approve? Sure.

She always gives a lot herself.

We don't want any trouble.

You realize ...

Normally we don't take money from children.

That's a lot of money.

No, we can do it.

Well, take a good look at how beautiful this house is.

They can afford it.

As thanks for the donation, I have here a plaster.





Please prove that you're our mother.

Ask her what my favorite song is.

What is Lukas' favorite song?

"Good evening, good night"?


Can you count the stars, shining in the night sky?

Can you count the clouds, hovering over the fields?

Oh Lord watch over them. with eyes that never doze.

He sees you and loves you.

He sees you and loves you.

Where is our mother?

Don't you know yourself when you have to urinate?

We can't help you with that.


Untie me.

Now clean the bed.

Take the sheets off.

Come on, get them off.


Where is our mother?

Elias, come here.

Where is she?

All right.

Elias, let's make a deal.

I'll play the game again.

I will talk again to Lukas.

Lukas will live again.

I'll make breakfast for the both of you, ready your clothes. We do everything again, as before.

But you have to believe me that I am your mother.

And you honestly want to do that?

I promise.

Elias ...

It's not your fault that Lukas died.

The accident was not your fault.

Do you really believe her?

She's lying.

Let her prove that she is our mother.

What do I do now?

What is Lukas now doing?

But I can't see him!

What's he doing now?

Elias ...

Mama would know.

Mama could see him.

She would know what he's doing.

No, Elias. Don't!

Elias, don't!

Elias, do you hear me?


Oh Lord, watch over them. with eyes that never doze.

He sees you and loves you.

He sees you and loves you.