Gosti (2019) Script

Central Partnership

Emotion Pictures Production

At the turn of the 20th century, the world got hooked on occultism.

And Russia was no exception.

Spiritualist salons were especially in demand.

Dear Baron, I don't know what to say.

My husband looked so alive. I touched him.

You and your colleague are doing incredible things.

That's science.

It will erase the border between worlds, just as it's erasing the distances.

I promise you that.

So death no longer means parting?


Thank you, Baron.

Here's your fee for today's seance.

I can't do it.

Today was my last time.

All right, I can give you more.

How much?

No, I don't want money.

Listen to me, I don't think you fully understand the importance of our work.

We haven't started all this just so some rich desperate widows could talk to their deceased husbands.

We have opened a gateway to the world of the dead.

And it's more important than discovery of America.

It wasn't a ghost.


They were never ghosts.

They were demons, fiends.

Dear God, what have we done?

We have opened a door for them.

Dear Lord, save and protect us!

Stop it!

Stop this nonsense right now!

Have mercy on us, sinners.

You don't understand.

You don't understand.

He's still here.


He's here.

I want to talk to him.



I overslept.

The place is empty anyway.

Why didn't you come yesterday?

It was really fun.


I couldn't make it.

For sure.

As always.

I mean it. I couldn't make it.

Have you made a choice?

No, not this.

Miss, are you in a hurry?

That's a pretty nice place, you like it?

I guess it is.

Stop, they have bouncers.

What are you talking about?

Here. Sit down, baby.

These are mine.

Hello guys!

Oh, hello.



So, I'll have...

We have a delicious dessert.

Tell me, please, do you have any strong drinks?

They are from Moscow.

And they are having a mega cool party tonight.

They are organizers or something.

See the guy with a tattoo?

That's Nikita. He's so freaking awesome!

Katya, I'm dying! We have to go there!

That guy!

He's staring at you.

I noticed.


Give him a smile, will you?

Come on, it's invitation-only.

Seriously, how long are you gonna keep mourning that prince of yours?

It's been half a year.

He's not worth it.

We were planning to set the prices higher.

Set up a monitor for me and forget it.

We need to get more sound.

We don't have enough volume.

Our Vadik seems to have a crush on the waitress.

The brunette?

She's a cute one.

What's your bet?

He'll get too shy.

I'm right here guys.


How would he handle her? No buttons, no equalizer.

Go to hell!

All right, all right.

We should help our baby.

We surely will.

Dearest Sasha, Tell me, what are you doing tonight after work?



Guess what!

They want us to show them the seaside.

Wanna have a ride, you're in?

Come on, let's go have some fun!


Watch your step, carefully, watch you step.

Woo, awesome!

This is magical!

Just look around, it's so beautiful!

Don't fall behind!

Don't make us wait!

So are you coming tonight?


To, to the party.

Or are you busy?

I'm not.

I'm free.

Are you cold?


They are calling for us.


Come on, faster!

Hey, I don't wanna swim!

Come on, back!

It's so cold!

Stop, not there!

Did you see that house? Looks ancient.

I bet it's empty.

You wish!

We got a party to throw.


Come join us!

Katya, here!

Oh, thanks.

So, do you like it?

I didn't know this place hosted events like this.

I thought this was just an abandoned factory.

It doesn't host anything.

You mean...

This is illegal?

That's the whole point.

We firmly believe that drinking and dancing require no permission by any kinds or authorities!

It's so unbelievably cool!

I know, right?

I want selfie!

Over here!

Well, aren't we awesome!

This is the best party I've ever been to!

Actually, this is mass market.

We keep the best for ourselves.

What do we keep?

The best of the best of the best!

We don't have anything.

Well, the girls are local.

They can help.

What do you need?

Well, the thing is, we like to pay Visits.

Visits to very special places, with no hosts.

You want to break into someone's house?

Nothing bad. Just a house party.

We don't steal. And we clean up afterwards.

But we need a special house.

Like the one on the beach.

Where you worked in over the summer.

Sasha told us everything already.

This is not up for discussion.

You couldn't keep your mouth shut?

But it's a perfect option!

Your mysterious prince left long ago anyway.

And you know the place.

I said no.

Katya, you brought us to his house yourself.

You have a problem. And it needs to be fixed.

How exactly? By going to that house?

Great idea!

Not just going, Katya. Going with Vadik.

Scientists have proven that repressing bad memories is good.

Katya, when are you gonna stop torturing yourself?

You like that Vadik, do you?

You do.

First time you even look at someone else.

You're smiling again. So give it a chance.

Crimean Gothic in all its beauty.



I'd like to remind you not to post anything.


Do you want us to get busted?

So who is the owner?

He's an architect.

He's pretty well off, that architect.


It's the bottom lock.

They never used the top one.

Wait! You said he lives there alone.

They died.

His wife and kid.


No. In a car crash.

Well, to quote a classic, the beauty of country life is in its informality.


That's a neat place!

Look at the fireplace!

Shall we start it?



One hell of a place but if you ask me, there's a little much of this...

...atmospheric decrepitude.

And one of the doors doesn't open.

Probably stuck.

It's damp.

Maybe let's blow?

There's no draft.

Maybe there's a heater?


I'm just looking for a heater.

They should be under the stairs.


I say!

Put it back now.

You know the rules.

What's that book?

A Study of Demonic Entities.

Nikolai Karlovich von Grubbe.

That's our house.

That's quite a freak show.

This part is awesome.

All the sketches presented in the book were made by the author during his visionary revelations.

Like, they were posing?

What were they smoking back then?

Great question.

You think Her Majesty will deign to enter the kitchen?

Or does she think she hired free waitresses?

You just want her boyfriend.

You know, your fairy-tale castle is in decay.

There's mold everywhere.

That's our dining room.


The Baron's in the middle.

Let me.

Baron von Grubbe. A famous philologist and mystic.

In the early 20th century, his country house was known as the biggest spiritualist salon of the Crimean Riviera.

He claimed that the Devil himself showed him the dwellers of Hell.

Let me have a look.

Died at a psychiatric hospital in Berlin.


I almost believed it. Here.

Who is this dude?

I know him.

It's Alexander Blok, idiot.

Nikita, Nikita...


The best people of that time summoned spirits here.

Why shouldn't we?

We are also the best people.


A spiritualist seance?

It's all pretty clear.

So who are we calling?


At least not Tsoi.

Let's call the Baron. Pay our respects to the host.

Right! An insane ghost is exactly what we are missing.

Let's do it.

Did you call me?


Okay. Now we need a medium.


Can I do it?


I am calling the spirit of Baron von Grubbe.

All right, all right, it's me.

I am calling the spirit of Baron von Grubbe.

I am calling the spirit of Baron von Grubbe.

Baron von Grubbe, if you are here, give us a sign.

Must be the shutters.

Listen, this is not funny anymore.


There's someone in the house.

Let's assume you got the wrong address.

All right, all right.

We're coming out. We're all coming out.

Move it guys.

See, we are moving along, nice and fast.

This is embarrassing.

Get out of here!

Look, we thought the house was empty.

We are not some thieves or hobos.

I don't care about you. Out!

I won't call the police.



No, no, no.

I'm serious.

Why haven't you called the police several hours ago?

You don't understand.

Did he not hear us?

How long have we been here?

Look at him! He's high as shit!

Calm down!

He's barely standing.

What makes you think he's the owner?

The house is boarded up.

Where's Katya?

Get out of here!

All right, all right.

Get out!

Can I grab my things?

Easy, easy.

Get out of here!

Easy, easy.

Take it easy. We're going.




I keep it at minimum.

Where did he even come from?

So is he the owner?


That's what I told you.

He's some hobo.

It's low season, so he broke in.

What if he talks?

He won't remember any of this.

We'll just lock him up somewhere.

In the cellar.

That's a bit too harsh.

What else can we do?

He wakes up, he'll start attacking us again.

Hey, let's just get the hell out of here?


This is all...

Unbelievable. Seriously?

We've arranged such a romantic setup for you, and you wanna bail?

No, no, no. Come on. Come on, come on. Katya's waiting.


Damn it. Put him down.

That's not human.

Hey, don't forget to tuck him in.

You want him to freeze to death?

Fine, I'll go find something.

Mold everywhere.

Didn't notice it before.

Can you handle it?

Yes, I have experience.

And I need the money to pay for college.

Here's the key to the bottom lock.

The top one gets stuck all the time, so we don't use it.

I don't use it.

Let's go upstairs.

Seriously, it's been half a year.

You just need to accept it and move on with your life.

Your life!

Sometimes I think that the house started falling apart without her.

I see them every day.

I wake up, and everything is decaying and crumbling down.

I say you should come back to Moscow.

Or next time, I'll take you there by force.

It looks like he was staying here.

How could anyone stay here? It's cold as hell.

Just coming here to sleep?

I think it's kinda cool.

Summoners... of crazy ghosts.

You know, we've never done it... in a haunted house.


God damn it, Artur!


I'm gonna go.


This species of low-order demons dwell in the damp gloom of Hell.

They're capable of inducing sleep and colorful visions, while luring human souls and feeding on their suffering.

Wait, wait.

Despite their innate cowardice, these jackals of hell attack anyone who dares to stand in their way.

Stop it.

It used to be someone's favorite piece.


I found this in the cellar.

Nearly locked him up with it.


Pretty nice!


Desperate times call for desperate measures.


Well. to force majeure.


Well, let's continue the seance?

To Hell with spiritualism, let's roll!


I'm sorry. I thought you've already finished.


Do you see them?


Over there. Standing and watching.

There's no one there.


Did you need something, Katya?

Yes, I found this in the nursery, behind stuffed toys.

I'm not sure if I should throw this out.

It's just my wife's mug.

I guess he broke it and hid it.

I was thinking...

We could fix it.


As a memory.

To keep from forgetting?

Okay, give it to me.


Damn it. I'm sorry.

Hold this, hold this.

Is it bad?


Go, Katya. There's a... first-aid kit in the kitchen.

Have you seen Katya?


Have you seen Katya?



I've been looking for you.

So what happened?


I don't like this either.

Let's leave.



I texted you that it's over.

I don't need your services anymore.

I'm sorry. I guess I didn't get the message.

Are you leaving already?

It's still early August.

I'm leaving.

Can I come in, just to charge my phone?

The battery's dead.

Actually, I should admit, my phone is fine.

Just don't interrupt me, please, or I won't be able to finish.

I think that now...

You shouldn't be alone.

It's like you've buried yourself together with them.

I can see that.

And if you allow me to stay by your side...


No one, especially you, can be near me right now.

No-no-no, you are saying the wrong thing.


I know that...

I know you need me.

I need you... as well.

Go away.

And never come back to this house.


This is Katya.

Say something. I...

I know you've recognized me.

Are you okay down there?

I'm sorry. I know it's a stupid question, and all of this is just horrible.



Please say something.

I'll find something to pry it open.

Go away.


Go away.

You can't... be here.



No again?

Enough already.

Don't do this...

Don't do that...

That's fine by me!

It's not like I care.

Please, come with me.

We need to open the cellar.

How about you explain this first?

Vadik, please, I...

I don't know. I...

I messed up.

So he is the owner?

This house has been boarded up for several months.

I didn't expect to see him here.

But you recognized him?

Something happened to him.

We have to get him out of there.

Do you two... have a story?


What does it matter?

Seriously? What a tiny unimportant detail.

We broke into his house!


We are leaving.

This is the owner. And they had an affair.

It's not like that, and...

And none of this even matters.

Holy crap!

Wait! Something's going on in this house.

It's not normal, the way everything's falling apart.

And the cellar with Andrey...

I don't know how to explain it.

It's called a neglected house.

And your Andrey is a psycho.

Katya, are you saying that's the guy?

Where are you going?

Didn't you get it?

This is the owner. She lied.

So what if he's the owner?

He's locked up and napping.

We'll go in the morning, as planned.

You gonna lock her up too?

You've got to listen to me!

Maybe I should lock you up with that Andrey.

Hey, knock it off!

Listen, sort it out with your girlfriend!

Or is she?

Maybe she's not yours anymore.

This conversation's over.

I came here to have fun, and I intend to do so! Okay?

Why so quiet?

Vadik, I'm begging you!


I got it all.

Just stop making up nonsense!

Hi there!

What the hell?

Hey, where did this ball come from?

What kind of psycho would do this?

That's enough.

We're packing up and leaving.

Where? Why are you freaking out?

This is not funny anymore.

Did she blind you or something?

Look around! There's no party. It's over.

That's for me to decide.

You don't like it, call a taxi.


Do you want to go?

Not really.

Here we go then!

Damn it.

Where did he go?

The subscriber is not available now.

Please, try calling back later.

Oh, crap!

You really scared me.

Are you lost or something?



The subscriber is not available now.

Please, try calling back later.

God damn it! You scared me!

Have you seen Artur?


Maybe he left with Polina?

The cellar's open.

What the heck?

Did you let him out?



What the hell is that?

Quietly, leave now


What on earth was that?


Let's go.

Come on, come on, come on.

Can someone explain to me what's going on?

God damn.

You don't understand.

They're gonna kill Andrey! They're gonna kill him!

Calm down. Easy.

It's okay. Easy. Easy.

I couldn't reach Polina.

Not now.

There's another car!

Don't look!

Get out of the car!

Into the house!

This isn't gonna help.

We need more fire.

They don't like fire.

First thing they did was clog the chimney.

You know them well?

Well enough.

What are those creeps?

Vadik, stop it.

He knew about them from the start.

And now everyone's dead.

They're dead!

No one invited you here.

Why are you still alive?

Because I brought them here.

Now, listen to me!

Your only chance is to stay here.

Where it's warm.

And burn anything you can find.

You leave in the morning... when they are not so dangerous.

Wanna help?

Get enough firewood.

So they are Phantoms?


Who assumed the shape of my wife and son.

Monsters from another world.

So all of that is real?

You still have doubts?

He studied Hell.

He found the door and left it open.

When I bought the house, I didn't believe it either.

What do they want?

Only me.

You presented a danger to me, so they started killing you.

Keep it. We need to make a torch.

Did they kill before us?

My friend tried to take me away.

I didn't know their ways back then.

After that, I locked the house, isolated myself from the world and learned how to live with them.

Only I hadn't anticipated you.

Keep the fire burning.

You can leave in the morning.

Andrey, wait!

I'm gonna make some tea.


You wanna spin?


Let me spin you!


How many times more? I am dizzy!


Pass the ball!

Hit, hit, hit!

Great job, come on, come on, come on. come on, come on, come on!

You shouldn't have followed me.

I could've held them off till morning.

What was that?

These monsters

exist at the cost of those who let them in.

Feeding on their pain.

But giving something in return.

To me, they give an illusion that my family is still alive.

Only I lose them

every time.

Again and again.

Back then, in the summer,

they were here?

I was going insane.

Praying for things to go back to normal.

And I was heard.

I started having dreams.

Very real dreams.

That's how they kept me from forgetting.

Then came the dampness.

And then they came.

Standing there, watching, as if saying, "Let us in.

And we'll always stay with you."

At some point, I couldn't resist anymore

and allowed them in.

The dreams started lasting for days.

And then I woke up and saw their... real faces.

And realized that I invited monsters.

You never tried to run?

I didn't want to.



No, No!


Katya, no!


Where's Sasha?

We need to try to start the fire again!

They're gonna kill us anyway!

They won't touch him. It's about us.

They're gonna just keep killing.

Am I wrong?

Vadik, what are you doing?

He said it, they depend only on him.

He goes, they go with him.

Give me another idea!

There is none.

Lower the gun!

Katya, he's right.

I brought them here.

They will leave with me.

Katya, no!

No, Katya!

Run away!


Don't repeat my mistakes.

Let go.

Take her out.


Embrace me.