Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral (2018) Script

I've repeatedly told Mr. Aguinaldo that his sole salvation is a noble death in battle.

That heroism shall earn him back his honored reputation and in turn will glorify his countrymen, as Dr. Jose Rizal's sacrifice had done.

But my advice went unheeded.

General Antonio Luna?

-Are you Genera-- -Captain.

Do you not recognize your commanding officers?

It's a simple question.

A little respect, boy.


-Arrogant. -Lako, that's not Luna.

Sorry for the trouble, General Alejandrino.

You better shave.

It's hot nowadays.

Kid, it seems news hasn't reached you yet. Luna is dead. Go home.

I can't believe that a captain would kill a General on his own, without anyone ordering him.

Are you suggesting it's the President?

What could Miong benefit from that?

He just lost a great General.

Who is hot-headed, hits everyone, -or points a gun to whomever-- -I know.

Think about it.

The President has nothing to worry about now that Luna is gone.

I'd rather think about how we can stand united.

Earlier, in the train, a captain mistook me for Antonio.

He was ready to shoot me.

It seems there's an order to capture Luna, dead or alive.

Who gave the order?

I don't know.

But a certain General was tasked to carry out the mission.

-Who? -Miong's favorite.

The arrogant one.

The Boy General.

Look out into the distance, not towards the sky, General.


Maybe this looks better...

That's a Mason's pose.


Let's do the other one first.

Please don't move. This will only take a second.

Count of three.

One, two, -three! -Goyo!

Did we get the shot?

It's fine.


Let them go. Too early for that.

We caught something bigger for you.

No more holding back, men.

He's playing tough.

Where are your brothers?


We don't have time. He just needs a thorough beating.

Angel, you don't have to do this.

Let Vicente do his thing, brother.

So you're officially our photographer.

Has Vicente spoken to you about the fees and terms?

Yes, General.

What's your name again?

Joven Hernando.

I hope I won't regret this.

How long is the contract?

Three months.

Don't worry.

I'll go back and forth to Bayambang to fetch some supplies.

I can't just leave my other clients there.

Here is your room.

You better write to your father so he won't have to worry.


Whose house is this again?

Don Mariano Nable Jose.

Sailboats and yachts merchant here in Dagupan.

If that boy lied to me...

I heard his daughters are beautiful.


You're just in time.

Please come in.

I tracked them here.

General Luna's brothers.

Joaquin, Jose.


Why did you tie them up? Untie them, you brute.

Why are my guests being treated this way?

Don Mariano, I apologize for the trouble.

I am General Gregorio del Pilar.

See? He's not rude.

My brother, Julian. And my dear friend, Vicente.

No need for introductions, General. Everyone in Dagupan knows who you are.

Do not worry. You're not implicated in any of this.

I'm just following the President's orders.

Take them outside.

-Mariano. -My apologies.

Are they your only visitors?

I guess you men are also my visitors now.

Thank you.

But we are looking for two brothers. Manuel and Jose Bernal.

Someone tipped us that they've been staying here.


-What have they done? -Treason.

I know the Bernals.

They are honorable men. They can't be traitors.

That's what we want to find out, which is why we need your help.

It's Manuel!



Get him!



What will you do to my brother?

Calm down if you want Julian off your back.

You said you won't hurt him.

You promised.

-Take him. -Get up!

Don't harm him, General.

Don't worry, sir.

Let's go.

We're really sorry for this mess.

Let me make amends when I return.

You're coming back?

Goodbye, sir.

Don Mariano.

He shot her with his signature look. She is sure to fall for him.

-But Teresing is just in the next town. -When did that stop him?

They could be neighbors for all he cares.

Dear Father, I pray you are safe as you receive this letter.

I still can't understand everything that has happened.

Last Monday, I was with the brave General Luna.

Now he is dead.

And I find myself in the camp of General del Pilar as an assistant to Uncle Miguel.

I do not know how I should feel about General Goyo.

I haven't figured him out yet.

Let us unite, Major.

Join our ranks.

I'll give you a good position.

What for?


Isn't that what your General fought for?

My General whom you killed in cold blood.

Remember that, Goyo.

Because of your President, we will become slaves to the Americans.

Don't let him in.

We already tried your method. Now we do it my way.

Brother, please forgive me.

Don't cry, Angelito.

Remember all that I've told you.

We will strip you of your rank, Major.

Last chance, Manuel.

Fight with us under President Aguinaldo.

You'll do everything Miong tells you to do, wouldn't you?

You are blind and deaf.

Show some fucking respect!



We're both loyal to our causes.

The only difference is your object of loyalty is dead, while I am loyal to the President.

The difference is

you... are loyal to your idol.

The soldiers you have killed and will kill... are loyal to a principle.

Luna died an honorable soldier's death.

You kill only because you're told to.

You're not a soldier, Goyo.

You are… a dog.

You can join Luna then.

Bark, Goyo! Bark!

He's useless.

We know where Jose is.

What about the kid?

Let him go.


Most of our generals are untrained even in basic military science.

Only a few are sensible enough to study tactics.

Some of them are just kids who got promoted because they have relatives or friends in high places.

Look at me. I'm an engineer.

I haven't even been to a real battle. But look at my rank.

What's important is that we keep fighting.


But most of our soldiers are poor laborers and farmers.

While our rich Congressmen… are all rushing to kneel before the Americans.

Luna's defeat is their victory.

And my leaving the Cabinet.

A generation of cowards and liars have joined this battle.

I put my hopes in the next generation.

We did the right thing, Goyong. You have no reason to doubt.

How can you be sure?

When did you learn to ask these things?

Remember who you are.

Everyone looks up to you.

You're the great Eagle.

Hero of Bulacan. The fearless soldier.

Who are you?

The Eagle.

My children: Feliciano, Rocio, Dolores, and Remedios.

Forgive us for this sudden visit.

Our home is always open to the President's favorite General.

Let's eat.

How are the Luna brothers and Manuel Bernal?

The Lunas have been freed.

And Manuel?

Very free.

Good to hear that.

They are honorable men.

General. You may apologize to my daughters.

You were worried that you may have frightened them after what happened.

Father, the General might get the impression that the women of this house are a bundle of nerves.

I admire courageous women.

There's no need to apologize then, General.

Nevertheless, allow me to apologize.

There. I finally got a glimpse of your daughter's eyes.


What are you looking for in her eyes?

I'm kidding, General.

You should have said:

I see the future in her eyes.

Has Jose Bernal been caught?

He's been taken care of.


I will make you Major-General of Pangasinan.

Thank you, Ka Miong.

I left something inside. Look after this.

Oh, no.

The past is catching up.

Felicidad, sister of the President. Goyong's former sweetheart.

Don't forget to keep an eye on the Ilocanos.

Have you heard of the "Guardia de Honor"?


They are planning to avenge Luna's death.

-Good morning, Señora. -Acknowledge her first.

How are you?

Good. You?

Hey, you monkeys! Go away. You stink.

Go back to the mountains.

Don't bother with your wares.

Tuck your tails in. You might step on them.

"Men are moved by two levers only: fear and self interest."


I just remembered.

Don't move, please.




I'll be back. My horse is here. I'll check on it.

Are you obliged to be by your uncle's side at all times?

Not really.

Join us then.

Go ahead. But I need you later for the parade.

Who's the patron saint of this fiesta?

No one.

This is all for Goyong.

It's to pay tribute to my brother's courage, and because he's now Major-General of the whole province.

But here comes the best part of the fiesta.

The dimpled one's mine.

Her companion looks naughtier.

If you like her, Joven, she's yours.

Go on.

We're at war, Colonel.

The real war today is with those girls.

Excuse me, ladies.

Where are you from?

Obviously, we're from here.

You're the outsiders.

You're waiting for the General, too?

I hope it doesn't rain.

I know General Goyo.

You're friends?

I'm his official photographer. By the way, I'm Joven.

Take our picture with him later, please!

The General is here! The General is here!

He's here!

There go our chances.


He's really as handsome as they say.

I have to sit next to him at the show. We have to find a way.

Be careful with that man.


He leaves a heartbroken girl in every town.

Is that so?

I heard his name has come to mean being played for a fool.

I think I'm going to faint.

Good day.

-General! My wife. -Ma'am.

Sit in the center, my child.

-General. -Don Mariano.

There go our chances.

But does he stand a chance with Remedios?

In the far east... a Hero was born.

In a Bulacan town, the nest of brave men!

A clan of heroes, the pillar of Del Pilars!

At such a young age, he has shown greatness!

As a boy, I was taught to be brave.

To fight the oppressive and arrogant Spaniards.

I'll take him instead.

Taught by my courageous Uncle Marcelo.

At the jaws of the sharks, I bared my own teeth.

Prayers and Taunts written by my Uncle I placed in each pew, and the prayers spread around.

As the town learned to pray them, the friar was shocked!

For those prayers were a slap to his senses!

You damned native!

Uncivilized heretic!

You really spread those pamphlets in church?

Hail Mary, full of coins, your piggy banks are full o'em.

The Friar is with you.

Holy money bags, pray for us and deliver us from getting shaved off, now and if ever we get killed.


If as a boy, I've shown courage.

As he grew up, the braver he became.

At Kakarong de Sili, those Spanish birds of prey.

We faced without fear, even though there were only ten of us.

We are all that's left, Goyong. Maestro Sebio has fled.

-The others have fled-- -Never give up!


Long live, General del Pilar!

Long live!


This is my favorite song.

General, I'm amaze--

Thank you so much. that all the girls in town are swooning over you.

This is going to be a long chase.

Long live!

Long live, General Del Pilar!

Long live!

I was just telling Don Mariano that General Goyo is the youngest general of the army.

And look at him now, Major-General of Pangasinan.

You are mistaken, Mayor.

Manuel Tinio of Ilocos is the youngest.

-Jose. -Mr. President.

It's good that you made it.

General Torres.

Have you and Goyo seen each other?

Why? What happened?

Goyo and I are not on good terms.

But we won't cause any trouble.

I heard what happened.


I'll go ahead.

You're not a soldier.

You are a dog.

Bark, Goyo!

Have you heard of the "Guardia de Honor"?

They're planning to avenge Luna's death.

Bark, Goyo! Bark!

What's wrong?

They're here.

Guardia de Honor! Are you one of them?

Answer me!

Are you one of them? Answer me!

He's just a senile old man! We talked to him.

Let him go.

Good thing nobody saw us.

What's happening to you?

Get a grip on yourself.

Remember who you are.

-Who are you? -The Eagle.

-Who are you? -The Eagle!


The soldiers are facing the wrong way. Have them face to the right.

Right, face!

Have the soldiers been instructed on the proper formation?

General Torres changed the formation.

That asshole.


The soldiers must face front!

To the President!

I said front!

[foreign dialogue]

[foreign dialogue]

General Torres!

Where General del Pilar commands, you do not command!


What is the true worth of a hero?

What is behind all the greatness?

Why do we always look up and glorify without question?

Why are we blindly dependent on saviors?

General Luna once said, "Those who have sentiments are not slaves."

But I think if these sentiments have turned us blind, we are slaves to our own sentiments.

Good morning, Mr. President.

Being away from politics does not suit you.

I didn't ask to leave.

You were a pillar of the Cabinet, Pule.

-Don't ever think less-- -I harbor no ill feelings.

It's a relief to be far from intrigue.

I can still offer advice to those who ask and to those who will listen.

It's good that these past few months have been quiet.

Too quiet, don't you think?

This is our chance.

I'm planning to send Alejandrino to Manila with a few American prisoners-of-war to start another round of negotiations.

I'm hoping that the Americans will recognize our sovereignty.

That's up to you.

This could have been discussed through letters.

Why are you really here?

I'm here to ask you to come back.

I want you to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

You wanted me to leave the Cabinet so Paterno could take over--

-For peace. -But now...

What is this for?

Is it to keep me from criticizing those clowns in Congress?

May I remind you they dislike me because I have a habit of telling the truth.

Paterno and the rest are good people.

They are all striving for peace.

Peace without freedom.

I need your wisdom, Pule.

I need someone who speaks the truth.

Can a Filipino stand the truth without feeling resentment?

And since we're on the subject, fine.

What is the truth about Antonio Luna's murder?

Not now, my dear friend.

Will you accept the post?

I'll make an official announcement about your new post.

For the nation.


General! Colonel!

They need you at Don Mariano's house.

Thank you very much, Ka Miong.


Here they are.

Forgive me, Goyo. This is all so sudden.

I have been appointed Military Governor of Bulacan.

I will begin my term this November.

Congratulations, Julian!

Well, Goyo?

We need to celebrate!

Remedios. Come here.

We'll have a party this Saturday to celebrate Colonel Julian's new post.

You know what to do.

Let us make sure that our food will be delicious for you, Colonel.

-What is your favorite food? -It's all up to you, Don Mariano.

Not those. They're overripe.

They're fine.

They don't look overripe.

Better to be safe. Fresh is always best.


But we need to know which ones are truly ripe and which one deserves to be thrown away.

It's wasteful to throw away things that are still good.

I don't see a lot of good mangoes in this pile.

These mangoes were picked to be served, not thrown away.

Just don't let yourself be thrown away.

I am not a mango.

Good for you.

This one's okay.

Thank you for your services, Mr. Laureano.

You're welcome, Colonel.

The General has a request.

If you could stay for just a few more months.

But I have clients in Manila.

In fact, I'm headed there.

Who are your clients, uncle?

Americans. Don't tell anyone.

Is that so?

Can we make some kind of arrangement?

I'll be back in October.

You can use my equipment. Half of my fee is yours.

-Uncle Miguel... -Nervous?

Brother, can you postpone your trip to Bulacan?

It's too close to Manila.

Hey, you may have a higher rank but I'm still your older brother.

Don't worry about me. The President knows what he's doing.

We're negotiating with the Americans again for our sovereignty.

I know. I was a delegate once and nothing came of it.

Stop worrying. We're wasting our good looks.

You're stiff as a plant.

I haven't grown roots yet, Colonel.

Don't you want to join us?

I'm fine observing.

Look after this then.

-Whose bag is this? -Goyong's. Guard it well.

-My lady. -I don't want to compete.

With whom?

My eyes are on you.

In fact, I'm the one who's facing competition.

We're even.

General, we've been beating around the bush for months.

Call me Goyo.

Goyong? Goyo?

Only my family calls me Goyong. But...

-if we can start a family-- -Goyo.

We need to talk.

About what?

Your women.

Goyo, I'm not saying that you should not enjoy yourself.

Indeed, you should, but not in the manner that people tell me you're doing.

Don't believe the things you hear.

I don't listen to gossip. I can see it in your eyes.

What do you see?

I request that you make yourself felt. Don't you remember me?

You know I believe everything that you say. I trust you.

I refuse to believe gossip.

You're easily distracted.

Sometimes I'm not sure if you're talking to me or if there's a girl behind me.

I get cross-eyed by your beauty.

I can't decide whether to look in your eyes, your lips, your hands.

You're crazy.

You seem to have forgotten a lady from the Red Cross.

She's here in another town, sick from thinking of you--

You say you are guarding the battery but you're just there for Remedios.

Is it true? Tell me!

And if you accept my love, your beauty will cure my vision.

This is all surface, Goyo. Beauty fades.

I will grow old and what will remain is my womanhood.

Dagupan will not run out of beautiful young girls.

When I say you're beautiful,

I also mean the beauty inside you.

Is that true, or are you just trying to charm me?

Why are you lying? Are you two lovers now?

Rumor is you plan to marry her.

I will admit, a girl like you is rare.

You should be cared for and adored.

I'm only human, Goyo.

If I had a ring with me right now--

I'm only human.

But you believe that I'm in love with you?

Can you wait?

I have one request.

If and when you have accepted my love, let me know.

Give me a sign.

I intend to marry you, Remedios.

I haven't heard from the Bernal brothers in a while.

I'd like to talk to them.

Are they well?

I'm sure they are.

Where are they?

I don't know, Joven.


I don't want to forget that we're fighting for something.

Is this all we're going to do?

Dancing, feasting?

Romancing and flirting with girls?

These past few months have been quiet, but I don't want to forget.

I don't want to play blind.

Why are they staring? Is there something wrong with our clothes?

They're fascinated, General.

War is just a memory to them.

They haven't seen one of Aguinaldo's Generals in a long time.

They have no news of the revolution?

As far as they're concerned, the war is over.

My dear President, I am opposed to the meeting between Alejandrino and Otis.


It is clear that the Americans still regard us the same way.

He said he cannot accept Aguinaldo's letter...

He said he only recognizes Aguinaldo as a "General-in-Chief"

[foreign dialogue]

[foreign dialogue]

Why again?

[foreign dialogue]

Is that really in the Constitution?

Be quiet. I have no idea.

American ships opened fire at the town of San Fabian.

That's Tagunton's turf, right?

That Tagunton is brave. They could bombard him with cannons--

With all due respect, General.

He was the first to flee soon as they saw the ships.

That asshole.

The soldiers followed right after.

Most of them were found drinking in the next town.

In these negotiations, delegates from each province should be involved so that the will of the Filipino people is fully represented.

We have to reinforce San Fabian and punish Tagunton.

Let's hear what he has to say first.

How does one explain away cowardice?

Major, have a drink.

The night is young.

You are my idol, General.

All of us from Bulacan are proud of you.

It is important to maintain the impression that we are united.

[foreign dialogue]

We have to be resolute and wiser.

-No, no, no. -We have lo--

They are giving us 24-hours to leave if we don't...

And I'm still waiting for your official confirmation on my position in the Supreme Court.

I believe I can lead the revolution to the right path.

When will you make the announcement?


There's about a hundred Americans, and not one of them has been wounded.


How many wounded from our side?

Fifteen. Around twenty dead.

We can't hold this position.

They have better snipers. They're more accurate.

Son of a bitch! Get down!

Should we retreat?


Everyone get ready!

Should I send more troops to guard the next trench?

The Americans haven't advanced yet.

Give this to the wounded.

It was a minor battle.

There's no reason for the Americans to advance.

Countless men, women, and children were killed by soldiers from...


Tennessee, my God.

Sorry for bringing you bad news from Manila.

I want to go to Manila.

We're under contract with General Goyo.

My name is at stake.

I feel useless here.

What will you do in Manila? You're not a soldier.

The one time you fired a gun, you got yourself shot.

Just go on with your work.

Look, I already brought these for you.

And you?

You're going back to your American clients?

Are you mad?

You won't change your mind?

You're going home to Bulacan on Christmas anyway, right?

She's just another Poleng, Goyong.

Not all Americans are monsters.

This is business remember.

Joven, you're smart but knowledge is different from wisdom.

Watch how people behave and act. You'll learn a lot from them.

I'm not learning anything from the people around me.

Then learn from their mistakes.

Are you angry at me?

I've been waiting for a sign from you.

Why me, Goyo?

A lot of girls would fall for you with just one glance.

Don't compare yourself to other girls.

You are different.

That's probably why I can't let go of you.

-You have a way with words. -I can match them with action.

Have you said the same thing to other girls?

Do you really love me?

You're not going to believe anything I say anyway.

It's better if I prove myself.


Are you shaking?

Goyo, what's wrong?


Bark, Goyo! Bark!

You were moaning in your sleep.

I wanted to wake you.

It was just a bad dream.

Thank you.

Shut up and just come with us.

He's gone insane.

Who else can we bring along?

What a strange send off.



Why are we hiding from our men?

Shut up.

Come on. Like when we were kids.

We never did this at midnight.


Let's go!

Last one in has no balls!

First one in's an asshole!

Fuck, it's cold!

Did that wake you up?

A lot.


Jump in!

Go ahead.

I'll be the lookout.

Don't stare then. We're all naked here.

It's just thunder.

I would like to prove that we know how to fight with glory and honor.

But I'm beginning to believe that they are right to call us children.


Dance a little. I'll lend you my sweetheart.

I have to leave early tomorrow. I'm meeting General Mascardo.

Forget about my brother. You're his favorite anyway.

The Americans have entered the town!

Then let's welcome them! Where's the band?

We Mascardos have balls of steel!


I said halt!

Let's go!

Because most of the time, our enthusiasm swells, but wanes just as fast.

For every unexpected event, we get confused and quickly forget our duties.

We choose comfort over dignity.

This is probably the very mark of our childishness.

Is there a storm coming?

Is there a storm coming?

Knock it off!


We are not enemies!


You idiots!

Forgive us!

We thought you were Spanish spies.

Do we look like--



You fuck, you almost killed us.

I'm sorry, cousin.

Look here, it's Vicente. And Goyong--



If you hurt my brother...



Come here.

I thought you drowned.

I'm going to die.

You're very much alive, Goyong.

I'm going to die!


Calm down.


General Goyo!


-Is the General here? -What is it?

The General has been ordered to go to Bayambang.

-What happened? -The Americans.

They're attacking from different directions.

They have captured Tarlac. San Fabian has surrendered.

I heard the Americans are coming.

My God, I thought this was all over.

You better come with us for your safety.

I don't have anywhere else to go.

Get Joven an assistant to carry his equipment.

Yes, sir.

This is it, Goyong. It has begun.


Do you have anything I can put this in?


Your handkerchief then.

I'll go ahead inside.

-Are you going to Bulacan? -I have to.

Remember who you are.

Thank you, Joven. Take care.

You too.

General Goyo, from my sister.

My dearest Father, the day I've been fearing has arrived.

We spent five months with a false sense of peace.

Not one of them suspected an American invasion this big.

And all our heroes, while adored by the people, have no clue of the danger lurking under their feet.

I don't know what will happen to us.

But one thing I'm sure of, we do not need heroes.

We need soldiers.

-What's happening? -The President and General Goyo.

Surround the house.

Surround the house.

What rudeness is this?

They're probably making sure we're not turning our backs on them.

Because Luna was right?

Shall I welcome them?

Hand me the newspaper.

Have a seat, gentlemen.

The Americans have invaded Tarlac.

Huge forces are landing on the shores of Lingayen Gulf and there's another one from the south.

So I heard this morning.

We need to change our strategy.

We have to scatter in different regions so the Americans won't know which one to chase.

We will hide in the mountains and use guerrilla tactics.

I've heard this before.

My family is in Calasiao, along with other officers.

We'll meet up there and together head for Santa Barbara to join all forces.

Go to Mangatarem.

Guard the artillery we're bringing up the Cordillera mountains.

We'll search for Tinio. His army is still formidable.

Goyo knows what to do.

General, we need to stand together.

You're right, Mr. President.

I will comply.

Very well.

I have a question.

You know I am loyal to the cause. We are fighting the same enemy.

So just between the two of us, General to General.

What really happened to Luna?

It's good that you know we are fighting for something because all my decisions are borne out of necessity.

Put yourself in my position and choose:

Me or Luna?

We left Calasiao at dawn to go to Santa Barbara where the brigades were gathered under the General and the President for the long walk up North.

Lieutenant Carrasco.

Colonel Leyba.

Family's well?

We have to divide the group in two brigades so we can move faster.

You will head the vanguard which includes Felicidad, Hilaria, and myself.

Here's the Joven Brigade.

Lead them well.

Do we have doctors?

That's us.

Doctor Villa.

Doctor Barcelona.

Juan, take care of Joven.

If something happens, you'll hear from Goyong.

Yes, sir.

My mother and son will go with the rear guard.

You're bringing your son?

I can't leave my family behind.

I leave it to you to appoint officers for the rear guard.

Just make sure my child and my mother are safe.

We only need one guide.

Let's take this one. The other one looks like he'll bite.

Yeah, and he'll probably trip over his tail.

Ruiz, Sabino. Your manners.

Get out of here. Go.

-Are you Luna's soldiers? -Yes, sir.

I don't want any trouble between us and Luna's troops.

Our very lives are at stake.

-Understood? -Yes, General!

[foreign dialogue]

[foreign dialogue]

Don't worry, Joven.

Tomorrow we will be with General Tinio in Pozzorubio.

Once Goyo's and Tinio's forces merge, we can fight back.

Long live the Eagle!



What are the President's plans?

I don't know anymore.

Is there hope for victory?

This isn't about victory anymore, Ortiz.

This is all about saving what dignity we have left.

Dear Father, Nothing came of the meeting between General Tinio and the President.

When we reached Pozzorubio, we had to flee right away because we heard that the Americans have already reached the town.

Get ready!

Goyo's troops never joined forces with Tinio's because of the Americans tireless pursuit.

The Americans!

We kept losing soldiers from the rear guard and ended up getting separated from the vanguard.

Ever since, we've been moving from one town to the next just to avoid the Americans.

Most of the time, there's nothing to eat.

The mountains become steeper and steeper as we try to catch up with the President.

I don't even know when I can send these letters to you.

But should you find these letters on my corpse, do not forget that I love you.

Hey, slowly.


Take a break.

There's no way we can bring Doña Trinidad up in this condition.

Let's spend the night here.

Let the women pass first.

The horse!

Tell them their lives are more valuable.

Be careful!

Do not look down.

Just keep moving!

Move forward!


Señora Hilaria collapsed!

-She looks pale! -Water!

We need water.

-I said water! -Water!

You're the ones who killed Luna!

If I were a traitor, I would've already slit your throat.

-You son of a bitch! -Don't get involved!

Stop this right now!

Stand up!

-The monkey's running away! -Run after him!

Is anyone listening? I said water!

Get some water!

-Ka Miong, there is no more-- -Cut a bamboo open, there's water inside!

-Goyo! -Hurry.

She has a fever.

Is there any food left?

Son of a bitch. We've been gnawing on sugar cane stalks for a week.

This is all we have left. There's no more food.

Hilaria, take a bite.

Please, ma'am. Just one bite.

Let's set up camp here.

Just a little. You need to regain your strength.

That was our last horse.

Just to get us through.

Felicidad, eat.

Thank you.

Sister, please eat something.

How is the Señora?

She hasn't eaten anything,

but she's tough.

She'll get better.


Goyong, you've changed.

A little soup.

Where could the vanguard be right now?

Concepcion is a day's journey from here.

They'll probably wait for us there.

What was that?

Where's he going?

They're here!

Son a bitch!

What do you mean I've changed?

Back in Dagupan, I could barely recognize you.

Goyong, we heard what sounded like gunshots from below.

I heard them, too.


Probably just bamboo trees, thrashing in the wind.


I know what gunshots sound like, alright?

I also know what they sound like.

I haven't changed. What are you talking about?

I remember who you are.

The Goyong I knew, he was a soldier.

Where are you going, assholes?

Come back, you cowards!

Soldiers! I need soldiers!

Don't let them pass!


-Joven, what are you doing here? -Doña Trinidad!

My grandchild!

What are you doing? Go back! Fight! Don't be cowards!

You two. Look after Doña Trinidad.

Juan, I got this.

Catch up with the vanguard. Warn the President.


The sound that you ignored a while ago.

They were gunshots.

-The rear guard is here? -No.

The Americans captured them.

They have my mother and son.

-Wake everyone up! -We're leaving.

We walked a few more days without food and water until we reached the next town.

But we didn't get any help.

As with other towns we passed, there was no telling if they'd welcome us or run away.

So you are the photographer they were telling me about.

How old are you?


Not far from the General's age.


I'm sorry you got dragged into this.

I know this isn't in your contract.

Don't worry.

We'll be safe once we reach the other side of this mountain.

Thank you, General.

With everything we've gone through, my hard bed in Dagupan now feels like a luxury.

Goyo, I heard from Father that the Americans are invading in full force.

I'm sure you will be assigned somewhere far from here.

I give you this necklace as a sign of my wholehearted trust in you.

But do not assume that I've accepted your proposal.

You are hailed as the bravest, most patriotic, and most heroic of all heroes.

In that I have no doubt.

But if you want me to love you, let me love a man I can embrace.

Not a hero perched above the clouds.

I wish to lie in the arms of a man who knows his limits for he has fulfilled his duties to his country.

A man who is aware of his mortality and thus aware of the important things in life.

I hope this man is you.

I will give my heart to the man inside the boy general.

I implore you to return after the war.

Come back to me as a man I can love.

On that day, my heart will be ready for you.

I thought you finally lost your mind.


We can see the whole valley.

Ka Miong, I have a plan.

Welcome, Mr. President.

There's food and water for everyone.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Hurry up and finish that.

I'm aware that some of Luna's men still bear a grudge towards other soldiers here.

But this is the time for us to unite.

I need sixty men to build trenches in Tirad Pass and defend them.

Del Pilar brigade, step up!


Sabino. Don't be cowards.

Stand up!



And you, Paltik.

Ilocos Sur Battalion, step up!

Are there no brave men from Ilocos Sur?

You all climbed and suffered with us and still no one amongst you has the balls to fight?

We have a bunch of cowards here.

Colonel Enriquez!

We Ilocanos are far from cowards!

Lieutenant Garcia.

I didn't know you were from Cervantes.

General Goyo.

I did not expect to see you here.

Are you volunteering?

That depends.

What are we fighting for?

Our lives.

Who's with me?

One more!


We are complete.

This is the last one.

Give it to me.

Get ready.

Don't move, please.

Put bigger rocks over here.

Make it sturdier.

-Ka Enteng. -Thank you.

Thank you for agreeing to witness this ritual by our neighbors.

I'm surprised that you're civil with them.

The tribes are usually at war with each other.

We coexist because we help this tribe fight their enemies.

What was that?

I heard something fall.

Send a message to the President.

Tell him the Americans are in Concepcion.

The President will be proud of you.

I wasn't sure if you were still angry at the President.

I'm still a soldier, General.

I will never say no to defending this country.

If Aguinaldo falls, another will rise.

But this... can never be replaced.

There is no more room for doubt the moment we stand here.

There are only two questions worth answering.

The first:

Do you love this country?

Yes, General!

Then embrace whatever fate befalls us in the name of this love.

There are no heroes on this mountain.

We are soldiers filled with love, not hate.

Our positions in this mountain are strong.

The Americans will only pass through over my dead body.

So the second question is:

Do you want to die running like cowards or to die fighting?

To die fighting!

May we all be true to our word.

When the battle begins, can you take care of Kiko for me?

Take him to Angake.

Look for his Uncle Eduardo.

Yes, Lieutenant. You can rely on me.

Thank you.

Take care, Father.

You can't sleep either?

"There is no greater sacrifice."

That was close, Lieutenant.

Let them come closer.

Hey, Daclan!

Didn't you say you could speak English?

Call them over.


I got this. Keep an eye on them.

Let me know if there are more forces.



Positions! Hurry!

Go home! Go home, bastards!


You have sweaty palms.

The Americans have advanced a little.

But they're having a difficult time up the trail.

Send five men to Garcia.

Five men!

To Garcia!

-Guerrero. -General.

Rifle! I need a rifle!

Long live the Republic!

Long live!

Long live!

Long live!

They're retreating.

Not yet.

Looks like they're trying out a different tact.

Let them come.

I wonder what they're planning.

I don't know but when midday comes, they're going to get tired.

They're not used to our climate.

Let's go to the top.

Come with us.


Was Daclan hit?


Some ants bit his balls.

Let's eat.

-I already asked for more. -Water.

Thank you.

The trenches are strong.

Thank you.

We're not staying here till Christmas, are we?

I want to go home to Bulacan.


If you see my brother...

My gun!

-Are there enemies coming up? -I couldn't see, Captain.



Go to Angake! Now!

Keep fighting! Don't be afraid!

-How many are there? -Hard to tell.

They're hiding up the hill.


Keep fighting!

-Bikong, run! -Bikong!

Don't go there!

I surrender!

Goyong, the first trench is gone.

There's only Juan's group in the second trench.

We're running out of men.

Get down!

Can you still fight?

Of course.

-Carrasco. -Yes, General.

I'll check how many Americans are still waiting below.

Guerrero. Come with us. The men might need you.

Stay here.



They're advancing, Captain!

No surrender! Fight!


General, keep your head down.

I think the Americans can see you.

Give me my rifle.

Let's finish this.


Let's go!


The General is dead!

The General is dead!

Goyo is dead.

Goyo is dead!

Goyo is dead!

The fight is over!

Where are you going, cowards!

Son of a bitch!

Don't go there! That's a cliff!

Hey, hey!

Son of a bitch! Run and you die!

Let's go!

General, we need to go.

It was all in vain.


For Mabini.

…and the President said, "Me or Luna?"

I have repeatedly told Mr. Aguinaldo, that his sole salvation is a noble death in battle.

That heroism shall earn him back his honored reputation and in turn will glorify his countrymen, as Dr. Jose Rizal's sacrifice had done.

But my advice went unheeded.

I would like to prove that we know how to fight with glory and honor.

But I'm beginning to believe that they are right to call us children.

Take care of yourself.

Don't surrender.

That will never happen.

When a person of low rank has done a small good deed, we can regard it as noble.

But if this small good deed is all that a person of a higher rank has done, it is negligence.

Where is he buried?

Ask the Colonel if that's the General's sweetheart.


Is that the General's girlfriend?

She lives in Dagupan.

He says she lives in Dagupan, sir.

The Revolution failed because it was badly led.

Instead of supporting those who have genuinely served the country, Aguinaldo made them useless.

Aguinaldo values not abilities and love for the nation, but people's loyalty to him.

Stop that! You're just wasting bullets!

And because he neglected the people, the people forsook him.

And he will fall like a worthless statue.

How are you, sir?


General Mascardo ordered me to surrender to the Americans just to see you.

He wants to know if he should continue the fight.

I read Mabini's statements--

I will answer Mr. Mabini at the right time.

I don't think I have the right to advise Mascardo.

I have already pledged allegiance to the American flag.

It's up to Mascardo now.

Just give him my regards.

May God be with you, Mr. President.

My dearest Remedios, I now come back to you as an ideal upheld, as a man who chose the most important things in these dark times: honor, duty, sacrifice.

My death will never be in vain because I died honoring my country and, most of all... you.

I will never be a hero flying high above the clouds, far and unreachable, as long as you keep me close to your heart.

And there in your heart, I remain alive and deserving of your love.

Sincerely, Gregorio.


You're still alive.

How's it going, Joven?

What should we do with them?

Let them be.

Quezon! Quezon!