Gozetleme Kulesi (2012) Script


Where are you getting off? Osmancik.


You? Karli.


Where are you getting off? Tosya.

And you? Tosya.

Where are you getting off? Tosya.



There's a turnoff to Dipsizgol. Before Tosya, I think.

After Tosya.

Can you let me know when we get there?

Where are you getting off?

Yorukkaya here. Situation normal.

Harmanli here. Situation normal.

Dagli here. Situation normal.

But it's a little foggy here.

Sugozu here. It's a little foggy here too.

Dagli here. Anyway, it will probably clear soon.


Dipsizgol, are you there?

Dipsizgol? Everything's normal?


Dipsizgol here. Situation normal.

Dagli here.

Welcome, Dipsizgol. Good luck with the new job.


You started today, huh?


Good luck to you.

Are you staying up there alone?


I'm alternating shifts with another guard once a week.

You mean Muzaffer?


Have you been a guard before?


So you're new to this place.

What brings you to the wilds?

It just happened that way.

Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be serving tea and coffee during the journey.

And at Bolu, we'll make a 30-minute convenience stop.

If you need anything, please ask for assistance by pressing the button overhead.

Thank you for choosing to travel with Tosya Travel. Have a good trip.

Always the same music, always!

I have music on my phone. You do?

Go on then, let's hear it.

The radio reception is lousy too.

I have some music on my mobile.

Hook it up to the microphone. It won't be too loud at the back?

We can turn it off if it bothers them.

It's nice music.

So you listen to this kind of thing? I like it, yes.

You're a student at university? Yes.

Where? Bolu University.


I'm studying literature. Literature.

I used to write great poems at high school.

Really? Sure.

High school... Right, that's the time to write poems.

After that... life gets in the way.

Run, lad! Get the bags. I'm going.

Hello. Welcome.

Thanks, boss. How are you? Fine, thanks. You?

Fine, not bad. We're back in one piece.

Good, good. Talk about cold for a summer's day!

Well, it's 1400m above sea level here. Even in summer, we light the stove.

We froze on the way. Had to turn on the heating.

Have you had the suspensions checked?

No, but we need to. Look, they're losing air again.

Okay, take the bus to Hayati. He'll get it fixed.

How many passengers for Cebeci, girl?

Ten. Ten?


- Come on, let's have some tea. Right, and warm up a bit.

Attention, all passengers to Cebeci!

Your transfer bus is about to depart. Please take your seats.

Attention, all passengers to Cebeci!

Your transfer bus is ready to leave. Take your seats.

Have a good trip!

What's up?

Nothing. I'm going to the toilet. You aren't in bed yet?

No, I can't sleep.

I have soap in my room if... No, I have some, thanks.



How are you guys doing?

Did I wake you? Sorry.

I didn't realize it's still so early.

Shall I hang up?

I had to leave Bolu in a hurry.

I'm sorry, I couldn't tell you.

I'm in Tosya.

I got a job.

You know where my uncle used to work?

That place between Kastamonu and Tosya.

We stopped off there once on the way to your parents, remember?

The owner treated us to a meal.

Yes, right. That place.

The guy has a bus. I'm the hostess.

He also runs a small bus station. He gave me a room there.

I don't know.

It just happened that way.

When are you going down into town?

Tomorrow, I hope. I'm out of food at the tower.

- So the wife's standing in for you? Yes.

Isn't she scared on her own at the tower?

She's used to it. I also taught her how to use a shotgun.

- No kidding! Can she use it? Sure.

There's a new guy at Dipsizgol, did you hear?

What, the carpenter? Yes, I spoke to him the other day.

From Amasya or so.

Fuck knows what he's doing out here in the wilds.

- Hey, quiet. He might be listening. So? Did I say anything bad?

Dipsizgol, are you there?


- He's taken over from Cafer. He and Muzaffer rotate shifts.

Dipsizgol, are you there?

Stuff it. I expect he's gone to bed. Okay, I'm off to bed too.

And the bread. There's pastries too if you want.

No, this is fine. Okay.

Sixteen. Fifteen will do. Here.

There you go.

Have a good day. Goodbye.

Kadir Abi, do you have a tea for me? Sure.

Mind taking this to the guy there? Which guy?

The guy by the window.

Here you go. Thanks.

Enjoy it.

Aren't you leaving yet? Soon.

Once the bus has been washed.

Any spare seats on the bus?

Yes. Where are you getting off? Down by the Fadira Mosque.

Didn't you get off there the other day? Yes.

Sure, there's a seat that far.

Off to the watchtower again? Yes.

What do you do up there? It looks so weird from the distance.

Can you see it? From the road above, yes.

Two floors, part stone, right? Yes.

Do you sleep up there? Yes, I'm the guard.

How do you get all the way up there?

Sometimes I walk, sometimes I get a lift from the forestry guys.

Do you sleep here?

For now I am.

Ladies and gentlemen...

Our service to Trabzon will be leaving in five minutes.

Passengers are kindly asked to take their seats.

Come on, we're leaving.

New arrests in connection with the recent demonstrations in Hopa have increased the number of suspects detained to 12.

An accident on the Konya-Ankara road has left two people dead and one injured.

A van carrying a family to Mardin for a funeral veered off the road when the driver lost control of the vehicle.

The injured man was taken to Konya Hospital.

He is reported to be in serious condition.

Good news for teachers:

The Ministry of Education has announced that no assignments will be temporary.

Pensions will be increased...

Good morning, guys. Dagli here. Situation normal.

Yorukkaya here, situation normal.

Yorukkaya, did your girl text you?

Did she hell! She wasted all my units.

Didn't she say she'd run off with you if her family said no to the marriage?

Her mum's put ideas in her head, like that I'm a dumb ass guardian in the wilds.

To hell with her, you'll find someone else.

Yorukkaya here, situation normal.

Sugozu here, situation normal.

Harmanli here, situation normal.

Dagli here, situation normal.

Dipsizgol here. Situation normal.

Dipsizgol? Wolves down, switch it.

Dipsizgol here.

Where have you been, Nihat? We never hear from you.

I'm here. Where else would I be?

What's up? Aren't you bored?

No, everything's always normal.

How are you?

Fine. My wife and kid were here for a few days. They left today.

My boy got sick.

No surprise though. He's not used to the mountain air.

As for the wife, two days here and she's bored, nagging to go.

It sucks when they come, sucks when they don't.

Being single is the life, believe me.

Have you never been married?

Yes, I have.


Dipsizgol, are you there?

It's started raining like crazy here. I'm turning off the two-way.

Lightning might strike.

Aren't you out of tea yet? No. Muzaffer bought a whole lot.

Muzaffer finally came clean.

Turns out he's working at the factory. Now he tells us, son of a bitch!

He hasn't turned up for a month.

Why didn't you say so?

Well, I manage.

I'm looking for a replacement actually.

Haven't found anyone yet though.

No problem. I'll stay.

It's tough, Nihat. Alone all the time. No, it's no problem.

I'll send you supplies once a week, whatever you need.

But you can't go into town for now.

That's okay.

You say that, but look, you've been slack with reporting in.

I do report in, though.

So when are you getting time off?

There's no other driver.

But I'm going to talk to the boss.

I'll tell him to get screwed orl'll leave.

Aren't you going back home at all? I'll go sometime.

What's Bolu like?


What's up? Are you okay?

Shall I stop?

Isn't Kadir Abi around?

No, he went home. Said he had things to do.

Go help yourself to some food, girl.

No, I'm not hungry, thanks.

Here, Seher, your wages. Thanks, Ahmet Abi.

Abi, can I stay here at the bus station to do the announcements and stuff?

Why? Can't do without your sleep? No, it's nothing to do with that.

The guys are real jerks, boss.

It's "Press the button so Seher comes", "Press the button so Seher comes..."

Halfway through the night this guy's banging on about tea.

Well, it's his right! He pays money, buys a ticket and gets on the bus.

Don't sleep and give him a tea, girl!

But I never sleep.

Besides, I can help Kadir Abi here in the kitchen.

I took you on as a hostess, girl.

Just to do your uncle a favour.

If everyone does as they please, I'll be run off my feet.


Boss, I have to go home next week.

My cousin's getting married.

Is that some kind of joke?

Go on, go to your wedding, and you work in the restaurant, girl!

Hell, I'll just drive the bus, be the hostess, do everything.

Fuck it!

But I haven't been home for a month, boss.

So? I used to be away from home for six months, you know?

I didn't make a fuss either, unlike you people.

I'm going to bed. Good night. Good night.

Wake me up, will you? Okay.

Why is she copping out? She isn't copping out.

Don't think that. She's a hard worker.

So passengers harass her? Well, sure. Now and again.

You have to watch out for her. The girl's in our care.

Hey, are you hitting on her? Just try and I'll shit on you!

No, boss. Would I do that? You've got me all wrong.

Just let it be a warning.

Boss, doesn't she have a family? How come they let her go?

I mean, it's a tough job for a woman.

Well, her uncle, Ismail, used to work here as a driver.

Then he begged and borrowed... took out a loan and bought his own bus.

He runs that now.

- He's doing okay actually. With his family in Bolu, isn't he?

The girl turned up on her own one day.

She said she was Ismail's niece and wanted a job.

I called Ismail and explained she said she wanted a job.

I asked if he'd vouch for her.

He said yes.

So I thought okay. I needed a hostess anyway.

Seher! Come on! If you're ready, let's go.

Sugozu here.

Do you read me, guys?

Sugozu to all stations.

I can see smoke two, three kilometres away.

Base, do you read me?

Boss? Boss, do you read me?

Base here.

Which direction? Give me the exactlocation.

Between Dipsizgol and Yorukkaya...

As far as I can see, west of Dipsizgol.

Dipsizgol, are you there?

Dipsizgol here.

Yorukkaya here.

I don't see any smoke.

Situation normal.

No, nothing.

But there's mist to the east.

Sugozu here. Looks from here like it's over by Dipsizgol.

Base to Dipsizgol. Don't you see the fire?

No, there's no smoke here.

Base to Forestry team. Any of you guys in the locality?

Ranger Ahmet here. I'm down by the fountain, boss.

I'll take a look right away.

Okay. Stay in radio contact, everyone. Don't go taking off anywhere.

My driver's tired, my hostess is bored...

Don't you start! You're an old man! Shame on you!

I want my money, not charity!

I'll give you your money. It's been three months. Give me a date!

I'll pay you when the money comes in. Calm down!

I need to know the date.

Come on!


Get off my back, old man! I want my money!

Okay, boss. I'll pay you when the money comes!

But when? It's been three months! For God's sake!

It's me who taught you to cook. Okay, I'm not denying it.

Now get off my back!

God Almighty! You asshole!

Where's Seher? In her room, I expect.

Tell her to come here.

Shame on you! Shame to you!

Seher? Yes?

Ahmet Abi wants to see you.

Dickhead! Who haven't I paid up to now?

Come here, girl. Yes, Ahmet Abi?

Come and sit down.

Can you cook, girl? A bit. Why?

Okay, good. From now on, you're the cook here.

And Kadir Abi?

Stuff him. You're the cook, that's it.

Did you get aubergines? Yes. Some nice looking beans too.

I spoke to your uncle. He says hello.

What else did he say? Your parents can't get hold of you.

Don't you ever call them, girl? No, I do.

Still, give them a call.

Fatih! Yes, Seher?

Take this over, will you?

Ahmet Abi, I was wondering... When will I get my wages?

Look, I know. Make do for a bit. I will pay them, okay?

You scared me. You could've rung the bell.

Well, you had the TV on full volume. Like you'd have heard if I'd rung...

I can't hear it in here. Don't you know your own home?

What did you cook? Chickpeas.

And pilau rice.

Why didn't you call? You could've called before coming.

Today's bus was cancelled last minute. It's only then that I got the day off.

So you're still working there.

We send you all that way to study.

Not to wait on strange men at some damn bus station!

Your dad went mad when he heard. He threw a fit.

Where is Dad?

Where do you think? At the teahouse.

Where's Caglar? Caglar... He got a job at the bakery.

The boy's earning some pocket money.

What about you? Have you left college?

No, I'm going back.

Like hell you'll go back!

If you weren't going to study, why didn't you come home?

What are you doing at the bus station?

Three girlfriends from college have rented a flat, Mum.

Talk to Dad. I want to move in with them, okay?

What gave you this idea? You already have a home there!

I don't want to live with my uncle. Why not?

You don't know what's good for you, Seher!

We'll split the rent four ways.

My boss owes me some money.

And if Dad sends a bit...

Your dad's been out of work for months. And he's supposed to send you money!

We can't get Caglar to college yet.

You'd never have got to college without my brother, God bless him.

He fed you, put a roof over your head and he already has a family of his own.

Did he have to do that? Did he?

Life isn't as easy as that.

You have to learn to fit in.

I did. What more do you want?

Sure, you did a fine job fitting in!

You did a fine job fitting in.

Then you walked out without a word!

Wasn't it good enough for you?

And you'll have it so easy, four girls on your own, won't you?

God knows who'll be in and out of that flat.

So what? They'd call us whores? Yes! They'd call you everything.

It's a small place. There's no telling who'll say what.

Your uncle's giving you a chance. Just stay where you are!

We sent you there to be safe. Enough! Stop!

Your 'safe' sucks! Your 'safe' fucked me!

What are you saying, girl? I've said my bit.

It's your turn now.

Why didn't you come before?

What if I had? You'd have hidden me in that room?

What's wrong?

Nothing. Nothing.

What brings her here?

She's just visiting. Please don't say anything.

So where has she been?

At the... the... The bus company.

Why? When there's her uncle? Isn't that good enough for her?

He's taken her in so she can study. Her brother's working so he can study.

She has some friends at college. They're moving into a flat.

She says she's thinking... She wants to move in with them.

Oh, nice idea! Three or four girls together.

But they're all college friends.

How are they going to pay the rent?

I expect she wants us to help out a bit.

Well, she's working, isn't she? She's a hostess, isn't she?

Your brother helped her out and look what happened.

She says they'll split the rent four ways.

And if we help out a bit, if we send 100 or 200...

I don't have it, woman. If you do, go ahead, send it.

For goodness sake! Can you imagine, woman?

Four girls sharing a house and no telling who's coming and going!

For goodness sake! That's too much. It's out of the question.

I already said so. I said, "Your dad won't like it."

But she won't go back to my brother's.

Why not, for goodness sake?

They don't get along. What does that mean? He's her uncle!


Let her go. She'll be back when she comes to her senses.



Get up, quick! There's a bus coming!

Okay, Ahmet Abi. I'll be right there.

Welcome. You want something to eat?

What is there?

I made some beans this morning. And there's pilau.


Something to drink?

Is there any yoghurt and cucumber? Sure, I'll get you some.

Don't you go out on the bus anymore?

No, I look after the restaurant.

Attention, all Mola Travel passengers.

You have a 15-minute convenience stop.

Passengers are...

Passengers are kindly asked to take their seats in 15 minutes.

Where's Seher? Haven't seen her, boss.

Where's she gone? No idea, boss.

Damn! What about the customers? Get inside.

Okay, boss.

Move it!

You people drive me crazy.


Seher, girl!

Clear the empties on that table, lad. Okay, boss.

Mola Travel passengers travelling from Istanbul to Rize...

Your bus is about to depart. Please take your seats.

Have a good trip.

The driver says he'll only stop at convenience stops.

I have family in the next village. They're coming to meet me.

I understand, but what can I do if the driver won't stop? Sorry.

My friend! I'm getting out just ahead.

I know the lady. I'll drop her off.

Are you okay?

Fine, thanks. I can take care of myself now.

So you're going to walk alone here? It's fine.

But you're white as a sheet. I'm fine. I'm okay.

You're bleeding. You want to die here?

So what if I do? What's it to you?

Look, let me take you to hospital. No, there's no need.

Where are you going to go? Just go up to your tower!

Look, get some rest at the tower, then go wherever you want.

I have a sick person with me. Can you take us up the hill?

Jump in, but I'm full up in here. Can you sit out the in back?



What's up at this hour, friend?

His mother is sick. Her milk's dried up.

A friend here has just had a baby.

She's been good enough to help.

Too bad! You have it tough. Where are you getting out?

You know the Fadira Mosque? The one without a minaret, right?

That's the one.

That's not far. If you stayed, we could've had a chat.

You can't help falling asleep on a long trip, you know.

Do you have any milk?

Do you have any milk?

Here, take him. Come on, take him.

Take him.

Hold him...

Come on.

Give him here, let's give him a wash.

Give him here, come on.

Okay, okay, okay.

There we go, there we go.

Give me a hand. Pour the water. Quick, quick, or he'll get cold.

Quick, quick, quick.

Pour, go on, pour. And again, go on. Pour.

Over his head.

Some more over his head.& Okay... Okay...

Okay... Yes, that's right, yes.

Okay, okay...

Okay, okay... There now.

Were you following me? Why would I? I couldn't help seeing.

What was I supposed to do? Leave the baby there? Turn a blind eye?

Here, take him. Rock him in your arms. He might sleep a bit.

Rock him, go on. Rock him. Wrap him up, wrap him up.

I'll wrap him up.

Get some sleep, rest. He'll wake up in an hour or two.

Didn't anyone notice? He was just where you left him.

Who'd notice with the noise of the traffic?

Lots of passengers walk over there during cigarette stops.

Not this time though.

Come on.

Dagli here, normal.



Wolves down, switch it.

Dipsizgol, are you there?

Dipsizgol, are you there?

Dipsizgol here.

How are you doing, Nihat?

Fine, not bad.

How are you?

So you were down in town today.

Uh-huh, I was.

The boss was asking about you all day.

My first time in five months, I let him know and he makes a scene.

What's up with you? Your boy was sick. How is he now?

Better, thank God.

His mum took him to the doctor today. The doctor gave him some pills... and said it wasn't serious.

That's good. I'm glad for you. - How was town?

Same as ever.

Did you stop at the teahouse?


What were you doing all that time?

Nothing. I went to the bus station, sat around there.

The boss was looking for a replacement for Muzaffer. What happened with that?

He hasn't found anyone yet.

How come? There's a ton of guys without jobs down in town.

I'm fine like this.

I can manage by myself.

But you need to get out now and then.

You'll go crazy up there on your own.

Won't your wife come and visit with the kid?

Nihat, are you there?

She won't come.


Does she bitch about going out to the wilds as well?

My wife and son are both dead.

Sorry, I didn't know.

I'm really sorry.

You said you were married, so I didn't know...

Did you lose them during childbirth?

An accident...

There was an accident.

We were coming back from a wedding one night in my van.

It was foggy. They were both asleep beside me.

Then I fell asleep for a moment.

There's a noise downstairs. Let me take a look. We'll talk later.

Go see what it is then.

What was it, Nihat?

Nihat, did you check?

Nihat, what was...

He's hungry.

Shout if you need anything.


What was it, Nihat?

Nothing really. We'll talk later, okay?

Yorukkaya here, normal, guys.

Harmanli here, situation normal.

Dagli here, situation normal. Dipsizgol?

Dipsizgol? Nihat, are you there?

Dipsizgol, everything normal?

Dipsizgol, everything normal?

Dipsizgol, everything normal?

Has anyone heard from Nihat, guys?

He hasn't reported the whole day.

Think something's happened?

Should we get a car sent up?

Dipsizgol, answer if you're there.


Dipsizgol here, situation normal.


I'll get that too. And that.


Have a good day. Thanks. Goodbye.

You've been to the barber's.

They aren't dry yet. They're dry enough!

What's this?

What's this?

The nights are cold here. It'll keep you warm.

Thanks, but there was no need.

What's up? Lost your way? No.

The shortcut's this way.

Base to Dipsizgol. Answer me.

Dipsizgol here, boss.

The rangers are coming your way today.

If you need supplies, I'll send them.

No, no need, boss.

Okay, whatever you say. Anything else?

No thanks. I have everything. Okay, have a good day then.


He's hungry.

Is that the Tosya road over there?

The road your buses take.

Did you report on the intercom when I was gone?

The other guards were talking about sending a car and checking on you, so I had to.

Still, don't do it again.

Good luck there! Thanks.

Is that lime you're putting down? Yes.

Still got snakes at this time of year? One or two now and then.

Welcome, boss. Here, have a seat.

Well, well! Looks like you have visitors.

Welcome. Welcome to you as well.

My boss, Murat... Seher, my wife.

Was she back home? You never said anything.

She came after having the baby.

God bless them.

You should've said. We could've taken your wife on here.

Are you staying a while, Seher? Yes, she is.

At least till the baby's a bit bigger. Good.

I'll forget finding another guard then.

Sure, there's no need. We'll manage.

Well, that's the best bet It's easier when you're together.

Yes... Seher, put some tea on. No, no. I have to run.

Gozne has problems with its intercoms. You won't have some tea?

Next time. Okay, see you. Goodbye.

Why did you say that to the man?

What was I supposed to say?

"This girl here was working down at the bus station."

"She had a baby in secret, dumped it and ran away."

"So I took her in. Just put up with her, boss."

I don't need anyone putting up with me!

Don't be so sure.

He's hungry. Give him a feed. I don't have any milk.

Try. The more he sucks, the more milk will come.

Go on, feed him!

I told you, I have no milk! Besides, what's it to you?

Warm the milk on the stove if you don't have any.

Where are you going without the baby? To hell!

Don't you have any conscience?

You want to kill the baby over again?

I committed that crime once.

And I'll pay for it, don't worry. But next time it's on your shoulders.

The guilt will haunt you forlife.

So how are you going to pay for it?

I... Mine was an accident.

If you were falling asleep, you should've pulled over.

I was awake. I was going to stop. But you didn't!

Why did you have the baby? Why not have an abortion?

I went to the doctor. I did. He said it was too late.

So why leave it so late? You were late, you had the baby and I saved it.

Did anyone ask you to? Who are you to decide he should live?

You don't know a damn thing! Should I have left him there?

And been your partner in crime? I couldn't even look him in the face.

And you made me nurse him.

Why did you do that to me? Why?

It was your conscience at work, huh?

Well, fuck your conscience!

I couldn't have let him die.

And if he lives?

Who's he going to call his dad? You?

He can if you want.

So will you tell him who his real dad is? Huh?

Will you tell him... his dad is his mum's uncle?

Won't he ask who you were to decide... if you asked his mum and dad first?

Will you explain how you rescued him... heroically from the rubbish one night?

Will he throw his arms around you then?

Will he say what a great guy you are?

Take him to his dad if you're such a hero.

Say, "Here, your child. A souvenir from your niece."

What will he do?

They don't have consciences.

What about the kid?

Will he tell the people who ask that his dad is his mum's uncle, huh?

Why have you gone quiet?

There, now you know.

So what are you going to do?

My mum knows and what did she do?

She kept quiet! You keep quiet too!

For God's sake, keep quiet! I don't want your good deeds!

Get it, will you? Go away!

Go away, go away!

He wouldn't go, I couldn't get away.

I couldn't do it.

Come on, hurry up.


Get up, get up! Get up!

The intercoms are on at the tower. Get up!

If lightning strikes, the intercoms... Get up, come on!