Grace of Monaco (2014) Script

Cut, great.

That's a wrap, everyone! (APPLAUSE)


Great job, fantastic!


That was amazing!

Nice. Beautiful job.

That was glorious. Thank you.

RADIO: Grace Kelly, the Academy A ward winning Movie Star, born in Philadelphia, USA, is about to rejoin Prince Rainier III of Monaco, whose chance meeting with Grace in Cannes led to a whirlwind courtship, and a feat no Hollywood leading man was ever able to accomplish, winning Grace Kelly's hand in marriage.

With their storybook romance nearing its happy ending, Miss Kelly boarded the liner Constitution with the rest of the Kelly family, including her father Jack, who built a construction business that made him a millionaire and an embodiment of the American dream.

Hollywood royalty joins Monegasque royalty... the century's biggest wedding in the world's smallest state.

Best wishes and presents have arrived from all over the world, from kings and queens, presidents and prime ministers, movie magnates and millionaires.

Grace Kelly... now Her Serene Highness, the Princess of Monaco... has left behind everything she's ever known for a new life in a new world, destined to live happily ever after with her charming prince.

From here you can see the whole of Monaco, Mr Hitchcock.

Yes, I know.

You are to refer to her as Your Highness.

Or if you speak French, you can call her Votre Altesse.

Just Altesse is also acceptable, but Highness is not. Nor is Princess.

Are you coming or not, Mr Hitchcock?

Remember to nod your head when you first make her presence, but do not bow.

She's not the Queen of England.

Oh! You've grown so big!

This is for you. First prize of the Monaco Young Poets' society.


Ma'am, you can't bend down.

Oh... Pardon.


This is the part where I say, "Cut!"



So who's the leading man?

I don't know. Cubby Broccoli just made a spy movie with some Scottish fellow he's raving about.

We go into production in spring.

And Universal will pay you $1 million.

Well, it's not about the money, Hitch.

It's going to be the role of a lifetime, Gracie.

Do I look that unhappy?

You look tired.

Where's Rainier?

We rarely see each other.

He er... He works a lot.

We've prepared a room at the palace for you. You'll stay?

I have to get back to LA. Oh, please!

I'm sorry, I left Evan alone with Cary Grant.

And goodness knows what they've done to my Birds script.

How is Cary?

Cary's great.

But his wife still sticks pins in your effigy every night.

You're still an artist, Gracie.

Don't forget it.


I'm fine.

Doesn't get better than this.




Hey, when I screw a woman, I'm in it for the long haul, so to speak.

That's what I said to Maria. Hey, be proud of your scandals.

What else are they gonna write about when you're gone?

(LAUGHTER) That's not how it happened at all.


I was hoping we could talk privately.

President De Gaulle is worried for French jobs.

We have to do something. Our treasury is practically empty.

So you steal our taxes... to pay for all of this?

This is all an image, Monsieur Denard.

Your president knows that. This is all we have left to sell.

Madam, did you know you are sitting on the world's largest penis?

(CHUCKLES) My bar stools, made from whale's scrotum.

Ari! Please! (LAUGHS)

It's all right, Antoinette. Mr Onassis was joking.

Ari, would you like me to confiscate your boat?

I'd like to leave now.

You're his sister, you have to stay.

Are any of your Hollywood friends here?

Uh... no. No. This is Mr Onassis's party.

He likes to be the biggest drunk on the boat.

Well, our point is, the British will always side with the Americans.

Their Atlanticism will be the end of our culture.

President de Gaulle believes we must pool our wealth and finance a third pillar, between the Soviets and the United States.

That's what Europe must become.

What should I do about my children? About what?

Well, they're Monegasque and they're American.

Perhaps I should drop them in the middle of the ocean?

France is stuck in a terrible war in Algeria, Your Highness.

Many lives have been lost.

The very stability of our country is under threat.

That means the stability of Europe is under threat.

One would ask why you are fighting a war in Africa.

Conflict is often a necessary evil.

Especially in the colonies.

Oh, but colonialism is so last century.

I suspect one shouldn't occupy a princess with such... matters.

I was brought up to participate.

My father would have been most upset to see someone without enthusiasm.

Of course.

It is the American way.

Perhaps if it was the European way, we wouldn't have had Fascism, Communism or the need for your president's third pillar.


This is not America, Grace!

People don't just speak their minds. And why not?

Because that man is the chief treasury agent...

That man is a bully!

He's the chief treasury agent to Charles de Gaulle!

The most powerful voice in Europe.

And I need him on my side if I'm ever to modernise this country.

So what did you expect me to say? Say nothing! Say nothing!

Because everything you say has consequences.

Not now, Madge. Not now.

Isn't this what you wanted me to teach Caroline and Albert? Isn't it?

Never be afraid to speak your mind?

That's what you said you loved about me.


Madge said...

Hitchcock came to see you.

Madge said that?

Yes, he came to see how I was.

He was passing through, and...

It was nice to see him.

I wish you told me.

I'd like to have seen him.

This hospital's been abandoned for years.

We don't even know if the floors are sound.

Ma'am, we simply cannot justify these repairs.

The hospital already accounts for most of our spending.

How about the palace gives you an endowment, and the Red Cross Committee matches it?

If you pay to expand the orphanage, the retirement homes will expect you to do the same, and then the schools.

And you don't have the funds.

My dear Countess, it's really very, very simple and necessary.

All we have to do is convert this space into an open dormitory.

And then we put partitions and each child will have their own separate living area.



Maybe we can vote for it in our plenary session tomorrow.

But now we must get back, there's the small issue of the Annual Red Cross Ball to organise.

But that's not due until October.

It's the most important event in our social calendar.

Besides, you just don't have the money for renovations right now.

I'm sorry, Countess, I mistakenly thought we were here to repair a hospital.







103 new companies registered offices in Monaco in the last two years.

90 per cent of them relocated from France.

All of them came for your zero-tax.

And what do you want us to do about it?

Stop courting them.

(DOG BARKING) GIRL: Oliver, come here! Come on!

Casinos. GIRL: Come here, now!

That's what I've inherited, Emile.

GIRL: Good dog!

A playground for French aristocrats.

And that's a problem?

Oh, for the 10,000 people who live here, yes.

Ordinary people need schools, hospitals.

We make nothing, we export nothing.

If France is going to drain Monaco of all she has, it's not unreasonable to expect French businesses to pay for it.

We find ourselves at an impasse, Your Highness.

Because the President wants you to not only impose income tax in Monaco, but to pay the proceeds to France.


You want us to pay tax to France?

This is a French protectorate which has only ever existed because of French good will.

This is a sovereign nation.


GIRL: Oliver, come on, boy.


My peers in Paris are not as understanding as I am.

I'm to return tomorrow with your full acceptance.

Please work with me, Your Highness.

Does de Gaulle really want the children of Monaco to grow up to be croupiers?

Some would say that would be an improvement.

Some of Monaco's children are running around like their mother, the offspring of a Philadelphia bricklayer.

Let me go.

Let me go. Mr. Pelletier...

May I, Mr. Pelletier?


He slapped a French representative?

Yes, he sent me away, expelled me from Monaco.

Tell De Gaulle he's becoming dangerously anti-French.

GRACE: You've been the principality priest for a long time.

You must know how complicated things are here, Tuck.

Yes, I know, Gracie. I feel I made a mistake.

What kind of mistake?

Everything I do or say is wrong.


Do you know how I spent my afternoon?

I was trying to persuade the good ladies of the Red Cross that repairing a hospital wing might just be more important than... planning a ball.

You're in Monaco, Grace.


I know I'm in Monaco.

What do you think would happen if I went back to making movies?

What's it about?

A frigid, compulsive thief.

Really? Hm.

But it's a great role.

I'm sure it is.

Have you spoken to Ray about this?

What do you think?

Of course not, it's always...

I don't know, it's always politics with him.

Ray is never gonna accept the idea of his princess going back into the movies, you know that, Gracie.

After 7 years of conflict in Algeria, disorder reigns in France.

To consolidate power and secure her borders, the government must finance the war effort.

In its sights, Monaco.

Mr. Denard spoke to the French this afternoon from the Elysée.

On the orders of the French President, Monaco has a 6-month ultimatum to begin taxing her citizens and cease her open courting of French companies.

Unless they stop scheming to steal French revenue, and demand that Monaco become part of France.

Our food, our water, our power, everything runs through France.

We'd be squashed in an instant.

Ray, you don't have an army.

You're in no position to hardball the French President.

GRACE: It's so nice to have a real family meal for a change.

RAINIER: I only wish I could stay and enjoy it. I have a meeting with Onassis.

What if de Gaulle doesn't accept your apology?

Then we'll have the shortest war in the history of mankind.

What happens in a war, Maman?

Oh... Big bad men decide that they're tired of talking and so they er... pull each other's noses.

Someone once asked my father, "If you could be any monarch, which monarch would you be?"

He said...

"The Tsar of Russia, or the Prince of Monaco.

The Tsar, because he knows the name of none of his subjects, the Prince of Monaco... Thanks.

...because he knows all of them."

Why don't you just pay him? How?

We could mortgage some of the estate.

It's already mortgaged.


How did it go with the Red Cross? Will they pay for the orphanage?

The treasury'll put up a share, which leaves Countess Baciochi no choice but to match it with her funds.

You're forcing her to do something other than for her own benefit?

You should see the conditions, Ray.

These children, they can't live like this. It's appalling.

Well, don't upset her too much, OK?

I need her husband's political support.

We're running out of money and he has a lot of it.

Hitchcock offered me a role.

I think it might be inappropriate to accept it now.

Were you considering accepting?

I wanted to ask you.

Well, if you really can't do without it, I won't stand in your way.

But would it be appropriate?

I don't want people saying that I'm running away or abandoning you.

Why would they say that?

The only thing I ask is, you manage the publicity.


It's a risk. But take it if you must.

I miss it.

I can't stand it, I'll die!

I'll die!

If you touch me again, I'll die!

I can't stand it, I'll die! If you touch me again...

If you touch me again, I'll die!


(SOFTLY) I can't stand it, I'll die.

If you touch me again, I'll die!

GRACE: Gentlemen, I have wonderful news.

I am going to make a film for Mr Alfred Hitchcock.

And I'd like to introduce to you Rupert Allan, my publicist from Hollywood.

Try not to look too astonished.

No Princess of Monaco has ever taken to the stage before, Altesse.

It's not the stage, it's the screen.

There is a first time for everything, Mr Delavenne.

Yes, what about your duties, ma'am, and the crisis?

As your press officer, I don't know how to present this without causing outrage.

Monsieur Cornet! I can be a mother and a wife, and hold down two jobs without the people getting too upset, can't I?

But what about the Prince? The Prince is very supportive.

As the Minister of the Interior, it is my duty to protest.

What if the studio wants to publicise it?

It'll cause unrest.

Mr Hitchcock has agreed to be discreet.

Yes, they will not publish until the palace publishes.

Which won't be until this crisis is over.

RUPERT: Making her return to Hollywood, her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco has accepted to appear for Mr Alfred Hitchcock in Universal Pictures' Marnie.


And this is the only copy of the release?


And action!

I'm gonna be the queen of the all Western...


Phyllis, the microphone's in film.

GIRL: We're going to be famous!

I'm John Wayne! BOY: No, I'm John Wayne!

Ha ha! Action!

Yes, that's it.

Spare me the indignation, Madge.

We're just playing. GIRL: Maman is an actress!

GRACE: One more time before bed. And action!

It's a good likeness, no?


Our readers want to know, how important has the hospital project been to you?

I think that people have to work hard enough to make sure that the standards for those who aren't as privileged are no different than from those who are.

Wherever in the world they may be.

Not everybody is lucky enough to marry a prince.


Au revoir!

REPORTER: Move back, guys, move back.

Will you let President de Gaulle's ultimatum affect your philanthropic work, ma'am?

Oh, I think we'll all find out it's been a terrible misunderstanding.

When will you start on Marnie, Your Highness?

I'm sorry?

Look magazine.

We received a copy of your press release today from Universal Pictures.

"Princess Grace has accepted to appear during her summer vacation in the motion picture Marnie, to be made by Mr Alfred Hitchcock and shot in the United States."

Are you going back to Hollywood, Your Highness?

No, no.


Hollywood rocked, and the world as well, as Academy Award-winning actress Grace Kelly has been announced to star in Alfred Hitchcock's new picture, Marnie.

Fans of the silver screen are sure to be delighted, but what does this mean for the State of Monaco?


No, no, no. Focus on the bloody birds.


Yes, of course. Put her through.


Hitch! The studio said they would wait. That...

The press release came from the palace.

The studio only published a response.

Are you sure?

Yes, I told Wasserman I'd leave Universal if there was any monkey business.

It's going to be tricky now.

I'll need some more time.

Can you wait?

Of course, darling.

The world needs Grace Kelly back on the big screen now.

Hitch, thank you.

"The fact that wife Grace Kelly is returning to her movie career, no matter what the reason, is indicative that in some ways, something has gone wrong with her marriage."

Why do they write such lies?

Try to avoid what Hedda Hopper's been writing.

I think she's been after your obituary for a while, now.

The bigger question... is how did the release get out from Mr Cornet's office?


Well, I have the only key to the bureau.

And only one other person knew where I put the release.

How dare you, Mr Cornet? A mistake may have happened.

There are certain things about which I do not make mistakes.

Maybe it wasn't a mistake.

Don't play that game with me, young lady.

OK, that is enough. Thank you.

I really don't think this was an accident, Tuck. Somebody leaked it.

Why would they do this to me? This isn't about you, Grace.

Somebody is using you to light a fire under Ray's problem.

This is all about how de Gaulle reacts.

(SIGHS) Why does everything have to be so complicated?

Listen to me.

In 15 minutes, Ray is going to ask de Gaulle to come to the negotiating table.

If he even suspects there's a French spy in the palace, he's going to reach into the phone and punch de Gaulle right on the nose.

Is there anybody on your staff you trust unequivocally?

Phyllis. I hand-picked her.

All right, get her and conduct your own investigation.

At all costs, Ray mustn't be troubled.

RAINIER: Ray mustn't be troubled by what?

Altesse was wondering whether we should fire Mr Cornet.

It seems the Press Department's rather messed up the Hitchcock announcement.

Well, I did say it was a risk.

You did say you'd manage it.

You should see to the children.

Hold on tight, Oliver! Giddy up!

Come on, push!

I got you!

Giddy up!

Hey, Mommy, look at me!

Everybody in!

...a ball in the middle of the pool.

You're gonna dive in and get it.

The first one to catch it is the winner.

Yes. Off you go.


Here we go.


I told you to stop doing that.

You'll hurt yourself!

Come here.

Thank you, sweetheart. Yes?

There we go. Sure.

Look happy now. Cheese!

Look at me! I'm swimming!

Mommy! Over here!

Christian, get your cousins and get ready for lunch. the next film by director Alfred Hitchcock.

Here are a few reactions to the American plans of former Phyllis!


Grace Kelly.

We're in a crisis and she's leaving for Hollywood!

She'll never be one of us. She's not from here.

What if the princess must kiss another man?

They do that in films.

Oh, just ignore them.

You're married to my brother.

Family is all that matters.

Your children... you must protect them.

Nothing else.

It doesn't ever get easier, does it?

This is supposed to be a summer break! Oh...

Politics is never on vacation, Miss Callas.

Oh, please, it's been two hours.

And they are still holed up in there.


I noticed you've got stables.

Why? Do you ride?

Do I ride?



Grace! Grace!

Grace! Grace!


Do you know Ari tried to get me to quit singing, huh?

He did?

But I'm an artist.

Who can't expect to be adored and left alone.

Who can't hide.

Who can't give up.

I haven't given up.

I know.

Grace Kelly can quit.

Princess Grace can quit.

But what's inside...

Mr President, I've already given our allegiance.

We'll match your French rates.

What your companies want to do after that is up to them.

DE GAULLE: No! You will tax all of Monaco.

You will pay the proceeds to France.

That's not negotiation, that's... extortion.

You've made a fool of me.

How will it look to Kennedy and Khrushchev?

We noticed you gave Rainier an ultimatum and all I read in the newspapers is that Grace Kelly is going back to Hollywood!

You agree to my terms by tonight, or I'll send Monaco back into the Dark Ages.


What happens now?

He waits until tomorrow and executes a blockade.

And we are not in the UN, so we have nobody to turn to.

Why don't you call Kennedy?

The Americans are calling it a French matter.

OK, so let's make it more than that.

You have European neighbours. They can put pressure on de Gaulle.

Let's make Monaco's security a threat to Europe.

Arrange a summit.

Make them choose sides.

Bring Rupert Allan to work exclusively for you.

You seem very eager to send Europe into war, Mr Onassis.

I have investments to protect.

And you, you have the Princess by your side.

A damsel in distress, huh?

Some would say she's more hindrance than benefit.

Then maybe it's time you brought her into line.

Hey, come on, man, you're her husband. Take a firmer hand.

It's all just so unfair.

Antoinette, we don't talk state affairs over lunch.

My love, your stepmother's right.

Let's forget our troubles for an hour or two.

Who put out white lilies?

I did.

Oh, white lilies are only supposed to be for funerals, Grace.

Well, I asked Madge and she said that it would be acceptable.

I only said white flowers, ma'am.

I didn't say white lilies. Madge, you knew they only had lilies when I placed the order.

I suppose your hair was Madge's fault too.

MAN: What time? 7.30?

My hair?

Who told you to cut it that short?

WOMAN: I'm not gonna hang around much longer.

We are still in 1962, right?

The year has nothing to do with it.

What? I think Grace's hair looks very elegant.

It looks dreadful. It's the model look.

She's a modern woman. She isn't. She's the Princess of Monaco.

Oh, come on, Ray! You can't be the great moderniser one minute...

Call Hitchcock!

Turn him down publicly.

We'll make a show of how happy you are here.

That you're permanently retiring from acting.

Why? Because de Gaulle says so? Because I say so.

That's not your decision to make. I'm your husband.

I won't do it, Ray.

I didn't make you marry me.

I didn't make you come here. Ray, this is absolutely...

What is it that Hollywood can give you that I can't?

Ray, it's just a movie.

You were just an actress.

Have you thought that this might not be about a movie?

Have you? Have you thought that de Gaulle is looking for any excuse to take Monaco?

Even if it means turning you against me?

Have you? No! Because you don't listen and you don't think.

Everybody tip-toes around you while you blow this way and that with indecision, too afraid to say how you really feel and too paralysed with the fear you might just be in over your head.

Oh! Oh!

Are you all right, maman?


♪ Ebben

♪ Ne andrò lontana

♪ Come va l'eco

♪ Della pia campana

♪ Là fra

♪ La neve bianca

♪ Là fra le nubi d'ôr

♪ Laddove la speranza

♪ La speranza Do you believe in fairy tales, Tuck?


I believe in "happily ever after".

When I won my Oscar, do you know what my father told the press?

"I always thought it would be her sister Peggy because anything Grace could do, Peggy could do better."

Deep down he was furious.

That I'd rather be an actress than be his ticket in.

Every achievement... was a disappointment.

So I never thought that living with Rainier would be any easier.

Well, of course it isn't any easier.

But he does love you. Oh...

He loves an image of me.

Do you love him?


What happens if I get a divorce?

Well, I...

I think we both know that you'd never be able to come back here and...

Your children would suffer the most.

They are heirs to a European throne, Grace.

And add to that the fact that you would have been a failure as a Princess.

I don't want to say no to the movie.

I don't.

Well, don't.

Let's see what happens...

There's consequence.

When people dream of marrying royalty, they very rarely comprehend what it really means.

And you have to add to that a culture that's one million miles away from anything you know.

I know.

I know very well.

I've been here 15 years.

And you're still here.

This is a heartless kingdom.

Ray needs me and he needs you.

It doesn't feel that way.

You scare him, don't you?

You give a damn, and you're forcing him to step out of his uniform.

He's just not ready yet.


I don't know how I'm gonna keep living with him.

I don't know how I'm gonna spend the rest of my life in this place where I can't be me.

And who is that?

Grace Kelly, movie star?

You invented her.

You learned a certain kind of walk and you perfected a certain kind of accent.

And you did it beautifully.

But now you're just a housewife with two bratty kids watching a rerun of your wedding day.

It's not why you came here, Grace.

You came here to play the greatest role of your life:

Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco, Duchess of Valentinois, and 137 more titles that come with it.

God help you.

You make it sound so easy.



That's a fantasy.

That's a fairytale, Grace. It's not real life.

And it's not real love.

Real love is... is obligation.

At some point every fairy tale must end.

But you mustn't do this for your father or for me, you must do it for yourself, Ray and the children.

MA KELLY: Kelly residence.

Hello, Ma.


My goodness.

I thought about you last week.

Do you remember our Labor Day weekends at the Jersey shore?

Of course I do.

The Ocean City barbecues.

Do you remember that?

Wh-When Daddy tried to teach Kell-Bel and I to spit watermelon seeds, and...

And I managed to spit farther than Kell-Bel did.

Your father hated Ocean City, dear.

Are you all right?

I've been reading some worrying news.

Did you get my letters?

Of course. I've been telling everybody your stories.

Did you really meet General Franco?

Why didn't you write back?

What would I have to tell the Princess of Monaco?

You're not seriously thinking about coming back, are you?


You know what your father would have said about this.


You're not an actress any more, Gracie.

He'd be spinning in his grave.

I was just hoping we could have a normal conversation.

Gracie, dear, you're a Philadelphia girl who did far better than any girl from Philadelphia could ever dream of.

- And I think... (SLAMS RECEIVER DOWN)

Mommy, why are you crying?

Cos speaking with my mother makes me happy, silly.

See you next week.

Thank you, Father Tucker. Thank you.

Oh, my goodness, Madame, in my humble home.

Count Fernando D'Aillieres, at your service.

A marriage in crisis...

A princess far away from home faces challenges that are usually impossible to overcome.

Well, that's very reassuring, Count.

I'm a protocol expert, not a marriage counsellor.

But my duty is first and foremost to Monaco.

Well, the um... the customs, the history, the protocol...

I want to know it all.

You mean you're not familiar with them already?

Nobody gave me a handbook when I got married, Count.

It's not just a question of knowing it. I...

Well, really, I want to become it.


Count, public opinion is completely against me.

The people of Monaco don't see me as their Princess.

I made a commitment with the whole world watching, and for the sake of my children, I will not be called a failure.

He's raised wire across the entire border, his warships are stationed on the edge of our waters and we've been cut off from Nice airport.

We have perhaps two months before we run out of essential supplies.

De Gaulle's running down the clock.

Do you think he'll invade?

By October.

Which means...

Whatever we have up our sleeve, we'd better pull it out fast.

Where have you been?

The Vatican is hounding me over this crisis.

I've had to reassure His Holiness that you are still in control.

How's Grace?

Why don't you call on her, Ray?

I wouldn't know what to say.

I feel awful, Francis.

Well, if it wasn't for this Hollywood nonsense, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Ray, come along, just talk to the woman.

You're nothing but silent and angry.

I don't know how... I don't know how to speak to her!

You know I've never been good at this sort of thing.

She's your wife.

Well, that was your idea.

You vetted her. I needed a Princess.

She gave up her way of life for you.

Whose side are you on, Francis? There are no sides, Ray.

Now, there's the protocol office, the chamberlain, the aide-de-camp and of course your lady-in-waiting, Madge, the Prince's inner circle.

Now, you must know exactly where to place each of these individuals in the pecking order because almost every single one of them makes a profession to flatter and deceive.

So, how will I know who to trust?

You won't.

You're the Princess in Europe's oldest court, the target of all those hidden agendas that come with such a privilege.

It's another role for you to play.

Thank you.

FERNANDO: For almost a thousand years, Monaco has stood as a symbol of personal liberty.

GRACE: The House of Grimaldi has been responsible for protecting that ideal.

FERNANDO: Since 1297.

Francesco Grimaldi...

GRACE: Known as "Il Malizia", "The Cunning One".

FERNANDO: Very good.

GRACE: ...and his men captured the fortress protecting the Rock of Monaco while disguised as Franciscan monks.

FERNANDO: Louis XIV tried to take Monaco, but failed.

French Revolutionary forces actually succeeded, but only until 1814, when Napoleon was driven out.

Monaco, protected by the oldest of weapons, guile and determination.

Good boy. Now, you.


Mademoiselle Paget, French professor, et Madame Leclerk, your movement teacher.


The red dress...

Rosalie's red dress is ravishing.

Your Highness, you have to be careful with your "R".

It's at the back of the tongue.

Rrr... Rrrrah!

Rrrah! Go.

...Est ravissante! Ravissante!

Ravissante! (SQUAWKING)

Pompeux. Be careful: pompeux.


Le pas Pompeux. Le pas Pompeux.

The thrill of this moment keeps me from saying what I really feel.

You see, you look like a nervous schoolgirl.

When you move, you expend energy, you lose control.

You must centre.

Let me show you.

You centre, here.

Economy of breath. Serenity.



The Germans say they'll only attend the dinner if the Italians do.

Get Fanfani on the line.

What? Now? I've got London.

OK. Pad re, from America.

Mr Allan, can we invite people during the blockade?

Sure. Hey, de Gaulle can't stop foreign envoys from entering the country.

FERNANDO: You've been a father figure to both of them.

FATHER TUCKER: Which is why they must not find out I have to leave, especially at such a time.

Onassis has persuaded the Prince to host a state reception for our European neighbours next month.

He plans to make a case for military support against de Gaulle.

And she needs to be ready by then.

This isn't just about a marriage, is it, Father?

Well, I'm afraid it is.

Without their union, Monaco is finished.

How is she doing, Fernando?

She lacks confidence.

She sells seashells by the sea shore...



(SHRIEKS) So difficult!

Oh! Please...

Try again, Madame.





May I help you, Madam? Your Highness!


MADGE: I need to see you right away.

I think she's onto me.

MAN: Yes, but I can't come to you.

MADGE: I can't leave here, they'll know something's going on.

GRACE: Phyllis, how do I look?

PHYLLIS: Great. You look great.

What does she want?


Your Highness. Princess.

Would you like a little something to eat?

Never before have journalists seen a princess breach the protocol imposed on persons of her station.

Unless it's a new American-style publicity stunt.

Is it a dress rehearsal for Hollywood?

Is she practicing a scene for Hitchcock?

So many questions...

What does she think she's doing?

RUPERT: If we can get the media on our side, we can turn public opinion against the French.

ONASSIS: De Gaulle doesn't give a shit about public opinion.

RUPERT: But he does care about what the Americans think.

Hello, sir. Your papers.

MADGE: I'll arrange for you to cross the western border.

Go ahead, sir.

The road passes through a pine-forest. I'll meet you by the small cross.

DETECTIVE: You'll have to pay more.

MADGE: Any idea who you're speaking to?

Money is not a problem.

PHYLLIS: She's meeting with a French private detective.

She's working for someone.

Do what you need to do.



(DOOR SLAMS, MADGE GASPS) I think we have some talking to do.







You really shouldn't be reading my private mail, Gracie.

Who is that from?

Who is it from?

Six years ago, I promised you a new home.

And I've done what I set out to do.

I've asked the Vatican for a new post in the States.

I'm going home.

And you're just...

You were just going to leave? You weren't gonna tell me?

Ray doesn't need me any more. Neither do you.

I do need you.

I'll always need you.

Madge is betraying us. She's working for someone.

I don't know who else is involved.

You can't leave me.

I'm a bad priest here, Gracie.


Maybe I can be a good priest now but at least I'll be home where I belong.

And you belong here. I can't do this without you.

If your family is to survive, you need to give them an ideal they can protect.

And you need to do it alone.


Dear God, we thank you for the food before us.

We thank you for the family beside us, we thank you for the love among us.


How have you been?




I suppose that's what happens when you live in a big palace.

Yes, one can get lost for days.


Shall we?

FATHER TUCKER: At the state dinner, Ray will need you by his side.

If Madge is betraying us, she will not be acting alone.



My family... my country, has known conflict.

And we've chosen to reject it because that is not the future of Europe, gentlemen.

The future is... business, for the sake of business.

Not for the sake of government and certainly not for the sake of de Gaulle's empire.

If you value your liberty, then you too should understand that.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for men of conscience to remain silent.

If de Gaulle is giving me the choice...

What she wants is impossible! And what's more it's dangerous for Italy!

Please wait, please...

Defending Monaco means declaring war on France.

Excuse me. Yes, of course.


Bad news. Somebody just tried to kill De Gaulle.

Oh, my goodness! What happened?

French right wing is claiming responsibility over Algeria.

It's going to be impossible for Ray to get any support.

Now, nobody in Europe will cross de Gaulle.


Gentlemen, gentlemen, please calm down.

Ari? What?

We're done for. What are you talking about?

What happened?

It's over, Grace.

Louis XIV failed to take Monaco, Napoleon failed to take Monaco, de Gaulle will fail to take Monaco, no matter what happens here tonight.

Stop drinking, you need to keep your wits about you.

So you're going to support us? That's not quite clear yet.

You have to make it clearer. We have to decide tonight.

No one will help us.

If only Rainier wasn't so pig-headed.

What choice does he have?

Give de Gaulle what he wants.

I can bring de Gaulle to the negotiating table. He's not that unreasonable.

But Rainier won't listen to me.


Maybe you can talk some sense into him?

Before we lose everything!

You've done very well tonight, dear.

Now Robert wants you to meet a few people.

Everyone is anxious to meet you.





What is that?




What is this?

Did you tell Antoinette to meet with de Gaulle's people?

Where did you get these?

Madge hired a detective.

Your sister made a deal with France to deliver Monaco.

In return for taking the throne.

Leave us, please.

You want me to accuse my sister?

They're trying to topple you, Ray.

Her son is next in line. That makes her regent.

My own sister.

Why are you still here, Grace?

Because we have children together.

Because I still love you.

And I refuse to let somebody take my family from me.

So what happened tonight?

They all walked out.

The assassination attempt has stopped the whole process.

And when de Gaulle rolls his tanks through Monte Carlo, we'll have lost everything to France.

Oh, Ray.

I don't know what to do, Grace.

I'm your wife... for richer or poorer.

So... what's the worst that can happen... we lose a stupid old throne?

Who cares?

We buy a nice farmhouse in Montpellier.

We watch each other grow old.

Hand in hand.


This... This wasn't what I wanted for you.

Grace, I...

I know. I never meant for you to be unhappy.

I know.



GRACE: Hitch? It's me.

Did I wake you?



I've reached my decision. I've...

I've thought about it and... you'll have to find somebody else to do the role.

Is everything all right, Gracie?


Yes, everything's fine.

I'm sorry.

And... good luck.

Just remember, darling... don't stand too close to the edge of frame.

Thank you, Hitch.



Tuck's gone.

I know.

If I had a solution to our problem...

Would you let me try something?

Like what?

Will you let me try something?

We can't let her think we're at her beck and call.

Hello, ladies!

Thanks for coming on short notice.

So sorry to trouble you.

Our country needs you, and there's no time to waste.

Yes, but why?

We need to get the ball back on track for October.


I am a princess after all, n'est-ce pas?

You think we can throw a party a few days from an invasion?

Come on!

Start shooting!

Where are you going?

To Paris.


Lisbonne... Madrid...

Vienne... Copenhague...


Oslo... Washington...

La Valette... Saint-Marin...



Please, stand aside.

Stand aside. Everybody, leave room.

Grace Kelly!

Photo, please, Miss Kelly, over here!

(CLAMOURING) There's Grace Kelly!

What about Marnie?

When does the shoot begin?

I spoke to Mr Alfred Hitchcock a few days ago and I informed him of my decision.

I will not be returning to Hollywood.


I left Grace Kelly behind when I married Prince Rainier and that has not changed.

Now, I will hopefully be focusing on my family and my humanitarian work.

This is Countess Baciochi.

She has an announcement that she would like you to listen to very closely.

I'm pleased to announce that on 9th October, the Prince's Palace of Monaco will host the Annual Ball for the International Red Cross.

Who's going to attend? Everybody, I hope.

Has President de Gaulle been invited?

What is this invitation?

All of Europe has turned their back on him.

Thank you so much. Your Highness...

Au revoir.

Turned their back on Rainier...

Not Grace.


The Princess needs to see you.



Family is all that matters?

So what did de Gaulle promise you to sell out yours, Jean-Charles?

Was it money?

The throne?

That's preposterous, Grace.

"Altesse" when you address me.

Where's my brother?

Ray, this is a terrible misunderstanding.

Then tell me it isn't true.


This is not what it seems.

I just... You just what? Hm?

You are to leave Monaco and you are never to return.

You can't banish me.


It was decided... I will not!

She will not tell me what to do!

It was decided by council this morning.


And how long do you think that you're going to last here?

Long enough to see the back of you.

But before you go, you will perform one final act of state.

And why would I do that?

Because if you do, I will make sure that your son is taken care of.



DE GAULLE: Are you absolutely sure?

The Red Cross means a lot to her, Mr President.

She's keeping herself busy, that's all.

Do we have Rainier where we want him?

Oh, he's just about ready to agree to anything... including handing over Monaco's sovereignty.

Good. Your loyalty to France won't go without reward, Jean-Charles.

Thank you, Mr President.

Shouldn't we shun this ball?

If America supports Monaco, things will get complicated.

I've survived an assassination attack. I'm not afraid of an actress.

Pelletier, call Rainier and tell him that...

I accept his invitation.



Kennedy has sent his defense minister, General.

McNamara's here!

Mr McNamara! This way, sir, for the Chronicle!


Mr McNamara?

Sir, one for the camera?

I wanna take a picture too. Now, hold on.

Let me through, here, let me through.

Highness, picture over here, please.




Your Highness. Thank you, thank you!

Princess. Princess.

MAN: We love you, Princess!


Stand round here, please, Grace.



♪ O mio babbino caro

♪ Mi piace, è bello, è bello

♪ Vo' andare in Porto Rosso

♪ A comperar l'anello

♪ Si, si, ci voglio andare

♪ E se l'amassi indarno

♪ Andrei sul Ponte Vecchio

♪ Ma per buttarmi in Arno

♪ Mi struggo e mi tormento

♪ O, Dio!

♪ Vorrei morir

♪ Babbo, pietà, pietà

♪ Babbo, pietà, pietà


Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome your host for this evening, the President of the Monegasque Red Cross, Her Serene Highness, Princess Grace of Monaco.


We are truly touched that you would all honour our tiny corner of the world with your presence.


Goodness, we've, well...

We've had a spot of trouble lately.


When I was acting in New York, my uncle, a wonderful playwright, told me that I should pray.

The same prayer, every night.

That should I ever... should I ever make it, I would never be ungrateful.

That should I ever be in a position of influence, I would have it in me to use it for good.

Now, some of you ask, why did I leave Hollywood?

Well... I left because... because I fell in love with a charming prince.

A man who has inspired me to see the world with enough compassion that I may want to do something about all of the unfair things that I see in it.

And that is why we are honouring the Red Cross.

A force for good that is... that is very close to my heart.

One of my dearest friends once told me...

"that when people dream of marrying royalty, they rarely comprehend what it actually means.

It means...

It means having to choose.

And... I chose the House of Monaco.

It may not seem a noble place, it may seem...

Well, it may seem pompous and it may seem circumstantial, and... I may not speak its language and...


It frustrates me at times, but...

it's my home.

And these are my people. And they are good people.

And they're trying to do what's right, in their own small corner of the world... in the best way that they know how.

And those of you who are married will know exactly what I mean.

Maybe I'm naive but... I believe in fairy tales.

I do. I believe that they can exist if we really want them to, if we are prepared to work hard enough.

I believe that the... that the world will not always be full of hatred and conflict if...

if we're willing to sacrifice enough.

And that is what...

That is what Monaco means to me.

And in a way that is why...

That is why I am Monaco.

I have no army, I...

I wish ill on no one.

I bear no resistance to aggression, I just...

I'm here.


I'm here doing what I do, trying to make a little difference in the world in the best way that I know how.

But it wouldn't be real life, or it wouldn't be the fairy tale, if there wasn't someone trying to destroy it, or crush it, simply because it doesn't please them, or simply because they can.

And I know some of you think it's their right to do so.

But I don't think anyone should have the right to crush happiness or beauty when they see it.

Well, it's...

It's not how I was raised.

And it's not the world that I wish to...

It's not the world I wish to be a part of.

I would rather that the... that the tanks roll through my lawn, I would rather that the bombs fall on my house than know I live in a world where love doesn't conquer all.


Because I believe in love.

And... I believe that it's love that has brought us here tonight.

And it's love...

It's love that will make us put away our guns and our politics and our fears and our prejudices, and it's love that will eventually make everything right.

And that is why tonight I am going to celebrate it, and I'm going to be willing to defend it.

And I hope that you will all do the same in your own way...

out there in your own lives.

American Aphrodite...

You're not really gonna drop a bomb on Princess Grace, are you, Charles?

(WHISPERS) I love you.

FATHER TUCKER: Long after I'm gone, long after the House of Grimaldi has fallen, the world is going to remember your name, Your Highness.

You are the fairy tale... the serenity to which we all aspire.

And peace will come when you embrace the roles you have been destined to play... devoted mother, loyal wife, compassionate leader.

Up against the task, larger than yourself, you will overcome your fear.

Those that preceded you will be forgotten.

Those that follow you will be inspired by your strength and endurance.

For no matter where you are, in years to come, they will continue to whisper your name: The Princess Grace.

GRACE: "For all one can wish for in life is a place to belong, to love and be loved without doubt, without judgment, without condition.

This will be my fairy tale."


♪ I found an ocean in your eyes

♪ And seeked an island in your arms

♪ But now it's time to go

♪ And time flows like tears

♪ I know all golden days are gone

♪ Dry is the fountain of our love

♪ But still I see the prettiest of your smiles

♪ Lingering over me

♪ But now it's time to say goodbye

♪ Time flows like tears

♪ Sweet love, it's time to say goodbye

♪ Let's make ourselves disappear

♪ I'd like to see you one more time

♪ Before you take my heart away

♪ Consider this a kind of last goodbye

♪ To these unforgotten days

♪ But now it's time to say goodbye

♪ Time flows like tears

♪ Sweet love, it's time to say goodbye

♪ Let's make ourselves disappear

♪ And if you ever change your mind

♪ It'd be fine

♪ And if you ever change your mind

♪ It'd be fine

♪ Together

♪ And time flows like tears

♪ Time flows like tears

♪ Time flows like tears