Graduation (2016) Script


What happened?

Someone threw a stone.

Did you see who? No.



Hows Mum'?

She's got a headache.

There's water boiling here.

It's for her steam remedy.

Hurry up, it's late.


We're nearly out of toothpaste. OK.

Bye, Mum. Bye, love.

I got your lunch. Thanks.

Are you OK? Need anything?


I brought the hot water in.

On the table?

I put a cloth under it.

Any idea who broke our window?


I'll be outside. OK.

My God, who'd do... Magda, I'm off, it's late.


Did you make the bookings? Yes.

For what date?

The 24th.

Isn't that too late?

Classes start on the 1st of October there.

Could we get you settled in 6 days?


What is it?

Nothing. Just thinking about leaving.

Thinking? You should be glad.

If I were your age now...

I'm thinking of my friends.

Friends! You'll make new ones there.


You can't stay here for friends!

Do what's best for you!


Today's just revision?

But I'm getting nervous.

About the Romanian test?

No. Just in general.

Relax. You've already done the hard bit.


I'll meet you when you're done?

No, I have my motorcycle lesson.

Marius will pick you up?


Be careful.

I will.

Drop me here if you're in a rush.

Is it OK?


All right then.



This little one's almost faded away.

You're just saying that.

Is this the standard treatment?

Only for females.

They're calling you.

Answer it.

Please, answer it.



Somebody attacked Eliza.

She's in hospital.

Didn't you drive her?

I dropped her off across the street.

What are you waiting for? Go!

Go! Call me if I can help.


I'm here, doctor!

I've talked to Pandele.

She seems more scared than hurt.

Why didn't you.

Magda, please, don't start.

Just tell me.

It was faster on foot!

Where were you? The other wing.

And please, don't start.

I'm listening, doctor.

I'm out here with my wife.

We'll come in then.

Her head is fine. Her arm's a bit hurt.

She's a bit dazed, I gave her a Diazepam.

We'll X-ray her arm. She was hurt defending herself.

It's all right now.

File the complaint today. There's a better chance he'll be caught.

Had she more than one bank card? No.

Only this. But her SIM card...

Already locked.

Thank you, Georgiana, I owe you one.

Did you try her phone? It's off.

Thanks, Csilla.

Shall I call your friend in the police?

Ivanov. Yes.

He could take her statement. Call him.

No, she must see photos of suspects.

And change the locks. He took her keys too.

Could you leave us alone?

I'm sorry.

Tell X-ray we're on our way.

She sprained her wrist defending herself.

Gynecology confirmed there are no traces of semen.

The bastard didn't get an erection.

How do you know?

Eliza told us.

It didn't seem like she lost her virginity recently, so we asked her what happened.

Sorry but I thought you should know.

Of course.

It's OK, given the circumstances.

It could have been worse. Sure.

I'll be off. Thank you.





That's all the rapists we have. What now, sir?

Ga“ Gem fox (he sketch.

He's on his way.

Take her statement. Yes.

On his way here or to his girl? I didn't ask.


And a pen.

Now write this...

I, the undersigned, residing at...

Can I get you a coffee?

I've had 3 already.

A bit much for a doctor? Right...

Hereby declare that, and write the date and time...

It was 7:54. I had a call just then.

At 1:54, in the area between Republic Street and...


Crossing a construction site...

To school.

Let her do this.

I was approached by a man, and we'll describe him...

They've been building there forever.

A backroom deal?

Isn't it always?

So, I was approached by a man...

Who put a knife to my throat...

Did he say anything before?


...and he threatened me, saying...

...that he would kill me...

if I refused to have sexual intercourse with him.

Why did we abolish the death sentence?

He came up to you on the site?

On the sidewalk.

So he pulled you in there?


Were there people around?

I think so.

Didn't they notice?

I don't know.

Did you scream or anything?

No, he put his hand over my mouth right away.

So he pulled you behind a wall?

There was a container.

And he pulled his trousers down?

He pulled his trousers down... and he pulled me to him.

Let's get out for a bit.

It's fine, you can stay. No, we're going.

Are you OK?

Come on, she's a grown-up!

Don't worry, we'll get him.

You think that's what I care about?

I know but it's all we can do.

She starts university in the UK in September.


Two universities offered her scholarships.

Impressive! What field? Psychology.

She's a hard worker, my girl. I can imagine.

But she needs to pass her finals.

Finals! It's good she's got a scholarship.

It depends on her final grades.

Stuff like this happens. Around here, it does!

It happens there too... Not so much.

They're more civilised, more...

She was all set to leave...

Sure. What would she stay here for?

Were the tests in English? All of them.

Private tutoring since 5th grade...

A great English teacher at school...

You know her. She was in that accident at the bridge...

A year ago.

The one with the child!

Your girl has her finals, too...

Yes. Top grades in chemistry.


I'll get her a job with us.

Do you see her often?

She calls me when I'm late with the alimony.

How's Oana?

She moved to Sebes.

She met a guy with three children.

She's got so fat-

No! Oh yes.

Sir? Quickly. Do the sketch.

On my 'NW-

Gelu's an artist, Romeo's a doctor in our hospital.

Really? Could he maybe put in a word for my godfather?

Remember Bum'?

I'll be going. Go.

He got us out of military service. At 18.

Ex-head of customs? He's deputy mayor now.

What about him?

He has cirrhosis or something. He urgently needs a liver.

I don't know...

For transplants, there's a national waiting list.

But I talked to Tiberiu in Bucharest.

He's working in the Ministry of Health now.

Boghean? Precisely.

I know him.

He promised to help. Bulai has always helped everybody.

Always helpful and kind.

So what am I supposed to do?

Call Boghean to bump his name up the list.

I know, but...

He'll die if we don't. He helped everybody.


I'll see what I can do. Sir?

He looks like the convict who escaped yesterday.

Given how you've drawn him...

She doesn't remember.

Go and do it properly.


I keep wondering who broke our window.

Who knows? There are all kinds of people.

Still, it's strange.

Watch out!

Are you all right?


What was it?

A dog, I guess.

Here's the old lock.

Call me when you decide about the grille.

I'll talk to my wife.

Bars are safer for the ground floor.

Of course.

Thank you.

Call me. Yes.

I'm done, goodbye!


My best to your daughter. Thank you.

I had a cousin who got raped For years she-


No, my girl wasn't raped, Just assaulted.

Goodbye then.

How is she?

How do you think?


Did you know Eliza isn't a virgin?

I had an idea.

Why didn't you tell me?

It's personal, you don't just talk about it.

So how did you know?

Because I'm her mother.

Magda, we agreed that when it comes to Eliza, we talk.

I didn't hide anything.

Maybe she doesn't want to talk about this with you.

She can discuss anything with me.

Why didn't she then?

I don't know.

Maybe you told her not to?

I thought we had a real talk.

Do you like this motorcycle instructor she hangs out with?

Whether I do or not, it's her business now.

Encourage her to date a guy who sells used cars from Germany!

He doesn't sell them.

He just brought over a bike for himself.

Yes, right.

Want me to pick her boyfriends?

Let her experience life.

Nowadays you don't have to marry the first guy you hold hands with.

As if I was the first you held hands with.

Relax, I wasn't thinking of you.

Not everything's about you, you know.

I'll pack her school lunch.

Should she sit the exam tomorrow?

Of course.

You think this is something you just shake oft?

Magda! Her scholarship depends on it! Be responsible!

I am, but it's not like today didn't happen. It happened.

She can't throw away all her work because of an accident.

Accident? So rape is an accident?

He didn't rape her! Stop saying that, all of you!

He just forced his head...

Stop it!

She'll sit the exam, and that's final!

It's time to let her decide.

I will. And she'll agree, you'll see.

Just don't meddle.

Could you two keep it down?

Where are your socks?


Tomorrow I'll see if we can postpone the exam.

But if we can't, you have to do your best.

I don't know if I can write.

Everybody will be nice to you. They'll understand.

I'm going to bed now.

Excuse me, madam!


Good morning.

I have to talk to an exam supervisor.

But the guards here claim...

Parents are not allowed. It's fine, don't worry.

There are rules-

Don't worry, I'll handle it!

Doctor, I agree it's a prestigious university, but the regulations state that-

Mr. President. Do they state "no casts allowed"?

We have to rule out all possible fraud.

Her final high school average was 9.5!

Yes but last year we had a good student with notes in his plaster.

Isn't it a case-by-case decision?

Yes, but the procedure-

She was attacked in front of the school!

Not in the school so it's not our fault!

It's never the school's fault, is it?

Doctor, we're deeply sorry, but the rules-

Please just allow her to sit the exam!

Let the board decide if she's to be disqualified.

But please give her a chance!

Send her in. And let's hope we get no complaints.

You won't. Thank you, I'm in your debt.

Let's go.

Did you bring my results? There.

They changed your medication. You're on Cavinton now.

For a month, then we'll see.


There's a page missing?

Really, Mum, don't you trust me?

Here. Take this when you go.

What's this?

The photo album. I found it in the cabinet.

Don't you want to keep it?

Eliza may want it, when she leaves.

There are photos of her.


But calm down, Pandele told you to rest.

You turned the house upside down.

Because I forgot where it was, that's why.

Fine, fine.

Eliza said she'd stop by, yesterday, to take up her party dress.

Mum, she's busy with the exams, with going away...

Don't open for anyone, some convicts escaped.

It was on the radio.

I don't agree with her leaving, not one bit.

So what should we do?

You say that now, but do you know the feeling, when your child leaves?

I understand, Mum, but it's for her sake.

What if she studied here in Cluj?

What's there for her here, Mum?

What's so terrible about here?

She has her home, she has you. She'd be nearby, you'd have each other.

Everything is difficult here, you need to-

Do you think it's any different elsewhere?

She should stay and change things! If they all leave...

We stayed and what did we change, in the end?

You changed what could be changed.

There, you don't need connections.

She's not the type to tough it out.

And after we're gone...

It's because you babied her. She's never had to face trouble.

We had our own share of trouble already.

I should go now.

Anything else you need?

I told you before, but you forgot.


Clear the grass from the grave.

And pour some concrete, it's cleaner.

Really, Mum...

Please, do it for me.

I can't do it myself anymore.

Fine, I'll see.

You said that already.

I won't forget. Bye.

Take care.

Lock the door! I will.

How is Eliza doing?


Thanks for this morning.

That guy's an idiot.

Good thing it worked out.

For her scholarship, she needs...

At least a 9. On average.

This is so stupid.



Tell me.

It's nothing. My period is 6 days late.

Why that face?

What face?

That one.

I wasn't expecting it.

Why not?

Shall we talk now?

You seem a bit tense.

Good thing you're so calm.

Isn't that Matei?


I couldn't leave him home alone.

I'll be off.

Yes, Magda.

She's out, she's with me.

She just got out.

She did well on what she could finish.

She didn't do the last two questions.

No, not at all.

She just didn't have time.

You can talk to her at home.

Would you talk to Mum?

Mum, I'll call you later, OK?

No, nothing hurts.

I knew the answers but...

I don't know.

No, that wasn't it.

I call you a bit later, Mum, OK?

Calm down, it's not the end of the world.

We'll manage, don't worry.

Shall I drive you home?

No, I'm meeting Marius.

Is that a good idea?

I promised.



Yes, I“?

The doctor's here. I'm coming.

What are these for?

I had this breakdown...

Because of the divorce?

Maybe. No idea.

I panicked. I'd made a mess of my life...

I'd wasted it...

So I went to a doctor who told me to get these marbles.

Here's one for each day I've lived and here, there's one for each day until I retire, at 65, unless they change the law again.

So every evening I move one marble and think a bit.

Was he a doctor or a priest?

A doctor but you know, that kind of doctor...

The marking scheme for Romanian.

Well done, Sandu!

One more task. Please.

The good doctor here noticed a surveillance camera at the comer.

By the school? Yes.

Solved. The recording comes today.

Bravo, Sandu.

Anything else? That's all.

Thank you, sir.

Let's see...

3.2 for the character description.

2.5 for the vocabulary section... say 2, she didn't finish it...

1.5 for the predicative clause...

My daughter will get a 1, and Eliza...

Minus the last 2 questions. 8...

It's the right breakdown? Certainly.

Not good, then.

She'd need straight tens in the next tests.

I believe she can do it.

The September session, maybe?

Too late, I checked.

You should talk to Bulai. About what?

You called about his liver?

Boghean called me yesterday.

Even better. Ask Bulai. He can help.

What can he do about this?

Want me to call him?

I'll do it.

Hello, sir! How are you doing?

Also busy. My daughter's doing her final exams.

Yes, thank you.

I have news. Good news, hopefully.

My friend put in a word about the transplant.

And we're hoping... for a positive answer.

It might take a while. They need a donor first...

Of course we'll let you know, the good Lord willing.

I have a question, sir.

Could you help Dr. Aldea? He has a problem.

His daughter narrowly escaped being raped right by the school.

So she couldn't focus too well for the written Romanian test today.

She's very good, she got a scholarship to Cambridge...

But it depends on her results.

He's here with me, he can tell you more.

Have a good day.

He'll wait for you at 6, in his office.

Romeo, it's for your child!

Write down his number.

A bit more? I don't drink often.

A bit more? I don't drink often.

Me, I haven't touched alcohol for exactly a year and 6 months!

But it's too late. My liver still won't regenerate.

And your test results?

Bad. I haven't done any recently. Got scared.

You should do them.

Let's get you admitted for tests tomorrow.

If you say so.

A liver could show up any day, but if you're not ready...

You've convinced me! See how easy it was?

Tell me straight:

Is it a difficult operation?

Yes. The body needs to accept the foreign organ.

In other words, the first 24 hours are crucial.

Don't scare me.

I won't, but you have responsibilities, a family...

You need to know the situation before surgery.

Oh, you're the kind of doctor who tells his patient the truth.

In your case, yes.

In my mother's case, it's pointless.

What's wrong with her? Nothing.

But at her age...

So how long do you think we'll wait for the healthy organ?

It can take years, or it can happen very quickly.

It depends on donors...

I see. In any case, I'm ready.

I have my testament, the money...

Money won't be an issue.

Come on, doctor, don't tell me you live off your salary!

That's not it.

I hope you don't think you owe me for helping your daughter.

You can't compare a man's life with some exam. An exam...

I've called Serban, the exam board chief.

He understood the situation. He's a nice man, you know...

He came to me once with a problem.

His wife was fired from the town hall.

They cut jobs while she was pregnant.

I got her back in.

He's been very grateful to me ever since.

Who'll take you on again at 43?

People should help each other.

My position won me many enemies, but also many friends!

Could I have another drop?

Good, isn't it?

Is something wrong?

No. Why?

You're here? At this hour?

I wanted to say sorry for earlier.

The neighbors are watching.

So what?

How's Eliza?

Not good.

She didn't do well.

On her test? Yes.

I'm sorry.


I wanted to ask you.

Could they let her write a bit more once the 3 hours are up?

Not really.

I see.

Well, then I don't know. We'll see.

'Ms is Mam.

Dr. Aldea, who operated on Mum...

Hello, Matei.

Matei, will you take that mask off?

Let him be.

I'll be going.

Bye, Matei.

Do you mind that I introduced you?

No, why should I?

You didn't want to meet him.

You didn't want it.

But now I thought you should meet.

So we've met.

I have to go.

Go, then.

The light attracts the moths.

Don't worry.

Do you want some cake? No, thanks.

Homemade, by my wife.

I've bothered you enough already.

It happens.

Happy birthday to your wife.

I'll tell her.

Can I get you a chair? Don't bother.

Forgive me for this morning.

If I seemed a bit aggressive...

Don't worry.

Now, how may I help you?

Mr. Bulai described the situation, I believe.

Yes, he did.

What grade does the girl need?

She needs a final average of 9 to get the scholarship.

And on the Romanian test?

We estimate an 8 at most.

Have you spoken to anybody?

For the Romanian test? No. Could we change anything?

It might be a bit late now.

There are teachers from different schools.

I'm very sorry to involve you. It's very unpleasant.

Such things happen.

What are her grades in maths?

Her final average at the end of high school is 9.6.

That's good.

So she could get 10 in the exam.

I think so, yes.

I don't know one of the grading teachers.

The other one was a colleague. A decent man.

But we need both of them.

I don't know how such things work.

They must give similar grades. If not, the paper goes to another committee.

It's better not to. I see.

So what's best?

I'll see in the morning or I'll try taking the paper to another teacher.

But that's a bit more complicated.

Is that the only way?

Do you know of any other?

Please tell me what I have to do.

How much I should pay. Nothing.

Mr. Bulai helped me, I help you, that's all.

I'll be greatly in your debt.

Could I compensate you somehow...

Don't worry about it, it's fine.

Just make sure the girl marks her paper clearly.

I need to talk to her?

Yes. She must mark the paper.

If we miss it, it's over.

I see.

All she has to do is cross out 3 words on the first page, bottom line.

The last 3 words.

Just like this.

Understood? Yes.

OK. Well, thank you.

I'll go. I've disturbed your wife's birthday long enough.

Doctor, if you have any doubts, say so now.

This can only work on trust.

I don't want to end up in the news. Neither do you.

That won't happen.

One more thing: I'm doing this for the girl.

She shouldn't pay because we can't handle our criminals.

But I don't do such things.

This house and all you see here was earned honestly.

I'm sure.

I don't do such things.

I don't doubt it.

I'll see you out. Some cake?

No, thank you.

Once she starts on this path, there's no going back.

You can't just shake it off, say it's OK and move on.

You know in your heart of hearts that it's not right.

That's not the path I want Eliza to take in life.

I'm sure you don't either.

If there was any other way, I wouldn't even think about it.

She shouldn't be doing this.


We raised her knowing she'd leave here.

What if she misses this chance?

She can't handle life here.

She'll learn.

We were just as unprepared at her age. We handled it.

Did we?

How did we handle it?

By doing things we wanted her not to do?

But how could she start off in life with this burden on her shoulders?

What burden, Magda?

This exam's just a formality.

Everyone cheats in their final exam.

I didn't cheat.

Fine, Magda, you didn't.

Anyway, this exam makes no difference in the end.

Even what they studied in school is useless.

All that counts is getting to a normal world.

How you get there matters too.

It's not fair to-

Being attacked in broad daylight in a crowded place, is that fair?

You want her to live here?

It was an accident. No, it wasn't!

You ended up in some library because you were fair!

Sometimes the result is all that matters.

It's our decision, she needn't feel guilty.

This isn't something you can decide for her.

So what's your plan?

I don't know.

You know what annoys me?

That you know there's no other way.

But you won't take any responsibility, knowing that I'll fix it.

No, but I'm aware that being fair comes with a price.

And I was willing to pay it.

You could afford to because I took care of everything!

I'd pay any price in this situation, if it was about me.

But I won't have my child pay it.

She's my child, too.

Is she?

Fine, then you go talk to her.

Come in.

Are you all right?

Yes, just reading this synopsis.

How did it go with Marius?


It'll all pass, you'll see.


When you're in Kensington Gardens, with all those squirrels chasing you, the world here will seem so far away, you'll wonder if it was real.

Don't say that.

Do you think it's easy for us?

But that's life.

Children leave home and learn to live on their own.

Don't be angry if I don't do well in the exam tomorrow.

Eliza, you have to do your best. It'd be a pity to miss this chance.

Some important steps in life depend on small things.

And some chances shouldn't be wasted.

You know, in '91, your Mum and I decided to move back.

It was a bad decision.

We thought things would change, we thought we'd move mountains.

We didn't move anything.

I have no regrets, though.

At least we tried.

But don't make a mistake now just because we did.

If you do, it means we lived for nothing, understand?

What's that?

A precaution for tomorrow's exam.

You need to do your best. I'm sure this won't be necessary.

But we can't risk you missing this train for fractions of a point.

I don't understand.

You just have to cross out 3 words from the first page.

Just like here. Regardless of the questions.

Now do you understand?


Sometimes, in life, it's the result that counts.

Don't get me wrong.

We raised you to always be honest.

But this is the world we live in.

And sometimes we need to fight using their weapons.

So this is a precaution that gets you where you want to go, where you deserve to go.

From there, you can do what you think is best.

What I think is best? Yes.

Trust me, if there was any way of changing things here, I'd urge you to stay and fight.

But it's enough that we stayed.

Let others try too, we've done our bit.

What does Mum say?

I think she understands that life has its winners and losers.

And we want you to be a winner.

And have a good life, since you won't get another.

I'll let you rest now.

Put on some socks. Don't catch cold.


You can smoke, I know you have some there.



Why do you always beep here?

Just to make sure.

Even when there are no cars?

Want some water?


Did you bring your snack?


Eat. It helps the brain.

Good luck. And take care.

Could you rewind? Of course.

A mountain ranger saw one of the convicts near the chairlift.

Tomorrow we'll search for him.

That cyclist says he didn't understand what was going on.

This other one didn't, either?

Every man for himself.

What's the world coming to?

Pause it for a moment!

Can you print me a screenshot?

What for?

Can you?

Sandu, print that for Lieutenant Bullitt here.

Draw the blinds.


Got the convict? Tomorrow.

Heard about the accident? No.

30 minutes ago, by the bridge. Head-on collision.

3 men and one woman dead, one man in a coma.

Were you there? No.

My brother's a funeral director, pays ambulance drivers to tip him off.

It's come to that...

Law of the jungle.

There's a lot of competition, sir.

Here it is.

Thank you.

Any news for my godfather?


Not yet.

I'm off. We'll keep you informed.


Hi, Csilla, what's up?

Car crash. Came in an hour ago, in a coma.

Mr. Bulai is waiting.

How is he?

Not too spry, you'll see.

Get his colonoscopy.

I have it ready for you.


The liver doesn't worry me so much, I knew what to expect.

This, however, does. What?

These polyps here.

Possibly the cause of your condition. We must remove them first.

No, doctor... This is terrible news!

No need to panic. Good thing we saw them.

We'll run tests and solve the problem.

Thank you so much- What's this?

Please accept it. We agreed...

Don't you trust me?

I do. But one can't have an operation without paying.

You're embarrassing me- Not at all.

Take it as a heartfelt gift. It's for my peace of mind.

Mr. Bulai, I need my peace of mind too.

So this stays here. After the surgery, we talk and see. Deal?

If only... If I ever wake up from it!

Mr. Bulai, please, it's essential that you keep a positive outlook!

My life is in your hands now.

Everything will be fine, don't worry!

I pray to God it will be!

OK, enough of this!

Have things worked out with your daughter?

I spoke with him, yes. Thank you.

He's a kind man.

Yes. He understood it was difficult for me too.

Misfortunes occur. Unpredictably.

It could have been worse.

Still, it's hard.

You don't know what's best.

That's the hard part.

But if you do something earnestly, with all your heart, you needn't doubt yourself.

You think so?

I don't think so, I'm sure.

Please, go, go!




I'm Eliza's father.

We met at the motorcycling school.

Oh, right.

Excuse me, I'm... I didn't sleep last night.

You were busy. Yes.

I d] in a club for some extra money, so...

Everything OK with Eliza?

It's OK. She can steer one-handed now.

We'll have to cancel the exam, right?


Was it on Thursday? It won't be possible.

Are you waiting for her? Yes, I promised I would.

It's taking so long today...

Yes. Finals have got so complicated lately.

Me, I was out in 1 hour.

'Rwy': Ah“!

Truth is, we were organized.

What school was it?

The Sports School, if you know it.

Behind the- By the train station.

What do you mean "organized"?

Our specialty was sport, so the teachers were flexible. The reputation of the school counts.

I see. So they let you cheat.

We had access to some sources of inspiration, Romanian's hard...

With so much training, we had little time to study.

You want a degree in sports?

If Eliza went to Uni in Clui, I could try something there.

But given the new situation... we'll see.

She'll go to England. The scholarship's a big chance.

Of course.

Marius, I wanted to ask you something.

Go ahead.

The day Eliza was attacked, she said you were going to meet. Could you tell me what happened?

I was supposed to be there at 1:50.

But the bus didn't come. I mean, it was late.

So when I arrived, Eliza wasn't there, where we usually meet.

I see. Did you call her?

Of course I did, only it didn't... she didn't answer. It wasn't ringing.

So, she didn't answer. No.

Probably... Or it didn't get through at all?

Yes. You can imagine how I fell when I found out.

If I'd got there 5 minutes earlier, who knows?

You considered calling the police?

I didn't worry. I thought she'd gone into school.

Without waiting for you? Well, as I was late...

I ask because somebody called the police.

I ask because somebody called the police.

Could be. Did you get the number?

A prepaid SIM.

I see.

There's Eliza now.

How did it go? Fine.

Tired? A bit.

Shall Hake you home?

I'll hang around a bit in town, get some air.

Did it go well?

It did.

I'll get back by myself, OK?

Be careful on that...

I will.

Mum, I asked you 2 things:

Mum, I asked you 2 things: to let him buy bread by himself and not to sleep with him.

To let him buy bread by himself and not to sleep with him.

Yes, I know it's not easy for him, I know.

Neither is raising him alone.

No, Mum, you're helping me if you follow my rules.

It does matter, I don't want to raise a mummy's boy!

It does matter, I don't want to raise a mummy's boy!

I'll call you later, OK?

Yes, bye.

Listen to this.

I went today to Micii Campioni.

“Micii Campioni?

“Micii Campioni?

The English school. Forgotten already?

You called it "Little Champions".

I say: I'm here to enroll my boy for this autumn.

We're full up, she says. I couldn't even finish!

I say: The enrollment period hasn't even started!

So she tells me about siblings having priority, So she tells me about siblings having priority, children who live locally and so on.

It's a private school?

State. But with extra English.

Get him into your school. Simpler.

I want him to start being more independent.

I want him to start being more independent.

They knew about his speech problems? Yes.

That's it. Or maybe they wanted a little pay-off?

Why? It's a public school!

I spoke with the headmistress, he'll take a test.

But his speech problems must be treated.

But his speech problems must be treated.


So could you help me?

Yes, as soon as l finish with Eliza's exams.

It'll be too late. The school will be full.

He needs a speech therapist, it's not that easy.

I know. That's why I asked you.

I know. That's why I asked you.

Sorry, but I can't really focus on anything else.

If Eliza fails to leave now...

You can imagine...

I know Eliza's always your top priority.

I know Eliza's always your top priority.

But it's never the right time for me.

Something always comes up.

I can't go on like this, Romeo.

I need to take some decisions about my life.

I'm 35, I can't hang around waiting for... what?

I'm 35, I can't hang around waiting for... what?

I need to be sure of some things.

You always avoid making plans or clear decisions.

What clear decisions have I avoided?

What decisions, Romeo? Don't you know?

Meeting in secret for over a year suits you?

Meeting in secret for over a year suits you?

Or that I sleep alone here?

While you sleep at home?

I sleep in the living room!

And I've never hidden my situation from you.

Yes, but we can't keep up this uncertainty, this lie.

I don't want to lie to my child.

I don't want to lie to my child.

Who asked you to lie to him, Sandra?

Matei and I didn't meet until you wanted us to, and when you wanted us to, we did.

I don't see why, given what happened to us, you come up with all this.

Given what happened to us, you come up with all this.

Given what happened to whom?

To you and your family?

Does what happens to me matter?

Or does it matter less, or later?

If you have time, or when you feel like it?

Is he here?

He is.

Romeo, it's for you.

Grandma collapsed.


Eliza, wait!

Park Street 62, yes.

Why is she there?

Why is she there?

She fell going to the bathroom.

Why isn't she in bed?

We were afraid to move her.

Help me get her into bed.

The stethoscope! In the closet!

Got her? Up!

Take that jar away, please.

Take that jar away, please.

You called the ambulance? No.

I did, just now.

Open that window!

The bathroom window's open. It's OK.

Good Lord! She was fine at noon and...



Pass me her medicine, the Cavinton. It's over there.

Hurry "P!

Good. Keep her head tilted.

Good. Keep her head tilted.

Turn on the light.

Do you know what she ate?

I brought some beans. And a pickled cucumber.

But she didn't even touch the cucumber.

I told you: no more salty, bloating food.

I told you: no more salty, bloating food.

There were hardly 3 spoonfuls there.

Put her feet up a bit.

What's wrong?

The rubbing alcohol. It's there.

The bottom one!

The bottom one!

Come on, Mum!

Is it serious?

Don't worry, she'll be fine.

It's not that bad.

Keep pressing.

It's the ambulance crew, sir.

It's the ambulance crew, sir.

Good evening.

I'm her son.


I'm a doctor.

She has a heart condition and fainting spells.

Her heart. And intracranial hypertension.

In her head, yes.

No, it's in a more difficult area.

We don't know yet.


I'll call from my phone in a moment.

No, she'll wake up.

I gave her a shot.

As you wish. Yes.

What's this, Mum?

Do you want to scare us?

Let's go, it's late.

I'm staying.

Eliza, Grandma's OK now.

What's intracranial hypertension?

It's a sort of pressure on the brain.

Depending on the area, it can cause these episodes.

Depending on the area, it can cause these episodes.

Is it serious? Serious...

We'll see how it develops.

Why didn't you tell us?

Tell you what?

For now, she's fine.

And I'll take care of it.

How was the exam, today?

Good. The questions were easy.


Let's go, you'll be tired tomorrow.

Why don't you answer?

I'll call back later.

I'll call back later.

Your phone was on silent when I called.

I was in surgery.


I want you to talk to Mum.

Eliza, what Mum and I have to discuss is our business.

What Mum and I have to discuss is our business.

No, Dad.

Don't think I can go home like nothing happened.

Please go and talk to her.

Please, get your things.

No, Dad. Eliza!


Talk to her or I won't sit the exam tomorrow.

Excuse me?

Excuse me?

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean it.

But... please do it. Go and talk to her tonight.

You think you can blackmail me?

Eliza! You think you're doing this exam for me?

Or for your mother?

You think you're doing us a favour?

I jump through hoops for you and you do this?

I never asked you to jump through-

No, you didn't.

No, you didn't.

But did you ask for any of the things I always did for you?

Or did I just do them?

Can you even imagine what we had to do so you can live like this?

You shouldn't have done it if it wasn't right.

It's so easy to say "you shouldn't have done it".

Would you be going to study in the UK without all the private lessons or the competitions you were in?

Or the competitions you were in?

I hope you didn't rig those, too.

What? How can you say that?

How could you do this to Mum?

That's really not your business.

You know, we made this effort for you.

So you wouldn't suffer.

I don't want to go to the UK anymore.

I want to stay here with Marius.


Very well then.

Very well then.

Go get a job, see how the real world is.

But in 10 years you might regret it.

It'll be too late.

The lady needs the bathroom. OK.

Sleep here if you want.

I'll pick you up at 7.

Marius will take me.

Easy, Mum.

There now, dear. I'm not dead yet.

Can you manage?

Yes, dear.

Hi, Magda.


Come in.

What's wrong?

Grandma collapsed and Eliza got scared.

She's staying over.

Is she OK now? She's better, yes.

How did she do in the exam?

I don't know, she didn't say.

She came to find me at Sandra's.

She was afraid Grandma would die so she came.

You were at Sandra's?


How did she know you were there?

I don't know.

And what did you tell her?


I promised her I'd talk to you.

You shouldn't have influenced her grade.

After that, what does all we've taught her count for?

The same as before.

But not here.

I'll follow her.



Wherever she goes, I'll go too.

Have you asked what she thinks?

I won't be in her way.

I'll cook for her...

I'll wait for her at home...

In the student dorm?

We'll rent somewhere.

With what?

We'll rent out this place, or sell it.

Even if Eliza hadn't found out, it was time for you to move.

Isn't this my home too?

Not for a long time.

Once Eliza leaves, you're free to rebuild your life with anyone you wish.

Rebuild what?

That no longer concerns me.

Just know that, whether Eliza goes to the UK or to Cluj, you can't stay here anymore.

May I ask you something?

Talk to Eliza, get her to do the exam tomorrow.

Won't you drive her?

She said Marius would.


But you stop sleeping here from tonight.

I need to tell Eliza something.


They're doing the grille tomorrow.

I'll deal with it.



Morning. Hello, Elena.

Csilla wants to see you urgently.

She's here? She was called in.


She'll explain. Coffee's ready.

Thank you.

Is today the last exam? Yes, the last one.

How's Eliza? Better.

God bless her.

Thank you.

What's going on?

Some prosecutors are here.


There's a warrant for Mr. Bulai.

The intern forbade them to see him before you came.

Why didn't you call me? Do you ever answer?

How is Bulai feeling?

Not so good, doctor.

You offered them coffee? Yes.

Check if Eliza got to the exam.

OK. Thank you.

Your car keys. I'm taking it to be fixed.

Best of luck, doctor.

Thank you, Csilla.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Ivascu, Public Prosecutor's office.

My colleague, Mr. Albu.

How may I help? Do you have a minute?

I have my rounds.

Still, sit. We need to clarify a few things.

It won't take long.

I'm listening.

You know Mr. Alexandru Bulai?

He was admitted here.

Of course I do.

How well? Not that well.

I don't mean you're friends but you've met him before?

Sorry, but could you tell me what this is about?

Mr. Bulai is facing criminal charges regarding his function as customs chief, as well as other aspects of his work.

I see.


We'd like to discuss some issues with him, but his lawyer claims he's unfit.

Medically unfit.

He is very ill.

He'll die if he doesn't get a liver very quickly.

And even then, his situation is...

I see. So what do you recommend?

Do you think he could stand detention?

Right now, it's out of the question.

But a talk?

Is that also too much?

Depends on how long it is.

Tell me, would a medical commission reach the same conclusion?

I presume so, but since we live in Romania...

Doctors sometimes protect patients for bad reasons...


You see a mote in your brother's eye but not the beam in your own.

Could you be more specific?

You have the reputation of being an honest doctor.

You don't ask patients for incentives, as some others do.

You're free to search my office-

There's no need for that, and anyway, we'd need a warrant.

But you know...

Everyone has his weak spot.

I'm not sure I follow.

In very complex investigations, certain procedures are followed, do you understand?

Depending on the findings, the charges can be extended.

Influence peddling, incitement and so on.

So the suspect's calls are intercepted.

Do you understand?

If any kind of fraud is suspected, further investigations follow.

We know you had some conversations with Mr. Bulai.

I greatly admire you, professionally.

And, though I may be out of line here, I'm sure my colleague here and you above all will keep this conversation confidential.

In brief, everything you discussed with Mr. Bulai has been recorded and filed.

I see.

Excuse me if I'm being too blunt, we're giving you the chance to correct your mistakes.

"Errare humanum est", as the Romans used to say.

You have mitigating circumstances. We have children too.

We don't know what we'd have done in your place.

But the law's the law.

He who persists in illegality will probably have to pay for it.

As for Mr. Bulai, with your permission, we'd still like to talk to him today, ask him a few questions.

That won't be possible.


Because I can't do that. I hope you understand.

I'm very sorry to hear that, doctor.

I do understand.

And I respect your decision.

But I think you should reconsider.

These investigations can be very unpleasant.

For your daughter too, even if it's not her fault.

You're here at 10 tomorrow?

Tomorrow and any other day.

Then we'll see you tomorrow.


Think about it.

Sometimes it helps to sleep on it.

If I may ask, just out of curiosity...

Are these real?


Then my colleague was wrong.

Have a nice day.

What did the morticians want?

Don't worry, it's OK.

Were they prosecutors?

Yes, but they're not after us.

They're after this patient of mine, Bulai.

They'll see, when they end up here.

They're doing their job.

If they'd done it on time, we wouldn't be here.

They're young. Maybe they'll make things better.


Besides, it's too late for us.

It is, but what can we do?

Let me know if I can help.

Can you handle things here? I have something to do.

Sure, doctor, go.

And be careful.

I will.



There's someone here to see you.

Hey. How are you?

How do you think?

I'm sorry. I had no idea.

I know you didn't.

The thing is, my child is involved.

You really need to talk to her.

Talk about what?

You need your stories to match.

How could I do such a thing?

Want me to talk to her? No.

I won't involve Eliza anymore.

I'll try to find out something about these guys.

Find out what?

We need to know how to handle them.

Let's not complicate things further.

I'll speak to them, figure something out.

As you wish.

Come to the police station at 9 for the line-up.

You think you'll catch him?

We'll catch that dirty motherfucker.



I have this feeling someone's following me.

How so?

Someone broke my windscreen.

You parked in someone's spot.

Someone broke my living room window too.

Install a surveillance camera.

I did.

Then confess to a priest.


I'll be on my way.

Isn't this a great view?


When we were in school, the other side looked better.

The trees have grown, you can't see much.


Well then, I'm off.



Thanks for coming. It's fine.

How did it go this morning?

I didn't take her.

Wasn't that the plan?

We argued last night and she said she'd take a cab.

Did she sit the exam?

No idea.

I see.

Marius, this is why I called you out.

They found a suspect in Eliza's case.

Could you come and see the line-up this evening?

Why would I do that?

She can't remember his face well.

She needs help or he'll go free.

But I didn't see him.

Maybe you glimpsed him from behind and you could recognize him.

How, if I never saw him?

Marius, do you agree he should pay?

Of course, but- Let me explain.

Can you go there, by the gate?

A bit further.

Can you see me? Yes.

How about now? Yes.

Good. Come back here.

Marius, isn't this you?

I don't think so. Look closer.

No, it's not me.

Don't you have trousers and a sweater like that?

Jeans. Everyone looks the same in jeans!

Why did you tell me you didn't call the police?

I didn't. You're lying.

There's a call from your number.

I called them, but not then.

When then? When l found her.

At 8:03! I don't know precisely-

You saw the attack and called, you got scared and hung up!

It's not true! Look at this photo!

You watched and did nothing! It's not me!

Why didn't you call for help? How could you pass by?

It's not me!

I'm sorry too, but I am not guilty, no one is.

No one is? Somebody but I don't know who.

So just let him get away!

Let bygones be bygones, right?

Don't you dare see Eliza again, understood?

That's not up to you. It isn't?

Are you telling me what to do now?

Beat it or I'll kill you!

Lucky you're an old man.

Hello, Magda. What happened?

I need to talk to Eliza but she won't answer.

Have you talked to her today?

Have you, Magda?

Last night. Did she do the exam?

I don't know.

I told her to go.

What happened?

At 9 she has to see the rape suspects at the station.

What's that? I fell.

I really need to talk to her.

Wouldn't it be best to wail until she calms down, and wants to talk to you?

It really can't wait.

As you wish.

Can I ask you something?

Can you give me your keys and call ahead when you plan to come?


How did we become such enemies? Can you remember?

Forgive me, I didn't mean it.

Let me go!

Forgive me, please.

Why are you doing this?

I'm very sorry. Magda...

I'm sorry.

Go away.

Please, go away.

Good evening. Is something wrong?


Let's talk after the exam. And don't come to my home again.

I know, but it's important.

A prosecutor visited me. I thought you should know.

I didn't find the girl's paper.

You didn't find it? No.


I'm sorry.

Don't come to my home again.

I apologize.

Be careful. Goodbye.


Good evening. Good evening, doctor.


Wait a moment!

Your father did this for you.

I have no reason to protect him.

Think carefully.

My father never asked me to do anything inappropriate.

So I don't understand... what you're getting at.

Hello, Eliza.


What's going on?

Nothing. Just talking.


Yes, boss. Bring them in.

Are you OK?

Come on in, please.

Take your time. Have a good look.

Don't worry, they can't see you.


Look ahead.

Now turn to me.

Now back.

Now, read.

Get over here.

Shut it or I'll kill you! Get your... here, now?

Step back.


Get over here!

Shut the fuck up or I'll kill you!

Get your cunt over here!

Get it?

Step back.

Want them to say something else? No.

This is what he said, right?


Shall we go on?


Get over here!

Shut up! I'll kill you!

Get your cunt here! Get it?

Step back.


Come here! Shut up! I'll kill you!

Get your cunt here! Get it?

Once again.




Enough! Enough!

I'm sorry, Eliza. I'm sorry.

If you recognize him, tell us.

It's none of them.

Take your time.

The guy we arrested today is among them.

That's not him.

Are you sure?

I think so.


Eliza, wait!

Now you're running away from me?

Let go of me!

Please, calm down, I want to talk to you!

About what?

Please, Eliza!

Please? How could you do that?

I'm sorry! I'm sorry.

Sorry? How could you even think he wouldn't have defended me?

There're things you don't know.

I don't need to!

You can't set out in life with anyone!

It's no longer your business!

And he's not just anyone!

Fine, Eliza, fine.

Do what you think is best.

Can I go now?


But what did you do at your exam today?

I don't even want to talk about it.

I see.

You don't have to worry. I did what I thought was best.

So it's fine.


Good, Eliza.

Well done.

I'm glad you used your own head to decide.

I'm glad.

Are you OK? Know where you're sleeping?

I'm OK.

Can I give you a ride? No, don't worry.

Just be careful.

Tomorrow's Open Day at school.

We're saying goodbye. You can come...

Thank you.

Daddy loves you.

Take care.

Open up!

Thank you.

Want some meatballs? No, thanks, this is plenty.

Hound Natal a speech therapist.

I'll call again tomorrow.

Thank you.

You were right.

I'll enrol him in my school. It's easier for everyone.

As you wish.

Can I ask you something? Go ahead.

Can you look after Matei in the morning?

I'm seeing a doctor, I don't want him with me.

Of course.

There's a park nearby. He won't be any trouble.

All right.

May I take him to school?

I'm going to Eliza's graduation.

Take him along.

Did you two make up?

I don't know.

It's difficult.

Children are like that.

Yes, you can never know.

I'll get the couch ready.

I'm dead tired.

Thanks. It's OK.

You have to wait.

Only one child at a time!

Please tell your son he has to wait.

It's fine, madam.

The instructor said so.

It's not his responsibility.

Those are the rules.

If we apply those rules to kids they'll never get their turn.

Maybe when they're older...

Tell your son to wait! They're kids, lady!

Matei! Don't throw stones!

Come over here.

Really... I'm very sorry.

No throwing. I apologize.

Did he hit you?

Why did you do that?

He should have waited.

That's true, but you can't act like that.


That's no way to behave.

So how should I behave?

It's complicated. Your mother will explain.

When you're with me, never do that, all right?


Let's go, it's getting late.

Wait here for a moment.

Good morning, doctor.

Good morning.

Hello, Csilla.

Who's the woman?

Mr. Bulai's wife.

He had a heart attack this morning.

She's waiting to talk to you.

And the prosecutors are waiting in my office.

I see.

Wish me luck.

Sok szerencsιt.

That means luck?

It does.

I'm so sorry, madam.

Last night, my husband asked me to give you this.


Please. It was his wish.

Thank you. Sorry for your loss.

Do you have your husband's ID?


Come along, please.

Thank you.

Good morning.

Did you bring handcuffs?

Come on, doctor, we're human too!

I got this now from Mr. Bulai.

Will you need it?

We're just doing our job, don't you see?

Yes. And it has to be done.

But you know what we say here:

No use excising the tumour if...

We do what we can.

Will you be here next week?

Where else?

Till Monday, then. The investigation must continue.

I understand.

You'll always find me here.

But let's keep the kids out of it.

Sure. We'll see...

Have a good day.

Let's go.

Are you OK?


Hello, Eliza.


How are you?


A bit nervous...

Hows Mum'?

She's fine.

She won't bar the windows after all.

That's better.


You get the results on Thursday?


But I'm not sure I'll leave.

It would be a pity but it's your decision.

Dad, about the exam...


They let me write a bit longer after the 3 hours were up.

L mean...

I started crying and they let me.

So I didn't need to do anything else.

I see.

Didn't I do well?

Can you take a photo? A keepsake?


Look at me.



Another smile...