Grand Theft Parsons (2003) Script

Good evening and welcome to tonight‘s show.

We are delighted to have with us here a very talented musicien and singer.

You know his work with The Flying Burrito Brothers and The Byrds.

He‘s returned to our shores having played with the Rolling Stones.

Ladies and gentlemen, Gram Parsons.

Oh, no, no!

No! No!


He‘s dead.

Yeah, he‘s dead!

Hold on. Tell me who‘s dead.

Parsons. God. Gram Parsons.

We met in a bar... Are you sure he‘s dead?

Yeah! He‘s really dead. He just...

Listen, call an ambulance and then get out of there.

Where are you? Joshua Tree Inn, room 8.

And another life burns out in the desert.

Gram Parsons, the standard bearer of the New Country music movement... dead following an overdose.

While many of America‘s young people are today in mourning...

..their parents will view this as another example...

..of how today's drug culture can so easily claim a life.

He was so beautiful...

..and he understood what my heart was feeling.

I'll never laugh again.

My inner joy has gone.

He sang country music in a way that it had never been sung before.

It was country rock although Gram hated that term...

..and I think it's fair to say that when Gram died he died a star.

We'll leave you with the man‘s own words.

He wrote a song called In My Hour Of Darkness, which contains these words.

And you are? I'm his road manager Oh, I see. His road manager? Yeah.

So you're not his physicien or a close relative?


Mr Parsons is awaiting a postmortem. He will be delivered to his family.

I'd speak to them if you want to pick through his personal effects, sir.

You listen here... No, you listen here.

Mr Parsons is dead and no longer appears to need a road manager...

..which makes two of us.



Old buddy, how you been?

Good morning, Doctor. Good morning.

What are you doing?

I'm just taking some stiff down to Neurology.

We don't have Neurology. Urology.

Hold your horses! Let me get my paperwork.

I have the paperwork. I need to get my paperwork.

Gram Parsons was the best friend I ever had...

..and the greatest musicien I ever saw.

We loved it out here in Joshua Tree...

..and we made a pact that whoever died first...

..the other would come out here and set his spirit free.

Gram gave his word and I gave mine.

God damn. I'm so sorry, baby.

Yeah, out of a job again.

Never would have happened if you'd been there.

How do you know I wasn't?

If you were there you wouldn‘t have let him die.

I'm still on staff he was my responsibility.

So where you been, anyway?

How long this time? Two weeks?


Let‘s start again like you haven‘t just done six weeks on the road.

Yeah, but I leave a note...

..and there‘s a paycheck involved.

Hey, lady!

Barbara, long time no see.

Don‘t try and schmooze me Kaufman, you repellent slimeball! ls that the latest victim?

Meet Barbara.

It's a lot tidier than I remember!

Who the hell is she? Gram's ex-girlfriend.

I thought he was married.

Welcome to the Seventies, sweetheart.

What do you want, Barbara?

I'm here to fulfill Gram's wishes.

That‘s nice. I have no idea what you're talking about.

Do you know what this is?


It's Gram's will.

To whom it may concern...

..I would like it to be known that is my wish to leave Barbara Mansfield... assets and belongings... the event of my death.

Signed Gram Parsons.

That absolutely settles it...

..that's the single most impressive document since the Magna Carta.

Still the jester, Kaufman and still very unfunny.

It's not a will and you know it.

No, it's better than a will, darling.

It's a signed promise from Gram to leave me all of his things.

Anyway, it's none of your business.

I'm here for the guitar.

Oh, OK.

Thank you.

There you go.


Look, I don't have the guitar.

Gretchen, his wife took it about six months ago.


Then I want the masters.

I'll get 'em myself, thank you. Hey!

Maybe you want to check the cookie jar too?

Why did you let her in?

It's all part of the grieving process.

Do me a faveur, sweetheart. Will you go grab the guitar?

Where are you going? I have to make a call.

Afternoon! Joshua Tree Obsequies.

Officer what? It's Latin, it means burial.

Gram Parsons was shipped in to you yesterday. Is he still with you?

Yes, he was here.

It was a real thrill for us here. We‘re such a small facility.

We nearly had Jayne Mansfield back in '67 when she passed through...

..but she was diverted to Frisco.

We'd done him up real nice, too...

..but he‘s been moved on.

Where to? New Orleans...

..although he just left so he‘s still on the road to Los Angeles Airport.

Hello? Hello?



What you doing?

These things aren't that big.

OK. ls that a problem?

Not really.

So what are you up to?

It's best you don't know.

All right. Keys.

I don't know what this craziness is but I'm not getting involved.

That's the point.

I'm not bailing you out this time. Right.

I'm leaving. Again?

This time I'm not coming back.

I simply can't give you any money based on this piece of paper.

Well, this isn't a piece of paper.

This is a promise from Gram... give me all of his money.

Miss Mansfield, Mr Parsons is a valued customer of ours.



We can't just hand his money to someone who says they're in his will.

We have rules.

You don't seem to understand.

These are his wishes.

Miss Mansfield, I truly understand.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Then, will you please just tell me how I'm supposed to get my money?

I imagine you first need to prove that Mr Parsons is actually dead... we have no record here.

Are you saying that I'm lying?

No, no, absolutely not!

But getting a copy of his death certificate would be the first step.

Thank you.

Hey, man.

I'm looking for Larry Oster-Berg.

You Oster-Berg?

Welcome to my home.

Nice place. What the hell is that noise?

Manomanjari on the sitar by Nikhil Banerjee.


There‘s no smoking in here I'm afraid.


Who are you, please?

I'm Phil Kaufman.

And how may I help you, Phil Kaufman?

I'd like to hire your car.


Well, I'm picking someone up at the airport.

Don‘t you know anyone with a car?

Yes, but I'm told yours is more suitable.

Hm. Why is mine more suitable?

It's a hearse.


How is a hearse...

..gonna be more suitable for picking someone up at the airport?

It's a joke. A joke?

Yeah, a prank, surprise.

Well, OK. Is it $200 worth of surprise?

No, no, it's more of a 3550 surprise.

I can lend you a bicycle.

Besides, the car is booked. Booked how?

I use it to carry equipment for a band.

Look, here's $200 to unbook it. Let 'em carry their own trombones.

You don't gotta count it you can trust me.

I see, never met you in my life, you shout at me through my window... wanna hire my hearse as a joke and you're $20 short.

Why should I trust you?

The last 3520 is for gas and I haven't seen the car yet.

It's a hearse. What else do you need to know?

Meet Bernice.

Bernice is a Cadillac Superior Royale Tiara...

..limousine funeral coach.

Got a 429 V8 engine...

..offering 340bhp 4 600 revolutions per minute.

You're looking at a 21-foot beauty...

..with a 1 SES-inch wheelbase containing a four-barrel Rochester Quadrajet carburatore...

..with turbo-hydromatic transmission.

Bernice weighs over 6 000 pounds.

It's yellow.

Yeah, it's yellow. Bernice comes in yellow.

It's supposed to be black.

But they're all black. That might be my point.

How is a yellow hearse with flowers gonna be less of a surprise...

..than a black hearse?

Because I paid you $200 for a black hearse.

No, you paid me $180 for a hearse and a hearse is what you get.

Look at Bernice and you'll see she's one of a kind. She's big, she's fast.

She's beautiful, comfortable...

..but she's not black.

All right, give me the keys.

Why? Cos I gotta ago.

Oh, no she doesn't go anywhere without me.

Oh, shit.

What‘s the matter?


Well, what flight are they on?

We'll wait here.

What time‘s your flight gonna...


OK. How soon?

Why d'you ask so many damn questions?

I don't know.

Shouldn't we be at arrivals?

Would you Shut up asking me stuff?



So how long are we gonna wait?


What do you mean, morning?

We'll make the pickup in the morning.


You wait till morning. I'm going home!

I'm only back because I don't trust you with Bernice.

You... I don't even know you.

If you think I'm just gonna walk away and leave you with the car... got another thought...

..on the way.


You've just arrived from New Orleans Mr Parsons?


And you're flying directly back to New Orleans, on the same plane?

That's correct.

I hope you enjoyed your stay at Los Angeles Airport, Mr Parsons.

Thank you.

I'm here to pick up my son's body.

He died out here, you see and I'm here to take him home.

I'm hoping that‘s enough information for you.

I'm so sorry. You will get every assistance you need on your journey.

Most kind.

Can I help you? Yeah, I'm here to pick up a coffin.

Um, name? Mine or the stiff's?

The deceased.


What was his name again? Parsons.


..S-O-N-S Parsons.

Yes. And he‘s a...


Was. He was a musicien.


Oh, yeah, they'll be right along.

This being a rush job they said you'd understand.

Oh, yeah, well... better tell 'em that we got rules.

This would be the exception that proves that particular rule.

Well, I'm afraid we can't issue a certificate...

..until we have official notification of death.

Well, he‘s dead.

At this current time...

..the Greater Los Angeles Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths...

..does not regard the local newspaper as an official recorder of record.

And here's your deceased.

Much obliged.

Good luck with her.

Yeah, that‘s a she.

And yours is supposed to be male?



Gone. Gone? What do you mean, gone?

Must've got the wrong box. The box is being loaded.

How do I get it back?


You're a damn thief!

Well, that‘s very hurtful.


Barney, are you receiving?

What the hell…?

Excuse me.

Why? I gotta get off the plane.

I just got settled in!

Oh, shit.

Excuse me! That your hearse?


Are you OK, boy?

OK? Sure, sure.

What you doing here, boy?



Can we speed things up a little? What‘s your hurry?

I just want to get up to Joshua Tree while it's still light.

Joshua Tree? You said New Orleans.

What? You were driving it to New Orleans.

But just now you said you were heading out to Joshua Tree.

Joshua Tree, yeah.

It's Joshua Tree City, Louisiana.

Never heard of that.

It's small. It's just another local community struggling to get by.

I don't like the look of you.

Wherever there‘s a hippy there‘s a crime...

..even if that crime hasn't happened yet. That's what I always say.

And here we are.

You should've told me it was a Berkeley.


I need you to sign before you go.

And three more.

So what you doing here?

We're meeting someone off a flight.

Meeting someone off of a flight? Yes.

In a hearse? Yes, it's a surprise.

Which part's the surprise, the fact you're in a bright yellow hearse?

The fact that you look like something out of a horror film?

Or the fact that you're a half a mile away from the terminal...

..and they're gonna have to walk across two runways to reach you?

The first part.

OK, would you go ahead and tell me what the hell‘s going on?

I don't care if it is first thing in the morning! I need a drink!

Never signed so many bits of paper!

To hell with Vietnam! Paperwork is slowing this great country down!

Morning, officer.


I was just saying how people with work to do like yourself, officer...

..are engulfed by paper.

Grab the end, will you?

Doesn't that just drive you crazy? Yeah, I guess it does.

One casket six sheets of paper to sign. Six!

Does that sound right to you? No, it sure don't.

Whew! Last thing I want to do is hold you up further with my chatter.

You have a good day now, officer. Thanks for your help.

Come on, let's go, let's go.

Whoa, just a moment, boys.

My sidekick just told me about you picking someone up from the terminal.

A surprise, he said.

And here you are loading a coffin into your vehicle.

You see, the gentleman we're meeting at the airport...

..doesn't yet know about the said passing of his aunt.

And you're gonna meet him off of his flight with her coffin?

Yeah, we're doing it this way for the avoidance of all doubt.

That's a real nice touch.

The, uh, ignition‘s a bit temperamental.


You have to use a screwdriver. I see that.

You have a good day, now, officer.

We did it. We did it!

What was all that babbling about? I didn't babble.

Goddamn hippies.

You hit the wall. I clipped it, I clipped the wall.

The gap's 50 yards wide, you aim for the gap. And you missed the gap!

I was distracted.

We are supposed to be picking someone up and you arrive with a coffin.

I just woke up.

You on drugs, boy?

Helle, officer! Yes, they make these hearses wider than they need to.

Shut up! You on drugs, boy?

Not at this time.

You just missed a gap of 50 yards and hit a wall in daylight! Why was that?




Fantastic, well done.

Oh! Yeah, now it's all my fault.

You hit the wall! Of course it's your fault!


Here it comes.

Well? Well, what?

What are we doing now?

He said to wait.

Nice going, Nippy, went straight through the gap that time.

Jesus! What now?

Get out. What are you talking about?

Come on, we gotta keep moving!

Get out, take your friend with you.

I can see you're a bit sensitive about this whole casket thing...

Get out!

Stop saying that! I can't get out.

Why not? I...

Look, man, it ain't right to throw me out into the street with a coffin.

Thank God.

What the hell you doing? I'm driving back to the mortuary.

You can't do that. I'm driving back to the mortuary.

Stop! God damn it, come on, man! I can explain.

Parsons? Parsons.

Was he in a Berkeley?

What‘s a Berkeley?

A luxury casket of solid mahogany finished with a split-hinged lid...

..eight brass-plated casket handles and an engraved inscription plate.


Absolutely, completely, totally.

It seems awfully heavy for an empty coffin.

They're made of the finest poplar and that‘s very heavy wood.


No way.

Mahogany or oak...

..but not poplar.

I'm not gonna argue! Poplar's very well suited to making a coffin.

OK. 80 why is there an empty coffin in the back of my car?

I'm selling them on to a company in Palm Springs.

Lots of stiffs, lots of money.

Of course, they're very environmentally sound. You know?

And perhaps under these circumstances... and I should renegotiate the financial agreement between us.

You just gave the body away? Well, it's not like it's a bank.

People around here don't generally take bodies they're not entitled to.

Why did you give it to him? Because he signed for it.

Who signed for it?

John Nobody. John Nobody?

And where do I find this John Nobody?


Hey, wait! Wait!

So Bobby transfers them over into hardboard boxes prior to cremation.

I drive the caskets over to a guy in Palm Springs, who resells them.

As new?

I'm not sure the "one careful owner" thing works with coffins.

The whole thing is completely immoral.

Well, I saw how upset you were when I mentioned money.

Just think of it as recycling.

Look, I need to get home.

Why? I just do.

Well, while I acknowledge the power of your argument...

..we have some place we need to be.

Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

What do you mean, the body was stolen? Who the hell steals a body?



Where‘s that son of a bitch? The son of a bitch isn't here.

He‘s stolen Gram.

Stolen Gram?

Mm-hmm, yeah. They had some sort of weird pact.

I think he‘s taken Gram out to the desert.

Why? I don't know.

Some voodoo thing with hot wax and dolls to stick pins in.

That's ridiculous.

That's a wise move, if you ask me.

I didn't ask you.

So where are the oops?

I called 'em.

Supposed to be a funeral in New Orleans. I gotta find my son.

New Orleans?

The man said he was driving the casket to Joshua Tree, Louisiana.

Joshua Tree?

I still don't fully understand what you do.

I do everything.


This old number‘s for drinking money. By trade I'm a road manager.

Oh, one of those. Hal-ha! Like a well-paid gofer?

No, not like a well-paid gofer!

I'm in charge of movement maintenance and management.

I'm a patron and a partner I'm a confidente and companion..., agent and ambassador.

I'm like an executive nanny not a gofer.

Oh, executive nanny, not a gofer.

Thanks for clearing that up.

He‘s a brainless interfering asshole!

I don't know what you want, but...

That‘s him, isn't it?

Oh, fine.


Hey, baby, it's the love machine!

God, what a horrible thought.

You are gonna rot in jail.

When I get you, you are gonna...

Phil! Phil!


Sorry, Barbs, gotta go.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Kaufman! Kaufman!

What was that about? Sunstroke.

You've hardly left the car. How can you have sunstroke?

I'm susceptible.

Oh, you're a winner. You are a winner!

You wanna see what he is all about? What that asshole is capable of?


Are you coming?

Pull off here.

This isn't the way to Palm Springs.

It is for a coffin smuggler. I give up.

What now? Gas now.


You're an undertaker? Sure am.

Ain‘t you supposed to be in black?

No, we're special rock'n'roll undertakers, musical morticians.

Can you slam some high-test in there for me?

This car runs on regular.

Who said it's for the car? Ain‘t for the car?

Come on, hippy, let's roll!

Sunstroke, huh? Yeah.




I was wondering...

..did you happen to see a hearse pass by here in the last couple of hours?

What‘s it look like?

It's a big car couple of guys inside.

Did one of them guys get sick over there?

I don't know, maybe.

Yeah, I seen it.

80 the Yin represents negative...

..the dark side...

..and the Yang represents positive, good.

If you like, the first is earth the second heaven.

The YinlYang symbol is really evocative about the whole concept.

As you travel around the circle white or black will increase...

Let me give you an example.

So, what seem to be there...

In order to truly know good... must first know people.

Without good as a comparison...

..allowing Yin to flourish... welcome Yang.

If I let go of the Yang... are waiting...


It'd be nice to get through a couple of hours without crashing the car.

I was distracted.

Of course you were.

I don't believe it.

Middle of nowhere!

Quick, get out of the car.

Now pretend to have a conversation. OK. What about?

I don't know. Ever since I met you, you talked.

Religion, your supersonic car the dark side.

Now you gotta and you can't think of anything to say?

Whatever your damn fool religion is it worked.

It's more of a philosophy than a religion.

I mean, religion is more...

Shut up.

Afternoon, gentlemen.

Afternoon, officer. How‘s it going?

It's going just fine, thank you. How are things with you?

Good. We just stopped to take a look at this fine view you guys got.

Uh-huh. It is mighty nice around these parts...

..if you like the desert.

How are things with you today, sir?

Uh, well, I'm really well, actually. Thanks.

The reason I ask is you seem to have run into one of our road signs.

I'm surprised you didn't notice... it does appear to be impeding. your forward progress That's a funny line.

Thank you.

I was wondering if you gentlemen could give me a hand.

Sure, anything.

I'm looking for some fellas that stole a body at the airport.

Stole a body? Uh-huh, a body.

Rather like the one in the back of your vehicle there.

That's an empty coffin, officer. Uh-huh.

I know it sounds strange but there were two of them.

They loaded the body in the back of a yellow hearse painted with flowers...

..and they're supposed to be headed out this way.

Hearse. Flowers.

He‘s on to us, Larry. He‘s just having a little fun at our expense.

Uh-huh. In the car.

I'll take the keys.

God damn!

He said body. He said we stole a body.

He meant a coffin. He didn't say coffin, he said body.

Apprehended suspects in stolen hearse with body.

Tell me we have not stolen a real person.

The place I get the coffins from probably hasn't filed a report yet.

It'll be sorted out within the hour. Trust me.

00h! I'm overflowing with trust for you, man.

I feel this overwhelming feeling of trust every time I look at you.


What are we gonna do?

Time. What?

We're gonna go to court...

..we're gonna go to jail and that‘s what we're gonna de for a while.

What if I slip out of these cuffs?

Great, then we could suspend you from a bridge in a straitjacket...

..and light the rope on fire.

No, really I can slip out of these cuffs.

Show me.

I think we should go.

We'll go, now that the sign no longer appears to be impeding our progress.

Hey, stop that car! You hit my bike!

What the hell you doing? The steering lock is on!

Turn it off! I can't. He‘s got the key.

So we've escaped but we can only drive in a circle.

Yes. You're going to jail!

What? Wait!


Hey! Hey!

Are you crazy?

That's it! They're gonna lock me up and throw away the key.

Why would they do that?

I drove into a cop's bike, that‘s destruction of police property.

You worry too much. Not till I met you.

What are we doing? What do you mean?

What are we doing here? What are we chasing?

I don't know about you, honey but I need Gram.

Well, you've gotta come to terms with the fact that he‘s dead.

I know he‘s dead, honey, OK?

It's just that his body hasn't officially been identified...

..there's no certificate of death.

This is all about money, isn't it? lsn't everything?

Look, I was an orphan at 1 4 a waitress at 1 5.

I do things the way I do them because it puts food on the table.

Now, I just want what's mine and then I'll be gone.

Gone real fast.

Why do you deserve anything?

Without my support he would have never made it.

Then Phil Kaufman came along.

Phil's not responsible for you and Gram. You lost him all on your own.

What do you know?

When it came to Gram Phil only ever did the right thing.

Phil Kaufman has never done anything because it was the right thing to do.

I'll bet the ranch that wherever he is right now he‘s having some fun…

..because that‘s what he does and that is all that he does.

Jesus. What the hell is that?

It's a dinosaur.

That's very perceptive. What‘s it doing?

Polyonax Place. Polyonax is probably some kind of dinosaur.

Dinoburgers, reptile steaks

..primeval soup. Eurgh.

Titanosaurian portions prehistoric prices...

..liquor served.

Pull over, let's eat. Let‘s not.

The cop is right on our trail.

We need to get on to Palm Springs and do this thing and I can go home.

And you can do whatever it is you do.

Let‘s do that.

We need to stop, I'm getting hungry and I ain't very nice hungry.

I vote we keep going.

What gave you the impression this was a democracy?

Pull over!

Do you have any idea what it's like to love someone?


Sweetie, that‘s very touching that you're in love with Phil Kaufman...

..but unfortunately so is he.

I'm sure you're just handy to have around.

OK, you vindictive bitch...

..I am going with you to Joshua Tree cos I want to know what is going on.

But don't you tell me how to feel about anybody...

..or I'll smash that pretty little face of yours off the road. Got it?

Do you kiss your mama with that mouth?

You frighten him. I do not.

Everyone else he announces the food Diplodocus this, Allosaurus that.

With us he slaps it down.

Something to do with that rabbit food you're eating.

Look, I'm a vegetarian.

I have a problem with the dead flesh.

I get it.

This stuff'll mess you up every time.

Howdy. Yeah?

Been Would you put a Slug of... bourbon in there, please?


Bad day? Yeah.

Real bad day.

What happened?

My boy died out here the other day and a couple of...

..punks stole his body.

Oh, man, I'm sorry. That's worth a shot on the house.


We gotta go. I haven't finished my drink.

Why would someone steel a body?

All gone.

Maybe the were souvenir hunters. He was sort of famous.

Thanks, guys. Who is he?

Gram Parsons.

Gram Parsons?

Gram Parsons?

Gram Parsons? Is Gram Parsons dead?

We'd better get going.

He said someone took Gram Parson's body, two people.

I didn't think he'd ever Shut up.

We gotta keep to our schedule.

What schedule? There is no schedule.

We gotta get our package to Palm Springs, remember?


We've stolen that man's son!

Stolen his son? That's outrageous!

I'm appalled that you could even think we would do such a thing.

I don't know what you take me for.

I want to see in that box.

We gotta go!

It's heavy.

Of course it's heavy. Wood is heavy.

Yeah, I remember, finest poplar.

Oh, Jesus! Jesus! Jesus, Jesus!

Yeah, they gave us a full one. Look we'll sort this out in Palm Springs.

Oh, my God!

You stole Gram Parsons?

Technically we stole Gram Parsons.

I stole a coffin. I didn't know there was a body in it.

I'd save that line for court.

What are you doing? I don't know!

What am I doing? What am I doing?

Why am I here? Why am I with you?

What is going on? Calm down!

It was bad when I ran over that cop's bike! Now I'm a body snatcher!

If you can wrap it up we could go! Go? You go.

I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna go inside.

I'm gonna give that man his son back. I'm gonna do the right thing!

I'm going to follow my conscience.

I'm going. Shit!

Oh, Jesus.

Come on, hippy. Hippy, come on!

Hip... Hippy, come on.


Come on.

Sorry about that, hippy but there‘s something I gotta do.

Welcome back, hippy.

Why did you do it?

Do what? Have a guess.

I gave my word. This is what Gram wanted.

Cruising around the desert until he started to smell?


I make a promise, I keep it.

You made me do it, you jerk.

I've never hit anyone in my life…

..but you pushed and you pushed

..and you gave me no choice.

Come on, Bernice not your lights, not now.


Shit, shit, shit!


I'm one of the guys that took your son.

Where is he?

May I come in?



What happened to your head?

The hippy hit it.

I thought you had gone.

Hold that thought. What the hell does that mean?

I need to know what the hell is going on here.

I told you!

He‘s gonna set fire to my Gram in some freaky ceremony...

..with black magic and dolls!


I want my man back.

Enough of this shit.

Where are the keys?

Oh, shit.

Whatever happened to peace love and understanding, hippy?

You're Kaufman? Yeah.

Well, hello, Stanley.

You remember me the psychotic girlfriend?

Hello, Barbara. Nothing wrong with your memory.

You boys mind telling me why you stole my son?

I didn't even know he was in the box.

I'm going to cremate him here in the desert, where he feIt most at home.

Oh, the hell you are, Kaufman!

You know I can't let you do that. I know you have to.

I don't have to do anything Mr Kaufman!

This is my loss, my son!

It's too late to claim him now. What‘s that supposed to mean?

All he ever wanted was your approval.

He wanted you to be proud of what he achieved.

Of course I was proud of him.

I saved everything. Every photo every album, every article.

It's no good telling me. You should've told him.

I understand you were his right-hand man, as well as his friend...

I was both, yeah.

..and that when he died you weren‘t there, when he needed you the most.

That‘s right.

80 the guiIt is not all mine, then.

I guess not.

I lost him once in life...

..and now you're trying to take him away from me again.

Oh, God can we just cut through this, OK?

Now, you two stole the body theft...

..and you are a fool who should've called the police but hasn't...


Let‘s just call the oops and get this thing done, OK?

Get a certificate, bury him and his soul will be properly laid to rest.

That‘s it.

Get... Hey!

Get your hands off of me!

Give me a chair.

Let me out of here!

You are in trouble, Kaufman! This is bullshit, Kaufman!

I was his road manager and friend. We both loved it out here in the desert.

Damn it! Oh!

We had a pact that whoever died first...

..the other would come out here and set him free.

Gram gave his word and I gave mine.

You're a couple of druggies. Why should I believe you?

Sir, I don't take drugs.

What about you? Are you a druggie?

Yes. Yes, I am.

Stanley! They're gonna burn your son, Stanley!

Nice work. Get back here!

Let‘s go. God damn it!

Hey, man. What?

I can't do this.

Just do what feels right to you.

Ah, God damn it.

Have you called them? No.

Are you gonna call 'em?

You haven't given me a reason not to.

There isn't a reason.

Someone tried to steel my son's body I'd stop them for sure.

80 are you prepared to go to jail?

I'm expecting to.

Don't you worry, Kaufman. Gonna happen.

Mr Parsons?

What is it, son?

I've been a junkie for over four years...

You don't need to...

I've taken heroin, speed uppers, downers, blues, morphine...

..methadone, mushrooms...

..Quaaludes, acid, Valium barbiturates, straight LSD...

..marijuana marijuana laced with Opium...


..mescaline, of course, and...

..medicinal methaqualine, which...

..made me shake uncontrollably for six days and vomit on the hour.

That‘s very impressive, son. Not my point, sir.

Better make that point.

I started making my way though this list on June 5th 1 969.

Since then there hasn't been a day when I didn't at least smoke a joint.

Are we sure this is helping?

And now I stopped.

I stopped because... seemed I had something more important to do.

He‘s doing this... cos he gave his word.

And I'm prepared to do it now because... I think it's right.

I believe everybody has a soul...

..and Gram's soul does not belong... some family plot surrounded by strangers.

ItIt belongs out here where he was happiest.

I'm gonna go outside and say goodbye to my son.

You really take all those drugs?

I don't remember.

Where did he go?

You're going to prison!

You're gonna be somebody's bitch in there, Kaufman!

Oh, thank God!

Hi, officer. I know I was going really fast, but you have to help me!

They stole my boyfriend‘s corpse...

..and they are going to perform a rituel with his body!

Can I see your driver's licence? Excuse me, what?

Your driving licence, ma'am.

They stole a body and you want to see my driver's licence?


Officer Larson.

You people are supposed to be on the lookout for a hearse, OK?

A hearse is a big, long car.

You can tell which ones because they have coffins in the back of them!

Now, the one you're looking for is painted yellow.

Does this look like a yellow hearse?

You... homosexuel!

ls that a ticket?

Are you writing me a ticket?

Yes, it is, ma'am.

Yes, I am.

Turn off here, man.

Could you give me a hand here?

Jesus, Gram.


Sorry, Gram.

What now?

Now we do it.

Lift up the lid. What? Why?

Flesh burns easier than wood. I have a problem with dead flesh.

Oh, you're looking a little peaky, man.

A little decorum would be nice.


You think that‘s enough?

I don't know, maybe a little more.


I am not discussing how much gasoline we need to burn a human body.

That should do it.

There‘s a little left.

I'm sorry I wasn't there when you threw away your damn fool life.

I was there before...

..and I've been there ever since.

Good luck, Gram.

Here's my last one, buddy.

Jesus! What the hell is that?

That would be Gram Parsons... on fire.

Oh. Maybe too much fuel.

No, I just didn't factor in the amount of booze he had in him.

Oh, shit!

How do you know that‘s your boyfriend?

I recognised the birthmark on his Shoulder.

You know, officer can I make an observation?

Knock yourself out.

We're in the desert and it's dark...

..and if you want to catch somebody in the dark...'s probably best not to turn on your big flashing lights...

..and make a big loud noise with a siren.

D'you want to know what I think, ma'am?


It was suicide.

Maybe he just wanted to get away from you.

Hello, Gram.


You think you should?

It's not gonna hurt me now, is it?

Nice wheels.

It's very stylish.

They come in handy for transporting dead people, nothing better.

I am dead, then, huh?

You're more than dead. You and the box are down to bones and brass.

Well, all right.

Here's mud in your eye.

What can I do for you, Gram?

I guess I just wanted to say thanks.

I'm just taking care of business that's what you paid me for.

You shootin' for a raise?

Actually I... I just quit.

Goodbye, Gram.

Goodbye, Phil.

I'm glad it all worked out.

What? I'm glad it all worked out.

All what worked out?

It doesn't matter.

Can we go? I'm getting sick of sand.

Hey, baby, we're boogying.

Get out of here. Finish it.

Well, we did it. We saved a soul.

Singed my damn moustache that‘s for sure.

Shell we?

Yeah. Let‘s roll, hippy.

You got the wrong guy, man. I keep telling you, I didn't do it.