Grave Encounters (2011) Script

My name is Jerry Hartfeld.

I run a video production company, here in Anaheim, California.

We focus mainly on reality television shows.

If you ever seen the show, "Tornado Trackers", it's one of ours.

A tape arrived in the mail.

It was a pilot episode of a new reality series called "Grave Encounters".

And it was by a young producer named Lance Preston.

The idea was that him and his group of paranormal investigators, would investigate ghost sightings and hauntings and things of this nature.

And this was, you know, years before all the other ghost haunting shows that are out there now.

I mean, I really felt he was ahead of his time.

My name is Lance Preston.

When I was a boy my family moved into a house that I soon discovered was haunted.

The things I encountered, have stayed with me forever.

Ever since then, I have been obsessed with trying to capture proof that these things were real.

Come along with me and my team of skilled paranormal investigators as we dare to venture into some of the most haunted locations known to man.

Spending the night, and capturing everything on camera.

If you're ready, it's time to have some GRAVE ENCOUNTERS And everything was... you know, going really smoothly.

I mean, the edits that were coming back were great. We were very excited.

We really had some thing, you know.

And then of course, they got the Episode 6.

Uh, do you have anything else you want to say?

Yeah! I want to be very clear about this.

What you're about to see is not a movie.


This is been assembled from some 76 plus hours of raw mini DVD source footage that was shot for Lance's show.

Not a frame of this had been doctored, hasn't been manipulated in any way.

This is just raw footage, it's been edited strictly for time.


Hello! Hello! Testing! Testing.

Lance Preston!

Keep a good portion of this in the back the whole time.

I'm gonna move a little bit, but...

Are you ready then? I'm ready.

You're still in the shot. I can... I want to get you clean.

One step back. Well, good?

Good evening!

And welcome to another episode of Grave Encounters.

I'm your host, Lance Preston, as always.

And tonight I am very excited to take you inside one of the most terrifying locations I have ever seen.

Behind me sits the Collingwood Psychiatric hospital.

It's one of six buildings spread over 80 acres of land, just outside ...

We are gonna pick it up from there. I'm not gonna do the beginning part again.

And between the years 1895 and 1960, it played home to more than 80,000 of Maryland's most mentally ill and disturbed individuals.

After its closure in 1963, reports of ghostly apparitions, objects moving on their own. And sometimes even the lunatic laughter of the patients condemned to roam these halls.

Tonight, my crew and I will be performing an 8 hour lock down.

Trapped inside, during the peak hours of dead time.

Using the most sophisticated in ghost hunting equipment we will be in search of what's become known as the ghost of the Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital.

Cut. Nice!


Morgan! Hi Morgan Turner! How are you? Yeah. Hi.

Oop! Perfect. Thanks for coming up man.

Especially to make you drive all the way.

That's okay. I'm really happy to do it.

Is um... is this going to be on TV? Yeah, that's what we hope.

Hey, not this part. I'm just shooting this.

Oh, don't worry about it, she shoots everything.

I'm here with Morgan Turner, local town historian.

Morgan is here today to shed some light on the institute's dark past.

Morgan? Can you tell us when the institute was first built?

Well! The history of Collingwood is fairly typical of similar hospitals of the era.

It was built in 1893... to address the sort of growing over crowding problem at the state hospital in Denver's County.

Mental illness, of course at that time was not very well understood and treatments were still in their infancy.

Psychiatric hospitals like this were seen as sort of a dumping ground for embarrassing family members rather then a place that they could go to actually get help.


The conditions were pretty abysmal.

People have to sleep on the floor, some times, without blankets or even clothes.

It was really not a fun place to be stuck in.

Could you tell us about Arthur Friedkin?

His story is probably the most infamous about this hospital.

Sure..! I figured that you're gonna ask me that.

Friedkin was a Harvard trained neurologist who was head physician here from 1937 to 1948.

He had gain some notoriety because of his work in experimental brain surgery.

He was a major advocate of the lobotomy, under Friedkin supervision there were about 140 lobotomies.

On August 15, 1948, six patients broke out of their rooms and stabbed Friedkin in his office.

His body was found the next morning by a nurse.

Unfortunately, this event was completely overshadowed by the death of David Bruce, the famous baseball player.

It's a crazy story!

So Morgan, in your honest opinion. Do you believe in ghosts?

I don't know.

But if they do exist, well, this would be a good place to go looking for them.

The traffic was busy today, so...

Didn't take us too long, it was about hour drive, something like that.

Oh God! "Death awaits."

I guess we'll find out. That is so lame!

Ah, this will taking a bit, this old ancient lock here. I don't even think we should use this.

You know, it's really cheesy dude. Yeah! I don't like that.

Slow motion, music behind it. Everything's creepy.

Okay.. come on. Good. Here we go.

Okay, come on in.

Oh my God!

So this is the main entrance to the building here.

Nice! Yes!

Oh, ho ho, man!

And if you were family member, you have to check-in at the reception over there.

This is creepy as shit! This is so insane.

Are you getting all this? Get everything!

I want to do camera shots of all of this.

Hey you down there. No smoking, uh.

Can you take that outside? Don't even bother inside, please. Fire exit.

I'm here with Kenny Sandavol. Resident caretaker, for the past 8 years.

Kenny! Would you say that this place is haunted?

Well, I've never done this before. So, should I talk to you or to the camera?

Yeah.. Don't. This isn't...

Well, I don't know if I believe in ghost or spirits or anything like that.

But in my time here I've seen some pretty weird stuff.

You know, especially working late night you hear all these old pipes and the building sort of make noises and...

Well, it's really hard to put your finger on it. But...

I get the sense that, I'm not alone.

Lets go check it out!

Aha. Okay.

Uh, like this hallways go on forever.


It's hard to believe this place used to house thousands of insane people.

There were thousands.

Seem to have darkness and it's still day time.

So where is the power socket? You scared?

Ah, there's a few newer lines you can plug into.

I'll will show you where those are.

Hey guys! If you think it's dark now, wait till tonight.

Cause none of these lights work, it'll get very dark.

So you guys see this window here? Yeah!

I lock it up real good in night come back in morning, some times this thing's wide open.


Yeah, I can't figure it out.

Its like a... something is trying to get out or something.

Its a definite paranormal hotspot.

How is it? Perfect.

How is this supposed to help people if their stuffed in these tiny rooms.

Oh my God! This is officially fucked!

Is this real? Yup, this is totally real.

The guy who lived here was in here for quite a few years and this is what he did.

He spent his time writing on the walls.

So this is the actual patiented room here?

An actual patient was in here.


I don't know whether he was right to the end, but he was here for a long time.

Very creepy.

What the fuck!? Kenny! This is great!

Oh man, the acoustics are shit in here.

Supposedly a patient, a young girl, killed herself in here.

What? Right here?

A patient killed herself, right here? Yes, slit her wrists in this tub.

Oh God, that's so sad.

People say they've heard the sound of rustling water coming out of this room, but I've never heard any thing like that.

Where are we going next then?

Ah, we gonna go down to the service tunnels.

Can't wait to see all this.

You on it?

Oh Kenny! This is exactly what I was looking for!

These service tunnels connect all the buildings.

There's about a quarter mile of them.

It's like a maze down here. You could easily get lost.

One day, I was down here walking over to the East wing, and the air got real cold.

It was so still. I felt like someone was watching me.

Very eerie feeling.

What? What? It's just my shadow. Sorry.

This is Garry Crawford. Crawford Contracting.

He was hired here, quite some time ago, to do some work?

Is that right?

Back in 93, yeah. The state was gonna try and do some renovation here but eventually they shit-can the idea. Oh shit, I'm sorry!

You want me not to swear? Yeah, that would be better.

Anyway, me and my guys came in here for about two weeks.

And you experienced some supernatural phenomenon?

Well, we were off to start, some of the guys were hearing what they thought were weird noises and...

And there were some tools disappearing over night, I thought it was looters, but I never saw anybody, so...

There was an accident? Yeah...

One of my guys on a ladder, in fact, he was pulling some old wood just over there.

And he swears that something pushed him off the ladder.

He took a hard fall.

Banged up his knee, and he quit!

Well! that doesn't sound like a residual haunting.

Its sounds like an intelligent haunting.

A residual haunting is thought to be like an echo from the past, continuing to loop over and over again.

An intelligent haunting is actually a spirit that interacts and has intention.

There are many reports of people having been pushed, scratched and even thrown.

It's rare but it does happen.

So, you both have spent a lot of time out here?

Yeah, all in high school with bunch of kids used to come down here and just... you know, for hang out.

And you saw something here?


We were actually right here.

Here. Making out or whatever... and I looked up and I swear to God.

I swear to God that I saw someone right at the end of the hall there.

He was wearing a... like a white... Like a hospital gown?

Yeah, like a white hospital gown. And he had shaved head. Yeah.

Full spectral apparition.

Why don't we... why don't we grab an interview with gardener look like?

As long as the lights doesn't...

Excuse me! Excuse me sir! Excuse me.

I'm shooting a TV show here.

Just wondering if you want to do a quick interview with us.

I am standing here with the resident gardener, Javier Ortega.

Javier, have you ever noticed anything strange around the building?

No. Not really. What do you mean?

Well, have you heard any weird noises or seen any ghostly activity?

I just start to working here.

Just started working. That's great.

TC can you... ? Just cut for a sec?

Okay, how about you make something up for the camera?

Pretend you saw something? Just...

I got to get go on to work! Okay. Okay.

Wait! Wait, wait... No, no just wait. Do you have any of the petty cash or...?

Hey Javier, how does 20 bucks sound?

I am standing here with the resident gardener, Javier Ortega.

Javier, have you ever seen anything strange in the past

10 years of working here?

Yeah, I saw a ghost. Over here.

It was really scary.

A ghost on the exterior of the building. Unbelievable.

This is really a paranormal hotspot unlike anything, we've ever shot at before.

On three, two, one ...

Because of this location's massive size and scope, I've called in psychic medium Houston Grey to assist in the investigation.

Houston! Are you sensing anything?

Oh wow! Wow! Oh, there's such an incredible energy here!

It's like hundreds of voices all talking at once.

The sound is deafening!

There is something else.

I..I... There's something else here.

It's... like a dark spirit.

It might even possibly be a demon.

Now we have got to be extremely cautious tonight, Lance.

We do not want to be messing with something like this, at all.

This is it!

Houston, are you feeling anything?


I'm sensing deep well of sadness in here.

A profound sadness.

I see a patient. A female patient.

A girl. There is water, red... red water.

Blood. Blood. She died right in here. She slit her wrists in the bathtub.

The caretaker said a girl killed herself right here.

Houston! That's incredible.

The spirit is still with us.

Cut it.


Okay! Was that too much? No.

Come on. How was it guys?

No, no, no. That was great. That sounded very real.

Hey Lance! How do you feel about Show 6?

Feeling good. It's a good location.

Do you think we're actually going to see some ghosts this time?

Oh yeah! Hundreds of them. I'm sure.

Wow! Maybe you try to sound a little less skeptical.

I mean, it would be great. But if we don't, then... you know whatever, we just want to make sure we can get some good scares. That's all.

Oh! Oh, oh hey, TC!

Uh, you want to get a nice crime lab shot?

Dude, the ground's slippery.

Okay, this is creepy as shit. I am getting out of here.

Alright, we are about to check in with our resident Grave Encounters tech wizard, Matt.

Matt! Why don't you walk us through some of what are you're doing here?

I've set up ten static cameras around the hotspots of ghost activity.

So they record constantly the tape.

They are also recording to a backup hard drive.

And everything gets wirelessly transmitted back to my computer.

So I'll know what's happening all the time.

Real quick Matt!

Why don't you walk to us through what some of the equipment is for?

This is an EMF meter. And what this does is it records electrostatic and electromagnetic fields in the air.

So the basic idea is that man-made or human EMF fields will remain stable.

While fields caused by paranormal activity will produce spikes in the reading.

Infrared thermometer.

Okay, it's the same idea as the EMF, only it's used to detect drops in air temperature.

Ghosts are believed to cause dramatic drop offs in air temperature, known in the paranormal community as cold spots.

Testing one, two, three ...

This is a simple analog audio recorder. All right.

It's used to capture EVPs. Oh, now real quick ...

For the audience at home, explain, what an EVP is...

EVP is Electronic Voice Phenomena This thing will actually pick up sounds that the human ear cannot detect.

So when we play it back, if we hear something, we'll know that something out there is trying to communicate with us.

Okay. This is my favorite. This is a Geiger counter.

You just turn the sound right here, and you're good to go.

I mean, look at this! This is freaking bad ass!

That's bad ass.

Listen!, I can guarantee you, that if there is anything paranormal, anything freaky happening in this joint, we gonna catch it.

Alright folks, we're about to initiate lock down.

My friend Kenny here, the building's care taker will be doing us the honor of sealing us inside.

Kenny, thanks very much, man! See you at 6 am.

Okay, 6 am sharp. Good luck!

I am a demon. A demon child.

I can't wait to see you there in the morning.

Yeah, you see, we got to spend the night with these two freaks.

What are you doing? I'm on with Kenny.

Dude, did you lock the door?

What do you mean? It's great for the show, man. Don't worry about it.

What if I have to get more equipment after that?

All right! This is the real deal folks!

This is the by far the biggest location we have ever investigated and the most dangerous.

Now, I want to put emphasis on fact that this facility was built very much like a prison.

All the windows are barred. We literally could not get out of here if we wanted to.

We are trapped inside, until Kenny the caretaker comes to get us in the morning.

We will be working in pitch dark.

Capturing everything on three night vision capable cameras.

Along with the static cams that Matt set up for us on our hotspots.

All right everyone! If you are ready, it's time to have some Grave Encounters!

Okay, we're now roaming the vast darkness of the hallways of the institute.

Hallways that have been abandoned for more than 50 years.

We are in search of spirits that are unsettled in life and possibly unsettled in the afterlife.

I sense down here is cold Cold is right.

This is the hallway where the apparition of the patient with the shaved head, was seen floating down at the end of the hallway.

Sasha, Let's do that EVP.

Is there somebody with us?

Are you a patient here?

Did you use to live in the hospital? Play back.

"Is there somebody with us?"

"Are you a patient here?"

"Did you use to live in the hospital?"

There's nothing.

All right. One sec... I feel like it just sort of a ...

Spirit, you have nothing to fear from us.

If you are here, show yourself!

I think it's getting colder as we go on. It's drawing us this way.

It wants us to go this way.

If there's a spirit here with us, we want you to give us a sign.

Open the window!

Even just a nudge.

I'm going to use, this still camera to try to capture paranormal anomalies.

They're not usually seen by the human eye.

It's better known as spirit photography.

One more.

We gonna have to wait for the pictures to be developed.

If there is a ghost behind me, we won't know until later.

Are you the one, who wrote on these walls?

Or are you trying to communicate?

Why don't you try and communicate with me now?

If the patient who killed herself in this room, in this very tub, is here now, make yourself known.

I'm really creeped out in here.

Alright, camera 2 and 4 have... Temperature readings are nominal.

Guys, why do I have to be the one that sits here by myself?

Houston, do you feel anything?

I'm feeling a very, very negative dark energy here.

And not just a single energy, a lot of energy. Many, many spirits.

If there are any spirits down here, please show yourselves!

Make a noise for us.

As we said before, it seems like these tunnels just go on forever.

It stinks in here too.

Oh, did you hear that? I heard that too.

Okay, we just heard something. What the fuck was that?

I don't know, come here. Over this way. You guys, follow me.

- How is it? Where is it coming from? I think this door.

Just down over here. You want to open this?

You can swing your camera around and get in?

Yeah, not really, but... God damn it!

Oh! Whoa... yucks!

- Rats! Are you frigging crazy?

No way, man! Really?

It's not that big of a deal.


- You're such a dork! You see, its not funny!

This place is as haunted as a ...

It really is scary. I honestly scared, okay so...

Sitting in a graveyard, an inflamed guy is murdering his wife...

Could this be residual ectoplasmic material discovered first by the Grave Encounters team?

Okay, I think we should just do one more walk-through upstairs.

Give me some V camera shots down the hallways, get some of that... floaty hallway stuff.

Like we did at Plain View Mansion.

Yeah exactly, exactly... Stuff we can cut into.

Lance you are going to love me.

Mmm... Shit!

How do you like this? Hold on, hold on, hold on...

Yes, my dear?

Come on. Why was she crying on the phone?

Hi pumpkin!

What's this mummy tells me, you're afraid of monsters under the bed?

Didn't we have this conversation?

Monsters aren't real, baby. They aren't real.

Even they were real, they wouldn't want to come to our house.

Because you know Daddy will take care of them for you.

Tell mummy I gave you permission to lay in bed with her tonight.

Your Daddy won't be home until morning.

We'll go out for pizza tomorrow, ok? Dad will be home soon.

Bye bye.

God damn! Its cold in here.

What the fuck was that!

Guys, cut this shit! I'm not fucking playing!

Ain't the fucking time to do this shit!

What the fuck!

Hey! Where are you guys?

Maybe it was the wind or something.

That's solid, alright. Nothing short of a tornado is gonna move that.

How much do you think that weighs?

Hey TC, how did it move? Was it like...?

Whatever it was, it scared the crap out of me, right.

I have to change my shorts and I'm getting out of here.

Can you explain it? I...

I just told you, man. I was taping, I turned around like this.

The thing just closed. And I...

I thought it was you guys, at first, right? You were taping it?

You taped?

I told you that in the first place. If you guys weren't so busy like...

- Is it you frigging have it on the tape? You got it on tape?

Check that out!

Boy! Oh my God!

Okay, that's freaky. Yeah.

I accept your apology, I accept your apology.

I cannot believe that you saw that!

Incredible footage you saw just moments ago, was captured by cameramen TC.

This door directly behind me slammed on its own.

Now there's no drafts in room, there's no windows that could have caused it to slam on its own.

We are now going to attempt to make contact.

Is there someone here with us? Please make a noise.

Tap on something.

Feel free to slam the door like you did on TC just moments ago.

Feel free to slam it as hard as you like.

So go ahead.

Slam it!

Right wow, please! Give us a sign!

Spirit, I invoke you to make an appearance. Take out...

With... If there is anyone here, give us a sign... Fuck!

Fuck! I thought we were actually going to have something here.

What the fuck was that?

Jesus Christ! It was here...

That was really fucking scary guys.

That came from right... right here!

Shit, I can't see anything.

Do you hear that?

What's that?

- What? Oh shit...

Holy shit!


What's if...? This is really fucked up guys.

I'm going to... What the fuck is that guys?

What the fuck is that? What's up there?

Matt. Hey Matt, is there anybody up on Four?

Anybody up on any floor above us?

No. What the hell is going on?

Obviously, somebody is fucking around if they know we're shooting here.

Why are we going up here last?

Because this is where the sound came from. Jesus Christ.


Is there anybody up here?

If someone's here, why are they fucking with us?

Listen! If there's anybody here trying to fuck with us, its not funny!

Alright, we'll call the police! We have a right to be here!

We have a permit, and you don't!

Hey, can you lower your fucking voice. I'm just trying to talk!

You guys, you guys quiet. Well, this is something real.

I gonna do EVP.

What's your name?

What do you want?

Are you in the room with us?

Where are you?

Come on, Sasha. Play back

"What's your name?"

"What do you want?"

"Are you in the room with us?"

"Where are you?"

What's that sound? No, no, no. What is that?

What the fuck was that? What the fuck was that?

Did you get that? Did you see that?

No way! I got it on tape Sasha!

Please, please, can't even find you there ... at the lobby!

I need to get out of here. I need to get out of here right now.

I can't even view. What are you thinking?

Just wait a second. Wait for what?

We've been shooting this show for what? Five episodes?

We've never seen anything like that before.

I don't even care! And I just need to get the fuck out of here!

Fine! Houston, you take her down there and you come right back, okay?

I think I'll stay down there as well. No, no.

I need another face on camera.

Lance, I'm really thinking, I don't think I can do this. I...

Be a fucking professional will you? Alright. Stay in the character.

We are on to something here. Alright!

Don't do this to me Alright, I'll come back. Come on sweetheart.

No no no! TC you're with me, man. Come on.

Are you kidding me? Did you see that shit?

We don't get that kind of thing again man! You're fucking making millions!

Just moments ago in this very hallway we captured undeniable proof of the paranormal.

Sasha was terrified to the bone because a ghost actually manipulated her hair.

We're going to try to attempt to make contact now.

To the Spirit, who dwells in the hallway we implore you to show us a sign.

Manifest yourself!


If you're still with us... give us a sign.

Make a noise or... manipulate my hair.

Do you see anything?

No. Wait. Give me the light... no, nothing.

Don't even think of asking ... We are a team.

I think its gone.

You what I think, honestly. I think it had its fun...

It played this little prank and it took off. Maybe that's all they do...

I don't know. I mean, I don't know.

Come on, you some fucking in here, do something.

You did it before, do it again.

Are you fucking scared?

Jesus Christ. Fuck, forget it.

Lance! Its gone ... Its left us ...

I'm sensing that it's toying with us.

Couldn't have said more... Shit. Give it a rest.

Could we go home now?

Lance, there are people who chase Bigfoot, look for Loch Ness their whole lives.

All right.

TC, what time is it?

It's 4:40.

So let's go home, man. When did that guy say he's coming again?

Hey you guys, I think we have enough footage.

Why don't we just pack up everything and we get out of here.

- Okay! So we are... Yay... We're going home.

I think it's just right up ahead.

Are you sure?

Yeah, this is it. This is it.

I don't think so.

- This is this the way, right? Oh for the look! Fuck, it's a dead end.


You see, that's not... that's not the way. Wait...

Come on, come on!

- TC roll on this, man. Roll on what?

- After we're lost? We're not lost.

We're not lost, we came this way ...

And Matt? Hey Matt, you are... Are you at the station?

Matt! We're lost in here, man.

We need... We need some info.

Why the fuck isn't he answering?

I'm not going that way TC! Why not?

Because I'm going back over here.

Yeah. We... if we stay in one direction, then we're gonna get there okay?

It's what? North?

In there and around the corner, is where the bathtub was, you know where the girl killed herself.

Hey, we've been this way before, we've been this way before TC.

I'm not trying to fight with you. Just explain to me when we saw this tub again.

Because this is not the same fucking tub. I know it's not.

TC, come on get up, man. You said 6 o'clock?

Are you gonna sleep there? Is Kenny coming at 6 o'clock?

I'm not waiting. Yeah, he's coming at 6 o'clock.

I'm not waiting for you man. I'm not waiting.

Where the hell were you guys? You don't hear me calling you on the walkie?

Yeah, you know what?

Two tin cans with a fucking string on it would have been better.

We got lost. Something wrong with your walkie-talkies?

No! I was calling you guys!

You didn't hear me on radio?

No, I didn't hear shit. You didn't hear me?


Because this is why you don't lock the door, Lance, by the way.


Case and point why you don't lock the fucking door?

Holy shit!

What did you see? Which one is it?

- That... fuck the hair. Oh yeah it is.

That is fuck!

Alright, I'm just gonna... I'm gonna dump this quick on the computer.

No no no, Matt, we don't have time for that.

Grab all the static cams. Get it all together. You know...

Guys, let's all get up and start packing this stuff up.

Get it ready for when Kenny comes.

- Can somebody help me, please? No no no no.

I need everybody down here, Matt. I'm sorry man.

It's gonna cut it's side, I know.

- You got your radio? Yeah, I got it right here.

- Sure it works? Hope so.

- Did you hear that? Yeah, we got it.

- Okay, I'll Be right back, okay? Alright man.

Don't fucking leave without me.

Okay, it's time to get the fuck out of here.

Hey Lance, are you there, man?

Hey guys, I got something up here.


Hey Lance!


Guys, quit fucking around!

It is now approaching morning.

We haven't seen any activity in well over an hour.

For Grave Encounters, I'm Lance Preston.

One more time...? No, we don't have...

One more time.

For Grave Encounters, I'm Lance Preston.

That's all I got. Fucking, I why I hate this anyhow...

It doesn't really matter, guys. You know why?

We can always pick this up tomorrow, there'll be sunlight, we'd be better too.

Fine. You know what I mean?

That’s good idea. Where is Matt, anyway?

What the fuck is taking him so long?


Matt? Are you there?

- Lance! Lance! Matt?

Radio's not working before.

Guys, I know this sounds really stupid but...

I'm the last person who wants to go walking through these halls again.

But it's pitch black, and Matt could have fallen and hurt himself for real.

She's right, he could be hurt.

- Guys, we have to go look for him. Okay...

Alright, this is ridiculous, alright. Let's go fucking look for him TC grab the camera. Sasha grab the camera.

For what?

Listen! If we gonna go and do this, then we might as well film everything.

- Thanks for your help, man. Hey!

It's no fun hanging around here I can tell you...!

By myself..! Jesus Christ.


Matt! Matt!


Matt! Matt!

Matt, where are you, man? Where the fuck are you?


What the fuck? Shit.

Matt! Hey Matt!

Why is this shit everywhere?




Matt! Matt!

Alright, alright, alright.

He wouldn't just leave equipment like this?

No, he wouldn't It looks like he was just packing it up anyway.

He's got to be... He's got to be down one of this ways.

TC, you go that way, Sasha and I'll go this way Why will we do this? That is a terrible idea.

He's got to be here, he wouldn't just leave his stuff here alright... Why don't we split up as a ...?

Sasha comes with me. TC just check that way, okay?

This looks like the living room after a fight with my girl!

Matt, where are you man? I want to go home, this is enough!

Freaking us out! Man.

Look for the cigarette butts...!

Come on, Matt!

This is stupid.. Dude!

I don't understand this guy.

Matt! Come on, dude!

You're gonna get me a shit with my girl!

It's late! Fuck man.

You better be dead or dying, bro.

Matt! I ain't playing with you right now! Where the fuck you at?

What the?!


Lance! Sasha!

Shit! What happened, what happened?

Don't, don't What, what?

Are you serious man? Are you okay?

What? Just lift me Lift me.

I swear to God, someone ... What?

I got pushed.. What?

Something fucking pushed me, man. I was looking for fucking Matt.

I was looking downstairs, sort of fucking pushed me, I almost broke my fucking neck, dude.

I looked back and there was nothing there.

These things have been messing with us, alright, all night.

We're getting fucking by them.

Call him! Call Kenny! The only way... Okay! Okay!

Told you. Just call him. Jesus, I'm calling Kenny alright?

Jesus Christ. Fucking signal.

Are you okay? No, I'm not okay!

Fucking piece of shit.

Alright, I can't get a signal.

Oh God...!

Let me try. Alright, check the phones, guys.

Perfect. Fucking perfect.

What the hell are you doing TC?

What does it look like I'm doing? Come here and fucking help me.

You can't break down the door, TC! Just watch!

No! We're gonna cause damage to the property.

We're going to be liable for it, alright.

Just be patient. Wait! The guys fucking coming.

See hey! Come on man! What the fuck!

That's coming out of your rate.

Does it look like I give a fuck about the fucking rate.

The fuck can...

I'm tired of this shit. I want to go home I want to go back to the fucking hotel and get some fucking sleep.

Hey, you know what? Your boy is a no show, okay.

What is he? An hour late?

So just put the fucking camera...

Christ! Fine. Alright.

Help me. Alright, hang on.

- Do you want my help? No, Houston, we're fine with you there.

On three okay? One, two, three...

One, two, three!

What the hell.

No, this is the fucking lobby! This is the fucking lobby.

We came in this way, right? Hell, yeah!

Yeah, this is the... this is the lobby, yeah.

This can't be right.

This is impossible.

This is the way we... this is where we put our shit, right? Yeah.

This is the way we... this is how we brought the stuff in.

This doesn't make sense right? I don't understand, shit...

This doesn't make any sense... This is the way we came in.

If there's another hallway, it doesn't... I don't know ...

It must have got turned around here.

It must be on the other side of the building or something.



Are those are same doors?

I'm getting sick of this, guys.

Oh, ho ho ho, yes!

Houston, take that. Take that, please.

Hey, hey, watch your leg, man. Watch your leg!

Give me your fucking hand, you sit and watch. Isn't that fucking...

All right, all right, all right.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

One, two, three!

What is that fucking same...? What the fuck is going on?

Maybe it's just an exit down to... like this way to the emergency exit.

Houston shut the fuck up.

Shut the fuck up.

This, you see?

Now we'll get out.

Give me a fucking second?

Oh fuck! Hey, watch it. Watch yourself.

We're fucking trapped in here, man! No, we're not.

Hey, let's get a tool. We can try pry the bars out.

I, oh, I got a fucking tool-belt. Oh, shit, I forgot.

It's in the van. Outside! Oh, fuck!

You know, how we're locked out? We got nothing?

Fucking brilliant idea.

Alright, obviously not all the fucking windows have bars on them.

Yeah, they do.

No, no! The one upstairs! That one didn’t have any bars on it! Right?

We just got to find it.

Who knows? The shit's off...

Come on. What time is it, Sasha?

8:34 You got to be fucking kidding.

Fuck! I told you that fucking ...begin at 8:34.

I have an audition tomorrow!

No one cares about you and your career inside ... the baggage studio shit!

Oh! My work's not as important as yours? Guys, let me think for a second!

This doesn't make any sense, it's fucked up!

I checked the sunrise times last night.

What's your fucking point?

Should've been bright by 7:45.

But it's still night out.

The sun is still not up ... Didn't make any sense!

It's not fucking funny man..!

Shut up!

This no make no sense.

I need to get out of this building! Please! Somebody help us!

Ok ok ok ok. Here. Listen, listen. Well, let's just try to be rational here, ok?

This is an old building, right?

It's an old building, so it has all sorts of energy fields, things and stuff going on, either could be electrical anomaly, that has actually moved our clock faster, something so that you know, it's actually not really 8.30 but only 6.30. That would explain why it's so dark out.

And why why... you know, Kenny hasn't shown up.

Electric anomaly? It's fucking retarded!

Why did you come to believe your fucking come from idea comes from rational?

This isn't one of your fucking audition for some science fiction movie!

Because nothing else is rational here okay.

It is rational as anything else.

I checked my cell phone...

And... it says the time is 1.12.

It's 1:12 pm.

I don't think that's right. But I guess it cant be... right?

I don't know. Everyone's very tired.

So they are just taking a nap and taking a break.

And we're going to just wait until Kenny shows up.

I don't know what the hell is giving me this.

Doesn't makes any sense.

I haven't slept for like 20 hours.

I'm gonna... I'm just gonna set my alarm for an hour and I'll take a nap.

Houston, what's your problem?

It's not my problem! What the hell are you doing?

What the hell happened? Oh my God!

Someone or something just broke our lights.

We are in the pitch dark. All we have is our flash lights and our camera lights.

Which you're wasting right now. I just checked my cell phone.

And it says it's 8 pm.

So, we slept for 7 hours.

TC went to get a sandwich and you gotta see this.

Lance! It stinks... Close that shit.

What are you...? Close the fucking thing.. man!

All our food is like that, but we still have lots of bottled water so...

I don't know, we should be okay.

Why don't we try going down through the tunnels?

Kenny said that the tunnels connect all the buildings together, then maybe we can find a way out through one of the other buildings.

Are you looking and see the Great Wall of China?

I'm not going from the goddamn tunnels. If our lights go out we're fucked.

Eh listen. Remember when you told me to do the time lapse outside.

Mm hm. I saw a fire escape.

If we get on the roof, probably climb down and get the fuck out.

Well. What's the verdict? Shall we stay in here or ...

I don't care what we do. Let's just get the fuck out of here!

I really... I don't want to be here anymore.

Ok ok. So everybody, we're gonna do this. Everybody wants to do all this?

To the roof! Alright, fine!

Let's pack up all the gear and let's go.

Give me some of the light, guys. Come on. Here here here. Sorry.

We go there? Let's wait!

Lance? No, no, no!

TC you knew where we were going, you said.

I didn't say anything! Don't put it on me.

No, you said you know where the ladder was.

No, I said there was a ladder.

I didn't tell you where. Okay. But is it this end?

It doesn't matter. Was it here?

I saw from the outside. Okay. Got just a ...?

I can't do this, guys!

Look! What the fuck is that?

Hello! Someone up here? We just keep on...

TC! Is this there?

Don't ask me questions. Is it staircase or not?

Hey listen, just keep the light on in front of me.

Move, move move!

Get the fuck out of my way! Get the fuck out of my way!

Wait guys! Slow Down.

What the fuck, you guys?

Yes, yes. The fuck, yeah!

No fucking way!

Check this, check this! That can't be right.

It's fucking solid.

Does it look new? Does it look like it's been there for a while?

This doesn't make any sense.

Would you get the fucking camera out of my face!

What do you think? I don't know, I don't know.

We just left the stair well that was completely sealed off at the top!

I'm going to document everything, when we get out of this.

People are coming to see this.

Look at this! Okay we came up 4 floors from the stairs, right?

That puts us on the 4th floor.

We came from this way, and we've gotta at least be here, right?

Are you sure? I don't know ...

TC, you said one of this floors... Lance! Lance! Lance!

What, what?

What are these? You were here? No, we know we went up a number of stairs!

This has not changed. This is not opened.

This is not the change.

This says we're on the 1st floor.

Another we keep in mind though.

Initially this is where we came in, right? I know, I know, but...

TC, are you filming this? Yeah, yes, that's fucked up.

What what what? What the fuck is that? Did you hear that?

Did you guys hear that? Oh shit! What is that?

Shit! Stop. Matt? Matt?

Holy shit! Over here. From this foot. Over here.

Matt! Matt! Matt!

Matt, is that you?

He's not in here. He's not in here!

Whoa whoa whoa! That just fucking moved?!

Let's get out of here!

Now we wandered the building to take a look for another stairwell.

And... I don't know. We couldn't find one.

This building is a fucking maze!

It's like TC said it's...

It's likes just keeps changing all around us.

We still haven't been able to find Matt.

I don't know if he's okay.

At least he's not seeing that same shit as we are!

We are all tired, and we are hungry. So we gonna try to sleep again.

We're going to sleep in shifts this time so somebody can always be at watch.

TC, you're rolling now? Yeah.

We just woke up and you guys got to see this!

Turn the fucking camera off!

Sasha! Come on. We gotta to document this okay.

I'm sorry. People got to see this. No, no!

Careful! Careful! I'm so sorry.

Sasha, we got to tape this down. This is unheard of.

There is no way someone came in here and did that without us noticing.

Dude cut it! Cut this. My pleasure.


I swear I heard.




See? There, there. Fucking heard him, I told you guys.

He's alive!

Matt! Are you okay?

Can you hear me?

I'm freezing!

Just tell us where you are. We'll come and get you..

Matt! Shit!

He's not there anymore.

We have to find him.

How are we gonna find him?

We can't even find our way to the front door!

Houston, he can't be far. Those walkie-talkies are a piece of shit.

Listen, how do we even know its him?

Matt! Are you in here?

Sorry, sorry, sorry! Fuck!

Matt! We hear you buddy! Where are you?

Sasha, try all the frequencies.

It doesn't have that much range.

How far is did you say you thought it was?

I don't know how far, the specifications...

So what did you guess? 200-300-400? 200 yards to get a clear signal.

Maybe 300... before it starts crapping out. Okay.

Stay together, come on.

That's a dead end! Dead end.

- Matt! Hey Matt!

- Matt. Matt!

Where the fuck are you?

Listen guys. This is fucking pointless, alright?

If we were to find it, he would... the range of it no matter what...

Holy shit!

- What was that? That was Matt!

What are you doing, man?

What the fuck... ?

Lance! Lance! Lance...

Do fucking something!

Lance! Lance!

Hey you. Hey!

Who are you? How did you get in here?

Turn off the light! Light off!

Did you see her fucking face?

Shut your fucking mouth!

Did you see her fucking face?

What's happening here? What is it wrong with me?

Oh my God!

Oh shit! Oh shit!

Shit, we lost him! Oh shit, we fucking lost Houston!







Is there anybody here?


Help! Help!

Help! Please!

Houston's gone. then we tried Matt on radio but he doesn't respond.

What the fuck is that?

We keep hearing crazy shit like that all around us.


I don't think how long it's going to last.

We are not alone in here anymore.

How is the name on it?

How the fuck is my fucking name on it?

First, I get scratches on my back and now ...

What the fuck!

When we woke up, we had this you got to see this ...

Fuck you. What the fuck, what the fucking wrong with me, you fucking asshole?

I didn't fucking mean to, okay? You fucking...!

I didn't fucking mean to. You bring us up, you asshole.

What the fuck does this mean? It means we're fucked.

Okay! That's what it fucking means This is insane.

Fucking insane!

Don't look in it! Why, what wrong with looking like this?

What the fuck? Enough, man!

There's something over there.

Here! Enough is enough!

We keep walking in what feels like circles and we... we still can't find Matt and Houston.

Will you stop! Will you stop what?

Are you kidding me? Fucking whole shit, we're not making 'em!

Fucking TV show. I'm just documenting stuff, okay?

People will gonna want to see this!

Matt and Houston are gone? We need to concentrate on getting out of here and finding them.

And you're just still doing this whole shit!

Okay you guys, just stay together, okay?

I'm just really... Don't worry about it.

Is that the fastest you have to run? Let's go!

Jesus Christ! Come on! Keep up!

No, no, no, no! Get up!

Are you out of your fucking mind?

Get up! Get up! Come on!

I can't, I can't! Yes, you can.

Come on, you've got to get up. You got to get up.

Come on. I know! I know! You got to be strong. You got to listen, ok?

You got to get up. We got to keep going!

What, what?

Just get over here!

What are you waiting for? Come in!


Oh shit! Is it Matt? That's him, right?

I don't know, man. Matt! Hey!

Matt, get up!

Matt, Matt!

Just shut the fucking room!

Hey Matt?

Hey hey hey. Stop fucking around! Matt, are you okay?

The patient exhibits acute... disorder linked to childhood phobia.

Jesus Christ!

Get him the fuck up! Let's go! Go!

Come on, get him up! Pull him over and let's get the fuck out of this room now.

Get him in here. Come on.

Put him down on bed, put him down there.

- You see anything? No, its good.

Hey! Where you been? Where did you get those clothes?

Well, for God's sake, talk to us! You guys, look at his wrist.

Matt? Matt?

Where did you get this? Where did you get all this shit?

Matt! What did they do to you? What did you see?

Nothing is bullshit! Look, where have you been?

You probably know a way out of here. You got to know a way out of here.

Of course there's a way out. We can all leave, as soon as we're better.

What? What do you mean "when we're better"?

What the fuck does that mean?

Well, I wasn't ready yet.

Progress is slow. But the patient is responding to treatment.

This guy is out of his mind. He is like high or something. He talks of...

TC! Shut up! You don't need to tell me fucking, fuck!

Don't be sad Everything is gonna be okay.

He'll help you too.

Oh my God!

Okay TC! Go check that door! I already did.

Check it! Not... if something gets in here man.

Just make sure there's nothing in here!

We found Matt.

He's all fucked up.

There's somebody I think is here.


It's okay. What are you doing?

I don't feel good.

I think there's something wrong with me.

Yeah, you feel really warm. I think you got fever.

Here. Have a sip. Thank you.

Get some sleep. I can't sleep.

Thank God. We'll be able to sleep again.

Come on! Come on.

Come on...!

Run! Run!

Come on, get in! Come on now!

- Did you see anything? What is that?

There's blood in the tub! There's blood in the tub!

What? Come on!

...going far away. Fuck!

Matt. Matt!

What he is doing? TC! Get him away from the tub.

Come on Matt!

TC! What the hell is he doing?

I don't fucking know!

Oh my God! Oh my God!

Help me! Help me!

Flip the tub!

He is gone! He is gone?

He's fucking gone!

He just disappeared!

Oh fuck! No, no!

It is an elevator!

Open it! Open it!

Open it! Open it!

It's an elevator shaft.

If we can get down to the tunnels, we could use them to get one of the other buildings.

Go! Fuck, fuck!

Listen! Listen to me. I believe it's safer in there, okay.

I'm going to get some... and then we're getting out of here. Okay?

Stay here with him, man. Okay?

What the hell is that?

Jesus! Is that a tongue?

What's wrong? What's wrong?

Bring the light, bring it here.

There is a ladder. We can use it. We can use the ladder to head down.

How are we going to get Matt?

I'm going to reach across, and then you help me with Matt, okay?

Get back there! Stay back.

Lance! Lance!

Where the hell is the night vision button?

There it is!

He's gone?

I don't know, he just disappeared.

Go on. Go on. He may come back. Go on.

Where the hell is he? Matt!

Jesus! He jumped! He jumped!

Come on!

Easy. I got you.

You're okay. Go on.

It's okay.

It's the tunnels!

We made it to the tunnels. Come on.

I can't. I can't leave him.

Come on, Sasha! Get out of there.

Remember what Kenny said. They connect the buildings, right!

You need to do this with me.

I can't do this alone! Okay? Okay.

Stay close to me. Let's go this way.

It can't be too far.

Okay, we can. Come on...

No! We should hit a... We should hit a junction by now.

It should have been right around here! What the fuck!

I can't...

Wait a second!

Sash, you okay?

Oh Jesus!

I want my mom!

It's a... It's day.

What day is today?

I don't even know what day it is.

We spent all day walking in one direction and... we didn't get anywhere.

I figured counting me in the wrong...

Sasha not going to make it.

Who's there?

Who is that?


Sasha, where are you?

Where are you?




Damn it!

What do you want from me?

What do you want from me?

I'm running low on battery power.

Now, I only turn on light only when I need to, now.

But I don't really need the light anymore!

I just keep walking straight.

I could walk in the dark for hours.

It's kind of like a game.

How long can you go?

Anybody watching ...

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Fuck you, guys!

This is for you.

Don't you hear in these walls? Don't you hear?

Don't you hear anything?

Come and get me!

Just woke up and...

I don't know how long I was sleeping but...

There is a door!

You have to see it!

This isn't happening.

This isn't happening.

Oh God!

Jesus! Jesus! Its...

It's impossible!

Shit! Shit!

No! No! I'm not crazy!

I'm not crazy! No! No! No!

I'm so much better now!

I can finally go home!

For Grave Encounters. I'm Lance Preston.

Signing off!