Graveyard of Honor (2002) Script


The Godfather went to the dentist with a toothache.

In the two hours he was gone, a yakuza...

walked into Hell.

Hey, Chief...

Can you let me go dry out my blanket?

I was sweating all night.

You'll have to wait until laundry day.

What if I end up in the hospital with pneumonia?

I'll complain to the warden.

Ah... give me a break.

I'll cut you in on an outside deal I've got lined up.

Ishimatsu... out.

So... what's the story on this outside deal?

Eh? Ishimatsul!

I look so young.

That's you.

Excuse me... Right.

We're running out of dishes.


Pack it in!


Drinking the Godfather's sake and not yet 20, and made his protégé too...

Just shut up and accept it. He saved Boss Sawada's life.

So that kid's our superior now?

That's how it goes.


What do you want?

We're Sawada Family. You got business here?


I'm Rikuo Ishimatsu.

Who's in charge here?

I'm Ss ry I'm Ss ry.

Yeah? Excuse me.

Sir... it's Ishimatsu.

I'm Tomita, a lieutenant in the Yoshino Family.

I see.

Good to meet you.

I'm Ishimatsu.

I'm posted here, starting today.

Thank you very much. Come again.

Thank you. Thanks.

You look like the prettiest on here.

Thank you very much.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

My boss Ishimatsu wants you to come sing karaoke with him.

This is the club. Pop over and show your face?

It'll just be a couple of songs.


Excuse me...

If you're hungry, eat.




You must be hungry.

Go on, eat.

Come on.

That's it, that's it.

Well? Eat...

Eat, eat, eat, eat...


This asshole is Yamane of the Joto Family.

Word is that he's going around badmouthing the Godfather because he's being pressured to pay back some gambling debts.

Who the fuck are you?

You're Yamane of the Joto Family?

You bastard...



Fucking open up!

Come on!

Open up!

Open the fucking door!

I'm going inside for a while.

Come here.

Please go away.

Come here, I said.



Say something.

I'm giving it back.

The money.

That's for you to live on.

Buy some clothes.


What am I to you?

My wife.

Look, you've got to insist that you weren't trying to kill him.

If there is intent, then it's attempted murder.

Otherwise it's just wounding.

There's a big difference.

Mr. Ishimatsu, you understand this, don't you?

If I say that, I'll sound like a pussy.

I'm a yakuza.

Got that, Mr. Lawyer?

I asked the Boss to look after you. He said you can live at the office.

Which means you don't have to worry about your next meal.

Okay? Hashida? Masato?

What's wrong, Hashida?

I'll wait it out by myself, thanks.

Sitting around the office is too boring.

I'll wait for you.

It'll be a walk in the park!

Rikuo Ishimatsu served five years for attempted murder.


My Boss made this garden twenty years ago.

No wonder it's so shit.



My time's up. I'm getting out.

Then, Brother... we'll drink together on the outside.

It's been fun in here this time.

You're a real brother, Ishimatsu.

The pleasure's been all mine. I got lucky.

Well done, Brother.

So you're working directly for the Godfather now, Masato?

I owe you for that.

No... You earned it cos you're smart.

Well done!

Yeah, yeah...

Hello, Brother.

You're looking good, Brother.

Thanks, Brother.

Masato, this is Imamura. He was inside with me.

I'm Imamura of the Giyu Family. Good to meet you.

Kikkawa of the Sawada Family. Thank you for coming.

No problem. I've been waiting for him to get out, too.


You know, Rikuo, you remind me of the Boss when he was young.

Don't be stupid! I never raised hell like he does.

Oh, come on, Boss! Eh?

You've gone into a room with a knife in your hand once or twice.

Damn right! Yes!

Time for a piss.

Duty calls.

No! Nol!

Stop it!

Somebody help!

I'm sorry.

Welcome home.

Oh, ice...


The "post-bubble” era brought hard times to the straight world and to the Yakuza.

Like wolves driven out of the pack, some yakuza were forced out of their Families.


Mori's in it up to his neck.

Yeah, he won't last long.

Politicians have family troubles, too.

Just like us, eh?

What is it, Ishimatsu?

What do you want?

Good day, all.

Where's the old man?

Where is he?

Who knows?

Visiting the hot springs, maybe?

I don't think so.

I don't care what you think. He's not here.

What the fuck, Ishimatsu?

You fucker!

Greetings. Greetings.

Sakai, what happened? I don't know, Boss.

So why did Ishimatsu lose it?

Tell us what happened.

The Chief told him the Boss had gone to a hot spring, and Ishimatsu suddenly went nuts.

He went to a hot spring?

The Godfather had a toothache and he went to the dentist!

Hey, get me some water! I definitely left a message here.

Yes, sir!

I definitely asked Ishimatsu to wait.

Brother Ishimatsu and Yukawa never got along, you know.

Clean up this shit!

Son of a bitch!

So what about this money, then? There's ¥10 million here.

Well, you certainly don't get to keep it just because Ishimatsu's not here.

I didn't mean it like that. Oh, yeah?

Allow me, sir.

The Godfather went to the dentist with a toothache.

In the two hours he was gone, a yakuza walked into Hell.

Pardon me.


The office has got our men out looking for Ishimatsu.


He's probably holed up in a bar.

He'll come up for air, sooner or later.

Chief Yukawa's in a critical condition with a fractured skull.

Takatsuki and Jo are badly hurt, but they'll live.

A fractured skull...

They're a bunch of bastards. The old man, too.

A measly ¥10 million and he doesn't know me anymore?

Bullshit, Rikuo. Brother Sawada's not like that.

Someone fucked up.


He didn't want to give me the money...

80 he fucked off to a hot spring.

Hey! You shouldn't jump to conclusions.

You're talking about the Boss of the Sawada Family.


The first time I ask him for anything...

and he turns his back on me.

Cut it out, Rikuo.

First, you've got to stop this from getting worse.

Get your ass over to old man Sawada's and apologize!

Excuse me, sir. What is it?

Excuse me...

There's some Sawada men out front.

Hey, Ishimatsu! Hold your horses!

Who's in charge?

Brother Narimura... Yeah.

I'm Nishizaki of the Yukawa Family.

The office sent me to find Ishimatsu and Hashida.

I thought you might know something.

Yeah... Ishimatsu's here.


How about you just hand him over, then?

Can't do that.


Then we'll just have to go in and get him.

Ishimatsu and Hashida are both here.

But you don't touch them in my house.

Once they're even a step outside, you can do what you like with them.

But as long as they're in my house, they're my guests.

We've got orders from the top, from Boss Sawada himself!

Don't pull rank on me!

I'm head of the Narimura Family, and if you don't like my decision, go ahead and try something.

I'm ready.

Shit... We're out of here.

Hey! Call the office!

Man, it's cold!

Can I get you something to eat? Just rice and tea.

Where are they?

He went out the back with Mr. Fujii.

You've screwed up bad.

Bursting into the office and bashing in the head of one of the top guys...

That fucking Yukawa's always pissed me off.

Come on, now!

We're related to the Sawada Family.

We don't want there to be any trouble.

Then our relationship is over as of now.


Hashida... Yes?

Go find me some cash. Yes...


Oh, that hurts.


One moment...


Take it!

Take it! Take it!

Finish me off! Do it!

Finish me off!


He knew he'd put the wrong button in the wrong hole.

But undoing a button once it's done up.

Is something the Yakuza world does not permit.

So, Chieko...

How about you let me talk you into coming with me?

I'll give you something to remember.

And I'll make it worth your while.

Oh, Mr. Komatsu...

Am I really the girl for you?

There you go again. When you talk like that, I get so hot.

I know you like them young and fresh.

Excuse me. There's a telephone call for you.


Being rescued? Not at all.

I'll just be a minute.

Is that all?

I'll talk to the Mama-san.


What happened?

Ogura... put your heart into it.

Last month... your sales were shit.

I understand. I'll do my best.


Hey! Brother!

Hey, babe, move over!

Whiskey! This is my best Brother!

Get him a drink!


I just whacked the old man.

The couple who were living here fucked off.

You'll be able to lie low.


Yeah? Okay, thanks.

Let's have a drink.

Thanks. Bye.

Sawada's gonna make it.

You missed the vital organs.


Life and death, for the old man, were a hair's breadth apart.


Whether the Boss lives or dies, that's the difference between heaven and hell.

Damn right.

Right, Brother?

Hey? Yes, sir?

Go get some beer... and something to eat.

Yes, sir. Got money?

So now what?

You try to kill your boss, it's game over.

The Sawada Family are gonna be gunning for him.

Ishimatsu's my brother.

I can't just stand by and watch.

You don't often act like a saint. It looks good on you.

So what do we do about the Sawada Family?

Nothing we can do. We'll deal with them when we have to.

I'm Imamura of the Giyu Family.

Vitals? 80 over 50, pulse 95.

Thanks for coming.

So Ishimatsu was at your place last night?


If you'd given him up then, this wouldn't have happened.

That's what our guys are saying.

So it's my fault?

I'm not saying that, however... this is going to give some people the wrong idea.

"The wrong idea"?

Like what?

Narimura... our Godfather has supported you with some loans.

Yeah. So what?

Some people might start saying that if you helped Ishimatsu go on the run...

the Godfather should call in your markers.

Fuck youl!

There's only so much I'll take.

I get it.

You want Ishimatsu's head.

You just fucking wait!

I'll fucking bring it to you on a platter! Move!

Narimura and Ishimatsu have always been tight.

Driving a wedge between them might be a good thing.

I started out working for Brother Ishimatsu.

Which means it's time you proved yourself, Kikkawa.

You have to show everyone that you can tell heads from tails.

What do you mean, Chief?

We're forming a posse to go after Ishimatsu.

Perhaps you should lead it.

Are you saying it's my fault that the Godfather got shot?

Well... if the shoe fits, wear it.

You're a fucking Narimura man! What are you doing here, eh?

Well? Don't give me that!

You know where Ishimatsu is, don't you?

You know where he is, right?

Are you trying to cover for him, bitch?

What the fuck are you doing?


I don't know.

I don't know anything.

GIYU FAMILY I told you, we haven't seen him.


Someone saw your boss drinking with him at a foreign-hostess bar.

If we don't know, we don't know.

Why don't you produce this witness who saw him at the bar?

Listen, Sawada men...

Ishimatsu's been kicked out of the Sawada Family.

If it turns out that you're hiding him... that would start a war... between us and the Giyu Family.

Are you looking for trouble?


Imamura-san, could you please contact our office if you see Brother Ishimatsu?


I'll do that.


Naomi, the money... Did you get the money?

You'll want a beer, won't you?

We'll get a new ashtray, too. You'll want a smoke.

Yeah. Look, did you get the money?

Hey, what about the money?

Hey, Hashida, you fuck!

On your fucking feet!

Spill it, Hashida. Where's Ishimatsu?

Where's he hiding out?

Hey! Where is he?

Stop fucking with us!

Come on, talk.

Otherwise, you're dead!

Come on, Hashida, spit it out or we'll kill you.

I don't know where he is. Honestly.

Where was the last place you saw him?

At a bar... near Narimura's place...

What did he want the ¥10 million for?

The Mama-san at the bar where Miss Chieko works, she wants to retire and sell the business.

So what do we do with him?

Take his thumb.

Make it both thumbs!

Hold him down!

Got him!

I got the right one. Ready?

Well, fuck me... it won't come off!

Hold him down! Right...

Nice in the sun, isn't it?

The food's got cold.

Let's forget about the bar.

I can't raise the money.

Buying it was your idea. I don't care either way.

What's wrong?

Can I throw this out?

Who did this?

I fell.

Don't bullshit me.

Holy fucking shit!

Get that fucker!

Sit down!

Sit the fuck down!

Get your ass into that seat! Right now!

Okay, you're on watch here. You don't set foot outside.

Until when? Eh?

Until you die.

Hey! The phone's ringing!

Answer the fucking phone! Are you stupid or what?


No. This is a noodle shop.

As they are born of woman, even yakuza are human beings.

And as human beings, they exist as part of a social structure whose rules they must follow.

All there is for those who break those rules is the demon's path.

A path of impulse, of continuing to breathe, yet always wandering towards a demon's death.

That's the way!


But those are my chips.

More chips.

But you're already into us for ¥4 million.

We'd like you to deal with that first.

Just bring me some chips.

Brother, you can't do that.

Even after this, you're still a million short.


Tezuka! What's with these accounts?

I'm sorry.

Ishimatsu took ¥3 million.


Yeah? We've got trouble.

Ishimatsu was here and...

Go back to your own fucking country, bitch!

Sorry... He's locked himself in a hotel room with some girls.

Hey, Brother...

Wanna have some fun... Brother?

You know damn well that we run Baccarat House and that white girls club.

What did you bastards...

ever do for me?

That's bullshit.

Me and the Boss have busted our asses for you, Ishimatsu.

So what have you done for me?

Stuck me in the middle of nowhere...

and left me there.

That's not very friendly.

Is that any way... to treat a brother?

If you want me the hell out of here...

Just say so.


drive him home.

Sure, Boss.

He's fucked. Now he's shooting up.

And from the looks of it, it's not speed either. It's heroin.

You know, Hayashi...

I think I'll go and talk to our Godfather.

Talk to him? About what?

Brother Ishimatsu's right.

We haven't done anything for him.

Even if you wanted to, what can you do?

He was kicked out for shooting the old man.

If we get involved, this could blow up in our faces.

And if this fuck was to shoot me, what would you do about it, Imamura?

If that happened, I wouldn't leave him alive.

So you'd avenge me, right?

Of course. I'd do whatever it takes.

It doesn't add up.

You think he's a great guy and the Sawada Family want him dead.

Right, Imamura?

If our Godfather gets involved in this bloody mess... there's every chance we'd get caught in the crossfire.

If that happens, Imamura... will you take responsibility for the consequences?

A yakuza without honor isn't worth shit.

Look, Imamura... there's no helping a guy like Ishimatsu.

I'm bored!

And I'm hungry! Are you?

Okay, let's go eat something, then.

Come on, let's go. What would you like?

Croquettes. Croquettes?

You really like them? Okay, croquettes it is.

I've stepped in shit.

How could I be so stupid?

Because you know what honor is, Brother.

You're the only one who'd say that.

Well, don't get down over it.

All we can do now is send him to the Philippines or something.

Can you look into that?



I'll handle it.

Get me a drink.

Your table's ready, Mr. Terada.

Look after them.

Your table's ready, gentlemen. If you please...

Look, will you move your car from out front?

It's in the way.

Sorry, Mama.

Darling... Shut up, you dried-up old bitch.

What did you say?

Dried-up old bitch...

Who do you think you are, talking to me like...


You bastard... Bam!


Word is you want to talk to me, Oshita.

Cold, ain't it?

Sure is.

Detective Aoyama, about Rikuo...

You want to nab Rikuo Ishimatsu, don't you?

And what's in it for you?

Nothing at all.

We're going in.


Pull back!

Right? Get him out.

I'm out of bullets!

No bullets!

I'm out of bullets!

No bullets.

Hey, I'm out of bullets, Chieko!

Hey, Chieko!

I'm out of bullets, Chieko. I'm out of...


Police today arrested former gang member Rikuo Ishimatsu, 36, who was wanted on charges of attempted murder at the apartment in which he was hiding.

Ishimatsu barricaded himself in a room with his common-law wife, and was captured after a dramatic gunfight.


How did they find him?

He wasn't trying very hard to stay hidden.

The cops aren't stupid.


I can't help you now.

The police arrested Ishimatsu this morning.

I'm sorry, Boss. We failed to get to him first.

Forgive me.


Kikkawa, you don't have to go. As of today, you stay here.

Yes, sir.

How long are you going to hang tough?

You're the guy who shot old man Sawada, aren't you?

You did it, right?

Is that what he says?

He wouldn't say shit. He's the Godfather.

So I wonder who shot him...

You don't have a witness.

We've got something called "circumstantial evidence".

More than enough to nail you.

Then fucking charge me without a confession.

Don't be like that.

Just give me something I can write up.

I'll put you in the best possible light, Ishimatsu.

So, then... tell me... the name of the cocksucker who sold me out.

Was it Imamura?

He's the only one who knew.

Well, you're warm.

And I'm the one who got the woman hooked.

I want you to believe that.

Yeah, sure.

I'll do what I can.

Not bad, eh? The prosecution's delayed...

Good luck!


Help me!

Hey, what's going on?

All's well? All's well.

Hey! Hey! What are you doing?

Boss! Boss!


Boss! It's Ishimatsul!


Okay, okay, okay...

Well, considering what he did to himself, he's lucky he made it here.

Can you save him?

Well, I've done what I can.

The rest depends on how strong he is.

Or how lucky he is.

Do whatever you have to, but make sure he lives.


That's correct, Rikuo Ishimatsu is still at large.

He's thought to be armed with a stolen pistol.

The police have issued an all-points bulletin, but so far, no sightings have been reported.

And, in other news...


What's the matter?

That was a dirty trick.


Ratting me out.

What are you talking about, Brother?




I'll kill you!

My scumbag Brother...

turned on me.

After everything you did for him.

Tezuka's dead.

Give me a fix. Ishimatsul!


And some works.

A needle!

What fucking nerve! What the fuck?

Get the bastard!

Fuck youl!



My love...

You crazy fucker...

Excuse me.

Oh, thanks.

Smoking isn't good for me.

Excuse me.

Brother... a moment?

Right, what's going on?

He's got the whole committee held hostage!

The bastard wants ¥100 million!

We just heard shots from inside.

Okay... you guys stay here.

In the end, he didn't die.

Though his soul had long since departed, his body simply refused to accept it.


I see.

Godfather... Ishimatsu killed himself.

A bad kid.

Hey, Watanabe! Hey!

Slow down!

Limos need to be driven slowly!

Break time!

Hot tea...

I only found out Rikuo Ishimatsu was dead two years after the fact.


30 YEARS...