Great Expectations (1998) Script

There either is or is not a way things are.

The color of the day. The way it felt to be a child.

The feeling of saltwater on your sunburned legs.

Sometimes the water is yellow...

Sometimes it's red...

But what color it may be in memory Depends on the day.

I'm not going to tell the story the way that it happened.

I'm going to tell it the way I remember it.


Help! Help!

What's your name?


Whisper. What's your name?




Your last name? Bell.

Where do you live?

Near the pier.

You have tools?

Help-- Mmf!

Fuck. Do you know what bolt cutters are?

You know what they are or you don't know what they are?


Listen, I know your name, I know where you live, I can find you and gut you like a fish.

I'll pull out your fucking insides, I'll make you eat them. You hear me?

I'll make you fucking eat them.

You be here tomorrow morning at dawn with bolt cutters and any kind of food or I'll kill you for sure. You got me?

I'll fucking kill you if you tell anyone, anyone!

They're dead. Your folks--

You tell anyone, the last sound you hear will be your own scream.

All right. Go.

Whoa, Finn! Whoa!

Oh, it's you, Joe.

Did I scare you?

So you went out today?

Yeah. Got a nice tan. No fish, of course.

Settin' traps like everybody else.

Hey, where's the fire?

Nowhere. Just got homework.

Hey, listen, Maggie's on a kinda rant today, So you be careful, ok?

You coming home soon?

In about an hour.

You finish your work, we'll go to Carvel's, ok?

You rest up.

Got a gardening job tomorrow.




Hey, Finn!

How do you smoke a swordfish?

Bill in your mouth and light the tail.

All right. I'll see you later.

I was raised in what I suppose was certain amount of freedom from my sister Maggie.

Joe was her man.

They banned the big fishing rigs in the gulf that year and we were poor.

We scraped by on what Joe could earn doing charters and lawn work.



Hey. Come on. Come here.

Come on!

You alone?

You deaf? Are you alone?


You're not alone, or you're not deaf?

Gimme that.

Come on!

Here. I brought you something to drink.




Here. I took this for you.

What's this? Birth control pills?

Here. this, too.


Attaboy. Now you're talking.

What else?

Come on, come on. Jesus fucking Christ.

You bite your nails?

That's a bad habit.

People tell you the eyes are the windows to the soul.



That's the sign of a gentleman.


Come on. Let's go.

Come on.


Come on, come on.

Get in the boat.

If I don't get home, my Uncle--

Fuck your Uncle. Get in the boat.

Pick up the anchor. Let's go.


Shut up and get in the boat.

Where are we going?



Police boat.

What? Police boat.

Stop. Stop.

Ahoy there! Son, are you all right?


Where you headed?

Oh, nowhere.

An old lady over on Cat Cay thought she saw a raft out here yesterday with a man on it.

He'd be wearing an orange prison suit.

You see anything like that?

Mmm, nope.

Tie up our line and we'll tow you in.

And that was the end of it.

Perhaps you've had an experience like that in childhood and told no one.

Perhaps you've had that brush with a world so large that you seldom or never saw it again.

Jesus. it's the land time forgot.

It's Nora Driggers Dinsmoor.

You wait here. I'm gonna go find out what they want us to do.

Is it all right if I take a look around?

No. You stay put till I come back.

I mean it.

God knows what's in these weeds.

Nora Driggers Dinsmoor... the richest lady in the gulf who had lost her mind 30 years ago when her fiance left her standing at the altar.

What's your name?


Hey, Finn?


Come on.

Ha ha ha!

Hey, man, we're out of here.

She slipped me $500 under the door.

Gas money, she called it.

Weirdest thing.


Nothin'. Can I ride with you?

Sure. Just don't sit too close.

You smell like fertilizer.

Really? I do?

Ha ha ha!


Maybe you've got the wrong number.

You're not gonna believe where we were--

Yes, well, he just-- did he do something bad?

I'll be glad to.

That sounds really--

You got it.

Ok. 3:00. This Saturday? and thank you so much, ma'am.

Babe, you are not gonna believe where we were today.

Joe, that was Nora Driggers Dinsmoor.

See, I knew it was too good to be true.

She want her money back?

She wants him. Finn.

The richest lady in the whole goddamn state calls me on the phone and wants my little brother to go play with her niece.

Yeah? Why?

Why? She met him. The old bat liked you.

He's a likable kid. He's adorable.

Who knows? Who cares?

Joe, this is a really good thing.

No, no, no. How-- Dinsmoor never even met Finn.

She wouldn't open the door. She slipped this underneath.

What is it? What is it, Joe? God!

You like living here?

You like living here with all the dead people?

What's wrong with the people down here all of a sudden?

I'm tired of working so many extra shifts to put it back into your boat.

They took away the nets. I can't change that.

Fuck the nets, Joe!

Escaped convict Arthur Lustig was recaptured earlier this evening by Sarasota police.

This concludes a 4-day, statewide manhunt for Lustig, the convicted murderer of Gene Valiente.

Valiente, reputed mob boss of the Castellano family was gunned down in his Bradenton home last Christmas.

Lustig will be returned to Raiford Penitentiary's Death Row, where he is scheduled to die by lethal injection March 16th.

I'm Robin Wagner reporting from...

Holy shit.

Hey, you look sharp.

How do I smell?

You smell clean.

Ok, tea time.

Now, be polite in there. Say yes, ma'am. No, ma'am.

I will.

You ok with this?

He's great. Go ahead.

Say may I, please, all that stuff.

Oh. It's the gardener.

The design of this floor was taken from the Alhambra in Spain.

The ceiling is gold leaf. Real gold.

It's exactly like the Thousand-Wing Ceiling from the Accademia in Venice.

Old Ms. Dinsmoor hadn't been seen in years.

I'd heard that she was crazy.

Go ahead.

Aren't you coming?

Quel sot.

But nobody knew how crazy.

Her room smelled of dead flowers and cat piss.

Chicka-boom, chicka-boom, chicka-boom-boom-boom.

Chicka-boom, chicka-boom, chicka-boom.

Chicka-boom, chicka-boom, chicka-boom.


* Bésame *

* bésame mucho *

* each time I cling to your kiss *

* I hear music divine *

* Bésame *

* bésame mucho *

* Hold me, my darling *

* and say that you'll always be mine *

* This joy is something new *

* my arms enfolding you *

* Never knew this thrill before *

* whoever thought I'd be *

* holding you close to me *

* Whispering it's you I adore? *

Who are you?

Finn, ma'am.

What are you doing in my bedroom, Finn?

I don't know.

Give me your hand.

What is this?

Your...your boob.

My heart. It's my heart.

It's broken.

Can you tell?

I'm sorry.


It's all right. Come.

Shoo-shoo. Shoo-shoo.

Tabby, scram.

Wow. That's a big cat.

That's the biggest cat I've ever seen.

What do you feed it?

Other cats.

Well, go ahead.

You can proceed.



I'd like you to dance for me.

That's why you're here.

To entertain me. So go ahead, dance.

Pony, fox trot, frug. Philly dog, fandango.


I can't.

I'm sorry, ma'am.

"You can't"?

"I'm sorry, ma'am"?

Or you won't? You dance! Dance! Dance!

Oh, get out of here.


I can draw.

You can use my lipstick and eyebrow pencil over there on the dressing table.



Is tea ready?

I'd like you to sit for a portrait.

A portrait? By whom?

That boy.

The gardener?

I'll be in my room.

Come back and sit.


And you come sit by me, hmm?

Allez, Allez.

She's beautiful, isn't she?

Une jeunesse, n'est-ce pas?

Ne parle pas de moi d'avant ce garcon.

What do you think of her?

Come on. Whisper in my ear.

Come on.

I think she's a snob.

Anything else?

I think she's real pretty.

Anything else?

I think she doesn't like me.

But you love her.

She'll only break your heart. It's a fact.

It's tragic. You're already in love with her.

And even though I warn you, even though I guarantee you that the girl will only hurt you terribly, you'll still pursue her.

Ain't love grand?

* bésame mucho, *

* que tengo miedo perderte, *

* perderte después. *

* Quiero tenerte muy cerca, *

* mirarme en tus ojos, y estar junto a ti. *

* Piensa que tal vez manana *

* estaré muy lejos, muy lejos de aqui. *

* which means... *

I'd like to go now.

Oh, have you finished?

Before I'm a teenager, please.

Can I go now?

Would you like to come again?

Would you like to see Estella again?


Poor boy. Poor boy. Poor boy.

This is yours, dear.

The ways of the rich and all my longing, which began that day.

To paint for the rich, to have their freedom, To love Estella... the things we cannot have.

Give this to your guardian.

Would you see Finn out, please?


Want some?

It's not poisoned.


You remember it.

You remember how it felt.

And then I went home to draw it.

You look in the drawer?

I'm going to work.

What are you gonna do before you go to bed?

Brush my teeth.

That's really beautiful, Finn.

Keep it up, ok?

Maggie left that night.

She never came back.

I'll see you when you wake up.

Joe raised me. We never said a word.

I still visited Paradiso Perduto every Saturday.

Feel it. Feel it. Feel it. Feel it.

The money Dinsmoor paid me kept me in paints and brushes.

And there was Estella.





Smile. All right, don't smile.

Ahh, yes, feel it!

Wonderful, wonderful. Feel it in your bones.

Where are you going, dear?

I have that cocktail thing at the Rewalds.

Lane Rewald? That old gin blossom?

One more cocktail, we'll be able to eat him.

Karl Rewald. Lane is his father.

Karl doesn't even drink.

The whole family's pickled.

Who's your escort?

Escort? Please. This is the eighties.

I'll bring you.

Certainly. Finn will make a fine date.

Oh, God.

Then it's done.

Ok, fine, but you meet me there. 1115 North Ocean.

All right. Sure.

And wear your dinner jacket.

How much time you got?

None! I'm late! I'm dead! Wow!

That'll pass as a dinner jacket, huh?

This is a girl's.

Just keep it buttoned, and no one will notice.

Where'd you get this?

It's Maggie's.

It's one of the only things she left.

What a bitch.


"What." Come here.


You all right for money?

Yeah, I'm good.

You a little nervous?

Yeah, a little.


You got it?

There you go.


You just be yourself, huh?

Go on. Have fun.

You're not on the list.

All right. Could you check the name "Dinsmoor"?

Yes, I did, sir. You're not on this list.

I'd appreciate if you'd leave now.

Hi, Mrs. Lake.

Mr. Lake, right in the usual spot, sir.

Mr. and Mrs. Catcher.


You want to get me out of here?


Come on in.

Where do you want to go?

I don't know. How about your house?

All right.

Let's go.

The moths around the light bulb here are from the Thousand-Wing Ceiling in Venice, Italy.

Uh, Joe's not here. He's, um...

He's, uh, I don't know, playing dominoes.

Is that your room?

Yeah. Yeah.

I wasn't really expecting company.

You know?

You still draw.


Gonna hang a couple of them up at Washington Federal.

The bank?


You have to go to New York.

New York?

It's the center of the art world.

If you stay here, you'll end up painting coconuts for tourists.

When did you do this?

A while ago.

I don't wear my hair like that anymore.

But you should.

I mean--

You like it that way?

What else do you like?

How come all this time we see each other every week, You know, but we never did anything?

Did anything?

Went out, saw a movie, whatever.

You never asked.

And if I had?

I'm here, aren't I?

Are you with anyone?

Right this second?

No. I mean, like--

Like a steady boyfriend?



You could have anyone.

No rush.

What about you?

Why not?

'Cause I...


I just...

I know.

I know.

* Worried mornings turn into days *

* and into worried nights *

* But it's all right *

* When you're all in pain *

* and you feel the rain come down *

* Oh, it's all right *

* Though your garden's gray *

* I know all your graces *

* Someday will flower *

* Ohh *

What's wrong?

Nothing. It's late. What time is it?

It's, uh, it's 10:30. Where are you going?

I've got to get home.


'Cause I have a million things to do tonight.


Je vais aller ã  France demain.

I don't speak French.

Quel dommage.

* When you're all in pain *

* and you feel the rain come down *

* Oh, it's all right *


Excuse me.

Have you seen Estella?

Dinsmoor was weirder than usual.

But I had to see Estella.

I never come here. Never.

You know why?

26 years ago, I trusted.

I saved myself. I was a virgin.

It's funny, hmm?

Those were the times. That's how I was raised.

What kind of creature takes such a thing?

Such a gift? A trust?

Who does this?

Takes advantage of a 42-year-old woman?

What kind of creature Leaves this woman waiting like a fool?

A man. A man does this.

So men must pay. Am I right?

Estella will make men weep.

Do you know where she is?

Oh, yes. She'll break them.

I taught her well. When she returns, she'll cut through them like a hot knife through butter.



Oh, my dear boy, Didn't you know?

Estella's left for school abroad.

Switzerland for 2 years, then Paris.

She's gone. Didn't she say good-bye?

Oh, I'm sure she meant to.

See you next week, dear.

* You know you're gonna lie to you *

7 years passed.

I stopped going to Paradiso Perduto.

I stopped painting.

I put aside fantasy and the wealthy and the heavenly girl who did not want me.

None of it would happen to me again.

I'd seen through it.

I elected to grow up.

* I know too well *

* Know the chill *

* Know she breaks *

* My siren *

* Know teenage flesh *

* Know the chill *

* Know she breaks *

* My siren *

* Know I know chill *

* Know I *

* never was one for a prissy girl *

* Coquette *

* calling for an ambulance *

* Reach high *

* Doesn't mean she's holy *

* Just means she's got a cellular handy *

* Almost brave... *


This is Jerry Ragno.

Jerry-- Mr. Ragno is a lawyer in Miami. and New York. We have offices in Manhattan.

So, Finn, I'm empowered by my client to make your dreams come true.

Ha ha ha!


Any particular dream or... just all of them?

Have you ever shown your work?

Well, they had Finn's painting up at Washington Federal Bank.

Come on! That was 7-- 8 years ago.

I told you I gave all that up.

I-- I don't understand what this is all about, Mr. Ragno.

How would you like a show?

A one-man show. Thrall Gallery.

In New York.

Yeah. My client Erica Thrall wants to bring you to New York...


For a show in her gallery.

This is bullshit.

Have you ever sent slides of your work to the Thrall Gallery?

Probably. I sent slides everywhere when I was in high school.

Obviously they made quite an impression.

A plane ticket to New York plus $1,000 for incidentals.

Sorry. They're all in hundreds.




The hundreds aren't the problem.

I just-- I don't paint anymore.


* Bésame *

* Bésame *

* Bésame *

Whose business was it?

Whose business was it what I did with my life?

Who'd gotten my life in order? Me.

I was in control.

And everything I wanted, I had.

* Bésame *

Ms. Dinsmoor?

Cocktails ready, Thomas?

Uh, no. It's-- it's me. It's Finn.

I came--

Looking for Estella. I know.

That hook is in deep, isn't it, dear?

Actually, I came to ask you a question.

I see. After nearly 10 years Without a word, without a visit.

Come to interrogate me. How interesting.

I'm sorry. Things happened.

I know what happened.

The love of your life left you.

Hurts, doesn't it?

Come closer.

I've gone red.

Yeah, I noticed. It's nice.

And look at you.

All grown up. A man.

Ms. Dinsmoor, a lawyer named Ragno came to see me.


You know him?

Ragno means "spider" in Italian.

You must learn other languages, Finn.

This lawyer Ragno says he represents an art gallery owner in New York and they want to show my work.

You can draw.

You can't dance worth a shit, But you can draw.

I wanted to ask. Did you know anything about this?

Estella's in New York.

I doubt our paths will cross.

So you're going?

You think I should?

I remember watching you from that very window over there.

A scared little mouse scurrying across my garden And through my front door.

Now...another door opens.

What will our mouse do?

I expect an invitation.

I'm sorry?

To your opening. Your show.


This is your final boarding call.

What kind of equipment you flying?


They got you on a widebody or 767?

I have no idea. I just hope it stays up there.

Well, you better get on.


What happens if I get up there and, uh...

I can't? I can't do it?

Hey, Finn...

Nothing harder than being given your chance.

At least that's what I hear.

Sir? Sir?

You can't proceed without a ticket.


You fucked a dead man!

You know how I know?

'Cause I'm gonna kill the motherfucker!

Hold on! Shit! Hold on!

Hey, you got change for a dollar?


Fuck you! Fuck you!

Wait-- fuck you, man!

Fuck you!

Well, then, there I was.

Ms. Dinsmoor as my secret benefactor sent me to New York to draw, to have the girl, to have it all, and I looked out on the great city as so many before which held it all, and it was that close... and it was mine.

Liebchen, gut morgen.

Are you still holding the Picasso, the red and green one?

Good, because I think I have somebody interested.

No, I can't say right now.

Just the Picasso. Fabelhaft. Danke.

Your work, darling?

Here's where you show me your work.

Right. I told you. There isn't any.

Then you better get busy.

Belly out.

Why am I here? You saw some slides?

I gave Keith Haring a show after he drew a sketch in the palm of my hand.

That worked out.

But which ones? Which paintings did you like?

The point is I saw the beginning of something.

And here you are.

Annette at Sotheby's.

What you do here is really up to you, isn't it?

Stay and paint, or enjoy the sights and go home.

Your choice.

Either way, I always enjoy meeting a young painter.

Look, I mean, I'll do it.

I said that I'll do it. I'll do the paintings.

Wonderful. Call Marcy when you have something for us.

And I could still draw.

Nothing had lessened it as much as I had abused it, Much as I had abandoned it.

It was a gift, and it was still mine.

And everything else was less real.

What could it mean, that picture of the world?

But when it's true, we recognize it in ourselves, in others.

We recognize it, like love-- completely undeserved.

You're drooling.


Finn Bell In New York.

That's right.

You know, I thought I saw you last winter around Christmas.

I was driving down Fifth.

It was mobbed.

No, it wasn't me. I just got here.

Well, actually, now that I see you, this guy was... bigger.




And he had this long hair--

Yeah? You thought that was me?

Well, you know, I hadn't seen you in years.

It has been a while.

And here we are.

I have to run.

Well, wait, wait, maybe we could-- listen, why not meet me tomorrow at the Borough Club around 6:00?

I'm meeting some friends for drinks.

If you're free, that is.

I'm free.

I'm glad you're here.

A long time ago, there lived 2 brilliant artists-- geniuses-- both true geniuses. and one day, one of them was painting out in the forest-- as artists do-- and he came upon this little dog, who was crying and whining and obviously lost.

A puppy.

Please. Yes, sure, a puppy. Fine.

So, um, he couldn't concentrate anyway, so he scooped the puppy up-- puppy-- and he took him back into town to find its rightful owner, who turned out to be the Prince of the entire kingdom, who was eternally grateful and very wealthy. and that artist's name was...


True story.

The other artist's name was...

Nobody knows, because he was never heard from again.

Never heard from again. Right, right.

No, that's so true, Walter.

Is it all right if I smoke?

We've all heard your de Kooning stories.

You want one?

Oh, really, come on.

It's your last one.

Oh. Uh...

It's all right.

Uh, so, you're...

Cigarette, please.

You're from Florida, too?


I'm surrounded. Everybody's from Florida.

I'm not from Florida. I hate Florida.

Too much sun.

Really? Yeah.

Actually, Finn was my childhood...

What were you, exactly?

He was my, uh...

First love.

I thought I was.

If that's what you say.

He painted a portrait of me When I was 10 years old that was so beautiful.

I sat for a portrait once--

Electric experience.

Great. You slept with de Kooning.

Can we get on with our lives?

I did not.

I'd like to paint you again.

Would you?

I want to paint your portrait.

What do you think, sweetheart?


Ha ha.


Well, gee...

Do you charge by the inch or by the hour?


How do you price your art?

By, like, its size--

Like, square footage--

Or by the time it takes to make... the art?


I've actually never sold a painting.

Sir! Excuse me, sir.

Please, sir.

Excuse me, sir.

That's a Club jacket you have on.

This is your jacket.

Oh, yeah, right.

Let me help you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

What are you doing here?

Don't you want to paint me?


Well, you've slept all day, so it's time to work.

You want to do it right now?



How'd you get in here?

They just let you in, huh?

Not exactly top-of-the-line security.

* Every time *

* I get no further *

* How long has it been? *

* Come on in now *

* Wipe your feet *

* On my dreams *

* You take up my time *

So, do you want me sitting or standing?


I mean, you know, whatever.


* When I could've been learning something *

* Oh, well, you know what I mean *

* oh *

* I've done this before *

* and I will do it again *

* Come on and kill me, baby *

* While you smile like a friend *

* Oh, and I'll come runnin' *

* just to do it again *

* You are the last drink *

* I never should have drunk *

* You are the body *

* hidden in the trunk *

* You are the habit *

* I can't seem to kick *

* You are my secrets *

* on the front page every week *

* You are the car *

* I never should have bought *

* You are the train *

* I never should have caught *

* You are the cut that makes me hide my face *

* You are the party *

* that makes me feel my age *

* You're like a car crash I can see *

* But I just can't avoid *

* like a plane I've been told *

* I never should board *

* Like a film that's so bad *

* but I gotta stay till the end *

* Let me tell you now *

* It's lucky for you that we're friends *

I have to go.

I have dinner in one hour, and I look a mess.

Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

What are you doing?

You forgot your shoes.

What is it like not to feel anything?

Get the fuck out of here!

Let's say there was a little girl, and from the time she could understand, she was taught to fear...

Let's say she was taught to fear daylight.

She was taught that it was her enemy, that it would hurt her. and then one sunny day, you ask her to go outside and play, and she won't.

you can't be angry at her, can you?

I knew that little girl, and I saw the light in her eyes.

And no matter what you say or do, That's still what I see.

We are who we are.

People don't change.

Yeah. What?

Hold on.

Yeah, what is it?


Hi, Finn.


Yeah, right, I know.

Is this a bad time for you?

Well, I mean...

I can, uh...

No, it's all right. Come on in.

You sure?

Yeah. Come on in.

Thank you.

Yeah. What are-- what are you doing here?

Uh, Estella mentioned that she came by and posed for you, and i, uh... was, uh... curious. Wow.


You're really good.

Thanks. I had a good subject.

Yeah, I'll say.

She is incredible.

I-- I got to be insane, right?


You know, to risk losing her.

God, look at that one.

Look at this, and I still can't commit.

I mean, that's certifiable, right?

Well, you don't look crazy to me.


I feel like one of those cliff divers, you know, in Acapulco?

I'm right at the edge, you know?

I'm supposed to leap, the tide is high, and, uh...

I think your friend Estella is... trying to give me a little shove here.

What do you mean?

I mean, you know, these. You. it's her... charming little version of a wake-up call.

But, you know, I understand.

I understand. I'm, uh...

I'm dragging my feet.


I'm sorry you got pulled into this whole mess.

I'm sure she doesn't want to hurt you.

In fact, I know that she really cares about you.

Really. It's just, uh...

That's just who she is, you know?


I love her.

I don't know, man. I don't know.

You know her longer than I do.

Do you have any advice for me at all here?

What do you think I should do...

About me and Estella?

I think that you two are perfect together.


Well, thank you.

Well, I should get out of your hair.

I appreciate your taking the time.

You're really good. Really.

I look forward to seeing your show.

The next week, I received a postcard from Ms. Dinsmoor.

It was of a sandy beach with palm trees.

It said, "How's my little mouse doing?"

What were her plans for me?

Why was she protecting and promoting me?

What could her reason be, if not to make me equal with Estella?

That same day, I got a call from Ragno.


In here.

Well, what do you think?

About what?

The digs.

Oh, it's cozy. good. It's yours.

What do you mean?

Your opening is in 10 weeks.

If you won't be ready, we can simply reschedule.

Uh, no, I'll be ready.

This date is firm.

I'll be ready.

You'll move in here.

We've got food. We've got paint, canvas.

Anything else, just ask Erica.


You know what I'd like?

I'd like some money--

Some living expenses.

I don't believe that's actually--


Anything else?

Yeah. I'd like some publicity for my show.

No one's actually heard of you, So that could be tricky.

How about "a commercial fisherman from the gulf coast lands on the manhattan art scene"?

Sounds like a story I'd like to read.

My, aren't we media savvy?

Well, we learn.

Call Miriam. She'll think of something.

Toast in my absence.

I'm late.

She's a barrel of laughs.

Well... an artist dropped out.

She had to throw around schedules.

Yeah, well, looks like somebody wants to turn this frog into a prince.

What do you mean?

You know what I mean.

It appears as if I have a fairy godmother.

Huh. Aren't you a little old to believe in fairy godmothers?

Well, whatever you say, Spider-Man.

Ragno means "spider" in italian.


See you at your opening.


* Here comes success *

I was born again.

Well, why not?

I had never asked for anything.

If Dinsmoor or the art world or the world at large chose to adopt me, I could take it.

New York held it out, and I would take it if I could and say thanks.

You would, too.

* Here comes my chinese rug *

* Here comes success *

* Here comes success *

I was an orphan.

I was raised by my sister Maggie and her boyfriend Joe.

Maggie took off on us when I was still a kid.

Joe, he was a big drug smuggler.

He spent most of the seventies in the Raiford Penitentiary.

I came home one day, I found him on the couch, and he was dead.

You know? He had OD'd.

They took the apartment away.

I had to spend the next couple of years living out of the back of a car.

Oh, my God.

No, I mean, it wasn't that bad.

I mean, it was a big car.

It was a '68 Riviera.

Yeah. It's a miracle that you even survived.

Do you like my paintings?


Why don't you, um...

Why don't you tell me about this one?

This beauty right here.

Oh, that? That...

That's some girl I knew back in Florida.

I used to have a huge crush on her, but, um...

Now I can't even remember her name.

You know, the face of this one looks a lot like the little girl. yeah. it's the same girl.

She grew up.

And you don't remember her name?

No. No.


It's all coming together exactly as I promised--

Finn frenzy.

Imagine what will happen when they actually see your wonderful work.

Your beloved per diem...

Oh, thanks.

And an invitation to the Hamilton Museum Benefit.

Oh, toss that.

I killed a publicist for this.

It is the event-- black tie, old money, new money, big money.

Everyone is going to be there, including you.



These are all Finn's new paintings.

It's for you.

If you don't like any of the portraits, you can, of course, commission your own.


Don't jump.

Would you save me?

Not in this suit.

How are you doing?

Good. How are you?

Pretty well.

That's a good-looking suit.

It's a good-looking day.

It is.

Have you seen New York Magazine?

Are you in it?

Oh, yeah, it's just a little piece.

It's nice. You didn't see it?



You know, Thrall says that she thinks the show is going to get good reviews.

I don't want to jinx it, but what does she know, right?

The curator from the Whitney came by the other day.

That was pretty exciting.


I'll say I knew you when...



Walter asked me to marry him.

He wants to marry me.



Why are you telling me this?

Because, um...

I've just-- I... wanted to know if you had anything to say.


Sounds wonderful.

I wish you both the best of luck.

I gotta go, though. I gotta-- I gotta...

Oh, Finn, wait.

No, I just-- I got some business.

Finn, wait.

Why had she told me?

She told me to wound me.

Or she told me out of habit, or she told me to drive me mad.

I didn't care.

It was a clue, or it was a plea, or it was a tease.

I didn't care.

No, she told me so I would stop her.

Of course I would.

Good evening.

Excuse me, Senator.

Well, you're fashionably late, darling.

I have hordes of people to introduce you to.

This is the Senator--


I'm sorry, Senator.

* As the evening mists *

* were rising... *

Finn. Finn, Finn, Finn.

So good to see you.

Listen, I got a friend. He's decorating-- have you seen Estella?

Actually, no. And, um...

He's desperately interested in getting some art.

Are you interested?

And what's your commission?

We just got our Thrall invite-- so exciting.

Hey, I've been meaning to call you.

Congratulations on your success.

My God, you're all over the place.

The boy with the hands.

I saw your spread. Anton le Farge.

Be extremely nice to Anton, Finn.

He has a lot of empty wall space.

Well, I'm taking my time.

Well, you should get to Finn while his rates are still reasonable, right?

How did we say you should price your art again?

Was it by canvas size or... by its beauty?

Hey. there you are.

I have to talk to you.

We got to go. We're ridiculously late.

I have to-- I have to talk to you.

We just got here. Sweetie, you just got here.

We're meeting the Barrows for dinner at Kelly and Ping's 10 minutes ago.

Good night, kids. Have fun.

Congratulations again, Finn.

Lovely couple.

This is the young artist I was telling you about.

Senator Elwood, this is Finn Bell.

How do you do, Finn?

Thrall has told me so much about you.

* Come... *

What about my friend?

No. Not right now.

All right, look.

Thrall is a loser in this town now.

I can introduce--

Not right--


It's all about relationships, isn't it?

Ha ha ha ha!

Don't touch me.

I'm sorry.

Sir, can I get you a taxi, sir?


Excuse me, sir.

Sir? Sir?

Hey, Finn.

This is Finn.

How do you do?


Can I offer you a chair or a towel?

Would you like to dance?

Do you know him?


Is everything ok?


Nah, it's...

I want you inside me.

I have to go home for a week or so.

I owe my aunt a visit.

But you'll be back.

For your show?

Of course.

I do love the way you dance.

* Here comes success *

* Here comes success *

* Over my hill *

* Over my hill *

* Here comes success *

* Here comes success *

* Here comes my car *


Hey, how's it going?


Yeah. Have you seen Estella? Is she here?

She's not here yet, but when she gets here, I'll send her right in.

All right, all right.

Hey, congratulations.

Great job. Great job.

Oh. Thanks a lot.


Hey, look who's here.

All your dreams come true?

Yeah, well, We'll see.

Great. Ok.

Come on, darling, I want you to meet some people.

Have you seen Estella?

No, I haven't.

Listen, there's a very important guy here.

Carter Macleish, he's a critic, so come and meet him now.


Oh, wow, thanks, yeah.


Oh, great, yeah. Nice to see you.

We'll be right back. Oh, thanks.

Is it warm in here, or is it me?

Very nice.

Thank you. Is Clemente here?

Carter. Hi. How are you, darling?


Great to see you.

Finn Bell, Carter Macleish.

Hi. Very nice to meet you. Congratulations.

And Ruth you know.

Nice to meet you.

Yeah. Hey.

It's a most impressive show.

Oh. Ha ha.

Well, it is that.

Oh, yes, I do.

Richard. Richard.

Darling, will you do a photo of us with Carter?


Hey, Finn!

Finn! Hey, Finn!

What is that?

Hurry up. Do another one.

I think you have a fan here.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Will you just excuse me for one moment?

Do you know him?


Hey, Finn.

How are you doing? Surprise, surprise, huh?

Yeah, surprise.

What are you doing here?

Well, where do you think I'd be?

Well, I don't know, but--

You know what I had to do? I had to change in my car.

Yeah, I see.

It's a rental tux, but what the hell.

Yeah, it looks good.

Do you want to go get, like, a juice?

Hey, it's Jerry, huh?


Yeah. Hey, Jerry.

Hey, Jerry!

You son of a bitch, You weren't bullshitting, were you?

No. Yeah.

This is Erica Thrall. this is my Uncle Joe.

Ms. Thrall, hi. This is your place, right?

That's right.

It's very nice. Very nice.

Oh, Carter Macleish.

Hello, how are you?

You're also from Florida?

That's right. I operate a commercial fishing boat.

And this is Ruth.


Hey, Ruth.

Hey, hey.

Ha ha ha.

Look at me, huh?

Uncle Joe, the drug smuggler.

I thought you were dead.


No. She's thinking about someone else.

No, no. I've been sober for a good long time now.

Finn, Carter can't believe it's your first show.

Yeah, well, it is.

No, it's not.

What do you mean?

No, it's not. Finn had a big art show At the Washington Federal. what was it, a couple of years ago?

The Washington Federal. What is that?

No, I don't know that gallery.

No, it's not a gallery.

No, it's a bank.

It's a savings and loan.

A bank?

This is my first gallery show.

And you're self-taught. Yes, I read that here.

That was a gift.

Finn always had it.

7 months old.

His sister and I took him out to the beach.

He sat there and drew in the sand.

And one night he took all of Maggie's best perfume and drew with it out in the street. just poured it all out, and then he lit it.



Just up in flames.

The most beautiful designs you ever saw, just remarkable. Just sssshhhh. are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine.

It's my fault.

I got it.

Let me do this.

Hey, just leave it, Joe. Just leave it.

Erica, it's fine.

Joe, just leave it!

I'm sorry.

Hey, I'm sorry.


It's just--

God. Oh, man.

Excuse me. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Excuse me.



Oh, jeez, I'm--

Listen, I'm gonna head out, 'cause I'm starved, you know?

I'm gonna find a McDonald's or something, and, uh...

So you go back in, and I'm gonna talk to you a little later, all right?



Come on, I mean...

Joe, listen, this is-- It's work.

Hey, sure.

Come on, I get it.


You dazzle 'em.

Go ahead.

Aw, jeez, I'm...

I'm proud of you, Finn, and, you know, I always have been.


Just go on.


Go see if they know how to smoke a swordfish, huh?

Tonight all of my dreams came true, and like all happy endings, it was a tragedy of my own device, for I'd succeeded.

I had cut myself loose from Joe, from the past, from the Gulf, from poverty.

I had invented myself.

I had done it cruelly, but I'd done it.

I was free.

I did it!

I did it!

I am a wild success!

I sold 'em all! All my paintings!

You don't have to be embarrassed by me anymore!

I'm rich!

Isn't that what you wanted?

Huh? Isn't it great?

Are we happy now?

Don't you understand that everything I do, I do it for you!

Anything that might be special in me is you.



What a lovely surprise.

What are you doing here?

In this house?

I own it. I was born here.

Haven't been here for ages.

Well, where's Estella?

Since I had to come up for the big event, I figured why not stay in the old place?

What big event?

My opening?


Estella's wedding.


You were the catalyst.

The fool was wavering, wouldn't commit to my Estella.


Then you came on the scene.

I don't believe it.

Storybook, isn't it?



At first, you were practice for her.

A teaching device.

Throw a mouse in with a snake.

Teach her to hunt.

Swallow food whole, you know?

I must say you didn't provide much of a challenge.

Now, now.

You enjoyed it.

And I warned you...

Years ago.

Didn't have to do that.

I told you the girl would hurt you terribly.

Didn't I?

You chose not to listen.


I suggest you look on the bright side.

We are together, joined, You, Estella, and I.

Pyramid of pain.

It's not love, but it is a bond.

We are together.

Give me your hand.

You know what this is?

It's my heart.

And it's broken.

Can you feel that?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

What have I done?!

The girl, the money, fame, revenge.

They'd been Dinsmoor's sick obsessions... and now they were mine.

Look under the car.

I don't see him. He's not under the car, Jojo.

How are you?

Who is this kid?

Don't worry about this kid.

Keep on looking, huh?

Hey, hey, yo.

Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, listen.

Listen. Can I just talk to you one second?

Can I use your phone to call the police?

These guys are chasing me. They're armed.

One second, please, just to use your phone.

Just take one second.

All right, come on.

There you go.


Hello. Yes.

There's some gentlemen outside chasing me.

I think they're armed.

Could you send some police over to-- what's the address?

111 Greenwich.

111 Greenwich Street.

Arthur Lustig.

Yeah. Send them as soon as you can, please.



Arthur Lustig.

So what, the police are coming?

Yeah. They'll be here.

And these guys are after you?

Yeah. This is a great place.


You an artist?

Uh, yes, I am.

Actually, tonight was my opening.

Yeah? Yeah.


Thanks a lot.

What's your name?

Finnegan Bell.

Finnegan Bell?





I'm sorry. Do I know you?

I don't think so.

You don't remember me, do you?


Look, I don't know--

Whisper, whisper, whisper!

Whisper, whisper, whisper!

That's right, my boy, It's me.

Look at you.

Look at you.

You're all grown up.

Don't you want to know what happened to me?

Not really.

I've been away.

After I left you, after they caught me, I escaped again, and I sort of relocated.

Many years abroad... until now.

Until now.

I'm glad that things worked out good for you.

I'm glad.

That's great.

Who's that handsome young man over there?


So you did think about me a little, huh?

Scared the shit out of me. That's hard to forget.

I like that.

Yeah, I like that.

That's really good.

How much is it?

I mean, is it for sale?

No. Actually, the whole show sold out.

Oh, congratulations.

Thanks. I'm very lucky.

Oh, you're not lucky.

You deserve your success.

You're a talented young man and a fine artist.

Your whole--

This place is...

Might a guy like me ask a very personal question?

What would one pay for a place like this?

The rent?


Um, I don't know.

It's taken care of.

Oh, yeah?

Could I ask who by?

A lawyer. Why?

No reason.

It's just I’m happy to see you doing so well.

Do you mind if I have a drink?

Well, the cops are gonna be here any minute.

That's ok. They're always late.

It is late.

I'm sure...

I'm sure you understand.


You're sure I would understand what?

Well, just that it's--

The police are gonna be here any minute.

No, they won't.

They won't. No.

Why not?

I didn't call them.

You didn't? No.

I pressed my finger on the button.


I can't.

They're looking for me, too.

They are?


And those guys down there?

A bunch of old associates.

They still got a beef about something That they should have figured out a long time ago.

I think you should leave.

Let me just finish my drink.

Just give me a minute.

It's so good to see you.

You know, Finn, you don't know how happy it makes me to see how you turned out.

You grew up.

Little Finn.

You're a grown-up.

You're a man now.

A famous artist.

You live this life.

Mix with all kinds of interesting people.

I'm very impressed, and nobody deserves it better than you.

I remember you when you were a little kid.

Good-hearted little kid.

Little Finn.

The one person who did a really pure and good thing for me.

Congratulations... on your success, on your show... on everything.

To you.

Thank you.

I appreciate that.

I do.

Uh, it's just that the truth is, it's making me really uncomfortable, you know?

I mean, would you mind?

I don't want you feeling bad.

Let me get that.

I don't want you feeling badly. No, no.

All right.

I just came to see you, say hello.

Now I'm happy.


You know, maybe if it was another night, we could--

This is great.

This is the way it should be.

This is the way it should be.

Ragno did a good job.

Hey, hey.

Don't go down there.

Those guys are gonna be down there.

There's a better way. Come on.

So, you know where you're headed?

Yeah, JFK.

So where you going?

I'm going to Paris, the City of Lights.

Paris, huh?

You want to go?

What, to France?

Come with me to Paris.

I'll get you a ticket on the Concorde.

I can't go to France. I'll get you on the subway.

You will love Paris.

* I love Paris in the springtime *

* I love Paris in the fall *

Paris is a beautiful city, beautiful.

It's a city of culture.

Magnificent city. It's got elegance, beauty.

You gotta go to Paris.

You'll never regret it the rest of your life.

Every artist's obligation is to go to Paris at least once in their life.

You've got to go.

The streets, the romance, the women.

Oh, the women.

You should come.

I can't go to France.

You can come. Come on.

You hear that squeaking?

Over there, the subways--

Yo, Arthur, is that you?

Hey, Arthur.

You look like Howard Hughes.

Where you been, on a desert island all these years?

I've been on vacation. Nice to see you.

You got a little heavier.

Yeah, I got fat.

Got a lot of kids, too, now.

Age catches up with you.

Listen, Arthur, Tommy wants to invite you down to the Club for old time's sake. a little macaroni.

Give me Tommy's number. I'll call him.

Just wait. We'll come over.

All right, 2 minutes.

We'll be right there. 2 minutes.

Yeah, we'll wait right here.

Tommy will be very happy with this.

Arthur, what are you doing over there?

You told me to come over here.

You know we told you to wait.

I told you I'll come over here.

Didn't I tell 'em to come over here?

Don't get me mad, Arthur.

Tommy's not gonna like this.

Come here.

Come here.

Come on!

Sorry, guys.

Bet you don't have this much fun with your artist pals, huh?

Is this fun for you? You're having fun?

Gonna miss me?

Why don't you come to Paris?

I can't go to Paris.

* I love Paris in the springtime *

* I love Paris in the-- *


No, no.

You're hurt bad.

Stay here, stay here.

Just stay.

Just this thing.

Aw, jeez.

I did a lot of bad things in my life.

A lot of bad things.

But the one good thing... is that any money I had, anything I had-- and I made bullshit money--

I gave to you.

All for you.

The one good thing I did in my li-- ohh.

I set you up.

I sent you to New York.

I did it all.

I bought that show.

You bought all my paintings?


You're a great artist.

Open up my suitcase.

Open my suitcase.


What do you want?

Pull out the paper bag.

Pull it back. Pull.

Yeah, that's it.

Remember this?

See this?

Very special.

Look at this.


Look at this.

What time is it?

I don't-- I don't--

It's almost 6:00.

Still got time.

Perhaps he should have died those years ago back in the Gulf.


But he had lived to be my benefactor... for good and ill.

I went to Paris after all, and I worked there and received everything I thought I wanted.

I heard about Estella from time to time.

She was divorced.

And the years went by.

And then one day I went home.

Hi. I'm Finn.




Boy, you dog.

You dog.

Why didn't you tell us you were coming?

Who's this guy?

This is Jesse, this is Clemma.

Hey, you know what?

You just came in time to do the dishes.

You hungry?

I got some croaker I caught today.

Joe told me Ms. Dinsmoor had died alone some years back.

Her body lay there undiscovered for a month.

The mansion was due to be torn down for a housing tract.

I sat there... and thought back over the things I'd done.

Over my life... and where, in that brief, violent time it had gone.

And then she came back again.




Is that you?

Is that your little girl?

Oh, God.

She's beautiful.

What are you doing here?

I brought her.

I wanted to show her this place.

What's left of it.

Have you been here often?


No. Me, neither.

So you're doing great.

I hear all about you.

I'm doing all right.


Things have been different for me.

For a long time I kept...


I think about you.

A lot lately.

I'm glad.

Can you ever forgive me?

Don't you know me at all?

She did know me... and I knew her.

I always had... from the first instant.

And the rest of it... it didn't matter.

It was past.

It was as if it had never been.

There was just my memory of it.

* Do do do do do do *

* Do do do do do do *

* Ingenue *

* Do do do do do do *

* I just don't know what to do *

* Do do do do do do *

* Do do do do do do *

* Ingenue *

* Do do do do do do *

* I just don't know what to do *

* A tree-lined Avenue *

* Begins to fade from view *

* Drowning past regrets *

* In tea and cigarettes *

* But I can't seem to forget *

* When you came along *

* Ingenue *

* Do do do do do do *

* Do do do do do do *

* Ingenue *

* Do do do do do do *

* I just don't know what to do *

* Do do do do do do *

* Do do do do do do *

* Ingenue *

* Bésame *

* bésame mucho *

* como si fuera esta noche *

* la ultima vez *

* Bésame *

* bésame mucho *

* que tengo miedo perderte *

* perderte después *